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:|: T7T7 VTMS9 iH 9?
| lAii @?a 7& & s\
i This Week's Unrig
? The season hasn't develope
r cial offerings. They are not o
f remarkably low in price?but t
are settling the home for the w
X is the House & Herrmann GL'.1
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I rm jH
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ter drawer: wide book-shelf benea
J ue trie prior ever rummanuro
v i
? Don't forget the Rug
j JjOCOh
I 1912 "30" T
I A reasoned mod
quality for the man
a seven-passenger vc
Touring Car
Chassis, with Tourir
! sine Bodies
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tains for the third
Locomobile and
highly of its perfo
been absolutely fre<
; F. B. A.
Xo. 1124 v?
Connecticut Ave. |fl??jQOOJti
' ^sss
Trusses Like The
l.fl RM of Elwlle Band a. Sprlag* and
l?K-9lrapa. Sack Haraeaa Ha?
l'om4 ThouMiDdn to I mdrrg? (
Daagrroui Oprratiuai. f
I ruors Ilk'- those shown above?the belt and
eg strap. elastic and spring contraptions???M
drug st<>i*s surgical instrument bouses and
nany eelf-styled Hernia Specialists." uiakc
ife miserable fur everybody who wears the in. '
knd even when drawn so tight you can scarcely '
?tand to keep them on ihey d?> no good what ver.
Instead, they ofter do immense barm. They
qjeete toe rupture, often causing strangulation; '
tig into the pelvic bone in front, press against
.he sensitive spinal column at the back I
The Plata Truth la Thta. ;
Rupture, as explained in our free book, cen t
w relieved or cu ed can't even be kept from ;
owing worse- unless constantly HELD IN t
Pl.ACB. Just as a broken latr.e can't "knit" t
it leas the parts ire held securely TOGETHER. I
had- Jost a* a bandage ot splint is the only
* ay a BROKEN BONK can be held the HIGH i t
KIND OF TRUSS is the oulv thing in tlie world *
nst can keep a R1 ITL'RK front COMING Ot 1" ?
WHAT A DIFFERENCE it will make when
?>tr get THAT kind of truss.
And you CAN GET EXACTLY that kind of 0
truss without risking s CENT of your mom y.
It's the famous CLLTHE TRUSS OR CLL'THE t
Far MORE than a tru?* far MORE than 1
o.erety a device for holding the rupture in <
place. 4
So d'frrent from everything e|*? for rupture 1
that it has received is separate patent*.
rh?usands say It is as comfortable as (heir !
clothing- |
No belt, elastic belt or springs around your
wsiat, and no leg straps nothing to pork,
teafe.' squeeze or hind. Self-regulating, self
adjusting. H is held in position by SUCTION? j 1
an't shift or alio the only truss in existence I
tha' is bobcatly GUARANTEED neve: to let tb
... nr nr. i-ft rr. i out.
Try It Without Klnkiac a Penny.
*V- hair no much faith lu th-- Ciuihe Truss?
*r h?r? aero St work ?nndrri for >w> mam utk i
its liiat we want to make one especially for
ye .r . ase and lot you near it at our risk.
We'll gi*c .TOU plenty of time to test it. If it
doesn't keep your rupture from coming out
n-pea rou are working and at all other timet;
If it doesn't put an en?I to the trouble jrou'n
heretofore had .with your rupture; if you don't
get hotter right away, thru the tru*a won't I
Mt you a caul.
&9V /?&Y 9P >
srniaii s
fgfri svmxr$,cf.vx
jortamit Specials. |
d the equal of this week's spe- 3
hey come just now. when you ^
inter's comfort. Hack of them ]
Parlor Soites. j \
a a b i I
H B c [L
H Pw gg W?
id pieces?Rockcr. Armchair and ?
ntially made; highly polished, and
d Tapestry. We've marked them L
i 4
Parlor Chairs ;
or Rockers. | i
Both made in the same hand- 5,
some design, with artistic hand- J,
carving; rich Mahog- j
anv linish; loose rush- ^ .}
ions of silk plush. 3>(Tj)*?3<U' | 3
Highly polished and [ ?|
finely finished
: ~ _ i
ibrary Table. $
hstantfal in construe- . y *?
any-flnish. Large cen- $ f] /fa. j !?
th?and the biggest val- 11 O y
! i
? 1 I
; and Carpet Sale. j ?
