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Women's " Wl-MO-DA U'S/S
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& Co. '
I204 G. 616 12th. I
It is the duty or parent* to ascer
tain if the eyesight of th*ir chil
dren is perfect or defecti\e.
'{, Tilts WE TULL. YOU:
If they are defective it becomes
4 criminal negieet to refuse them
* protection from strain and nerve
IMMEDIATE, timely attention
mav save youi children much
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Our ophthalmologist will exam
ine y6ur fV?i thoroughly, s^arch
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Our liberal credit system and
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1415-14*7 H Street.
Why Bon't Yob M Wise?
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Representative of the
8is Iters'Associatioa,
Some special values in Cut
lery for home use and for gift
Stag Handle Carver and ^
Fork?2 pieces for SfJl.J-J
Celluloid Handle Carver ^ i
and fork?2 pieces for
3-pIece Carving Sets
in case, suitable for
gifts l,P
Celluloid Handle Knives..$1.13 set
Pearl Handle Knives $5.00 set
Chas. R. Edmonston,
China, til&sa and Uousefurnisbing:*,
11205 Pa. Ave.
Funeral of Mitt Emma May Crawford
on Birthday Anniversary.
Funeral services for Mis* Kninia May
! Crawford, who died Monday In Baltimore
| of peritonitis, will be held here tomorrow
?the seventeenth anniversary pf her
blrtli. The hour has not been designated.
The rites will l>e at the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. ^Ellsworth Craw
ford of 814 G street northwest. Rev.
James L. McClaln, pastor of the Wilson
Memorial Methodist Chapel, will officiate
and burial will be made In Congressional
Miss Crawford was visiting at tlie home
of her aunt, Mrs. Amanda Chandler, in
Baltimore, at the time of her death.
To Observe Anniversary. >.
Members of Carroll Council, Knights of
Columbus, with a large number of their
relatives and friends, will celebrate this
evening the thirteenth anniversary of the
foundation of the organization with a mu
sical and dance at the uouncil hall on K
street northwest. Misses Anna Brosnan.
Ruth and Laura Xorrls. Johanna Gloetz
ner. May E. Hoy. Mrs. Nellie O'Hara Pol
lard and Edward A. Murphy, Thomas
Cantwell. Morris Fitzgerald and William
Kelly will contribute to the musical pro
gram. The address of wek-ome will be de
livered by William J. McGee, grand
knight of the council.
John Smith Love, a veteran of the elvil
war, died at Rising Sun, M^., aged sixty
seven years.
In Society
Lifeless Hair Doesn't Match
A Graceful Form and
Handsome Face.
Glorious hair! How many women want it an<i
bow few bare it!
The care of the hair is a puzsle to moat
woman, yet any
woman, no matter
what ber station
in life, can easily
acquire a wealth.
of radiant. luxu
riant bair, so
fascinating that
erory one will
atfmire it.
IAS 8AOK, tbat'a
the secret of beautiful bair. i *?* tliia refined,
refreshing bair dressing regularly aud aoon dan
druff "Ml disappear, falling bair wit! cease,
soalp fteb will vanish sad life and beauty will
qqlekly appear.
PARISIAN SAUK ia Jost aa good for men and
Hitldren as for women, and If It doesn't gire
?satisfaction to any uaer money will be refunded.
I^irye holtle. Vyirnti. at Henry K fans' and
Jaw* 0'l>e?ueir*Sj?ni JejtVr*' everywhere.
Will Be Urged by Democrats
of District.
Many Local Politician*, It Is Said,
Would Like to Be Delegates
to Baltimore.
"Home rule" ?will be one of the fea
tures of the democratic propaganda as
carried on by the Washington ians who
are laying their plans to capture the con
vention of sixty-six delegates some time
in April or May. Jt almost sounds a? if
Washington had a real vote, to hear the
democrats talking of lion their repre
sentatives to the national convention will
be instructed to do everything in their
power to influence the democratic presi
dential candidate with, the importanco of
tilling District offices with District ot
Columbia men.
?'If the democrats carry the presidential
election.'' t?aid a local democrat today,
"there will be a vast influx of workers
toward Washington. Every democrat who
took off his coat and shouted for the
successful party will come to this town
for a job.
