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The World of Finance and Trade.
Washington; New York; London.
Break in Railway Negotiations
Reflected in Market.
Reading and Union Pacific Fall, But
Later Recover.
American Can and Others Add to
Their Rise of the First Hour.
Trading Falls Off.
NEW YORK. May 3.-The break In the
negotiations between the eastern railroad
managers and the'r engineers, together
with the unexpected demands of the fire
man on the roads in that territory, was
reflected in general heaviness of today's]
?took market at the opening. Reading,
in the initial dealings, made a maximum ,
decline of H- points and 1'nion Pacific J
fell l'i. United States Steel lost a ma-]
ter al fraction, with declines elsewhere.
The only notab'e gain was in Canadian
Taciflc, which followed its rise in London
with a one-point advance here.
The undertone remained heavy dur
ing the first hour despite a one-point
rally in Reading and some recovery in
1'nion Pacific and United States Steel.
There was considerable pressure upon
Missouri Pacific and Tennessee Cop
per. Rock Island preferred and Con
solidated Gas were down a point.
These were offset by another movement
to new high records in American Can
common and preferred and some recov
ery In American Tobacco from yester
day's weakness.
Standard Railways Sold,
Disappointment was felt in speculative
circles over the unexpected change In
the industrial situation, and this found
expression in further selling of the
standard shares in the railway group.
Union Pacific was the weakest of these
i?sue?. with sympathetic heaviness. In
Reading. Lehigh Valley. New York Cen
tral. Baltimore and Ohio. Louisville and
Nashville and St. Paul, although the de
cline in the latter was more directly at
tributed to its poor earnings for March.
United States Stcc! sold under yesterday's
low on fairly large offerings, and Mis
souri Pacific continued under pressure.
There were counter movements in vari
ous specialties, including American Can
common and preferred, the latter adding
to its rise of the first hour: ^ears-Roe
buck. American Cotton Oil and Pacific
Mail. Trading fell off in marked manner
before noon. Bonds were s:eady.
Specialties Bought Heavily.
Buying orders were executed in va
rious specialties, including the copper
and fertilizer issues. Amalgamated Cop
per was notably buoyant, rising to 83%.
Railroad stocks also made a better
showing, but most of the important
shares still ruled considerably below
yesterday's final figures.
The r:se in the coppers was followed by !
another drive against Union Pacific and i
Reading, which sent those stocks to low- .
es; prices of the week with resultant
weakness in United States Steel. St. Paul,
Lehigh Valley and other important is
sues. There were rumors of a further
breach in the controversy between the
railway managers and their employes, for
which, however, there was no confirma
NEW YORK, May ".?The cotton mar
ket opened steady at unchanged prices
to a decline of 2 points and sold off tJ
a r?et loss of from 4 to 6 points right,
alter the call under scattered liquida-1
tion. which appeared to be inspired by j
the failure of the weather map to show J
as much rain as privately reported late,
yesterday. Liverpool made a fairly
steady showing, and the market here
steadied up during the first hour on cov
ering, some support from trade sources
and a little New Orleans buying. Of
ferings were not heavy and the market
was about steady during the middle of
the morning, with prices two or three
points net higher.
Pregpects for unsettled weather did not
seem to Inspire any general buying, and
the market weakened later in the fore
noon owing to an easier turn in Liver
pool, realising by yesterday's buyers for
a reaction, and a renewal of bear pres
sure. Prices sold off to a net loss of,
from lo to 11 points in consequence, but |
ihere was a good deal of covering on this i
hreak. and the market at midday was'
:t or 4 points up from the lowest. Spot
quiet: middling uplands. 11.4" nominal:
estimated receipts at all the ports today.
!>.000 bales, against 30,74*J last week and
11.171 last year: for the week. 90.000
bales, against 11S.1G8 last week and 71,
!?72 last year; today's receipts at Galves
ton. 13.06 hales, against 13.09 last year;
at New Orleans, 1,618 bales, against
2.534 last year, and at Houston, 890
bales, against l.?M5 last year.
LIVERPOOL, May Closing: Cotton?
Spot, good business done; prices nine
points higher: American middling fair,
*t.fiO; good middling, 6.61: middling, 6.:?7;
low middling. 6.07; good ordinary, 5.65:
ordinary, 5.31. The sales of the day were
10.000 bales, of which 1.0U0 were for
?peculation and export, and included 9,000
American. Receipts, 13,OHO bales, includ
ing 11.800 American. Futures opened
?teady and closed easy: May, 6.12; May
and June. 6.12: June and July, 6.13; July
and August. 6.14: August and September,
?.12; September and October. 6.0S; Octo
ber and November, 6.05%: November and
December, December and January,
? 03>%: January and February. 6.03%; Feb
ruary and March, 6.04; March and April,
The following are the weekly cotton
statistics: Imports, all kinds, 110,000
bales: imports, American. 90,000; stock,
all kinds. 1.355,000; stock, American.
1.242.000: American forwarded, 95,000;
total exports, 16,800.
London Clotinf Stocks.
1 .ONDON, May 3.
rvtatol* for mon?T 78% I
consols for ai-count TS T-1 ?> |
Amalgamated Copper 8R%
Anaeunda M
Atchison pfd
Baltimore ami Ob'o 114
ae*apeak'- ami Ouio Pl\
"liicago and Great Wentern 191,
Chicago. Mil. ami .*t. Paul U2la
I* Beera 30^
Denver and Rio (irsade
Denver ami Rio Grasde pfd
ffrie 37*4
Krie 1st pfd M%
Srle 2d pfd 46%
'?rand Trunk 29%
Illinois Central 138
(.oaisatlle and Naabfiile 163V
MiMoort. Kansas and Teias U9V
New York Central 122V
Norfolk and Westers 116
Norfolk and Western pM 91
Ontario aod Weaters 4?y
eennayWasia S4?_
flatvi Minea 0%
Reading WU
"-ontfcern Railway 29%
?4Mitfcern Railway pfd
SoatSern PsciSc 114%
1 nlon Ps?-I0c 17W4
I'rIm Pselfl.- pM KH
I n!ted States Htee|.. 72Vi
I nited State* Hteel pfd lift
It ahsafa pfd 214
Bar allver steady. 29 l-16d per enace.
Mossy. 2%a2S? per cent.
IV rate of 41<cM?t In the open msrket for
?wrt *ni" 3,8 I**1"
Tfce rate of dl*ount in the open msrket for
tfcree-mat* kills is Ui l it per cast.
Received by private wire direct <?
Tie Star Oflce.
Open. Blfk. Low. Clow.
