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National?Thomas A. Wise nnd John
Farrymore In "1'ncle Sam,'' 8:15 p.m.
Belasco -"The Chocolate Soldier," S:20
p. in.
Columbia?Chariot!* Walker In "The
Trail of the Lonesome Flu*-." h:l."> p.m.
Chase's? Polite vaudeville. 9:15 p.m.
New Academy?"Th~ Heal C#lrl." 8:13
p m.
Qayety?"The (Iiris from Happyland,"
5 15 p.m.
New Lyceum?"The Cozy Corner Girls,"
.* 15 p.m.
< aaino?Vaude\ llle and motion pictures.
-15, 3:45, 7:15 and 1> p.m.
Coi?mo8?Vaudeville and motion pic
tures, 1 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Virginia?Moving pictures and Illustrat
ed songs.
The Arcad*. 14th Mreet and Park road
Dancing, skating and other amuse
: :ents.
Majestic?The Clara Turner Players in
' Prince Chap." S.15 p.m.
Krasr and Tron Beds, lowest prices. 0.13 G
l'lumbing repaired, S. S. Shtdd, l.'C !?th.
Are A our Floor 4 overlnica Read?*
for service? If not. get in touch with
<"ONGER'S. ild & N.Y avt. Carpets clean
ed and mothproofed at lowest cost. Ex
perts to relay them If desired. Tel. W. f-7.
Mattresses a specialty, lowest prices. !?3o G.
Ilnllov*ren Witch lint*. .">?? i Skeletons,
masks, devils, snakes. Gould's, !'th st.
Brass and Iron Cribs. lowest prices. 933 O.
Services Will Be Held Tomorrow at
11th Street Residence.
Funeral s? r\ !<???.- for .John A. Mitchell,
wtio dltd yesterday at ii ?- home, 7'-'J 11th
street southeast. af'-T -n illness of more
than a year, will he held tomorrow aft-1
ernoon a: .'! un lock, at the house. Rev.
Jam< f. Mi-Lain of Wilson Memor al j
Church, of whi h Mr. ..litehell was a
member, and Re.. E. Holmes Uimar of
Frederick. Aid.. will ofll- late Interment i
will U in Congressional cemetery, and ?
the pallbearers will he selected from i
among I.*r. Mitchell's .lose friends in the;
various ir st-rnal organizations to which;
hi belonged.
Mr. Mitci.ell wa> abn.it tifty years old.
and s- i'-i -edi .1 'i - father. John M. .Mitch-j
el!, in tl.e undertaking business a! the'
11:h street Jiddre?>. w here i* was estab- j
li.-hed in l*."?o He was ;? .Mason and a
Knight uf Pythias, belonged to Anacostia :
Chapter, No. 1'-'. Royal Arch Masons;!
ilarmonv Lodge. No. 17. I". A. A. M.;'
Orient Commandery. No. Knights Tem-j
plar; Myrtle Lodge. Knights of Pythias;'
I'niform Rank. K. of 1*., and Pythian
H.s widow. who was Miss Mollie liar Jes
ter; one daughter. Mrs. Catharine Trawer;
a grandson. John L. Trawer; one son. La-!
vld Mitchell, and four sisters. Mrs Fan-j
nie Padgett. Mrs. Charles Sanderson, Mrs.
Howard Branson and .Miss Emma Miu h
ell. survive him.
lou C.uin >uthinK By Keep Ins Money
? idle?put your surplus funds to work in
tie banking dept. of I'nlon Trust Co.,
i5lh & I! sts. Interest paid on all ac
counts; deposits subject to check.? Advt.
Fund for Playgrounds Contributed
by St. Patrick's Academy Pupils.
A substantial sum that will go toward
the support of the Washington play-i
grounds was realized from the presenta-;
tion of a musical play. "A Joke on the
Toy Maker." presented last night by the!
?hildren of St. Patrlen's Academy before!
a !?rse audience hi New Carroll Hall.
T!.f re were several features in the pro
ra::i, a;r.ou, which was a song by Miss'
Estelle Murray, entiiied "Ireland, I Love
You." that was encored several times. |
Her fancy dancing made a hit.
A recitation w as given by Miss Maize j
Lyons; song by Mist Marie Howard;
song. Warren Stone: dance. Highland
fling. by I.oretta Sullivan; the poster
Kirls. the Misses Marie Lyon4, Helen
Shekels. Margaret Joy. Minnie McDonald,
Katie Callily and Estella Murray, were
pleasing, as were the Japanese maidens.
Misses Genevieve Anadale. Annie Sulli
van. May belle Ennls. Mildred Morris.
Catherine O'Connor and Catherine Hud
The fo'iowing took part in the pluy:
Norman Ba<\-*seii. Mary Hoach. Ma'ie
Walsh. Howard Ralph, Marie Rea.an. i
"ranees 1 >veds. Dorcthy Clipper. He enej
\r.adal ilelen Victory Margan t M il-l
roe. Emma Lewis. Elizabeth Stewart, j
Ellen Der.t. Thomas Kernan, Louis1
O'Connor, Joe Risen. Stephen Fegan. i
John I'Vtan, Ernest Gasch, John Town
send. Marie Acton, Dorothy Deeds, Lena i
l>a!y. Ju'.ia Kernan. Lenora King, Helen
Whyte. Marie Kemno, Marion Giusta.
Eleanor Wilkinson. Edna Frank, Irene
l^ewis and Helen McNee'ey.
Halloween wonders Mr children. Goulds.
Distribution of Winter Supplies
A.:::ciig .he lighthouse Stations.
