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Question as to District Electric
Railway Commission.
Provision of Measure Seems to Terminate
Career of Board.
Section Forbids Use of Public Money
for Councils Not Authorized
by Congress.
Did the provision of section !l of the i
sundry civil bill, making appropriation
for the sundry civil expense? of the government
for the fiscal year ending June
So, 1filf>, which was approved March 4,
legally put the District electric
railway commission out of business?
That is a question that seems pertinent
and will bear close consideration before
answering, according to an official of
re of the local street railway lines.
The section referred to provides: "That
hereafter no part of the public moneys
or of any appropriation heretofore or
hereafter made by Congress shall be
used for the payment of compensation or
expenses of any commission, council,
board or other similar body or any members
thereof, or for expenses in connection
with any work or the results of
any work or action of any commission,
council, beard or other similar body,
unless the creation of the same shall be
or shall ha\e been authorized by law;
nor shall there be employed by detail,
hereafter or. heretofore made or otherv.
ise. persona! services from any executive
department or other government establishment
in connection with any such
commission, council, board or other similar
First Report on Subject.
In its first report upon the subject, after
the enactment of the law of May 2*1, 1f*?8t
giving the interstate commerce commission
supervision and control over the
District electric railways, the interstate
commerce commission advised Congress
of its action in creating the District electric
railway commission. It stated as
follows: "To the end that this commission
might fulfill the duty thus imposed
(by the ad of May 23, 1908>. and in a
desire to learn the needs of the District
and be advised as to the best manner in
which the requirements of the law might
be met. the interstate commerce commission
tailed to its aid three residents of
this District. Brig. Gen. John M. Wilson.
U. S. A . retired, formerly chief of the
Corps of Engineers: Hon. Henry L,. West,
Commission* r of the District of Columbia,
and Mr. Thomas W. Smith, a business
man of long residence and high standing.
to act as a District electric railway
commission. These gentlemen were appointed
agents and examiners under an
order dated July 1. 11108, a copy of which
is hereto appended, and for convenience
were designated 'District electric railway
commissioners." "
The report then proceeds to state that
suitable quarters were secured for them
and an executive officer and secretary employed
to assist them in their labors; that
they entered at once upon their duties and
that the railway companies refused to
recognize them. The report also calls attention
to the many duties imposed upon
the interstate commerce commission by
the enforcement of the act to regulate
commerce and other acts, and expresses
the belief that it was in the contemplation
of Congress that the interstate commerce
commission should secure such assistance
as was needed to the proper performance
of the duties imposed by the act
nf VI civ 1QDW
V& *>AU J I f " '
Congress Passes Bill.
This report, it is said, bore date of January
1M. I'.WKl. With this report and its explanations
before it Congress in a little
less than two months afterward passed the
section of the bill above quoted forbidding
the use of public moneys to pay for commissions
not authorized by it.
"These are the facts," said the railway
official. "The question is: "What is the
status of the District electric railway
commission under the law?" "
The section has never been repealed by
Congress, it i? said. Commissioner Dane
of the interstate commerce commission,
who is chairman of the branch of the
commission that deals wtih street railway
affairs in the District, is abroad.
The other members of the commission
were engaged in a hearing today. The
commission heretofore has taken the
position, according to the statements of
some of its members, that the interstate
commerce commission has not delegated
its authority to the District commission,
and that it makes all ths orders an<l
regulations affecting the street railways.
But it is contended by the railway people
the section forbidding the use of
public monevs to pay salaries or exp.-r.sf-s
<ifi? commissions not authorized by
Congress makes no reference whatever
to the question of delegating authority.
It is directed, it is said, against the commis.-ion
itself.*no matter what its duties.
The District electric railway commissioners.
it is understood, feel that the
, question is not one for them to determine.
It is up to the interstate commission.
ami the question is "What is the
legal siaius of the District electric railway
Died After Refusing to Talk From
the Time Mortgage on His
Farm Was Foreclosed.
SOMERVILL.E. N. J., July 13.-When
Siias Hoffman died recently in Bedminater
township he had spent nearly onehalf
of his sixty-seven years in silence,
though I.is vocal organs were not affected,
ar>l in bed, though his health was
excellent until shortly befowe his death.
