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The World of Finance and Trade.
Washington; New York; London.
Early Strength Did Not Endure
Very Long.
Selling Throughout Session of the
Scattered Sort.
Harrimton Stocks Suffered the
Most Extensive Lossefe?Business
Volume Less Than Saturday.
Special PUpatrh to The Star.
NEW YORK. August 23.?Stocks drifted
during the greater part of today's ses
sion. and for most of the time and for
most of the list the drift was downward.
The opening was fairly active and gen
erally firm to strong with material frac
tional gains all around and sharp advances
in some Issues, and with very few con
spicuous exceptions. The early strength
did not endure, however.
The market sold off quickly under some
pressure, rallied fitfully and then sagged
as business contracted to meager propor
tions. In the early afternoon there was
almost a stagnation of business, such
transactions as there were being quite
wholly professional. Speculative AN all
street seemed to be waiting to be rather
more disposed to get rid of the loose ends
of old commitments for the long ac
count than to make new ones.
New York Central and United States
Rubber were noticeably heavy in the
early dealings. They soon had company,
and for the major part of the session
about the onlv stocks of any consequence
which held their own. or more than held
their own. were Ix>uisville and Nashville,
the Wabash issues and Texas Pacific
among the railroads, and Consolidated
i ias. General Electric, People s Gas and
Mackay companies among the industrials.
The last-named stock made a particularly
vigorous advance, accompanied by bullish
reports of the company's business pros
pects. ,,
Kfforts were made by rumor to add
Texas and Pacific to the tail of the Ilar
riman kite, with stories of purchases
for Southern Pacific interests, but this
explanation failed to account for the
sympathetic movement in the NVabashes.
Declines From Saturday's Close.
The Harriman stocks themselves and
those which have been most closely iden
tified with the movement in them scored
the most extensive losses of the day, the
declines from Saturday's close averaging
well over a point and a half in the early
afternoon for Southern Pacific. Cnion Pa
cific, New York Central. Illinois Central
and Pacific Mail.
Outside of these Reading was very j
heavy, and in the industrial quarter
American Smelting and United States '
Steel showed the most considerable ef
fects of selling pressure. The selling j
throughout the greater part of the ses
sion was of a scattered sort, while
there was no appearance of concen
trated buying except, perhaps, for for
eign account, and that was only to a
moderate amount.
What happened in the market seemed
to he that the accumulation of buying
orders over the week end was only suf
ficient to absorb the scattered liquidation
In transactions, and that the liquidation,
such as it was, was not very Important in
its origin and probably only of a left
over sort, induced by past reaction con
siderations. The market was. generally
speaking, too inactive for bearish opera
tors to risk much stock.
Narrow Range of Interest.
The dealings of the first hour were on
about the same scale as in the first hour
Saturday, but for the whole forenoon the
volume of business was much less than
Saturday's, and thereafter the contrac
tion in business was marked enough to
emphasize the narrow range of interest
The stock market community had very
little in the way of outside developments
to engage its attention during the day.
Market wise news was of a routine sort,
and sueli consideration as was given to
any subject outside the price movements
on the stock exchange was largely de
voted to the reiteration of conjecture and
surmise, which have hinged on the prog
ress of Mr. llarriman to these shor?-s to
the point of becoming tiresome.
The local money market was very near
ly stagnant for time loans. New York ex
change at Chicago went to 4o cents dis
< ount, however, nad it is obvious that
in no very long time money conditions
will become much more active.
. NEW YORK, August 2'!.?The cotton
market opened stead> at a decline uf .1
points to an advance of 1 point, and sold
about 6 to S points net higher during
1 lie early trading on .. moderate demand '
from room shorts, who found very littl<
cotton offering. Trading was very quiet !
during the middle of the morning, with :
prices a point or two off from the best.
Futures opened steady.- September, |
12.12; October, 12.15; December. 12.15;
January. 1_'IT., March, lj.15; May, 1_'.19.
Bullish detailed weather reports from
Texas had no apparent influence on the
cotton market during the late forenoon, j
business remaining very ouiet. Prii-es at j
midday ruled about 4 to 6 points net
Spot, quiet; middling uplands. 12.75; j
middling gulf. 1X00.
Kstimated receipts at the ports today.
4.700 bales, against 1.2;1S last week and !
11'.04* last year. For the week, 25.000 I
hales, against 14."97 last week and 71.498 I
last y<ar.
Today's receipts at New Orleans, 110'
bales, against 492 last year, and at Uous- i
ton, 607 bales, against 6.960 last year.
Liverpool Cotton Prices.
l.lVERPOdl,. August 23.?Closing:
?'otton? Spot, moderate business done,
prices 5 points higher; American mid
dling. fair, 7 22; good middling. 6.S6;
middling, 6.68, low middling. 6.50; good i
ordinary. 6.24; ordinary, r.,89. The sales j
of the day were 10.000 bales, of which
500 wen- for speculation and export, and i
included 9.600 American. Receipts. 6,000
bales, including 2iio American. Futures '
opened steady and closed quiet. August, |
6.58: August-September, 6.4N; September
October, 6.44; October-November, c 42; |
November-December, 6.41 Vi; December
January, 6.41*2; January-February, 6.4;:;
February-March. 411-a : March-April! !
?. 411/i: April-May, 6.41; May-June. 6.41; j
June-July, 6.4ti>?; July-August,
Will Operate Boats on Kanawha.