! $
cl of the highest
who does not need
ig and Limo
the White Mounseason
with my
cannot speak too
rmanee. I have
; from trouble."
x- nn t x" /~"T T II
.\ r?r\.A.\^n,
11 \Va>hington,
\obllig|l d c
seAre a Crime
^ __ i m *
How It Strengthens nnd Heals.
In ADDITION TO HOLDING the rupture tbfc
'lutbe Truss or Cluthe Automatic Massvger tv
orstantly giving a SOOTHING. STHfc'NGTH1MNG
MASSAGK to the weak, ruptured parts.
All automatically?the maasage c"?s on all
av lone, ail without any attention whatever
rom you
Thi* massage?wbi'b strengthens just a? eieriae
htrengtbets a weak arm?is so remarkably
lENEFICIAL. *<> remarkably CURATIVE, that
n i'Jti rases cut of every kOO rupture begins to
et better from the day a Ciutbe Truss is put on.
The World's Greatest Booh on Kuptare.
Don't go on letting your rupture get worse.
)on't spend a cent on account of your rupture
idiii ,?v?u (ei uai wwi ui aafior, ^BICB CBIS
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rrnurklklf book-clotb hound, page*.
1 separate articles and 1U photographic picur-a
-loo* us over 40 years to write; t<?ok u?
bat long to flad out ati the facta we're put *o
It exniains the dangers of operations and why
bey <l?n't always cure to STAY cured; tolls
i by?fur the protection of the public?drug
lores should not be allowed to aell trusses.
Kiplain* wby belt, spring and elastic trusses
au do no good. Kxpose* the humbug "mettr
?is." "appliances." "plasters." etc.
And tella. absolutely without mlsrepresentaton.
alt about the Cluthe Truaa. )uat how it
told*. how It gives the curing massage, how It
a water proof, how It enda all expense, how you
an get it on trial, and girea name a gnd ad
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md want you to know about it.
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Ife and of restoring you to full strength and
isr fulness.
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please give our boy number as below.
. Box 28 Clulbe Comnanv
?'? *
1 Kant 234 St, Xtn V?rk City.
Send ta?* Kree Book on Toe Cur*
of Hop'ure.
j? *
: Bill in the Interest of Civil
Service Employes.
> ???????
Demotions. Suspensions and Re?
movals on Charges in Writing.
; Baltimore Branch of Retirement As
? sociation Asks Support of Measw
ure?Its Provisions.
|t A bill providing a system of ret'rement
y for the civil rmployes of the government
? very similar to that already established
f for the military and naval brandies of
'? the government, drafted by the BaltlJ
more Branch of the 1'nited States Civil
fc Service Retirement Association, is being
h con t heoQfln not ooav t Via oonnirt' in on of.
r ?vii i wi uuuvaoi v? ri i uc v uiuui .* in c*?? v *.
* fort to obtain popular support. Charles
, F. llanna. president of the Baltimore
branch, is sending- a letter along with the
bill, declaring the belief of the organization
that the enactment into !aw of this
measure will be of inestimable benefit
not only to the employes, but also to the
government service. He expresses the
hope that at the coming session of Congress
the bill will be inroduced b.\ some
member and will be passed by Senate and
"Now is certainly the opportune time
to establish a permanent system for the
complete reorganization of tlie entire civil
service, thereby placing it on -the exact
plane with the military branches of tlie
government, in tenure, compensation and
retirement," Mr. Hannu says:
Questions Propounded.
"The question involved is not the present
enlgency. but show shall the stupen
i uous 8iid increasing business or our gov'
eminent be best conducted? How shall
, the government make its civil service
efficient, dignified and respected? How
shall the service he made more attractive
to the most hone.5t, intelligent and industrious
of our citizens? How shall be
promoted a zeal n the civil service that
will create an esprit de corps?the cynosure
of all enlightened nations?
"The civil service, in its jurisdiction,
certainly is as essential to the wellare
of thp country as are the other branches,
and, as our government r; primarily a
civil one, and the military branches merely
auxiliary ones, necessary to enforce
the mandates of the law, as enacted and
provided by our congressional bodies, it is
evident that the executive and administrative
officers of the law should possess
the highest standard of intelligence and
Provisions of the Bill.
