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Old Crown. F'oivclain ('rotrn, I*lat^s, $ "?;
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S# 9
New Aid for Admiral Dewey.
T.ieut. Commander I.. R. Sargent has
h' en detached from duty aboard the armored
cruiser South Dakota of the Pacific
fleet and ordeted to Washington as aid to
Admiral Den or and to duty on the general
board. It is understood that Commander
John H. Dayton, now aid to the
admiral of the navy, will be assigned to
command the naval training station at
Xarragansett bay, L. i.
Hand Severed in Planing Mill.
Joseph Warder. 'Jtiu North Capitol
street, suffered the loss of his right hand
ihis morning about 10:Clo o'clock, while
working in a planing mill at .'?th and V
streets northeast. Warder was working
on the joining machine when his hand
was caught under the knife and severed
near the wrist. He was taken to Sibley
Hospital in a private conveyance.
James T. Dunbar of Huntington. W.
Va.. pleaded guilty in the circuit court
a* Itinton W Va . to an indictment
charging him with libeling a prominent
young society woman and a business
man of Hinton. The court sentenced him
to jail for ninety days and imposed a
fine of $250.
We are often asked if Chronic Bright* I?i9e*?e
in curable why all physicians <lo not accept
i th s treatment ar once. .Many physicians have
patients on It ami tiie tomtitcr is constantly increasing.
but snat serious question is entitled to
a definite reply.
The answer is first - that the ethics of the
p.ofewslon onpnse privately owned formulae; and
eiond the profession commonly opjtoses all
methods but those <>{ its own schools. In fact.
< the profession s divided into medical schools,
each of which questions the others.
As showing the general attitude of the profession
wo quote from l?r. Waiter Whitehead, one
of th" most eminent of Kitglisti surgeons and
once President of the British .Medical .XsHocIatine,
wh.. reconls in the British Medical Journal
that "Th- Medi.nl Wo-ld has stolidly opposed
nearly every innovation and discovery which has
been siitiinilted |o ij. ... famous. physicians
refused to listen to I'asieur l>eeaiise he was not
a physician. I.isier was scoffed at. th<- I.aryngoaenpe
was sneered at . . fhe early* Ovarloto- !
m.sts were threatened electricity was susplcioncd
. etc." The doctor goes on to remind
his read' s that Lithotomy was introdm-ed
by a layman, the first Caesarian section was
per'nrmed l>y oic who heltl no di|ilotna. Cinchona
was introduced l>y I'riests and Ktltcr was first
ercplov 'sj |.\ a nou professional man.
Th' Mo tor protests at the failure of his cotloa^uts
to uqii re into meaanros tiiai ibey op
pose fop t|o tauter reason titan they come front
o tabic the profession and asks are ttvy "Too
blind to poj-rei ve . the , vjljte of methods witleh
.old w Thin ii'.-m l.irce ts.ssilofti of useful
ii*?-* fn. tb?' relief of sufering V"
Thw* it ?j?*i V-?r of hfaifr "efredtite
f-vt-lvi ?l out-ide of tli** prof**s9ion that
took f.??m txvf.jy ti? Jliji'lv >oaif In. f f Pit
' b?* r j?ii? # au.; l?y the proffs' Sot;.
KiiIfon ?* Reto*! oinfioimd ih going through '
'hi* preparafor; stage." The 'tiher \vflI ?*ome j
when th? of Hr jrht'ji Iliseaae will be
oromon knowledge ami jhi> i went in general
uae Km what of ? ho unfortunates who ran not
?*1? for ibc n1??h proec***ami i nor tin that I>r. j
Whlt#h? ??l deplore*?
Ttif writer known prominent pltjaiclan* who
harr bad failure* or, flu* treatment. lie alao
knows of maiiv who have had remarkable nur,
nm. One ph.vnli San re|?orted over a dozen recoveries
with hut a single failure. Another put
- ore* on it with favorable roultt* in :i great
* majority. Another ha* had a large number of
aa??? and gives it. 4s bis liejlof that he has
*av?*d nine-tenth* of them.
TV reason for ?n***t of the failure* lie-* in
!h;a ?*rue;al faet it was hot feitrft Until heart
snd nvnjrritivr |0?rr were nearlr exhausted
Apple the same test to T*it?htherin. Withhold
Antitoxin until the jmtlent ha-* nearly siie'*is?iihoi]
and there will I** failure. Phyaieian* who are
saving their patient* are giving tin* Renal I'nm
lioitnd xx hen ealled in. while there is something
i# ft TO xx o: k Oil
T*?%t there l-e ??o evasion we mean eiironie and
iipposed ?tn uri bk* eases of I'righl's I>i*ea*e
: id Nephritis involving dropsy, albumen and
east*. Fven patient* with the extreme symp
?..?n* Retinitis and broken compensation have recovered
aotne :?fter being tapped. But failure
j* tip* rule when tin* treatment is withheld until
These symptom* are In evidence.
