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r ,
1115 r bt.
^ 1117 F St.
Every single item of fur apparel is reduced by a liberal margin from its former
price. You may roam at will through the Department and choose what you will in
the knowledge that any selection you make carries with it a considerable saving 011
its legitimate price.
Coats of the most expensive furs, coats of inexpensive furs, matched sets and
single pieces of every conceivable variety and price?all have been liberally lowered,
and every garment is ticketed with its original price and the price at which you may
buy it now in this season-end sale. W e unhesitatingly commend these opportunities
to you as the most notable in many years. Fourth Floor.
Russian Pony Coat. originally $45.00 now $22.50
Russian Pony Coat. originally S55.00 now $39.75
Russian Pony Coat, originally 887.50 now $57.00
Near Seal Coat.... originally $75.00 now $40.00
Near Seal Coat. ... originally $82.50 now $42.50
Were $8.50. flOW $4.75
Black I*OX originally $32.50 and $37.50. .now $lH.50 and $22.<)0
Natural Raccoon. ..originally s50.00 and $75.00. .now $32.50 and $45*00
Red Fox ... .originally $50.00 and $75.00. .now $32.50 and $47*5^
Iceland Fox originally $25.00 now $17.50
Coronation Fox. .. .originally $75.00 now $57.50
Cross Fox originally $125.00 now $75.00
Originally $45 00 and $25.00 now $19*75 and $14*7?
Trimmed with Heads and Tails.
Hats formerly
sold at $8.50 and $10.00
Hats formerly til 9 AC
sold at $13.50 and $15.00...
Prixseam j"
$1.00 Value....
A jsljk vj&\ j? > jkJ
>3-lb. Package, 20c.,
1-lb. Package, 40c.
This Is a Good Drinking Tea.
Vine Groceries, Wines tnd Cigars,
Conn. Ave. & K St.,
Wholesale and Betail.
"It rift to Boy the Best"
Direct Branch Wardrooms of Factory.
f Bargain) Prices $
; Every Electric and Gas ?
f- ?
o Stand reduced?many more
% than 50%. X
'/* Now ii you- "[/lortufi'- t i :uc lo secure
? a r??-f il and Ornamental Oil lAmp, Gas '?*
*t* or Electric Drop Li^ht. 'I?
C. A.
A ,
& Co..
* 1204 G. 016 12th. ,;
Jt Is the duty 01 i^areats to ascer
tain if tbc eyesight of th?-ir chil
dren is perfect or defective.
llflS WE TKI?Li TOl*:
If they arc defective it nn:ouic.i
criminal neglect to refuse tiieni
protection from strain and nerve
IMMEDIATE, timely attention
may save your children uiuch
misery and yourself future regrret.
Our Ophthalmologist will exam
ine your eyes thoroughly, search
ingly, scientifically, and tit Klasses
to corre>ct all defects, and gnar
autee absolute ?atisfa<ulou. .
Our liberal credit system and
moderate charges apply to our
Optical Department.
* 935 Penna. Ave. N.W.
3\are Jewels
In buying jewels it is well to consider
the integrity of the firm with which you
For ? of necessity ? you must rely
almost entirely upon the statement of the
dealer as to the quality of the gem.
Our stock of Rare Jewels is one of the
finest in the world. We offer you our
experience of more than a hundred years in
the selection of fine gems.
<6alt 3?ro.
Established Over a Century.
Jewellers, Silversmiths, Stationers,
1107 Pennsylvania Avenue.
1307 F St.
1303 F St.
| Special Sale of Footwear.
The Highest G rade Footwear for Men
And Women Marked at Less Than Cost.
IJ1S is not a sale of old style or undesirable footwear,
but fresh new stock in the best leathers and newest
styles. Footwear that will appeal to every man and
woman who >eek< something superior at a moderate
| Women's Handsome Men's Smart $3 and |
I $3.10 and $4 Shoes,
$3.50 Shoes,
Dlack Russia tan calf, black
suede, black velvet and patent {
colt in the nobbiest shapes. j leathers and all styles
Thoroughly high-class foot- t
wear in every respect. All ??
Brockton Shoe Store,
9 1303 IF St N.Wo |
J. Jay Goild's
j WouUor Storr. 421 Otli at. Cotillion Fator-s made
to order, Toys*. favors for Children's Parties,
? IlirtijJay Candlee. Paper Flowers. Hoae Leavea,
I Scrap Book Picture#, Ite<l Hearts. Great Variety
tfball To j*. KoTeltles. UmU*. Paget UaU.
Fekkb Wagomis.
Wii are headquarters f?r higb-srade
Wa*ww. Moderate prices.
Carriage, 44H-MW Pa. ave.
Bciwaitory, i'huac 31. -T.
T.EAfou ng's
i <?>
' <v
; V
\$ Hopper Hardware Co.,
i 1 9118 N. Yo Ave. NoW.
r i
r? I
? .ft Builders' Hardware. Tools, Cut- <?>
j *s? lery, Paints, Varnishes, House <j?
??? Furnishings. etc.. etc., at great re- ?t>
IV Auctions. Must be sold by Fcbru
V ary l by order of court. i
?-> ? ? >
I ?|t Assignees.