For years he had been known as the
holder of the world's record for treasuring
up a "grouch." Gagsipers speculated
on whether or not Hoffman would
gel up. or speak again, or die first. He
died without saying a word, his silence
^ having been maintained from the day,
thirty-one years ago, upon which a mortgage
was foreclosed on his farm.
Opinion was divided as to 'the real
cause of Hoffman's withdrawal from
human ass?xiation Some declared that
be just hated the world and all its people
and works. Others, and they were
in the majority, held to the opinion that
when the mortgage he had signed came
back to gall him he determined never
to speak again to any one who might
suggest that he sign anything and to stay
?m ik fuuwh In Ha a ntiL] 1 m in
less dankm- of using a pen.
During his long rest ?ton man ate only
one men! a day. One of his sisters kept
his house and waited on him, the township
authorities pa> ing her for his maintenance
as he was practically a pauper
after he lost his farm. At one time he
was regarded as being wealthy, as wealth
went in those days and in this place.
Four brothers and two sister^ suryive
The Consolidation Coal Company is
making preparations to open a new mine
at Hutchinson. \Y. Ya.. at a cost of
jMfttDO. With its completion the company
will have forty-eight mines in
operation in West Virginia.
Dr. Lyon's I
Tooth Powdor
Used by people of refinement
in every part of the
world where the use of the
tooth-brush is known, for
Almost Half a Century.
No Better ?
<a? h <
V Ar\fP. Paints. stain* an?l fin- .L <
< <? * 1 \ <he? than those inanu- t??j,
factored under the ^ '.
T QUALITY Qna,1,v Se"': A ?
?S *- A complete line or
4u , . tbeae world famous ?
? PAIN TS paints. Tarnlahea ami ?
X t-namols always in *
htock. 4
% and Stains. tr'Afcnts for ah- 4 <
haatine. <
-? W. H. BUTLbK tU., A
55 007-09 C St. N.W. ffiria,. 2
jTt'iw.f.m.iS V
All Cabinet Officers Absent From the
City?Revival of the MacVeagh
For a few fleeting moments today the
question of "Who's who" in government
authority was a burning one in Washington.
Apparently no responsible chief was
"on the job." Not that it made any
particular difference, however, since "the
boys" were running the government about
as usual in the absence of the heads.
The situation was brought about by the
sudden disappearance of Postmaster
General Hitchcock, who. without so much
as saying "by your leave." packed his
grip last night and departed for New
York, whence he sailed for Europe this
All Cabinet Members Absent.
This left no cabinet officer on guard.
Secretary Knox is spending the summer
at his home in Pennsylvania. SecretaryDickinson
is on his way to the Philip
pines. Secretary Meyer is at his summer
home in Canada. Secretary MacVeagh
is settled down for the summer
at Dublin. N". H. Secretary BalMnger is
inspecting Indian reservations. Secretary
VViison is inspecting forests in the Rocky
mountains. Attorney General Wickersham
and Secretary Xagei are on the way to
So it fell to Assistant Secretary Hilles
of the Treasury Department to hold down
the government lid, which he accordingly
proceeded to do. Departments are expected
to open and close as usual and the
pay roil will come around on schedule
Revival of Resignation Rumor.
There was renewal today of the report
that Secretary MacVeagh will retire front
the cabinet. The Secretary's friendsTiere
nut no credence in the rumor. They say
that when he left Washington he had no
such intention. He likes his vork and the
President likes him.
It is thought that the report was started
by some of the "stand-pat" politicians in
the party who profess to be fearful lest
Mr. MacVeagh is not a dyed-in-the-wool
republican. They have been hammering
away at him on that line for some time.
Some of the stand-pat leaders in the Senate
have strongly intimated their desire
to oust him.
Secretary MacVeagh's friends say that
he is as good a republican as any man in
the party and is intensely loyal to President
Taft and the republican administration.
They insist that he will support the
President heartily and will take the stump
for him and for the party whenever necessary.