T ? T ?"? t' > ?? ,?> v;e, vfejv?:;??; I5n>! l.~
duriin ? . k ' i v. o. . a id ng t he
It. *:ts \j \ ? i a "I of C(ie.~a: f al fc
ha with : !??!. . >'.cli .-he took aboard at
tin l'ort'i icut .. V'a . .-ration. eatly in the
week Com;i'"ting ti.i- service, she .will
return to Portsmouth.
Tin lighthouse tender.- Jessamine. Capt.
'*rug. and tie Maple, Capt. Miles, have
returned to Baltimore from a cruise
among Lie lights and buoys on the bay
and i? - tributaries. a'id in the coming
it is >tated they will sail oil a
supply erui> ? among the light stations it.
the tifth district
T' i -te.-'uer u: id which looks alter
.ji".- light -tation-- tiie coast portion ot"
?h- dis? ; aibii fron Portsmouth
*>? ii.> : .<! f,,r ?ii- >t ii!ons ut
.Jpi ? :i < at" < "1-arb > and Hog
nil. v'. :i:il nil! n fit!) to her s'a
> th' ?">! day <e two.
..l/viiire l1 I'm ! a:n. assistant keeper
if 'h? N*v?:e.i? .\" ? Mlild'c < .round
-Hgii*. -t.iti'.e... ha . t- 1 his n-igna
noil to Ligntl ou>.- Inypei-ui:- Pound-tone
~ii> d wi'l i- iTi * .o.n th? .-"n ici Novem
r I.
I'm. \a?uncy eaused by the resignation'
-of \\ . E Newell, second otheei of the
..iyader Jessamint ba- been tilled tein
;<oraril> b> tin transfer of ?'?pt. Bromley
"from the tender T! 'stlc. which i< out of
Gov. Forbes Convalescent.
It has juM ' a. -pi id that Cameron
F"rb* . governor gei'.i ral of the Phillp
pn ?-. l::i- '.n il !'i. t!"'ti^ i it :s now r? : -
t ? ir? 1 e i oiivalesciiig
Mr. Forbes suffered from an atta. K ? *f
?b gut a pernicious fever peculiar to t. e
'r-j;i?> In hts weak?i.ed state he fe 1
a victim to a more serious attack %Of
p letns
Is a Bissas?
It luauif' -t^ ii?' If In Itiot! aebes aud ?
latlauiiiJ joints i?Mit *?iff iniiM le.- -?iu; it eauuot
t?^ cur*"'! local a;>i>ll>a;
It rei|"?'.'^j iini?'ltalliii,>l treatnjeii*. nil.) t:,
U a i.'??i!r?e el t'.ie irreit 1>I ?m| (mrifj I'jj mil.
I 'l l'. Biedielae.
Hooo's SarsapanlSi,
w c?rreet? th' m;M ? ??mtii i?ni ?f 11??- I Ik,
? ci bolld* ut> the ?r??etll
<?et It t'Mlaj In n-'ial foria riff.-.
Ut' 1 tat>U t^ called SAUS'ATABS.
Adventist Minister Believes
Empire Will Become Great
in Family of Nations.
That the Chine?*? people are turning
away from idolatry and are looking lo
j the western nations for instruction and
j science and religion was a statement
made by Elder I. II. Evans of Shanghai,
China, third vice president of the Gen
era! < onferenev of Seventh L>ay Advent
ist.", this morning at the services held by
the conference at the Seventh Day Ad
ventist Church, in Takoma Park.
I"he temples are being forsaken, the
old priesthood is losing its influence
j among the people and China is looking
forward an,l westward for light and
knowledge," jir ^id.
Effect of Revolution.
In his sermon lie spoke freely of the
effect that the present Chinese revolu
tion would have upon rhristian missions
in China. "The present crisis in China
can only tend to the furtherance of the
Christian religion." said Elder Evans.
"It is impossible for China to go back
ward. Her people are determined to press
forward and become enlightened. With
its 4.??,iw(o.Mn of population, with the peo
ple more industrious than almost any on
earth. < hina needs only an opportunity
to become a mighty factor among the na
"V.'r of the present age.
' liina is in the midst of a revolution
which may overthrow the present regime
and establish a new order of things. The
reicming dynasty, which has !ield almost
undisput.d sway over the Chinese empire
for more than two centuries, seems un
able to cope with the situation."
Manchu a Foreigner.
"To the Chinese people the Manchu
is a foreigner. His presence in China
has always been unacceptable to the
Chinese people. Since the Boxer rebel
lion the Chinese government has been
most conservative, ami many of the most
progressive m< n i:i government employ
have been set aside, and a conservative
el? ment placed in. authority.
1 he advan e of our missionary work
in t. hina has been most encouraging. In
no other country in the world outs de of
Korea have the Seventh Day Advent
ists made such progress a.? among the
hmese people. Our mission stat.ons are
established in five of the leading prov
inces. In these province we have eight
schools. \\ ith an attendance great? r than
the capacity of the buildings that we oc
cupy will accommodate. More than iiOO
people will have been bapt zed and re
" ?1,r *'hur lies during 1911.
rhe circulation of the Chinese t eriod
leal, a sixteen-page monthly, has already
passed the 37.00i> mark. Had we the fa
cilities tor i?rinting and handling we
u??;^eaR,,.y inorease this circulation to
11H.MM9 copies monthly.
"We have several" medical establish
ments, where dispensaries are located
and where physicians are doing what
uu,\ can fo:* tiie poor people. The Chi
1 ?P'e, are, tlirn,n? away from idol
atr.x. rhc temples are being forsaken
Cannot Go Backward.
