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No Matter How Large
CACU -or HOW SMALL your Mlll
w(?rk onlers they'll receive
RI I VnC prompt an<! satisfactory atten
1 ? ? f|<in at our hands. LOW'KST
KIOL'ltK.S invariably, fall or
Geo. M. Barker, JiJWi...
Shootnaker's "Tennessee" R\<; Is the most
nt liimif emergency medicine. A particu
larly tlu<* whiskey. S1.0)) bottle.
Shoemaker Co., SUm! hmm.
Thousaaiids of Roofs
Bear Tribute
t<? our superior roof work We") guarantee
to put that old roof in Ural-class condition.
Won't coat much.
0 r afton SlSqu , -*?
Fa3S "AmiTiioaiiiniceinnieinits
AttractSveSy Prirated. *
Simply let us biiTc tlic copy ?ud we'll print
the fall nnrouocenieiit In a i -stiricr that will
'i<'l!(rbt v?u. Tbe Plz l"ri''t Shop If perfectly
Jydd <& DetweMer, lime.,
THK Bit; PRINT SHOP. fJOr- 11T11.
Par- Excellence.
We arc practical roof men of many years' ft
p^rlcncf. Have 'us do the roof work. You'll
S^t good service and- at a mode-ate figure.
Cobcrtli, Hanes & White Co.,
1111 H ST. N.W. Phone M. 2739.
?ii24-10d ___________________
TSrme Is Momey
? when It la a question of roof repairing.
Have the roof put In perfect condition now
and jou need have no fear of thunder stormn.
"Hi t< hinsox ft McCarthy, lan ivth st.
When leaks come in you'll save time, temper
?and money by calling up Main 14. We'll re
spond promptly, close every leak for coo<l and
? ren?ier a filr Mil. Keen in iu mind!
3RON CLAD &*?-,.
" TnrAsiinn ep"\ rtmkvt ~
WASHINGTON. Angust 14. 190f>.
wriERF.AS by satisfactory' evidence presented
to the undersigned (t bas be^n made t" appear
Washington." in the city of Washington. in
the District of Columbia, has complied with all
tfxf provision:) of the "Act of Congress to en
able Datlonal backlog associations to extend
their corporate existence, and for other pur
p-is-s." approved July 12. 1?A?;
NOW THEREFORE. I. I-uwrence O. Murray.
< ompiroller of the eurn*ucy. do ben bv certify
WASHINGTON." In the city of Wasb'ncton. in
the IMstrlct of Columbia. Is authorised to have
succession for the perl.?d specified in Its amend
ed articles of ass<?-iutir>n, namely, until clos'
of hu*tt?e?s on Augnst 14. 1920.
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF witnoss my hand
and seal of "(Bee this 14tb dav of Antrnst. 1009.
Signed: LAW.ENCE O. MDRR \T.
Comptroller of the Currency.
No 4U>7. F.t, No. 27ft4. aul7 .".ftt
Worclh's Piamo fioiase
<rffer* the Following Piano Bargains:
Knabe. t240; Stelnwsv. Cable ft Nelson,
(183: Ne?dh*m. $175: Chlckerlnir. JM?V
HT'??0 WORCIL H10 G. Worch buildicc.
an!7 -tf.Q
Office Supplies of All
Standard Diaries for 1910 Now Readv.
1009 Pa. Ave. N.W.
?u!0 tf.10
Lieut. Flather Declines to Prefer
Cearges Against Man.
Lieut. Flather of the fourth precinct
does t?ot believe that a charge of assault
fhould be brought against a man after
he has had what's coming to him. The
lieutenant caused some merrimeoit in the
Police Court today when he said to Judge
Kimball: "No. judge. I don't want to
prefer any charge against the man. I
lilt him."
Benjamin Harris, colored, was on trial
for disorderly conduct. He had resisted
arreat by Special Officer Harney, and
JLieut. Flather, who was passing, came
to Harney's assistance.
"The negro," said the lieutenant, "land
ed a terrific punch on my face when I
came up. Then I sulxiued him."
"Don't you want to prefer a charge
agafnst him?" asked Judge Kimball.
It wats then that the lieutenant ex
pressed his satisfaction with the per
sonally conducted punishment.
Good Templars and Anti-Saloon
League Getting Busy.
The leaders of the International Order
of Good Templars here are preparing to
wage a vigorous fight before the next
Congress to restrict the saloon business
in the District. Rev. E. C. Dinwiddle,
natioual superintendent of the order, is
preparing a bill which is expected will
either provide for total prohibition in the
District or will call for restricted saloon
zones. This latter provision would limit
t,hc sale of intoxicants, and practically
confine it to the center of the city.
