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The World of Finance and Trade.
Washington; New York; London.
Strength of Issues Starts Talk
as to Court Decision.
Gains Made on Early Transactions
Not Held During Day.
Canadian Group Bid Up and There
la Demand for Other Less
Active Securities.
NEW YORK. January H.-First prices
In the ?tock market today were mostly
unchanged, but the market soon de
veloped an Improving tendency under the
leadership of Union Pacific and Reading,
which advanced % and %, respectively.
Canadian Pacific also jumped 1% and
Minneapolis Si. Paul and Sault Ste.
Marie 1*.
Special stocks made considerable prog
ress upward, but the market generally
moved very narrowly and seemed to lack
effective leadership.
Canadian Group Bid Up.
The Canadian group was bid up con
fidently and -?everal other specialities that
have been showing recent strength were
also strong, but the movement in these
stocks did i.ot influence the general list;
Extensive buying of the American To
bacco securities revived gossip about the
forthcoming Judicial decisions.
In the outside market the stocks of con
trolled companies were strong and on the
exchange heavy buying of the 4 per cent
bonds sent them up 2 points, and the pre
ferred stock 1%.
Advances in lome Issues.
Elsewhere in the market operations
were conducted in a rather indifferent
manner. There were some good advances
In some of the less active stocks. United
Railways and Investment moved up 2%,
the preferred and Wisconsin Central 2
and Wabash preferred 1.
United States Rubber broke 1*. South
St. Louis western preferred 1% and Gen
eral E'ectric 1. Near noon there was a
decline In the standard stocks, Reading,
United States Steel and various other Is
sues falling slightly below yesterday's
Bonds were Arm.
Selling ceased after the market had
fallen back to about yesterday's close,
and the subsequent dealings were very
small and without material bearing <*?
NEW YORK, January 6.?The cotton
n.arket opened steady at a decline of 1
point to an advance of S points and
shortly alter the call showed a net gain
of about la4 points on a renewal of yes
terday's late covering movement and a
little scattering support inspired by re
duced estimates of the Indian crop, re
ports of an active trade in Manchester
and southern advices claiming a contin
ued good demand for export. But there
was no aggressive buying, add after over
night buying orders had been executed
the market eased off with business dull
and prices about net unchanged to 2
points lower.
Trade Interests appeared to be buying
a little March and May on the dips and
Mith offerings very light the demand
proved sufficient to impart a steady tone
to the market during tfce late forenoon
Prices at midday were about 1 point
lower to 2 points higher, early fluctua
tions having been within a range of i or
5 points.
Spot quiet; middling uplands 15.00 nom
Estimated receipts at the ports today,
*9,000 bales, against 47,707 bales last
week and 22 180 bales last year. For the
wee'-. 200.000 bales, against 302.410 bales
last w?elr and 165,000 bales last year.
Today's receipts at New Orleans, 0,787
bales, against 3.042 bales last week.
LIVERPOOL, January 6.?Closing: Cot
ton?Spot, good business done, prices 7
rlints higher: American middling fair.
80; good middling, 8.22; middling, 8.0ft;
low middling. 7.88; good ordinary, 7.02;
ordinary, 7..**7. The sales of the day
were 12.000 bales, of which 500 were for
speculation and export, and included 19.
000 bates of American. Receipts, 88.000
bales, all American. Futures opened
steady and <io*ed steady. January, 7.87%;
January-February. 7.87%: February
March. 7.80; March-April. 7.00**; April
May. 7.91; May-June. 7.91%; June-July.
7.00; July-August. 7.88%: August-Septem
ber, 708: September-October, 7.31; Octo
ber-November, 7.18.
The following are the weekly cotton
statistics: Import*, all kinds. 249.000
bales; lmpn;ts. American. 238,000 bales'
stock, all kinds. 1 .<*8.000 bales; stock!
American. !?<9.000 bales: American for
warded. U0.U30 bales; total exports, 10
900 bales.
LONDON. January S.?Bullion amount- ,
Ing to ?118.009 was taken Into the
Bank of England today, and ?129,000
was withdrawn for shipment to the con
PARIS. January 9.?Closing: Three per
cent rentes, 97 francs. 52% centimes
for the account; exchange on London,
25 francs i'9 centimes for checks.
BERLIN. January 9.?Exchange on
linden, ?0 marks. 49 pfennigs for
checks. Money. 3% per cent. Private
discount rate, 3% per cent.
London Closing Stocks.
LOKDOK. January 9. 4 p.m.
Consols for S?ney 79 3-19
Consols (or serosal 79 7-19
Amalgamated Copper WS
Anaeoada S's
Atoll*, joss
AfMaoo pfd !?.??
Baltimore 'awl Ohio . . .... . . joiis
Canadian PseUe
Chesapeake and Ohio...
''hirers Great Western.
Chesapeake and Ohio siii
'hleego Great Western
De #Uke* ** P,Ml
it afvif 17ta
Denver and Rio Graade
Denver sad Kh> Grande pfd 70%
Me 2K%
Erie 1st pM 47%
Erie 34 pM 37
Grand Trunk 24%
TiHcois Central 1371*
Louisville sad Nashville 140
Missouri. Kansaa sad Texas 334
Hew fork Central 119*
Norfolk and Westers 10-1
Norfolk aad Weet?-rs pM 92
Ontario and Western
Pennsylvania 99%
Band Mines *%
Readlnt T?
halbeti Railway 2T%
Southern Railway ptd...Vv 64%
Southern pnettte 125%
Union Pacllr 179%
Cnlen Pari0c pfd M
I sited atates 0teel 79%
t'nlted States Steel pfd .}. 131%
W a hash 17
~ ? | ?
Fhte tailoring for gent'emen. Owen, 1504 II.
?Advt. - ?
Rectlvwl by private wire direct to The'
Star office.
Open. High. Low. Close.
Amal. Copper i3* 64* <3* rth
Al. Chambers com.. 8M. 8* 8* 8*
Al. Chambers pfd.} s;H 28* S?* 28!?
