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420-426 719
I Special Sale
i 7^0 WlAmati'c rA<
$ 250 Women's Coat Suits in a special purchase.
^ are the very latest styles?best materials and excel
? here tomorrow morning early and get the choice of th
I $12.75.
J Silk Remnants, 39c
? Wortlh up to $1.25 a yard - - - ?
*:* Beautiful waist and dress lengths of all kinds of silks, in all
colors and black; taffetas, messalines, plain and fancy silks; all
I;* good lengths and silks worth up to $1.25 a yard. While lO*:*
they last Friday, at OVC
?? ??
% Ag-aan Tomorrow We Offer Yon
| Slip-on lubber Maln0oats9
| Worth $6.00,
X flit = = = = = = = 0 Tr ?
X _
:i: Those worth $7.00 and I
$8,00 at
| At Special Prices.
* Suitable for Making Gifts.
X 5?c 36-ihch White Art Linen. Yard 39c
*!* 75c 36-inch White Handkerchief Linen. Yard 50c
{ !5G 36-inch White English Long Cloth; odd lengths, 5 to 9
? yards, Yard 10c
12yjc 40-itich W hite Lawn. Yard 10c
| 38c 36-inch White Victoria Lawn. Yard 19c
*:* 19c 28-inch Hlack and White Shepherd Plaids. Yard i2^Sc
{ 19c 28-inch Cotton Dress Plaids, large variety of patterns.
? Yard I2j^c
IjP 39? 27-inch Silk and Cotton Persian Chiffon. Yard 25c
! CMdren'sFeltHats^Qjj
! * Worth $1.98 and $2,68, at - - - =?
Odds and ends in Children's Felt Hats, mushroom shape,
X neatly trimmed with satin sash, in blue, brown, red, green >7
Y and black. . Regularly $1.98 and $2.68. Special. / Vv
|: H5c Extra Heavy lOc OUTING
| Unbleached FLANNEL,
| Domett Flannel, 754c.
? In a large variety of staple and
X ^ / vD'^cyo fancy stripes and checks. In light
X . and dark colors; ezterslvely used for
X Warm and fleecy. 32 inches wide; men's shirts and pajamas, women's
X splendid for women's and children's nightgowns and chllX
wear and Interlinings. dren's rompers. Regular /
etc.^ This lot tomorrow, 1?? quality. A yard, to- J C
| Ladles' $5.00 $1.25 Full Size
| Eiderdown and Silkoline
I Blanket Robes, Comforts,
f $3.98. 98c.
X Of best quality r pple eiderdown Full Size Silkoline Comforts, pure
X and blankets in light and dark white cotton Ailing; covered with a
X shades: trimmed wltn best quality substantial grade of allko
bai.n r.oaon; a iuw-cui ^ *> /ThO une; iuu une or near ue- aq
i> garment; all sizes. Spe- signs to choose from. $1-25 . yQr
y clal v I regularly
IE? 3L?^ere of
| "?Id ttbings"
The Lehne Antique Company
of Baltimore
'If . . . . 1
Bee to acuuaint the Washington nublic with 11
ro 1 o 1
the fact that they are about to dissolve partnership
and retire from business, and are disposing
of their entire stock ? the largest and
jij finest of its kind in the country?in a
322=324 N. HOWARD ST.,
The collection, which is most diversified, includes
original as well as faithful reproductions of Old English
and Colonial Furniture, Mirrors, Brasses, Porcelains, Cut
Glass, Bric-a-Brac, Sheffield Plate, Grandfather Clocks,
Jewelry*, etc., all of which will be sold at greatly reduced
Collectors and those in search of "Gifts Unique and
Artistic" for Christmas presentation will find this sale most
The "Electric Line" to Baltimore is most convenient
^ and direct.
Tomorrow <
at Suits i
* TO $35.00.