A bill somewhat similar to the bill of
the Good Templars is being prepared for
the Anti-Saloon Lejigue by Attorney A. E.
Shoemaker. This bill, it is said, will re
ceive the practical support of many of
the churches in the District. Rev. C. E.
Guthrie of Hamline Methodist Church,
Rev. Dr. Donald C. MacLeod o{ the First
Presbyterian Church and Rev. p. A.
Baker are specially interested in it. In
the event of its failure to pass Congress
its supporters, it is said, might rally
around tin; measure proposed by the Good
Motor-Driven Sprinkler Will Be
Exhibited Here.
A motor-driven sprinkler device for the
proper application of dust-laying oils to
roads, of which George M. Saybolt is the
designer, is to he exhibited in this city.
By the device, it is explained, roads may
be oiled and the dust nuisance abated.
By the method ot application of the
nils to the road. -It is stated the device
dors the work in an even manner and is
so controlled that annoyance and dis
comfort cannot follow to users of and
dwellers along the roads.
Prem:di:ated Murder
You Will Benefit Yjurself and All
Humani y by Killing Dandruff Germs
Microbes eai.s" baldness, fulling hair, dan
druff, lrrltale?l scalp ami olb?r diseases. It Is
1*0 crime to kill them.
Get rid of all h-iir or sculp troubles by using
Parisian Sage. the remedy that neTt-r fails to
kill the germs.
For sale by leading druggists for 50 cents a
large bottle and in Washlngfrm by llenry Evans,
t'lC-924 F at. n.w., who guarantees It to stop
Itching scalp, falling hair, splitting hair and
dandruff, or money back.
Parisian Sage Is the favorite with discriminat
ing women, for it will make the hair grow luxu
riant and beautiful. It Is not sticky or greasy,
tut It Is a moat delightful hair dressing.
?*I am a good and true friend of Parisian
fcage. It appealed to mr scalp trouble at once
while I was using the flrst bottle. J also suf
fered with an Itchiness of the scalp, which
caused large sores to forui. Th- u8?> of Parisian
*>agc took away all Ibe trouble, healed and re
mored the wres. made my hejd feel cool and
caused the hair ??> srow in uieely." J. W.
tfood;. IW*1 Buiubridifc st.. Manchester, T?.,
April 2, 10W.
Both Young and Old Forget
Weather and Business.
Holders of Coupons Enjoying De
lights of Nearby Resort.
One Coupon Left With Which to
Pay Carfare $ack to
the City.
This, 'most everybody knowt, 'thout j
the'r being told, is Star day down at Luna!
Park, and frisky young and old, forgetting |
all hot-weather cares and thinking Just of
fun, collect the coupons they have saved
and hike to Four-Mile run. 'Tie cool
down there aria pleasant, with lots of
things to do, the kind of foolish nothings
that uppeal to me and you, atid make us
all just kids again and back in playtime's
realm, the sun agllnt on life's fair sea and
laughter at the helm.
Now, the aerial swing is a jolly thing,
the roller coaster's fine and just the bid
for a candy kid and his onliest baby mine;
the carrousel Is lots of sport, the funny
chateau a scream, and ye old mill, with its
grateful chill, is just the place to dream.
There's a trip to the moon for curious
folk, the shoot the chute for the -brave,
and the social twirl, with its dizzy whirl,
just lots of people crave. The human
laundry's a wondrous thing, where people
are Ironed flat between great rollers that
turn them 'round till they don't know
where they're at. Th?i motion pictures arc
always good, the Johnstown flood appalls,
and the skating rink's a magnet for the
folks who don't mind falls.
And after the fun lu over, with every
thing seen and done, the picnic boxes
thrown away, all empty, every one, there's
another coupon, last not least?you'd bet
ter put this down?that's good on cars
from Luna Park to help you back to town.
So It's all aboard for Luna Park, the
crowd Is on the way, and big and little,
young and old. they're bound to spend the
day. to take tn this and take In that and
have a bully time?say, I wish that I were
going 'stead of writing rotten rhyme.
Army Orders.
First Sergt. William Cantwcll, Company
L, 23d Infantry, and Cook Michael
O'Toole, Troop B. 13th Cavalry, have been
placed on the retired list of the army on
their own applications.
Leave of absence for one month on sur
geon's certificate of disability, is granted
First Lieut. William O. Cutllffe. Medical
Reserve Corps.