Am. A. C. com 49H MH <6* 49*
Am. Beet Su. com.. 42* 43* 42V <3
Am. Can pfd 77 77 77 77
Am. C. A F. com... 51* 52* 51s. 52*
Am. Cot. Oil com... 59 59 58* UK
Am. Cot. Oil pfd... 103 105 1C5 10*
Am. Linseed pfd... SIX SIM 31* 31*
Am. Loco, com 89* 38 * 99* 38*
Amer. Malt Co. pfd. 364 96* Se'i :9*
Am. Sm. & R. com. 75 75X 74* 75*
Am. 8. Fdy. com... 45* 45* 45* 45*
Am. S. A R. com... 114 114 114 114
Am. Sugar pfd Ill* 111* 111* M*
Am. Tel. A Tel. hi* 141* 141* 141*
Am. T. & Cable Co. 8?* 89* t?* M*
Am. Tobacco pfd... -94* 95 94* (5
Am. Woolen com.... 93 32* 31 32*
Anaconda Copper... 39* 39* 39* 98*
A.. T. A S. F. com. 109* 109* 102* 108*
A., T. A S. F. pfd.. 102* li?* 1(2* 102*
Atlantic Coast Line lis 111 HO H*
B. & O. com 105'? 105?ft IC5 105*
B. A O. pfd 90 90 90 90
lieth. Steel pfd 00 CO 00 to
Brook. Kap. Tran.. 79* '6* ".5* *6 i
Canadian Pacific... 19;* 169 K8* 1(9
Can. Leather com.. 82 32 $!?? It
Cen. Leather pfd... 104 104 104 104
Cbes. & Ohio 8J* 89* 81* **
Chi. O. W.. N. com 22* *3* ?* J2*
C.. M. & St. P. com 194* 195* 1*4* 113
C., M. & St. P. Pfd. 149* 149* M9* 149*
Chicago A N. W... 142* 142* 142* 141*
C.,C. C. ASt.L.com... 65 65 Cft W
Colorado Fuel 91* 3lJi 31* 31*
Col. So. 1st pfd T8 76 75* ?5*
Con. Gas N. Y 140* 140* ?9* 140*
Del. A Hudson ltO 1?9* H6 U?*
Den. A Klo G. com. 99* 29* *9* 19*
Den. A Kio G. pfd. 69* 88* 88*
D..S.S. AAt.Ry.com. u 11 11 H
D.,S.S.AAt.Ry.pfd.. 22 22 S3 *2
Erie coo *8 *
Erie 1st pfd 48* 49* 40* 49*
General Electric.... 151 131* 151* 191*
Gold field Con. M 7* 7* 7* 7*
G. Northern pfd 115 115* |W* l^5*
Great North. Ore... 57* 57* 57 t7
Illinois Central 13** 183* 132* 13**
Int. Harvester Co.. Hi* 111* HI* H'H
lnU Harvester pfd. 198 U3 W W
Inter. M. M. pfd... 19 19 16 19
inter. Met. com.... 19:4 *> l?* *?
inter. Met. pfd 54* M* 54* 54*
Inter. Paper com... 19* 19 J? 12* 13*
inter. Paper pfd.... 54* 54* 54* 54*
inter. Steam Pump 40* 4l? 40* 41*
inter. S. P. pfd 95* 85* 65* **
iowa Central com.. 18* l8* 18* lfc*
Iowa Central pfd... as* W* ?* is*
K. C. So. com 83* 13 39* 8J
L>aclede Gas, St. L. 108* 1U8* U8* 108*
Lehigh Val. R.R... 1?* 177 178* 178*
Louisville a NSStt.. 145 145* 145 145*
Manhattan 141 HI HI HI
Mez. Central ctfa... 37* 57* 57 57*
M..S.P.4cS.S.M.OOm. 139 134 138 138*
M.,S.P.&S.S.M.pfd.. 147* t4a* 147* 143*
m . K. A T. com... ii'? <2* 8** 32*
Missouri Pacific ? eeee 48 48 47* 47*
Nat. Biscuit Co..... 119* 118* 118* 118*
National Lead con^ 99 18 16 68
National Lead pfd. 108* 108* 108* 108*
Nev. consul. Copper 18* 18* l&* 18*
Norfolk * Western. 109 108 101* 103
North American.... 89 C8 i? W
Northern Pacific.... 119* 118* 117* 118
N. Y. C. * H. R.... 119 112 111* 1U*
N. Y.. N. H. & H.. 150* 160* ISO* 190*
Pacific Mail Steam, so* 30* 30* &>*
Pacific Tel. * Tel.. 45 45 44* 45
Pennsylvania R. K. u?* 129* iw* 129*
P.. C. C. A St. L.... 8b* W W W
Pittsburg Coal...... 1?* 1#* 18 18
pressed S. C. com. 31 * 31* 91 ' 91*
Pullman Company.. 190 180 18J 180
Heading com........ lt3* 154* 153* 154
Beading 'id pfd 96* 89* W*
Bep. L * S. com... 92 32 31* II*
Hep. LAS. pfd ? 8*9 53* I3i id (3
Hock lsand com 90* 8u* 39* *>*
tiock Island pid.... to* ei* to* to*
SU L. * B. F. ad... 39* 40 99* 99*
St. Lb, * b. W. pfd. esM tf* 40* 80*
So. Pfcdfic com..... 119* lien H9>? 119*
SouthernBy.com.... 29* 29* MM 99*
Southern By. pfd..... 62* t2* 8t* 99*
I'eun. Copper 95 95* 15 15*
Texas Company.... 199 193 193 199
Third Ave. 11* ?* 10* 10*
T.. St. Lw 4k W. oom U* U* X3* 93*
T- St. U A W. Pfd. 59* 53* 13* 13*
Twin City Rap. Tr. lutt 109 U9 H?