The physician xx bo upon lieing ealled will give
1 niton's Uveal Compound to relax ih*? kidney
and will aid it with such elitnlnatIves. heart
r.tid trmlmrat ?s the *Tinprlt<ns roquir*
imf ** if h" w w no, etvins; it- will s*t results
in m?s, , ;!?? ?. of hroni-- Bright"* and Neplrrltin.
slth??i)rh *11 the text l?*?ks in Oiristondom dci-rrr
th<- death of the patient. iWheti given "nrly
It often requires m< liolp.,
We hav puMlsh"<l invitation* to phrsielans
In esll and Inspe. t recoveries as Ihe.r were heln
tnsde In titer were tak< n out of hospitals
sftrr failure tbe<>retie?IJy In-'ttrahle and there
fore supposed to he hopeless. and there dtp
'nmnbllo' facts justify the 1-eiief th:?i m?r?
than a iiiajorllt cam re.-oTrr. Kut even if it
were onlv a li?lf or a fhirtl. why shouldn't all
I* fUm th?s chance to live?
Th's f* no: written in a spirit of critirUm.
Unt 1? prcaenlrt as a plain intention of humanity,
for the- i-enaiis deaths front Brijrht's ]>isea*c that
were in ISStti grew to r.S.oon in Ifaant and
iroanlse t<" ha* nearly Wi.tflh this year, and the
old treatment 1* utterly hopeless.
. 1T? tt ill send literature to physician* and
i t;tr. Baftery Street. San Francisco.
A Pulton's Renal Compound la in alock at Jaw*
?'DoMf j.'a Drug Store.
Theft of "Mona Lisa" Stirs
Officials of Louvre.
Nooks and Crannies in Big Building
Are Walled Up.
Subscription Is Started in Paris to
Erect Monument to Brave
Police Dog.
Foreign O?rrr?pond?*ncf> of Th<~ Stxr.
PARIS, Ovtober T. 1911.
It is n#???fl\* ft**#"* mnntlita ciiino I
; - - ?* * " niuiiiiin fii?\ c liroiidi u>'
da Vinci's masterpiece, "Mona Lisa." was
missed from the Louvre, but the theft
is still in ti e mind of every one. and
Parisians constantly are asking what is
| being done to prevent other thefts of
; notable pictures. Since the installation
of the new director of the Louvre, in
place of M. Homolle. fallen into disgra-e
in c/msequence of the theft, a great deal
has been done to insure proper guardianship
for the treasures which the old Royil
Palace holds in such numbers.
Every nook and cranny has been
searched, and as many as possible are
being walled up or totally suppressed,
thus reducing to the lowest number the
possible hiding places of would-be thieves.
Even the keepers of the old gallery are
to be deprived of their rooms, several of
which were historic secret hiding places,
maybe in use in the time of catnarine de
Medici and Louis XIII. Special accoiHk
modation is being provided for them in
what was formerly the riding school of
the prince imperial.
Furthermore, the guardianship both by
day and by night is being scientifically
organized. Ti e building nas been divided
into twenty-three sections, in each of
which, both day and night, a special guardian
is installed, continually making a
round of inspection. The new director
of the Louvre has gone so far as to calculate
the distance they have to cover,
and so to apportion their tasks with some
attempt at fairness. In all. more than
three miles and a half of rooms and corridors
have to be traversed and no fewer
than fourteen hundred steps ascended and
descended. Three times a night th's
whole distance is covered by one special
Other Changes Made.
In order to obtain the maximum of result
from the existing smali staff it has
been arranged, also, that the services at
the entries and thj cloakrooms shall be
placed in the hands of woman attendants.
The service is now done by the keepers.
When this change has been brought about
some attempt will be made to carry out
in the letter the notice one sees almost
everywhere: "It is compulsory to give
up your stick: no fees are charged." At
present neither part of this order is usually
carried out. Altogether, the state
of affairs is very different from what it
used to be. and there is good reason for
thinking that very soon the Louvre will
be the antipodes of the museum which is
notoriously the most loosely guarded in
Paris?the Ethnographical Museum at the
Trocadero. At this museum tiie staff is
so unable to fulfill its duties, being only
a quarter in number of what it should
be. that it is an understood thing that u
score or so of different objects should
disappear in the course of a week or two.
But this does not mean that the nniseum
loses much by the thefts. Most of the
smaller articles are really copies or imitations.
and if by chance a sharp-eyec
visitor tells a keeper that lie has seen
some one put a small Chinese image ir.
his pocket it is as likely as not that he
wiil be met with the answer, "Oh, that
does not matter: that image lias been
stolen six times already this week." But
in the world of pictures, where copies
seldom are more than dim reflections of
the originals, such a procedure car. not be
ooservea. in any case, n is scarcely usely
tliat a modern art gallery will l?e such
an easy prev to unscrupulous people of
predatory minds as was the museum at
Hale some fifty years ago.
Bale Treasures Stolen.