Leave of absence for two months is
granted Dental Surgeon Emmett J. Craig.
Dental Surgeon Robert H. Mills, at Fort
Slocqm, X. Y.. will proceed to Fort Riley,
Kan., for temporary duty.
Naval Orders.
Capt. E. E. Wright, to navy yard,
Philadelphia, Pa., as captain of the
Ensign H. J. French, from the Mary
land to treatment at Naval Hospital,
Marc Island, Cal.
Midshipman II. Gibson, to the Idaho.
Midshipman R- S. Fay, to the New
Midshipman G. K. Calhoun, .discharged
from treatment at Naval Hospital. New
port, R. I., to treatment Naval Medical
School Ho^tah. Washington, D. C.
Pasyed Asst. Surg. A. M. Fauntleroy,
from the Hartford; leave of one month.
Chief Mach. C. R. Johnson, from the
works of New York Shipbuilding Com
pany.' Camden. N. J., to na\y yard,
Portsmouth, N. H.
Mach. F. R. Barker, from the navy
yard, Portsmouth, N. H., to navy yard,
Mach. W. D. Snyder, discharged from
treatment at Navy Hospital. Mare Island,
Cal.. to duty on the Tennessee.
Naval Movements.
The cruiBer St. Louis has arrived at
San Francisco, the training ship Cum
berland at Newport, the tug Pentucket
at New York, the collier Sterling at
Charleston, S. C.; the yacht EKrida at
Norfolk, the collier Hannibal at Boston
and the cruisers Charleston, Cleveland,
Denver, ' Galveston and Chattanooga at
The cruisers Olympia, Hartford and
Chicago and the monitor Tonopah have
sailed from Newport for Solomons Is- i
land, the cruiser Buffalo from Honolulu i
for San Francisco, the auxiliary Supply j
: from Honolulu for Guam, the collier Bru- i
tus from Boston for Hampton roads, the
torpedo boats Hull, Truxtun and Whip
ple from Seattle for Hoods canal, and the
torpedo boats Perry and Hopkins from
Seattle for Case inlet.
Retiremeat of Capt. Brown.
Capt. Walter S. Brown. 6th Infantry,
has been placed on the retired list of
the army on account of disabilities in
curred in the line of duty. Capt. Brown
is from. Maine, and was graduated from
the 1'nlted States Military Academy in
February. 1890. He reached the grade
of captain in January, 1907. and has
served with the ."Id, dth, 10th, 25th and fith
regiments of Infantry. His most recent
service was in Alaska.
Ordered to Washington Barracks.
First Lieuts. James F. Bell, Alvtn B.
Barber and Thomas H. Emerson and
Second Lieuts. Edward D. Arderjv Roger
G. Alexander and Charles L. Hall, Corps
of Engineers, in addition to their other
duties, will report to the commandant of
the Engineer School, Washington bar
racks, lor duty at the school, and Second
IJcut. Clarence L. Sturdevant. Corps of
Engineers, in addition to liis other dutfe?.
will report to the commanding officer,
Washington barracks, for duty at that
First Lieut. William H. Rose, Corps of
Engineers, is relieved from duty at
Schenectady. N. Y., and will proceed to
Washington barracks and report to the
commandant of the Engineer School for
First Lieut. Thomas IT. Emerson and
Second Lieuts. Edward D. Ardery, Rich
ard Park. Virgil L. Peterson. John W. N.
Schulz, Earl J. Atkisson and Richard T.
Coiner, Corps of Engineers, will take sta
tion in this city until sifch time as they
shall be notified by the commanding offi
cer, Wash ngton barra-'ks. that quarters
at that post are available for them, when
they will stand relieved from station in
this city and take station at Washington
Smidley Machine to Be Prepared for
an Early Test.
The Smidley aeroplane was taken to
pieces early this morning at the Vermont
garage, where it has been spending the
past fortnight, and, being placed on a big
motor truck, was taken out to Benning,
where it will be housed under the race
track grandstand and put together for a
trial in the infield of the racp track.
J. II. Smidley, the inventor, has been
working for months on the monoplane,
and, while modest in his claims for the
new machine, hopes great things of it.
The trials at the track will be entirely
private, and owing to the delay In making
the propeller, probably will not occur till
some time next week It will take most
of the Intervening time to reassemble the
machine, and the young aviator will wait
for favorable weather conditions. The
start of the machine is to be from a
monorail, and the small ball-bearing
wheels arr expected to give It a good
start and keep It from running any dis
tance to speak of after it alights.