Union Pacittc oom.. 179* 174* 179* 1.3*
Un. Dry Goods pfd. 109* tut* lie* 109*
Un.H>lnv.Co.of8.F.. 37 40 97 49
U.R.ln.Co.ofS.F.pfd 66 58* U 0ft*
U. S. Rubber com.. 98* 9i* M 98,
U. a Steel oom. ?ee# 74 74* 73* 74*
?. S. Steel pfd..... 117* 119 117* 118
Utah Copper ?... ??;? 46* 45;* ?9*
Va.-Car. Ch. oom... t3? t2* ts* t2*
Wabash com ie* ie* 15* )6*
Wabash pfd 94* 35* M* 95
West. Maryland.... 50* 10* AO* &v*
W. Maryland pfd.. 77* 77* 77 '.7
West. Union Tei... 74* 75* 74* .5
Westinghouse Blec. 16* ?9* ee* to*
W. A L. E. com.... 5 5 5 5
wis. Cen. oom 59 90* 59 to
Ex dividend?Westinghouse Electric
first pfo., 1% and 3?A; Anaconda Mining
Co., uO cts. per share.
Shares Sold to 11 a.m 101,030
12 noon 178.3U0
1 p?m*.............. 320.9JO
2 P-m. S4UKXM
Call Money 4* 5 2* 8*
Am. Tobaooo 4s 90* 92* so* si*
Am. Tobacco 9s..... 106* 199* 109* 109
Atch. Coo. OS 109* 109* 109* 109*
B. A O. Gen. ?s.... 19* 19* (9* 89*
B. XL T. Conv. 49.. ?3 (9 ?3 53
C, B. A Q. Joint 4S 89* 99*, 89* 96*
C.. R. L A P. 4S.... 73* 73* '4* 79*
inter. Metro. 4fcs.. 79* 79* 79* 79*
Nor. Pac. P. I* 4s. 100* 100* 190* 100*
Pa. Con. 8MS. 1915. 89* 98* 89* 59*
So. Rwy. 9s ? e?eeM*9 79* 79* 79* 79*
60. Rwy. IS.....'.... 197* 107* 107* 107*
Un. Pac. Con. 9s... 101 Mi 100* 101
U. 8. Steel 3d 6s... 1(3* 109* 109* lu3* j
LONDON, January 6.?American secur
ities opened steady today. During the
first hour the active issues advanced
on fair buying. At noon prices ranged
from unchanged to a point higher than
yesterday's New York closing.
Light Wall street support maintained
the gains In the late trading, and the
market closed steady.
Treasury Statement.
At the beginning of business today the
condition of the United States Treasury
was: Working balance in Treasury of
flees. S3.\007,fC!>; In banks and Philippine
treasury, 832.ti88,5&3. The total balance In
general fund was $37,306,792. Ordinary
receipts yesterday were $2,558,742. with
disbursements of $2,117,578.
The deficit to date this fiscal year is
$S.M?l.84T. as against $24,029,41Ha at this
time last year.
These figures exclude Panama canal
and public debt transactions.
_ _*?"** ?
Chicago Cattle Market.
CHICAGO. January a?Cattle?Receipts
estimated at 8,000 head. Market weak.
Beeves. 4.45e7.00; Texas steers, 4.2&S5.40;
western steers. 4-30a6.00; atockers and
feeders. 3.75e5.80: cows and heifers, 2.80a
?.80; calves. 7.00aB.25.
Hogs?Receipts estimated at 28,000 head.
Market 5c lower. Light, 7.75a8.05; tnlxftd,
7.75a8 10; heavy, 7.75a8 10; rough, 7.704
7.85; rood to choice heavy, T.8Sa6.10; pigs,
*7..'i0aC05; bulk of ssles, 7.95a8.05.
, Sheep?Receipts estimated at 0.000 head.
Market steady. Native, 2.60a450; west*
em. 2.7"?a4.50; yearlings, 4.75a5.SO; lambs,
n* tive, 4.75a8.53; western, 5.00a6.55.
Tattle business was transacted on the
Ioo*l exchange today. Mergenthaler was
more prominent in the>dealing than roost
of the securities?several sales were made
at 213. There was no trading In Lanston,
the bid being 92% and the asking price
Five shares of the District National
Bank were sold at 140. In Washington
Gas stock there was one sale of twenty
five shares at 77. There was more doing
in the gas bonds, however, and the us
brought 110 to 110%, and the 4s brought
There was a little trading in Washing
ton Hallway and Electric preferred, which
sold at 86.
Washington Stock Exchange.
Sales.^Regular call. 12 o'clock noon -Washing
ton fit* 4g. $1,000 at 110. #300 at 110.
Washington Gas 5s, %J,000 at 110%, $1,000 at
116%. $100 at 110.
Potomac Electric. Light As. $1,000 at 106Vj.
Washington Rwy. and Eleo. pfd., 0 at 86,
3 at M. 10 at ft*.
Washington Gas. 2T. at "7.
Afrer call?Mergenthaler Linotype, 10 at 213,
10 at 213. io at 2J3, io at 313. ?
Washington Gas 4s. $200 at 110%.
District National Bank. 3 at lw.
Washington Gas Os, $1,000 at 110%, $500 at
__ ? Bid.
U. 8. registered 2s 100%
U. S. coupon 2a 100%
g. 8. reflate red 3s 103
. 8. coupon Sa... 103
U. 6. registered 4s 115%
V. S% couDon 4s 115%
Georgetown Gas 9s 108
Washington Gas 4s 110
Washington Gas 5s 110%
Capital Traction 5* 112 113%
Anacostla and Potomac 5s....... 100
City and Suburban 5s 100
CotumMa -r>s 101 101%
Colombia 6s 104
Washington Rwy. aud_Elec. 4s... S3 83%
Wash., Alex, and Mt. Vernon 68 W
Potomac Electric Cons, fts 66% 100%
Potomac Electric Light 6s 106% 106%
Chesapeake and Potomac Tel. os. 100 105
Amor. Tel. and Telga. 4s........ 101 .....
Emerson Steam Pump 6a 63 100
Washington Market 5s, 1637 96%
Washington Market 5s, 1647 96 ....