Amaljramat'd Copper 824 844 J24 ?3
AHie-Chalmerscm. 1 14 1
AHif.ChalmsrspH.. 5 5 5 5
Am. Ajj. Chem. o n. 61 (24 61 62
Am-BeetSu-oom-.. 70'i 70*4 6)4 6934
Am. Brake Shoe pf J- ? 1364 13*4 1364 1364
American Can co a.. 394 41?? 394 394
American Can pfd? 116 1183$ 116 116-4
Am.Car4Fdyoom. 604 604 584 5 >4
Am.OottonOilcoa. 56 574 554 ?54
American lea 24 24 234 24
Amer. Linseed com-? 14 s 1*4 13*4 144
Amer-Linseed pfd*. 374 374 37 37,*
American Loco co n. 44 44 4^4 434
American Malt pii. 554 534 554 554
Am. Locomotive pfd- 10) 109 109 ^ 109
Am.Sm. 4R?t7.o n. 87 874 814 82?*
Am-Sm- & Re;, pfd- ? 1974 108 1074 108
Am. Steel Fdy- con. 37 37 37 37
Am-Sugarcon 1294 139 12S5? 1284
Am-Tele- i Tele*.. ? 1434 1464 1464 1464
Amer.Tobaoc) con. 250 250 250 250
Am.Tobacco pfd... 1044 1944 1044 1044
Am.Tobacconevp?i. 102 1024 .102 102
Am. Writing Pap9r.. 4 )4 404 384 384
Anaconda Copper-? ? 42'? 434 424 4.4
A-.T-& SanF.coa. 107 107 105; s 1054
A.,T.,&Santi F.pid. 103 103 103 103
Atlantic Coast Lim. 1404 1494 1404 1403*
Balto.fcOhio cam? 111 111 10S.4 1084
Beth-Steel com 39 3) 374 374
Betb.Stesi pfd..... 734 734 714 714
Brookl'nRap- Trail 834 *34 824 ? *24
Brook. Union Gas... 1454 1454 144 144
Canadian Pacific. ? ? 2534 2564 255.4 2f54
Central Leather can- 264 284 25'4 2o4
Cent Leather pfd... 943 i 944 944 944
Chesapeaka fc Ohi> * 79-4 7d4 73 78
Chi.4GreatW.com. 19 1) 19 19
Chi.4 Great W. pfi. 33 26 36 36
Chi*,Mil. 4 SL.P-CO a 10)4 10)4 107 1074
Chicago &N.W.coai. 142 142 1414 14:4
CbinoCooDd.% 2)4 2 4 294 2)4
ColoradoFuil 303. 394 274 2.4
Consolidated Gas* * ? 1454 1454 143 143
CdrtPrtxd'icJstoXf. ? '1634r * 164 154 154
Corn Products pfi.. 844 844 844 ?43*
Col.Sou. 1st pfd.... 744 7t4 744 744
DeUHudsja 172 172 170 170
DistSecurites..... 324 22 4 31>a 3l4
D.&S.& AtRy.com. 10 10 10 10
ErieR-R-corn 364 264 344 55
ErieR.R- 1st pfd. ?? 554 554 544 544
General Eiectri;,... 16) 169 1674 168
Gen-Motora Ci> pfl* 704 703 ? .0 * 704
Gcldfield Con. ilia.. 44 44 44 44
GreatN'oTchera pri.. 13-4 1324 13 ?4 1C04
Great Northern Or*. 4 J 40 394 594
HideiLeach'rcoji. 5 5 5 5
Hide & leather pfd> 26 16 16 16
IllinoisCeatrai 1293-4 1294 129 129
Int. Harvester co n. ? 1164 1104 1754 1154
Inter.Mer. Ma. co a. 44 44 44 44
Inter. Mer. Ma. p> i. 1)4 1)4 19 19
Inter-Metro- oojq-* ? 194 194 184 184
Inter.-Metro- pfd- ? ? 574 574 57 57
Inter. Papar com. .. 154 154 154 154
Inter.Papar pfi.... 584 584 584 5$4
Ict Stm. Pump-ion. , 3)4 31^4 3034 304
Int.Stm. Pump.piJ. S24 J24 824 824
Iowa Central com... 1) 19 19 1)
Kai;. City Soj. coa. 234 154 l5l? 254
Kan- City Sou- pfd -. 6034 6)4 604 634
Laclede Gas, Sc. L.. 1064 1064 1064 1064
LehighVati9yR.it. ? 1693^ 1694 1C64 1(64
Liggett & Myen cojo. 1864 1864 1?5 183
Liggett & My enp'i. Ill 111 1104 1104
LoiiilardCo.com>*. 180 18) ISO 18)
Lorillard Co. pfd.... 1104 11054 1104 1104
Louisville 4 Na^x.. 15)4 1594 1574 1574
May Dept. Stores.. 78 7 -4 78 78
Mexican Petroleum- ? 69 694 67 ?7
Miami Copper con - ? *44 144 *44 244
M^SJ.AS.S.M.coai. 1404 1404 140 140
Mo.,Kan. 4 T. con. 29 29 29 2)
MifSouriPacifi:.... 424 424 404 41)4
Nat. Buiscitcoin... 158 I ?8 35C4 1554
Nat Biscuit pfd.... 1284 1234 12o4 1284
National Lei 1 cin.. 55 58 -:734 574
NevauaCopper con. 224 224 214 215 s
Nonclkt Wester i- ? 1134 1134 1124 lit 4
Norfolk in Southern. - 52 52 104 [O' a
North Aawrioa 8J4 834 S3 *3
Northern Pacifb 121 1214 119 119
New York Central- -. 11934 1194 1174 1174
N-YOntario &W... 39;? 3)4 3934 394
N-Y-StateRailways. 924 924 924 924
Pacific Mail Stem? 324 334 *24 <3H
Pacific Tela. 4 Tek;. 524 524 51 51
xPennsyivaniaR. R. 1244 1144 1234 1234
P-,C-,C-&St-L-coai-? 10734 107,4 It7 107
Pittsburgh Coal con. 214 214 204 2C4
Pittsburgh Caai pi J. 8) S ?' 2 83 28
Preseedot.Carc) a. 354 ?"54 ^-5 ?5
Pullman Car Co. ? ? ? 1504 l*JU4 1604 1'.04
ymcksiiver Min.CDH- 64 64 64 tH
Quicksilver Min- pfd- 11 11 94 94
RayCooJoI. Ooppr. 1)4 1)4 1) 19
Ry.St Spria jj?a. 35 4 354 35 35
Readingcom 175 1764 1724 17??4
Reading 2d R.R. pf i 974 9734 97 97
Rep-lr- k Steel oia- 24 24 234 234
R?p.ir-iSceel pfl-. SO 8Q 79 79
Rock island conk... 284 284 274 274
Rockldand pfl**.. 56 56 55 4 5534
Stars-Roebuck con.. 1764 1764 1744 175
Seaboard Air L- com- 25 25 25 25
Seaboard Air L- pfd. 53 53 524 524
{floss-Sheffield com.. 51U 514 514 514
StLouis&^io F. co n 244 24)<i 244 244
bLL.4SaaF.2d... 384 39 3*4 384
Southern Pacific 1124 1124 1094 110
Southern Rw/'Con-. 294 294 29 29
