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Washington, D. C.
May Processions Sunday.
St. Patrick's St. Aloysius.
St. Martin's.
St. Dominic's.
St. Ann's.
Thought of here?prepared for with literally hundreds of
Beautiful White Dresses and the accessories. If you can bring
the children here tomorrow instead of Saturday you'll avoid the
busiest day and be assured of selections made with every com
fort. .
Little Children's White Dresses, $1.00 to $15.00.
Bargain Spot,
Presses Worth $5.
Five Bargains
Dresses Worth $2.50.
Beautiful Dress of
panels of lace and
tions down front,
shoulder, short skirt,
laee insertions and
Persian lawn,
swiss inser
lapels over
trimmed with
edge, ribbon
rosettes at waist line; sizes (TIHTl)
2 to 6 vears
Five styles of Dresses, of Per
sian lawn and Indian linen; one
style with low, square neck,
short sleeves and Irish crochet
lace insertion and medallions in
neck, waist line and skirt; ^jj
2 to 6 years...............
Bargain Spot,
Dresses Worth $3.
Another Spot,
Dresses Worth $2.
Dainty I^ress of Persian lawn;
square neck, with yoke of Valen
ciennes la? e insertion; rows of
Valenciennes lace insertion ar.d
pleats down front, forming panel;
skirt with rows of Valenciennes
lace insertion; finished with lace
edsre. ribbon rosettes at '[M])
waist: sizes 2 to 6 years... ?
White Dresses of India linen and
French batiste, artistically trimmed
in German val laces, embroideries
and ribbon rosettes; sizes 2 to 6
years. Critically examine the finish
and needlework of these dresses, not
less than the styles?and
you'll agree they are a fl fTMTv
marvel at <J?U oUAiy
Children's White Stockings, 2^c to $1.
Silklike Mercerized Ribbed Hose;
medium and thin; sizes 5 to
Superior at the price....
Pure Silk Hose; fine ribbed;
sizes 5 to 9. Values to 75c
at 50c and
Silk-finished Lisle Hose; medium
and thin; sizes G to 9. I-ook
worth 50c
Socks; sizes 4 to 8*4. 25c
to 50c. Silk-finished Lisle "Je
Socks; sizes 4 to 3
White Ribbons for Sashes, Hair and Socks.
S-inch-wide Brocade Ribbons at 65c
yard. 7-inch taffeta silk and
Hair Ribbons to match
the above. Best at 50c yard.
Good at
Bandeaus of wide and nar
row ribbons, with two e(fl\,r?
rosettes. Each
Bands for holding up
sleeves and socks. Price, per
j)air .........................
6 S
Mecca" Pearl Necklaces,
Other Imitations at 25c and up.
The new "Tiffany Room" here is having a grand exposition
ar.d sale of "Pearls"?and the "Mecca" Pearls are being pro
nounced so much the best that the Necklaces here at $15 have
been quoted as the equal of other imitations retailed at $27.50.
Pearl Necklaces, Earrings and Hair Ornaments.
Eminently suitable presents to loved ones who take part in
May processions, graduations and confirmations. With prices as
little as 25c and no more than $15, and with a most complete
variety to select from, this "Tiffany Room" collection of Pearls
is attracting the attention it earns.
Rosaries and Praver Books for Next Sundav.
Rosaries of garnets, emeralds,
amethysts, other gems; war
ranted five years
Mother of Pearl Rosaries; Ger
man silver chains; large size.
25c. Smaller
"Path to Heaven" and "Key of
Heaven": bound in white; 'Jg-,
decorated in gold
Prayer Books?with white bind
ing and gold decorations, fl
Usually 25c ili?C
A SALE of Imported Gowns?
at the nominal prices of $10.00
and $25.00, including exclu
sive styles without a counterpart in
the United States. The following
are but brief descriptions of a few?
these and the many others must be
seen to be duly appreciated.
