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| Special No
| Art Department, 8th
I , J.135. i Ope!
x Silk-anoi= \
i wo: i rm
Poplin, a I Hil
! 95c * 1 If; I
are V
A cream. (A
J?. navy, alice. co- \
A penliagfen. pink. <v^o.
.3, light Mtie, re !
tan. * ray, () a? ? ^ 0 jr>_
i1. .?: irs
? $ bray Ho
> etc. $1.25 qual- \ ?/
V ity. at primp O Of splendid qt
Y mill prico. or. \ some trimmed Wii
* * yard, iK>c. (/ collar and cuffs; s
| Again 1
I Imported Chi
I Worth $1.75, $2
A %
> The response to our Broa'
X know there were hundreds of ]
*? under the circumstances and s
sible. and now tor the benefit <
Ij! continue the sale again tomor:
*:* colors is still good. We had S'
A we've never had so many fine
!jj! all colors and plenty of black
"* worth up to S2.50 a yard, aga
| f A Ore
| 'W
* -2-qt- 'Gu
v it * 'fo&rftL ffge& water Bags.
* ^4g&393& ..
X 1 Never sc
i n$s9SBHt. s' "5 a
X v,,fflllf I'ountatn Svi
> ., ^ "ri-hed, for. ..
- -m >'.vs 1
t Sp,a-V
V V :<;:* v -?/ .. ...
*:* v " <*x All-.t
* Si.50 Red
*:* ve' finest quality
| $32=50 9x1-2 ft. <
fAsminster Rigs,;
1 irtini
o "xy
- - .
< :i\ lj Bisso ah aim Beauvais '
* * AxminMi-r. iiiaJt lv t'n llarttord ,
I'. <"a f ret 4*0 . S. San ford & So.is. .
v Tli" niakf ^ mo a s;?:fBo en: indica- {
* * rioit of tin rtitv. T iirtv-elght do- /
V ... I
>ic- co". o i:-g over, conceivable
*J? v. ,m.j fur draw Ins mora, living room, <
*1* Inmdoir. 1 ar or don. Correct if- (
?& f reluct ions of Kernianshah, Cash j*
mrre. Botha; a. Kan!; and Sara- y
jt, bend Small all-overs as well as the '
V l.older nudaliions and semi-meda!<
lions CoK rs nre rose, ^ ^ _ ?
$ $25.00 (
| . Special ?fffe
! I inn ported
! Shirtings an
^2 tiiclie- wide. \\ hite gi
colored -tripe< and neat tigur
25c to 29c. at. yard
?j. 40-inch Lining Lawn, in
? 15c and 18c values. Special, y
vv *>v"\~v v 'X-i-W-X*
. , .
0 \
- ?
i.* p Exhibition and
llt'C* Brand Yarns P
Street Annex. Don't
i 8 A.M. Close 6
:rcale and Cfaam- f
use Dresses . . . ^
laJitv percale in blue-and-white and gra:
th piping, .others with bands; plain chain
nzes uo to cpcciai
"omorrow Those I
ffon Broadclotl
, $2.25 & $2.50 a
dcloth $ale today was far more
ladies that could not get the atter
uch an extraordinary value, we cc
of those of our'many patrons who
row. While there were thousands
everal of these sales in the past f<
qualities included as there are in
s, and they are fine quality. Impc
in tomorrow, at
at Sitsecial! Sale of
?ber Goods
aranteed All-rubber Hot>ld
less than Si.go.
11-pure-rubber Guaranteed 2-qt.
ringe, well made and finDr.
Fulton's Circle d? fl ti g?
e. ;>aiest>and best, pnlv 4* ? ? *
* - - - f - ' * - '??
rubber. Face .Bags 45c
I Rubber Hot-water Bags, qq
and make. Special V?C
\ Linings at S
$1.00 Canvas Co,
> Made of shrunken linen ca
; interlining; cut and padded, and
/ ular Si.oo Coat Forms. Spe
) ,at
.^hort Coat Forms, made ,
Regular ";Oi: value. For two da
< " ,.v ... , . . .