! 2~{vxjT-t* >*3*2^?*?^ i
John F. Ellis & Co.
Oldest Music House in the City,
S; (Established 1852).
S Piano:
s iru
'For Sale.
Cash or Time.
? We sell 011 liberal terms of ^
f monthly payments if desired, |j
# the only extra charge being g
the simple interest on the lft
% unpaid balance over the cash 2?
& price. *
?fi* r?" ??" -t'C '<* *t* '?* 'C 'tv '?* ??"* '<?r'1 r? ?T '?.? ' ?*
The Raleigh
Penna. ave. at 12th
PECIAL service
is provided for
ladies at Lunch
eon in the Louis XVI
Room?the handsome
new Dining Salon.
Orchestra at luncheon and dinner.
E. L. WESTON, Manager.
Clearing out
our entire
stock of Coats,
Sets, Muffs and
other separate
pieces at prices
below ACT
Every piece
dependable in
quality and
correct in
ij^SpA number of big bargains in
Ladies' and Men's Fur-lined Over
The Furrier, 1324 F St. fKS4
j COAL, $6.75 PER TON.
1 Largo rurnacc. nnd Nut Coal, $7 Per Ton.
Spot Cash Only.
Delivered east of 17th and south of W streets,
provided streets are clear of snow and ice. De
liveries within 3 squares of N. Cap. and R
streets, 10c off. Deliveries south of Park road,
20c additional. IVe handle only the best grade
' of coal that can be bought. ami guarantee 2,240
pounds to every ton. Estab. 37 yrs.
811 H. 1937 5TH N.E.
PHONE MAIN 21*110.
? ?
4UWU' WWeHJWWWWU<m' U'wu<. OW(?! wwjs.a^t,.<ww6.
nil IttAMMwcr $
7f TT* /Thfl *1
e |
? Full 8 years in the wood. %
? This remarkable whiskey is
*??? ? ? ^ ? ?
?: ottered for the first time, ma- ?>:
;c ttired by storage in the casks X
? for the full bonded period of i|
% 8 year's. :?!
K Delightfully mellow.
| Full Qdnarts, $11.25 |!
Bottled in Bond. 4
$ n
^Grilles9 Store, Ij
S 1135-r 137 14th St. x.VV. g
# Phone N.I 161. 5?
?<?" *<f
Brosiciii Sal Troches
An i ifwtin' remedy for i'onghH and Hoarseness.
Invaluable In Bronchial and Lnng Troubles ajid
in SinK'-rs and Sneakers for clearing the voice.
KiitIrelv li-r*. from opiatrs or uny harmful Ingre
dient. Sold onlv in Ix.xew. Sample mailed free.
JOHN I. BROWN & SON. Boetou. Maas.
Any Decorative
Scheme You May J
Have In Mind
?will be most satisfac
torily executed by our
skilled workmen. De
signs and estimates fur
KIT Imported atW Domestic
Wall Papers, new and distinct
ive designs.
61012th st. isjrcijr
A Lecture Tomorrow.
Representative J. J- E?ch of Wisconsin
to lecture on "The Match Bill, or
'Phossy, Jaw," and John Andrew, secre
tary of the American Association for
Labor Legislation, will speak on "Labor
Legislation," *at a meeting of the wom
an's welfare department of the Nation
al Civic Federation, tomorrow morning.
The meeting will be held At the residence
of Mrs. A. J. Parsons. 17t>4 18th street
northwest, and is scheduled to begin at
11 o'clock. ?. _ ? I
D.1MEL B. GI!>H.
Receptions, Dinners and Dances.
Today's Events?Personal
liie second reception of the winter with
the judiciary as the honored body will be
held tonight at the White House.
Mrs. Henry D. Clayton, wife of Repre
sentative Clayton of Alabama, will be at '
home at 101t? 16th street this afternoon j
Irom 4 to 6 o'clock. Mrs. Robert D. <
Prowitt of Georgetown, Mrs. Castlemon
of Vermont, Mrs. John XV. Davis of West j
"\ irginla, Mrs. Slemp of Virginia, Mrs. ?
James C. Cantrill of Kentucky, Mrs. Dent i
of Alabama, Mrs. Ansberry of Ohio and !
Miss Lucy Hoke Smith will assist.
The Secretary of State and Mrs. Knox
sent out invitations yesterday for a dance 1
February 1 for Mr. and Mrt. Ilu^h Knox.
The Secretary of the Navy and Mrs. ?