SouthernRwy. pfi.. 744 744 74 74
Ttxasi Pacific..... 24 24 24 24
Texas Cotnpiom.. 994 994 18 18
ThirdAvftnue wj.. ? 39 39 39 39
TfonaassCopper.. ?. 434 444 434 -34
Undsrwoodcom.... 107.4 107)4 1064 1064
Un. Typewr pfd.... 1114 1114 1114 1114
Un.Bag 4 Papr.com 104 104 104 104
liaioaPMiftoooa... 172 172 1634 1694
UnwaPadfiopfd... 91 91 91 91
UJUn.GoJiF.pfi. 63 63 62 12
UJLin.Co.S-F.ooa. 34 34 34 34
U.d Realty 75 754 75 754
U-S Rubber com... 584 584 574 574
U^Rubbar Istpfi 114 114 1134 1134
U.S.Rubber 2d pfi. 79 79 4 79 7i4
U-S- Stoel com 71.4 714 69 - fc94
U-S. Steel pfd 113 1134 1124 1124
Utah Copper 63 634 624 624
Vir-Car-Chem. com. 52 524 514 524
Va.lron.Coal 4 CoXa to 6) to 60
Va- Iron, C- 4 C-pfd- 82 82 82 82
Wabash whf1- ...... 83 i 84 8 8
Wabadh pfd VM, 204 204 204
West Shore R-R--... 1004 1004 1004 10)4
Wetit- MaryUadcom- 614 614 604 604
Western Union 834 834 824 824
Weetinghouse Elec ?. 76 76 744 744
West Elec. 1st pfd.. 12)4 121204 1204
Wheeling 4 L-E- 1st- 21 24 21 21
Wheeling 4 L-E- 2d- 12 12 12 12
xEx dividend?Peoples' Ga* of Chicago.
ls?, and Pennsylvania R. R. Company,
Open. Hlgfc. Loir. Ota.
Am-Tobacco 4? 954 964 954 954
Am-Tobbaooo 6s> ? ? ? 1204 1204 l*?i 1204
Akfcisongsava! 4i.. 984 884 98.. 98
BONDS (CoittaaH).
Open. HI{k. Low. Close.
Atcb-coav. 43 195).. 103H 1034 V&i 1(2H
Atcb.CoB.4s 1Q7H 107 107^ I07tf
BaltAO. Gea- 4s... 98H 98H 9814 fStf
C.,ItI.*P.4?.... 72H 72ii 72H 72H
G, B.&Q. Joint 4*-. 96sk 96?* C6H
Inter-Metro- 4sH.. 82H 824 824 824
Norfolk & West. 4s-? 994 994 994 994
NorthemPacifis 4?.. 994 934 994 994
Pa.conv.3M3,1913. 974 17H 574 &K
Southern Rwy. 4s- ? ? 784 784 784 784
Southern Rwy. 5s... 1074 1074 1074 1074
UnionPacifi; Con- 4s 101* 101*4 1014 1014
U.B. Steel 2d 53.... 1024 1024 1024 1024
11 a.m.*? 173,093 12m... 276,100
1p.m... 343,40J 2p.ni-. 436,jW
CallMoney 24 3 2 24
Aif advance of seven points over the
last, selling price was the record made by
the stock of the Eastern Fuel and Light
Company at the meeting today of the
Washington Stock Exchange. About one
hundred shares figured in the trading,
and the sales were made a 1-5, 126 and
126^. The best previous price was lit).
Yesterday the bid rose to 122 and today it
closed at 123V*.
With this exception the business
throughout the list was not large, and
little change was made in the figures.
The traction securities figured more
largely than any other class. Only one
lot of gas stock was sold. This brought
87'i. the lowest point thus far reached
in the present movement.
The death James Ray. who was in
terested in local securities and a frequent
attendant at the meetings of the stock
exchange, was the subject of many in
quiries and expressions of regret on the
part of members of the exchange as
well as others. His kindly nature and
Integrity won for him much esteem and
W. Kesley Schoepf, president of the
Ohio Traction Company of Cincinnati^ and
formerly prominent in street railway
management in this city, spent a short
time recently In the financial district re
newing old acquaintances.
Washington Stock Exchange.
Sales? Regular call. 12 o'clock noon:
Potomac Oon?. 3*. $1,000 at 102%
Potomac Electric 5k. $1,000 at 107*4
Norfolk and Washington Steamboat 5s, $300 at
105. $200 at 105. $0<>0 at 105.
Capital Traction. *25 at 127.
Washington Railway and Electric com., 25 at
S4% 23 at 84%. 2r> at $4%.
Washington Hail way ami Electric pfd.. 25 at
Eastern Light and Fuel, 23 at 125, 12 at 123,
25 at 12U. 10 at 126.
Washington Gas. 25 at 87!?.
After call?Union Truat, 10 at 144, 10 at 144,
10 at 144.
Washington Railway and Electric 4a. $1,000 at
Washington Gas, .1 at 87%. 5 at S7.
Eastern Light and Fuel, 15 at 126%. 10 at
Washington Railway apd Elec. com., 10 at
Rid. Asked.
U. S. registered 2a 100% 101%
P. S?. coupon 2a 100% 101
V. S. registered 3s 102% 102%
V. S. coupon 3s ...... 102^ 1025*
r. 8. registered 4s 118% 11*%
U. S. coupon 4s 114% 115%
Georretown Gas 5a 105 . 109
Washington- Gas 5a 1.10% HI
Georgetown Gas 5a 1U?% 190
Capital Traction 5s 110% 110%
Anai-ostia and Potomac 5s 1?0 100V?
AnaeosMa and Potomac guar. 5s.. 100
City and Suburban 5s 1<>4V?
Columbia Cs 100>?
Columbia 6s 101
Metropolitan 5a 108 110
Washington Rwy. and Elec. 4a.... 86% 66%
Wash.. Alex, and Mt. Ver. 5s 02 85
Potomac Electric Cons. 5a 102% 102%
Potomac Electric Light 5s 107% 10S%
Chesapeake and Potomac Tel. 5a.. 104 1C j
American Tel. and Telga. 4a 110 ....