"We figure that the very small pa
tronago hi this city ought to be kept
for local men. Regardless of politics,
that is the only way to conduct the gov
ernment of this city. The District build
ing is not under the civil service laws,
and naturally outsiders creep In there
occasionally, ft could be easily turned
upside down, all the local men shaken
out and foreigners from the Pacific coast
placed In there If the upset was suffi
cient. That is why we are going to shout
for home rule. We will tell our candi
date /or the presidency that we will ap
preciate his support In this matter."
Twenty-Two Districts.
The District of Columbia will be di
vided tor democratic primary purposes
into twenty-two districts, and three dele
gates from each district will be elected to
sit in the central convention, where a
national committeeman and six delegates
to the national convention at Baltimore
will be chosen.
Baltimore is near at hand, and the
ambition to represent the party at this
coming: lively political fight in June is
stirrlns: a score of men In this town.
Ask any of them whether he wants to
go to Baltimore, and unless he has con
trol over Ills features he will smile
broadly. Should he pass the matter off
with a wave of the hand it is merely a
species of play-act!n?f which has been
seen 011 the political stage many times
ere the political bee began to buzz in
Washington this winter.
Washington democrats are swaying up
and down ?t present like jellyfish In the
tide of affairs. Not that they are the
spineless biological specimens employed
in this figure of speech, but it is the part
of wisdom not to get up and yell out
what they intend to do until they know
how public opinion is forming.
If the local convention met today it
is almost positive that the country at
large and Its democratic party would be
reflected here in a three-cornered fight
among the followers of Harmon, Clark
and Wilson. However, there arc plenty
of astute democrats in this city who
know it would be foolish to "come out"
for any of them at present.
13. A. Newman, national committeeman,
is believed to be strong for Clark. It is
also known that he is a candidate for
the same honor on the national commit
tee this year. At the last convention tin
local delegates were instructed for New
man, and an effort at least will be made
in that direction this year. It iw also
true that an effort will be made by some
of the party to prevent this.
(Continued from Seventh Page.)
Sir Robert Baden-Powell at Continental
Hall Saturday evening, February 3, un
j der the auspices of the Arts and Crafts
School The assistant secretary of war.
Gen. Oliver, will preside. The ushers
1 are to be Boy Scouts in uniform.
? Miss Mary F. McCenev was the hostess
at a delightful tea yesterday afternoon
at the Washington Club, where the rooms
were prettily decorated with pink roses
and palms.
Mrs. Kdward H. Loftus and Mrs.
Thropp served chocolate and frappe ut
| the tea table.
i The Misses TII11 and Miss Frances
Brooks presided at the punch bowl.
The others assisting were Mrs. A. R.
I Eddy, Mrs. Woodward, Mrs. Ileaton, Mrs.
Ross Perry and Mrs. Barnell.
Miss MeCeney received in a gown ot
gray embroidered crepe de chine, with
pearl ornafnents.
Residential WashiiiKton in its most
I welcome representatives was in attend
I ance.
. Rehearsals for the minuet to be danced
at the southern charity ball February
at the New Willard will begin tomor
row afternoon at 5:."}?) o'clock at Mrs.
Dyer's, 1517 R street northwest. Mrs.
Robert Love Taylor, wife of Senator Tay
lor of Tennessee, is the chaperon.
, Mrs. Henry L. Myers, wife of Senator
I Myers of Montana, will receive tomor
row at her residence, 1777 Church street,
I from II to 0.
Mrs. Jesse B. Wilson and Miss Wilson
will be at home informally the first two
I Thursdays in February.
Mrs. William Alden Smith. 1100 16th
| street, will be at home tomorrow.
1 Mrs. Brlstow, wife of Senator Bristow,
will not receive tomorrow, but will be at
I home Thursdays in February.
Owing to the cantata at Ascension
Church January 'S>, Miss Bouldln will
I not be at home next Thursday.
Mrs. Andrew B. Graham left today for
| a week's visit to New York, where she
will be the guest of Mrs. John W. Bird.
Mrs. R W. Helsey of Chestnut Hill,
Philadelphia, is visiting her daughter,
Mrs. J. R. Darling, and will be at home
with her Friday afternoons.
