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j | ^0^17S
l|i CFiibs, Beds
Quality is most essential in
I I should be strong and durable, t
mattress of known purity. The
& Foster" Mattresses allows you
m | tress and to be certain of its pur
Purchases here may bo charge
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jl Brass
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All-Iron Be
This Heavy AIMn
K- - - ?
r ^t?i???i?i?*? * ? ?-? fflaat B?
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M^wf 'M/ppH1 T/r
AN^/U iiVl
The investment in a "Stearns
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Foster featured makes a mattress
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"Stearns & Foster" Mattresses
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.MB H st. n.e. . A/fli** *=74. T
i*xh aa?l E ?t?. ?.? . \rXHa i LI
Telephone Connect!*
9 i
Unsettled Conditions In
Diamond Markets.
According to the iatest reports from the diamond
centers. Amsterdam and Antwerp, there
rill be an additions! adrance of from 10 to iy?
(n 'he price of cot diamonds.
. Tkla is caused by the organizing of the <Jta-uouJ
cutters into unions after the pattern of ;
?ur labor unions, and the demands for higher
rage*. ai?o by a raise in the price of uncut i
hoick by the Ia.oJod syndicate.
Mr. Adolpb Kahn, the Jeweler, of t?3"> F street,
"ko has Just returned from abroad, when Interviewed
state?1 that while in Antwerp and Amsterdam
he had foreseen this udvan e and had
bought law quantities of diamonds at prices
at which it is now inipossjhlc to obtain tbem.
For instance, lie can now sell a 'j-earat bluewhite
diamond for far., which sbou'd be at least
|r> \ vi a 1-curat diamond for $120, which should
I ji its !"?
| ?
Without An EquaH.
For style and superior construction
" Young's Deli Terr Wagons are unriral-'d.
t>rv moderately priced.
TP Vn1lf^^!C, r-?rrisce iti! ItWPa.aT n.w.
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evenlhSt. ?
& Bedding I r
beds and -bedding. Your bed j jji
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d, if you desire. We'll arrange
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>st ef Mattress ; j
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. i ii
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ittress i||
I; I
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irgain Special!!
This Beautiful English Salad Bowl ii
"REE with every i>urchase of 1 lb. ::
rhea-Xectar Tea, 00c lb.; or 1 lb. II
ioiden Key Tea, 00c lb.; or two 25c II
>ottles of A & P Extracts. , 11
Can j
21st and K Sts. Mkt.
center Market.
i .">th and K Sts. Mkt.
u r.flKfrrn Mkt. ? f>
>ns All Stores. I
* ft ?t-H ftftftftftft^Ma*
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40 Bushels Crushed Coke, delivered. .84.60
I BO Bushels Crushed Coke, delivered. .$8.30
Washington Gas Light Co..
? ?
Presentation Feature of Cardinal
Gibbons' Jubilee.
Delegates of Society Present From
Nearly Every State.
Prominent Catholic Divines Assembled
in Baltimore to Pay
Tribute to Prelate.
BALTIMORE, >fd., October 16.?The
opening of the lirst national congress ot
the Holy Name Society and the presentation
of a golden rosary to Cardinal Gibbons
constituted the chief features today
in the cardinal's dual iubilee celebration.
I The rosary is composed of gold nu?i
gets mined by a Newfoundland miner.
J and was presented to the cardinal by the
Knights of Columbus of America. At the
same time the cardinal received a set ot
engrossed resolutions of congratulation
passed by the national organization of
the knights.
A mass at 7 o'clock this morning in all
the Catholic churches of the city for
the delegates preceded the opening of the
Holy Name Congress, which later assem!
bled at the Lyric. Bishop O. B. Corrigan
of this city presided and Cardinal Gibbons
delivered an address.
Represent 600,000 Members.
Delegates of the society are in attendance
from nearly every state in the
Union, representing a membership of
tSOb.OOO men. The chief object of the society,
which was formed in the thirteenth
century, is to suppress profanity and
blasphemy and to inst.ll a greater reverence
in the hearts of its members for
things divine. In connection with the
congress, the Very Rev. Charles H. McKenna
of New York city, the veteran
Dominican missionary, who revived the
society in America, more than forty years
ago, addressed the v.siting members of
the hierarchy at Calvert College.
Other events arranged for today are
the jubilee parade this afternoon and
solemn vespers at the cathedral in the
evening, at which Bishop P. J. Donohue
of Wheeling, W. Va., will preach.