"The present crisis in China can only
tend to the furtherance of the spread of
the Christian rel gion. It is Impossible
lor China to go backward. Her people
are determined to press forward and be
come enlightened. If a new regime can
bo established, a liberal, progressive irov
eminent control affairs in China and a
free schooi system thoroughly establ shed,
so that the common peopie can receive
an education. China will be one of the
great nations of the day. '
"Accord ingto all r*ports, foreign life
and property are being conserved by the
Maj. Sylvester Orders Extra Force of
Police to Duty.
Halloween pranks on the streets are to
be restricted by the police next week.
Monday night the police will do extra
duty, realizing that there are apt to be in
di\iduals who will begin celebrating a dav
in advance of Hal.owcen.
Pol'cemen who go on duty at 0 o'clock
Monday and Tuesday evenings will look
part.cularly after the children It is Maj
Sylvester s order that the force on duty
sr.all be increased the two nights for the
purpose of keep:ng pedestrians free from
annoyance and property from damage and
1 lie throwing of flour, the removal of
sighs, the use of ticK-iacks and subnet
t-ns persons to other mdignit es." Maj.
S}.\tfeter says in an order issued to the
force last n ght, "should not be permlt
The order further provides that small
bo%s who fall to appreciate the warnings
given them should be taken to their par
ents, wh Ic the older boys are to be sent
to the house of detention.
.Schooner Janet, cord wood from the
Great Wicomico rivt r. Va.. at i;:th strc.-t j
'?-r for .1. II. i arier u* ('o,? siv*hoon?"*r"!
Majrstie. o . t. rs" in the shell from Po
tomac be?!s. :-t the 11th aUvel wharf
mark< .: power boat Adelaide, towing raft
of piling from Marshall Hall, Md.;
schooner J. I'. Robinson, a; Alexandria,
from this city; tug James O. Carter, from
Oceoquan. where she delivered lighter
from N'omlni cr?ek, Va.; tug Capt. Toby, j
with h tow of oyster and wood laden
craft from river points: flattie Neddy, at 1
Alexandria, with oysters hi the shell 1
from a down-river point; tuij Eugenic, .-it
Alexandria, with a tow of s.uid and grav
el laden !i?hU:s from a river potnt:
schooner Mary Ann Shea. lumber froni
Aquia creek. at <.fh street wharf for the
dealers: tug Miller, towing brick-laden
lighter, from Little Hunting creek.
Sel.oonvi- Flying Scud, lignt. for the
Rappahannock river to load cord wood
for a bay pain:: sehooner Osct'r. light, for
N'otuini crcek to load wood for the mar
ket here; schooner William II. French,
ii^ht. from the Eastern branch for a
Chesapeake bay point to load: schooner
Virginia, light, for the Potomac oyster
beds to load o;. sters in the she 1 back to
this city; schooner Sallie White, light, for
a Potomac point to load back to this city;
tug Powhatan, with a tow of lighters for
IJttle Hunting creek; schooner j. p. Rob
in>oi>. from Alexandria, with me chan
uise for Ppper Machcdoc creek; tug t'a
.nll.a. tiKh.. for ijuantico, Va.. after scow
lor Alexandria: senv Htanchard, M^l?t. for
. liver point to load back to tins city;
ilattte Rattling Joe. light, from Aleuan
,ii ia for a river point to loud oysters.
I.'nited States Army engineers' tug Cas
.le, from this city, was at West Point.
? a., Wednesday last; schooner Janet is
chartered to load railroad ties in the
vlieat Wicomico river. Va.. for Balti
.nore; schooner Isaac Solomon is due at
this city fiom a Potomac point with coro
?vood aboard; schooner Maud S. has sail
d from Maryland point lor this city with
;..rd wood; schooner Mary L,ee is hound
? um the Rappahannock river for Ba.ti
?.r< with lumber; schooner Eleanor Rus
ell is in Chtcomuxen crcek loading foi
lis port; schooner Norma Is on htr way
rom a bay i?o>nt for this city with hini
er aboixid: schooner Lancvott at b
,\e:- point to lor.d cord wood for dealers
. re; sehoon.'*r Flying Scud is charterer
> load on th' Rappahannock rive.
>r Eikton or Baltimore; schooner Rex
.ma F;ancls has sailed from Baltlrnori
tfii* Potomac to loud: schooner S 1'
. *sv !ck Is on her A\ay to Petersburg
. a . to load lumber.
Sherlocko the Monk
? ?
a i
a i
By Gqs Mager.
j had some NONET _
on m"t ta51.6, AND while
'**5 reaoifig the PAPER.
\re n?C<el was stduen (
from uko?r w /
The Adventure of the Mysterious Robber.
[the monet wast as you hw) no |
\ lting ON thl?- Jj '
\ a promisns- ^e.watso'.
\ l&t us VISIT mk.ng^fnnmttv
lting ON tuk )j
, ?v ! dsoucs tvivt
) / lou mtto
'srtckl tc ruvr
iliikinr.uu ? km i ( ' T
{ *
WINDOW ' tou v
^syjmto rwar
a"!rtiot to ott
.u&vlt ON
-jtcu vmvw? *{?p>?4c
1 amo -
r AS tou v*ers.t facing rne Door
NO boot Could havt en tt ftt d that
way uuobserned \ AS tme
window is the onlt other.
entrance, the thief
came this wat 1
1 <^M
iwronc, shertocko
NO THIEF could,
Deductions are\
inpaulibuc. watso ? 5
Bt the
vwm- "fou
like pai&liacci ?
j Met john, comc^>
vup h6wg a moment!)
js toud n\on(cL
'trained" to enter
opfcn windows and
abstract coins'
he come *6ack nnttv
nickel- i think
?ave it to ? him
tf&mtujaddo took.