Among the provisions contained in the
hill advocated by the Baltimore branch
"That all officers and employes in the
classified civil service of the I'nitcd States,
except persons whose appointments are
confirmed by the Senate, are hereby arranged
in classes according to annual
salary or compensation, as follows:
"(.'lass A?Including ail employes receiving
compensation at the., rate of S'.mO per
annum or more and less than $ 1,000.
"Class B? Including all employes receiving
compensation at the rate of $l.O0Oper
aJinum or more and less than 1,200.
"Class 1?Including all employes receiving
compensation at the rate of $1,200 per
annum or more and less than $1,-MJ0.
"Class 2?Including all employes receiving
compensation at the rate of $1,400 per
annum or more and less than $1,000.
"Class ."t?Including all employes receiving
compensation at the rate of $1,000 per
annum or more and less than $1.WK>.
"Class 4?Including all employes receiving
compensation at the rate of $1,800 per
annum or more and less than $2,000.
"Ciass 5?Including all employes receiving
compensation at the rate of $2,<?00 per
annum or more and less than $2,500.
"Class 0?Including all employes receiving
compensation at the rate of $2,500 per
annum or more.
Classes Abolished.
"The classes heretofore known as classes
A, B and C are hereby abolished and
the establishment of any class of employes
with compensation at a less rate
than $000 per annum is hereby prohibited.
"That original appointments to positions
in the classified civil service shall be
made tne lowest class in each grade
of employes, and promotions sfhall be
made from class to class In each grade,
but no promotion shall be made from one
grade to a higher exeept after competitive
examination. Employes in the first
grade of the classified civil service shall
receive compensation at a rate not less
than $1,200 per annum; employes in the
second grade shall receive compensation
at a rate of not less than $1,000 per annum,
and employes in the third grade
shall receive compensation at a rate not
less than $000 per annum. And the sum
of $U0O per annum is hereby established
as the minimum rate of compensation for
employes in the classified civil service,
and the sum Of $2.'&0 is hereby established
ay the minimum per diem rate of compensation
"for employes in the classified
civil service. *
"There shall be allowed and paid to
each employe in the classified civil service.
in addition to the compensation allowed
in their respective classes and
grades, 10 per centum of their current
yearly pay for each term of five years of
service, the total of such increase for
length of service not to exceed 40 per
centum on the yearly pay.
Method of Effecting Changes.
"The employes in the classified civil
service may be reduced or demoted, suspended
or removed from the service by
the head of the executive department or
me appointment orncer iur inemnency,
misconduct or neglect of duty, but such
removal shall be made only upon charges
preferred In writing by the nominating or
appointing officer containing a specific
statement of the facts, omissions or
circumstances complained of and said to
constitute such inefficiency, neglect or
misconduct, of which charges and statement
such employes' shall have been furnished
a written copy with written notice
to make ajiswer thereto In writing
. 5
v I low to Cure a Bad C old and
End Grippe Misery in $
]< a Few Hours. t
a: if
\otj will distinctly I eei your cold itreukliig
ud all the tlrippc atniptoms leaving after tuk
lug the very Bret dnae.
If~1? a |Kwltlf fact that rape'* <V?l<l Coin
pound, taken every two hour*, until three eon'
aecuMve closer are takeu, will eml the tirlppe
and break up the most severe eold. either In the
head, ehrat. back, atotnaeh or liuilat.
It promptl.tr relieves the moat miserable headache.
dulluear. head and noae stuffed up, fev?Tlahueaa.
sneezing. sore throat, runnitix of the
nose, miieuiir eatnirbnl discharges. soreness,
stiffness and rheumatic t wince*.
Tape's Cold Compound is the result of three
years' research at a cost of. more than flfty
thousand dollars ami contains no quinine, which
j t.e have conclusively lemoiiatrated is not effective
in the treatment of colds or grippe.