GALIJPOIJS. Ohio. August ^5?The
Kanawha and Ohio River Transj>ortatlon
t'ompany. with a capital stock of $1,200.
000, was granted a ?charter by the secre
tary of state of NYest Virginia today.
The company will operate boats on the
Great Kanawha, Ohio and Mississippi
rivers. The Incorporators are Thornton
J. Tlieall, Howard *' Dick man and C. J.
S Dereve of New York city and B. A.
Wordemann of Hoboken, N. J.
Burned Bridge Ties Up Traffic.
UNION. S. C.. August ?5.?A portion
of the long trestle over Broad river, near
Shelton. twenty miles south of tins city,
having been burned this morning, all
trains on the Southern railway between
Asheville and Columbia are tied tip until
this afternoon. The amount of damage
cannot now be ascertained.
Furnished by \V. B. Ilibhs & Co.. bank
ers and brokers. Hibbs buifdinjr. members
'New York Stork Exchange. Washington
Stock Exchange and Chicago Board of
Open. Itieli. l.ow. Clone.
A., T. \ S. F., com. 110% 1193* 118*4 111"i
A.. T. & S. F., pfd
Atlantic Coast Line. 138% 138% 1W? 138%
Balto. a.- Ohio, com.. II8V4 118% 117%-118
Balto. K- Ohio. pfd
Brook. Rap. Trail... 80% Kl 7l?% 80%
Canadian Pacific 185% 185% 184 185
C..C..C. & St. L.,com
Chesapeake & Ohio. 81% 82% 81 K'i
| Chi. G. W., com
I*., M. & St. P..com. 139 139 157% 139
C.. M. St. P.. pfd. 170 179 177% 177%
Chi. & N.W., coin... 196 197 196 197
Col. & So., com
Dela. Hudson 1??^*^ 11?4 192% 194
Del., Eack. & West
Den. Kio G.. com. 48% 40% 4K ?!?'?
Den. & Kio G., pfd. 8634 86% 8?>%
Erie, com 36% 36% ?"??">% 36%
Erie, 1st pfd 54 .">4 53% 53%
Erie. I'd pfd
[Ireat Northern, pfd. 1 -">4 154% 152% 154
Hocking Val., com
Slocking Val.. pfd
Illinois Central 156 156% 158ffi 156%
Inter. Met., com 15% I5ffi 14% 15
Inter. Met., pfd 47% 47% 46% 4<>%
K. C. So., com 49% 49-% 4X% 49
K. C. So., pfd 74 74% 74 74%
E. & N .* 155% 155% 154% 154%
Wex. Central, ctfe.. 23% 23% 23% 23%
M., K. & T., com... 41% 42% 41 42%
M.. K. A: T.. pfd
M .S.P.Ac S.S.M-.COni. 144% 145 144% 145
M..S.P.& S.S.M., pfd
Missouri Pacific 73% 74% 73 74%
N. Y. C. & H. R 142 14.5 140% 143
N.Y., C. & S.E.,com
N. Y., C. & S. E.,2d
N. Y.. Out. & W 49% 4!>% 49% 49%'
Norfolk & Western. 04% !>5 944 944
Northern Pacific.... 157% 157% 155% 157
[Pennsylvania 141% 141% 140% 141%
j P C C & St L
Reading. com 161 161% 158 161%
Rock Island, com... 40% 40% 38% 40%
Rock Island, pfd.... 77% 78 774 77% i
3. L. & S.F.. 2d pfd. .V. 56% 54% 56% 1
St. L. & S.W.. pfd.. t?5% 66% 68% 66%
So. Pacific, com 134% 134% 132% 134% ,
So. Pacific, pfd i
Southern Ry.. com.. 31% .'51% 31% 31%
Southern Ry.. pfd... 72 72 70% 71%
Texas & Pacific 38% 4<i% 38% 404 1
Third Ave _>4% 24% 22% 23% J
r.. S. E. & W., com. 51% 51% 50% 51%
T.. S. E. & W.. pfd
Cnion Pac., com.... 20!?% 210% 206% 210
Cnion Pacific, pfd... 109% 100% 107% 1<>9%
Wabash, com 21 21% 21 21?? j
Wabash, pfd 55 56 54% 56
Wis. Cen.. com
Wis. Cen.. pfd
West. Maryland 5% 6 5% 6
\mal. Copper 86 86 84% 85%
Am. Beet Su.. com.. 45 45 44% 44%
Am. Can, com 13 13 12% 12%
Am. Can, pfd 84 84 83 S3
Am. C. Hi P., com.. (57% 67% 66% 67%
Am. C. & F., pfd
Am. Cot. Oil. com... 73% 73% 73% ?3%
Am. Cot. Oil, pfd
Am. Ice Securities.. 35 35% 34% 35%
Am. Eoco., com 63% 63% 62% 63
Am. 1 joco.. pfd 117% 117% 116% 116%
Am. Sm. & R.. com. 100% 100% !?8% 100%
Am. Sm. & R., pfd
Am. Su. & R., com.. 130% 130% 130% 130%
Am. Su. & R.. pfd
Am. Tel. & Tel 140% 140% 140 140%
\m. Tobacco, pfd... 101% 101% 101 % 101%
Am. Woolen, coin... 3i% 3i% 3 * % 3i%
Am. Woolen, pfd
Anaconda Copper.... 49 49% 48% 49%
Cen. Leather, com.. 40% 40% 39% 40
Cen. leather, pfd... 1<>8 108% 108 108>o
Col. F. & I., com... 45 45 44% 45
Col. & H. C. & I 71 71 71 71
Con. Gas, N. Y 144% 146% 144% 146% I
Corn P. Ref.. com.. 23% 24% 23ffi 24%
Corn P. Ref., pfd...