UP a lot of shfc?lood!
tlf^e for 5 cfcnts1./?>
- ^
Patrolman' May Decline to Explain j
to Superior Officer When Threat
ened With- Charges.
Ft i? not disrespect for a superior offi
cer lor a. policeman about to be su.n- j
moned before the tr'al board to refuse to
make a statement concerning the charges
preferred against him by that officer, ac
cording to the decision of Justice Gould
of the District Supreme Court in quash
ing the proceedings against Policeman
E. I. ('reamer, who was dismissed on that
charge. The dismissal of Creamer was
affirmed by tiie District Commissioners
in the absence of Commissioner Johnston
Decision Regarding Appeals.
Justice Gould also set aside the action
of the Commissioners, holding that ap
peals from the trial board are to be heard
by all three Commissioners.
Creamer was asktd by a chauffeur to
keep an eye on a garage on his beat, and
in accordance with the request the police- [
man was in the building when a sergeant
happened along. Demand was made on
Creamer to explain the absence from his
beat, the sergeant tel'lng him he would
prefer charges. Creamer stated he was
on police business and declined to make
further statement, saying he would re- 1
serve his defense for the trial board.
Charged With Insubordination.
A charge "of insubordination was pre
ferred and the policeman held guilty by
the ? trial board. On appeal two Com
missione.s heard the mater and affirmed
the finding of Ihe tiial board. Through
Attorneys VVlliou J. I.ambert and R. 11.
Year.man. Creamer tiled proceedings :i ;
certiorari. *aud at a hearing yesterday
Justice Goutd annulled the action of ti e
Commissioners and the trial board.
Hoover, American Hatter. SCO Oth.?Advt.
| Kindergarten Association Announces
| Addresses and Other Exercises.
The program of the District of Colum
bia Kindergarten Association Is announced
as follows: Monday, at ^ p.m., business
meeting and add res.-: bv Miss Susan E
Blow, k'nd^rgaft^n expert: November 75.
p m., business meeting: Commission
er Olaxton of the bureau of education is
to speak at the January meeting, date
not yet assigned: February 14. p.m.,
business meeting: second meeting to be
held in February, date not yet assign d.
will be addressed by Hamilton Mabie;
Mar. h Ft. 2:20 p m.. musical; May S, 2:..0
p.m., business meetinK and elect on of
officers; banquet to be lield. date yet un
g The first meeting will be held in the
lecture ha'l of the Public Library.
Woman's Relief Corps Inspections.
Agnes L. Keeler. department president
of the Women's Relief Corps, auxiliary to
the G. A. R., will attend, with her staff,
the annual inspections of the different
subordinate Lodles. which will take place
as follows:
Sumner, No. ?"?, Wednesday, November I;
Burn side. No. I, Wednesday, November h;
Farragut. No. <?. Tnes<lay, November 2S:
Lincoln, No. 6. Monday. November
<~.ogan, No. 7. Wednesday, November 22;
^afayette No. 1??, Monday, November 0
Thomas. No. 11. Friday. November 17;
?Sheridan, No. 12. Tuesday, November 21.
Mrs. Lida J. Hart is the department in
spector and Mrs. Oiive Raymond her as
oistant. O. P. Morton Corps, No. 1, was
nspected last Thursday evening.
Sons of Veterans at Smoker.
Linco'n Camp. No. 2, Sons of Veterans
;avc a "smoker" last evening. After the
.-egular business of the camp had been
ransnctfd Commander Tliomas W. Bres
iahan turned the meeting over to the
atriotic Instructor. William II. McGoue
al. Speeches were made by George W.
oilers, William T. Haley of Our Fta^
amp. S. E. R<>bb commander of Wil
.am B. Cushing Camp, and oti:ers. Re
.rcshmcnts were served.
Potomac Park. Cavalry Band,
George F. Tyrrell, Director,
4 p.m.
March, "Sherman Young"...Tyrrell .
Overture, " Tan c red" Rossini
Waltz, "Gold and Silver". Lehar
Selection, "Balkan Princess,".
Reverie, "La Volse des Aoehes."
(a) Cornet solo, "Good-bye, Eyes of ,
Blue" Armstrong 1
(b) Cornet solo, "He's My Pal.
, Edwards
Excerpts from comic opera, "Fan
tana," Hubbell
Finale, "Army and Navy"...Tyrrell
"Star Spangled Banner."
As a special number the band will
play "To Her" and the song
"Sweethearts." both composed by
j R. Boiling of Washington.
Will File Cross Bill to Husband's
Suit for Divorce.
Mrs. Ella E. Weneer, the wife of
Charles L. Wenger. who yesterday filed
tujjt lor a limited divorce, has tiled her
answer to the charges of the husband
denying that she assaulted him with flat
irons. empty revolvers, knives, paper cut
ters. sticks or other Instruments, as |
In a general statement of the family
differences Mrs. Wengefs answer filed
by Attorneys James B. Archer John
Lewis Smith, sets forth that the platatltt
married her when he was in quite a hum- J
blc financial condition, but b> their joint
efforts they came to be in "very com- |
tollable" circumstances. Jl^dawn of
?ro?peritv was the index of a .iojous life
for the husband, Mrs. Werner charges,
while the existence of his wife and ? Mi
di-11 was an obstacle which he has sought
to (eliminate. 1
Tli?* wife s?ys that Mr. V\ cngcr bejran
tu U-at li-r. and she employed counsel to j
take action against him, aheging t. at j
she intends to lile a frot.s bill.