If the motor is powerful enough to keep
the machine in the air. at all, it iu ex-'
pcctcd to prove speedy.
District to Beautify Grounds
Near Engine House.
Commissioners Encourage Spirit of
Neatness Among Employes.
Bequests That Plot Be Improved by
the Planting of Flowers.
Hunt Approves.
Tn line with the efforts of the mem- J
herd of the District fire department to |
improve the property surrounding? the
engine houses, the Commissioners have
decided to Improve a plot of ground
which it owns adjoining No. 8 engine
house, on North Carolina avenue near
7th street southeast.
The plot, which lies between the en
gine house and the Eastern market,
has been an eyesore to the people liv
ing in the vicinity for some time; and
the firemen have declared that ihev
would look out for keeping the plot of
District ground looking attractive if it
were properly graded and put In shape
to be Improved by the District.
The appearance of the lot was re
cently brought to the attention of the
Commissioners by Judge Ivory G. Kim
ball of the Police Court.
"The District owns a plot of ground
between No. 8 engine house and the
Eastern market, which is neglected and
is a great eyesore to those living in it*
immediate vicinity, of whom I am one,"
Judge Kimball wrote to the Commis
sioners. *'
Speaks for Neighborhood.
"Qn behalf of the neighborhood, I re
spectfully request the Commissioners
to improve that ? plecc of "ground by
flowers and in other proper ways.
"I am Informed by the firemen that,
if so improved, they will gladly keep it
in order. The firemen of their own
volition improved the property to the
west of the engine house,'which is di
rectly opposite my house, and they arc
as anxious as are the neighbors to have
the ground to the east of the engine
house likewise improved."
Following, this appeal, .C. B. Hunt, en
gineer of highways, recommended to the
Commissioners that $150 be expended in
the grading of the plot of ground. Ab
soon a8 that has been done, it is ex
pected, the area will, under the hands
of the firemen of No. S engine company,
soon be one of the most attractive parks
in the city.
The lot fronts on North Carolina ave
nue?one of the streets of which the resi
dents qf. the southeast section, of the city
arc proud?for about seventy-flve feet
and extends bpek In triangular shape
about one, hundred feet. For some time,
it is explained by residents of the. neigh
borhood. the lot has looked more like a
barnyard than a city lot. In hor weather
what little grass there has been on the
lot driep up and leaves the. ground barren
and unattractive. It is. described an a
huge'dish of gravy in wet weather. At
most times, it is stated, it Is llttored
with paper and other debris from the
market house nearby.
Striking Contrast.
The lot Is in' strong contrast to the
yard the other side of the engine
house. A few years ago, it Is. declared,
that .side looked as bad as the lot. which
is now declared to be an eyesore. But
the firemen, tired of gazing at its neg
lected and unkempt appearance, besran
the work of improving it, and today H
is one of the most attractive lawns to
be found in the National Capital. The
green carpet of grass is dotted here and
there with blooming 'flowers' In small
The firemen are enthusiastic over the
prospect of improving the lot on the east
of the engine house. They declare they
will make it an ? attractive park if the
District will only give them a little help
in grading it ? and ? starting the genera.!
improvement, and they are looking for
ward to the time when they can begin to
plant some flowers in beds which they
are already determined upon having.
NORTHWEST?Agnes K. Mason et
vir to Annie A. Wells, lot 41, square
9; $10.
30th street and Avon place?The
Young Men's Christian Association to
Harry A. Kite and W. Wallace C'hls
well, lots 90 and 07, square 1282: $10.
EAST?Elizabeth F. Moore et vir to
Annie E. McQueen, lots 31 and 32,
S'tuare north of 743.
loe to Alice B. KIncheloe, lot 122,
block 3; $10.
AZADIA?Louis P, Shoemaker, trustee,
to. Fred B. Rhodes. Dart; $10.
WOODRIDGE?A. P. Fardon to Elizabeth
Harbers, lot 3. block 12; $10.
LE DROIT PARK-Rhodric W. Browne
et ux. to Benjamin F. Louders, lot 74,
block 21; $10.
PETWORTH-Guy S. and Carroll S. Zepp
to Charles D. Boyer, lot 32. square 75;
$10. Same to Pauline May Elder, lot
20. square 75; $10.
BLOOMINGDALE?Henry C. Morton to
Joseph W. Saunders and Nicke E.
Saunders, lot 78, block 10; $10.