Capital Traction 127% 126
Washington Rwy. and Klec. com.. 33 ....
Washington Rwy. and Elec. pfd.. 85% 86
Nor. nnd Wash. Steamboat 216 235
Washington Gaa 76% 77
Georgetown Gaa 56 ....
Amer. Tel. and Telga 140
Washington-Virginia Rwy. com... 21 ....
Washington-Virginia Rwy. pfd.... 60 ....
Mergentbaler Linotype 212% 214
Lanston Monotype 92% 63%
Greene Cananea C% 7
American 167 172
Capital 196 ....
City 170 175
Cblumbia 260 280
Commercial 165 210
District 136
Farmers '.ud Mechanics'......... 380 800
Lincoln 187 ....
Metropolitan 200 202
Rlggs 650 035
Second 152 100
Washington 370 280
American Security and TYust 276 281
National Savings and Trust 233 233
Union Trust ?, 137 ....
Washington Loan and Trust *>?"? 210
United States Truat 117 11S
Home Savings................... 800 ....<
Merchants and Mechanics* Savings 192 1ST
Km Savings 240 243
t Washington Shvlngs 12%
?Mil niBQJUKIVB ?Tim........ .....
Provident Sarin** 6 II
Arlington 28 86
Corcoran 78
Firemen's 16 23
Franklin 85 40
German-American 260 .....
National Union 7% 6
Potomac 28 83
Real Eatate 84 65
Washington 8 .....
Emerson Steam Pump IB 2j
Grapbophone com.... S 10
Grapbophone pfd 23 30
Security Storage 300
Washington Market..... 18%
NEW YORK, January *.?Flour?Firm,
with a quiet demand.
Wheat?In fage of decreasing north
west receipts, small Argentine shipments
and estimates of lighter world's ship
ments this week, wheat ruled barely
steady, owing to the poor Liverpool re
sponse to our advance of yesterday, to
gether with profit-taking sales. May,
Lard?Steady. I
Raw sugar?Konimal; Muscovado, 89
test. 3.S6; centrifugal, 96 test. 3.96; mo
lasses. 99 test, 3.11; refined sugar quiet
Coffee?Spot steady.
Butter?Weak; receipts, 3,526 packages;
creamery specials, 29%; extras, 28; third
to firsts, 22a27; held, second to specials,
23%a28%; state dairy, common to finest,
19a27%; process, second to special, 19a24.
Cheese?Steady, unchanged; receipts,
1,005 boxes.
Eggs?Firm: receipts, 6,115 cases;
western gathered white. 35a 40; fresh
gathered dirties, No. 1, 25; do. No. 2, 23a
24; refrigerator firsts in local storage, 24a
25; do. seconds, 23a23%.
CHICAGO, January 6.?disappointing
cables caused a setback today in wheat
prices here. Considering the big ad
vance on this side ajid not overlooking!
expected lightness of world shipments,
the response at Liverpool seemed dig
couragingly small. Paris also showed
only a trifling gain. Furthermore, casn
demand here was reported slow, not
withstanding activity northwest. The
opening was a shade lower to a shade
higher. May started at 90% to 99%, with
the same variation from last night as
the market as a whole. A decline to
99% followed.
Free country sales bore down corn.
In addition there was much profit-taking
by local traders. May opened a six
teenth. to %a% off at ' 49% to 49%
touched 40%a4?% and sank to 40%a49%.
Oats suffered from some pressure be
cause of the dtp in corn. May started
a shade under last night, at 34%, and
receded to 34%.
Provisions eased off a bit in sympathy
with grain. First sales were unchanged
to 5c lower. May pork going at 18-75 to
1&9(K May lard at 10.12% to 10.15 and
May ribs at 0.87% to 0.90.
Special Dispstch to The Star.
BALTIMORE, Md.. January 0.?
Wheat?Easier; spot contract, 68; spot
No. 2 red western. 9<; January. ?i;
February; 96%; March, 1.00%; May,
1.02%; steamer No. 2 red, 94; receipts,
91 bushels.
Corn?Steady: spot contract, 50%a
60%; January. 50%a50%; February, 51a
51%; March. 61%a61%; April, 52%;
steamer mixed, 49%: receipts. 178,690
bushels; southern yellow corn, 50%.
Oats?Firm: No. 2 white, 88%a89%;
standard white, *8a3|%; No. 3 white,
S7%aS8; receipts, 23,318 bushels.
Rye?Dull; No. 2 western domestic,
86a87; receipts, 2,000 bushels.
Hay?Quiet, unchanged.
Oram freights?Quiet, unchanged.
LIVERPOOL. January 6.?Close: Wheat
-Spot, firm; No. 2 red western winter,
Ts 3d; futures quiet; March, Ts l%d; May,
Ts l%d.
Corn?Spot easy; American mixed new,
4s 4%d; do. old, 5s %d; futures steady;.
'January, 4s 8%d; February, 4s 4%d;,
March, 4s 6d.
Asythlag Last!
The lost "ad" rate la The Star is only
One Cent a word each time. Smallest
charge fifteen oents. Most people are
honest and will return an article if
they can If they know who the owner is. i
Be sure to tell them through The Star.
United States Supreme Court.
Present?The Chief Justice. Mr. Justice
Harlan. Mr. Justice McKenna, Mr. Jus
tire Holmes, Mr. Justice Day, Mr. Justice
Lurton. Mr. Justice Hughes, Mr. Justice
Van Devanter and Mr. Justice Lamar.
George W. Hinckley of New York city
and George S. Hornblower of New York
city were admitted to practice.
No. 062. Lawrence E. Sexton, trustee,
etc., appellant, agt. Leopold Louis Drey
fus et a!., as Louis Dreyfus & Co.; sub
mitted pursuant to the twentieth rule by
Mr. Wallace Macfarlane and Mr. George
H. Gllman for the appellant, and by Mr.
Frederic R. Coudert for the appellees.
No. 063. Lawrence E. Sexton, trustee,
etc., appellant, agt. Lloyds Bank. Limit
ed: submitted pursuant to the twentieth
rule by Mr. Wallace Macfarlane and Mr.