T1 * 1-J- 1_1 l_ J .11
i ncy mciuac DiacK ana ai i
lent workmanship?jackets
is lot. Women's Coat Sui
Two Extra
Omf Boys' ]
About 200 Russian Blouse ;
simere and worsted; sizes 3 to
values. Choice, suit
About 180 Juvenile and Boy
Long Overcoats for large
$4.00 to $6.00 values. Choice...
Juvenile, in sizes 3 to 10.
$1.49, $1.69
lomnamts of
and Suitings
Worth up to $2.50 a yai
Lengths, to 7 yards
Tomorrow we will put on sa
Broadcloths, Venetians, Serges, ]
Hopsackings, Cheviots and man
checks, also a number of coatings
in the right lengths for suits, s
children's coats. Remember the
worth up to $2.50. To go at th
per yard
Remnants of
Worth $5 and $<i
50 inches Wide .
Lengths, ya
500 yards Fine Russian Cara
Baby Kid and other very handso
length you want, l/z to 4 yards,
well worth $5.00 and $6.00 per 3
trous finish and make up very 1
our remnant sale, per yard
At Big R?
$4.00 Dress Lengths of
All-wool (fh
Si* (8) yards of Fine All-wool Silkfinished
Henrietta; colors are cream,
light t>lue, pink, red, brown, navy,
alice, tan, gray, leather, apricot and
20 other shades; full
dress length. vVorth
$4.00. At ........a.........
$1.25 Women's
Women's Gowns, made of excellent
quality flannelette. In pink-and-blue
stripes; double yoke back
and front; trimmed with
briar stitching. Regularly
$1.25; 15 to 17. Special *
I A Piano P
I Saves
js Many pianos remain idle
S them. Often after years of i
9 exchanging them for player9
about one-fourth their value
H strument.
IS But this is unnecessary.
!j| you need not sacrifice it. You
S fullest extent by attaching to
I Tel-El
I Piano
The Player That Plays Your
On Your Part.
. The keyboard is never c
ment incapacitated for hand p
can be attached in a few hou
right piano.
It requires no pumping,
' house is not necessary.
Call at our warerooms a
for illustrated catalog.
AND 3130 TO 5130.
Grimes' Piano ?
inmj uw mjKwmvwmiirwrvMrwiwr
Coal, $6.75 Per Ton.
Spot ctifc only.
I MlvcNt tut of 17th sad sooth of W St.. us
tlM streets ers clear of saow pad lee. Dolly!
erles vlthia 4 saasrce of N. Ohp. sad E sts..
tO.PS. We handle only the best frade of ead
Ml Bit a.w. 1087 Rk ia
etfttakl MUb Wm'
.Bbo. 1
25 8f-s ST. |
of 1
at $12.75 I
colors and mixtures?all |
are all nicely lined. Be ?
ts, worth up to $35.00, at &
Specials in |
Department t
and Norfolk Suits, in fancy cas- ?
io. $2.50 and $3.00 | g
* 4*
s' Overcoats as follows: |
boys; sizes 9 to 16 98 |
" _ *1*
$2.50 and $3.00 values. Choice, %
1 and $E.<08. i
Broadcloths f
* 83? I
rd . - -
;; 52 to 56 inches wide.
le about 2,500 yards of Imported !*
Diagonals, Unfinished Worsteds, ?
y fancy suitings, in stripes and ?
> in every color and many blacks,
skirts, coats, capes, dresses and X
;y are 52 to 56 inches wide and * *
;e greatest remnant sale, *
ick Fur Cloth,
iaVd - $2,191
ird to 4 yards. ?
cul, Russian Pony, Persian Paw, ?
me designs to select from, in any *1*
They are 50 inches wide and .?