;v' Adjustable and Detach
Can be adjusted and detach*
) be used by a stout or slender
v tailormade cii'ect. Comes in <
I cial price
, On sale at Lining Departnu
39c Black Mercerized
An excellent lining for iackc
V men's coats: 36 inches wide and
ular 39c quality, l or two days
ring of Fine
I Madras
d Waistings.
rounds, in a variety of beautiful
es. A special lot. worth |
a full line of shades. ti -ST/ ~
1 rA 1 2 7lC
. wk-KK-H-H-J
- <> .? . V ?
' * :
Always made \ ^
\ uniform grade" \ \
Demonstration Bear
tow Going on in Our
Miss fit.
P.M. ;i $2?2-4?
II Bill () coats,
Qliy v i
Of be?* qual*)
'l-v osteon, in
^ > b I a c k. with '
^ l) iC-^ neat stripes of ]
J M () white and white
_) Jt. O dots: deep"
J { plaited flounces. \
y-and-white sfripe: Q '^nstiis, . > to ,
bray, with striped . 4-- '
$1.-3 (- Special, flSe. J
BeautSfuli :
Yd., at VOC
than we ever anticipated. W e
ition they should have had. but,
insider we did all that was poscould
not get here today we will
of yards sold the assortment of
;w years, but can truthfully say
this lot. Remember, there are
>rted Chiffon Broadcloth.
$8.25 and $8.50
^ Afil=Over
() Embroidered Lace
'/ and Nets,
I 50c Yd
<? 1U.
A 25 pieces bought a* a great sacriv
fice enables us to offer you tomorA
row one of the grea-est values ever
V known. IS-inch All-over KmbroiderA
ed I-ace and White Xet. embroidered
V in silver and an excellent assortX
ment of Persian designs: these are
y very much in demand for making
yuhc^ HiHi hhu inej i t* wurin 1
V S1.LT. and .< 1.-Vf a yard, p/v ?
A While they last tomorrow L'Xf' ?
y take your ehoice at, a yd ,
pecial Prices. :
at Forms, 75c. '
invas, French haircloth and felt
can be fitted to any coat. Regcial
price for two days
of canvas and haircloth, ?i
tvs at '
able Shoulder Pads, 19c. j
?d by a few minutes* work. Can :
person. < fives the garment the ij
?ray and white. Spe- j ;j
;nt, 8th Street Annex. ]
TwjfiSed Sateen, 29c? \
'ts and petticoats: also for lining j
in black only. Our reg- 'i
at vj
i 40=1 inch White \
A 1
, at Reduced Prices. ]
A Superior iine :;ra<l**s. used fur mak- }
\ ins aprons, waists and ]
A dresses. Two grades. . ? ? . J
\ I.'k* value, yard. lOe. ] C ?i
Q 18c value, yaid " ?*/,
TyTT ^
/I \ MSM
A /\ \ i
* \
f .
!: Plain and Figured 5
| Lace Scarfs Are F
S:' Gowns of Attr
! '
? Bewitching creations in negliges and
? tea gowrs tempt one on all sides in these
! days. They appeal not only on account
f of their soft, clinging finalities, hut be1.
cause there is a practical side to such
|* garments as well. There is a real savt*
ins of one's* tailored costumes and more
iorniai sown? to or derived irom pu.-fcs?.
ing those creations of comfort which one
? wears informally in the house. The neg?.
'i&P is in its element for use when one
is answering the morn in?? correspondence
j* or directing the hundred and one things
J, which are involved ir keeping the houseliold
machinery running, as well as to
j* wear when serving a cup of tea to a
S* friend in one's sitting room of an after;
' * These creations ntav be as simple or
j| elaborate as choice dictates. For in
I ' '
Of Japanese Bilk.
J stance, the simplest sort of a neglige,
' ; and one easily copied, is that which a
' woman of discriminating taste recently
'J brought from Paris. It is a two-piece
; affair in silk crepe of a gohlin-blue
| shade, and is cut in kimono style, with
| seams only at the sides. The wearer
House Frock of Silk and Lace.
got- into it by slipping it ovor the heart
The do.sum > - effected on tho buttoned
shoulders. A cordelin of silk in (he same
goblin bltii- girdles the garment at the
high waist line, The aleevffH and skirl are
bordered with a wide band of smart embroidery
of dull red. oid sold and green,
which also forms a square inset pi"ee
at tlio toji of t he bodice, in yoke effect.