George H. GMman for the appellant, and
by Mr. Rufus W. Sprague, Jr., for the
No. 711. T. I* Roughton. plaintiff in
error, agt. Harry L. Knight; submitted
pursuant to the twentieth rule by Mr. M.
O. Miller. Mr. H. D. F. Brady and Mr.
. ";?? Fennell for the plaintiff in error,
5 r* Luckett and Mr. Charles
"?Pierce for the defendant In error. i
Nos. 7 and 8. The Baltlmoretand Ohio i
Southwestern Railroad Company, plain
tiff in error, agt. the United States; re
argument continued by Mr. Edward Col
ston for the plaintiff In error, and con
tinued by Mr. Assistant Attorney Gen
eral Denison for the defendant in error.
Proceedings after The Star went to
press yesterday:
NO. 72. Dr. Miles Medical Company,
petitioner, agt. John D. Park ft Sons
Company; argument concluded by Mr.
Frank F. Reed for the petitioner.
No. 519. Hlpolite Egg Company, claim
ant, etc.. plaintiff in error and appellant,
agt. the T nlted States; submitted bv Mr.
Thomas E. Lannen and Mr. Edward T.
Fenwlck for the plaintiff In error and
appellant, and by Mr. Assistant Attorney
General Fowler for the defendant in er
ror and appellee.
No. 536. The T'nited States of Amer
ica. appellant, agt. Lehigh Valley Rail
road Company;
No. 537. The United 8tates of Amer
ica. appellant, agt. Erie Railroad Com
No. 538. The United States of America,
appellant, agt. the Central Railroad Com
pany of New Jersey, and
No. 539. The United States of America,
appellant, agt. the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company: argued by Mr. Wade H. Ellis
for the appellant, and by Mr. John G.
Johnson for the appellees; leave granted
counsel for appellant to file an additional
brief within Ave days. ?
Nos. 7 and 8. The Baltimore and Ohio
Southwestern Railroad Company, plaintiff
in error, agt. the United States; reargu
ment commenced by Mr. Edward Colston
for the plaintiff in error.
Adjourned until today at 12 o'clock.
The day call for Friday, January- 8. is
as follows: Nos. 7 (and 8), 118 (and 119),
398, 433, 407, elc., 448, 627 and 496.
Court of Appeals.
Present: The Chief Justice. Mr. Jus-|
tice Robb, Mr. Justice Van Orsdel.
Wallace R. Lane was admitted to prac
2229. Fisher agt. Balllnger; argument
continued by Mr. Webster Ballinger for
appellant, Mr. F. W. Clements for appel
lee and concluded by Mr. Webster Bal
llnger for appellant; on motion, appellant
allowed five days to file additional au
2102. Warner agt. Baker; argument
commenced by Mr. J. J. Darlington for
appellant, continued by Mr. Frank J.
Hogan and Mr. C. E. Davis for appellee
and concluded by Mr. J. J. Darlington
for appellant.
No. 2216. Reevas agt. Slater: argu
ment commenced by Mr. W. W. Edwards
for appellant, continued by Mr. William
Henry White for appellee and concluded
by Mr. John Rldout for appellant.
No. 2225. Coberth agt. Great Atlantic
and Pacific Tea Company; pasa?d.
No. 2229. Fisher agt. Ballinger; argu
ment commenced by Mr. Webster Ballin
ger for appellant.
Patent appeals No. 675. Curtis agt.
Lindmark; motion to extend time for ar- |
gument overruled.
Patent appeal* No. 089. Norling agt.
Hayes; motion to extend time for argu-j
ment overruled.
District Supreme Court.
j EQUITY COURT NO. 1?Justice Stafford.
Anderson agt. Sands; administration
proceedings in Canada authorized; attor
ney, W. C. Clephane.
George agt. George; guardian ad litem
| appointed; plaintiff's attorneys, Branden
burg ft Brandenburg.
In re assignment of Harry G. Minster;
I sale of stock and property authorised and
| reference to auditor; attorney, M. D.
In re lunacy of Evan F. Lindeberg,
Adam Bozi and John B. Bishop; accounts
of committees referred to auditor; at
torney, F. A. Penning.
EQUITY COURT NO. 2-Justice Gould.
Townssnd agt. Townsend: order for al
imony and counsel fee; plaintiff's attor
| nay, C. H. Syme.
Gorrell agt. Lyle; order striking out j
portion of answer; plaintiff's attorney, W.
j G. Gardener; defendant's attorney?, Ham
| Ilton, Colbert. Yerkes ft Hamilton.
Potomac Boat Club agt. Warden; decree j
I substituting trustee; plaintiff's attorney,
H. S. Welch.
Harrod agt. Padgett; decree substi
tuting trustee; plaintiff's attorney, R. M.
Childs agt. Childs; order authorising!
withdrawal of marriage certificate; plain
>tifTs attorney. J. A. Burkhart; defend-1
| ant'sf attorney, W. C. English.
Grosselln agt. Gottschalk Company;
order directing payment of damages;
[plaintiff's attorney, L. A. Bailey; defend
ant's attorney, J. A. Burkhart.
Fugitt agt. Connecticut General Life
| Insurance Company; order extending
time to take proof; plaintiff's attorneys,
McNeill ft MeNeill and H. H. Glansle: de
fendant's attorneys, 8. R. Bond, John
1 Rldout and J. J. Darlington.
Boweti agt. Bowen; rule returnable Jan-|
uary 13. 1911; plaintiff's attorney, John ]
E. Lackey.
Stafford agt. United States Savings j
Bank: order continuing Injunction (by
| Justice Barnard); plaintiff's attorneys, W.
J. Lambert and George W. Blankenship.
| CIRCUIT COURT NO. 1?Justice Ander- |
* son.