Roy Knabenshne, for Wrights, Suggests
Date for New YorkWashington
It is regarded as probable that the
TOight-Curtlss aeroplane race from New
York to Washington will be arranged for
the end of October, Just after the international
meet, which will be held on Long
Island. 'Roy Knabenshue, who is managing
the exhibition flights for the Wrights,
made that suggestion to Dr. Albert
Zahm of the Washington Aero Club at
Atlantic City last week. The problem so
far has been to get the Wrights into a
race with Curtiss, and since they tentatively
accepted the next matter of importance
is to fix a date.
Knabenshue said that the Wrights expected
to build a racer for the international
meet, and if so it probably would
be a machine good for seventy miles an
hour or more. The mlle-a-minute mark
has been passed, and in the meeting at
Rheims recently the speed contest was
won at a fraction over sixty-eight miles
an hour. Aviators expect that the seventy-mile
mark will be passed during the
coining fall. There is every reason to expect
that this mark will be established at
the International meet.
Wright Machine Slow Flyer.
The Wright machine has never before
figured in a speed contest and has always
been a notably slow flyer, although
the Wrights have said that they could
build a faster machine if they wished.
In the recent meet ax Atlantic City
spectators said that it was only through
generosity or lack of enterprise that Curtiss
failed to take all the prizes. His machine
is faster on the level and could
climb about 50 per cent faster than!
Brookios', who handled the Wright machine
and won the altitude prize at a
height of 6,275 feet.
All the prospects are for a lively contest
when the Wright and Curtiss machines
meet at Long Island. If the
Wrights make good their threat to produce
a seventy-mile machine there will be
some of the most'exciting aerial races the
world has ever seen.
Consul Botkin Reports Not a Store
Remaining in Campbellton.
The Secretary of State has received a
telegram from United States Consul |
Botkin at Campbellton, saying: "Whole
Campbellton destroyed. Not a store
left and few dwellings. Three thousand
at least homeless. Consular records.
archives, seals, stamps in vault,
conditions not known till tomorrow.
Stations, powerhouse, hospital, convent,
all churches, few largest shingle and
lumber plants and stocks In ashes. No
casualty known. Shipping and docks
saved. Need wall tent for temporary i
Thursday Bi
! 3c Bnvisible Wire Hair
!; 25c Bathing Caps, blaclk
;! H5c Bottles of Sewing Ma
;l 119c Chi id's Patent Leat
25c Hair Rolls, net cover
I?? ? ? ]
I \ Sweetheart Soap, j
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? Soap, for toilet and bath. '
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y ( !
% \ 5c Blueing, 2 for 6c. S
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i streakable Liquid Blueing.
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* 1 Oc Cocoa, 2 for 12c.
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10c Tomatoes, 2 for
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i large red-ripe, sound quality.
!:????? 0 ;
10c Sheet Music
I Au2/4c Copy.
{Choice of a large number of \
titles, including Anvil Chorus...
Anchored (vocal).. .Afterwards
...Black Hawk.. .Cornflower... <
I Con Amore.. .Dying Poet...
Evening Star... Faust... Flower
Song... Fa I ling Waters...Invlta- ,i
tlon to the Dance..11 Trovatore
...Over the Waves.. .Rosary...
^ and many Others. Regular price,
r j 10c a copy. Sale price, 2%c copy. j
5 ? ?
(4th Floor Bargains.
$1.50 CREX RI GS ?200 Genuine
Crex Matting Rugs: size .16x72
inches: in red and green; finished
with fringed ends and tapebound
sides: sanitary and /Ur
durable.: $1.50 ttalue at
$1 PILLOWS?50 pairs of Largesize
Bed Pillows, covered with heavyweight
art ticking: fllled with sanij>
tary crushed turkey feafr
thers: made odorless by a
9 new process: $1.00 value at.,
r 15c BURLAP?A case of Yard-wide
? Burlap; extra heavy weight: close
A basket weave: in several shades of
L green, red. blue, tan and
a brown; suitable for wall /Hklf /
j? and floor coverings; 15c lU
6 value at
|; 25c Damask Scarfs
| At \2Viz Each.
f dozen Fringed Damask 1
Bureau Scarfs. In red and blue cen?
ters; size 18x5o inches: excellent /or
>* summer use?save your fine linen
>* scarfs.