Meyer entertained at dinner last night in '
honor of Miss Taft. The following were '
present: Mr. and Mrs. John Lawrence of j
Boston, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Weldon '
Mrs. Rudolph Welt and Mr. Mason Jones,
all house guests: Miss Harriet Anderson
Miss Kitty Cameron, Miss Marion Wise,
Miss Barnard. Miss Gladys Ingalls, Miss ;
Dorothy Williams, Miss Elsie Aldrich,
Miss Janet Fish, Miss Marjorie Colton,
the Misses Meyer, Mr. Huffer, Cotton
Smith, Samuel Eliot, Mr. Maugran, Count '
Csckonios. Mr. da Bach. Mr. Kerr, Pay- !
master Little, Maj. Herwarth, Dr. Grav
son, Mr. White, Mr. Hichborn and Lieut. J
Leahy. j
The Secretary of Commerce and Labor !
and Mrs. Nagel entertained at dinner last i
evening. They had as their guests the '
Belgian minister and Mmc, Havenlth the !
counselor of the German embassy'and <
Mme. Hanlel von llaimhauscn, tin; mili
tary attache of the British embassv and I
Mrs. McLaughlin. Mr. Naboknflf ?f the ;
Russian embassy staff, Mr. and Mrs
Hugo Reisinger uf New York, Capt. and
Mrs Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. Wolcott
Tuckerman, Miss Mabel Johnson and Dr
De Laney.
. ar^ Mrs. John Crayke Simpson en
"ear,-v Uve hundred guests last
night at Raust her s at a reception and
dance. The ballroom suite and parlors
were adorned with palms and roses and
the Marine Band Orchestra plaved. Mrs.
Simpson, who was gowned in white satin
and Venetian point lace, had receiving
her ,M,rs- Rudolph Max Kauflf mating
a bride of last autinnn, who was also in
white satin and point lace. Roth carried
bouquets of orchids. Mrs. Thomas S
Dando of Philadelphia, a house guest of
Mrs. Simpson, was also present
The company reflected most delight
fully the residential side of the ^oeiai
life of the capital. 1
t-Vu? ? Castelmenardo, formerly Miss
Ldith \an Buren, and well known in
this city, sailed for Europe todav
Miss Mary K. Graham, daughter of Mr
and Mrs. F. W. Graham, organized anew
group of Va^sai- Girls yesterday for "The
College Hero" production next month
The girls who joined this Vassar dance
are Misses Nellie Barber. Dorothv Decker
Mary Howell Maty K. Graham, Eugenie
M. Surguy, Aretta Ashhum Ka*"'-v v
Donaldson. Kathrvr. Ri-i-s KiiVVhoth
A.hnel.1 Walk,.,-. Kau,
arine Tjatj, Florence i'arsons, E. En
nice Uhyte Dorothy Lantz. Ma y c
Voting. \ n-gfnia McQuade. Stella Moodev
cfhnar?nnaVK& Xel,ie Donaldson. R..s4
Gahn Edith Parsons, Vivian Schneider
Dorothy Beitholf, Juliet Hamilton IRl?
Doris StevTns' Catherine Winn,
V, r tut'n awson- 'moraine Hellen. Gladvs
<? Jfn n' Helen Kalstrom, Esther
.. Ramsey, Bessie Mallinson, Frances F
Brown and I. Lawson. '
, wer,e eiven ?" Baltimore fast
nighi before tlie Monday german by Mrs
Clinton Paxton Paine. whose honor guest
was Miss Elizabeth Rogers of this cit?
h r,. y Mrs- William L Mai
burj entertaining for Miss Beatrice
C rawford of this city.
Mrs. Robert F. Shepard will be at home
tomorrow for the last time this month.
Mrs. Elkins, Miss Katherine Elkins ^
and Mr. and Mrs. Henry White are in
?New lork.
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Boardman will
nua,-v -*" lo spend the remainder
of the winter at their place in Augusta,
Oa. Miss Mabel Boardman and her sis
tor, Mrs, Frederick A. Keep, will return
from Panama Thursday.
Mrs. James 1\ Barbour and Miss Mar
guerite Barbour went to Atlantic City
today tp spend a week at the Brighton. *
j Mrs. Henry Clews will come here todav
to visit Mrs. Slater for a few days.
Baron Preuschen, naval attache of the
Austro-Hungarian embassy, and Baro
ness IYeuschen are in New York, the lat
ter to sail soon for a few months' visit
In Europe.
Corn to de Peretti de la Rocca, first sec
retary of the French embassy, and Coin
tesse de Peretti de la Rocca will go
abroad <-arly next month.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Townsend are
in New York to attend the various fes
tivities arranged for the Duke and Du
chess of Connaught.
Mrs. F. J. Barrett and Miss Barrett
will not be at home until February 7 and
Mrs. Henry Schaflfert entertained the
Jolly Twelve Euchre Club last Wednes
day afternoon at her residence, 1107 Clif
ton street northwest. First prize was
won by Mrs. Thomas, second bv Mrs
Dunbaight and booby by Mrs. Robey
Those present were Mrs. 8. B. Bain,
Mrs. C. W. Thompson, Mrs. George
Esther, Mrs. J. Dunbaight, Mrs. M. L
Robey, Mrs. A. Ruth, Mrs. H. Thomas,
Mrs. William Moseberg, Mrs. H. Sher
wood, Mrs. H. Schaflfert, Mrs. E. Schnei
der &nd Mrs. George T. Jones.
Dr. Alice Littlejohn, a former high
school teacher of this city, who has been
visiting her parents, has returned to the
Ohio State University, where for three
years she has tilled the chair of professor
of physical education for women an
director of the thp women's gymnasium
In tlie summer of 1910, Br. Uttlejuiiu
was associated with Director of Play
grounds e. S. Martin In organizing and
conducting tho city playgrounds of Co
Aliss Florence Leland of Capitol Hill
was hostess Friday evening last at an
apron shower, complimentary to Miss
Bertie Xeilson. whose marriage to Mr.