McNamara agt. Washington Terminal
Company; motion for new trial overruled
and Judgment on verdict; appeal noted;
bond for costs, 1100; plaintiff's attorneys,
Leckle. Fulton ft Cox; defendant's attor
neys, Hamilton, Colbert, Yerkes ft Ham
Logan agt. Washington Railway and
Electric Company; order setting cauae for |
trial March 0, 1911; attorneys, Wilson and
Miles agt. Capital Traction Company
motion for new trial overruled and Judg
ment on verdict; attorneys, Hackett,
Perry ft Son, Dunlop.
Conner agt. Snead (two cases);
time to plead extended to and including
January 30, 1911; attorneys, Wilson ft
Barksdalc and Mattlngly.
Patane agt. Cafiits; motion Tor
judgment granted; attorneys, Ambrose,
Tepper and Gusack.
Cam mack agt. .Edeline et at.;
motion for bill of particulars granted and
copy of one note to be furnished the
defendants on or before January 9, 1911;
attorneys, Montague ft Moriarity and
Mitchell ft Forrest.
CIRCUIT COURT NO. 2?Justice Barnard.
Shelton agt. Yoat A Herreil; Judgment
by default set aside and vacated; plain
tiff's attorney. Mark Stearman; defend
ant's attorney, J. J. Darlington.
United States ex rel. Humboldt Steam
ship Company agt. interstate commerce
commission; iu!e discharged; petition dis
missed with costs; appeal noted; bond.
$100; plaintiff's attorneys. C. D. Drayton
and J. B. Doish; defendant's attorney. P
J. Farrell. '
Brainerd art. Strong: demurrer to sec
ond count of deelaratioh sustained; plain
tiff a attorney. H. R. Burton; defendant's
attorneys, Millan ft Smith.
Hall agt New York Loan Company*
motion to quash service overruled; nlalnl
tiff's attorney, P. W. Frlsby; defendant's
attorney. E. L. Giea *
Duke agt. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Company; motion for a new trial over
ruled and Judgment on verdict; plain
tiff's attorneys, W. J. Lambert and G L
Whltford; defendant's attorneys, Ham
ilton, Colbert, Yerkes ft Hamilton.
Hawkins agt Eureka Life Insurance
Company; motion to strike declaration
from files granted; plaintiff's attorneys.
Webb ft Stein; defendant's attorney, W.
D. Coomb*.
United 8tates ex rel. Moshenval agt
District of Columbia Commissioners; bill
of exceptions signed and ordered of rec
ord nunc pro tunc.
Willis agt Potomac Dredging Company;
demurrer to second pica sustained; mo
tion to strike ouv third plea granted, with
leave to amend In ten days; plaintiff's at
torney, R. Q. Donaldson; defendant's at
torney*, Brandenburg & Brandenburg.
Tapley agt. National Illustrated Di
rectors' Company: undertaking as se
curity for costs ordered in ten days, with
leave to deposit $50; plaintiff's attorneys.
Cole & Donaldson; defendant's attorney,
J. L. Hargrove.
Craig agt. Parish; defendant granted
leave to file additional pleas forthwith;
plaintiff's attorney, F. W. Hackett; de
fendant's attorneys, Holmes Conrad and
Leigh Robinson.
Jolly agt. Adams; time to present mo
tion for new trial extended to January 13;
plaintiff's attorney, W. J. Lambert; de
fendant's attorney, J. J. Darlington.
Dlggs agt. Hacker; time to answer rule
extended to January 11; plaintiff's at
torney, David Rothschild; defendant's
attorney. E. H. Thomas.
Thomas agt. Baltimore- and Ohio Rail
road Company; time to submit bill of ex
ceptions extended to January 20; plain
tiff's attorney, W. J. Lambert; defend
ant's attorneys, Hamilton, Colbert, Yerkes
& Hamilton.
8almon agt. Capital Traction Company;
death of plaintiff suggested and action
abated; plaintiff's attorneys. Worthlng
ton. Heald & Fralley; defendant's attor
neys, R. Ross Perry A Son.
United States sgt. Morris Kidwell, car
nal knowledge; time to file transcript ex
tended to February 15, 1911; defendant's
attorney, M. B. O'Brien.
United States agt. Jett West, house
breaking, larceny: sentenced to peniten
tiary for two years; defendant's attorney,
T. L. Jones.
United States agt. Charles O. Baston,
murder, first degree; defendant ar
raigned; plea, not guilty; leave to demur
In ten days; attorneys, Lambert & Al
United States agt. Ransom Williams,
grand larceny; arraigned; plea, not guilty;
attorney, John W. Gardner.
United States agt. Walter Brooks, grand
larceny; sentenced to penitentiary for one
year and one day; execution of sentence
suspended, placed on probation; attorney,
L. M. King.
United States agt. Lewis Howard, car
nal knowledge; arraigned; plea, not
guilty; attorney, J. C. Foster.
United States agt. George V. Green,
embezzlement; arraigned; plea, not
Sllty; leave to demur In ten days; at
mey, James G. O'Shea.
United States agt. Walter Dolby, as
sault to rape; verdict, guilty; defendant
remanded; attorney, M. E. O'Brien.
United States agt. Richard Jones, as
sault with dangerous weapon; Jury res
pited; attorney. Campbell Carrlngton.
United States agt. John W. Fisher; libel;
arraigned; plea, not guilty; leave to de
mur ten days; attorney, James A. O'Shea.
United States agt. George W. Taylor;
embeszlement and larceny: arraigned;
plea, not guilty; attorneys, Webb tt
United Statec agt. William O. Blag
burne; assault to kill, and assault with
dangerous weapons; arraigned; plea, not
guilty; attcrney, T. L. Jones.
United States agt. Joseph Albany;
grand larceny; arraigned; plea, not gull*
ty; attorney, J. C. Foster.
CRIMINAL COURT NO. 2?Chief Justice
In re habeas corpus of Dandridge H.
Bibb; hearing continued to January 20.
Grobhlser agt. Spitz: motion to dismiss
appeal overruled; plaintiff's attorney, L.
P. Loving; defendant's attorney, E. W.
Van Dyke.
In re widening of 1st street northeast;
order to summon jury.