Emerson Steam Pump 6a 80
Washington Market 5a, 1027 100 107
Washington Market 5s, 1047 10U 107
W. M. Cold Storage 5a 100 107
Nor. and Wash. Steamboat 5s.... 104 105
Biggs Realty 5s (long) 10$ 106
Riggs Realty 5a (akort).. 101)4 ????
Capital Traction 126V4 127
Washington Rwy. and Elec. com.. S4 81%
Washington ltwy. and Elec. pfd.. !M% 94%
Washington-Virginia Rwy. c->;a... 50 ....
Washington-Virginia Rwy. pfd.... 70
Eastern Light and Fuel.! 125'..j 130
Nor. and Wash. Steamboat 212 21i?
Wasiiiugtoa Gas S7 K7>4
Georgetown Gas 12ft 174
American Tel. and Telga 143 .....
Mergentbaler Linotype 21R 220
Lanston Monotype 95% 100
Greene-Oananea S 9?4
American 182 188
Csnital 2lu 250
Columbia 250 .....
Commercial 204% 200
District 142 150
Farmers and Mechanics 275
Lincoln US ....
Metropolitan 210 22o
575 WS
Second 160 ISO
National Bauk of Washington 250 ....
American Security and TrdSt 293 300
National SitTlngs and Trust 205 ....
Union Truat 144 144%
Washington Loan and Truat 240 ....
United States Trust 155',a 160
Citizena 10 20
Home SaTin^a 325 ....
Merchants and Mechanics 170 ....
Union S'lfhigi 240 280
Bank of Commerce and Saving*.. 12% ....
East Washington Savings 16 20
Mercantile 9 12%
Arlington 14% 15
Commercial 9% 10
Corcoran 80 ....
Firemen's 20 22
Franklin 80 *7
German-American 270 ....
National Union 8 ....
Potomac 34 ....
Columbia 5% ....
Real Estate 85 ....
Cfcapln-Sacka 165 290
Emerson Steam Pump 25
Grapkophone com 15 ....
Graphophone pfd 57% ....
Merchants' Tranafer and Storage.. 180 135
Security Storage 210 230
Washington Market 17* ....
Quotations furnished by W. B. HlbMyJt Co.,
member* New York Stock Exchange.
Open. High. Low. 1:45.
British Col. Copper.. 5% 6 fi% 5%
Glruux Mining ?J4 6 ?
Greene-Cananea .... 8'i 9 8% to
Manhattan Transit. .1 15-16 1 16-16 115-16 1 15-16
Mines Co. of Amsr.. 3 3 3 3
SSS^iSU:::-.: ft % % %
The following building permits were Is
sued today:
To W. K. Hill, to build three dwellings
at 6706-06-07 Georgia avenue; architect.
N. T. Haller; builder, W. K. Hill; esti
mated cost, $7,900.
To James A. Hall, to build dwelling at
2357 Rhode Island avenue; architect and
builder, R. H. Brown; estimated cost,
To Annie & Phillips, to build dwelling
at 485S Wisconsin avenue, northwest; ar
chitect, E. D. Ryerson; bu'lder, W. A.
Klmmel; estimated cost. $8,900.
To J. H. Nolan, to build four-story and
cellar dwelling at 1"0? 8 street northwest;
architect, A. B. Heaton; builder, J. H.
Nolan; estimated cost, $15,000.
To T. a. l^ee, to repair dwelling at 1315
Connecticut avenue northwest; architects,
Homblower & Marshall; builder. W. P.
Lipscomb * Co.: estimated cost, $6,000.
It matters little what it is that you
want?whether a situation or a servant
?a want ad in The Star will reaeh the
1 person who will fill your need.
????-?? ^
Senators Not Hopeful of an
Early Adjournment of
After conferring with a number or
other leaders today, Senator Penrose, the
I republican leader of the Senate, ex
pressed the belief that It was a physical
impossibility to consider the appropria
tion bills and other prospective legislation
before probably July 1. This would be
after the national party conventions.
I am anxious for an early adlourn
ment," he said, "but the tariff debate
has hardly started and some of the larg
est and most Important appropriation bills
are yet to be completed."
Senator Simmons, in charge of the tariff
bills for the democrats, expressed similar
The approximate time of adjournment,
however, is yet uncertain. Some of the
senators and many of the representatives
still believe that Congress will be able
to close its afTairs before the conventions
despite the congestion in the Senate.
Fair Tonight and Saturday; No De
cided Temperature Change.
For the District of Columbia and Mary
land, fair tonight and Saturday; no de
cided temperature change; light to mod
erate northeast and east winds.
The low-pressure area in the extreme
west is gradually Oiling up, although !
rains and snows continued to the north
westward and northward, with some
heavy snow in Wyoming. There were
also thunder showers in the upper Mis
sissippi valley, the southern upper lake
region, the east gulf states# and Florida.
Temperatures are high in the central
valleys and the plains states, and con
tinue low to the westward.
The weather will continue unsettled,
with showers tonight or Saturday, in the
upper lake and western lower lake re
gion. the Ohio valley, the east gulf and
southern portion of the south Atlantic
states. In New England and' the middle
Atlantic states the weather will be fair.
Temperature changes will not be de
The winds along the New England coast
"^^derate north and northeast,
on the middle Atlantic coast moderate
northeasterly, on the -south AtlantfC coast
i \ to moderate variable, mostly east
erly; on the east- gulf coast moderate
Records for Twenty-Four Hours.
The following were the readings or
the thermometer and barometer at the
weathpr bureau for the twenty-Tour hours
mun,ns at ? P-m- yesterday:
Thermometer?Yesterday, 4 p.m., 80; ?
P^m. (50; 12 midnight, ?1; today. 4 a.m..
Oo;- a a.m., 58; 12 noon, 67; 2 p.m., TO.
Maximum, SO, at 4 p.m. yesterday; mini
mum, o3. at 5 a.m. today.
Temperature same (Jate last year?Max
imum, 68; minimum, 4,'L
Barometer?Yesterday, 4 p.m.. 2H.96; X
p.m., -^.99; 12 midnight, b#.03; today, 4
*'pm 3010* a m" a?'14: 12 n0?n' ^13:
Condition of the Water.
Temperature and condition of water at
Temperature. 00;
condition, 30. Dalecarlla reservoir?Tem
perature, 62; condition at north connec
tion, 19; condition at south connection,
lo. vreorgetown distributing reservoir
Condition at Influent gatehouse. 0.
Tide Tables.
Today?Low tide, 3:23 a.m. and 3:581
p.m.; high tide. 9:17 a.m. and 9:53 p.m. !