Take this harmless compound as directed,
with the knowledge^ thut there Is* no other medl
vine, made any where else in the world, which
trill cure your cold or end grippe misery as
promptly and without uuy other assistance or
had after effects as a 25-cent package of Tape's
Cold Compound, which any druggiat Iff the world
can supply.
within three full.clear da>s after such
copy and notice shall have been delivered
to him in person or left at his residence
"That when an employe in the classified
civil service shall have served thirty OO)
years, whether consecutively or as the
aggregate of different periods of service,
and is seventy years of age. such employe
shall be retired from active service
and shall be placed on the civil service
retired list, and shall receive 75 per centum
per annum of his or her salary or
compensation at the time of retirement:
provided, that an employe who shall become
incapacitated while in the service
from any cause, incident to his or her
service, or from injury incurred in*' the
performance of official duty, shall be retired
without reference to .the period of
service and shall receive 75 per centum
of his or her compensation at the time
such incapacity occurred; and provided,
that when an employe shall have served
thirty-five years and is sixty-five years
of age such employe may be retired upon
his own application and shall be placed on
the civil service retired list and shall receive
75 per centum of his or her annual
salary or compensation at the time of retirement:
and provided, that an employe
who sliai! have served more than ten
years and less than thirty years, and
who shall have become incapacitated
from infirmities of age as the effect of
disease, may he retired from active service
and shall be placed on the civil serv
iec retired list, and shall rece've .">0 per
centum of the salary cr compensation at
the time of such retirement, and provided
that a sworn certificate from a
surgeon of the public health and marine
hospital service, or other surgeon or
physician in the government service, shall
be indispensable in officially determining
that an employe whose service is less
than thirty years and whose age is less
than seventy years is incapacitated from
age or disease.
Retirement Boards Established.
"That retirement boards shall be established
by the head of each executive department.
whose duty it shall be to certify
the retirement of each employe who
shaM appear by the offiolal record of his
employment to have rendered the service
and attained the age prescribed in this
act for retirement and also hear and determine
questions of ^tirement for incapacity
resulting from age, disease, injury
or the like, while during a term of
service more than ten years and less
than thirty years. Every employe certl2ed
by a retirement board to the head of
n executive department or government
establishment shall he placed on a civil
| service retirement list, which shall be
' established for each department or establishment.
and such employe shall thereupon
become entitled to and shall thereafter
receive their retired pay provided by
tills act. All applications and questions
concerning retirements of employes in
government offices outside of the city of
Washington. D. C., shall be referred to
the board of retirement in the executive
department at Washington, under which,
or in connection with which, such office
shall be operated, and in case any office
outside of Washington shall represent
more than one executive department
questions of retirement concerning employes
therein shall be referred to. the department
which authorized the appointment
of such .employes. The retirement
board in and for an executive department
shall be composed of chiefs of divisions of
bureaus thereby duly designated for the
purpose. Such hoards of retirement shaft
consist of five members, of whom three
shall be essential to official action."
Tells Chicago Bankers Cooperation
in Business Is
Essential These Days.
CHICAGO., October if.?War and the
modern tendency to combination in business
were. touched on by Gov. Dix of
New York in an address he delivered at
the banquet of the Bankers' Club here
The governor said in part:
"The skillful conduct of business and
tinanqe is a prominent element in the
greatness and prosperity of a nation.
and the skill and senilis which gives to
America her present high position in the
industrial and financial world are urgently
needed in the conduct of government
and the settlement of controverted economic,
social and political problems.
"It is not a true conservation of energy
for men of power and influence in American
life to exaggerate existing evils and
by vituperation and appeals to prejudice
and passion seek to array brother
against brother and class against class.
The time has come for words of peace
and justice. Economic and political evils
have existed and do exist; they exist in
every country in the world. Reform is
needed in many directions. Yet it remains
absolutely true that this nation
of ours is sound in every fiber, is still
the land of opportunity and that in business
and finance its leaders and prominent
figures are unsurpassed in the world
for high aims, personal honesty, clean
conduct and fidelity to Ideals.
Origin of Combinations.
"The modern forces of combination and
co-operation have their origin in the
spirit of American enterprise and national
need and opportunity. They are forces
that should not annihilated, but conserved
and regulated in the people's in*
terest. Government no longer fulfills its
function by limiting its powers, to the
guarantee of the public peace and the
sanctity of contracts. Government in
these days must build up a higher type
of^ipcial life, based upon economic justice
ana the denial of privilege.
"The problems created by these new
conditions are in their essence largely
economic and Industrial, and to solve
them properly and permanently there is
need of the experience and the knowledge
of the man of affairs.