Distillers' Securities )
Lien. Electric 160 169% 169% 169% I
Sreat Nor. Ore 83 83% 81% 82%
International Paper. 17% 17% 17 17%'
int. Steam Pump... 42% 42% 42 42%,
Mackay Co., coin... 82 84 82 84
Mackay Co., pfd
Nat. Biscuit, com
Nat. Biscuit, pfd
National Lead. com. 92% 92% 01% 91%
N. Y. Air Brake !>2fli 92% 92 92
Pa-c. Mail Steam 32% 32% 31% 32%
People's Gas of Chi. 116% 117% 110% 117%
Pressed S. C., com.. 30% 50% 50% 30%
Pullman Company... 197 11*7 197 197
Ry. S. S., com 50% 50% 50% 50%
Ry. S. S., pfd
Rep. I. & S? com... 38% 38% 37% 38%
Rep. 1. & S.. pfd J<?6 106 106 IOK
S.-S. S. & I., com... 85 *5% 85 85% j
Tenii. Copper .'58% ;o*% 38% 38%
I*. S. C. I. P., com.. 82% 82% 82% 82:>;
I*. S. R. & I., com. ? 55% 56 54 55%
lT. S. Rubber, com.. 118% 123% 118% 123
C. S. Rubber, pfd... 7?!7? 77% 75% ii%
U. S. Steel, com 32% 32% 32% 32%
1*. S. Steel, pfd 125% 125% 124% 125
I'tah Copper 51% 52 .">1 51
Va.-Car. Ch., com... 484 48% 484 4*4
Va. I., C. & C
Western I'nion Tel. 73% 73% 72 73
West. Elec. Mail ... 87 8K n7 88
i'all monev 2% 2% 2% 2%
Am. Tobacco 4s.... 80% soT, 80% 80%
Am. Tobacco (is
Atch. Convert 4s... 117% 117% I1734 117%
B. X (). Gen. Is 10??% Io0% 1011% ino%
B. K. T. Con. 4s. .. n7"h 87% v~4 *71,
? *.. B. & y. Joint 4s
'.. Ft. I. & P. 4s 80 Mi) so 80
R. I. & P. 5s S3 93 93 a'!
inter. Metro. 4'?s... 83% 83% 83 83
Nor. Pac. P. E. 4s
Pa. Conv. 3%s, 1012
Pa. Conv. 3%s, 1015
Southern Ry. 5s
Cnion Par. Con. 4s.. 11?> 119 117% 118
I". S. Steel 2d 5s.... 106% 1064 106 ln?;
West Shore 4s
Runaway Jersey Lad Impresses
Judge Kimball and Gets Help.
Rudolph Heim. a white boy. nineteen
years old. pines for the comforts of home
and the appetizing smell of the bounteous
loaves brought from the oven of his
father's bake shop in Newark. N. J.
Rudolph ran away from Home some
time ago, but the way has not been
smooth. One by one his dreams of the
fortune that awaited him in the wide
world have hr;en shattered. The paving
stones of the great cities he has visited
made but a poor substitute for the soft
bed of his nirttlier. and each new pang
of hunger brought flooding memories of
the appetizing odors of his father's hake
shop. Rudolph hasn't heard much about
the prodigal, but thought,* of home are
surely pleasing.
Rudolph came to Washington with the
Gentry circus. But the circus, he ex
plained in tremulous tones today, had
ki< ked him out again 011 the cold, cold
world, and had started off for new fields
without him. Policeman Flaherty found
him yesterday wandering in the streets,
searching in vain for a place to sleep.
.Judge Kimball was impressed with the
boy's story in Police Court today, and
instructed'Agent Massie of the board of
charities to aid him in getting back
Judge Burdette Issues Injunction
Against W. Va. Officials.
CHARLESTON. W. Va., August ^'3._
Judge Burdette in the circuit court today
issued an injunction restraining the state
and county officials from enforcing the
two-cent-fare law against tlie Norfolk and
Western railroad. The court holds the
law is unconstitutional and is confiscatory
on its fare. The court's order requires
the road to issue coupons with three
cent fare tickets for tiie excess over two
cents a mile collected until a test case
pending in the state supreme court is de
Held on Suspicion.
Frederick Stewart, colored, is held ai
the ninth precinct police station on sus
picion of robbing" Mrs. John Bernd in
Northeast Washington Saturday night.
Stewart lives in Alton court, rear of the
Bernd home, and is said io answer the
description of the man who snatched her
handbag. He declares that he knows
nothing about the robbery.
Renewed demand was in evidence at
the meeting of the local Stork Exchange
for the stock of the Washington t?as
Company, and when the price offered
again reached 7.'l% a considerable uuan
tity of the security was unearthed. Near
ly 500 shares were taken altogether at
that figure.