NORTHWEST?William A. Wimeatt
and Richard H. Johnson, trustees, to
W. Wallace Chlewell and Harry A.
Kite, lots 57, 58 and 59, square 1282;
I STREET NORTHEA8T between 3d and
4th streets?W. Wallace Chlswell and
Harry A. Kite to Allen E. Walker,
lot -?>?. square 770; $100.
MERIDIAN HILL?Herman W. Smith et
ux., to Julia G. Jones and Margaret
H. Ferris, lot 61, block 11; $10.
hans to Marv Isabel Hall, lot 25, block
32; *10.
POTOMAC 11 EIGHTS?Potomac Heights
Land Company to J. P. Lanning, lots
13 and 14, hloek 1451; $1,590.87.
WOODLEY PARK?Kennedy Brothers,
incorporated, to Theodore Sengstak.
lot 121, square 2204; $10.
iietween A street and North Carol'na
avenue-Kennedy & Davis Company,
incorporated, to Christopher J. .Mc
Carthy and Catherine T. McCarthy,
lot 17, square 105H.
I^aurey. to Gertrude 8. Frey. lot 110,
Plltt et ux., to Virginia B. Williams,
lot J, square 757; $10.
and 2'?th streets?Jane G. Graham et
vir to John N. Hester and Ella C.
Hester, nart lot 2, square 86; $10.
PETWORTH-Guy S. Z?pp and Carroll S.
Zepp to Edmund P. Kcleher and Kath
erlne M. Keleher, lot 31, block 75; $10.
WHITEHAVEN. 1228, 1230, 1232, 1214.
EAST?Richard S. Wolfe et ux., to
Henry B. Terrett, lots 7, 8 and 9,
Whitehaven, lot 23, square 770, and lots
88 to 91, square 878; $10.
Director of Mint Will Visit Europe.
Dr. E. Piatt Andrew of New York, the
new director of the United States mint,
will call for Europe Saturday, accom
panying Senator Aldrlch, chairman of the
national monetary commission. The new
director desired to Inspect the mints at
London and Paris before assuming his
duties In Washington. He will continue
his connection with the monetary com
mission after he takes up the government
? - - . m
Carl Brown of Keyser. W. Va.. ex
pired on the platform of 'the railroad
station at Elklns. W. Va.. after both
legs had been cut off at Windell by q,
fi%ight car.
i i
r n ? * . -
The Choicest and Most Prominent
Location in the City
| 1342 New York Ave.,
I Adjoining the Corner of 14th Street
| Outlook on New York Ave. & 14th Street
Lettering on these windows advertising your
business is worth more to you than the rent you pay.
Your name can be seen from five different car lines
passing the building.
More desirable on account of the prominent lo
cation than most first-floor rooms.
Suitable for an agent, attorney, contractor, tai
lor. milliner, etc.
Reasonable rent to a responsible tenant.
STONE & FAIRFAX, 1342 New York Ave.
District Supremo Court.
EQUITY COURT?Justice Anderson.
Sullivan agt. Sullivan;
ruled and sale ratified; complainant b so
licltors, R. P. Montague and J. A. M
riartty; defendant's solicitors. A. H. Bell
and Barnard & Johnson. . .
Dulany, trustee, agt. WaS*am!J*V/ndAnt
leave granted to make parties defendant
and guardian ad litem appotmcrt ?jn
plalnant's solicitors. Maddox A -G?t,ey' in
tervenor's solicitor. V*.. C. Engli-h.
Graves agt. Graves: reference to N. C.
Downs, examiner; com p2?lr rt,i defend
itors. Douglas. Baker & Sherrill, oere
anf s solicitor, F. D. Black stone
t fi? ia ocrt ^vcrancc i auditor s "Puu
raVffled and 3?sSb"t.o., .rtered: ???'
pt.ln.nf. .olleitor, Georee H. "
returnable August 27: c?'T.pl|!^crBer
lienor.. D.S. Martall and M. Stmsbereer.
a%fy "??" Potomac BuiWing and Loan
A??latton: rule continued to ?p,emt*r
1. 10Q0; complainants P
Steuart; defendant's solicitor, 1 ? -F.
Miyn"re Edward Flynn, l^b^ ^orpue.
inquisition set for August petitioners
attorney, R. P- Evans.
?n re Bartholomew Mannix; adjudica
pprtn \TF COURT?Justice Anderson.
SSfe'of Bridie, A. Morrl^^.Hon of
administrator for leave to she special
bond; attorney. L. A. Baney.