As Miss Washbume?forty years ago?
Mrs. Helsey lived in Washington.
The dance of the Burlington Dancing
Club, which was to have been held at
the Burlington apartment house January
2#, has been postponed till January 2?.
A party was given ft>r the Jolly Bohe
mian Club at the home of Joseph and
Eileen MacDonald, :iu6 H street north
west, Monday evening.
The house was beautifully decorated
with carnations and .smilax, the color
scheme being pink and green. Games and
dancing were indulged in until a late
hour, when ail repaired to the dining
room, where an elaborate menu had
been prepared.
The favors for the girls were small
hand-painted china bonbon dishes, and
for the boy? little ivory watch charms
in the form of pigs. The guests were
Misses Eileen MacDonald. Katharyn Sul
livan, Nellie Creaghe, Helen Velhmeyer,
Nora, Keaue, Katharyne Leahy. Mary
Qulnn. Marguerite Keane, Miss Mac
Donald, Margaret Harold and Mrs. Mac
Donald. and Messrs. Joseph, Bertie and
Leo MacDonald. Has well Magruder.
David Hazard, Warren Whyte, James
Fegan, John 81attery, Francis O'Donnell,
Albert Triplett. Jack Canty, Thomas
Marsden. Daniel ?6uUlvan, Edward Bros-^
nan. Jack Wright, William Qulnn and
Blaine Fitzgerald.
Owing to the early adjournment of the
International conference at The Hague,
Mrs. Hamilton Wright will not Join Mr.
Wright, leader of the American delega
tion, as she had Intended.
Mrs. Paynter. Mrs. Bankhead and Mrs.
Johnston will be at home at the Arling
ton tomorrow afternoon, from 4 to 0
, Mrs. Charles H. Beach and son Clarke
| left today for a two-week stay at Southern
Smkaf $c ?ontpanj}
i' i!
ii i.
M ' ? i
' {ii
Clearance Efforts Reach the Climax.
One week from today we close our books for the half-yearly reckoning. In the remaining six days
surpluses must be disposed of?broken sizes and small lots completely banished. This is to be accom
plished with typical Saks aggressiveness?with the biggest bargains of the entire season?touching your
immediate wardrobe wants.
Every Fancy Winter
Overcoat in the* House
, ?from $28 to $38?
Every Winter-weight
Sack Suit in the House,
A wide variety for choice ? offering
the best models of the season?in the best
* selection of patterns ? Raglans and
staples?Convertible collars and self or
velvet collars: fitted-back Coats: Single
Breasted and Double Breasted.
Only the Tuxedos being
exceptions. ? -
$45 Suits .?
$40 Suits .
$38 Suits .
$35 Suits .
$30 Suits .
$28 Suits .
$25 Suits .
$20 Suits .
$18 Suits .
$15 Suits .
exempt?but no' other
. . $35.00
. . $30.00
. . $28.00
. . $25.00
. . $22.50
. . $20.50
. . $17.50
. . $15.00
. . $13.00
. . $10.00
Single and Double Breasted; fly
front and buttoning-through; some with
convertible collars; others with regular
collars of cloth or velvet. Every pattern
is an exclusive one; and everv model of
7 9
our own designing.
been sell
COATS?that have been selling at $115 <CO
and $16.50
Broken sizes of Boys" Knick
erbocker Pants,
i 11 serviceable
colors: mostly large sizes. RE
DUCED from Sr.oo..-.
Children's Plain Red Reefers,
with brass buttons, velvet collar
and embroid- : |
Broken sizes of Boys' Fleece
lined Ribbed
Shirts and Draw
ers. Our popular 25c gradfc. Re
Blouse Children's Blouse
with and without
collars; neat pat
terns; sizes 4 and 5 years only.
REDUCED from 29c i
Double-breasted and Norfolk
SuitSo styles, in Fancy Worsteds, Cassi
meres and
Cheviots; sizes 5 to 10 and 14
and 15. REDUCED from $5,
S6 and $7.50 .