"We are suffering from a plethora of
laws and regulations aimed at the conduct
of business. What with new interpretations
of existing laws, additions
without number to the statute hooks and
attempts to regulate and supervise every
effort ot human endeavor, business enterprise
is discouraged and checked, the
field of employment dimin shed, the rewards
of labor decreased and the flanoial
and industrial future rendered unstable
and insecure. Is it not time to stop and
Necessary in Modern Times.
"Gigantic business enterprises that can
be established only by combination and
co-operation are as necessary in these
modern times as long-distance telephones,
four-day steamships between New York
and Europe and elghteen-hour trains between
Chicago and New York.
"When great enterprises make for
economy and efficiency they should be let
alone by the law; when they aim at op
pression and extortion through monopoly
they should be curbed and regulated.
"You bankers can do. and are doing, a
great work for the welfare of mankind,
by withholding financial supplies for warmaking
"We need not discuss the question
whether there can be such a thing as a
good wur, or a bad peace; but let our
bankers covenant with their consciences
that they will never again finance a war
of exploitation, of mere aggression, of
conquest, or of plunder?in short, that
they will not finance any war that Ib
avoidable-and the day of the war lord
will be near its end, and that of world
peace, founded on arbitral Justice, will
soon have dawned."
To Tow Ships in Dry Dock.
SptM'inl l.'uMrffrani to Tbr Star.
AMSTERDAM. October 14.?Two dry
docks. one inside the other, and a ship inside
the smaller one. are to be towed
from Europe to the Dutch East Indies.
The large dock is being built In Holland
and the smaller dock and ship in England.
To obviate towing the three separately
halfway round the world Jt is proposed
to make "one job of it." as indicated.
The saving will be considerable.
\t ? ?
< i |
Walter Baker! Q
| Chocolate. M
Y | Full pound package. I
Y This coupon and 30c
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Y candy kitchen daily, thereby assurY
ing at all times the freshest of canY
dies. Many delicious, toothsome
Y kinds at prices that are unusually
Jordan Almonds, usuallv ?i<tr lb.
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Fa.ry, 3 for 10c j
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parent soap with plenty of quality,
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* Elastic Stockings.
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J' English Handmade Elastic Stocky
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A Silk Knee Caps $1.08
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Rev. William Anthony, Getting Out
of Way of Train, Steps Into
Engine's Path.
FREDERICK. Md.. October 16.?Rev.
William Anthony, a Methodist Episcopal
minister, who for the past two years
has been pastor of the congregations at
Doubs, Point of Rocks, Jefferson and
Middletown, in Frederick county, was
killed yesterday afternoon by being
struck by tbe tender of a locomotive on
the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, near
Mr. Anthony had preached yesterday
morning at Doubs, and in the afternoon
set out to walk to Point of Rocks, where
he was to have preached at night. Seeing
train approaching on the track on
which he was walking, he stepped over
to the adjoining track, on which a locomotive
was running backward to Washington
Junction; He evidently was unaware
ot the locomotive's approach, and
was not seen by the 'engineer or the
fireman in time to avert the accident.
The tender struck him in the back and he
was killed instantly, his stfull being fractured.
vir* 4 ntVinnv aim u'flv a native of Bal
MA I ? ?l*l " '? * ~ -? ? - - - ?
timore. was about fifty years of age, and
had been a member of the Baltimore
Methodist Episcopal Conference for a
number of years. He came to Frederick
county two years ago from En, Garden,
W. Va.
By those who heard his sermon yesterday
morning it was remarked as a
strange coincidence that he had spoken
of the uncertainty of life, and suggested
the possibility that some of those who
had met at the service might never meet
Only by removing the cause can
any chronic Ulcer or Old Sore be
cured. No one will question the
truthfulness of this statement. The
cause is always from an inward
source, never an outward influence,
and therefore the only possible way
to get rid of these places is to take
internal treatment. Pure blood is the
one unfailing cure for chronic ulcers;
just as long as the circulation is allowed
to remain in an impure condition
the place will be kept open from
the constant discharge of impurities
into it from the blood. But pure
blood will change this condition and
the flesh tissues will be nourished
and made healthy, and then nature
?1 At.. 1 Al.. U I
Will promptly auu pci maiiciitiy iic?i
the ulcer. S. S. S. is recognized as
the greatest of all blood purifiers and
therein lies its power to cure old
ulcers and sores. It goes into the 1
circulation and removes every trace i
of impurity or infectious matter, and 1
so enriches this vital fluid that it
nourishes all flesh tissues instead of '
irritating them with impurities. When
S. S. S. has cleansed the blood and
the place has healed over it is not a
surface cure, but the ulcer is tilled in i
with healthy flesh from the bottom.