'f 45c TABLE DAMASK - 00 - inch
'f Satin Mercerized Table Damask:
' * with handsome mercerized finish
? that is guaranteed perfect;
? choice of six patterns; .AhJ/**
f worth 45c yard
? 7c TOWELS?1U0 dozen Hemmed
? Huck Towels, with fast-color red
? border; soft and absorb'f
ent quality: size, 14x28 n"v
r inches; worth 7c each 7C5
? 40c IRISH LINEN?lb pieces of
? 38-inch White Irish Linen: the de;
sirable round-thread, medium-weight
{ grade for making cool summer
? dresses, waists and sepa- ?
? rate skirts; warranted all
^ pure linen; worth 4Uc a yd.
r <Linen dept.) <
I $5 Go-Carts, $2.98.
j' 25 One-motion Collapsible j
t Folding Go-Carts, complete with i
L hood and upholstered with Boston 1
1 f leather. Reclining back and foot i
w rest. Enameled steel gearing and
> .ten-inch rubber-tired wheels. Can
& be folded so as to carry on street car
? or packed for traveling. $5.u> value
it at *2.06.
it 15c Ribbons, \0l/zc.
? All-silk Quality TafTeta Ribbons.
? 34 inches wide, in white, black and
? all the best summer shades. Want?
ed for hair bows, hat trimmings,
ff etc'
~ L
????? ]
Secretary's Quarters to Be Largest in <
Executive Offices. i
The large joom occupied by Secretary
Norton on the west aide of the White
House executive offices, near the War Department.
is to be enlarged by removing ,
the partition between his room and the
elephone and telegraph office.
The room now given to the telephone
ind telegraph force will become part of
Mr. Norton's, office, giving him by far the <
irgain Sale
Pins, box He
[ and colors 115c
ichine Oil . 7c
her Beits, ail coflors.. BOc
ed, 24 inches 115c
47 -INCH
Here's another of th
son. An importer's surp
\ est and handsomest sum
One glance will reveal il
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[ should bring a great crowd of
[ India Linon; excellent sheer qualit;
f dresses. Worth 10c a yard
! 15c PERCALE?36-inch
' cale; superior close-woven grade, \
, appearance as all-linen suiting; was
es perfectly and always holds its lin
finish. Worth 15c yard
| Every woman who f
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l Tan Linen Suit to be in style.
| We are constantly on. the
and we never offered a timel
Every thread all-pure-linet
ish. which is the correct we
| Full 36 inches wide.
; 15o CANNON " CLOTH - Colored
Cannon Cloth with the new heavy
; Ramie linen finish. Choice of light
i blue, aliee, Copenhagen, navy, laven,
der, helio, old rose, gray, reseda,
> russet; also black and a it /
> white. Worih 15c a (1
Sal? ?f U[(j
j Choi?? ?f '
$7.50 t? j
| A sale of Men's S
I You have never know
\ a cool, comfortable s>
from this lot of st\ li:
( We bought a clothing
\ weight Summer Suits of wi
II tures, stripes, grays, olive
| Cool and stylish two-p
or plain bottom,
j Sizes 32 to 42 in the 1
1 Choice of values worth
(s> ???
Values Won
$114, Offered
Values that will cause w
expect when this store sets ou
The lot of Women's Han
a manufacturer's balance of s
1 of our fortune buying are all
i They are pretty Tub Dresses, trir
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6(0)^ fpr C
and Muslin Gowns, Skirts.
! Corset Covers and Long Skirl
; of styles with fine quality lace!
; are a little musse^.
Values worth up to $1.25.
; Choice at 69c each.
MUSLIN* WEAR-Choice of Worn'
en's Cambric and Nainsook Corset
; Covers: full blouse front; trimmed
, with lace and embroidery; also
> Cambric and Muslin Drawers and
i Short Skirts, with ruffle
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? Choice at v
50c DRAWERS?Women's Extra
size Muslin Drawers, with wide
, umbrella ruffle; trimmed <?wgv
with torchon lace, tucks
i and hem. Worth 50c
ti . - a a a m it>lt>aeaaaaaa
$2 Long Kimon<
Women's Long Kimonos of Batis
and plated front. Trimmed with pit
argest room in the house. The telegrap
tnd telephone office will be In the larg
oom occupied by clerks at the northwes
corner of the executive office building.
