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11 i f t t-t * i i f t^-i-r-f-t-iM^M^
| EDMONSTON'S?Home of the
Original "FOOT FORM"
Boots and Oxfords for Men,
Women and Children.
- t
- /x
?Women with Weak Ankles and
Fallen Insteps should wear our
Instep-Brace F;,? Boots
FORM" Boots and
Oxfords, with the in
ner brace, support the arch
of the foot and relieve all
strain on the ankles and
foot muscles. They relieve
the pains so often at
tributed to foot rheuma
tism and correct and cure
"flat foot."
Our professional shoe
fitters will advise you as to
the needs of your feet and
4 thev'll select and fit the
? proper "FOOT FORMS"
to give instant and perma
nent foot comfort. "Foot
Form'' Boots and Oxfords
are shown in all good leathers. Sold nowhere else.
Edmonston & Co.,
1334 F Street,
Advisers and Authorities on All Foot Troubles.
? <?
? (?
? f
Ye Olde Colonial Home
"There is such a lure in the name Colonial that it is LIT
TLE wonder many enterprising people have taken a COU
PLE of columns to support the roofs of their porches
and call it a colonial house/'
"But such a little TOUCH no more represents THE co
lonial type of architecture than a cheap chromo is repre
sentative of THE work of a master like Rembrandt or
Middaugh and Shannon,
If you
Inc., Owner.
would see a TRUE type of
rou should make it a point
"Ye Olde
to inspect
loniai y
HOMES Middaugh & Shannon, Incorporated, are now
Creek Park, in all its primeval beauty, JUST ACROSS
Measured by .ALL standards of that which makes a home
TRULY desirable, we can saifely say Washington offers
nothing that will COMPARE with this property at
It is the purpose in the sale to offer THE SAME terms
of purchase that have PROVEN successful for FOUR
TEEN years to hundreds of MIDDAUGH & SHANNON,
Incorporated, home owners.
$1,550 Cash
$48.50 a month, including ALL interest. Of this $48.50 pay
ment you SAVE an average of $31.52. FEW people can
AFFORD to lose $31.52 a month.
Music room. Living room. The SQUARE dining room is
the largest we ever saw in this price house; it has a
BEAMED ceiling. Five porches. Two sleeping porches
Servants' quarters. Three toilets. DETACHED kitchen.
Lots 20x135. Hot-water heat. Electric lights. Etcetera.
TAKE Mt. Pleasant cars direct to Park road. EXHIBIT
HOME, 3321 20th st. (Park road), is open daily until dark.
? ?
Clearing Sale
of 500 Fine
Tailored Suits?
Serges. Whipcords,
Homespuns and
Our Regular Stock?
Which Means
Highest Class of
Material and Workmanship.
Three Lots at
Saving About
of Original Prices.
BIG Hlfli
Arizona and California Plan
Joint Celebration June
17 Next.
Two western states, Arizona and Cali
fornia. are preparing for a big: celebration
June 17, at which there will be present
the governors of the states, many of the
members of the two congressional delega
tions and a number of other guesta The
occasion will be the opening of the big
Colorado river siphon. This is a piece of
engineering work in connection with the
Yuma irrigation project, which will ulti
mately water 300,COO acres of land.
The main line of the irrigation canal
takes the major portion of its water out
of the Colorado at the big Laguna dam,
where there are the biggest sluice gates
in the world, and distributes about half
the water over the irrigated fields on the
California side of the river. Then the re
maining half of the water is carried in
the siphon under the Colorado river and
distributed to the fields on the Arizona
Carries Great Amount of Water.
The amount of water handled will be
somewhat greater than the flow of the
Potomac at Point of Rocks. The siphon
is fifteen feet in interior diameter. It is
1,000 feet long and made up of sections
of boiler plate lined with cement. Its low
est point is 100 feet below the surface of
the Colorado. The whole of the distance
was through pervious sandstone, and the
work had to be done under air pressure.
The whole length of the tunnel while it
was being carried across the river was
marked by a line of bubbles where the
compressed air was driving out of the
The pressure to which the workmen
were subjected varied from eighteen to
fifty-seven pounds per square inch, and
the difficulties were quite as great from
an engineering standpoint as in driving
the tunnels under the Hudson river. In
spite of this, however, there was only one
man killed in the course of the work.