In the cathedral here, where, flftj
years ago. he was ordained a priest, then
successively consecrated a bishop, invested
with the pallium of an archbishop and
twenty-five years after his ordinatior
rece.ved the red beretta of a cardinal,
Cardinal Gibbons yesterday received
homage from illustrious prelates and laymen
from all parts of this country and
foreign lands.
Cardinal Celebrates Mass.
The ecclesiastical celebration of the
cardinal's dual jubilee began in the
morning with pontifical high mass, cele
brated bv the cardinal, with Rev. Dr.
William A. Fletcher, rector of the cathedral.
as deacon, and Rev. F. C. Gavan
chancellor of the archdiocese, subdeacon
Archbishop John J. Glennon of St
Ixiuis delivered the sermon, which was
an eloquent tribute to the head of the
American church.
The music was chiefly Gregorian
though there were intervals of figured
music, and orchestral instruments were
employed In the choir. The decorations
were confined to the sanctuary. The
main altar was ablaze with hundreds oi
candies and radiant with thousands oi
Bermuda lilies. Over the altar were th<
arms of the church, with the dates of the
jubilee. 1861. 1886 and 1911.
In the procession, which for impressiveness
probably never has been surpassed
in this country, were nine of America's
I twelve archbishops and about thirty bishops.
Included among the archbishops
were Diomede Falconlo, the apostolic
delegate, and Paul Bruchesi of Montreal.
Among tlie bishops was Hugh MacSherry
of South Africa, There were three civilians
In the line. One was .V. E. Mankins
of New York, who received the decoration
of knighthood In the Order of St.
Gregory, at the hands of the Pope. He
wore a scarlet waistcoat, on which
gleamed a number of jeweled decorations
he has received.
The other two civilians were Aristides
Leonard; of Rome and Edward du Met
of Philadelphia, both of whom wore the
scarlet coats of apostolic chancellors and
marched beside the apostolic delegate.
Address of Falconio.
Following the mass, dinner was serve*
to the visiting clergy at St. Mary's
Seminary. In response to a toast proposed
for Pope Pius, Archbishop Falconio,
the papal delegate, said that up to the
time of the present pontiff's election "society
at large was distracted by a spirit
of innovation and unwholesome liberty;
that a vastly extended and most dangerous
organization of modernistic ideas was
undermining the most fundamental truths
of the Christian religion and that prob;
lems oi the highest importance tor the
1 welfare of the church and of society were
! awaiting a speedy solution.
| "There was required then." said the
| archbishop, "a man of apostolic zeal, a
I man coming from the ranks of the peo!
pie. who could fully understand their
| wants and direct the movements of the
| advancing democracy; a- man of Chris;
tian courage and of stern determination,
I able to protect the rights of the church
i and religious liberty against irreligous
> lee station and atheism. And God nro
vided the church with such a providential
man in the person of Pius X, whose
energetic action in the administration of
the church has been so beneficial to religion."
The papal delegate thanked the American
Catholics for their "well known loyalty
to the holy .see," and offered to
Cardinal Gibbons his felicitations on the
occasion of his twofold jubilee, giving
him high praise for his "glorious career."
Tribute of Farley.
> Archbishop John M. Farley of New
! York, in lauding the cardinal for what he
| had accomplished for their Catholic faith
[ in America, expressed the hope that
t eventually he would be seated upon the
t throne of the Vatican.
In response to the toast to the Presit
dent of the United States, Archbishop
[ John Ireland of St. Paul said that Presi\
dent Taft had not discriminated against
Cathoilcs, and that while he had given
them no more than their due, they were
, grateful to him.
> The cardinal, rising at the end of the
dinner, said that the prejudices which
formerly existed against Catholicism in
this country were almost exterminated.
He charged the bishops and archbishops
around him with the command to garner
by the end of another fifty years 100,000,000
souls for the Catholic church in
this country.
Archbishop FalcoonJo presided at the
t .U . J 1 1_ 4 1
vespers in me vuiucurm mai 11 gm, una
the sermon was delivered by Archbishop
Janes H. Blenk of New Orleans.
Shorty McCabe Again!
i Sewell Ford enlightens our next Sunday
' Magazine with one of his tine Shorty
| McCabc stories. "Barton's Primrose
Plunge." Poor Barton had been pestered
by a somewhat narrow and puritanicwife,
and when she finally departed this
1 lite the longing husband -proceeded to
sow a large acreage of wild oats. All the
while, however, he was inwardly chafing
at the strange fetters the gay life was
forging about his inherently Innocent
personality. And so he was not entirely
displeased when Angelina. Murdock,
agent for a votes for women organization,
a former intimate of his wife, took up the
reins of his somewhat crimson life and
proceeded to set him straight again. Of
course Shorty was the good angel standing
by pdor Barton through all his experiences.