The clerks will be crowded by having t
rive space to the telephone room.
Woman Bitten While Searehinj
Stable* for Stolen Hone.
CORONA. L. I.. July 18?While en
ieavoring to find a horse that had bee
Prices Thai
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19c Quality Offer*
ose wonderful white goods h
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mer dresses and waists imagi
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V for making cool waists and J
Wl*te Per- I2pic DIMITY
rlth th^ same Check Dimity, in all si
h- of the daintiest and coo
en QALfl ? I rics for summer waist
vnr I 12?*c value
an Dress
_ Strictly All P
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ollows the store requirement
al Dress Linens are. In fact, even
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lantern and fan q 'P / _
patterns. Regular price,
12%c yard
sn's HS-PIe
fakes Worth
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ummer Suits that establishes
n the equal of these values, a
uit for vacation wear should
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manufacturer's surplus stock, coi^is
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iece suits, half lined with alpaca ar
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Nightgowns, of good quality muslin,
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stitched ruffle; sizes 18, 19
Oft Wnrth TKo
3s, One Day at 98c.
ite, in pretty figured designs; yoke back
Lin borders. All sises.
h stolen from her stable at No. 1 Pine
* street Mrs. Mary Amo, thirty-five years
old, was attacked by a bulldog In George
o Bonny's stable, at No. 112 Pine street,
yesterday and bitten about the head,
face and body. She was rescued by persons
who had been attracted by her
I screams and taken to her home. The dog
was taken to the Newtown police station,
r where he will be kept under observation
for signs of rabies.
Mrs. Amo's barn was broken into Monday
night and a horse stolen. She start"
ed out to look for the animal and visited
a a number of stables In the vicinity.
t Demand Yi
?? <j
the store that deals on liberal, ( j
ily store in the neighborhood that ) j
ng the silrnmer. j j
A ?T MunmaJ T
ed at
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iture and the astonishingly low prici
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, Separate ski
1 Linen l;
ure Linen,
Rough Effect.
:s of the season knows just
v woman must have at least one
values in the things you want?
the fashionable denii-rough finece
dresses and separate skirts.
10c LAWNS?2tH? pieces of Printed
I.awns. Choice of a large collection
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scroll and floral patterns. Cool and
charming wash material T> /
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?ejlmits j
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W+J i |
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nd the man who wants ;;
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< >
ured styles and embroidered effects: ,,
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Saved Floating Derrick Hercules
and Those on Board at Great Bisk.
LJeut. James B. Gay, attached to the
I battleship Connecticut, has been warmly I
! commended by the acting secretary of!
the navy for courage and ability in sav- i
ing the floating derrick Hercules and the |
lives of several of ?er crew during a !
storm that passed over the New York
navy yard June 18 last. During the'
Dur Presenci
! Fresh Water Pearl But to
i" " t
25c and 29c Two=clasp L
I Men's 11 Oc Japonet Hand!
' 75c and $1 Washable Lac
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[>: a superior, close-woven grade that
eetlv and wears better than any other
ial you cah buy for the j. /
A general favorite for II
irts and suits. 20c value.
BolTsrd VA1
at 19e 3
Another lot of those twelvi
ciennes Laces on sale tomorrow
created such a stir last week?igc
Just the styles wanted for trii
Large assortments of pattern
We FIXM/NCINQS? Swiss Embroidery
in a variety of pleasing designs for sumi
25c and Mc BANDS?Point Venice I
and arahe color: good assortment of d
Worth 25c gnd %lc yard
*1 FLOUNCING8?Fine Quality Swiss
27 inches wide, in a large variety of ne
loom goods. Sold regularly at SI a yard
Boys' Kha
Usual 50c <r
69c Kinds at ^
A special underprice purcha;
Khaki Wash Pants at 3S>c a pair. Ii
Choice of tan, olive and government shai
Sizes 5 to 16 years. All with belt sti
cut extra full.