The reaeon the siphon wae used for car
rying the water across the river was that
the construction was Just as effective and
a great deal cheaper than a viaduct would
have been.
? ? ?
Bight-Brained Pastor Also Proposes
Fellowship With Portside
Shake as Sign.
ORANGE, N. J., May 16.? A unique
church service is to be held at the First
Methodist Church here next Sunday, those
invited to attend all being left-handed. The
pastor, the Rev. Dr. William A. Prye,
who. is himself left-handed, will preach
from the text, "But when the children of
Israel cried unto the Lord, the Lord rais
ed them up a deliverer, Ehud, the son of
Gera, a Benjamite, a man left-handed."
The pastor's invitation saya: "Most
great geniuses, though not all, are left
handed, though perhaps I should say that
left-handed people are geniuses. There is
a real reason for it. The reason people
are right-handed is that the left lobe of
the brain is more developed. There is a
distinct advantage in having the right
lobe more developed If that side is the
more developed you are left-handed.
>X<eft-handed people are right-brained
people and out of the ordinary. They are
apt to do the interesting or unusual things.
"Do you know that among the great
base ball pitchers the smartest are the
left-handed ones? Those southpaw fellows
are in the ratio ot six to fifteen ot great
"I have conceived the plan of organiz
ing left-handed folk into a fellowship. The
sign of recognition is to shake with the
left hand.'"
Mrs. Jimmerson Balks Phone Pole
Setters in All-Day Siege.
GREENWICH, Conn., May 16.?Mrs.
Beth Jimmerson fought and won a battle
with the New York Telephone Company
by jumping Into a post hole in front of
her property and afterward filling it with
dirt. She then placed a board on her
property line, brought out a rocking
chair and a book and sat there all day,
her noon meal being brought to her by
a neighbor.
The setting of the pole was accomplish
ed by night just over her property line,
and, although In danger of being hit by
the immense pole as it was swung into
position, she stuck to her post hole.
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MANAGUA, Nicaragua, May 10.?The
people of Nicaragua have manifested
much interest in the outcome of the
Nicaraguan treaty with the United
States. The Nicaraguan people, after
the end of the Zelaya regime, found them
selves in such a financial situation that
they could not meet the interest on their
bonds. They had defaulted on the Inter
est on their foreign loans and innumer
able internal and external claims against
the government were brought up. In
this situation they were absolutely un
able to meet their obligations without
outside help. They might patronize the
money lenders, but the risks involved
were so great that the money lenders
would not advance more money except
at the most usurious rates?rates which
would have made it even, more impossi
ble to meet their interest charges in the
future than it was to meet them then.
Likewise, the currency problem had
grown to proportions which made it al
most hopeless. In years gone by, one
dollar of Nicaraguan money was worth
about 19 cents American. Gradually
the financial condition of the coun
try grew worse and worse until a dollar
Nicaraguan was worth only a little more
than 4 cents. People who owed debts,
based on former rates of exchange, could
force their creditors to take .a dollar
worth 4 cents In satisfaction of a debt
which had been contracted upon the
basis of a dollar worth up to 19 cents.
* *
Having no other way to escape from a
situation that could maan little else than
c o n 11 ikued
Treaty With IT. S. r ? v o I u tion
Only Way to Escape.
outside pressure, Nicaragua threw itself
upon the mercies of the United States
and agreed that it would be willing to
give the United States practical control
of the customs houses of the country if
Uncle Sam in turn would administer
them after the manner of the customs
administration in Santo Domingo.
The treaty agreed to by Nicaragua is
even more simple in character than that
with Santo Domingo. After a recitation
of the facts of the country's plight, tell
ing of the seventeen years of administra
tive abuses. Involving Illegal diversion of
public property and revenue, the accumu
lation of debts and claims, and the exist
ence of ruinous and disputed concessions,
Nicaragua declared its willingness to en
ter Into a convention with the United
States, proyiding for the refunding of its
debts, the adjustment and settlement of
claims against it, and the placing of its
finances upon a sound and stable basis.