The tale is funny and full of
! Shorty sidelights.
King's 500-yard ?
Basting Cotton; all / Be
% numbers. Spe- ca)
jjf for':. 3...SPOO,.S J0c sp
'? * 2H and 3 Inch Skirt ?
3C Beltings; in heavy s,z
black and white mer- o-,
TP cerixed silk. Regular price.
23c yard, ft ? _ cia
| Special, yard HOC foi
Every housekeeper wants
f. nn
k $14.50 Axmiwf
I $8.9
; !; Genuine Axminster?soft,
: yt orientals and florals?beautifi
ft 6x9 ft.
: i ! SUS & $18 S
1 I *'
31 | Floor samples. Plaii
% | borders of a narrow straig
. ?;C | Each side shows a diffcrei
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! We Hav
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) strictly man-tailored
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3C 54 inches wide, and inclm
ft spuns, diagonal serges, Natte
| =& cipallv rough weaves or semi-i
ft quality that will sponge well
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ft STORM SERGE. 50 inch<
& is of pure worsted yarn, and ,
S a vard
ft First Floor?Dress Goods
fC'W.."..' v.- ' \
vr "wiry*. Ci cvr/c-A-; r-. nrt j
I ,
? Frederic i. Haskin's Compre
[ hensive Exposition Available
to Star Readers.
i ????
' Nothing is more astonishing to th
average government official than the ig
1 norance that many people display whei
writing to the various government de
partrncnts on off! rial business.
Some of them, for instance, fancy tlia
the Department of Justice has ccontrol o
the courts, and that the federal judge
have to do about as the department says
' Others try to sell their inventions t<
the patent office, or ask it to take u
their Ideas and place them on the marke
on a commission basis.
Write for Clover Seed.
Still others write to the Department u
Agriculture for a bushel of clover tec
: or a bag of wheat.
One hopeful sign, however, is the fac
that this Bort ot' correspondence shows ;
tendency to fall off. People are bcginntni
! to see the advantage of knowing hov
their government 1b operated; of knowin(
; what it is doing in their behalf.
In a letter approving the chapter de
voted to the Department of Justice ii
the new book, "The American Govern
ment, by Frederic j. iiastun, Attorne:
' General George W. Wlckersham say
the book will prove of value to man;
people who have no idea what the De
partraent of Justice really is.
In Clear, Concise Way.
And so it is with every chapter. Th
story of the government at work is toll
in such a clear, concise way that whei
one reads It he is not only well enter
tained, but he gains a fund of just thi
sort of information needed by every per
son who would know what Uncle Sam ii
doing and how he does it. Save thi
. coupons from The Star and get a cop;
of this valuable book.
Young Woman Severely Injured bj
Pupil of Outdoor School
at Montclair, N. J.
MOXTCIAIR. X -I.. October Ifi? Misi
Edith Chase, a teacher in the Montclali
outdoor school for children of tuberculoui
tendencies, has been moved to her hom<
in New York city suffering from seiloui
injuries resulting from an attack mad<
upon her by Benedict Annello, a seven
year-old pupil.
Annello had been a disturbing factoi
in the school since the reopening of th<
present term, and Miss Chase had fount
it necessary to reprove him on several ?c
Friday lie was especially noisy, anc
when Miss Chaee corrected him he flew a
her, biting and scratching. Miss Chase'i
hands and arms were torn, and she re<
treated before the attack. Annello ther
picked up a ehalr. which he brought dowr
with great force on Miss Chase's bosom
Miss Chase almost fell from the force o;
.RES >25v f-* /
Hip-oat Collar j
ines; all sizes; 6 on I r ^
rd; white only. K<r V ^VO A\
eclal, card \ II \
filk Dress Shields: I |\
;e *4; regular value, I / 1 J I V
; pair. Spe- \. v J/
J. 2 pairs 25c
,, ** * * ^ ^ ^ ?
a new rug for refitting the house ir
<^4- h?n?o Vi?.n/1crv?^/> r?/?c 4rv ^
ui navv, uaiiuouiuv i iu gu Willi
iter Rugs, ' $;
, deep wool surface? .
i1 new designs. Size ! Perf
i ft. and 8cotch
Art Rugs,
i color solid wool rugs, having I
[lit line or narrow stenciled effects, f
it color. Colors are greens, reds, ?
Size 9x12 ft. ?