Regular 50c and 60c values at 39c a pi
BOYS' *5 AND $6 SlITS-Boys' Fan
Knickerbocker Suits; all light patterns:
folk-yoke styles; sizes 6 to 15 years. W<
*1 AND $1.80 WASH Sl ITS-Bovs'
with bloomer pants; sizes 2*4 to 7 years;
chambray. duck, crash, percale and oth<
dark patterns. $1 and $1.50 values
BOYS' $1.80 TO $2.50 HATS?Balance
Straw Hats, in all the most popular shai
Tar, Cone, Broadbrim Sailor and juven
and $2.50. Choice at
(Third Floor?Boys' Clothing Departm
11 Oc. Dress dim
2 cases of Dress Ginghams, i
and plain colors, of light blue, bi
W arranted fast colors. Makes thi
ments for women and children, i
10c CAMBRIC?A case of Yardwide
Sbft Finish CMibric free from
dressing; close woven grade, especially
desirable for making women's
.summer undergar- mm*T>
ments; worth lOc a
?5c SHEETS?50 dozen 81x?0
Bleached Sheets, full double bed
size; heavy, round thread quality,
with a welded seam in the center,
which makes it strong as A q
iron; worth 65c 4oC
eacn t... ,
Girls' Was
Girls' Washable Dresses of
chambray, in plain colors and
jumper and high neck styles; 1
trimmed. Sizes 6 to 14 years.
ROMPERS?Little Children s Qing- I
ham and Chambray Rompers, in
dark blue and tan, also
neat stripes. Buttoned ^ gj
down the back. Sizes up to ,/! jSfr ,("*
0 years ~ w
INFANTS' 3ftc SJ.IPS-Infarua'
Long and Short White Slips, of nainsook
and cambric, with
cambric hemstitched ruffles ^
and embroidery yoke, /.sf*
Worth 3lk 17 1
Cut=price Houj
Crystal Glass Jelly Glasses, with
tin tops. Each, 1 C
Hardwood Extension Window
Screens, with steel centers;
in. high, open to 33 in
$1.51) Light Oak-flnished Screen
Doors, strongly made; choice of
several sizes; complete Cl |Q
with fixtures aw
$2.00 Sheet Metal Ovens
for oil or gas stoves; e< >?>
double lined
$0.50 Hardwood "Mascot" Refrigerators,
with removable waste pipe,
strong casters, galvanized iron lining;
.16 lb. ice ca- fii
squall Gay noticed from the deck of
the battleship Connecticut the imminent
da/iger of the Hercules, and, with two or ,
three men called as volunteers, rushed to J
the Hercules, which, in great danger of
going to the bottom, had been deserted j
by most of the crew. Gay jumped on
the Hercules, dove fce'ow deck and j
searched for any remaining members of 1
the crew, and returning on deck closed
the forward starboard hatch and dogged
it down securely, the water meantime
rising to his waist. Several of the volunteers
followed him and closed the re- 3
maining hatches. <j
) Tomorrow.
ns, three cards for. 5c
,isle Gloves 112l/2c
cfs., silk initials.... 5c
:e Veils, 11 Yi yds... .49c
les, In pretty effects. 25c
*"*" < >
Gloves and Fans. ;
Wt GI/~>VE8?Women's IW-button- <
length Silk-finish I.isle Gloves, in < ?
white and black: perfect
kid fitting. Worth ??e /yr <?
paii ? ?
!?* FANS ? Imported Japanese '
Folding Fans, in rich gold and sil- ' '
ver tinsel effects, all color 'J
combinations. Sold regu- \
larly si 10c each...........?. j ^
20-Yard Rolls of ::
Mattings, $3.45. !:
50 sample rolls of Fine Quality. ' '
Uta-WHrp Japanese Mattings, in ( J
large and small carpet designs. (>
colorings of red. green anil blue: 4,
close woven, smooth finish, long 4,
straw grr.de. With special mat binefinish
edge. Sold at :w?e a yard. ?.