Fstatc of Harris D. Atchison, will an
mitted to probate and record and ,e"^"
j A/4miniHtrRtion c t. panted to Iilizft
?A. AtS^W. ?00; attorney, William
RE<tatrofSAnna S^aetiarK leUera of ad
ministration granted to
tian; bond. <200; attorney. W. R. Andrewsli
Estate of Thomas Auldridge lettcrB
administration granted to Gertrude 3uck
ley; bond. $500; attorney . W. R. Andrews.
CIRCUIT COURT?Justice Anderson
Ho*e-McDowell Company agt TIauf.
judgment by default; plalntliFs attorneys,
Carter & Brooke.
DISTRICT COURT?Justice Anderson.
I'nited States agt. "Lerouise Peaches ,
judgment of condemnation.
CRIMINAL COURT?Justice Anderson.
United States agt. Wllllaih T. St. J?*?
carnal knowledge; T*cognt?nce ?l.*>00.
John J. Minahan. surety; attorney. C.
^United*0States agt. Reginald Jenkins:
housebreaking; recognizance. ?n00. 8.:u.
Webb, surety; attornej. c- Ca"^,^ ?'
United States.agt. James A. Uewls for
gery; recognizance, $J00. Frank Fraz
Estate"oV'jolxn F. Flndley; let'ers of
administration granted to Agnes ODor.o
ghue; bond. $500; attorney. W. R- An
^"Estate of Mary M. Sc*>tt: letters of iad
ministration granted to Isaac Sco^t. bond,
*rW)- attorney. W. R. Andrews.
"Estate of John McU. Bull; "
ministration de bonis non granted to John
McLean Cole; bond, $500; attornej, AV. R.
^Estate" of Fannie L?. Corbs*; will dated
Aukust. II. 1000. tiled. ,
Estat* of Mary Ann Gibbons; petition
of Chase E. White for probate of will
and letters testamentary; attorneys, Gor
don &. Gordon.
Therefore Trial Board Dismisses
Complaint Against Sollers.
George W. Sollers. desk sergeant at
the eighth precinct station, was before
the police trial board today on com
plaint of Policeman Frederick W. Dudley,
that Sollers made disparaging remarks
in the station house. June 8. about the
score Dudley had made at target practice
and that ho also used offensive language
toward him.
The records of the poli-ce department
showed that Sollers was detailed at po
lice headquarters the day charged and
that it was Impossible for him to have
been in the station. The: charge was de
nied and the complaint dismissed.
Admit Light to Dark Hallways and
to Dark Basements.
From tiio Chicago Tribune.
Germany uses glass bricks for building
purposes with measurable success. In
Berlin is constructed a small villa, the
walls of which are built of glass bricks
of several shades of dark green and blue.
The glass bricks are especially adapted
to construction where light, cleanliness
and neatness are particularly in demand.
In Hamburg they are utilized in place of
windows. They admit light in walls
which police regulations require to be
fireproof and windowless.
In addition to admitting light to dark
hallways, rooms, etc.. they are said to
possess the same strength as ordinary
clay bricks. They are also utilized in
walls in yards and partitions in the in
terior of houses, salesrooms, offices, work
shops. etc.. as well as for the construc
tion of verandas, hothouses, kiosks, bath
rooms. hospitals, ice factories, butcher
shops; railway stations, breweries, stables
and In other places where cleanliness,
light and uniform temperatures are es
P^rhellbrfcksreare also made with a wire
coating for fireproof walls. In ??nj? of
tha recently erected buildings in Milan,
Italy bricks made of glans have been
adopted for grounds andupper Aoorson
account of the light obtained. They are
aiso condng Into use for partition work
In some of the hospitals on account of
"IS*? "oT^e'leadin, banking intttu
?ions of the city of Turin the lobby office
floor which is about 36x58 feet. Is en
tirely paved with glass brick6 laid in iron
frames for the purpose of admitting light
into the basement, where are located
numerous private boxes or vaults. In
the Netherlands hollow green transparent
rlass bricks are used principally for light
giving purposes iu machine; shops ana
I conbervatovica.
combined with liberal ad
vertising and
Personal Attention
as applied in our Rent
Department are remark
able result producers.
Convince yourself by put
ting that vacant house on
our rent list today.
Shannon & Luchs, I
713 14th St. X.W.
"I-ooi for onr Green and White Slgrn." i
Fair. Tonight and Wednesday, Not
Much Change in Temperature.
For the District of Columbia, Maryland
and Virginia, fair tonight and Wednes
day; not much change in temperature;
light, variable winds.
Maximum temperature past twenty
four hours, #7; a year ago, 82.
The storm in the gulf has moved north
westwardly, and has apparently passed
Inland over eastern Texas. This dis
turbance was attended by high winds on
the middle gulf coast. ?