In re widening of Cedar street; order
directing marshal to summon jury.
DISTRICT COURT-Chief Justice *
In re condemnation of park on Meridian
Hill; leave granted Maria J. S. Davis to
file answer.
In re opening of road along Anacostla
river; order making Maria Frederick
party respondent ana order tq empanel
In re opening of alley in square 2833;
hearing held.
In re extension of 41st street; order di
recting and accepting second Jury.
In re extension of 19th street; cause
continued to January 11.
In re Abe Fox; adjudication and refer
ence to E. S. McCalmont.
In re Aaron Goldman; adjudication and
reference to W. M. Ilallam.
PROBATE COURT?Justice Gould.
Estate of Mary E. Merrill; warrant to
Estate of Lucy Strother; warrant to ap
Estate of Emma M. Benennan; will
dated October 29, 1900, naming Mary H.
8l?*bel executrix.
Estate of Margaret E. Larcombe; peti
tion for probate and record of will and
letters testamentary filed; attorney, J. W.
Estate of Mary S. Callan; will dated
November 24, 1910, naming Abbie E. Leh
man executrix, filed, with petition for
{irobate and record of will and letters
estamentary; attorney, Leon Prltzfelder.
Estate of Deborah G. Passmore; testa
mentary paper and petition for letters of
administration filed; attorneys, Wilson &
Estate of Michael Flaherty; order to
intervene and granting letters of admin
istration d. b. n. to Bartholomew Flaher
ty; bond, 9309; attorneys, Darr, Peyser &
Estate of A. Ross Strafiburger; petition
for probate and record of will and letters
testamentary filed; attorney, M. D. Ro
Estate of Elizabeth Hemstreet; will
dated December 20, 1907, naming William
and Mary Hemstreet executors, filed.
Estate of James P. Clark; petition for
probate of will filed; attorneys, Branden
burg A Brandenburg.
Estate of Elisabeth Kahtert; petition
for probate of will filed; attorney, J. a.
In re John N. Weber; petition to ap
point yuardian filed; attorney, J. e.
Ray. jr.
Estate of John TIerbel; will dated Sep
tember 15, 1905, filed.
Estate of Michael Flaherty; petition for
leave to intervene filed; attorneys. Darr,
Peyser & Curtln.
Estate of Bridget Flaherty; petition for
collector filed; attorneys, Darr, Peyser &
8800, 2802 AND 2811 P STREET NORTH
WEST?George A- King, trustee, to
Rebecca D. Swlgart, Liille G. Ough,
I*tit la C. Latterner, Ada D. Lough-1
ran and Trueman R. - Daw. lot 281,
xquare 1289, and part of lot 210. square
1259; 9J.
lands Company to Redmond S. Bren
nan. lot 40, square 1875; $10. Same to
same, lot 41. square 1875; $10.
to Mary V. Cahlll, lot 31, block 27;
and 15th streets?Andrew M. Curry to |
Mary H. Warner, lots 43, 44 and 45,
square 1061; $10.
VERSITY?Peter C. J. Treanor et ux.
to Robert Allen, part lot 3, block 39; I
Marie L. Hunt to Philip F. Gormley,
lot 10, square 1277: $10.
?Elisabeth T. Sullivan and Lucy V.
Beale to Mary E. Glbbs, lot 28, square
fl?V $10.
Alonso O. Bliss, part lot 2, block 4;
son et ux. to Alfred R. Thomson, lot
699. square 2882; $10
J. Harry King and Bessie King to
^red B. Rhodes, lot 29, square 889;
Swartsell et ux. to Charles E. Clapp.
lots 18. 19, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, square
40; $10. '
WOODRIDGE?Johnion B. Carpenter to
Thomas W. Smith, lots 15, 16, it,
bloek 15; $l?t w
and 15th streets?Howard F. Hughes
et ux. to Thornton Carusi, part lot 10,
square 209; $10. ?
to James T. Attoe. lots 1 to 44,. square
2918; lots 1 to 52. square 3184; lots 1
to 5, square 3163; lots 1 to 33, square
3196; lots 1 to 38, square 3197; parts of
tract; 110.
Under U. S. Treasury Supervision.
Look Out For No. I
We Pay
Never lose sight of the fact that you have
your own way to make in the world and that no
one /eels disposed to help a man who does not
help himself.
It is very pleasant to be a 4'good fellow" and
spend money freely, but you will find many
more people willing to accept your generosity
than willing to help you when you need money.
Don't forget your own interests. Open a
Savings Account in some good bank and be sure
that you keep adding a little to it each week.
You will find that people esteem you a great
deal more if you have money in the bank, and
it will give you a self-respect that is a valuable
asset in itself.
Home Savings Barak,
7th Street and Mass. Avenue N.W.
7th and H Streets N.E. 436 7th Street S.W.
. ? .? . . . .
Inglcsidc- $9,500 Inglcsidc
$2,500 Cash, $55 a Month,
Including all Interest; or all Cash.
Eminently desirable according to social
standards, this location may be summed up
in a few words: The best as to future value
and present desirability. This home con
tains all the modern conveniences and is
well adapted for entertaining purposes.
Open from one until dark. Take Mt. Pleas
' ant car to Park Road, walk west to 19th
Street, or phone for appointment to
Middaugh and Shannon, Inc., Owner.
Selling Agents,
Shannon and Luchs, 713 14th St.
e? I , - ? as
Fair Tonight tad Saturday; Slightly
Colder Saturday.
For the District of Columbia, fair to
night and Saturday; slightly colder Sat
urday; moderate southwest to northwest
Minimum temperature past twenty-four
hours, 26; a year ago, 28.
The northwestern disturbance ha
moved to northern Ohio, with attendant
light snows from the Dakota* and Ne
braska eastward into New England. There
were also local snows in the extreme
northwest, and rains in Washington, but
elsewhere the weather was generally fair.
There lias been a general and decided
rijse In temperature in the Ohio valley, the
western lower lake region, Kentucky and
the lower Mississippi valley, while In the
Atlantic and gulf coast states compara
tively low temperatures continue, with
more heavy frost in northern Florida.