Sherman Johnson of Ohio will occur the
latter part of February. Those present
included Misses Adeline Bradburli, May
Murphy, Alice Meyer, Isabel Collins, Ger
trude Murphy, Marie Malonev, Mamie
White, Grace Xeilson, Klsie Shinn, Ber
tie Neilson and Florence Leland.
Miss Marietta Little has returned to j
the city after an absence of two and one
half years, and has taken an apartment
in the The Melrose, 1343 Clifton street,
where she will be pleased to see her
Mrs. William H. Chany and Miss Re
becca Jordan Chany are at 'J003 Columbia
load for the remainder of the season.
The Woman's Relief Corps (Lincoln. No.
(?) held its sewing circle at Mrs. Ray
mond's. 113 T street northwest. Thurs
day afternoon, January 18. A luncheon
was greatly- enjoyed.
Mrs. George J. Newgarden will not re
ceive tomorrow.
Mr. and Airs. Aubrey Lanston, 24 Bry-'
ant street northwest, will sail Wednes
day on the Olympic. After a visit to
London and Paris Mrs. I^anston will re
turn to Washington, while Mr. Lanston
will go out to Japan via the Transsibe
rian railway.
Mrs. T. H. Alexander and Mrs. Bidwell,
her sister, from California, are at At
lantic City.
i Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Heffernan have had
as their guests at their apartment In
Dumbarton Court, 31st street, George
town Heights, Mr. and Mrs. John F.
Heffernan and little daughter of New
York city.
I The marriage of Miss Genevieve Kin
near. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
Breckenridge Kinnear, and Mr. Daniel
Brailey Gisli of Seattle, Wash., took place
last night at 8 o'clock at the Calvary
Baptist Church, with the Rev. S. H.
Greene, pastor of the church, officiating
Tall palms banked the platform, and a
screen of southern smilax was arranged
in front of the choir. Baskets tilled with
pink and white azaleas were also used in
the decoration. Tall standards filled with
p:nk roses and white lilacs marked the
pews reserved for the families.
The bride was given away by her father
and wore ivory-tinted crepe meteor hand
embroidered in pearls, with the bodice
formed of duchess lane.
Her court train was also embroidered in
pearls. A flimsy tulle veil was arramed be
neath a cap of tulle, the same worn by
the mother of the bride at her wedding.
It was fastened with a spray of orange
blossoms. She carried a shower of bride
roses, orchids and lilies of the valley.
Miss Anne Lee Alexander of Pittsburgh,
Pa., the maid of honor, wore an imported
gown of pink chiffon satin, draped with
chiffon of a deeper shade and elaborately
trimmed with crystals. She wore a Dutch
cap of crystals with touches of pink and
carried an arm bouquet of Killarney roses
and white lilacs.
The bridesmaids. Miss Helen Gardner,
Miss Iris Masters and Miss Evelyn Mal
comb of this city and Miss Blanch Tliis
tlewood of Illinois, wore gowns of ro?c
pink crepe de chine, the bodice trimmed
with lace and embroidered in crystals.
I They wore crystal caps with aigrettes
of white marabou at one side, and car
1 lied bouquets of Killarney rotx-s and
Mr. John Astor Diener was the best
j nian, anil the following members of the
1 bridegroom's fraternity. Delta Tau D^lta,
the ushers: Messrs. Williij". *^udwig ^ar
son, Roy Lee Matthews. C arl Howe But
! man and William H. MeCauley ol' New
A reception followed at the Kinnear
' home, on California street, where the
decorations were extremely effects e.
i The newlv married couple received in a
bower of" palms and ferns in the bay
j window of the drawing room. White
' rofeM and ferns banked the mantel and
tilled the vases arranged around the
| room: pink roses ornamented the recep
! tion hall, and Richmond roses were used
in the dining room.
Mrs. Kinnear. the bride's mother, as
I sisted in receiving, and wore lilac satin,
with a square train of purple velvet, with
lace and pearl ornaments on the cor
Mrs. Joiner of Illinois was also assist
I ing. and wore yellow satin veiled in
| chiffon, with turquoise and gold embroid
i ery.
Mr. and Mrs. Gisli left last night tor
I an extended wedding journey, the latter
wearing a French model gown of blue
serge, with a black velvet hat trimmed
with white aigrettes.
Miss Juliet Parris, daughter of Mrs.
Albion Keith Parris, was the hostess at
a charming tea yesterday afternoon,
given in honor of her guest, Miss Nancy
Suppes of Johnstown, Pa.
Miss Parris received in a gown of yel
low satin, veiled in black chiffon, unci
Miss Suppes wore nile green crepe de
Mrs. Matthews and Mrs. Balentine pre
sided at the daintily appointed tea table
Mrs. George Salter was at the punch
bowl. The other assistants were Miss
Julia Vail, Mips Matthews, Miss Rohrcr,
Miss Cleaves, Miss Anna K. Pennebakc-r,
Miss Sue Courts, Miss Anna Blackwood
and Miss Leetch.