La 11st on continued firm at fractions
over 17. ati aggregate of 290 shares
changing hands at 174. 17** and 17?%
The day's trading showed an invest
ment in excess of J5.000 in the stock of
the American National Bank, thirty-two
shares of the security being purchased
at the standard price of ISO.
Washington Railway and Electric, both
common ami preferred, have been quite
active for several days past on a re
ceding market. Two hundred and eighty
one shares of the preferred stock" were
sold today, the opening transaction be
ing at 91*2, and the closing at 1M The
common stock sold at 4,".v8 and 45.
Special Cablegram to The Star.
LONDON, August 23.?American rail
way shares, following the relapse in the
official session due to the New York de
cline, had a sagging, sluggish aspect on
the curb. Consols finished steadier, and
home rails, while failirtg to exhibit ac
tivity, had a harder tone.
The cheerful sentiment previously noted
in foreign issues was maintained; Russian
and Turkish securities closed at top fig- j
ures. Kaffirs held, but the market was J
narrow. Mining issues, while befow the
best figures, ended steady. Rio Tintos
rose to 78, showing a net gain of 1% over
Friday. The Paris bourse was quiet.
The Berlin bourse was firm.
Washington Stock Exchange.
Sales. Regular call, 12 o'clock noon?L". S. roc.
38. $40 at 100%
Washington Rwy. and Elec. 4s, 81.000 at 89%.
Capital fraction. 2 at 140.
Washington Rwy. and Elec. com.. 10 at 45%.
Washington Rwy. and Elec. pfd., 3 at t>l%.
& at 9125 at 91%.
W ashington Gas. 100 at 73%. 25 at 73". 20
at 73%. 100 at 7.1%, 50 at 73%, 175 at 73V
Lanston Monotype. 15 at 17%, 25 at 17% 100
at 17*,. 100 at 17%, 50 at 17%.
Americ an National Hank. 10 at 180. 10 at ISO
2 ar ISO, 10 at 1*0.
After call?Washington Rwy. and Elec. com..
50 at 45.
Washington Rwy. and Elec. pfd.. 45 at 01
100 at 81. 100 at 01.
_ Bid. Asked.
Georgetown Gas 5s 110
Washington Gas 4s JOO .....
Washington Gas cert. tin. 110
Capital Traction 5s 115% 117%
Anacostia and Potomac 5s 103 105
Cltv and Suburban 5s 108%
Columbia Os 102 105
Columbia 6s HO
Metropolitan 5s HO jih
Washington Rwy. and Elec. 4s... 88% ?9
Wash.. Alex, and Mt. Vernon 5s. 97
Potomac Electric Cons. 5s 103'4 103%
Potomac Electric Light 5s 109
Nor. and Wash. Steamboat 5s.... 102
Chesapeake and Potomac Tel. 5s. 104 105
Emerson Steam Pump 6s 70 80
Capital Traction 138 140%
Washington Rwy. and Elec. j'om.. 45 46
Washington Rwy. and Elec. pfd.. 9114 !il%
Wash.. Alex, and Mt. Vernon 50%
Nor. and Wash. Steamboat 260 280
Washington Gas 7::%
Georgetown Gas 55
Bell Telephone of Pa 121 123
Great Falls and Old Dominion ... 30
Mergonthaler Linotype 212'... 214
La nston Monotype 17% 17%
Greene Cananea 9% 10
American 18o 185
Capital 200
City i?o
Commercial 176 173
farmers and Mechanics' 275 .....
Lincoln 125
Metropolitan 205 210
Second 150 l?o
Washington 312 325
American Security and Trust 262
National SaYings and Trust 200 215
Union Trust 131
Washington Loan and Trust 212 ;
United States Trust 110% 111
Home Savings 280
Merchants and Mechanics' Savings. 150 160
Union Savings 235 265
Dime brings 10%
Arlington 23 26
Commercial 5% 514
Corcoran 70 ..... i
Firemen's 19 21 ]
Franklin ?50
German-American 267 I
National Union *5% ...
Potomac 33 33
Columbia 4
Real Estate 90
Washington ...]
Emerson Steam Pump
Graphophoue coin tt '
Graphopbone pfd ... . 22% 25" i
Merchants' Transfer and Storage., llo "
Security Storage 200 ..!!!!
Washington Market 15 191,4
The condition of t-he Treasury at the f
beginning of business today was us j
Trust funds?Gold coin. $856,042,800; \
silver dollars, $486,790,000; silver dol
lars of 1800, $4,130,000; siver certificates j
outstanding, 164 86,790,000.
General fund?Standard silver dollars |
in'general fund. $5,155,550: current lia- |
bilitles, $!ti.7S7.t(!l5: working balance in '
Treasury offices, $30,804,805: in bank* j
to credit of treasurer of the United I
States. $.*{9,144,051; subsidiary silver I
coin. $25,802.87.'!; minor coin, $2,04.'!.
oi5; total balance in general fund. $!JS.
Spe.-ial Dispatch to The Star.
BAI.TIMORK Md.. August 23. ft'ilKAT
Weak: r-pot 1011 tract, 1.02%: spot No. 2 red
western. I.oil: August. 1.02%: September, 1.02%
al.02%: si earner No. 2 red. 97%: receipts. 54,661
bushels: southern by sample. 81?al.03; southern
<in grade, 99a 1.03.
i'ORN?Easier: s;>ot contract. 75; yea-. 60:
January. 59%: receipts. 5.889 bushels.