^(Tbr= = ^A//Ol AA
^ tVJ'Hj' V V ^ V \
to increase the number of T
80, so, madam, it behooves
effects. Best satin and sil
nd $2o00
? at 98c
fle such weaves as German homeweaves
and Scotch mixtures, prinough,
which are favorites this fall
Ti-ic i Li- -?
iiio, uiigui. iiisiruus liiacK, a
and wear exceptionally (? j] a (Q
a yard, tomorrow 4^ H o 11 V
:s wide, in navy blue. This
a big- value for the money. ^(Q)q
y '. Jyyy'y y..- yy:;' y y yyy y y i
I ?
the blow, but she tried to seize the chair.
Annello again raised the chair, however,
' and hurled it at the teacher. The chair
hit Miss Chase In the abdomen, and she
fell to the floor crying with pain.
The twenty-two pupils in the school ran
screaming from the tent which forms the
1 shelter for the class. The janitor at the
I Maple Avenue School, nearby, heard the
5 cries or me cniiureu, miu uurnea up. me
r was just in time to prevent Miss Chase
from receiving: another blow with the
s chair. The janitor seized Annello.
? Annello will be sent to the school for
delinquent boys.
r _
i Treat Her So Well She Will Refuse
to Leave House.
i WILKESBARRE, Pa.. October 16 ?
t Good servant girls are mighty scarce in
i this city, but no housewife has been ac.
cused of kidnaping one until yesterday,
i Mrs. Brennan of Kingston went to the
j United Charities here and declared that
. her daughter Katie had been virtually
f stolen from home by Mrs. George Oullek,
^m1^ 8th ST. & Pa. Ave. uv,
i the fall, or, if you are a new house
the pretty, new furniture. Buy the
12.50 to $30 Qerium
Ax mi nster Rugs,
s 14.5?
ect rugs?florals and orientals. Siz
$20 Brussels Rugs, j
$ 12.25 |
H eayv ? seamless ? perfect, j
Orientals and florals. Size ]
9x12 ft. j
tould Lnketc
Suite td
ailored Suits that could be i
you to be here early. Onl;
k linings. Take advantage
i IMs SdcMlfor 1
i ^
i The hardest- ?
f ) headed, best |
? f'i'T \ natured baby
i a little girl t
f t^/Jf jaA ever "cuddled j
; JK/jII \ UP" Bumps, i
1 | * lyfl thumps, raps ?
*-T F nor whacks |
I affect him.
2 Jf * "Unbreakable
i Bill" belongs ?
i f to the large ?
J y y, i family of t
i ^ character dolls *
that all little folks have learned \
f to love. He is 10 inches high, and is ?
? dressed in rompers of various colors, j
PninA ar?a <rof o f?nhq IntoH tvif V?
? him, little girl; and little boys.
: You will find him at home in a spe
i cial booth on the first floor. ?
? % ."4 rirt rw->r?n .in wa-v. .1 ."a -- .. -. i-v*
- 1 -? ' " I
S Pennsylvania Ave
A Decided Ai
Pjf Conservativ
the 500 Si
They are not '
shop, seeking a pi
been made up wil
garment, r lttin^
Grays i
;:MgSj| snappy mode
ijllp stouts and lo
|?|L it's bein^ ac<
who is persuading her to remain at sen'- c
ice with her. t
"When I went after Katie she locked
herself in a room and wouldn't see me," 1
Mrs. Brennan complained tearfully. s
Mrs. Gulick and her husband say that v
Katie is eighteen: that they pay her good .
wages, and that she is satisfied with ner J1
place and would rather work for them d
than go in a silk factory and turn her J1
wages over to her mother.
The agent of the United Charities says b
he will investigate the case and learn h
if maids are so few that it is necessary- d
to carry one oft by force or stratagem.
Jury Acquits Man Who Shot De> ?
spoiler of His Home. t<
CARUNSVIIXE, III. October 16.?John ?
W. Wash, acquitted here Saturday of the ^
murder of George Clarence Martin, whom a
he 6hot to death for despoiling his home, n
will become reconciled to Mrs. Waah. c
"I have a certain Christian duty toward
my wife, and I expect to live up to it." J
he told a reporter. "Doubtlees I will be ?
'tmmtinrjrtrtrlmr-.^ k"-kwwvcvv'*?--. .<r -#.-??->c-, r*as
' 1
. .. Only Fiv*
x&/7? free
S. | I l(^J Lectures at ic
qy i n iom
\ l 11 Crown Roast
\>y Potato Roses
Farina Balls.
keeper assembling fresh, new h<
m here?prices speak tor thems
e $50 V
cs f)XI, Art loom Seam]
compact. Attractiv*
: Remnants ol
inlaid Ui
! Thick granites?pebbled e
- go through to the back. Plain
- grades made. Special tomorr<
3) Have 800
nade out of these "sample
y one or two of a kind. Si
of this offering SURE.?