^ard; they have a beautiful, lus- f
handsome. To go at | <Q) *j*
* 4*
sductions. I
_ _ . *
M.MJ) Dress Length X
Fine Shep=
herd Check. ^ u" :?;
Six (6) yards Black-and-white Shepherd
Checks; small and medium A
blocks; also gun club checks; worth A
75c yard; six yards?a A
full dress pattern, a*s*. A >
Worth 14.50. Special Djl A
tomorrow ^ " y
$1.39 and $1.25 |
Scotch Lace |
Curtains, f
08c. 1
Wide heavy-work border; large A
coin spots on plain bodywork; 50 A
inches wide, 3 yards long; A
3 other patterns: some 3% y>n A
yards long. For Friday, 'l*
EVERY DAY, 11:30 TO i I
stores, 1212 F St. |
???-? ????^??? ?-*?*-**- - ?
! Are juit aa Important an
I other human acceaaortaa.
, Modern, Scientific. Sanitary
I Conditions. \
1214 F Street N.W. {
? ? . .i_?@
'layer Tiiat
Pianos I
for want of some one to play f
dleness they are sacrificed by t
pianos, their owners receiving ^
as an allowance on the new in- f.
Your piano need not be idle? |
can save it and enjoy it to the |
it a |
lectric -
Player I
Piano Without Physical Effort 1
obstructed nor for a single mo- I
ilaying. The TEL-ELECTRIC |
irs to either a grand or an up- |
, and electric current in the f|
nd see it demonstrated, or send ||
Cold Drove Runaway Boy and
Girl to Civilization. ;
' t v * f
Father Opposed Jffatch Because of
Daughter's Youth.
So They Ban Away; and Lived Primeval
Life in Pastness of the
Catskill Mountains.
YONKERS, N. Y.. December 1.?After
running away from their homes September
18 last, and living for six weeks
in a cave In the Catskill mountains La
Vere Tallman, twenty years old. of 128
Somerset street, Newark, N. J., and Miss j
Beatrice Sanders, nineteen years old, of
196 Clinton street, that city, who have
been living In a sparsely furnished room
at 224 Rlverdale avenue, Yonkers, were
arrested yesterday and are being held to
await the arrival of their parents. Police
Capt. William N. Lent, who Is
caring for the couple, speaks of the case '
as one of the strangest in his experience.
The young man and the girl were taken
Into custody by Policeman George Monks,
who was dissatisfied with their answers
when he found them loitering in the New
York Central station. They said they were
Mr. and Mrs. Ward and that they had
been married In Monmouth Avenue Presbyterian
Church, Newark.
Broke Down and Confessed.
When Information came from Newark
the youth broke down and admitted that
he and his companion had run away from
home on account of parental objections
to their wedding. He said he had been j
employed as a clerk at the drug store of J
A. Laird, 193 Clinton avenue, Newark,
and that Miss Sanders and he had formed
an attachment for each other a year
agro. The girl's parents, he said, objected
to their marriage because of her youth
and his comparative poverty and they decided
to elope.
Walter Keller of 12 Monmouth avenue, ;
Newark, a mutual friend, had suggested :
that they go to Catskill. He told them of i
a cave in the mountains, in which they j~
might live. They took a little clothing ' .
and $20 in money and made a start. >?
They found the cave and bought enough
rag carpet and other frugal household
equipment to make the retreat habitable.
They lived-partly on the fish they caught
and the. small game they killed. Tallman
used a shotgun to good advantage and
killed squirrels, rabbits and birds. Miss
Sanders used a rifle equally well.
Driven Out by Cold.
Occasionally, when meat was scarce or
the fish did not run well, they went to
the village store, two and one-half miles
away from their hiding place, and purchased
supplies. When colder weather
came they took a boat to Yonkers, and
since then they have barely existed, because
their funds were vanishing rapidly.
Lately they have been spending what
little they had for food. They could not
buy fuel to heat their room and went to
the railroad station for warmth.
Miss Sanders, who is good-looking and
well educated, tearfully corroborated her
companion's story.