Boys' Double-breasted and Norfolk Knicker
bocker Suits, in neat and serv
iceable patterns; all sizes ex
cept jo and 12. REDUCED
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cred emblem on slfeeve; sizes
4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 years. RE
DUCED from $5 and $7.50
Browoie Children's Blue Denim
Overalls. Brownie Over- I
alls; a bit mussed f EJ
from handling; sizes 4 to 6 vears. j I
REDUCED from 29c I... ^
Broken lots of Children's
Cloth Hats, with stitched brims;
m*my styles to choose from.
REDUCED from $1.95
Children's Plush Novelty { "
Hats, in Cardinal, Tan anil ^ 5
Brown; handsomely trimmed. &
REDUCED from $3.25
Five pairs of
M a 11 c huriau
Dog Gloves,
with medium gauntlet. RE
DUCED from $5.00.
JBoys' Boys' Long-cut Overcoats,
Overcoats. Pc'Pu^ar convertible col
lars; very neat j
patterns; sizes 8, 10. 14, 15, 16 :
and 17. REDUCED from $3.98 j
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cl and effective in pattern;
sizes 2]/2 to 14 years. RE
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Children's Novelty Overcoats
and Reefers;
jaunty in mod
's Children's Novelty Hats, in
Plush and "Scratch - up"?
Tyrolean !
shape,'with feather ornament;
Gray, Navy Blue, Brown and
Black. REDUCED from $2.95.. j ,
Men's flic new Rough-finished Soft
Hats. IIats' in a11
the best colors ? \ A K
and in the four most desirable | ^ ?T'O j
shapes. REDUCED from $2.00. i
Men's Guaranteed Patent Colt, Rus
Shoes. s'a Gun Metal Calf Button,
Lace and
Blucher Shoes?the season's
best shapes. REDUCED from
$5 aiftl $6
Shoes. ?
Three pairs Chinese Wildcat
Gloves; lined with fur. RE
DUCED from $12.50
Four pairs (iray Cone y
Gloves; wrist length. RE
DUCED from $9.00..
Four pairs Manchurian Dog
Gauntlets.; fur .lined. RE
DUCED from S10.00.
Two pairs Water Mink
Gauntlets; fur lined. REDUC
ED from Si2.50 to
Small lot of imitation Fur
Gauntlets. REDUCED from
? i
Cloth Carriage
Robes. Robes ; 68
i 11 c h size;
medium weight?Blue, Black
and Green. REDUCED from
Boys' Coat
Sweaters, in
small sizes onlv.
REDUCED from $1.00 '
Black Vici Kid, Gun Metal
Calf and Patent Colt High
Shoes; kid or
cloth tops; heavy or light soles ;
kid or patent leather tips; high flfl
or low heels. REDUCED
from $3 and S3.50 j
Boys' Coat Sweaters, in sizes
from 26 to 32. REDUCED
from $2.00
Children's Novelty .Overcoats,
in Plain Blue
and F a 11 c y
patterns; embroidered em
blems ; sizes 2y> to 5 years. RE
DUCED from $4.00
Misses* and Children's Button
and Lace Shoes, hi Guaranteed
Patent Colt
and Gun Metal Calf, with dull
kid tops; broken sizes. RE
DUCED from $2 and $2.50
Broken sizes
of various
lines of Men's
Sweaters. REDUCED from
$3 and $3.50
Men's Pure Lamb's Wool
Coat Sweaters; full fashioned;
Shaker knit. REDUCED from
$ 1.95
Men's $15,$18.$20&$22.50
Fancy Overcoats?
Silk Scarfs.
Many colorings. Many pat
terns. REDUCED from 25c.
Night Robes.
Heavy Cotton; silk trimmed.
REDUCED from $1.00.
Madras, Silk and Linen; Satine
Silk frogs.- REDUCED from
$1.50 and $2.
Wright's Underwear.
Cotton Shirts and Drawers; of
this famous make. REDUCED
from $1.00.
j w
and Auto 1
Pines and then will continue to Florida
for the remainder of the winter.
Mrs. Luke Lea will receive Thursdays
in February.
Mrs. Strother Smith will receive to
morrow at the Westmoreland.
Mrs. George W. Ray and Miss Marie
Ray will not receive tomorrow, but will
be at home Thursday, February 1, for
the last time this season.