A lettey was found the other day written
by an old French artist concerning
two visits which he made to that museum
at different dates in the earlier half of
the last century. On his first visit he was
shown round by a man from Alulhausen,
who startled him by pocketing the wonderfully
worked key of tne well known
table on which Erasmus is said to have
written many of his works. On being remonstrated
with the man casually explained
that it was an understood thing
that every native of Mulhausen should
bring back some souvenir of Bale when
he returned. "And." he added, "I am
only sorry that it is not winter and that
I have not my overcoat over my arm. for
then I could have taken that small Item- j
brandt on the wall." "That small Rembrandt
on the wall," the artist sa?s in
his letter, was a little masterpiece.
"When 1 visited the museum again, in
18?o." the artist writes, "1 looked for this
picture, but looked in vain. It was not
even in the catalogue."
In proportion as the economic agitation
against high food prices subsides the
activities of the General Confederation of
Labor increase. The opportunity for that
body to exploit the present discontent
for their own revolutionary purposes is
too good to be allowed to slip, and more
meetings have been called in Paris, at
Lyon, at Lorient, at Monteaux and in
other towns An attempt was made to
disturb the markets in some of the suburbs
and in the east end of Paris the
other morning. At meetings held in different
parts of Paris a resolution was
adopted in which the advocacy of a general
strike in case of war was combined
with the protest against the increase in
the cost of living. The next morning
band.? of agitators bore down on various
markets in the poorer quarters of the
lnun. Only at Menilmontant. however,
did they succeed in causing a disturbance.
Since thpy got no support from the general
public and everywhere police were
present in force.
At Mezieres a manifesto has been
published in which the army is insulted.
It is signed by M. Poulain. deputy
for the Ardennes., and M. Boutet, a
member of the counetf general. According
to the Figaro, steps are being
taken to prosecute the authors. M.
lx-roux. a member of the Confederation
of Babor, who was prominent during
the riots at Creil, has been arrested.
M. l,eroux is secretary of the Oise
Trade L'nion. and his arrest is said to
have made a considerable impression.
Severe sentences have been passed at
Iiille, where several rioters were given
six months' imprisonment for striking
or insulting the police.
Plan Monument to Dog.
The French Animals' Friends Society
has opened a subscription iti order to
erect a monument to the brave police
dog 1 Aio, who was killed last year in
defending police officers in a strugglfwith
Apaches. The monument is to be
placed in (he little dogs' cemetery at
Asinleres. where I>eo was buried. It
is hoped at the same time to get
sufficient funds to provide a special
vault for the burial of dogs who perish
in defending the guardians of public
order or in the attempt to save life.
There are already some interesting dog
monuments at Asinleres. including one
to Barry, who, the inscription records.
having saved the lives of forty
people, was killed by the forty-first.
A shocking discovery has been made
at Versailles. it seems that the bed
of I^ouis XIV. which is shown to visitors.
was never slept in by the
grand monarque. never belonged to
him and was not manufactured until
long after his death. An indiscreet
tourist, examining the hangings, read
on them the trade mark of Grand
F re res. But the firm of Grand Freres
only came into existence in 1R10. when
It succeeded to the business of the
court upholsterer, Permon. This dis
eovery lr<1 to further inquiries. which I
have established that the bed which so !
long passed for that of the Hoi Soleil 1
only dates, in fact., from the reign of
Louife Philippe.
Foreign Money Said to Have Paid
for Abortive Uprising.
foreign Oorrespondeni g of The Star.
BARCEIXtNA. October 0. 1911.
The civil governor, Senor Portela, said
tlie other day that the late revolutionary
movement, had it succeeded, would have
h<fd more terrible consequences than that
of July, 190P. The revolution was fomented
by foreign capital, he says, nearly
all French.
Its failure is attributed to various
causes. Firstly, the organizers employed
extremists identified solely with anarchist
institutions, and not connected with any
of the workmen's organizations. Secondly.
the movement was precipitated and
exposed by the violent methods of the
revolutionaries themselves. Thirdly, the
radicals belonging to the Lerroux party
have recently remained completely detached
from the general workmen's union,
\\ 11ioli has become nothing more or less
than a Spanish branch of the revolutlona
iv ("on fed oration (Jenerale du Travail in
Paris. Fourthly, the excellent precautions
adopted by Gen. Weyler would, in :
any case, have successfully checked the
Three to Each Future Admiral, Is
Ruling of the Academic
ANNAPOLIS, Md., October 16.?The
academic board of the Naval Academy
has taken upon itself the duty of regulat- ;
ing the number of sweethearts each mid- \
shipman shall call his own.
Word was passed to the brigade that
each member would be allowed to take <
three young ladies to the series of hops
this winter and no more. The news j
caused great hilarity among the midshipmen,
and in some cases consternation.
Heretofore each midshipman has been at
liberty to take as many different girls
under his wing as he liked. Some never
were seen with the same young lady
It is rumored that an order prohibiting
flirting or "the ogling of girls" within the
limits of the academy is to follow. This
will also cause great hardship among the
middies. Ogling is a favorite pastime
Sunday afternoon.
The order relating to the three-and-no- :
more young ladies, whose station in society,
it is said, must be known to the \
officers or the members of the hop com- j
mittee. was brought about by the recent ;
case of Miss Mary Beers, daughter of the :
Yale professor, who was asked to leave :
the floor of the gymnasium because she 1
was in the home of one of the officers
here in the capacity of nursery governess.