Tomorrow?Low tide. 4:08 a.m. and 4:41
p.m.; high tide, 10 a.m. and 10:35 p.m.
Up-Biver Waters.
Sp?i-iul Dispatch to The Star.
Potomac a little muddy and Shenandoah
very cloudy this morning.
NEW YORK, May 3.?Flour?Steady,
but^ quiet.
Wheat?Firm on Liverpool cables;
light northwest receipts and the bull
ish Snow's figures on the Kansas yield
caused an advance In wheat early, but
prices Soon sagged ofT under larger Ar
gentine shipments and prospects of big
world's figures on Monday. July. 1.16%
a 1.1 b 9-16.
Beef?Firmer; family, 18.00al8.50.
Lard?Steady; middle west, 10.85a
Raw sugar?Firm; muscovado, 89
test, 3.55; centrifugal, 96 test, 4.05; mo
lasses. 89 test. 3.30; refined steady
Hides?Firm; Central America, 24%
Butter?Weak; receipts, 7,728 packages;
creamery specials. 32*32%; do., extras,
31%; do., firsts. 30Uja31; do., seconds, 29^
a?0: do., thirds, 28a29; state dairy, finest,
31a3H4; do., good to prime, 2Pai30.
Cheese?Steady; rcc Hpts, 2.012 boxes.
Eggs-Steady; receipts, 62,040 cases
fresh gathered dirties, No. 1. 1?%; state.
Pennsylvania and nearby gathered, brown
and mixed colors. Ipi^a20%.
Live poulary?Steady; western fowls, 14;
turkeys, 13.
Dressed poultry?Quiet and steady;
western fowls, 14al7; turkeys, 13a22.
CHICAGO. May 3.?Probability that
French millers would obtain an ex
tension of time to export flour made
from imported grain had a bullish effect
here today on the market for wheat
The Idea was that the outlook for shiD
ments from the United States would be
considerably Improved. Another in
fluence against the bears came in the
form of assertions .that the Kansas state
report rightly interpreted would, mean
a crop of 69.000.000 bushels, instead of
93.000.000, the popular estimate. Open
ing prices were y4 to % higher. Julv
a?!Ll;10Ti ,to in*? ? rise iv
Hilid i?h??a?harr.??'mM ",Cl,ned ??
Corn eased off on account of better
weather. July opened a shade to 1/4aU'
,oucl"d 7?,7T5"-'
Scalpers did most of the business in
the provision crowd. They were impartial
and did not move values much In either
direction. Initial sales varied from 2V.
lower to 5 higher, with September dellv
1045 tor pork, 10.25 for lard, and
1Q.62V4 to 10.65 for ribs.
No. 2 rye. 94. Barley, 80al.33. Timothy
seed, 7.50al2.00. Clover seed. 14.00a20.50.
An additional advance ensued, due to
some extent to a material decrease In
northwestern stocks. Selling for a prom
inent speculator caused a reaction. The
close was steady with July % net higher
at 1.10%al.ll.
Promise of heavy receipts for some
time southwest led to a further backset.
The close was weak at 76%a7G?i for July,
% under last night.
Special IMxpatch to The Star.
BALTIMORE. May 3.?Wheat?Firmer;
spot contract. 1.18; spot No. 2 red west
ern, L18; May. 1.18; receipts, 70 bushels.
Corn?Dull; spot contract. 85; receipts,
8,015 bushels; exports. 42,857 bushels;
southern white corn, 88.
Oats?Firmer; No. 2 white. 64%a65;
standard white. 64H; No. 3 white, G33,a64.
Receipts, 5,703 bushels.
Rye?Dull. Receipts, 1,541 bushels.
Hay?Firmer; No. 1 timothy, J2S.50; No.
1 clover mixed. 2?.OOa26.V?.
Grain freights?Quiet.
LIVERPOOL. May 3.?Closing: Wheat
Spot strong; No. 2 red western winter,
8s 7'id; futures steady: May, 7s 10T,d;
July. 7s S'id; October, 7s 6%d.
Corn?Spo? American mixed new nom
inal; American mixed old. steady at Bs
lH6d; new American kiln-dried quiet at
?s 8%d: futures' stead/; May, ?s TVid;
September, 5s 3\d. %
United States Supreme Court.
Present: The Chief Justice, Mr. Jus
tice McKenna, Mr. Justice Holmes, Mr.
Justice Day, Mr. Justice Lurton, Mr.
Justice Hughes, Mr. Justice Van De
van ter, Mr. Justice Lamar and Mr. Jus
tice Pitney.
"William D. B. Ainey of Montrose. Pa.,
Cambridge Livingston of New York
city, and Delbert J. Haft of Kansas
City, Mo., were admitted to practice.
Xo. 1123. J. Wesley Glasgow, appel
lant, agt. William H. Moyer, war
den. etc.; motion to advance submitted
by Mr. John C. Fay for the appellant.
Xo. 246. Benjamin Rosenthal, plaintiff
in error, agt. the people of the state of
New York; continued per stipulation.
No. 248. Wells, Fargo & Co. et al..
plaintiffs in error, agt. Neiman-Msu-cus
Company; continued per stipulation.
No. 235. Charles D. CresswlU et al..
plaintiff's in error, agt. Grand Lodge
Knights of Pythias of Georgia et al.; ar- ?
gument continued by Mr. John P. Ross1
for the defendants in error.
Proceedings after The Star went to
press yesterday: ,
Xo. 1075. Arthur Johnson, petitioner,
agt. the United States; argument con
tinued by Mr. Solicitor General Lohmann
for the respondent, and concluded by Mr.
Thomas M. Baker (by special leave) for
the petitioner.
No. 255. Charles D. CresswlU et al..
plaintiffs in error, agt. Grand Lodge,
Knights of Pythias of Georgia et al.; ar
gument commenced by Mr. Alton B. Par
ker for the plaintiffs in error and con
tinued by Mr. Hamilton Douglas and Mr.
John P. Ross for the defendants in er
Adjourned until todav at 12 o'clock.
The day call for Fridav. May 3, was as
follows: Nos. 235. 447, 236. 238. 240, 242,
244, -46, 248 and 249.
Court of Claims.
Chief Justice Stanton J. Peelle. Judges
Howry, Booth, Barney and Atkinson.
Assignments for Monday, May, 6 (law
docket cases):
No. 27500 (specially sot). Mary R.
Peabody et al.; eminent domain: attor
neys, Messrs. White, Lowell and Hackett
?F. DeC. Faust.
No. 158 (specially set). B. L. Garber,
administrator; attorneys, Louis A. Pradt?
Charles F. Kincheloe.
No. 1065G (Indian). Louis A. Pradt?W.
