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TFT.. !*. SW8 COR. I4th AXD R N W.
Mat h eso n
Immcdlatr Dfllvfrlf*.
1? X. T. Ave. Pto?e M. 88?.
Bosch Magneto Parts
and Plugs. All Models.
iaoe m ST. n.w. n. yin.
40-k p PIt#' pa.senjrer Overlan* Touring Car.
<-qrrlpt>"1 wit* top, windshield. :?s an?I oil lamps,
r?? tank $47fl.
Pullman Rumble neat Roadster. '^nipped with
w' speedometer, sa< and nil lamps
Tel. M. ??!?. 1222 11 ST. N.W.
and APPERSON Cars.
1407 H Street. Phone Main 7695.
.x ySsrcL ^
T>if ONI vf RSAL C*k
KILLER BROS, Auto & Supply Hons*,
113S-Q7 14th St. X.W. Tel. X. 4170.
Tel. North 19.1V 1C12 14th at. n.w.
~H. V. Hazel Company
Tel. N. 841. 17th and U ata. n.w.
Auto Radiators,
Hood*, Frndfra, Tanks, Lamp*,
Kxpertly Repaired.
1A04 14th St. Phone X. 3075.
1912 OVERLAND Cars.
Roadsters, Tonrinp Cars and Delivery Wagons.
Ranging from $900 to $1,500.
Overland-Washington Motor Co.
Tel. M. WIO. 829 14th at. n.w.
S950 to $1,800
Tel. M. SKC. 102S Conn. a?e.
Tel. M. 70<>6. 1012 14th at. n.w.
New Town Car and
5-Passenger Touring Car
For rent by tce?k <*7 month.
Inquire Main 400.
Phone M. 7791. 1018 Conn. Ave.
The Luttrell Co. Dupoat Circle
$1,150 to $1,500.
Tel. W. 21S. 1330 Wisconsin Ave. X.W.
Lauth~Juergens Trucks
Bowles Motor Sales Co., Inc.
Open Mfhta and Sundays.
Tel. X. 5337. 1?0S 14th St. X.W.
1I3K-40 Coaa. Ave. N.W. Phone X. 7810.
Capacity. l.rtno 11>?. IsKf'r Overload. $7!X>.
"Tfce Moot for the Monev."
Maryland Arena# Motor Car Company,
Tel Ma IMC Md- ave. n.e.
In ? ?hop complete in every detail. Expert serv
ice. Mak tnc of all parts <>n premise*. Phones
M imz an<! 3313.
823 62ft H ST. N.W.
JMES-KESSIil mm TIBi $0.
Automobile, Motor Truck. Carriage, Motor
Cycle Tires and accessories; best makes; lowest
prices. Tire repairing: satisfactory service. Two
motor cycles ready for instant delivery of goods.
Phone M. 306d. <J0j AND 812 E ST. N.W.
"The Easiest
Riding Car
In the World."
Tsi. N. 993. 1213 Cwm. Ave.
Sclf-Startln* ? Three
Models. 31,2.V>, 3I..VOO,
SI* Cylinder, 31.KSO.
w. p7 BARNHART & CO.
TeL X. 1310 14th St. s.w.
?l^OO to 32,850. 03SO to 32.250.
TeL X. 340. 1317 14th at. a.w.
TUB first annual sociability run
of the Automobile TTUib of
Washington will be held next
Saturday afternoon. starting
promptly at 1 :-T0 o'clock from
6th street and Pennsylvania avenue. En
try blanks were issued early last week.
It Is certain that a large number of
Washington motorists will turn out for
the first 1012 automobile run in the Na
tional Capital.
The details of the run have been
worked out. The entrants will line up
on 6th street, the head of the line resting
on Pennsylvania avenue. Both gasoline
and electric cars will participate, as the
schedule has been arranged so as to be
well within the time for electric vehicles.
Drivers will not have to exceed the speed
limit at any time on the run. This applies
to not only city but county speed limits,
and that portion of the trip which is in
The route will be from 6th and Pennsyl
canla avenue out Pennsylvania avenue to
Executive avenue, thence west on Penn
sylvania avenue to Georgetown. Contin
uing out M street the motorists will pass
on to Canal road at juncture with the
Aqueduct bridge at .12d and M streets,
turning to the right at a steep hill a short
distance beyond and heading for Cabin
John bridge, Md. Care should be ex
ercised in crossing the tracks of the
Glen Echo division of the Washinston
Railway and Electric Company just be
fore reaching the top of the hill. From
this point the route continues over the
Conduit road to Cabin John bridge, where
the participants will turn in front of tTie
hotel and the return trip be commenced.