Rolls of cards at $.1.4.". <
%. *
39c Neckwear, 25c. if
Special lot of Women's Imported <?
Point Venice l.ace Dutch Collars, in <
round and square shapes. I?arge va- y
riety cf attractive patterns.
% m % r i i t i' % 9 9
if 4.t. ~ IR. <
vonn zoc ss ?
9c a Bolt |
e-yard bolts of French Yalen- X
at the same low price which Y
a bolt instead of 25c and 39c. y
mining summer dresses and un- a
s in complete matched sets. %
Flouncing*; IS Inches wide; ^ B" _ .j.
ner use. Worth JWc a yard <
.ace jMftnd*. in white, butter ^ ^ X
esirOTSe patterns for waists. ?
Embroidery Flouncing*: full X
w design*. The finest hand- ^(fJiC J
iki Paints, I
l9ePairo- I
>e of 100 dozen pairs of Boys' Y
i bloomer and knickerbocker shapes. T
des. X
raps, patent button*, taped seams and ??
air. Y
cy Oassimere and Tweed Ah Q <f> V
double-breasted or Nor- S/.Oy A
>rth *5 and *> ^
* ?
Wash Suit*, in Russian belted style. 4 b
materials consist of galatea. *(r\ *
?r wash fabrics in light and ?
of our stock of Boys' and Children's * \
>es? I.ittle Jack Horner. Jack 00 _ i
ile styles. Sold at fl.flo. $- QjeC < *
lent.) Y
ighams, 6^4c |
n stripe^, checks, broken plaids Y
own. green, oxblood and pink, y
e most serviceable summer gar- X
oc value at c yard. i
15c COTTON?25 pieces of 5-quar- V
ter Bleached Cotton, suitable for y
making bed sheets or pillow cases; Y
a heavy, close woven *-?. -TD V
quality that sells reg- ? {
ularly at 15c a yard XTT ^
15c MADRAS?"JOO pieces of .'IKinch
Woven Madras, white grounds
with fiaures. dots, rings and stripes; ?{
a superior, close woven qua lit)' for <
making women's watdi dresses, suits v
and waists: also men's n /r\U / ?
neglige shirts; worth ][
h Dresses, f
jular ?
50 Values. |
linene. percale, gingham and
neat stripes: made in Dutch, ^
long or short sleeves: neatly ]
75c MIDDY HL.OC8ES?Gtrla* Mid
-1" 'it <-Hniu>n cioth. With I
deep sailor collar. tie and a
cuffs of navy blue sateen. * q a
Sizes 0 to 14 years. Worth *
75c O
GIRLS' *3 DRESSES?Fine Quality ?
White Nainsook, Persian Lawn and Y
Dotted Swiss Dresses, made with 4 ?
ruffles and tucks, both skirt and T
waist handsomely trimmed with em- ?
broidery, lace tucks and ribbons, X
High or Dutch neck. ? /o>o <
Sizes H to 14 years.
Worth $3.00 ^
sefu rnishings f
7*c ' Nesco" Oil Stoves, y
good size frame with two eg *t
wicks OVC V
*1.25 Nickel-plated Steel Frame Y
Gas Stoves, with two burn- Y
*2.50 Lawn Mowers. 12-inch blades;
set and sharpened ready Ci go V
for use OU.yO v
5l?c Steel Garden Spades, ^ j. V
strongly made 0?jC 9
25c Wash Boards, metal g yr $.
covered v
Sherwoo<"'s Metal Frame Exten- X
sion Win >w Screens. ^4 in. 70- X
high, oi 1 to 33 in XVW X
1 ?Ocean
Steamship Movements.
SIASCON8ET, Man . July 13.?8teamer
Majestic. Southampton for New York, in
wireless communication when 393 miles
?ast of Sandy Hook at 1 :JM? a.m. Dock
about 7:30 a.m. Thursday.
CAPE RACE. X. F., July 13.?Steamer
Lusitania. Liverpool for New York, retorted
southeast of the Marconi station
it 1:30 a.m. Distance not given.
11 0
Mrs. Mary McNamee. wife of Francis
deKatnee. aged sixty-three years, is
lead at her home in Mount Savage, Md.

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