IIATS-Mer; No. 2 white. I3a44; No. :t
white, 41%a42%: No. 2 mixed. 4Ia41%; receipts
12.502 bushels.
RYE -Easier: No. 2 western domestic. 74a75:
rei elpts, 1.1UO bushels.
HAY ?Dull; No. l timothy. 16.50 asked; No. 1
clover mixed. 14.50a 15.OO.
GRAIN" FREIGHTS Firm: steam to Liverjiool,
per bushel. I%a1%d September: Cork for orders,
per quarter, 2s 3d August-September.
Quotations furnished bv E. F. Button A Co..
no-tubers New York Stock Exchange; Thomas L.
Hume, manager. 1301 F St. n.w.
Open. High. Low.
Boston Con. Cop 15%
f'umberiaml Ely 7 3-1?! 7 3-16 7%
Davis Daly U%
Glroux 9% lw'<
Goldtield < 'on 611-16 6 11-16
Gol.itleld Daisy 22 22 21 %
Kerr Lake !? !? 8%
Nevada Coil . 24 24 24
Nevada Utah Cop.... 2 2 2 2
Rawhide 21 25 24 24
United Copper 10% K?% lo'-j kit,
Yukon . -. 5% 5% 5 1-16 5%
Government Securities.
Bid. Asked.
2 per cents, registered. 1930 100% 101%
2 per cents, coftpons. 1930 ? 1(X>% 101%
3 per cents, registered, 190S-1S.. 101 ]i?2
3 per eents, coupon", 190S-IS 101 102
4 per cents, registered, 1925 116 117
4 i?er <-ents. coupons. 1925 lis 119
2 per cents, reg.. Pan. Can.. 1936 100% 101% I
District of Columbia 3.65s. 1924.. 108 ...
Pauauia. 193ft 100% 101'i ;
PARIS, August 23.?Three per cent
rentes, ?.?"< francs 25 centimes fojvthe ac
count. Exchange on London, 25 francs
17% centimes for checks
BERLIN August 2:?.?Exchange on
London, 20 marks 44% pfennigs for
'lin ks. Money, 1 % per cent. Private
CHICAGO, August 23.?Lower cables
arid liberal receipts in the southwest
caused weakness in the wheat market
here today. Selling was general at the
start and demand was scattered. Mod
erate rains were reported in the north
west, but they were not sufficiently gen
eral to cause any appreciable effect.
Enormous movement in the northwest
is expected to begin within a few days,
and this further weakened the market.
Prices at the opening were to :;?a%c
higher. September being at '.1' to If.!1*, and
December at JH% to 95%. After selling
off to 1)8% for September the price rallied
to 99%. December declined to 94s*.
Opening quotations in the corn market
were a shade to %a%c lower, with Sep
tember at 66% to 06%. Alter touching
06% September advanced to 6<>%
Receipts of oats here today were lib
eral. which resulted in a weak tone, par
ticularly in the nearby deliveries. Sep
tember opened %al? to %a%c lower at 37
to .17%, and for a time he'd within the
opening: range.
Provisions were firm. Prices at the
I start were 2% to P'c higher.
1 A sensational break in cash wheat
I prices at Minneapolis caused additional
i weakness later in the day. September
declining to 97% and December to 94%.
The market closed weak, with September
down 1% at OS1,?. December was off l1* at
The corn market became still weaker
on selling based on reports of rain in
Nebraska and on the slump in wheat.
September sold off to ?!5%. The close
was weak, with September down 7sal at
Close: Wheat?September. 98%; De
cember. 94%; May, halts'*.
Corn?September. 6."?%; December. -V.7*:
May. ,">7.
Oats?September. 36i<;; December. .".Mo;
May. 39%.
Pork?September. 22.4?>; October. 20.85;
January. 17.35.
Lard?September. 11.97%; October. 11.1*0;
November. 11.52%all.35; January. lo.22%
Kibs?September. 11.07%; October. 11.37%
all.40; January. 9.15.
Rye?Cash, 71a72.
Barley-?Casii. 4.'5aGT>.
Timothy?September, 3.55a3.GO; October,
Clover?Cash, 11.30; March. 12.20.
New York Grain Prices.
NEW YORK. August 23.?Flour; Re
ceipts, 17,<>25 barrels; sales, 3,<K)0 barrels;
market quiet and lower to sell.
Wheat? Receipts, 131,900 bushels. As
few wheat traders were prepared for
such big receipts a.s Minneapolis had to
day, or such favorable northwest weath
er over Sunday, prices dropped nlfhuptly
from %a%c per bushel at the start and
failed to show any material rally during
the first hour. September, l.b7%al.o8%;
Decern ber, 1 .< i.'{%a 1 .< ?3%.
Rye?Dull; No. 2 western, nominal, f.o.
1). New York.
Corn?Receipts, 8.275 bushels.
Liverpool Grain Prices.
LIVERPOOIi, August 23.?Closing:
Wheat?Spot No. 2 red western winter,
nominal; futures, weak; September, ss
3%d; December. 7s 7%d; March, 7s 7<J.
Corn, dull; spot No. 2 American mixed
(via Galveston), steady, 0s Gd. Futures,
steady; September, 5s 4%d; October, .">s
Flour?Winter patents dull. 33s 6d.
Hops?At London (Pacific coast), firm,
?3, 10sa?5.