II. Lewis.
No. 101. James A. Ring: motion for
new trial; attorneys, King & King?F.
DeC. Faust.
No. 112. Samuel Ilanna, administrator;
motion to amend findings: attorneys. Car
tel- & Neubeck?F. W. Collins.
No. 127. George Welty (demurrer); L.
E. Carter?G. M. Anderson.
No. 175. Colorado Delta Canal Com
pany ("demurrer); attorneys. Ralstorr, Sid
dons & Richardson?G. M. Anderson
No. 85. Robert T. Jasper; attorneys,
Ralston & Siddons^-F. DeC. Faust.
No. 30418. American Trading Company
(Chinese indemnity): attorneys. McKen
ney &. Flannery?Philip M. Ashford.
Law calendar Now. 151, 152. 154, 156. 157.
1(*>; 164. 165, 167. 168, 169, 174.
No. 28970. John Latham; attorneys,
Lyon & Lyon?W. F. Norrls.
Congressional 13805-16. Thomas Woods;
attorneys, Fred B. Rhodes?G. M. Ander
Indian' Nos. 53S6 and 1154. Attorneys,
Harry Peyton?J. A. Hendricks.
No. 24693. ChHstie. Lowe & Hey worth;
attorneys. King & King?F. DeC. Faust.
District Supreme Court.
EQUITY COURT NO. 1?Chief Justice
Daggett agt. Daggett: absolute divorce
granted; plaintiff's attorney, L. A. Block;
defendant's attorneys, J. A. O'Snea and
John Sacks.
Williams agt. Ambrose: demurrers sus
tained with leave to amend; plaintiffs
attorney, F. J. Wissner; defendant's at-,
torneys. J. 3. Easby-Smith, John Lewis
Smith and E. L. Filson.
EQUITY COURT NO. 'J?Justice Wright.
Riordan agt. Riordan; reference to
auditor; plaintiffs attorney, J. A. O'Shea.
Campbell agt. Campbell: hearing on
rule continued to April plaintiff's at
torney. William Henry White; defend
ant's attorney, John Ridout.
Noble agt- Crane: demurrer argued and
submitted; plaintiff's attorney, William
Henry White; defendant's attorneys.
Maddox & Gatley.
United States of America agt. Sehutt
et al.; rule as to injunction returnable
May 9; plaintiffs attorneys, C. R. Wilson
and R. S. Huidekoper.
In re dissolution of Automobile Owners'
Supply Company; receiver directed to set
tle claim of Auto College of Washington;
petitioner's attorney. J. Wllmer Latimer;
claimant's attorney, J. S. Easby-Smith.
Poe agt. Hawley; bill dismissed; plain
tiffs attorneys, Ellis & Donaldson; de
fendant's attorney, R. S. Huidekoper.
Brown Bag Filling Machine Company
agt. Gair Company; Thomas J. Drum
mond appointed special examiner to take
depositions (by Justice Stafford); plain
tiffs attorney, Nathan Head; defendant's
attorneys, E. A. Byrne and J. il. Bricken
Schenker agt. Blueste'n Company; cause
dismissed an<l receiver directed to turn
over business to defendant: plaintiffs at
torneys. Alexander Wolf and L. H. David;
defendant s attorneys, Darr, Peyser &
CIRCUIT COURT NO. 1?Justice Stafford.
Baetrotsky agt. City and Suburban
Railway of Washington; verdict for
plaintiff for $1,000; plaintiffs attorneys,
Pretzfelder, Newmyer & Bendheim; de
fendant's attorney, George P. Hoover.,
Esher agt. Henley Stone Company:
leave to deposit $50 in lieu of bond
granted; plaintiffs attorney, D. W.
O'Donoghue: defendant's attorneys. Git
tings & Chamberlin.
Nichols agt. Swenk; leave granted to
deposit $500 in lieu of a supersedeas bond;
defendant's attorney. C. E. Robson.
Thompson agt. Washington Railway
and Electric Company; defendant with
draws motion for new trial: flies re
mittitus of $1000 and judgment on ver
dict for plaintiff for >4,000; plaintiffs at
torneys. Harlow, Wilson & Gates; de
fendant's attorney, W. C. Sullivan.
Dyer agt. Harris; judgment of condem
nation; plaintiff's attorney, Crandal
Mackey; defendant's attorney, John J.
ClfctCUIT COURT NO. 2.?Justice Gould.
Parsons agt. Lewis; motion for new
trial overruled; plaintiff's attorney, H. E.
Davis; defendant's attorneys, F. W. Mc
Reynolds and B. S. Minor.
J. L. Mott Iron Works agt. Waters;
judgment for $S79.44 granted on motion;
plaintiffs attorneys, Baker, Sheehy &
Hogan; defendant's attorney, Irving Wil
Fraser agt. Fulton; leave to file replica
tion granted; plaintiffs attorney, W. J.
Lambert; defendant's attorney, C. M.
Burden agt. Southern Railway Com
pany; commission ordered to issue: plain
tiffs attorneys, Kimball & Morey; de
fendant's attorneys, Hamilton. Yerkes &
Brown agt. Municipal Building Com
pany; bill of particulars ordered to be
filed forthwith; plaintiffs attorney, H. M.
Foote; defendant's attorney, E. A. Jones.
Gillott agt. District of Columbia; motion
for rehearing granted; motion to quash
writ granted: appeal cost bond, $100;
plaintiff's-attorney, M. E. O'Brien; de
fendant's attorney, P. H. Marshall.
Conner agt. Arcade Company; motion
to advance for trial overruled; certified to
Circuit Court No. 1; plaintiffs attorney,
W. G. Gardiner; defendant's attorney,
Leckie, Cox & Kratz.
United States agt. William H. Martin,
Richard Hayden and Allen Bell: depreda
tion on private property: Martin and Hay
den sentenced to penitentiary- for four
years. Bell for two years.
United 8tates agt. James IL Smith; as
sault and robbery; time to file transcript
extended thirty days; attorneys. George
C. Shlnn and C. W. Owen.
Gaegler agt. Brennan et al.; motion to
dismiss as to Arey and new trial as to
Blundon argued Mid submitted; plain
tiff's attprney, E. L Gies; defendants' at
torneys, Howard Boyd and P. H. Mar
Hines agt. Swift; motion for new trial
overruled; judgment on verdict for plain
tiff for $125.88: appeal noted; cost bond,
*100: plaintiffs attorney, L. L. Hamby;
defendant's attorneys. John Ridout and
J. P. McMahon.
United States agt. Ennis G. Sypliax;
forgery and uttering: verdict not guilty;
attorney, C. H. Turner.
In re Gertrude A. Gibbons; adjudication
and reference to E. 8. McCalmont.