$1.35 Baltimore and Itetura.
Baltimore & Ohio.
Everv Saturday and Sunday. All trains
both wavs both (lays, except Royal i-im
ited. The l'- S. A. aviation tield and
flights are within full view of passing
trains on this road.?Advt.
! Alleged Hardship Imposed Wliich
Board of Trade Will Investigate.
An inquiry into aneged delay in raying
i the salaries of public s-hoo! teachers was
! ordered hy the comnf.ttee on public
schools of the Board of Trade, at its
lueer.ing yesterday afternoon. Declaring
thai delay works great hardship and
causes a number of the teachers to in
cur debts, Mrs. Caroline B. Stephen, a
former school teacher and a member of
the committee, made the motion asking
for the Inquiry. A subcommittee will take
up the question.
Mrs Stephen told the committee that
the tea hers., although supposed to receive
their first payment October 1 tor the
school term following the long summer
vacation n which they receive no checks,
do not reefcive this first remittance until
the lOth or 11th of the month. She said
this result'-d In hardship and indebted
' On notion t.f William W. Conner, sec
retary of the committee, a vote of thanks
was ordere.l extended to A T. Stuart lor
his "good work in the cause of education
in the city dur ng his incumben y as su
perintendent of schools," and a vote o.
good wishes and a successful administra
tion was extended to Dr. Davidson, the
new superintendent.
(feat Service to California,
Standard or tourist. Latter personally
conducted five times weekly without
ciange. Berth. SO. Washington-Sunset
Route, A. J. Poston, 905 F tt.. 7U3 lath st.
? Advt.
Friendly League Elects Officers.
Th-> annual meeting of the friendly
League was held last night ?t the home
of Mrs. If. A. Grlswold. Mount View
place southeast, at which officers for
the ensuing year were elected as follows:
president. Mrs. J.. J. Smith; vice presi
dent. Mrs. K. Kuri; secretary. Mrs.
William Marshall; treasurer. Mrs. Law
rence Greene
Twenty Churches Represented in In
terdenominational Mission
Study Course.
An interdenominational mission study
course v.-as inaugurated yesterday after
noon in the Sunday school room of the
Church of the Ascension, with Mrs.
George Thompson Prewitt leader and
"Light of the World" the text book. Tills
class is held cach fall under the auspices
of the Woman's Interdenominational
Missionary Union, and Is open to all
church women.
Mrs. Mary Lattimore of the Vermont
Avenue Christian Church led the devo
tional exercises and reports were heard
from the various interests of the uniotj.
Mrs. Prewitt gave as reasons why all
Christian women should familiarize them
selves with the religions of other nations:
"Know tnd you will feel. Know and you
will give. Know and you ^\ill pray, and
'go tell.' "
The subjcct under discussion for the
afternoon was Hinduism. The speaker
dwelt on the characteristics of modern
popular Hinduism and sketched the
progress of reformed Hinduism.
It was declared that Hinduism , is de
ficient la that "It rests not upon brother
hood or equality, but upon caste; the in
feriority of woman; the pantheistic idea
of God. and idolatry and gods of bad
character." Contrasting Christianity with
Hinduism, the speaker found as gratify
ing points of contact that "preparation
for Christian li\ing is seen in the daily
religious life oi' the devout Hindoo and
in the deep spiritual longings oi" the Hin
doo soul; (:?? belief that the things seen
are temporal and the tl:ii>t-'s not seen are
spiritual it. deeply ingrained :u the Hin
doo temperament."
Mrs. .'. C. Gilbert of the Methodist
Episcopal < hureh followed Mrs. Prewitt
and closed the session with a prayer that
all Christian women may realize their
debt to Christianity and carry the mes
sage of life to all nations.
Eighteen churches in the District were
represented and two in Maryland. It was
announced that next Friday Mrs. Prew
itt'.-) subject will he Buddhism, and also
that Mrs. A. E. Wood of St. Thomas'
Protestant Episcopal Church will give a
B'-ble reading on the subject "The Signs
of the Times."
io Hwrper* Kerry, Chm-lew Town.
Summit Point. Stephenson and Winches
ter and return, Sunday. Oct B?'t'
mo'.e & Ohio. Special train leaves Cnion
Nation s a.m.?Advt.
?? -- ? - ? -
Estate Is Left to Widow and Two
By the terms of the will of Henry Ar
nold. dated July 21. 1910, a life interest
'n house No. 1415 11th street northwest
's !eft to his widow, Katharine Arnold,
with the remainder to the two daughters,
Mrs. Eda Horen and Mrs. Elizabeth Bur
dett. Should eirher daughter object to
this disposition or' the property, the will
provides, .--he is to have only $23 in cash
n lieu of her interest.
All moneys ari.-ing from benefit societies
| are to gr> to the widow, with directions
to pay ?2K> to the widow of Valentine
Buchinger. A silver watch is left to a
godchild. Henry Buchinger, and a gold
watch to Harry Horen. The remaining
estate is devised to the widow, who is
also named as executrix.
91.25 to Baltimore and Retnrm,
Saturdays and Sundays, via Pennsylvania
railroad. Tickets good to return until
Sunday night: all regular trains except
the "Congressional Limited."?Advt.
i ampaign for Police Pensions.