NEW YORK. August 23.?Butter tirm;
receipts, 5,394 packages; creamery, spe
cials, 29a29% (official price, 29); creamery
extras, 2S%a2S%: creamery thirds to
firsts, 23a28; process. fliM to specials. 2I!a
25%; western factory. 2oa22.
Cheese steady; receipts, 095 boxes;
state full cream, specials, 15aHi; s'ate full
crearn, small, large colored or small white
fancy, 14%; state full cream, common to
good, llUal4: skims, full to specials, 3%
a 12%.
Eggs irregular: receipts, 9.S01 cases;
state, Pennsylvania ai;d nearby, fancy
white, hennery, .'toa33: state. Pennsylva
nia and nearby, fair to choice, gathered
browns, 26a3U; state, Pennsylvania and
nearby, hennery brown fancy. 28a."0;
state, Pennsylvania ahd nearby, fair to
choice gathered brown, 24a2S; western
firsts, 23a24; seconds, 20a21.
Object Lesson for Congressional
Party in San Francisco Bay.
SAN FRANCISCO. .August 23.?'The
condition of the merchant marine in the
Pacific ocean was illustrated for the bene
fit of the congressional party en route to
Hawaii today, when t lie twenty-three
representatives made a tour of San Fran
cisco bay, where scores of idle vessels lay
at anchor. California congressmen and of
ficers of all the important civic organi
zations Impressed upon the visitors the
necessity for action if any portion of the
trans-Pacific traffic was t?? be preserved
to the United States.
Stops were made at the Hunters point
dry dock, the naval training station at
Goat island: the coaling station at Cali
fornia City, the government docks at
Fort Mason and the navy yard at Mare
A banquet will be given the representa
tives tonight.
Drops 25 Cents a Bushel in Minne
apolis. Minn., Today.
MINNEAPOLIS. August 23.?Cash wheat
?broke 25 cents a bushel today, one of the
greatest one-day declines on record. New
No. 1 northern sold a week ago at $1.43.
Saturday's price was $1.35.
Today it sold early at $1.2."i. but when
it was found 415 cars of wheat had been
received, of which 105 contained old
wheat, 16<? new crop winter and 180 new
crop sprint wheat, the market broke wide
open. Old crop No. 1 northern went down
2b cents, selling at $1.05. compared with
$ 1.2."i Saturday.
Harriman Sends Wireless Message.
Saying He Is Feeling Fine.
NEW YORK. August Latest pros
pects are that Edward H. Harriman will
not set foot on his home soil again un
til tomorrow *?.ftc-rnoon. A wireless mes
sage today from the steamer Kaiser Wil
heltn }i, on which he is a passenger, an
nounced that the liner was 12<? miles east
of Sable Island at 2:30 a.m.. If the pres
ent plan is adhered to Mr. Harriman will
be taken off the liner about 2 p.m. tomor
row by one of the tugs of the Southern
Pacific Railroad Company and landed at
the Erie railroad station in Jersey City.
That his homeward bound voyage is
benelittlng Mr. Harriman was indicated
by a wireless message received today
from him by R. S. Lovett. vice president
of the Union Pacific railroad, which states
in substance that Mr. Harriman is feel
ing rtnely.
New Torpedo Boat Covers 31.03
Knots an Hour.
Remarkably high speed was made by
the torpedo boat destroyer Flusser in her
contractor's preliminary trial in a run
off the Rockland course last week. The
vessel scored :i1.0,'I knots an hour, her
contract requirements contemplating but
28 knots. Offhand, and without examin
ing the records, the officials say this is
the fastest speed ever made by an Amer
ican torpedo boat destroyer, the previous
record being about thirty knots an hour.
Foreign built vessels, however, have
reached a speed of thirty-three knots an
hour, and even more. The Flusser was
built at the Bath, Me., iron works, where
Capt. William N. Little is the inspector
in charge of machinery.
Clarke Griffith Suspended.
NEW YORK. August 25.? Clarke Grif
fith, manager of the Cincinnati club, was
today suspended for three days by Pres
ident Heydler for kicking over decisions
made last Saturday by Umpire Rigler in
the game between New York and Cin
I District Riflemen in Competi
tion at Camp Perry.
One of Fifteen Teams in the First
Changes in Rules of the Shoot.
Silhouette Target in Skir
mish Displaced.
Special I?js|i.n<-ii to The Star.
August 'SI.?In the seventh annual compo
tition for the national trophy which Con
gress authorized, ami for the three-thou
sand-dollar Hilton trophy and the Bronze
Solider of Marathon, both of which the
District riflemen used to win at Sea Girt
in the Hilton and interstate regimental
matches; for twelve cash prizes Aggregat
ing S-'t.liKt. and for medals, forty-eight ritle
teams started this morning, not to stop
until tomorrow night, and not then if one
of Lake Erie's storms blockades the pro
The conditions of the contest which the
District marksmen are in this year are
j radically different from the plan followed
) from when the match tirst took place
I at Sea Girt, until last year. The contest
! ants are now classified and the trophies
and prizes are distributed and increased
| in number so that the weaker teams have
: the stimulus of possibly getting something
to take home.
The fit teen leaders in the match last
year arc after four prizes. The list
includes the istric-t, ranking ninth in the
tleld of fifty with a score of ItW
behind the winning I". S. Infantry.