She said they loved each other dearly
and could not go on living apart even
when their marriage was forbidden by
their parents. She said she had entered
into the adventurous part' of their romance
no less eagerly than did Tallman.
Her only plea was that Capt. Lent use
his good offices with her mother and
father to obtain their consent to a mar-,
rlage. ?he was assured that every effort
would be bent to have her father consent
to a wedding. She says her father is a
prosperous merchant, owning property in
XT ATiro rlr a n/^ at Dra/llnv Rna r?h
CftUU U W A/4 A?V?rv?M
Girl's Father Wealthy.
NEW YORK, December 1.?It was
learned at their homes in Newark last
night that young Tallman and Miss Sanders
disappeared from that city last September.
Miss Sanders' home is at luti
Clinton street, a fashionable section of
Newark, and her father, Henry Sanders,
is wealthy. Tallman was a clerk In a
drug store near Miss Sanders* home, his
principal duty being the dispensing of
summer drinks to young persons of the
neighborhood. One night In September
he left the drug store to go to supper and
did not return.
About the same time Miss Sanders'
father escorted her to the Lackawanna ?
Station and put her on a train bound **
for Hackettstown, where she was to at- b5
tend a seminary When, after several pr
days, she did not write home, her parents
discovered that she had not gone to the th
school at all. Private detectives have ao
been searching for her constantly with- du
out avail. ou
? th
Forty Leading Producers ca
Reach Conclusion at Confer- to
ence in New York. c?
NEW YORK. December 1.?The price ^
of steel will not be cut. Forty of the .n,
leading producers and their represents- '
tlves, who stand for approximately 95 j je
per cent of the production of the country, \ in
met here yesterday and decided that it! wj
was for the good of the industry to keep wi
quotations where they are now.
Among these men were Judge E. H. *
Gary and W. E. Corey, chairman and wu
president, respectively, of the United at
States Steel Corporation; John A. Top- by
ping, chairman of the Republic Iron and =
Steel Company; Willis L. King, vice pres- jg.
ident of the Jones & Laughlln Steel Company;
Charles M. Schwab, president of X
the Bethlehem Steel Corporation; E. A. S. %
Clark, president of the Lackawanna Steel y
Company: Alexis W. Thompson, president
of the International Steel Company, and
Wallace H. Rowe, president of the Pitts- y
fcurg Steel Company, all of them mem- ^5
bers of the American Iron and Steel Institute,
of which Judge Gary is president. &
Since the last meeting of the institute m,
about two months ago, when a similar
agreement was reached, there has been 1
an understanding in the trade that some
of the manufacturers were not living up
to this agreement. When last the small hei
makers cut price? the United States Pa
Steel Corporation followed their lead. thJ
and went after the market aggressively,
with a consequent general unsettlement 1
of the "barometer of business." There- all
fore there was a feeling that some such dol
action might eventuate frojn yesterday
afternoon's conference. hei
Gary Gives Out Statement. m
After the meeting Judge Gary gave out ad
this statement; i
"Representatives of about' 95 per cent wil
of the manufacturers of steel in America lclj
met at luncheon, and the'two hours fol- wl]
lowing were occupied in ascertaining(the
condition of business in this particular
line and in the expressions of opinion b
concerning present prices. It was stated Ool
that on the average of all .branches, the
bookings were about 50 per cent of capac- .
lty and the shipments somewhat in excess
There has been a slight though
marked increase' daily bookings month u>
25 18x54 Irish IJmbroidei
-Scarfs; hemstitched-and-scalloped
Reduced from 50c to 39c
15 Fine Renaissance Bureau S<
Reduced from $1.50 to $1
- 20-Irish Damask Pattern CI01
wide; 2J/2 yards long; good line of
. Reduced from -$3.00 to $
20 dozen Fine Damask Dinn
attractive lirie of patterns. ...
Reduced from $4.00 to $
O UU*"-" -1. V," . J
els; 24x48.