A supper for the receiving party and
an informal dance, to which a number of
young men were invited, Jinished off the
Miss Sara Blumberg of Annapolis. Md..
and Mr. Simon Margolis of Montgomery'.
W. Va., were entertained Sunduy night
by Miss Rebecca Applestein at her home,
on H street. Games and music were in
dulged In until a late hour, after which
refreshments were served and dancing
concluded the evening. Among those
present were Misses Hillman, G. Notes,
K. Robin. S. Smith, L. Offenberg. F. Ru
de1 ph. G. Sherley. B. Cohen and B. IIor
witz. Messrs. A- Greenberg, L. Schmidt,
B. Offenberg, M. Rosenfeld, M. Roman,
B. Kebeskey, J. Cohen, N. Thorner, B.
l^azeran A. Sanberg. L. Zimberg and
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cohen.
A parts" was given in honor of Miss
Emma S. Hodges at her home. 47? O
street northwest, by her Sunday school
teacher, Mr. B. M. Dep Jardins. The
evening was spent in vocal and instru
mental music, also games and fancy
dancing, until the hour of 10, when the
guests were ushered into the dinmg room,
where refreshments were served. Those
present were principally members of ,f?iss
Hodges' Sunday school class. Miss Lthel
B. Cad well of Connecticut agisted In en
tertaining. Those participating were as
follows: Miss Curtis R. Dove, Miss Helen
Johnson. Miss Florence I* Sange, Miss
jjerthu ii. Rude, Miss Verona E. N. J?u
kart. Mi tin Marguerite J. Saunders, Miss
Mabel Mitchell. Miss Florence Mitchell,
Miss Ruth I.* Kane, Miss Isabella Brown,
Miss Agnes Brown, Mlw May K. Eaton. 1
Allss Anna Jones, Mrf. I. L. l>rury and
Miss Julia E. 1 lodges.
Th? annual reception of lite congres- J
sional ladies at the Drisco'.l took place
yesterday afternoon from 3 to ?> o'clock.
The attractive parlors and reception
room wpn> decorated with carnations,
narcissus anil smilav the prevailing color
scheme being pink and white. In the ,
receiving lfne were: Mrs. W. <' A dam
son of Ueorgia, black ehantiUv over
white, with jet; Mr?. John H. Stephens
of Texas, wistaria Irish poplin with pas
senieterli>; ,\Irs. Claud** Kib'hin of North
Carolina, cream brocaded .-atin with
white luce; Mrs. WiUiam Hughes, of New
Jersey, marquisette with duchess Itwe;
Mrs. M. P. Poster of Illinois, Pream
pongee with iaee; Mrs. Arthur W. Kopp
of Wisconsin, blue marciuisette over gold
lace; Mrs. Thomas I... Reilly of Con
necticut, white bes.. d chiffon o\er blue
messaline with black velvet; Mrs. W.
I.. Hensley of Missouri. gray crepe me
teor with rose velvet; Mrs. D. V. Steph
ens of Nebraska, white embroidered not
with lavender messaline: Miss Ragsdale
of Kentucky, panama silk over Mexican
lace; MiSs Wilson of Pennsylvania, light
blue majqulsette over gold with pearl
ornaments. They were assisted in re
ceiving the throng of guests by Mrs.
Johnson, Mrs. Gllfrey and Mrs. Galloway
lit the refreshment and ten tablet*. The
reception was altogether one of th?- most
delightful affairs of tin congressional
The Club ,-u Colonial Duiiiei- n observing
its fourth anniversary by an afternoon
reception today, with the Maryland Co
lonial Dames as Its honor guests. Mrs.
Edward Ghe^n. the newly elected prtsl
dent, will receive and will have with her
Mrs. William Ree<i ?>f Baltimore, profi
cient of the Colonial Dames.
Assistfn^ at the tea tables will be Mr.t.
Munford. Mrs. Hughes Olipliant, newly
elected governors, and Miss Mary Am
bler, vieo president, and Miss Ellen
Wood, treasurer.
Tlte docorations of the clubrooms will
be in yellow and blue.
Mrs. Nourse and Miss Nourse and
Miss Ramsburg will be at home Thurs
days, January 25 and February K.
Mrs. Thomas A. Kearney and Mrs.
Charles A. Thompson, at the Dresden,
will not be at home tomorrow, but will
receive Wednesday, January 31.
Brig. Gen. W. W. Wotherspoon, who
has boon detailed to command the IV
partment of the Gulf, will leave with Mrs.
Wotherspoon early next month.
Miss Alice Vandergrift. daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Samuel H. Vandergrift, will
leave here this week to visit Rear Ad
miral and Mrs. Leutzo, at the Brooklyn
navy yard.
Mrs. A. W. Wells, 1*00 2d street north
west. has returned after a stay of tive
weeks with her mother in Wallace, N. C.
The latter, who has been seriously 111, is
now convalescing satisfactorily.
Mrs. Margaret E. Ballantyne of l.'!28
Vermont avenue, will not be at home to
Miss T. M. E. I^awler. who has been
seriously ill for some time, is much im
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Rau of Columbia
road, this city, have left for a thirty-day
cruise to the West indbs, Spanish Main.