This graceful robo lias none of the inFalling
* *
And Itching Scalp Goes,
Dandruff Vanishes.
I?ei't worry hm-n>e.-e your hair !s falling. A
minute of ;tc.ion is worth n day of w<frrv,
tiiO :i luitil' of Invigorating, delightful PARISIAN
SAUK iu<l l.ouin using it ap ?iji
PAfJW|.\N SAUK. now s l?J throughout America.
i* guaranteed by llenry Kvans and .Inm-s
I'Houuull I*' -1<s? fnll'ug hair ami itobirij scalp,
to rid j our scalp of dandruff, or money hack.
I'ARiSIAS HAtiK penetrated into the roata of
the hair ami supplica them with tho nourishment
they require. That's tin* reason It puts
brilliancy into fad"d. lifeless hair. .Iairge bottle.
,'ih cent?, at Henry Kvans' and James O'Donnell'a
and druggists' everytf here. Qirl with
auburn bair on every carton and tattle.
' * I '
????? * !i
Materials Combined?
active Designs.
formality of the wrapper. It is, indeed.'
quite in accord with the modes for formal
frocks, and tnafces an excellent little'
house dress of the smartest order.
Another liegdine on the new lines, which !
is very effective, is of "figured old rose
Morning Gcrwn of Pink Satin, Fie*
and Chiffon.
silk, which forms the sleeves and full
length side of the garment, a contrasting
of plain old rose heing used for the
front and hack design in broad panels
hanging from neck to hem. A cording
of the old rose satin forms loops over the
shoulders, which fasten the sections together,
crossing the figured material of
the kimono.yoke. The neglige opens down
one sine of the panel tront.
An admirable tea sown made of a combination
of tlie plain and figured material
is of lemon colored liberty. There is
a tunic of eSvres-blue chiffon, figured
and spangled all over with crystal drops.
There Is a fichu of chiffon, with plaited
I ruches. There is a girdle of liberty, which
is tied in a large bow at the back.
Another gown is of silk voile. There is
a fichu of tulle edged with lace. There
are lace-trimmed cuffs, which finish the
! elbow sleeves.
Many of tlie more elaborate negliges or
tea gowns are trimmed with lace flounces.
. For instance, a model of pale, rose-col'
ored satin had a bodice of folds coming
, down in surplice fashion, tlie deep "V"
I thus formed being filled in witli rows of
i lace ruffles, which also finished the drap|
ed sleeve caps. These caps were a continuation
of the bodice, showing a variation
of the kimono cut The skirt girdled
to a high waist line, draped back 011 either
side in front to display lace flounces of
graduated depths, the one at the bottom
being deepest. Tbe back of the gown had
a broad panel starting at the sliouidei-s
and ending in 3 sweeping train, a variation
of the Watteau back.
Face scarfs are frequently featured on
the picturesque negliges. A beautiful
model which aroused 110 end of feminine
envy when exhibited at an exclusive
French shop was of a mauve-colored chiffon
cloth, with a fichu drapery of exquisite
hand-run silk lace, which formed
; a point at the back and crossed to one
| side in front, forming a draped sapli and
, reaching well down below the knees.
A stunning neglige of green and gold :
| broc ade had a chiffon-draped corsage and
sleeves formed of squares of chiffon, <
which hung in points at front and back
and were finished with gold tassels.
Crepe de Chine. Trimmed With Sib
bon and Lace.
Onn of the morning gowns was made
of flowered" satin. The shoulder piece
and epaulets were of coarse lace. The
undersleerves and bottom of the tunic
skirt were also of the coarse lace. The
satin bcK* was caught at the left side
H The Favorite ?|
eee Oatmeal for over EE
H 30 years. =
EE Delicious flavor. =E
SE Easy to digest. Quick EEE
EE to be assimilated. H-O ==
== Oatmeal for Strength, EE
= Health, Energy. 5=
.?? M rK!mum gam fu,
== Coupon ^W*' Bfe
== in each Sf^g^ gffiBiH
? package,
with an ornament of gold, from which
iung gold cord and tassels.