* * * *
leaving the bridge the route will be
again over the Conduit road, passing Glen
Echo en route, until the reservoir is
reached at the New Cut road, or Chain
Bridge road, as it is known, when the
left fork will be taken to the Foxhall
road: thence via University stretch to
Tenleytown. At Tenleytown the motor
ing party will proceed out the Grant Mili
tary road crossing Connecticut avenue
extended and Broad Branch roads, and
h?->ad straight for Military road via Beach
drive, turning to the right over Military
road in the direction of Brishtwood.
At the junction of the Military
road with Georgia avenue, at
Brightwood. the tourists will again turn
to the left and motor a short distance
to the north over this avenue. The run
will finish at the clubhouse, on Georgia
avenue a short distance above Piney
branch road. Here a buffet luncheon will
be served.
The distance will be about twenty-two
miles and through a very interesting
section of the District. The roads for
M street. Georgetown.
3.1?Enter on Canal road (speed twenty
miles hour here).
3.6?Turn right up Foxhall hill and fol
low Conduit road.
G.5?Cross District line.
O.O?I'ass Glen Echo on left.
9.9?Cabin John Hotel. Reverse machines
15.2?Take left fork into NVw Cut road.
15.7?Turn left into Ridge road.
1".2? Bear right into T'niversity stretch.
1R3?Turn left into Wisconsin avenue.
1*.4?Turn right into Grant road.
1S.7?Rear to right on Grant road.
19.0?Turn right: keep on Grant road.
19.1?Cross Connecticut avenue extended
and tracks of Chevy Chase ears.
19.fi?Keep straight ahead on Grant road.
19.7?Pass Children's Country Home o:i
10.9? Keep straight ahead.
2?">.2?Take left turn on Ridge road.
30.5?Turn right into Military road.
21.3?Cross Bea^h drive, turn left on Mili
tary road.
22.0?Turn left into Georgia avenue at
Bright wood.
22.^?Enter clubhouse grounds on Georgia
* * * *
The following entries had been receiver!
for the sociability run up to last night:
No. Rntrnnt. Car.
1?R. H. Martin Bulck
2? K. H. Jnhansen Fldnrler*
Koycc HouKh E-M-F
4 -J. II. Pilling Flanders
6?MIsk J.il'.ian Millar Fnrd
6?L. S. Hunting Bulck
7?C. M. storm National
R--E>lear .1. drnif Apperpi'Hi
0?Frank G. Stewart R''<?
1<??Eerie & Allen R-C-It
11?Earle A Allen IIupp-\>ats
12?H. It. I/eary, jr Rambler
* * * *
Eisinger Brothers have purchased two
I^auth-Juergens lumber trunks, one of
one-ton capacity, and the other of two
tons, for early delivery.
? * * *
Another automobile event in which mo
torists of Washington display interest is
the meet of the National Capital Motor
cycle Club at the Penning track Dec
oration day, and for which a large list
of entries has already been secured. The
program for the afternoon's sport In
cludes six motor cycle races of various
distances and three automobile races.
The track is now being put in first
class condition and will be thoroughly
oiled during the coming week. The course
is one mile, with the curves banked
enough to permit of fast speed being
made by automobile pilots and motor
cyclists'. In the event of rain the races
will be held the first clear Saturday aft
ernoon following Decoration day.
The distances for the six motor cycle
races and the prizes in each event are as
First race, three-mile novice, private
owner; stock, 30.30 cubic inches?First
prize. Champion tool kit and Neverout
where a brief stop will be mad? before
the tinal dash to the finish line at Wash
The majority of Washington autolsts
have been over these roads and are fa
miliar with their condition. The trip is
through interesting country and the
scenery is inviting. Entry blanks for the
run will be Issued this week. This affair
will also be under the supervision of the
road officials of the club, (*apt. Rudolph
Jose and IJeut. Gardner P. Orme. who
are now engaged In arranging the details
of the run.