It agreed that the loan thus negotiated
should be secured by the customs rev
enues of Nicaragua, and that it would
not alter Its duties, or other charges af
fecting the entry, exit or transit of goods
during the existence of the loan without
consultation and agreement with the
United 8tates. It also agreed that during
the term of the loan a collector general
of customs, similar to the one in Santo
Domingo, should be appointed subject to
the approval of the President of the
United States, and that he should have
the full protection of both governments
in the discharge of his duties.
* *
The Nicaraguan government approved
the treaty a year ago. Since that time It
has been
Measure Approved pending in
About One Year Ago.
United States. The Nicaraguan -govern
ment is watching the situation in Wash
ington very closely and is constantly
hoping that the desired action by the
Senate may be brought about.
It must t>e said that there is a faction
in Nicaragua which opposes the loan.
This Se "the liberal party?the party of
Zelaya?although it now repudiates any
lingering friendship for its exiled leader.
The liberals profess to believe that if,
under the treaty, the proposed $15,000,000
should be made available for the liquida
tion of the external and Internal debts of
the country, for the adjustment and set
tlement of claims and for the construc
tion of internal improvements, there
would be a tremendous lot of graft se
cured from it by the party in power, and
that very much of it would be diverted
frem Its legitimate ends. Whether this
suspicion is founded upon the liberal
party's own record under Zelaya or upon
other grounds, it probably is true that
unless adequate safeguards are provided
there would be a diversion of funds from
their proper channels. The State De
partment believes, however, that it can
take such steps as will overcome this
natural tendency of the ruling classes In
these countries.
* *
In the belief that the treaty eventual
ly will be ratified by the United States, a
temporary loan of
Temporary Loan $1.500.000.. with a
^?0?- -kt-a: subsequent additional
Run ?ation. loan of $755,000 for
taking care of the pressing obligations
of the country and the improvement of
the currency, has been negotiated with
the firms of Brown Bros, and J. and W.
Sellgman Company.
The Nicaraguan government consented
to a plan placing Clifford D. Ham, former
collector of the port of Manila, in charge
of the customs collections of the country,
pending the ratification of the treaty by
the United States. Under his administra
tion the receipts of customs have in
creased from $25,000 to $70,000 per month.
Under this temporary agreement a part
of the funds received is being used to
put the currency upon a stable basis. It
is the intention of the government to buy
in $8,000,000 worth of the Nicaraguan un
secured paper money at 12% to 1. It is
Intended, after that, to set aside a large
reserve fund, out of which outstanding
paper money will be redeemed upon this
basis. This will permit the development
of a stable currency, and while It will
result in a large profit to those who hold
big quantities of Nicaraguan paper se
cured when the exchange was 23 to 1,
yet it is about the only way out of the
Another step in the direction of better
finances in Nicaragua has been the or
ganization of a bank, under the laws of
the state of Connecticut, 51 per cent of
whose stock will be owned by Brown
Bros, and the Sellgmans. Nicaragua
has reserved the right to acquire a cer
tain percentage of the stock of the new
bank whenever It desires. This bank will
be a bank of issue, the government
granting it the privilege of Issuing bank
notes properly secured.
? *
A new gold coin has been established
as the real unit of value hereafter to be
maintained in
New Gold Coin Hade Nicaragua. It
Real Unit of Value. ?
to one dollar, American gold, and wUl be
called the "Cordoba," in honor of one of
the national heroes.
If the pending treaty is ratified by the
United States the whole contract which
It will make effective provides for $15,
000,000, the bonds to be taken by the
bankers at 00%, and bearing 5 per cent
interest. The external debt of Nicaragua,
with Interest In arrears, amounted
January 1 to nearly $6^500,000. In 1909
there were a large number of outstanding
obligations, which were consolidated In a
single loan negotiated with the Ethel
burga Syndicate. It is now proposed
that, if the present pending loan goes
through, these bonds will be reduced from
100 pounds sterling each to eighty-five
pounds each, and that the rate of interest
.will remain as It is today, at 6 per cent.