Popular Ocean Resort Has First Dry
Sunday for a Number
of Years.
ATLANTIC CITY, October !?.?No one
was really happy yesterday in this resort
except the camel. It was a case of "Oh,
such a thirst!"
Bars were closed everywhere, and mes- ;
sengers who were sent around the town ;
to comb the saloons, the cafes and the
beach front hotels could not tind a sin- :
gle oasis in the dry, burning, hot and ;
disagreeable desert. It was supposed
that somewhere down in Arkansas avenue
or over in the back district some
saloonkeeper would get Ids nerve up to ;
the point of handing out a "life pre- !
server." But it was "nothing doing" in j
all the highways, byways, alleys and
lonesome places.
Two Sundays like tills years ago are
remembered by the old inhaoitants. Still,
they do say that even then there were ;
just a few places where a man could
dampen the dust in a parched throat.
Oddly enough, no one knows just howIt
happened. Eighty-nine saloonkeepers
were indicted by a former grand jury,
but that grand jury went out of business
amid the huzzas of all the license holders, j
and naturally it was thought "sanity" 2
would prevail. But along came another ?
grand jury, drawn by Sheriff Enoch L. j
Johnson, who is himself indicted. Mem- ]
hers of this new grand jury have been 1
whispering: "Don't say that this grand 2
jury is a poor one. This is the best 2
grand jury ever. This jury isn't fixed. |
Give us a chance first." 1
Citizens Will Assess Damages for i
Taking Two Squares North 2
of the Capitol. 3
Justice Barnard in tlie Supreme Court
of the District of Columbia, sitting as
a l'nited States district court, at the request
of counsel for the government, today
postponed for one week the announcement
of the presonnel of the commission
to he appointed h>? him to assess ;
the damages accruing to property holders .
on the two squares lying immediately t
north of the Capitol grounds, which are
to be taken for an extension of the Capitol
t'ounse! for the government desired !
time to examine the record of services i
of court notices to see if ail parties were '
prpperly before the court.
justice Barnard received nominations
by lite government and by counsel for
the property owners of persons desired to
sit on the commission. The names of
at least twenty-five prominent citizens of |
tltc District were presented. From this
list Justice Barnard will select the three
commissioners required by the law to
condemn the property. It is expected the
names of the successful candidates will
be announced next Monday.
The government will be represented at
the hearings before the commission by
United States Attorney Wilson. Special
Assistant Stanton C. Peelle and Attorney
Reeves T. Strickland of the Department
of Justice.
Another Dagobert Tale. I
There is one of L*. J. Beeston's great I
Dagobert's Children stories, called "The
Church of the Crucifix," fourth in the
Franco-Prussian war series, in our next
Sunday Magazine. This is really one of
tlir? ktrnnp<>ut u p ha vp nrintrvH vet fi ifh
*??V< ^ V J - t \ va J V " I " II''
such a trash climax as only a man of
Mr. Beeston's capacity could depict. The '
main picture, supplied by Armand Both,
is an unusually tine one.
Cracker Lunches.
From the Baker's Weekly.
New York city alone has nearly TaO.OOO
children attending the public scIiooIb.
What a splendid opportunity to provide
tills vast army of healthy youngsters with
a wholesome and appetizing cracker lunch,
done up in a mat package ard still cheap 8
enough to l?e within the reach of even the '
poorer parents! I
We once saw one of these cracker f
lunches as got up l>y a large biscuit con- .
cern in Germany. The paper box contain- '
ed six delicious crackers with a inarma- '
lade filling, and there was an empty com- t
partment for a nice red apple or a couple r
of plurns. which, of course, were added .
by the mother of the child. These school
lunohes, exclusive of the fruit, were sold *
at 5 pfennings, or about Hi cents. t
i ?==
Coat Sweaters
for Misses,
Regular $4 Value
Special lot of Misses' Coat Swea
;; ers, made in V-neck and sinsh
:: breasted styles, finished with pcai
;; buttons and pockets. ,
; | They're all wool, of course, an
;; perfectly made.
;; | Tomorrow at $2.!>S instead of $4.fl
I: Room-si
November 1st is the
: a hoiisecleaning of all the discoi
:;onc of the most attractive cveni
tu? c 1 - t> ?
3 jut odiiijue iviigs an yum
|piece rug's, and a slight mismati
: 25 Large Room Size (9.xit
tj MaHe Velvet Hugs, in floral, medall
Colorings to suit anv room decor
regularly at $15.00 and" $1G.50. Sale t
75 Largest Room Size (9x1
Alex. Smith and Hartford Carpet Co.'