Plar.s arc being formulated by the Po
1'ce Association of the District for a vig
1 orous campaign to secure satisfactory
pens'oi: legislation at the coming session
or' Congress. The matter was thoroughly
discussed at a meeting of the association
Thursday evening in Pythian Temple. It
was also announced that a number of en
tertainments are. to be given during the
winter months.
Course Has Been Arranged by j
Woman's Clinic and Approved ;
by Supt. Davidson. |
A scries <>f lectures on practical hygiene,
to be given to the parents of school boys
and girls of this city, have b?. n arranged
hv the Woman's Clinic of rj.!7 T street |
northwest, and will be Riven at meetings
of home and ^ liool associations and sltn
ilar organirations. as well as before the j
high and normal school students thrt.ugh- (
out the winter. The lectures have all
been approved by Superintendent of
Schools L>avids?>n for the parents, and
with but one exception, in which case
he is at present withholding judgment,
have been approved for the students oi
these schools. This exception is the
series of lectures on personal and s^x
h\ giene.
The lectures are in a series embracing
the following topics: ?"First
tagious and Infectious Diseases, l bJ sl"
ology and Hygiene of the < hild." hex
Hygiene and Education and numerous ^
miscellaneous sub ects. i
The Monday Evening Club also is sawi
to be arranging a series of lectures to l?c j
given tills season along similar lines. .
Last vear this club Issued a small bullf- (
tin treating practical hygiene t ? every
school child in the city*.
Will Awaken Interest.
That these lectures will in all proba- j
Dility be another great aid in awakening
the home to its responsibilities is the
prophecy made by school o.iicials today.
Washington, it is said, already lias made
rapid advances along this line. In some
cities, it is said, in the poorer districts
of New York and Chicago, for example,
the duties of the home are so tar neglect
ed that the school teachers have to su
pervise the baths of the children and
regulate their eating. It may be said,
however, that nothing of the sort Is an
ticipated in the immediate future for this
At the same time it has been founu ,
necessary to employ dental inspectors, )
and teachers have been asked to look
after the children's eyes. Also medical j
inspection has been going on for years. ,
Although these things are said to have
their "good points," especially for chil
dren whose parents are somewhat lax.
many of the school chiefs have" begun
to wonder where the line will be drawn
between the duties of the home and the
duties of the school.
Money to loan at 5 and 6% on real estate
Frank T. Rawlinga Co., 14^5 N. Y. ave.?
Music and Dancing on Annual Hal
loween Program.
The thirty-second annual Halloween
celebration of the Caledonian Club of
Washington was held last night in the
auditorium of Pythian Temple. Among
the program numbers were selections by
Mundell's orchestra, tenor solo by James
Anderson, soprano solo by Mrs. F. Wil
[ liams, song by C. E. Webb, song and
I danco by Mrs. Mattingly s pupils, con
tralto solo by Miss Jean McGlnty, tenor
solo by C. Owens, baritone solo by S.
Qulne, and "Auld Lang Syne" by the
I audience.
The celebration concluded with dancing.
I Twenty-two dance numbers, including a
number of Scotch favorites, were played
by Deucliar's orchestra.
| .. -
Boy Who Disappeared From Home
Is Located at Lincoln, Va.
Txuain Buck, seventeen years old. who
'disappeared from his Tome. H.V! South
j Carolina avenue southeast, several days
' ago. was located at Lincoln. Va., yes
terday and brought to Washington today
by his father. Arthur P. Buck.
The boy, who was exhausted by his
long tramp, went to a store at the ?ir
ginla town. He was footsore and ?un
gry. The proprietor gave him food and
then notified the Washington policc.
Dobyn*', 18th and Columbia Koad.
Those in the vicinity of 18th and Co
Pimb.a road having no telephone may
leav Star "Want Ada" at Doby:.?*
; Pharmacy, isth street and Columbia
Changes in Water Mains.
Orders were issued today by the en
gineering department of the District for
the removal of the old twelve-inch water
main in W street between North Capitol
and 1st streets northwest, and its re
placement with new twelve-inch pipe. The
orders also provide for the lading of 14,>
feet of eight-inch pipe in Water street,
east lrotn *2'Jd street; ?*>? feet of eight
inch pipe in '-3d street between C and D
. streets, and 120 feet of eight-inch pipe in
; D street ea-t from 2*"'d street northwest.
Appointed to Examine Titles.
Edward S. McCalmont was appointed
! today by Justice Bar rani as specSai mis
ter to examine into tli<- titles to the sev
l oral parcels of la id involved in the new
Meridian Hiil Park. Mr. Met almont wi.l
report to the court the names of the par
i ties who are entitled to receive payment
from the government. The t-'tal amount
! to be distributed among the property
j owners Is $4t!0,00?.
? t
Funeral of Benjamin F. Pilson.
The body of Benjamin F. Pilson was
buried in Rock Creek cemetery this after
noon following funeral services held at
the fami'y residence, l.c Roy and Phelps
places northwest, at ?> o'clock. Rev. Dr.
C. Ernest Smith, rector of St Thomas"
j Episcopal Cbure.i officiated. The pall
1 i>,-ar< rs. olocC friends ot Mr. Pilson an I
the family, were i' !? iizpalrici; and
!f D. Snearc of Nc\? Yor.x. J. <?. Ih-nder
? -on of' Philadelphia. E. T Burneri of
Roanoke. Va.: F. L. Do Ixjir-. of _Clacaso
and Col. T. R- Marshall of this cUy.