New Fat
Look over this list?see th<
morrow's selling. Then be her
trous finish, and in the followi
brown, tan. light blue, pink,
A yard
long?needed for coats, and oflft
and fast black. Usual 20c qu
a yard
green, white, cream and black.
a yard
First Floor?S. Kann. Son
.5 W VWUVmKi AOU? ' WU" W U' V.' UJ'?5 UU*W
< ? '/?**? r riw< ??- www rw, r. .w< ^
s & ^on
ivantage Is Oi
This Special S
_1. _ iU. 1
eiy me vaiueb range u
iits we've divided in
nrchaser. But every Suit
th all those characteristic
I our way; modeled our w
md Browns?staple dark mixt
:1s, as well as the conservati\
ngs, of all sizes. A sale to ecli
44 k<i4 T /1AM*4 MOVA aVtAIlt
Wash expects to move to Greene couny,
Ky., where he was reared. He has
old his store and home in Palmyra,
rhere the killing occurred.
After the trial Charles Buehling, a
Liror. expressed approval of Wash's conuct,
amid assenting nods from other
urors gathered about.
"Martin should have been killed long
efore he was," said Buehllng. "and if l
ad been in Wash's place 1 would have
one just what he did."
Gires Party for Children.
Mrs. Isidor Grosner gave her annual
arty to the children of Bruen Home,
S00 O street northwest, Saturday afteroon.
Mrs. Grosner has given a party
j the children annually for nine years
n the birthday anniversary of her
aughter Ruth. The next event in the
ome life will be a fair during November,
t which articles made by the children
ill be on sale.
ike LAXATIVE BROMO QnlolM Tablets. Drug
tsts refund money if it fails to core. S. W.
ROVE'S si fas'tire is on each 2Se.
I -I. ? I. . ? ?
I I. I II. .. I II II II *
i Days More of Our
Cooking School
* a.m. and 2130 p.m. 4th Floor.
Peach Farina Lfi .
Waffles. *
i mm
msehold chattel-, oi cour>e. you
Hilton Rugs, \ .
39.75 '
le>s?extra tine. W oven verv
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t? designs. Size <)\i2 ft.
f $! & $1.25 I ;
< 1
fleets in green and blue that
' 1
brown in the thickest
)\v, per square yard..^"-^C <>
^js nrti U
on u iniese j |
f *
; lengths" of imported \
tyles are the latest in 5
-2d Floor?Suit Section.
1 Linings | j
y Priced I \
e unusual values we offer for to- h
e early. S i
inches wide; good quality, lus- b !,
ntr shades: Grav. navv.
C7 ^ '
white, cream and black. ::
OO'^ *:
idded with haircloth, extra Q(Q)/:red
tomorrow at
36 inches wide, all colors
ality. Special tomorrow, ^ ;
LINING, in navy, brown, dark ; '
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s & Co. : S
I'- W WW..'U' W-JV?''JW
c in;nn<->C~A~Vnr%nn.**?tr**v cm.?"o?. c-. ^ -
__ !
tipany i
Seventh Street.
[fered *
uit Occasion.
ip to $20?and | :*
to three lots? hi*
$15 I
ures?in the new
e cuts?regulars,
pse a record?and
"? ~?. - ~ ?~~ .* 1
e? ft
I Medal Awarded *-*
' 1 ? " ?v?iowaiu I JU1C
Oehl for Rescuing Two Men.
A silver medal for gallant conduct, exhibited
in rescuing two men from drowning
in Scammon's harbor. Lake Huron.
; has been awarded to Alfred H. Oehl.
boatswain's mate, second class, United
States Navy, by the Secretary of tha
The gunboat Yantic, loaned to the naval
mflitia of Michigan, the last vessel ever
built in the Washington navy yard, was
at anchor in deammon'a harbor, at tha
north end of Lake Huron, August 14. A?
the steam cutter was being hauled aboard
the davit backs broke, precipitating two
men Into the water. Boatswain's Mat#
Oehl immediately dived overboard and
rescued the two men.
Oehl Is a native of Newark. N. J. He
has been hi the service about live years.
H. T. Patrick, one <***
residents of Hustburg. Vs. died at that
place Friday afternoon of fart fnnare
aged seventy-four years. He was a .
Confederate veteraa.

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