Superb Gown of white voile,
blouse and skirt trimming of white
voile embroidered in polka dots of
Copenhagen blue. You'll judge this
model worth $37.50 $2B
Unique Costume of navy blue
and white pin-stripe challie, with
border of white with red polka dots;
the skirt, one-sided effect, trimmed
with border. ? This model is worth
$40 00 $25
Chic Frock of heavy linen crash,
cuffs, belt and collar of black satin
embroidered in coral. Well worth
$35-?? $25
A Paris model of embroidered
net, with Russian blouse of green
changeable taffeta silk; yoke and
sleeves of the embroidered net;
sleeves finished with cuffs of taf
feta : skirt of embroidered net, with
border of green taffeta around bot
tom. Well worth $45.00 $25
Attractive Copenhagen Blue
Crepe Meteor Peplum Model, fin
ished around edge with knife pleat
ing. same pleating around bottom of
skirt; collar and yoke of shadow
lace and shadow lace forming a
bertha crossing in front. Good
value at $50.00 $25
Tailored Suits, English tourist
and French styles, of all-wool cloths
in mixtures, grays, tans, navy,
black and white. Values to $50. $25
White Lingerie Dresses of un
usual elaboration and beauty. Few
worth less than $20.00. Choice for
Chiffon, Voile and Taffeta Onc
piece Dresses, not one worth less
than $25.00. Choice for
Tailored Suits and One-piece
Linen Dresses, of ratine, ramie and
French linen, in white, tan, violet,
Copenhagen blue and brown. $25.00
values at ...$fl!0)
Corset Demonstrations
A type for every phase of form?
and a complimentary price for the
model to fit YOU. The "demonstra
tions" are to convince YOU of the
corset YOU should wear and create
in YOU a delighted and permanent
patron. >>
Worth to $7.00.
Samples of "Lyra," "Redfern"
and other best corsets. Standard
at $5.00 to $7.00, at $2.89 for choice.
Worth to $5.00.
Samples of Corsets, standard at
$2.50 to $5.00; also new models that
will be ideal for certain phases of
Worth to $2.50.
Samples of nearly all the leading
makes. Among them new models
of extra length and boned to assure
grace and comfort; fitted with six
garters, safety hook to front steels
and an attachment to adjust the
Worth to $2.00.
These improved Brassieres link
corset cover and bust form, having
shirred ruffles which can be drawn
out flat to launder.
Worth to 75c.
Combining corset cover and bust
confiner, scientifically boned, artis
tically trimmed and with double
shield under arm.
Private Parlors
And Expert Attendants.
The Greater Corset Department
of the Greater Palais Royal is asso
ciated not only with greater stocks,
but greater conveniences. The
present "demonstrations" will prove
a delightful surprise to those not
regular patrons.
Note?Less busy during- the
morning hours. Also note?A
rainy day the best of all.
Exactly as Illustrated.
Note the Bowknot at the Back.
This combination
has been here be
fore ? but not at
less than $3.98.
? The Princess
Slips, Skirts and
Gowns also here,
trimmed with sim
ilar laces in similar
style. The Boudoir
Cap is also here.
The fitting rooms,
the perfect light,
the ample space
and the expert at
tendants will prove
factors to help
make a visit inter
esting and profit
Third floor?if you
m ?
Tlhaek Today's Rase
?Plenty Will Be Here Tomorrow. *
c $1 to $2 Brushes, ?
Men's?All Warranted?Women s, cu)
These are the American Hair Brushes?the famous "Pors
lvn' \\ hite l ace Brushes that are both waterproof and germ
proof. Absolutely sanitary and fiftcd with real bristles they arc
best in every respect.
II 0c Best 25c Tooth Brushes,
25c Hair Combs 15c
75c Hair Combs 35c
35c Shaving Brushes 19c
15c Shaving Mirrors 5c
35c Bath Brushes 16c
75c Bath Brushes..
15c "W hisk Brooms.
35c Hat Brushes..
75c C lot lies Brushes
25c Nail Brushes....
This Mirror
With Perfect Plate Glass.
Each mirror is as wide as three col
umns of The Star?best in every respect,
without speck or flaw. The wooden frames
are scratched?otherwise these mirrors
would not be "seconds."
The Palais Royal.
Washington, D. C.
Knox to Preside at Columbus
Unveiling?Taft Will
S'-crit.iry Knox will preside over the
ceremonies incident to the unveiling of
the statue of Columbus in I'nion Station
plaza. Saturday, June s. and the Presi
de nt of the l"r.:ted States will be among
t e speakers. One hundred thousand vis
it >rs are expect d. Ten thousands seats
\\ :!1 ! e th<- capacity of the grandstands
overlooking the scene of the exercises.