All-wool Brussels Rugs. This lot int
ly first-class rugs, made in one piec
ment of floral, conventional and or
signs. Choice colorings of red. blue,
gold, green and brown. Sold regulai
Sale price
Record I
The Result of d
Our purchases from the gr
Quality Dress Goods, in all th
ings of ONE-THIRD TO NE;
to command a prompt responsi
less than such high qualities u
The low sale prices are nu
ranging from 50 to 56 inches in
Storm Serge, In navy blue and black
x v ! ? S 1a vkanail otrino T'nneiiollt* ct vl 1
?> ii i ir yj civ. 11 on i p"-. u iiuijuu.li ? oij t*
and effective fabrics for fall tailor
wear. Sale price
wool Broadcloth: rich satin-face quj
ity. in black and two shades of na
blue. The season's most favored fa
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All-wool Storm Serge and T'nfinishe
in black and two shades of navy bli
The most approved dress materials f
tailored suits and skirts. Sale price.
Maker9 s Ss
I High-Class
I $25,
5 fT* _ 11 _ 77"Tl ?
1 irriG&i
2 Throngs of discriminating
3 take advantage of the wonderh
3 such handsome models certain
i reception.
1 Every new and correct stvl
t ed in this collection, fashioned
3 Xew Imported Diagonals, Imp
| Rough Cheviots, Scot
3 Jackets in every correct length, w
| models, some trimmed on collar and
J and crochet buttons. All richly line*
2 silks. Sfeirts in newest panel effect:
| high girdle belts.
? Choice of grays, blues, browns, fa
mixture-*, also black.
;; Choice of values worth $2."i.(i0, $:to.<
\Blmkets '6.
LO mud XI.501
j \\ ith all the cold weather
I to share the economies of this
S 1<? cases of Austrian Wool Blan|
kets. In white, tan and gray, with
| i?ink or blue borders; also plaids, in
1 pink. blue, gray or tan; finished
2 with silk-bound edges: full 11-quar|
ter size for double beds.
I Regular S.'i.no value at $1.95 pair.
lohn Fisher's Flight at College
Park Was Not on the
Carried into the air in spite of hiniielf,
John Kisiwr yesterday made an en
At-Ui ..a DA ?lr -.f n r^nt
nrreo IIIKHI ill ' ?>n?-gt- i 111 n III a. i?-v>
nindred yards In an aeroplane built on
riginul linen as designed by Dr. William
V. Christmas, a physician of this city,
recording to Dr. Christmas, wlio has long
>een interested in aeronautics and for a
lumber of years has been working to perect
bis machine, the flight by Fisher
vas not Intended; the machine simply
loarcd Into the air by reason of the fact
miiiiinniiiiiiiiiiTimiiiininiimiiiiiiini !!in
=<s ?- ? ,|t
25c Mm|
Hose ,
? Supporters,
15c ? ?
Women's Tad 50 C P
Hose Supportt
ers. large mo- jj Another 1<
- reen-covered j desirable sor
"1 pads, 4 straps; j; half regular ]
good quality ins cards for
d elastic. I |j AH the be
25c kinds at brr.nd: made
0. 15c pair. " " i finish in var
=? ft? ~
<ze Rugs 1
accepted time for the leadi
ntinued patterns, samples and impe:
ts of its kind from a money-saving
rely free from defect, while the Imp
rhing in the seamed rugs. These
-ft.) \Y. & J. Sloane's 25 I
Ion designs, *fb r=7 (f> Q Alex. Smitl
ation. Sold ^ heavy fourmice
^ makes them
2-ft.) W. & J. Sloane's.
s makes of 8 and 9 Wire ular $25.00
dudes nothing but strict- _ T
e. and in a large assort- 5^ L<
iental de- Rugs, perfe<
tan. rose. gjt> rt /fl f? *=? designs. Cc
/ 0.75
Low Prices
9 Large Purchase Pros
ms She!ton Mills. Tht
eat trade sale recently held in New
e prevailing weaves and colors of
\RLY ONE-HALF the regular co
e from every woman in Washingtt
isiially retail for.
ide all the more attractive because
i every instance.
??54-inch $1.25 WORSTE
with neat All-wool Shadow Stripe V
' _ black, with neat color
j heavy weight for tailoi
e" skirts. Sale price
i-inch All- $1.00 MAXXfSF
inch All-wool Diagonal-w
l'~ in a variety of pleasing <
vy tions. One of the lead!
b- ,lie season. Sale price...
>?50-inch $f-25 1HIBE1
1 . 1 All-wool Thibet Cloth: g
d \\ orsted. fine, soft texture. Ideal
Ie' ??(F7ls- for coat 'suits and se
or choice of black, navy bit
olive. Sale price
i) rr>mrn)I//p> nit-sl
SUM J? jjj/11 Ow-#' CMi LL
5 SoM Regularly at '
1 SHi?# $35, |
: $16,75 j
women will be here tomorrow to I
il values offered in this sale?for i
lv deserve the most enthusiastic j
e for fall and winter is represent
of the following fabrics: t
orted Series, Mannish W orsteds, !
eh Tweeds. Xoveltv Mixtures. |
itli new straight tines. 3 and 4 button f
revets, others embellished with braid I
1 with satin duchesse or fancy striped |
s, some with inverted side plaits and
nc.v two-toned effects, black-and-white ?
||<> and 135.00 for S10.75. |
? ?"? ? ? ? ? ?' ? ? ?' |
? Comfortsj
imdls9 at $1 o95o\
before you surely you will want ?
exceptional offering. I
23 dozen Extra Size Bed Comforts, *
covered with tine quality sateens, in ^
floral and Persian designs: choice of i
light and dark colorings; scroll- j
stitched quilted; tilled with white
sheet cotton, soft and fluffy. i
$3.00 and $3.30 qualities at $1.05 ?
each. ?