The underskirt was made of plaited
white chiffon, with lace entre deux run
through with ribbon, which was tied In
loops and ends at the left side. The
?kirt was encircled at the bottom with
i deep lace flounce.
Still another morning gown was made
>f crepe de chine. Xarrow lace ruffles
trimmed the fichu sleeve and fkirt. There
were also deep bands of lace around the
lower part of the skirt. There were a
rirdle and rosettes of velvet ribbon in
two shades. Rosettes of the velvet ribbon
trimmed the skirt at each side.
Another attractive little morning frock
was made of pale blue Japanese silk,
rhere was a lace-trimmed collar, and insertion
of lace trimmed the skirt. Loops
of pale blue velvet ribbon ornamented
the skirt, and velvet ribbon ending in
loops trimmed the bodice. There was
ilso a girdle of pale blue velvet ribbon.
No matter how shaggy and rough and
nractioal looking the material of which
the long coat is made these days, it is
as proper to have it matehed in a smart
handbag as when the coat is for evening
wear in lace or velvet or fur. The reversible
clothes are especially swagger
in the coat bags, the reverse color showing
in the flap, which is large and is
usually cut with a point over toward one
side caught down with a fancy button,
to correspond with the large one-sided
revers. The flap may be bound with the
kind of cord from which the bag is hung.
This cord handle is extremely* heavy and
extremely long, and is sure to be slung
over one shoulder, allowing the bag to
rets against the hip like a big detachable
Even a coat for a miss boasts one of
these matching bags. The coat is light
in weight and color. It is of a basket
weave cloth, fawn in tone, with a lining
and collar facing of yellow cloth. The
bag is of the basket weave with an envelope
flap of the yellow cloth.
Brown and black pony, ermine, seal,
beaver, caracul and even some of the
shaggier furs now form the handbags.
As the handle is usually the first part
of a handbag to wear out. many women
will be glad to hear that separate long
handles, equipped wtih rings by which
they may be attached to the bags, may
be found. A long rope of beads in black
or any color, or even two colors, such as
white and gold, will match a bead bag.
One of these bead chain handles might
make a bag with old-fashioned short
handles appear quite tip to date.
A theater cap and opera bag to match
are a pretty set. They are made of
white and gold lace.
A cut jet (aid case Is a dainty novelty
for the woman who likes to wear black.
Autumn Fads.
With queer-looking trains and all sorts
of cuts and slashes and novel trimming
arrangements at the hem. it is the foot
of the new evening gown that is its most
conspicuous part.
At a fashion exhibition Ias?t week some
of the newest features in trains, etc..
were shown. One exquisite afTair in shell
pink silk had a brocaded train that was
separate from the knees down. The skirt
proper had an oblong piece cut out in
the back, through which the wearer's feet
could plainly be seen as she walked.
On each side the skirt trailed oft" into
funny little pointed tails, shorter than
the principal train. There was - heavy
passementerie all around the hem.
In another gown the train reached iust
to the ground in back and was weighted
with rich embroidery and beadwork. Bui
the underskirt, limp and unembroidered.
hung lower and reached out to rcspectibel
train length.
A white satin frock wit it tiny satin
buttons had its slashing directly in the
middle of the front, with the sides roundng
off from it.
An artistic gown in pale pink was
mad" distinctive by having four rows of
dx-inch silver fringe all the way around,
he first .ills! below the decolletage and
the last at the hem.
A pink rose and a red rose arc worn j
it the back of the girdle, a little to the
right, in an afternoon gown.
A green chiffon tunic is worn over a
gown of gray satin, and another in the
same shade has a modified Russian jack?l
of green brocade.
Black c.hantilly encircles the middle or
the skirt in a white evening frock, which
has black lace motifs on the bodice.
An immense velvet flower In coronation
purple, reaching from girdle to bust,
is the sole garniture on a reception gown
in black and white.