A Colo touring car containing the auto
mobile editors of the local newspapers
will leave Washington at daybreak on
the morning of Sunday. ,Tun? 2. and lay
out the route and secure the exact mile
ape. Arrangements will be made for
hotel accommodations and also for se
curing gasoline and oil at the noon con
trols. On the day of the run I/leut.
Orme, in his new Apperson roadster, will
be the official pilot. This car will start
out at daybreak every day and will be
far in advance of the referee's car and
the first contesting car. A Cole touring
car has been nominated as "press" car
on the three-day run.
* * * #
Saturday, June 8, the motorists of the
National Capital will be given an oppor
tunity to participate in a floral parade In
connection With the exercises of unveil
ing the Columbus memorial in front of
the new i'nion station. Isaac Gans, ap
pointed chairman of the committee on the
auto floral parade, has announced the
members of the committee who will
work with him. They include Joseph M.
Stoddard. William D. West. I^ester D.
Moore, jr., Charles E. Miller, Claude E.
Miller, J. A. Muehleisen, Samuel A. Eut
trell. George Hinds. Frederick Schwab,
J. Pickling, R. C. Smith, Clarence Bar
nard. E. A. Oarlock. John R. Thomas,
W. S. Boteler, Thomas Jarrell, J. H.
Earle, "Ted" S. Johnston, M. T. Pollock,
H. B. Leary and i heodore Barnes. Re
turn postal cards will be sent to each
automobile owner In the city with the
request that he decorate his machine
with either flowers or pennants on that
date and participate in the parade.
? * * #
Tpon his return from California, during
the past week. Starter Fred J. Wagner
made the announcement that another
big ten-thousand-dollar road race is plan
ned for the Pacific coast. July 5 and 6.
It will be held at Tacoma. Wash., and
conducted under the auspices of the Ta
coma Automobile Club and the Tacoma
Carnival Association, during the "Monta
mara festo" in that city. This is a big
annual event there, and. literally trans
lated, means "mountain-sea festival."
Four events are planned for the two
days of racing, which will be over a
circuit in Pierce county, through the
famous Tacoma gravel prairies.
The course is five miles in circumfer
ence. which means that cars will pass the
grandstand at rapid intervals. Friday,
July 5, there will he run three light-car
the greater part of the run are in good
condition and no trouble is expected
from this standpoint. The electric en
trants will have no trouble in negotiating
every foot of the distance, and there
will be ample opportunity to coast over
some of the smooth macadam stretches
which have been included in the outing
Officials in charge of the run include
Capt. Rudolph Jose. I.ieut. Gardner P.
Ornie and Col. W. C. l-ong of the Auto
mobile Club of Washington. The two
first officials will have entire charge of
the entrants from f-tart to finish. Col.
L.ong is chairman of the entertainment
committee, and will provide tiie luncheon
which is to be served on the grounds of
the club, on Georgia avenue.
No entry fee will he charged. Partici
pants are required to purchase luncheon
tickets, which must be secured when the
entry is filed Xo public service vehicles
will be permitted to enter the contest.
The time for the distance will be sealed,
and the entrant finishing neares* to the
soaled time will be awarded the first
prise, a silver loving cup. A number of
prizes have been donated and will be
awarded to those finishing nearest to the
correct time, including both electric and
gasoline machines. It is the first affair
of its kind ever given under the auspices
of the club, and is expected to surpass
any road event in which this organiza
tion has participated since it was organ
ized. a number of years ago.
* * * *
The route and distances of the run are
as follows: t
0<>?Start tith street below Pennsylvania
avenue northwest.
0.1?Turn left into Pennsylvania avenue.
0.9?Bear left into Rxecutive avenue.
1.0?Bear right into Executive avenue.
1.1?Turn left into I*ennsylvanla avenue.
2.3?Croes Rock Creek bridge and into
Fino-clsss condition.
929 D St. N.W.
Maxwell Special,
ColumbiaSilent Knight
Twenty other models.
$600 to $5,900.
K. 44.14. 1321-23 14th 11.*.
.Vpa.*s?-nger Franklin Touring Car, good con
dition. B?>s<b magneto, >300.
Maxwell Messenger. jrrwxl condition. ?2.?.
Paige Koadster. two-cycle. fully equipped. 2
separate ijfnltlon systems, $600.
The Selby Company,
Tel. X. 3749. 161,'> O ST. X.W.