< ,.w.
that the elevating: plane in the rear was 1
so set as to make it leave the ground, j
Rises to Height of 100 Feet.
A height of about 1<X> feet was attained
and the speed of the aero was estimated
at about fifty-flve miles an hour. It
remained in the air for only a very
few minutes. Fisher, owing to his inexperience,
having great difficulty In
bringing it to earth. Dr. Christmas said
It was only the automatic equilibrium of
the machine that saved Fisher's life.
It enabled him to come to earth with
scarcely a Jar to himself hut the left
wing was somewhat damaged in its contact
with the ground.
In the Christmas aeroplane the prob- 1
lem of self-balancing in flight without i
tlie use of auxiliary balancing devices
of any kind is solved, it is claimed. '
Capable of Great Wing Spread. i
The machine is fashioned on the cantilever
bridge design, and, according to its
inventor, ia capable of enlargement to a ]
wing spread of 500 feet without any i
strain on supports, whereas the wing J
surface of existing types of aeroplanes Is ,
limited to about forty feet. Dr. Christ- j
mas is confident he has solved the prob-11
lmmiiiini mm ii 11 ii 11 Minn iiiniminmnuii
Poy? to Deal JSL at Goldenberj
venth and K "rw iwp?iieM?
laying Cards at 25c /
>t of those High-grade Playing Cards, ci
t offered in last week's sale, offered t<
price. Your best chance to secure a supi
the coming season's euchres and card pi
st r?Oc kinds, including the well known
of the finest enameled bristol board, wi
ious handsomely decorated backs. Ch<
it One-h&
ng rug mills to bring out tl
rfcct rugs on band. Tomorrow's *
standpoint that has been offered
ierfect Rugs arc subject to slight <
faults arc hardly noticeable, and <
Lxtra Heavy-weight io-wirc Phil
i Make Brussels Rugs, made in one p
-inch hemmed ends, which prevents cu
i lie flat on the floor. In handsome flora
medallion designs, and colors 'to /*> j
library, dining or bed rooms. Reg- ?
value. Sale price
irge Room Size <8 ft. 3 by 10 ft. 6)
ctly matched, in floral, medal'lion and coi
dors of red. green, blue, rose and tan. /]
iloane's and Hartford Carpet Co.'s ^
d regularly at *16.5U. Sale price ^
5 on Dresi
n the Recent Trade Si
? Season's Greatest Vs
r York bv the Shelton mills comr
the season, which we offer at pr
st of such stylish, reliable quality
Dn who appreciates buying a new
of the unusually wide widths o
D SERGE?54-inch S3.50 I
Corsted Serge; Polo Cloth,
effects; good. r=? ?= qualitc; the
red suits and /J qj)(U ria! for w
wear. Sale
1 MIXTURES?56- wool Clay W
eave Mannish Mixtures. closely \?o\
;olor eombina- ?=//T) blue and tilt
ng fabrics of Price
wool Blal-k
CLOTH?56-inch - ? ^1;'
ood. heavy weight and ^ v
in every way $1.25 *
parate skirts; *=?([]) Serge; extra
je, brown and season's ne>
ceptionally 1
"* * * *
| 1 ?
! Coupon Sales ! }
For Tuesday Only.] I
! ; J
"Rex" Shoulders, j
9Yjc lb. j
THIS COUPON and per ?
pound for Cudahy Packing Co.'s |
Famous "Rex" Brand Picnic i
Shoulders: sold reeularlv at ISc i
! a ll'- __ ______ 1
5c Laundry Soap,
2 for 6c.
THIS COUPON and fit for
f TWO regular 5c cakes of Procter
& Gamble's "I-rf-nox" Brand
Laundry Soap.
5c Potted Meat,
2 for 7c.
THIS COUPON and 7c for
TWO regular 5c cans of "Rex"
Brand Potted Meat, ham or
tongue flavor.
II ?c Sweet Corn, 7c.
THIS COUPON and To for regular
10c can of Extra Quality
"Jackie" Brand Sweet Corn.
5c Crackers, 3c.
THIS COUPON and 3c for regular
5c packages of Maryland
Biscuit Co.'s Lunch Biscuit. 1 .
Baby Snaps or Maryland Biscuit.
I Be Starch, 2 for 6c.
THIS COUPON and 6c for
| TWO regular 5c packages of *
| "Argo" Gloss Starch. j |
le park.
_ II
BSi8^?8Mro^S^^9j8^H^HHH^B^Hs I
lem of commercial transportation in tlie
air. He says his present machine has a
lifting capacity of 1,500 pounds and
claims it can he built 011 amplified lines
with a carrying capacity of several tons.
Succumbs to Accidental Injuries Received
at Place of Employment.