Reduced from 35c to 2
5 45-inch Fine Hand-drawn
Cloths; slightly soiled.
Reduced from $2.00 to 3
15 Fine Hand-drawn Bureau S
ly soiled.
Reduced from $1.50 to $
5 pieces 72-inch German Dai
quality; good patterns.
Reduced from $1.25 to <
4 pieces 66-inch Scotch Tat
heavy quality.
Reduced from 75c to t
Fine Hand-embroidered Linei
Pillow Cases; very elaborate desij
2 cases.
Reduced from $14.50 to $10
10 pieces Fine Glass Toweli
linen; red and blue check.
Reduced from 15c to ny2c
6 pieces All-pure-linen Crash.
Reduced from 10c to
8 pieces All-pure-linen Silver
Reduced from 15c to 125
W. B. IV
Founded 1861
We began t<
of medium and he
models and best fa
the beginning of the
Styles are all
All from our own i
ing those of ROC
46 chest measure v
The Men's Store,
' month since the 1st of August to the
esent time.
"Prices as a rule are well maintained,
ough in some lines, as usual, there is
me cutting on the part of small proicers
who were not represented. Wfthit
exception, the views expressed by
ose present regarding the future were
vorable. Also, each one voted the
inion that present prices were fair and
asonable, and should not be changed."
ndrew Carnegie Expresses Belief
That Democracy Will Prevail.
MEW YORK, December 1.?Andrew
irnegie, addressing the annual dinner
the St. Andrew's Society last night,
Id a distinguished gathering of Scotchnericans
that he believed "the time is
ming, and that not far distant, when
e republican form of government, where
e man's privilege is every man's right,
11 prevail everywhere."
tie complimented the society on havg
Woodrow Wilson for a member and
edicted that the governor-elect of New
rsey was destined to loom even larger
coming political affairs Dr. Wilson
is to have addressed the society, but
is unable to attend.
r. Howard Ash, the telegraph operator
10 on Friday night shot with fatal relts
William Cain, a negro, who was
tempting to force an entrance into his
a coroner's Jury yesterday afternoon.
3 I
Most Severe Cold and All
Grippe Misery Will if
Simply Vanish. |j
The most effective and harmless way to cure
i Grippe or break, a severe cold, either In the
ad. chest, back, stomach or limbs, is a dose of
pe's Cold Compound every two hoars until
ee consecutive Soses are taken.
Too will distinctly feel the cold breaking and
grippe symptoms going after the very first
ie. It promptly relieves the most miserable
adacbe, dullness, head and nose staffed up,
rerisbness, sneezing, sore throat, running of
> nose, soreness, stiffness and rheumatic
'ake harmless Compound as directed, {
th. the knowledge that there Is no other medie
made anywhere else in the world, which II
cure your cold or end Grippe misery as
imptly and without any other assistance or
I after-effects as a 25-cent package of Pape'a ^
Id Compound, which any druggist in the Thw
rid can supply. hi 8
.fter three years' research we have conclu- pres
sly demonstrated that quinine la net effective per'i
the treatment of eolda or grippe. latin
and Lin
cd Bureau" 5 dozen
edges. slightly soiled
each. Reduced
carfs; 18x54. r pair B1
.00. size; slightly
ths; 2 yards- Reduc
patterns. - - I pair B1
2.35. - size ; slightly
er Napkins;
I pair. He
loo double'bed si
Huck Tow- -J
i pair- H
_ _ binding; dout
5C\ Rcdi
Linen Tea 15 Silkoli
? ed; double si:
^ 25. - Redi
carfs; slight- Fine Sill
filled; well m
>1.00. Redi
nask; heavy Fine Silk
ders; wool fil
>oc. Redi
>le Damask; 15 Fine C
ners; double-.