. The West Indian hurricane is appar
ently central near anil south of the mid
dle ?uban coast, and moving in a west
by. north course. This disturbance Is of
marked intensity, and It will cause north
east and east gales over southern Flor
ida, the southeast gulf and western
Cuban waters during the next thirty-six
hours. ...
Showers occurred during the last twen
ty-four hours in the gulf states, northern
Michigan, the Rocky mountain region
and the northwest. In all other districts
fair weather prevailed.
Temperature is much lower in the
northwestern states, and it has changed
little elsewhere.
During the next thirty-six hours the
weather will be generally fair east of the
Mississippi river, except that showers are
probable in eastern Florida, the southern
portions of the gulf states and in north
ern Michigan.
Temperature in the eastern districts
will not change decidedly during the next
thlrty-slx hours.
Hurricane warnings are displayed on
the south Florida coast.
The winds along the New England ard
middle Atlantic coasts will be light vari
able; on the south Atlantic and east
gulf coasts moderate to brisk northeast
and east, increasing and becoming high
over the south Florida coast.
SHeamers departing today for Eurooean
ports will have moderate variable winds,
mostly west and northwest, and generally
fair weather to the Grand Banks.
The following heavy precipitation fin
inches) has been reported during the past
twenty-four hours: Pensacola, 2.50; New
Orleans, 2.48; Burwood, 4.42; Mobile, 1.78.
Records for Twenty-Four Hours.
The following were the readings of the
thermometer and barometer at the
weather bureau for the twenty-four
hours beginning at 2 p.m. yesterday:
Thermometer?August 23, 4 p.m.. 81; 8
p.m., 75; 12 midnight. 66. August 21, 4
a.m.. 64; 8 a.m., 66; 12 noon. 80; 2 p.m.,
87. Maximum. 87, at 2 p.m. August 24;
minimum, 61. at 6 a.m. August 24.
Barometer?August 23. 4 p.m., 30.17; 8
p.m.. 30.18; 12 midnight. 30.20. August
24, 4 a.m., 30.23; 8 a.m., 30.34; noon,
30.20; 2 p.m., 30.16.
Tide Tables.
I Today?I<ow tide, 8:13 a.m. and S:00
[P.m.; high tide, 1:23 a.m. and 1:50 p.m.
Tomorrow?Low tide. U:10 a.m. and 8:58
| p.m.; high tide. 2:15 a.m. and 2:45 p.m.
The Sun and Moon.
Today?Sun rose, 5:21 a.m.; sun sets.
6:45 p.m.
Tomorrow?Sun rises, 5:21 a.m.
Moon sets 11:15 p.m. today.
The City Lights.
The city lights and naphtha lamps all
lighted by thirty minutes after sunset;
extinguishing bexun one hour before sun
rise. All arc and Incandescent lamps
lighted fifteen miniates after sunset and
extinguished forty-five minutes before
; sunrise.
" Condition of the Water.
Temperature and condition of water at
8 a.m.: Great Falls?Temperature, 78;
condition, 19. Dalecarlla reservoir?Tem
perature. 77; condition at north connec
tion, 14; condition at south connection.
14. Georgetown distributing reservoir
Temperature. 77; condition at Influent
gatehouse, 17; condition at effluent gate
house, 20.
Up-River Waters.
Sprcial Dispatch to The Star.
24.?Both rivers are cloudy.
Condition of Hugh F. Harvey.
The condition of Hugh F. Harvey, who
has been seriously 111 of inflammatory
rheumatism, was reported today as much
improved. Mr. Harvey is identified with
the Elks and other organIzations.
Enlarging Their Store.
J. L. Deverton & Co., 1106 G street
northwest, conducUng the women's outer
garment store, are making extensive im
provements In. their new building. A
new front with new show windows is be
ing installed and several departments are
being enlarged. The firm has Inaugu
rated an alteration sale and Is said to be
offering unusual bargains to reduce the
summer stocks.
Blackboard Talk on St. Faul.
Rev. pr- John Clark Hill of Springfield,
Ohio, will ghc a blackboard talk ou the|
?Hi-i-i-i-K-H-i-i-i-i'M-M 11 i-m-m iiiiiiiini.n m
$300 f Handsome Homes
Cash I at Small Cost.
T (Two Sold First Day Advertised.)
Nos. 27 to 39 V St
(One-half Square East of North Capitol
Street Cars.) ,
New Colonial Homes.
Hardwood Finish Throughout.