It is also proposed that if they are re
deemed by January 1, 1922, it may be
done on the basis of eighty-nine pounds
for each 100-pound bond, with accrued in
In addition to the approximately $6,500,
000 of foreign debt, there are internal
claims.amounting to probably $5,000,000,
which will be passed upon by a mixed
commission, consisting of two Americans
and a Nlcaraguan. This commission will
pass upon all annulments, cancellations
and modifications of concessions granted
under previous administrations, some of
which are illegal and unconstitutional;
many of which have no reason to be con
tinued, and still others of which are
industrially improper. This commission
will also adjust all claims arising out of
the last revolution for forced loans and
injuries resulting from the activities of
the belligerents, yet if the loan does not
go through, its awards cannot be met by
the government.
* *
A part of the proposed fifteen-million
dollar loan will be used for the building of
rT a railroad from
Railroad Planned Lake Nicaragua
Out of $15,000,000.ineat^
vicinity of either Bluefields, Monkey
'Point or Rama. This railroad would
open up a new transcontinental high
way, traversing districts rich in mines
and banana lands. An English syndi
cate, now operating a railroad on the
Pacific slope, is anxious to build the At
lantic extension in order to secure con
trol of the transcontinental connections,
but Nicaragua prefers to have the line
built and controlled by American capital.
The reason the administration in Wash
ington is so anxious that the Nioaraguan
treaty shall be ratified is that it will
give to the United States such a con
trol over the affairs of this revolutionary
republic that Its warring factions will
hot be able to continue the endless pro
cession of revolutions and counter revo
It is confidently asserted that the segre
gation of the customs receipts of the
country from the spoils of war will make
it next to impossible for revolutions to
flourish. Those who oppose the measure
say that the treaty leads in the direction
of foreign entanglements. They regard
it as a sort of guarantee of loans made
to these governments by the government
of the United States.
The friends of the measure, on the
other hand, assert that the treaty will
very much lessen the danger of foreign
complications and that it will not entail
any responsibilities on the part of the
United States that are now in existence.
Mrs. Cross Faces Polygamy Charge
Made at Chelsea, Vt.
BOSTON, Mass., May 16.?After she
had been held in $SOO bail by Judge Mur
ray in the municipal court, Mrs. Grace E.
Cross, sought on a charge of ploygamy
at Chelsea, Vt., declared that she will
fight extradition. Mrs. Cross has re
fused to discuss the charge that she mar
ried four men and lived with each ionf?
enough to get all the money he had.
One of the four men named as Mr?
Cross' husbands appeared today in tii ?
person of Herman Stoddard of t'hHsea.
Vt., who came on with Sheriff Benjamv
H. Adams. He identified the woman a*
one he had married under the name c>'
Grace Anderson Maroh 14, Iftlo. T!.*?
honeymoon lasted a week and then th?i
bride disappeared.
She was found by Mr. Stoddard a week
later in Boston occupying. It 1f> rhargf.i
an apartment with another man. TV <
police now think he was one of her oth? ;?
Mrs. Cross was brought, heavily veile
to the bureau of criminal investigation,
where she was confronted by Mr. ft<?. -
dard. Not once during the interview d !
she indicate that her one-time helpm??-?
was in the room. She was unable to fur
nish bail and was returned to jail t<?
await a hearing May Si..
If Your Stomach Is Sick. Sour, Gassy and I 'pset Now
You Can Surely Get Relief in Five Minutes.
Wonder what upset your stomach?which portion of the food did the
damage?do you? Well, don't bother. If your stomach is in a revolt; if
sour, gassy and upset, and what you just ate has fermented into stubborn
lumps; your head dizzy and aches; belch gases and acids and eructate un
digested food; breath foul, tongue coated?just take a little Diapepsin and
in five minutes you truly will wonder what became of the indigestion and
Millions of men and women today know that it is needless to have a
bad stomach. A little Diapepsin occasionally keeps this delicate organ
regulated and they eat their favorite foods without fear.
If your stomach doesn't take care of your liberal limit without rebel
lion; if your food is a damage instead of a help, remember the auickest,
surest, most harmless relief is Pape's Diapepsin, which costs only fifty
cents for a large case at drug stores. It's truly wonderful?it digests food
and sets things straight, so gently and easily that it is really astonishing.
Please, for your sake, don't go on and on with a weak, disordered stomach;
it's so unnecessary.

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