Mrs. Eugene Byrnes will be at home
tomorrow, but will not receive the fol
lowing Thursday.
Mrs. Gronna, wife of Senator Gronna,
will not receive tomorrow.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Westoott have
issued the invitations for the wedding re
ception of their daughter, Jeannette
Lober, and Mr. George Grendle Brown.
Wednesday evening, February 7, from 8
to 10 oVlock, at 3035 Newar* street,
Cleveland Park. At home after March
I at 3035 Newark street.
Rev. W. R. Wedderspoon of Foundry
Church will perform the% ceremony In
presence of the contracting families and
a few intimate friends an hour earlier.
The bride will be attended by her sister,
Mra. H. B. Houghton of v.ntcago, as
matron of honor, and by her six-year-old
niece, Sarah Jeannette Houghton, as
flower girl.
Mr. Chapin Brown will be best man
for his brother.
Mrs. George A. King will be at home
tomorrow afternoon for the last time
this season.
The Naval - Gun Factory Band gave
Its fourth grand ball of the season
last evening in the navy yard ballroom.
Fully 800 couples attended, and glided
over the new maple floor that has just
been laid. The decorations were beautiful.
Those In charge were Jacob G. Moody,
, director; general arrangement committee,
I Stuart O. Mc A lister, chairman; J. G.
Moody, Edwin C. Glascock. J. O. Mon
tague and C. W. Ruhl; floor committer,
R. B. Crump, chairman; G. C. Wells,
R. C. Baker, E. L,. Gore and C. 8. Bry
Mrs. Pomerene. wife of Senator Pom
erene, will receive at the Highlands to
The Skating- Club conducted by the
District of Columbia Auxiliary of the
Navy Relief will begin February 14,
at the Arcade, and, will continue on
Mondays from February 28 throughout
Lient from 3 to 0. Invitations to join
have been sent out and Mrs. Beatty.
president of the auxiliary; Mrs. Wil
liam Biddle, Mrs. Schroeder, Mrs.
Watnwrlght, Mrs. Belknap s-nd Mrs.
Fletcher form the committee.
Miss Virginia Heth and Miss Pickett
Heth entertained at a dance Monday
night at their home on Massachusetts
The German ambussador and Countess
von Bernstorff will celebrate the empe
ror's birthday Saturday with a dinner
Senor Don Juan de la Cueva, recently
appointed Mexican first secretary, has ar
rived In Washington. He is accompanied
by Senora de la Cueva, and they are
temporarily at the Arlington.
Mrs. George Du Bose and the Misses
Du Bose of Q street will not receive to
morrow, but will be at liome Thursdays,
February 1 and 8.
Mrs. Herbert Emerson Falea of Boston
and Mr. Dean Fales are visiting Mrs. Gil
lett Hair They were guests at dinner
last night of Miss Amaryllis Gillett, going
later to the meeting of the Archeologlcal
Society, at the home of Mr. and Mr*.
Ed son Bradley, and to the reception at
the White House.
Mrs. Finley, wife of Representative
David E. Finley. and Miss Flnlej*. have
sent out cards for a tea February I fct
their home on Connecticut avenue.
Marriage Licenses.
Marriage licenses have been issued to
the following:
Charles C. Payne and Quecnle E.
Jack Rosenberg and Pauline Hirsh.
William Toney and Doxie Coates.
George W. Merritt of Greenville, S. C.,
and Sadie A. Dean of this city.
John Daum of Enola, Pa., and Anita F.
Rupley of Marysvllle, Pa.
Jackson Reavis and Frances Steptoe.
Jackson Reavis and Frances Steploe.
William O. Gibson and Ellen X. Rich
I Adam O. \V*ente and Gertrude M. KefT
meyer, both of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Jerry Strother, jr., and Edith Diggs.
Walter R. Goodrick and Mary C. Wal
Mlchaeli D'Aima and Grazziella Di
Richard Moulden and Helen Briscoe.
John H. Chappell and Flora M. Thomp
James L. Llnkins and Mary B. De
James Hawkins and Rose Lewis.
Births Reported.
The following bIYths have been reported
to the health office in the past twenty
four hours:
Alfred J. and Dora Webster, boy.