Ix??s 20 Feet Front.
Large Double Colonial Porchee.
St.el Construction.
Large Yards, front and rear.
1'lftecn-foot Side and Rear Paved
Six Large Rooms and Bath.
Furnace Heat.
Every Kcom a Front Room.
Holland Window Shades.
Finest Sanitary Plumbing.
Floors Planed and Oiled.
An Exceptional Opportunity to Se
cure a Uotnc on Very Easy Terms.
Early Purchasers Get .70 Feet Back Yard.
Open Sundays and Evenings.
Monthly |
1314 F Street Northwest.
A Home In
East Columbia Heights
at $3,750
For $300 Cash and $29.50 Monthly,
Including All Interest,
Is a proposition that most every day some levei-headed business man or
woman Investigates and r- alizes the true value of the offer. Here we
are offering perhaps h^ best planned six-room home ever offered In
the northwest, and offering it at practically an unheard-of price. Ordi
nary houses sell for this much money in remote sections of the city.
Investigate and you will appreciate this value. Compare it. and in
doing so remember that this home is located In a rapidly developing
section of the great northwest, and that is very essentiol when you
want to buy a home with good future value.
Remember that in this home is a finely planned kitchen, a dining
room wLh a large bay window, parquet floor, a handsome tiled bath.
Remember that several big builders have recommended their friends
to buy here, and that one of them remarked he could not duplicate
one under $4,250.
Las;, but most important, remember under the terms offered It
costs no more to buy this home than to pay rent for an inferior house.
Lamont Street N.W.
( Just East of Georg'a Ave. N.W.)
Take 9th st. cars to corner of Lamont St.. or t,ake 11th at. cars to
Lamont or Kenyon st. and walk two squares cast. Sample house, 3223
Georgia ave. n.w., open.
Shannon & Luchs,
713 14th St. N.W.
"took for Our Gre<*n and White Sign."'
RECOGNIZING that there is an element
among house buyers lookng for quality
rather -han lor poor work at a slightly
lower price, we built and now offer for sale
1755, J 757, S 759. 11761, 1763
Laoier Place.
These houses have attractive Harvard brick
fronts, bay windows and red tile roofs.
The location, in the fashionable Washington
Heights section, is unsurpassed and is convenient
to two car lines.
The construction was given the most exact
ing supervision, and we court expert investiga
tion on the part of any intending purchaser.
The houses con'an twelve rooms?three
baths?and are heated by hot water.
To those interested in a high-class home we
will be pleased to quote prices and terms.
H. Clay Stewart <& Son,
Street N.W.
r * Tn n ? ? ? ? I i V i * ? r V V
I Buy and Build.
E RE selling laad
now at prices
that are at but
a fraction of
what it will
soon command.
$300 to $600.
525 to $50 ?cash and $10 month.
Choice of two tracts.
One site is located in Hyatts
vlllo, with water, sewer and
gas availab e?and electric and
steam railways convenient.
Se? this property at your |
early convenience. We'll gladly
take you out in our automobile.
rheF.S.Carmodyc?? J
Owners, 31
1413 G St.
Phone v
M. 3553. T
life and letters of St. Paul at the regu
lar midweek meeting in the New York
Avenue Presbyterian Church Thursday
evening. Dr. Hill occupied the pulpit o"
the church last Sunday morning and will
also preach next Sunday morning.
When a Dear Friend Speaks.
From Life.
Clarabel?It was while I was wearing
this bewitching hat that my husband
became acquainted with me.
Isabel?And do you never fear that he !
may bring suit against your milliner ton]
% See Us About Them. g
| 5 New Houses,
Columbia Heights,
* South of Newton St.
I $4,600 Each.
| 20 Feet Wide.
| Hot-Water Heat.
I Beautifully Finished.
1 Stone & Fairfax,
| 1342 N. Y. Av?.
John F. Donohoe & Sons,
314 Pennsvlvania Ave. S.E.
We have for rent the heat properties to he b?i
/or all purpoce*. Let ua aend you our couplet*
list. pti!>ihl)>>d dally. Property In all aectloaa
of tlio city.
John F. Donohoe & Sons,
314 Pennsylvania Ave. S.E.
Randle Highlands
diagram or Gffouxo n tVAtiON
Handle nirtalao'l* in the same dtataucr from
Capitol as Dupoot Circle. Lot* and bu'hltng
vltfN from S7S to >1.000; ?asy payments.
1. S. KKALTY CO.. 7tb ?t. mad Pa. ?t?. fcVa
BJhW-tr "

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