>5c. Redi
1 Sheets and 10 Fine,'
^ns; 1 sheet, corners; doub
.00 set. 81x90 Fin<
ng; all pure ing.
yard. 63x90 Fi
8c. Red
Crash. ! 45x36 Fir
/2c. | Red
^rrvpr^r o
luono oc
aday a clearance
:avy weight overco;
brics at prices never
: season for such mei
)for choice of Ch<
vertible collar o
sold at $25 and
\ for choice of al
I overcoats formei
J worth today up t
new. Dark, mediur
regular stock of the 1
iERS, PEET & (
/ith ample choice in
r & MOR/
Demonstration c
"Jewel" Fir
You ought to s?e our demo
of our "Jewel" Aluminum-line
stratlon is on our first floor, a
in and learn how to save thro
day?how to save fuel?and ho1
The "Jewel" Is
Cooker Lined Wii
It is the only Fireless Coo
tarnish. Food cooks better a
cooked in the "Jewel." Your i
"Jewel" Cooker as they would
to watch them, as they canno
j; u a uvvwrf j
I $2 Discount If Paid
|! Sold Subject t<
1 Mayei
409 to 417
j; io% Discount on Acc<
Peacemaker Loses His life.
I'SKBGON, Mich., December 1.arted
in his attempt to shoot and kill
wife, John. Pease of Grand Rapidt
sed hie revolver against Jacob Hali
heart and pulled the ^trigger. th<
ir dying Instantly. Tfca tragedy oc\
en Sale.
-?? 1,1 .
All-pnre-linen Fringed Doilies;
L; ;
from $a.oo to $x.as doyen.
ue Border Wool Blankets; 104
:ed from $6.50 to $5.00. .
ue Border Wool Blankets; 11-4
soiled. * ' * , *
iced from $5.00 to $4.00.
avy Wool Blankets; blue border;
ze; slightly soiled,
iced from $7.50 to $6.00.
eavy Wool Blanketswide siUc
>le bed size; slightly soiled,
need from $8.00 to $6.00.
ine-covered Comforts; cotton fill
* ?
ee. . ' ;
need from $1.75 to $1.35. . '
coline-covered Comforts; cotton I
iade. I
need'from $2.25 to $*-75oline-covered
Comforts; silk borled;
light and'warm,
need from $5.75 to $5.00.
>ochet Quilts; plain and cut corbed
need from $2.25 to $1.75.
Satin Quilts; scalloped and cut
ile-bed size.
need from $4.00 to $3.50.
e Round Thread Sheets; no dress.
[uced from 75c to 65c.
ne Round Thread Sheets; good
[uced from 65c to 50c.
ie Pillow Cases; extra good value.
Luced from 20c to 15c.
F Street. Cor. 11th.
sale of hundreds
its of the newest
before quoted in
'itorious garments.
isterfield and convercoats.
* t t '
sr :
1-wool well made
-ly sold for and
o $20.
n and light colors,
jest makes, includCO.
Sizes up to
> each size.
kN CO.
1 Pa. Ave. N.W.
' ' ' ' 1 ' 1 1 1
>f Cooking With a
eless Cooker
instrator bake, roast, etc., with on* (}
d Fire less Cookers. The demon- I
nd will continue all week. Come ||
>e or tour hours* kitchen work each ill}
w to make the food cooked taste (it
the Only Fireless |
th Pure Aluminum jj<
ker that cannot rust through or (jj
ind tastes better when it has been '
meals will cook as quickly In the !
I on a stove?and you do not need |||
t cook dry or burn. !
IS and $20 i
I for Within 30 Days. ?
> 15 Days9 Trial (I
7th St. N.W. I
>unts Qoscd in 30 Days. | j
curred late last night In the office of thf
hotel at Bluffton. a small town two miles
. west of this city. Pease was aiming at
. hie wife when Halper Interfered. The 1st-*
1 ter lived in Toledo, Ohio.
1 ?
It pays to read the want columns of
i The Star. ~ Hundreds of attuatfoao are
filled through thank _ ^

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