Panama canal and Bermuda, by the
steamship Moltke.
Mrs. Harry F. Hodges, wife of Lieut.
Col. Hodges, entertained yesterday at a
tea. at which there was dancing, for her
house euest, Miss Gorgas, daughter of
Col. Gorgas, at which there were about
seventy young people. Miss Elizabeth
Noyes, Miss Frances Brooks and Miss
Mary Webb presided at the Ua table.
The minister of Venezuela entertained
at a small dinner last night in honor of
the American minister to Venezuela and
Mrs. Elliott Northcott. Among the
guests were the Cuban minister and
Mme- Rivero, the assistant director
of the Pan-American Union and Mme.
Yanes, and Mrs. Caldwell.
Miss Elizabeth Crenshaw has invita
tions out for an afternoon card party
February 2 In honor of Miss Millan.
There will be a large card party at the
Washington Club, 1710 I street, on the
evening of Wednesday. February 14, at
8 o'clock. Each table is at liberty to se
lect the game preferred?whist, bridge,
auction, euchre or live hundred. Quite
a number of tables have been already
engaged. The party is given by the
Washington branch of the Association for
the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities.
Mr. and Mrs. Beale R. Howard are en
tertaining at a dinner of twenty-four cov
ers tonight.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Earnshaw
have issued invitations to a tea to he
given Thursday, January 23, at their
home on Clifton street.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kearsley Mitchell.
3d, of 227 East Rittenhouse square. Phil
adelphia, will entertain at a dinner at the
Bellevue-Stratford, !n honor of Mr. and
[Mrs. Edward L. Stotesbury. now in Flor
ida on their honeymoon, on Friday night.
February 16, after which the guests will
attend the Assembly ball.
A farewell dinner, at which forty lead
ing citizens, members of the Capital City
Club, will entertain tomorrow evening in
honor of Gen. and Mrs. Albert Mills.
be an eve^l of x-'able soc ial interest in
Atlanta. There will be eighty In the
party, these being among the friends
with whom Gen. and Mrs. Alills have
been associated during their residence in
Atlanta, where they have contributed so
much to the social life of the community.
The guests will be received in the sa
lon oil the ballroom floor, the receiving
party to include President Grant and
Mrs. Grant, Col. and Mrs. Robert J.
Lowry and Col. and Mrs. William L'w
son Peel. Gen. Albert Mills has been re
cently ordered to this city.
Mrs. James A. Fitzpatrick will at
home Thursday afternoon at 1243 Ken
yon street.
Mrs. Heri*ert Emerson Sales and Miss
Sales of Boston are here on a visit to
Mrs. Gillette Hi'l. who is entertaining
at a dinner tonight in their honor, and
a box party tomorrow night.
Senator and Mrs. Owen entertained at
a box party last night in honor of Miss
Mary Howry, the debutante dauuliter of
Judge Howry. Their guests were Aliss
Frances Hodges, Miss Carrie Le-e Cham
berlain, Miss Elizabeth Howry, Miss Julia
Whiting. Dr. Julian M. Cabell. Com
mander Charles T. Jewell, Commander
Emmett Tulloch. Dr. Taylor Bo>d Dixon
and Dr. W. T. Davis. A supper followed
at the New Willard.
Mrs. Arthur J. Parsons gave a luncheon
today, when her guests were Mme. Kiano.
Mrs. Charles White and Miss Whitney
of Boston. Mrs. Andrew Biddle and Miss
Biddle of Philadelphia, Mrs. Biddle Por
ter. Miss Sophy Stanton. Mrs. Myron
Whitney, Miss Sarah Lee and Miss Hob
Mrs. Alfred B. Taylor will be at home
Wednesdays. February 7 and 11.
Miss Mary McCeney will give a large
tea. this afternoon at the Washington
Club, when fche will be assisted bv Mr.;.
Loftus, Mis. Thropp, Airs. Woodwaru.
Mrs. A. R. Eddy, Mrs. Heaton. Mrs.
Ross Perry. Mrs. Varnell. tho Misses
Hill and Miss Frances Brooks
Mrs. William S. Washburn and the
Misses Graves will be at home. 1215! M
street northwest, Fridays in February.
Mrs. John David Robuett will not be
at home tomorrow.
Marriage Licenses.
Marriage licenses have been issued to
the following:
Lewis Young and Agnes F. Maxwell,
both of Boston. Mass.
William Wright and Louise Racks.
John H. Cleme-ns and Alice Carr.
I-'iwrence B. Branner' of Broadway,
Va., and Rusie T. Frye of New Market,
Andrew M. Pry or and Laura A.
Eli Clark and Helen Jones.
John F. Smothers and Estelle Pierce.
John G. HofT and Margaret P. Finke.
Walter M. Dillon and Mary E. Hart
Henry C. Butler and Gertrude Lucas.
Roscoe C. Sowell and Lillian E. Mc
Lane. j
Howard F, Sauford and Mamie Cook.
TORKLS-M<*X>MB. On Jacuary V>. at
ihe Chwch of the Ascension. >?>?? Vork,
Jr. ?
ABBOTT. Deported tills life on January 1'.',
11H2. at 1:1.% a.m.. HAIIRTETT J. ABlJoTT.