Carl and Emily R. Wahler, boy.
Charles B. and Elisabeth J. Snyder, girl.
Edward and Dora Lasan, girl.
Samuel and Marie Hals, girl.
John W. and Maud A. Ferry, girl.
Frank C. and Elmer Daniel, girl.
Phillip C. and Elsie Corridan. boy.
Nathan and Sarah Blind man, girl.
Samuel and Fannie Applebee! boy.
James and Mary Walters, girl.
James and Elisabeth Shorter, boy. j
Albert and Minnie Smith, girl.
j Robert S. and Nannie Penn, boy.
John and Phoebe L. Monroe, girl.
Joseph and Lillian Doss, girl.
Death* Reported.
The following death? have been reported
to the health office in the i>ast twenty
four hours:
Millard F. Norris, 63 years, Tubercu
losis Hospital.
Sarah Lowe. 26 years. 1322 D street
Catherine Schatz. 81 years, 478 Mary
land avenue southwest.
George M. Jacobs. 45 years, Washing
ton Asylum Hospital.
Fannie Met*, 5tt years, Providence IIos
^John \V. Jones. 30 yours, 13&9 Florida
avenue northeast.
John B. Stewart. 73 years. 741 1st street
Oustavus A. Bingham. 37 years, 1310
Fairmont street northwest.
Kate L. S.ackhoutte, 00 years, 1705 Cor
coran street northwest.
Eliza C. McCeney. 71 years, 3016 Q
street northwest.
Eater Larner, 73 years, 30 G street
Julia Webster. 41 years, Washington
Asylum Hospital.
David T. Nichols, 68 years, 213 loth
street southeast.
John Locker. 65 years. 1234 11th street
Katherine E. Rickenbacher. 7 months.
635 Keefer street northwest.
Agnes Brick, $ months, 306 K street
Lois Harper, 1 month, 111 C street
William Johnson, 55 years, Freedmen s
Richard' A. Small, 1 year, 2116 l&h
street northwest.
Laura Powell, 38 years, Washington
Asylum Hospital.
Susan Harris. 52 years, 1207 Minnesota,
avenue southeast.
George E. Washington, 43 years, Bmer
Use Favorite Laxative
One at Xight Makes the Xext Day
Bright; Xo Charge If It Doesn't.
Bec*?|?e of if* eitremely gentle and effective
action, Retail Orderlies bare be<-onie the moet
popular Remedy for Constipation.
. We are so positive that Retail Orderlies will
do all that is claimed for them Unit we positive
ly guarantee to band hack the money jr.mi paM
us for them upou your mere request, if you af
oot entirely satisfied.
Retail Orderlies are eaten like ??and/, ?r"
very pleasant to the taste, do not gripe, cau?'
nausea, or any otber annoyance usually etperi
enced when ordinary catbartli-s are used.
Retail tfrderlles have a positive regulative ef
fect upon tbe bowel* and tend to provide perma
nent relief from fousilpation and tbe myriad of
associate alloients. Besides, tbey help io over
come the necessity of the constant use of laxa
tivi;s to keep tbe bowels in normal condition
We honestly beheve tbere Ih no similar medi
cine so good as Retail Orderlies, especially for
children, aged or delicate people. Tiiey aro pre
pared In convenient tablet form in Hi ret- sites of
packages. Prkes, 10c. 35c and 00c. Why uot
try them at oar risk ou our guarantee?
Remember. Retail Remedies can be obtained In
this community only at our stores?The Retail
Stores?O'DonneU's Pharmacies, SO* V at. n.w..
301 Pa. ave. s.e., Wisconsin ave. and M st.
n.w? Wisconsin ave. and P st. n.w.
gwicy Hospital.
Mary Williams, 00 years, Freedmen's
Sarah Stewart, 77 years, 346 V stres
Eliza Hurt, 52 years. Waahlngton Asy
lum Hospital.
Lottie Smith, 37 years, 122S New York
avenue northwest.
Emily HI 11 isrd. 70 years, 80 Fenton
place northwest.
Alfred Hicks. 50 years. Washington
Asylum Hospital.
Richard Shields. 46 year*, Washington
Asylum Hospital.

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