Free book and any medical advice
will be sent to all sufferers who will
write us. S. S. S. is for sale at drug '
stores. . '
Atlanta, Ga.
' ' * r ** - M.
Cor. 7th oil K Sts.
_ %
Cut Prices for
day and ^
Have You Drunk From !
a Sanitary Soda Cup?
You cannot fail to realize the
rlMnlv fr?? t u rr??a of a ??nitflrv soda
cup. You drink from a cup that has
never been used before. There is no
. possibility of your having to swallow
disease germs that can easily be
found on soda glasses at most fountains.
We adopted this service upon
the suggestion of the District board
of health office. It has been a pleasure
to our customers and all success
for ourselvetf.
Cures a Cough in
One Night.
i Cheri=tone
Knocks a cough in double-quick :
time?an unusually good prescription:
quick and positive; for
coughs, colds and bronchial troubles.
Safe for children.
19c amid 35c
Household Drugs.
tlOe Alcohol, pint 40c
15c Borax, pound....' 0c
Epsom Salts, pound ? 5c
Boric Acid, pound lnc
Sal Ammoniac, pound 10c
Sugar Milk, pound 1- c
Sodium Phosphate, pound 15c
Sodium Phosphate, effervescent,
bottle 18c
Sodium Phosphate, effervescent.
1 pound. 42c
Witch Hazel, pint 15c
Bay Rum, pint .'.25c
Soda Mint, pint 15c
Cod Liver Oil. pint 25c ,
Peroxide Hydrogen, pint l'.'c
25c Dioxogen *. 17c
11.00 Dioxogen 50c
25c Giyco Thymoline 18c
25c Menthoiatum 14c
50c Cuticura Ointment 39c
? ?
Big Cut in
We are thoroughly equipped in
this department for fitting trusses.
We have only experienced
assistants. Private fitting rooms.
v i .. _i t
i.au.v cierKH.
$1.30 New York Elastic Truss,
79c !
* $1.73 New York Elastic Truss
(water pad) 98c
$3.30 Hard Rubber Truss; the
I cleanest, lightest and most
sanitary truss worn $1.98
| Leather Covered Truss $3.30
$6.00 Spring Truss, covered
with finest French calf: very
,comfortable $4.00
Double Trusses $2.00 and up.
Children's Trusses. .$1.00 and up.
I 631
d Open every Iuesd;
g Saturdays, at l p.m.; c
I Germine ?
& -f/OvtVO n /Qv
I UVU>U IL-dll
S it's the little things that c
If may not appear an important
|| play an important part in your
m to gather together a collection
^ We are showing several p
S tered oak and mahogany at $i
jjf shaped, well balanced, com fori
jp stered seats covered in good <
H enough to make an efficient hea
j| good looking at the same time
jl look a long way to equal the
H them at special prices.
I $12 a?
^ This Extension Table is an except
Ej tionally good value. Solid quartered
Sj oak top (not veneered as so many
5f tables are?, heavy pedestal
go and legs and finest hand II
ij polish finish. Price only ftp ti
Oold Decrease and Increase in Silver
- TT?'X.J
in urnicu ouivcb.
Production of gold in the United States
decreased S3.400.000 and the production of
silver increased SI, 300,000 during the
calendar year 1010. The official estimates
have been finished by the mint bureau
and the geological survey.
The most notable features disclosed by
the joint Investigation were a decrease
of W.OpO.OOO in the production of placer
gold in Alaska and an increase of more
than 92,000.000 from the gold mines of
Nevada produced during the year gold
worth nearly 910,000,000; California and
Colorado each produced 920.000.000. Texas
stands at the bottom of the account with
Tbe total gold production of the United
BS? Prop.
Opposite Geltfeaberg's.
_ ? ,
T oday, T ues=
f ednesday.
Rubber Goods, i
Every article sold by us is sold
with our, written guarantee. We ,
guarantee every Fountain Syringe i
and Water Bottle to keep in perfect i
condition for not leas than one year.
ceptlonal value. Pure red rubber
bag and tubing: three pif>es. Usually j
I sold for $1.&0. and well worth 00it.