William Bell, colored, of 8W 26th
street northwest, who was injured
nbout the liead, legs and body while
working at the plant of the Washington
Gas Light Company. 2?th and G
streets northwest, last Thursday, died
it Georgetown University Hospital this
morning. Bell was cleaning machinery,
when a pile of bricks fell on him. The
i>ody was taken to the morgue.
Coroner Nevitt visited the scene of
[he accident, made an investigation and
jave a certificate of accidental death.
The proposed automobile road from 1
Lynchburg to the Natural Bridge of Virginia,
where connection can be made I
with the valley, is now assured. While <
the entire $6,000 necessary for the work 1
ias not been subscribed, enough has been i
pledged to insure the improvement of the i
thoroughfare. <
?:biiiiiiii iiiiiiiinhiiiiuiii i iii! ii11 iii nminii
^ ? ? ?
AS Spools
Bast/no kj
| Coltoiu *
*ack~?! 3 for 5c
if thf> same '5*'i-vd. spools
(morrow at of Basting;.
>lv of play- !i j Cotton, black Ci
arties. |j ! or white; worth * I ot
"Congress" [ He spool, tine fa
th celluloid day at 3 spools si
>ioe at 35c j for 5c.
= < ' ? ilf
ieir spring lines, and previoi
;alc is based on several large ptircb
this season.
icfects. such as a wrong color thr
Jo not impair the serviceability of t
lipsburg. | 75 Fine < irade Ax
iei.-e. w'th I pot Co.'s make; choice c
' log; and : grades; hicrh nile lnstron
i. convfn- " , " ------ - ' ' :
- ?. tlonal and medallion <I?^i
I <! 7 "sT tan. green. rose and red.
(Wo u <LP values. Sale price.
Brussels 50 Small Room
nventional Rugs; Alex. Smith and \\
ft> O /fT) O signs in floral, medallion
signs. In green, red. blur
lar 110.tto values. Sale pr
s Goods, I
lie Held by the {
dues. i
>risc many choice lots of High ?
ices that represent actual sav- !
materials. It's a sale certain 2
r dress or suit for very much $
ftered in the sale?the fabrics |
3OLO CLOTH?54-inch White 2
an extra heavy, soft-fleece-finish
newest coating mate- gto if /r\ ry
omen's and children's J[ o ?
STORM SERGE?52-inch All- t
orsted Storm Serge; a hard-twisted. ?
en quality, in black, navy O/fT) *
new coronation blue. Sale |
BLACK SERGE?54-inch All- I
Diagonal Serge; heavy ^ (Th I
wisted grade, noted for its uTf-yP^T* ;
sting quality. Sale price. .. I
SERGE?54-inch All-wool Gray |
heavy-wale quality, in the = ? i
vest mannish effects. Ex- /fnn)(T*
line quality. Sale price.... i
$1 Sea mile.
On Sate Tomori
By far the most remarkable
less Sheets. Every housekeeper \
be here tomorrow to take advant;
and supply her needs for a whole
wp nnf p tliDf iri> l4 \ I R
1 1V.C4CV. 1IV/IV HIV. > (II V -a-**.*, a
feature that w ill- be appreciated 1
Mads of extra heavy round-thread -hem,
free from dressing. Regular $1.0u
J7-inch Outing Flannel; a large
assortment of stripes and checks;
light .blue, gray, pink, green, tan,
red, etc.; a heavy fleeced quality.
for making nightgowns ^72/
and underskirts. Worth ff i
lOc yard. Sale price
White Wool Embroidered Flaunt 1.
in a good assortment of silk-embroidered
designs; for in- (Th
fants' wearables. Worth
50c yard. Sale price 5
19c Fall Nec
A bargain table contains thi
Neckwear marked at close to half
out a maker's overproduction on t
Choice offered of scores of nt
the most becoming effects in Side Frills.
Fichus. Military Stocks. Jabots and Rah
Regular 15>c values at lue each.
I Advertish
To the Reader
A manufacturer of furniture, wh
papers, took a friend, a writer of sh<
explained under what difficulties son
making of certain pieces was obtain
ket and how. finally, thousand? of n
was worked into the finished article.
"See that workman over there? I
minute are working: in this shop?h
father. Tliev are all skilled rraftsnn
of Borneo snakewood. That wood
interior of Borneo, on the other sh
superstition of the natives it is cut
full moon. Our buying: agent over t
making purchases."
All this interested the story wi
claimed: "Why. I can make a flctioi
There is real romance and a mighty
behind many of your chairs, hods and
And so there was. The manufact
hint and tell some of those fascins
Behind every business, no matter
the outside, lie-facts which, if told et
ers Intensely.
It is often hard for an advertis
keep his advertising interesting. T
Around a constant repetition of t
may often profitably narrate, in succt
about his goods or his service.
After all, advertising is a sort of
stallment of a series that mhv prog
one interesting point to another.
A series of "fettle Fact Stories 1
tageouslv printed l?y some- advertise
did it first it would almost certainly
Copyright. 1B11, by Printers' Inl
Strike at Cananea Serious.