Contributions to the guarantee fund to
defray expenses for tiie celebration have
already grown to the sum of $1,406.
These points were brought out at a
largely attended meeting of the joint
c< mmittee representing the Chamber of
Commerce, the Board of Trade and the
Knights of Columbus yesterday after
r. .an in tne rooms of the Chamber of
An elaborate program inciudingn a pa
rade. a public concert in Convention Hall
June :? a iec# tion June probably in
the Pan American building, and other
features, is l*ing prepared. Automobil
i.-:s are to be asked to decorate with
f. ? er> and ? ribbons for tiie day of the
Contracts Let for Stands.
Tor the committee on grandstands,
Granville M. Hunt reported that contracts
had been made for the erection of stands
on the plaza from which to observe the
ex< r laes of unveiling and the parade.
Th< committee on sacred promenade con
cern. Maurice IX Rosenberg, chairman,
reported the appointment of Edward F.
I>roop as v: -e chairman- Contracts for
con ? rts <>n the evening of Sunday, Juije
S>, had been signed, h.- announced.
Lh t tils of the reception to be held the
evening preceding the unveiling are not
complete. ?' mo H. Rudolph, chairman of
the reception committee, reported. The
1' n Am> r: an building is being consid
ered a.- the place for the function.
Report was ma.ie by Maj. Richard Syl
vester. chief of police, head of the com
ma tee on public order, that he had named
.. sub ommittee of fifty physicians, Dr.
I>. perc> Hick ling, chairman, to look
after all pcraots needing medical atten
i >n during the day of festivities. Two
hundred tilinens will be asked by Maj.
? 1" ster to aid in maintaining public or
ti er.
Urges Auto Decorations.
Cl .. i man Isaac Gans of the committee
i n uuto-fieral parade reported that own
? rs of motor cars had been urged to deco
r it th. ir machines Saturday with flowers
? unants. The following subcommlt
t ? uras announced: Isaac Gans. chair
1 an: J M. Stoddard. William D. West,
I- I> Moore, jr.; Miller Bros, J. A.
M i- hleisen, S. A. l.uttrell. Frederick
S? hwab. J. Flckling, R. C. Smith, E. A
Gam k. ?'larence Barnard. George Hinds.
^ ^ Hotelf?r, John L. Thomas, J. H
FarW, I homas JafTell. The?>dore Barnes,
T. S. Johnston, M T. Pollock and Harry
Charles W. I)arr was appointed by the
pre*. : njj officer, c hairman Strasburger,
a- chairman of a committee on legisla
tlo: a (subcommittee composed of D* J
Call han, P. J. Ilaltigan. T. W. Smith and
t.? -;e K. Schutt will meet today.
* ' r, t' Pt >>f contributions aggregating
?1 for the guarantee fund was an
no meed by John Poole, chairman of the
?fMianct committee. He also announced
th" personnel of the committee as fol
lows: John Poole, chairman; M. E. Ailes,
C J. f'eli. Joseph Berberich, J. A. Cahill'
D. J. Callahan, W. J. Eynon, William T.'
Galliher, Isaac Gans, Dr. Prank Gibson,
C. J. Gockeler, I. S. Goldenberg, E. C.
Graham, W. F. Gude, S. J. Henry, Chr.
Heurich. Sam Hart. D. J. Kaufman,
Harry King;. R. W. Lee, Charles Linkins,
.M. G. McCormick, F. W. Mackenzie,
L. C. May, William P. Normoyle, S. H.
Reizenstein, Hugh Reilly, J. M. Riordan,
C. C. Rogers, J. W. Rowland. J. M. Stod
dard, Joseph Strasburger, Joseph D. Sulli
van, Ed. J. Walsh, John L. Weaver and
George W. White.
The Hardy Chinese.
From the Chlcajto Daily Nevrs.
Peculiar power to resist disease is a
characteristic of the Chinese, according
to Prof. E. A. Ross. For Instance, out of
ten children born In western homes three,
normally the weakest three, will fail to
giow up: out of ten children bom in
China about e'ght are doomed to die in
infancy. The difference is due to the
hardships that infant life meets with
among the Chinese, and with such rigor
ous selection there results a stock dis
playing a peculiar haruiness. I>lving in
the supersaturated, man-stifled land, pro
foundly ignorant of the principles of hy
giene, the massees have developed an im
munity to noxious microbes which excites
the wonder and envy of the foreigner.