. United Statea agt. sixty cans Lucca
Under U. S. Treasury Supervision.
- *
If you are going
abroad this year
Let us provide you with Travelers' Checks or
Letters of Credit. They save trouble and insure
the safety of your money.
Also don't forget
To leave your valuable papers in a safe place,
where they will not be in danger of fire or theft.
We rent Safe Deposit Boxes for $3.00 a year
and upward. They are both fire and burglar
proof and guarded night and day.
7th St. arad Mass. Ave. N.W.
* *
R fn nr lhi#*c ?
7th and H Sts. N.E. " 436 7th St. S.W.
cream table oil: decree of condemnation.
In re opening of alley in square -oOl,
hearing concluded.
DISTRICT COURT-Justice Barnard.
In re opening of alley in square 2820,
jurv accepted and directed. _ . ,
United States agt. seven caves
falo lithla water: demurrer to libel argued
and submitted.
PROBATE COURT?Justice Wright.
Estate of Frances Cochnower;
ed petition filed: attorneys. J. A. O Shea
and L. A. Rover.
Estate of Lucy B. Evans; petition for
letters of administration^ filed, attoi
nev. Thomas Walker. '
Estate of Walter G. Duckett; sale
ratified nisi; attorney. S. C. Pee11?- I
Estate of John Savary; order_to ex
change stock: attorneys. F. A. Fennlng i
and B. W. Parker. .
Estate of Bessie T. Beller;
administration granted to Frederick F.
Beller; bond. $300; attorney. F. F. Bel
1CEstate of Henry Franc: order to sell
interest in business; attorney. H. u.
Estate of Frances Cochnower: will ad
mitted to probate and letters testa
mentary granted to Phyllis I.ynch and
R. Handley; bond. $200; attornejs. J. A. ,
O'Shea and L. A. Rover. order
Estate of William C. ^eeman. order
to sell real estate; attorney. J. A. O Shea.
Estate of William G. pond. ordei to
pay premium .on insurance, attorney H
GB8tLTeb of' Thiesca Augenstein; order?f
B.i?. attorneys. Darr, Peyser & Curtln.
Estate of Helen M. Chapin: order to sen
stock- attorneys. Barnard & Johnson.
Estate of E. B. Dunnlngton; exemplified
T?'w et al.: Petition to
appoint guardian filed; attorneys. Tepper
& Gusack.
Changes in Recruiting Service.
Officers have been ordered to recruiting
service)as follows: Lieut. Col. Charles A.
Varnum. retired, at Fort Slocum, N. Y..
relieving First Lieut. F. B. L pham. Coaet
Artillery Corps: Lieut. Col. John H. Gard
ner. cavalry, at San rFancisco. relieving
First Lieut. James F. Regan, infantrj,
First Lieut. Thomas A. Terry. Coast Ar
tillery Corps, at Fort Slocum, N. Y.,
Capt. Jacob E. Wyke. Coast Artillery
Corps, at Fort Logan. Col., relieving Capt.
Norris Stayton. Coast Artillery Corps;
Capt. Isaac A. Saxton, at Detroit. Mich.,
relieving Capt. Milo C. Corey. 2id Infan
try; First Lieut. Thomas W. Gunn. re
tired. at Duluth, Minn., relieving Capt. j
Christian Briand. 4th Cavalry; First Lieut, j
H. M. Cooper, 21st Infantry, at Terra
Haute, Ind.. relieving Capt. H. D. Mitch
ell 1st Infantry; First Lieut. Wallace
McNamara. 12th Infantry, at Lexington,
Ky.. relieving First Lieut. A. C. Keyes,
cavalry: First Lieut. Albert Gilmore. 4th
Field Artillery, at New York city; First
Lieut. John M. Kelso, jr., at Spokane,
Wash., relieving First Lieut. W. P. Cur
rier, Coast Artillery Corps; First Lieut.
Qeorge Garity, retired, at Little Rock,
Ark, relieving MaJ. Charles B. Ewing,
retired, who will take station at Savan
nah. Ga., relieving Capt. Hairy C. Wil
liams, Field Artillery; First Lieut. John
J. Mudgett. 12th Infantry, at Fort Mc
Dowell, Cal., relieving First Lieut. G. S.
Glllls, infantrj'; Capt. A. M. Wetherill,
17th Infantry, at Jefferson barracks, Mo.,
relieving Capt. Charles H. Errlngton, 11th
Infantry. The officva relieved will re
turn to their regular stations.
Army Orders.
First Lieuts. Frank N. Chilton and
Frederick H. Foucar, Medical Corps, will
proceed to the Walter Reed General Hos
pital for temporary duty during the In
ternational Red Cross conference.
Second Lieut. George F. Humbert,
Coast Artillery Corps, is transferred from
the 64th Company to the 100th Com
Leave of absence for three months is
granted First Lieut. CharleB L. Williams,
Coast Artillery Corps.
The following-named officers of the
ordnance department will proceed to
Philadelphia on official business pertain
ing to the operations of the ordnance de
partment, and then will return to their
proper stations: Maj. Jay E. HofTer,
Capts. Joseph H. Pelot and Earl McFar
land and First Lieuts. Raphael R. Nix
and John J. Thomas.
Sergt. Jesse E. Sasser. Hospital Corps,
Walter Reed General Hospital, will be
discharged from the army by purchase.
Sergt. Walter W. Tobin, Hospital
Corps, Fort Barrancas, Fla., will be sent
to the Walter Reed General Hospital for
Leave of absence for three months,
with permission to go beyond the sea, is
granted Capt. Harry P. Jordan, ordnance
department. _ ?
Second Lieut John A. Baird, Coast
Artillery Corps. recently appointed
from civil life, is attached to the 118th
Company. He will proceed to Fort Mon
roe, Va., for a course of instruction.
Capt. Alden Trotter, Coast Artillery
Corps, Is relieved from further observa
tion and treatment at the Walter Reed
General Hospital and will join his proper
station. _ , .
Capt. M. K. Cunningham, retired, is
assigned to recruiting duty at Salt We
City. Utah, relieving First IJeut. N. P.
j Rogers, jr.. Coast Artillery Corps.
First Lieut. H. I. Lawrence, 9th In
fantry, is assigned to recruiting duty
at Oklahoma City, Okla.. relieving First
d Issue of Stock
Now Open for Subscription.
Co-operative Building Association.
" The Equitable provides for regular syste
matic saving and for the purchase of a home or
other property with regular monthly payments.
It has been doing business for over 32 years,
and the members have been successful in saving
and paying for homes, etc.
Shares are $2.50 per month.