Funeral of Dr. Bobbins.
Funera! services for Dr. Henry L. Rob
bin?. who died at his home. 17.H? M street
northwest. Thursday, were held at ?"
o'clock this afternoon at St. Thomas
Episcopal Church. Rev. Dr. J. A. Aspin
wall. former rector of the church and a
lifelong friend of Dr. Bobbins, officiated
Burial was hi Oak Hiii cemetery. The
Masonic order of the Scottish Rite and
Acacia Blue Lodge participated in the
Death of Mrs. Edward B. Stumph.
Mrs. Eliza B. Stumph. wife of Edward
B. Stumph. died following a long illness
at Dixondale. Gloucester county. Va..
last Sunday morning. The deceased came
to Washington about fifteen years ago
from New Haven. Conn., and lived at
the intersection of Georgia a\ enue and
Blair road until recently, when she re
moved to Virginia.
Church to Hold Rally Services.
The several auxiliaries of the Metro
politan Wesley A. M. E. iiion Churc-h. on
D street southwest. Rev. W. A. Ray,
pastor, have completed "arrangements for
the final rally services in the interest of
the one-thousand-dollar fund for the sea
son Rev. Lewis 13. Moore, dean of the
tea- tiers" college ami professor of pe la
gogv and philosophy of Howard Lnl
versitv^ will preach a special sermon at
this service, to be held tomorrow under
the auspices of the Ra> Circle.
Thomas John Holland, a Well
Known Farmer, Dies at
Forest Glen.
^p?vial rorrespomlonce of star.
ROCKVILLB. M J . October 2*. 11*11.
Thomas John Holland. aged seventy-six
years. died early yesterday morn ins at
Forest <?len. this county. where he had j
been under treatment several months. His |
death was ?!:??? to paralysis and other |
troubles and followed a long illness. The
funeral v. Ill take place :? t JS.ISM o clock this 1
afternoon from the home of J. '"lagett
Holland, a brother. r.r?r Brookeville, bu
rial to t>% in the cemetery at olney. The
service s will be conducted by Hev. <*eorge
II. Mi*<irew. rector of 15race Kplscopal
Church. Woodslde.
Mr. Ho| and was a lifelong resident of
Montgomery county. He was a son of
the late Grafton Holland. For many
years he was successfully engaged tn
farming n<ar Brookeville. For several
terms he was a member of the board of
county commiss.oners. being elected ns a
democrat, and he also served several
years as a member of the board of county
public school commissioners. His wife
died several years ag?> He left no chil
Postmaster Celebrates.
Postmaster Willis 1!. Burlette Thursday
evening entertained at dinner In celebra
tion ot' the fortieth anniversary of his
birth. His guests included Rev. and Mrs.
William D. Kerne, Mr. and Mrs \\ In
field S. Magruder. Mr. and Mrs. R. 11.
Hoskinson. Mr. an I Mrs. Wilbur S. Pay,
Miss (Mara Magruder and Prof. E. Wil
son Walker.
Judge Kdward C. Peter. in the circuit
court at this place, has signed a decree
granting to Mrs. Mahaska Bruscup of
this county, an absolute divorce from
Oliver 11 Biuscup of Washington, on
the ground of desertion.
Married in Baltimore.
The bill in the case represents that the
couple were married i:i Baltimore in Oc
tober. 1S83, by Rev. ?\. 11. Thompson, a
Methodist minister, and that they lived
together until June, 1I*U. when the plain
tiff was dcserteiJ. Mrs. Bruscup was rep
resent* d by Attorney W. Outerbridge
Spates of Rockvilie.
Judge Peter has &l*o signed a decree
granting to Mrs. Rose A. Johnson of this
county an absolute divorce from Samuel
Johnson of Washington on the ground of
desertion. The couple were married in
November, 1W<1. and, according to the
bill, the plaintiff was deserted in Decem
ber. 1W7.
On and after 'the first Sunday in De
cember all grocery stores and notion
fclores in Anaeoatia will W closed Sun
day. This? information was reported last
I evening at a meeting of the joint com
mittee of the teveral churches held in tile
chapel of Emmanuel Episcopal Church.
A thorough canvass was made of all the
stores In town, with the result stated.
This will not lina'.ly settle the matter,
however, as it was decided to continue
the campaign. A majority of the drug
gists, proprietors of cigar stores and bak
eries have signified their willingness to
close, but in each case it was reported
to be one store that prevents the closing
of them all. An agreement Is to be drawn
up for signatures and will be presented to
!the grocers to make the matter binding.
This agreement w*lll be voluntary.
! Mr. and Mrs. David T. N. Shank of W
street have a* their guests Mrs. S. Ilale
land daughter of Hagerstown, Md.. and
! Mrs. T. W. Shank of Winchester, Va
They came to attend the wedding of Mies
Joanette MadaUne Shank and R. H.
Yowell last Thursday evening.
A new patrol wagon was put in service
j the past week at the eleventh police pre
i e'net station, and although not of the
j latest type, yet it is far better than the old
wagon used so long at this station. The
* citizens' association requested a change
| some months ago. and at that time was
i informed that an automobile patrol would
| be provided. The condition of the old
\^agon, however, would not permit of
! waiting until an appropriation could l?e
made for an up-to-date wagon. 2nd
therefore one of the old wagons was
! overhauled and placfd in sPrvlce. MaJ.
Sylvester hopes, however, to secure an
1 automobile wagon soon.
' Rev. Mr. Granger, pastor of the Eeking
; ton Presbyterian Church, will preach the
sermon tomorrow morning in the Gar
den Memorial Presbyterian Church, on
Minnesota avenue, and Rev. <.?eorg?j M.