The temperatures are also low in the up
per lake region and the upper Mississippi
valley, but elsewhere In the west they are
There will be looaJ snows tonight in the
western lower lake region, and tonight
and Saturday In New England and In
terior New York; elsewhere in the east
and south the weather will be fair to
night and Saturday.
It will be warmer tonight in the At
lantic and east gulf states, and Saturday
In the south Atlantic states. It will be
colder tonight and Sateurday In the upper
Ohio valley and western lower lake re
gion, and slightly *colder Saturday in the
interior of the middle Atlantic states.
The winds along the New England coast
will be moderate to brisk south and
southwest; on the middle Atlantic coast
moderate southwest to west; on the south
Atlantic coast light to moderate and va
riable; on the east gulf coast light to
moderate eaaterly, except northeasterly
on the Florida coast.
Steamers departing today for European
ports will have moderate to brisk south
west to west winds, and unsettled wea
ther to the Grand Banks.
Records for Twsnty-Tour Hours.
The following were the readings of the
thermometer and barometer at the weath
er bureau for the twenty-four hours be
ginning at 2 p.m. yesterday:
Thermometer-January 5, 4 p.m., S3; 8
p.m., S8; 12 midnight, 27; January & 4
am., 27; 8 a.m., 9l>; 12 noon, 87; 2 p.m.,
45. Maximum. 45, at 2 p.m. January 8;
minimum, 2d,, at 0:30 a.m. January 8l
Barometer?January 5, 4 p.m., WJO; 8
rn? 30.87; 12 midnight. *>.84; January 8,
a.m., 80-82; 8 a.m., 30.90; neon, 80.21;
2 p.m., 80.14.
Greene Cananea Jfli lll.it #
Jumbo Kx tension 25 23 8k 9*
U Bom Cos 4*4 41* 4
|s 1TOB 1% 17*S
United Bico 1111
Capital ud 8urplM. ?2.800,000
Ortr H*.0?>.000
meet your every
requirement if
you appreciate
age, strength and conser
vatism, in addition to
every facility suggested
by modern banking.
E7 Special Department for Ladles.
Capital and Prota Otw fl.SOO.OOO.
TOTIlyou have
or ten thousand dol
lars to deposit*
?You will find our banking
department ready to render
the most satisfactory service.
CXSame rote of lnteroat paid on
both large and small account*.
National Savings and
Trust Company,
Corner" 15th and N. Y. Ave.
n TTr-rma ti 11 1 m 1 1 1 trjssssa
PANT <Iae.), December <1. 1810.
The capital atoefc of abm>i
Dfatrtet of OolmiMa. to wit:
woc^N-SWaS. X55SS. is* %
the feresolac report; the otatementa ma*e |a
aaM report are trua. CUARLR8 M. WOOLP
Sa^MrlM and awaca -*-??
Sotaerlbcd and awara to before m? tbU Stb
3*? ""V
' Ibiqw Bill Imply AttewM. ?
Nearly MO persona wore in attendance
at the st*th annuel masque ball of the
Hebrew Relief Society last night at the
old Masonic Temple. The ball was given
for the benefit of charity. Eight prises,
ens a silver tea sot and another a sew
ing machine, were given to contestants.
Z>m MOJNE8. Iowa. January C-Tbe
factory of Bentley * Olmsted, shoe man
ufacturers. oompletod last year, burned
to the ground today at a loss or IWO.OOO.
Under Gov. Supervision.
OMar OcTwntut SaptrvlsMB.
Though jour income may not permit yon H
?*? Tery qiuch, you ?boa Id ht? Koraetbinf.
You'll Mod the Equitable systematic earing plan
6oth Issue of Stock
Shares, $2.50 per month.
Farther Informatics wlU be mkM
upon application.
Equitable Bqlldiaa. 10QS T at ?.w.
|??'M IB
Investment Service
Is what we take pleasure in
offering to those seeking in- ;
formation concerning Invest- !
ment Securities.
We shall be pleased to
suggest high-grade Bonds
; and Guaranteed Stocks yield
ing from 4*/2 to $y2%.
Crane, Parris & Co.,
tnxSSBmD Bankers,
604 14th Street N.W.
' 1 , t .1
I !
ration will be made to the Honorable Gommle
ekmera of the District of Columbia an the Wth
4ay of January. Ml, for a charter under eub
cbaptcr eleven, chapter elabteen, of the Coda of
Law for the District of Columbia. The name of
the proposed company to National Audit and
Bank Guaranty Company. Ita character and
object la to conduct a eecurity, guarantee, 1b
Semnlty. loan and mortgamc buslnaaa, and ta do
all other lawful acta and thluga la eoabaetlon
therewith. The nance Of (he cotpaaatsii of a aid
tenpuT an: Albert B. Neal, Arthur B. Pierce.
Lewie w. Pierce, Thomas B. Gardner. Anthony
I. Qaleeki. Georre Hlckey, Charles P. Baren
berg, George B. fisaeer, Charles W. Plmper, Joel
N. Norrta. Byron Blodgett, Edwin Callow. Her
bert Smith, John vTSbaa, Jamea T. Mcliabou.
Arthur Carr. claada Warren. Henry H. Peck.
Bichard E. Palmer. Clatk 8. Harklnaon, Freak
Gait, William V. Hurt, John Credllle. Gears*
II. W. Shea and John P. McMahon.
?Napoleon'a Fattotu Qoestlon.
The vacation baa peaaed Into history, f
yet la aa rltally important today a a the
day when Kaaslean trat uttered It. Na
poleon realised that a aan'i paat oer.
formancea Indicated his future actl.
The sctlec builder of today who haa built <L
enduring and altogether aatUfactory etrue- 7,
turee will do eo In the future, ire <reu 1
looking far a reliable builder? Then look J,
op the record of ?
"The Builder Wbo Makes Gasd,"
The Safest Investments
SwartsaU, Rbaeaa
Henasy Co*

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