Read fringe has made its appearance
now on millinery. It is used mainly on
tofpies and evening hats.
An artistic toouo in violet velvet is etir'rcled
with a band of skunk and below
this is a fringing of dark violet beads,
resting upon the hair.
A dainty cap in gold lace over white
has a band of black velvet and bow of
black mal'ne and a fringe of gold and
white beads.
The color treatment of some of the
new ostrich feathers is somewhat bizarre.
On one stnnnning model two long plumes
are laid straight across the crown. They
are in a bright green witlt lips of black.
The ribs and central portions of the
feathers on another picture hat are black
while the outer port'ons '.shade from
white to flesh pink.
Shell combs, barrettes and lillets in
gun-metal finish are to be found. There
is another novelty in this line with white
backing and a facing <>f ebony, the cutwork
revealing the white as an outline for
the black. These combs, etc., are part'eularly
effective on hair that is just turning
Swift & Company's sales of fresh beef
in Washington for the week ending Saturday,
October 14. lull, averaged $.&>e lb?Advt.
j The Royal
I $2.50
I Shoes
I for. Ladies.
i t
8 It it is the newe
wear that you are lool
^ Our goods are i
56 i r 1 l r
p sryie, tit. snaties ot
g thing that goes to t
ger Boot. 1 he new
1 Duchess and
? swell creations in ?
| Calf, Russia Calf ai
I The Royal I
| 802 7th :
Anty Drudge gb
, dnty Drudfi?"Why, Mr. Soi
the doorstep?"
John Sorrowful?"I'm just waiti
1 ? e iai i r
nice or com luncn. i neve
it smells like a bone mill."
Jnty Drudze?"Nonsense. Yoi
?oap to-day, and it was all d
nice hot lunch for you and
piano besides. And there's
Fels-Naptha's used."
There was a woma
to be saved from was
Then she tried Fels-X
ing that particular pr
washday that she mea
did mean was to be
clothes, with its result
heat, and from back-b
Fels-Naptha answe
completely, if you us
way. Follow directio
wrapper. For white cl
the clothes, roll and 1
lukewarm water for 3
lightly, rinse, hang ou
don't boil them; Felsot
that and hard rubbi
Fcls-Xaptha has m
?washing dishes, tor i
directions tor all on t
and follow them.
! Sanders & Si
| 1327 F S
? OvAiniaiAii Din
1 oicMincty rid
jfc At" this season, wliei
X house in order, why not
| SILENT PIANO for on<
X p'ay, with a little stud
MUSIC, with trulv artis
Y ? Your inspection of
^ ^ v these instruments is invi
| Sanders <& S
Exclusive Repres
| AeoSsan Company
1 1327 F
JBUfi 55MA
, . . ^ li
st tninp in tootting
tor \vc have it. ?:
lp to the minute in ^
leather anil every- sal
nake the real swagr
Stage. Elite, Col- ^
Vogue lasts are
'atent Colt. Dull
id Velvets. |j
Shoe Store, |
Street. *!
?g U 1
/drudge w^i
i Cold Lunches.
rowful, what makes you sit on
ine for Mary to hand mr out a J
r go in the house on washday,
nr wife washed with Fels-Naptha
one two hours ago. She has a
had time to read and play the
> never any boily smell when
n who made a prayer
hday with all its care,
aptha and quit pravayer.
It wasn't exactly
nt. What she really
saved from boiling
ant nauseous steam and
reaking hard rubbing,
rs that kind of petition
e it the Fels-Naptha
ns on the red and green
othes you 11 read: Soap
et them soak in cold or
o minutes. Then rub
t on the line. No. you
-v i i .1 1
Aaptna rakes rue piace
ng. roo.
any orlier valuable uses
nstancc. You'll tind
he wrapper. Be sure
tayman Co., !
nola Pianos I
f '
n you arc putting your >
consider trailing your V
? 011 which any one can ?
v, the most difficult *** >
4 ( .? A % - ? * ?* . /-? "I .*
in.. LAI/I ;
." V
the latest models of | ?
ited. J |
taymarii Co., !
eintatives of the |
y of New York. |
Street. I

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