Cummin:,', the pastor, will conduct the
service in the First Presbyterian Church
in Washington. In the evening at the
Garden Memorial Church the missionary
society will hold lis annual praise service,
for which several important featuies
have been arranged.
November l."? has been named as the
c ite when cars will be running through
to Congress Heights, this announcement
having been made yesterday by II. W.
Fuller, general manager <?f the railway
eonipanv. It was also announced that
only the <ars t;iat now run b> way of
the Center market will have their ter
minus al Co:;-r->.s Hrights, tho.-.e goh g
by way oi i rio-1 'j'ion .topping at ii.e
I reseni tervn'r.. c i Nichols a1 <tu\
The com:r.iiie?- .?> the IVblie Improve
ment A-iatlon of t'ic.t suburb bavin-?
charge ol* arrangements for a jolllfh?itlon
meeting upon the *. >mpletior. of this
' project is making elaborate plans. The
affair will take place the latter part of
November. .
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Frazier of Ma
; pie View avenue. Anaeostia. celebrated
, their silver wedding anniversary yester
day. The couple received many conurat
' ulations lrom relatives and friends. They
I have resided in Anaeostia tor a number
of years.
Tlie Approved Wcddiae Livery
1 ?Downey's carriage^. Reasonable. 1020 I...
! ? Advt
Dr. Davidson Declares Intention to
Devote Life to Their Uplift.
Washington's public schools will be
not only the best In this country, but
the best in the world, if the purpose of
Dr. W. M. Davidson, superintendent of
schools, expressed at a reception tender
ed him by the Nebraska State Society
last evening, is carried out. Dr. Davidson
a so declared his intention of dedicating
his life, so lone as he is permitted to do
so. to the uplift of the District schools.
1 Tributes were paid to the educator,
who Is a native of NebrasKC, by Frank
I in W Collins o* the Department of
I Justice- F. H. Abbott, assistant Indian
commissioner, and Fred K. Nellsen. an
alumnus of the University of Nebraska
Mr?; Davidnon accompanied her husband.
! The committee in charge of the event
consisted of H. A. Harding. F. H. Ab
bott, F. W Collins and Miss Fanny
Well. are r?u Kemp to let it or will you try t*
Wwit it'.' If the latter, wnd to "Cntleara,"
l?ept. 17E. Bootep. and eet n literal (ample of
Cuiicura Soap aud Ointineut. with ^2-p. book
tellins bow quickly dandruff ?nid may be
removed, itrbinif and irritation Kubdurd. tbe
rauttes ?r dry. tbin and falllns hair eradicated.
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have pliof on e\er\ tHble At kpviT' ..r
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-as futile h task ?s "p>iintIhk the 111> *
Tn purity, ago. <|Uiillt.\ they have e\ re
be.?n snpre:ne. Aged *-lx to tori m.mttif J
doz. Maerxen or Senate. $1.7.">; ? d<>* !.;??
?r?*r, SJ.uO; bottle rebate. r*H\ Tel. W. !?*?*?.
RoWrl Knimet.
"When my country takes her plar#
amor.* the nations of the earth, then, not
till then, let rny epitaph l?e written"
Having: Tkelr Om Maeklnea. Klal?f*r
Bros.. UIOP 7tli n w? are prepared to mfcti
mlllwork qul< kly and at lowest cost.
The Beat Food and Heat Arrtin, Wltfc
refined surroundings. are to be had at
Harvey>. Try for yourself.
Witch Hata, \\ Itch Came, (ihoat Miak>,
Skeletons, Snakes, Spiders. J. Jay ?.?o';ld a.
Oytters, Md. Quick ?10 !*h & U*. P?. ??.
Old Criterion lira.
H.oo full quart; a universal favorlta.
Prompt deliveries up to 10.30 p.m. Phetia
Main 3644 Ail brands of vrh aklea and
dears- John T. Crowley. 831 14th it
Mrs. Carrie Lippincott, Despondent,
Inhales Illuminating Gas.
Mrs. Carrie Lippincott, fifty-eight year*
old. widow of P. P. Idppincott, a prlnte .
who died several months ago. committed
suicide yesterday afternoon at the horn*
of her son. Louis K. l.lppinoott, rj*> W*
J street northw est, by inhaling illumlnat ?
j ing gas. I.lfe was extinct when Daniel
and Harry Clark, neighbor*. broke op? n
| her room door.
Mrs Lippincott had been despondent
since the death of In r husband, and
itlso worried about her property, fearing
i she would lose It. her friends *a>. and
[that she would have to Ro to a charitable
It is said that Mrs. Lippincott had niad*
rema rks indicating she had contemplated
suicide. She w ent to h? r room yesterdav
afternoon and remained so long that her
i daughter-ln- aw finally called to lu-r <?
I inquire if she wanted anything
Falling to receive a resjKtnse. the daufci
ter-ln-law summoned the neighbors ai <i
had them force an ent a nee to the room.
Two gas jets were found open, and Mr
f Lippincott had placed an apron over tlx*
j lock to prevent the tia?? from escaping
! through the keyhole.
L?r. J. S. Allen. 'SWO 1st street north
west. was summoned to the hourt. lie
examined the body and pronounced lit"
extinct. The police of the <-ighth precin* ?
reported the death to Coroner Nevltt.
The latter gave a certificate ??f death by
Arrangements have been made for The
burial to be made ut N'ew Brunswick.
N. J.
! I
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