This sale only I OyC
capacity; vrhlte rubber: worth
$1.25: fully guaranteed. Speclal,
this sale /VC
made of heaviest maroon or black
rubber: the best hag possible to produce.
Regular price, $2.25. ?
i This sale VOC
maroon rubber; brand-new- goods,
shipped from factory this week.
Si?valu':.. " $9.29
full 2-quart bag: maroon
rubber. Worth *2: fully
NO. 750?Fine Fleur de Lvs maroon
rubber: full 2-quart: two- Cfl fl
year guarantee ^*11 oil Ye
*<PRAY SY RINGE: safest iiQ ,
and best ?J> U
For Ali Kidney Ills.
Compound Buchu Buttons are
highly recommended for kidney,
. livcr'and bladder troubles, urinary
affections, pain In the back,
uric acid, rheumatism, etc.
| Sale price
Piles Cored. i |
give instant relief for blind,
bleeding and itching piles; allay
irritation and protrusion.
We recommend this preparation I
and know it to be reliable, as a
number of our customers have
I found relief from It when all
other preparations failed:
12 cones. 76c box vw i
Haiir Tonics.
Japalmo Rum and Quinire
Hair Tonic: a clean, nonoily
dressing and grower:
.Vic bottle 3#c
Vic Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur.:H?c
Vic Hay's Hair Health 35c
50c Parisian Sage 33c
.Vic Danderine 33c j
50c Herpicide 31*c
5tic Pinaud Eau de Quinine... .35c
$1.00 Ayer's Hair Vigor tSie
Otic Walnutta 3Wc
20c Walnutta. sample size 10c
25c Nelson's Hair Dressing. .. .17c
to 639 Massachusetts Avei
Mass. Ave. Near Seventh Street.)
iy and Friday evening unt
>ther days at 6 p.m.
ount in making a home. Rockers
item in the furnishings, but they
comfort. So we have been careful
of Rockers that meets every need,
larticularly good patterns in quar-.
2 and $13.50. They are big. well
table Rockers, with spring upholjuality
of leather, and backs high
idrest. The really restful kind, and
We know that you will have to
values, because we .Have marked
d $13.50.
To save on carpet cleani
. Rugs properly cleaned each yes
better than it they only get an
mention the danger of harborin
cellent Carpet Cleaning Plant?
. and our process does the work
ing the fabrics. All work is dot
der our own supervision. Ordt
promptlv and satisfaction guara
Telephone M
States imludinr Alaska, the Philippines
and Porto Rico, was 190,000,000. The
lotal production of stlvsr was $57,000,000.
Rev. Richard Garten Then Decides i
' to Leave Pulpit.
9T. I,Ol*IJ5. October 16.?From a poor j
supply preacher to small Baptist churches
near Alton. 111., the Rev. Richard Garten |
has become a semi-millionaire. He has
notified the congregations he used to serve
that he will preach no more.
Mr. Garten, who is sixty, was summoned,
with his wife and family, to Ix>s
Angelea two months ago by the illness of
Mrs. Garten's brother, William Bummers.
He returned to Alton with the news that
his brother-in-law had died and left him
and his wife the whole of his estate,
Quiroime. |
2-graln Quinine Cap- y
Ei Miles. do* .V V
2-jrrain Quinine Cap- i*
miles, 100 2T?c I 1
, t-frain Quinine Cap- y
| pule*, do* It- j >
! 5-irratn Quinine Cap- y
stiles. do* l?tc Y
2-graln Quinine Pill!". T
per K*t. ISc X '
laxative Quinine ? *
Tablet!*, box Wr y
=1 : i
Cigars. Cigars. |
Our Cigar Guarantee has made us
mao.v satisfied customers. It allows *?
a ctistomer the privilege of returning
any purchase that ho lias made y
should it not prove satisfactory or y
suit him in every respect. We ?rl *j*
allow him to exchange the purchase V ,
for any other cigar. or money back Y *
if he desires it. 1
Jose Paumo. X
This . icar is of e\?-ellei?t apitear- 1 '
ance. and was not made to sell lor
less than 7o each. For this lot only- %
for lOc; K for iV. V
fi rst Ih>x of "e? cigars ...
karat qualit\ ; it for 25c; box of ."et. /,
1119. X
produced for the money; box of .'et
cigars. Wk . *.