The prizes are National trophy and
S4.">o; second. third. .<N>n. and fourth,
and a medal for each member.
Second Fifteen.
The second fifteen in the 10>?k finish is
competing for four prizes?the Hilton tro
phy, which heretofore, went to the second
list team in the entire field, and
$22~> and and medals, and the re
mainder of the competitors are gnnnitiK
fur four prizes?tirst, the bronze Soldier
of Marathon and S!!oi; second, third,
SIT.".; fourth, ?1 >. and medals. That is,
there are twice as many prizes as there
were last year and the cash aggregates
In two other respects the match condi
tions are new this year. The ammuni
! tioii is not manufactured by the govern
! ment, but by the private company whose
product was tested out?together with
that of the government and other private
companies at Sea Girt several months
ago bv the committee appointed by the
national board for the promotion of rifle
practice, which conducts the national
matches?team, individual and pistol.
Another changf?and a very important
one it Is?is in the target used on tlie
skirmish run. which has hereto.ore proved
the decisive factor of the contest. The
silhouette target has been displaced by
the bull's-eye target B. This change will
send up the skirmish scores in general,
and is counted on to help the national
guard teams in their tug-of-war with the
regulars, for :is and 2s, which on the sil
houette target were misses, will not count.
District Record.
The District team won fourth prize in
: the first contest for the national trophy.
dropped to sixth in 11H>4 at Fort Riley,
; where the contestants increased from the
19011 field of fifteen to nineteen; got out
I of the money down in tenth "place in lit*;,
! with thirty-seven competitors; fell to six
teenth in I'.HMt, when there were forty-one
contestants; pulled up to fifteenth a year
later against forty-seven opponents, and
up to eleventh place a year ago, but thir
ty-one points out of the money.
Members of the I'nited States Marine
Corps?part of the Sea Girt rifle shooting
school?have been selected to act as
scorers throughout the national matches.
For this work the marines have had a
large amount of experience all summer
at Sea Girt. That the important work of
scoring will be done better than ever in
these matches is the opinion of the
ca m p.
The District team had a bad scare Fri
day night. Capt. Frederick H. Heiden
reieh went to Toledo on a flying trip, but
missed his train 011 return. He stayed
all night in Port Clinton. What has be
come of the team captain? was the cen
tral thought of every District rifleman
; until the captain landed in camp in time
: for breakfast Saturday morning.
Plans for Match Between the United
States and Canada Are
Under Way.
Sppi-ral If? ii to The Star.
CAMP PERRY. Ohio. August Jl.-The
District rifle team was beaten b> fifteen
points by the I'nited States Navy team
this morning 011 the opening stage, 21M)
yards, of the National mat h. The Dis
trict scored 507. The Navy was high at
The Naval Academy came in second
with .">:!<?. Massachusetts and Iowa, with
."ilT, tied for third place, and Pennsylvania
and Ohio, with ."I'J. for rift 11. New Jersey,
New York and the Marine Corps also tied
at .">11. while the I'nited States Infantry
got .".in, and the Cavalry r.o2. Maryland
landed one point ahead of the cavalvymen.
The best store on the District's board
was 4."?, by Capt. Cookson. Sergt. Brown
and Sergt. Shriver were second, with 4 4.
Washington spectators of the match to
day Included Secretary of War Dickin
son. Baron Do Bode. Russian military at
tache. and Ma.i. Devilla, Mexican military
Arrangements for a match to b?s shot
at Sea Girt next month between the
I'nited States and Canada are being made
by the Association of Riflemen, and for
this purpose there was appointed last
evening a committee consisting of Capt.
Casey. Pennsylvania; Lieut. Col. Thurs
ton, captain of the New York team: Capt.
Frank Evans, retired, 'formerly captain
of the I'nited States Marine Co'ns team;
William Church of New York and Gen.
The association elected an executive
committee composed of Gen. Spencer,
president; Col. Thurston, vice president;
Capt. Evans, secretary-treasurer; Gen.
James A. Drain, president of the National
Ritle Association; Capt. Cot win. New
York; Capt Semen. Ohio; Lieut. Col.
Tewes. New Jersey, and Lieut. George
Shaw, captain of the infantry team.
Baptist Association to Meet.
The Mount Bethel Baptist Association,
which is composed of ministers and lay
men of the colored Baptist churches of
the District of Columbia. Virginia and
Maryland, will assemble in the Second
Colored Baptist Church, .'Id and I streets
northwest, tomorrow morning at In
o'clock. The meetings will continue until
Thursday. About three hundred dele
gates will be in attendance. Rev. H. W.
Hickerson of Virginia is the moderator
of the association.
Admiral Sperry Soon to Retire.
? Rear Admiral C. S. Sperry, who com
, manded the Atlantic fleet on its cruise
around the world, after Admiral Evans
retired from command, will be placed on
the retired list for ag> September ?'!. He
is now on duty with the Naval War Col
lege at Newport.
Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent for $3.00
a Year.
If Sickness Should
Come, What?
If you contract a bad spell of sickness and your income
ceases?what then? Why spend all you make? Why not
put in a savings bank a part of your income, and thereby
prepare for the day of need? \We want you to bank with
us. We will pay 3 per cent interest for your money?com
pounded twice a year?and it will always be ready for you
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Horn? Savings
7th St. and Mass. Ave. N.W.