Information on the situation surrounding
the strike now prevailing at Cananea. i
Mexico, received at the State Department. <
indicates much uneasiness there. American
Consul Dye at Nogales In a dispatch '
to the department says that the situation
is reported to be more serious, and C
that ail banks and salootks have been 1
closed. <
>?????? f???tm;i'MI'T*TIT1T'TTtttit;Tt;; ;t***
----- h
Women's I
U Gloves at!
59c a Pain
Womwi's Heavy va'itv Knjtltsli
ape KM iJIcnae. in assorted si'Hdr
r taq- tlio mogt de*ire1 kimls for
ill wear. Oofreot J < )as|ts. In all
ar.es. Every i?air perfect tit line
5!k a pair instead of one dollar *3
\r Prices
lis to this date they have
ascs of this kind, and presents !
cad here and there in ih ??nc
he rugs at all.
minster Rugs. Alex. Smith Car
if extra heavy* weight an<l Saxony B
s fabric; in oriental, floral, con von It
signs. Colorings of /Jo xi 4 /n, /=? S
Regular VJ-YOO and $ j 40 yfi) g
Size (<>xc) ft.) \\\h)\ Brussels g
". A- J. Sloane's makes, t'hoice <1e 8
and conventional de- /Jo jf /fjt @ 3
rose and tan. Rejcu- Jij4" Zr(y ?
ice. ^ I !
$! Fountain h
Syringes Specially
Priced at 79c. I
Goldenberg's Insured'' Fountain
Syringes are fully guaranteed to gice
satisfactory service?tlie only kind it
pays to buy.
H-quart size, with hard rubber littings,
and large rapid-flow tubing
With each syringe sold tomorrow
at 79c we will present free of charge ;
a box of Tyroe's Antiseptic Powder. ;
Chalk dr Orris Root,\
10c Pkgo for 5c. i
Prepared t'halk and Orris Root, J
tlin hovt -jnH moct rffpulivp nri'?i? i
V. i?vo i u 11 \i ? ? VUV - V . < , . % |r, | __
a ration for cleaning the teeth. High- 2J
Iv recommended by dentists because 2
free from harmful ingredients. *
Full size two-ounce carton at .V? it
regularly 10c. j 8
19c Taffeta Ribbons\
at 12"?c Yd. |
An extia amount of quality for an j ;
unusually small sum?that aptly <le- I
scribes this ribbon bargain.
All-silk Taffeta Ribbons, full KIVK 1
INCHES WIDE. in black, white and II
all the leading shades, the identical j
quality sold regularly at 10c. offered j
for one day at 12**c a yard.
Just the ribbons wanted for hair |i;
bows and hat trimmings.
?s Sheets9 f
1089 ^ (QJ/T* I
r?GW :
values ever offered in Scam- t
v it hi n reacli of the store should |
ifre of this unexampled liar train g
O W - season.
A SIZi:?full 8ixioK inches, a 8
jy careful women. ::
iieeting cotton. finished with :>-iuch *
^utilities for ."?9c each. ;
11 ?( Crochfct Bedspreads; double- 2
heil size. heavy raised (Q (fit ,-? **
Marseilles patterns. Key- I?
uier Jl.IiS value. Sale price... 5
Yard-wide Klea> hed Cotton; a tine, 8
soft-finished. elose-wov- n
en grade; free from 5
dressing. Worth lo< ?'T&C H
yard. Sale price R
."iiixoO Bleached Pillow t'aaes; ex- S
tra large size; made from heavy 5
rourd-i i.read cotton. ji S
Worth each. Sale J[ "*
price 3
kwemr, 10co I
s lot of Women's Pretty Fall jf
regular cost because we closed 5
his basi-h ::
iw and popular styles, showing 2
trimmed with lace an<l embroider} . 8
iats. 3
ig Talks
s of The Star
ER, Editor oi Printers' Ink jj
0 advertises widely in the newsart
stories. through his plant. H?le
of the wood that went into the
ed. how it was prepari d for marines
from the place of growth, it
"our generations of his family this
is son, his father and his prand?n.
He is now ahapinp up a piece
grows in the swamplands *nf the
ie of the earth. Because of the
only by the light of every second
here has had many adventures in
iter immensely. Finally he exn
story out of material like this
interesting story of world's work
1 sideboards."
urew was wise enough to take the
iting little stories in his advert
how matter-of-fact it looks from
itertainlngly, would interest reader.
who advertises constantly, to
here is a distinct danger of mo
he claim of quality an advertiser
salve ads, facta of human interest
a continued story, each ad an inress
in orderly development from
? .
from Our Shop" might he ad\anv
in his newspaper space. If he
make a favorable impression,
k Puhlirhiac Co.. New York.
? 1 ?
Bond Case in Supreme Court.
In the Supreme Court of the I nited
States today a petition for a writ of
ertiorari was filed hy the Washington,
Alexandria and Mount Vernon Railway
Company against the Real Kstate Trust
Company of America >f Philadelphia
rhe case Involves f-tfl.cm bonds thg
rancellation of which is in question.
V ?

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