?r1fe of I.. Ji. AN?)It derMntl. of Fall*
'Hiur. ii. V*.. in her cluhty fourMi j our. S!??
is survived l?y two eons, Howard B. Abbutt
? ?f Full* Oiwvh, and l.vnu K. Abbott of
r??|iiwi I>ak ?>, >. J , ami ber t*t> da.uc in
ters, Mr*. Mary L. Wilnoii of Wood*!*)*-.
Mil . and Mrs. Aim V. K< uo<dy of Falls
ONwIi. Va.
Funeral serried will lie held at the resident*
of her daughter. Mm. Alta V. Kernodt.
Ww Falls Cbureb. Va., WidncyJaj, Janu
ary 1'4. a( U a.m. ?<*
BINGHAM. Suddenly. ud Monday. January ZJ
1!?12. at ln.l.'i p.m., at hla rmlil'Dri'. 1S1"
Fairmont street ii?rth?evt. GCSTAV'UK A.
BINGHAM. beloTCd husband of Ir^-ne Bing
ham ineo Iji1.?i>.
interment at Salisbury. N. C.. Wednesday niorn
iti0 ?
BRICK On Monday. January 22. 1P12. at T
o'clock p.m., AI1NK# Hltl< K. beloved dau^h
t?*r of G>s>r.rc mi.ft Nellie Brh-fc.
Funeral (private) from her lute resilience, V?.
IIM K st:-ect iK>r1h?-BKt. at 2 o'clock Wedne
day, January 24. * ?
I WlUtOWS. On Monday. January 2i, 1012. at
fctlft a.m., at his residence. 2"2?? N street.
FRANK A.. dearly U'lorwl husband of Mar
jtaret Cook Burrows.
Fun- ral Thur*dav, Jannary 2T?. nt 2 p m.. from
his late resUlence. 272" N street, hitermei.r
at ?i?k Hill cemetery. Kclattves and trie*"to
Invited. 21
' CRAWFORD. On Monday, Jut lary 22. 1012. ?t
N:?w II.in . at Baltimore Md.. I.MM A M
l?>k<vcd da'ichter ??f C. Ellsworth ai*l Maty
V. Crawford ttiee ?'asscein of *11 G ti: ei.
M'Uiiican, a*--d s' venteen years.
Nothx- of funeral hereafter.
KDOAli. On Tii't-Jny. January 1M- M-?.
M. A. EDGAR. Is-loved imnhir of llattic It
Prayer* at 2 p.m. Wednesday, January 24. at
her late residence. l*th street nortliweet.
Funeral hi Malichei*ter-hy-ltac S>'u, Sla^
1 Boston psprs please copy.i
OAWKX. On Sunday. January 21. 1P12. ALU K
J. GAWEV In the llffy-third year of her a*e.
Funeral wrvl.^?a ?n Wednesday, January 24. at
2 o'clock p.m.. at the establishment of I*. A
Taltavull. 44:: 7Hi street MNitkwnil. Rrli
tlves ami frlcnd~ Invited. Intcrmeut tprlvatei
at Gleuwood cemetery. ?
HARIHK. Suddenly. Sunday, January 21. I!>12.
SI'SAN 1IAKK1S, nlil?? of Frances II irrls
an?l mother of Mary Graves, Chrlntlnc Fran
cine am! Alfonso llarria, Ltlie KnMlc ?r>l
lMnh.1 l*!irkcr.
Funeral at I :.'!<? p.m. Wcdn?nday. Jonuar> 21.
from rtx (? street nortlivreat. Ilciulltrea ami
frienda Invited.
HAYES. I>e|>artc<l thi? life on Monday. Jiiwu
ar.v 22. 1!<12. at 4:lt? a m., at li r realden?s'.
22113 i'liaiuiinc x<ri'?t, Ear.Krton, l?. MAltA
VIKtHMA HAYES. N oved wife of Harry
J. Have*. a?n-d forty-three yearn.
Dement mamma, <i>uld you hut t.peak to ua.
Ami c..uld you live asuin.
Our acblnjr hearts would then b>* healed.
But this we wish In vain.
Funeral from AilJI^ou'x <Jha|M'l, Maryland, Janu
ary 24, at 11 a.m.
HENDERSON. Entered Into rest on Monday.
January 22. 11112. at <>:<!.'. oViork. at ln-r
rewldeni-e. 42.'t 2d ntr-^'t aoutbweat, MAC
HINE BELL. Ih-IovciI daughter ?if Blauciie
* Hendernon. She leave* to mo<irn her loan a
devoted mother, a -later, an un< le ami tw?
aunta and a hoat of relatlvea iiikI friendx.
There ???* uittli'd a ??wt little rtaeltu*!
To hloom in that Kiirilen ao fair.
And the Savior t ?>k our Wh Maurlne
And 'ranspliinttNl h"r oter then*.
Funeral on Thursday, .limitary 25. at 2 oVK>ek.
from Kion Baptist Chur?;:i. " Ail are i:i?lte<l.24*
JACOBS. t>n S'Unday, J miliar? 21. 11?12, <lKOHt?P".