"They are not affected by a mosquito
bite that will raise a large lump on the
lately come foreigner." says Prof. Ross
"They can use contaminated water from
canals without incurring dysentery. There
is very little typhoid, and what there is
so attenuated it was lon~ doubted to be
typhoid. All physicians agree that among
the Chinese smallpox is a mild disease.
The chief of the army medical staff points
out that during the autumn maneuvers
the soldiers sleep on damp ground with a
little straw under them without any ill
"Coolies, after two hours of burden-bear
ing at a dog trot, will shovel themselves
full of hot rice, with scarcely any masti
cation, and hurry on for another two
hours. A white man would writhe with
indigestion. The Chinese seem able to
sleep in any position. I have seen them
.sleeping on piles of bricks or stones, or
poles, with a block or a brick for a pil
low and with the hot sun shining full
into the face. They stand a cramped po
sition longer than we can and can keep
on longer at monotonous toil, unrelieved
by change or break."
Women Excel as Students.
EVANSTON, 111., May l?.-Of twenty
nine students of the senior class of North
western University elected to membership
in Phi Beta Kappa fraternity, an honor
awarded for hish standing, twenty-four
are women. None of the men chosen be
longed to a fraternity and only five of the
women are sorority members.
Aero Prize Is Unclaimed.
NEW YORK, May 16..?The prize of
fl5,u0t> offered by Edwin Gould two years
ago for a practical aeroplane equipped
with two independent engines and two
propellers will go by deefault after June
1, when the time limit will expire.
Inquest Into Victor Mason's Death.
LONDON, May IB.,?An inquest into the
death of Victor L Mason of Passaic. N. J.
' and V. B. Fisher, the English aviator,
killed in an aeroplane accident, was
held at Weybridge yesterday and the
verdict was accidental death. The body
of Mason will be sent to New York Sat
urday on the Lusltania.
L&mp Overturned; One Dead.
SOMERVILLE. Mass., May 16.-<Fire
resulting from the overturning of a lamp
this morning caused the death of
William Liston, forty years old, and fatal
injuries to Mrs. Ellen O'Hare. in whose
home the blaze occurred. Miss Delia
Long, another member of the party, was
painfully burned. The fire caused a loss
of less than
It matters little what it is that you
want?whether a situation or a servant
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person who will fill your peed.
If you only knew what pleasure the
Victor-Victrola brings into your home, you
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The Largest and Best Equipped Victor
Victrola Department in the City
This department occupies one ontire floor of our big establishment.
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new records at their pleasure-. A complete stock of all the different
models made by the Victor Company and a Tull library of every record
listed in their catalogue.
You are invited to visit our Victrola Department whenever you are
0. J. DeMOLL & CO, 12th and G Sts.
Specialists in Player-Pianos and Victor Victrolas.
*, ?
*, k fc
1300 O Street.
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Steinway and Other Pianos.
jcjr j? ic ipjf jc j,*
t - - *.?.
Sanders & Stayman Co. I
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Victors and Victrolas T
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Carefully selected stock of RECORDS always ready. \
You are cordially invited to visit our VICTOR DEPART
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Any Victor dealer in
any city in the world
will gladly play1 any
music you wish to hear.
$15 to $200
Victors, $10 to $100
Victor Talking Machine Company
Camden, N. J.
"Just As You Step in Off the Street."
The Largest and Handsomest Victrola
Department in This City
A Complete Stock j Every Record Made;
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JP D. G. PFEIFFER, Vice Pres.-Mgr.
Home of the KNABE PIANO 1212 Q STREET
The Only Store ira Washington SeMing
fictor Goods Exclusively.
The Robt. C. Rogers Co.,
1313 F Street N.W.
Wholesale and Retail Distributers of
Victrolas and Records.
Mahogany or quartered oak
^Is%?*'< Mi"/C*'ii*'<k* ?i ~'t Ct i*'( l~li Cdk*'<k"A"< ?**/l*Wi V?-1"'.C*<??. .**<f ?* k" :
s We have all the mew records and |
the $15.00 to $200.00 f
Terms to Suit.
Mason & Hamlin and Other Pianos.

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