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Umder U. S. Treasury Supervision.
The Safest Investments
Ar?- tliosr Hint do not fluctuate durln? dis
turbs! .-onditton. of tU? money or atac*
market* Flirt deed of t'u?< notM lflrV
iiiortsag-ft. well secured on real eatate >"
the IMftrlct of Columbia. constitute SllJ
edge? Inrestment*. They do not depend
upon tho financial rpsrOTSlbUtty ?* ??
dlv'duals or corporations for .belr itunult
and rt' exeniptfroni taxation a, pen-n.
ivroiK-rtv. We can supply such lnv.si
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for booklet. "Concerning Loams and in
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SLOW IN 1838.
Curious Old Letter in Post Office
Files Showing' Railroad's Rare
Consideration for Public.
Jn his search for nf*'? in the Post
Office Department, an enterprising press
agent has unearthed from the tile? a let
ter written at Charleston. 8. C.. Decem
ber _1>. 1S?0. by Gen. R. T. Hayne, presi
dent of the South Carolina and Charles
ton Railroad Company, to George 1>.
Plitt. then agent general of the post
office, which seems to illustrate the in
dependence of the railroad companies and
something of the condition the the country
in those early days.
It appears that the department was
j trying to make a contract with the lail
road company, which would provide tor
the departure of trains between Charles
ton and Hamburg, S. C., at a later hour
than 7o'clock in the morning and
their arrival at an earlier hour than 4;:JU
in the afternoon.
Gen. Hayne, after informing Mr. Plitt
that the committee of the road charged
with making contracts could not see its
way clear to agreeing with the depart
ment's proposition, states as follows:
"K wsis stated to you frankly in the
beginning and has been repeated in all
our communications, that from the char
acte- and condition of our road and tne
nature of the country, it was not deemed
safe to undertake to convey passengers
upon it in the night, and that In the
present state of the road it would be im
possible to make the run with certainty
so as to meet the hours of H and 4 as
proposed by vou. In particular seasons
and under favorable circumstances It
might be done, but wo know that we
would frequently fail, and we could not
contract to do that which we knew be
forehand could not be performed, and
having determined that the safety of
passengers forbids our running in the
! dark we have no alternative but to ad
here to t he hours stated. Indeed, this
proposition postpones the departure half
1 and hour beyond the present time, which
' Iia< been done expressly to accommodate
I vou ami the Wilmington company, who
might certainly arrive at ?> o'clock, as the>
now generally do. You are mistaken in sup
posing that in my conversation with you
in the presence of Mr. Huger I proposed
am- hour different from the above. \ou
are correct in saying I intimated a will
ingness to deliver the mail upon
the boats at p.m. and to receive ii Horn
the boat at 7, provided the
General agreed to the sum ol
mile.' This arose out of a suggestion of
Mr Huger and yourself, that possibly a.
iangements might be made to take the
mail daily from the boat to the railroad,
which 1 knew could be done in iwenij
minutes We should at ill oe whlmg to
make thai arrangement, though we
should ???eatlv prefer the delivery of the
mails las at present) at lixed hours at
our depository. In short, any arrange
ment consistent with our .erta.n depart
me from our depository ai not latei
hjUf-past 7 and our arrival there a haU
t i tvoiild present no insupeiable diffi
past 4 would pre bo to
iS'iSSvM !i *
i without frequently rim nil i*1
to meet vour wishes, we shall
as poslbl . * expeFinient with you
carrying the mail between the hours
ot- i w . V uid halt-past 4, beginning
of fter ti,c 1st of January you
on any ? a> atte vou may satisfy
may advise. ^ Ucability of effecting
yourself of thpl0per arrangements
your object thiougn p Wilmington
?llh th. P?? enter Into any
company - i t ' m , e that seeing
further details, and stilly noi g of
our anxious desire t? m<^^bUc conven
the department lled to make the
for carrying our
objects into effect. _
investigation is ordered.
Reports of Traffic in Indian Girls at
Haskell Institute.
\cling Secretary Pierce of the Depart
ment of the Interior is having an inyesti
?Uon made into the charge that immoral
?*r is being carried on in Indian g)Hs
at the Haskell Institute. No official sug
gestion that such a condition has ever
existed in the case of the girl students at
the institute has ever reached Mr Pierce^
i < itinnirv give anv color of truth
to E? reports, the utmost effort will be
made to bring the culprits to Justice.
Gets Sixty-Day Sentence.
lames H. Wilson, alias R. H. Williams,
j wj o was arrested by Detective Warren,
I charged with obtaining money by false
I pri tenses, pleaded guilty in the Police
I Court todav "nd on the recommendation
! of District Attorney Turner Judge Mul
I lownj aentenced him to sixty da\?
Capital and Surplus. Stf.rioo.ono.
TT et This Bank
ii=4 Supply You
?with Travelers' Checks
and Letters of Credit for
your foreign tour.
Available throughout the
world and absolutely safe.
Corjporationi, 1414 F St.
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^8MB3*S5S56?aii8B8BSl!96i|:!??i Mt- J
Capital anil Surplus. t2.700.000 ?
Konouri-m Our tl3.000.000 !
? S
11 WeGIadlyOfferjj
| Suggestions 1
| ?concerning safe and 3
profitable investments to g
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Our banking service is m
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? fcTSpecial Dept. FOR LADIES.
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