M.. helovxl hiishaid of je^iile M. Ja<-ol?s of
Ca|iitol Heitfhts. Aid.
Fun?'ral from the chapt-l of William II Sard* ft
<??.. 4U.N H atr>-?t northeast, on AVedn-itday.
January 24, at 2 p.m. Interment private. '
LAKE. On Sunday. January 21. 11M2. at 4 p.m.,
at his residence. 1227 N atr*'et northweat.
SAMI EL MILTON. Ini?hand of Marion Greer
Lake and father of Mrs. W. \A". Chance.
Service* at Iiomc Weilnesday mornlnc. Jannary
24. at II o'clock. Friend* and relative# cor
dially invited to la* iinufnt. Interment pri
McCENEY. fn-iiartivi this life on January 2S.
1!M2. at the residence of ber son. .10111 Q
afreet northwest, ELIZA C. McCENEY,
widow of th" late Ed?nr I*. MeOnev, in her
seTenty-aecond \ear. She ia survived liy two
sons, Edcar S. McCeney of Waahlnrton. D.
C.. and tleoryi' 1*. McCeney of Laurel, Md.,
and one brother. John W. Bowie of Laurel.
Funeral aervlei* will la- held at Bo.-? Oreek
chapel Wedintalav. January 24, at 12 m.
Relatlvea and friend* lu<-|ted to utt>aad.
iBaltimore papers please copy.)
SHERMAN. On Monday, January 22. 1012. at
hi* residence. KI8 5th avenue. New York.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
STEWAIJT. On Tuesday, January 2.'t. 1012. at
2:2o a.m., at the residence of Mr. Fred
Stewart. 711 1st stri-et nor:hwe*t. JOHN B
STKWAKT. ajcvd seventy-five ye*rs.
Remains at chflia-l of Frank tieler'a S??ns, No.
llirj 7tli street northwest. Notice of tuneral
hereafter. ?
In Hemoriam.
BALI.AI'I". In sad hut iovinz remeinhrance of
our dearly la-loved mother. ELIZA BALLACF,
who departe<l thin life one year ago today.
jHiiuarr 2.'!. Hill.
BLACKAAEL1. In lovinic remembran<-e of our
dear hui'hiind 'and son In-law, WILLIAM
BI.ACKWELL, who died one year ago today,
January 2*1. lull.
Just one year a?o we laid him to rest.
And folded hi* cold hands upon bl* breasl.
In silents- he KiifTere<l. in patli-nce lie Isir"-,
I"nt!l trial took Ulin home to aufTer no more.
CARTER. In lovlne n-menibrani-o of <ai? dear
mother, AMANDA CARTER, vvh>? died sli
jeant hjjo tod i.v. January 23. 100U.
Have yon a mother, love her well.
While she is s|iared to earth:
Wait not till death shall call her bcoee
To kuow her precious voa?.
LYN< II. In sad but loviiiz remembrance of my
dear mother. ??l'KGi?N V. LYNCII. wh? ?1?
partisi this life ihrit- years ago toilay, Janu
ary 2::. llkQt.
WI.VIXJM. Iii lovinc reiu'.nihianee of my d'-?r
father. J. AQFILLA WINDOM. who d
parted this life one jcar ago l?Klay. January
2's 10*1.
In the praveyarfl softly s!<-?-pinp.
Where the siiowflakes gently creep.
Lies the one we miss so sadiy,
lu his last 1ot!? sib-nt sleep.
WOIt< '-H. Iu loving remeiubrai?i-e of our dear
huslmtsl and father, AIJ"REI? AA'ORCH. w'i??
dejiarted this life two years ago today. Janu
ary 23, 1010. i
Gone. I?ui not forgotten.
940 F Street N*W.
Phones Main
Frank A. Spearc, Mgr.
408 H st. n.e. Modern ehapel. Phone Lincoln 324
4. WILLIAM LEh. Funeral Director.
! and Euibalir.er. Livery in i-ouuectln?. uwa?
I Clous chapel uud tnoderu ci* iiintorluai. Motif.?
I prices. S.'12 Pa j avc. n.vv. Telephone call 1DU
J S. H'.'lilNES~"
Undertaker. Em!>a!in< r and Funeral DireeU-r.
171o 14th at.
Establish- d 1*73. Phone X-rth 1005.
$US(Q) Funeral.
W. W. DEAL & CO.*
Joseph F. Birch's Sons,
\I TV W Parlor tor Funeral*.
.Va4 1V1 1 . 1\. W. piioue West Btt.
W. R. Pumphrey & Son.
Funeral Directors nad Emtaiinera,
1623 14th at. II. w.
Phone North 2QB0.
Modern chapel. Telephone call North fi2B.
George P. Zurhorst,
301 U. CAP. ST.
BKabUshed 1857. CUAH. 8. ZUBHORST. Mf
Fftneral Deolgua. Funeral Desina.
Beautiful floral design* rmrr reaaonaUe ia price.
Ph?s 8410 Main. 14th and I ata. ?? w.
The Kupprecht Company^
DtiifMnf' Succenor to J ? W*
127 to rv Pennsylvania Ave
Falvey Granite Company^
E and Eleventh St^N.lK, J

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