HKI.RN OF TYRK-Cwarantecd y
clear Havana?a smoke for gentle- v
men at home or office. Bought espe- y
eiallv for Ihix trade Kadi. 7. . l?o\ *1*
of .'e?. B.S. Y
sneaks what we think of it for V
25c size. tic. ?
l.ihr.li i i i.Mill i .\iwa\s ...
One of our Ivst ami most .-a t isfa < 4
tery sellers. Wo have ? > buv 'hicigar
In la-irc quantities to sell r at
the price. Sells elsewhere for ."<
Our price. 5 for 1<?e: * for 25c: SI 5ft <
box. %
ROMA GRAND?Tills cigar is for <
the men w ho smokes lots of . .gars !?
antl wants t<? get a imod smoke at a
nominal price We have ha.l two v
years of success with this cigar .7
for Iflr; *> 'or 2.1c: box. SI 5ft
I .OR I ROST.YN?A n <1 5c cigar:
7 for l?ic; S for 2-V-; * 1 "a1 bo*. V
CAMEO?> straight < igar; 7 fo? *;*
25c: box of oft. St.#15 V
MA NI DA NETS A sfogte; hest V
money can buv: 2 for .V A
RED KING 7 for 25. ; SI ho hoy of !
"-0. X JOHN
Rl'SK IN?A h>, full .Vim h ^
perfecto. Special. 5 X
GEN. ROSEGR ANS-Our reliable *
5c straight cigar: f'J.ui box of 5ft /.
SQt'ARS A big package of v 15c
value, cut to 1ftc. ?B?
Old Mill f'igarcites, 1 packages for <
15c. V
Royal N'estors. Mat ads. Mogu . <
and Naturals: 15c package. 11c
Harem. Nazmas, Fatimas; I".
package. vj
nr _ ?ti _ vl a n v
a cue! i?fcruues.
n?k- Hinds' Honov and Mmon<< V
...? , ?
< roam t
.v>o Japainm Almond <'roam". <>- i,
rollout toilot oroam; same sizo I
as Hinds' J'.o I
Tr?r- I'ompolan Massac <"roa:n .. 4V J.
r?ftc Fanthrox ttiio shampoo* .'Sa* X
.W Nadinola <"roani
.Vt<- Viola t'roam.. "'!c >
Vic Stlllman's Frooklo t'mm ?
.Vk Rarnard's Frooklo (Vain y
7.V- Kintho Krr-klr t'roam *;*
.Mir Spnrmax *E?<
Vk: IVrma Viva ? a liquid fa<o * *
powder: it whitons I ho skin and V
pivos a oloar and smooth comploxion
:??o Y
Anhroy Sisdors' Roautitior -'? tI.
Blair's Cucumber ("roam 'J.V X ? >
U.V Dappett & Ramsdell's Cream,
IRo; .'I for .r<oo X
.W- Dappott & Ramsdolt's <'reani >c ??- ^
_\-ic V'iolot Ammonia I."** v *
I E!
1UC |
:il o o'clock. We close & *
-J rwj
%*- m .
gleamed. |
ing is mistaken economy.
ir will last longer and look , p
occasional cleaning?not to
g germs. W e have an cx-the
best in Washington?
thoroughly without damagte
on our own premises un- p
;rs called for and delivered
mteed. P* *
lain m:i u
valued at more tlian J.Vki.Oon He said
that he would be obliged to devote himself
for the rest of his life to carina for
his property.
A Strange Legacy.
EJIlen Thorne.vcroft Fowler contribute*
a prize aspirant to our next Sunday
Magazine entitled "Emilia " Emilia was
jne of those individuals popularly known
la old maids, but she was a sweet womin.
and had been left an exceedingly
it range legacy by her father?which hei
pother was not to know about on any
account. Her father, in his young man
jood. had had a tragic romance, which J
lad more or less embittered his entlr? M
ifter life and caused him to carry out a fl
jeculiar pact with himself When his fl
arthly end was approaching lie belucathed
hie ta-k to Kin ilia, at the sam?
ime telling to her alone the remarkable
secret. And so the faithful girl fulfilled
he misaion that her parent s aoul mlcht
est in peace, it is a peculiar story that *
r'~ *'

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