Interest per annum , ^ Interest * per annum
) paid on shares before (jWQ {A shares ma
maturity ? on the / ' , .
monthly payments tured-computed from
made. date of first payment
Assets, $2,432,779.30.
Office: Equitable Building, 915 F St. N.W.
John Jov Edson, President. Ellis Spear, Vice President.
Frank P. Reeaide, Secretary. P. B. Turptn. 2d Vice President.
Job Barnard. Gilbert H. Grosvenor. Jno. B. Lamer,
Fredk. V. Coville, Jno. A. Hamilton, A. M. Lothrop.
J. J. Edson, jr., Geo. H. Harries, Fredk. B. Pyle.
Lieut. B. M. Offley, 3st Cavalry, who
will join his regiment.
First Lieut. Joseph M. Cummins, 18th
Infantry, is detailed as professor of
military science and tactics at Clemson
Agricultural College, Clemson College,
S C,
First Lieut. William D. Herbert, Medi
cal Reserve Corps, is ordered to duty at
Fort Jay, X. Y.
Naval Orders.
Commander W. J. Terhune, from the
Pennsylvania to command the Annapolis.
Lieut. Commander F. D. Kama from
the South Carolina to duty as fleet en
gineer, United States Atlantic Reserve.
Lieut. J. II. Comfort, from navy re
cruiting station. Chicago, to the South
Lieut. A. J. James, navy recruiting sta
tion, Chicago.
Lieuts. John C. Rodsers and J. H. Tow
ers, from aviation camp. San Diego, Cal.,
to Naval Academy, Annapolis. Md., con
nection with aviation.
Lieut. J. A. Campbell, from Naval
Academy, Annapolis, Md., to the Annap
Lieut. G. B. Wright, to bureau of steam
engineering. Navy Department.
Lieut. (Junior grade) J. W. Lewis, to
the Annapolis.
Ensign V. D. Berbster, from navy avi
ation camp, San Diego, Cal., to Naval
Academy, Annapolis, Md., connection
with aviation.
Ensigns H. W. Wuest and J. T. Alex
ander, from the Maryland to the Annapo
Ensign H. B. Gilbert, from the West
Virginia to the Annapolis.
Paymaster D. W. Nesblt to bureau of
supplies and acoounts, Navy Department.
Paymaster J. 8. Beecher, from the Cal
ifornia and watt orders.
Passed Asst. Paymaster R. W. Schu
mann, from bureau of supplies and ac
counts, Navy Department, to the Califor
Asst. Paymaster William Gower, from
the Yankton to the Annapolis.
Boatswain Frank Schulz. from receiv
ing ship at New York to the Marietta.
W. E. Morton appointed paymaster's
clerk, duty Baltimore.
Frank H. Baasen, appointed paymas
ter's clerk, reserve torpedo group,
Charleston, S. C.
Paymaster's Clerk W. A. Gilman, ap
pointment revoked.
Marine Corps Orders.
Lieut. Col. C. G. Long and Maj. J. T.
Myers, from Army War College to
Naval War College for summer confer
Second Lieuts. D. L. S. Brewster and
R. W. Voeth, from marine barracks,
Charleston, to marine barracks, Phlla
Capt. W. W. Low, from marine bar
racks, Annapolis, to U. S. S. Georgia.
Capt. F. M. Wise, from U. 8. 8. Georgia
to marine barracks. New York.
Capt. Macker Babb, one month leave.
Capt. F. M. Wise, from marine bar
racks. New York, to U. 8. 8. Tennessee.
First Lieut. H. W. Stone, one month
Capt. E. E. W.st, from marine bar
racks, Mare Island, to marine barracks,
Puget Sound.
Capt. T. M. Clinton, from U. S. 8. Vir
ginia to marine barracks, Washington.
Capt. L. B. Purcell, from marine bar
racks. Boston, to U. 8. 8. Virginia.
Citizens of MyersvliJe, Md.. held a pub
lic meeting in the interest of securing
Blue Ridge College, which will remove
from Union Bridge. A committee was
appointed to wage an active campaign la
behalf of the town. The college is under
the direction of the Church of the Breth
ren. Hageratown and Thurmont are also
after it.
?* Some Logical Reasons |
For opening an account in V
Opposite U. S. Treasury. 2?
Oldest National Bank In Wash- ?
* inpton. *
7 By keeping your business united **
T with (he strength of this bank 2
^ your credit will always have prop- r
Ser care and hacking. The Metro- V
poMtan has always cared for its J
customers. (More to follow.) X
<r ?.
The Safest Investments
Aro those that do not fluctuate daring dis
turbed conditions of the money or itoi k
market. First deed of trust notes (tnt
Mortgagee), well secared on real errate la
the District of Columbia. conatitate "gilt
edge" Investments. They do net depend
npon tbe financial responsibility of indi
viduals or corporatlona for their stability
and are exeapt from taxation as personal
property. We can supply each lnreetmenta
In smoonts from 9900 upward. Send for
booklet. "Concerning Leans aad Invest
Swartze!I, Rheem &
Hensey Co.,
727 15th ST. N.W.
Preferred and Common.
S. H. P. PELL & CO.
Members New York Stock Exchange.
Dealers In Unlisted and Inactive Securities.
Tel. TW5-6-7?<-> Haaoror. ?T Wall St.. X. T.
Money to Loan.
Secaied by Flint Deed of Trust on Baal Estate.
( Prevailing Internet aad eenadaatoa.
Joseph I. Weller, 602 F St. N.W.
4W& aad 0% MONET
to lean on approved city
real eetate aecertty.
JESSE L. BE1SKELL. 140R H et. n.w.
CHICAGO, May S-Cattle?Receipts,
2.000 head; market generally steady;
beeves, 6.00a9.00; Tezae steers, 3.85a7.35;
western steers, 5.75a7.70; atockera and
feeders, l^uB.80; cows and heifers, 2.85
a7.75; calves, 5.B0aS.90.
Hogs?Receipts, 18,000 head; market
slow, 5c lower; light. 7.20*7.62)6; mixed.
725a7.fl7V4; heavy, 7.85e7.70; rough, 7.25
a7.40; pigs, 4.76ed.76; balk of sales, 7.30a.
Sheep?Receipts. 5,000 head; market
slow; native, 5.00eS.25; western, 5.25*
8.30; yearlings, ?.B0aD.lO; lambs, natives
6.50a9.S5; western, d-SOelOdO..
LONDON. May 3.?Trading in American
securities was light during the first hour
today. Canadian Pacific advanced 1>4
points, but the rest ef the list held with
in a small fraction of yesterday's itsw
York closing.
New Tork offered stoeks in the after*
noon and prices sagged. Tha ??Wtna
was dull. . . ' ... g

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