Before you buy inspect the- car that is ad
mitted to be the highest-class small car on the
market today.
N. M. K. Gilmour, 1412 G st. n.w.
Main U723. North loti.
\V. C. LOXG,
C hairmao Entertainment Committer.
lamp; second prize. Whitney drive chain;
third prize, Purdy pump; fourth prize,
Vedder motor cycle cyclometer.
Second race, club members only; stock.
.'5o..'i4i cubic Inches?First prize, trophy clip;
second prize. Kittle tandem attachment;
third prize. Twentieth Century search
light and generator; fourth prize, Wet
prufe be't: fifth prize, infallible whistle
Third race, ten miles open; 30.50 cubic
inches?First prize, case containing two
gold-plated Splitdorf spark plugs en
graved with the club's name and the
name of the event; second prize. Heitger
carburetor; third, prize. Kclipse motor cy
cle brake; fourth prize. Solar gas lamp.
Fourth race, five miles open; 61 cubic
inches?First prize, Prestolite gas tank,
*ith gauge; second prize, Musselman mo
tor cycle brake: third prize. Spartan belt:
fourth prize. Ham combination lamp.
Fifth race, ten miles; stock machines.
<>1 cubic inches?First prize. Fox tandem
attachment; second prize. Searchlight gas
tank; third prize. Atlas carrier, with
cushion; fourth prize, Purdy whistle; fifth
prize, buckskin belt.
Sixth race, ten miles free-for-all; R1
cubic Inches?First prize. Carbolight gas
tank and Pathfinder searchlight; second
prize, United States studded tread casing;
third prize. Corbin band brake: fourth
prize, Mesinger motor cycle saddle.
? * * *
The automobile races will be held under
the rules and with the sanction of the
American Automobile Association. Two
events will be for a distance of ten miles,
concluding with a free-for-all of twenty
miles. The ten-mile races will be held
under class E, one for cars under 2.'!0
cubic inches piston displacement and the
other for cars under <5?x> cubic inches
piston displacement, both races, however,
being open to cars of class C. The free
for-all does not require any particular
piston displacement, and for this reason
racing oars of every type are permitted
to participate.
In each event a silver cup will be pre
sented to the winning driver. The at
tention of entrants has been specially
called to rule 7.% of the contest board of
the A. A. A. regarding not advertising the
results of the various races until after the
records have been approved by the board.
The events are scheduled to start
promptly at 1 :?'#> o'clock. Entries for the
automobile races close next Saturday
night at midnight. The officials of the
meet include the following: Referee, H.
E. Duckstien: starter, Howard S. Fisk;
assistant starter. C. H. Cross; judges,
Harry Ward, John K. Heyl and William
I'llman: timers. A. O. Hutterly, J. I, Wil
son. C. L. Plemmons, Maj. I- W. llerron,
T. O. Wansleben; American Automobile
Association representative. Horace C
Chandlee: clerk of course, W. F. Tliroop;
umpires, I^ester Marx and E. M. Dodson,
and scorer. S. S. Grogan.
* * * *
Details are gradually being worked out
for a three-day automobile endurance run
to be. given by the Automobile Club of
Washington June 11. 12 and 18. The
distance will be approximately 300 miles.
The run the first day will be to Harris
burg. Pa., with Hagerstown, Md., as the
noon stop. The second day's run will be
to Phlliidelphisf, stopping at York, Pa.,
for lunch. 1-eaving the Quaker city at an
early morning hour on the last day of
the run, the route will be via Baltimore,
races. including the 230-cubic-inch and
under division. 231-300 and 301-450 dis
placement division in class C. These will
run, respectively, 100, 15u and 200 miles.
Saturday there will be the class 1) non
stock. free-for-all, big-car race, contest
ants running 250 miles, which means a
fifty-lap race. The cash prize for the
free-for-all is .*5.000. the same amount
being split up In the light-car events.
Pour perpetual challenge trophies will be
battled for in each race.
* * * #
Although it i? not generally known, A.
J. Beveridge of Indianapolis, former
United States senator from Indiana, and
prominent tighter for the nomination of
Theodore Roosevelt, in Chicago this June,
is the owner of an Apperson "Jack Rab
* * * *
Mr. and Mrs. I.. Thompson Hollister.
prominent motorists of N'ew York, are
visiting friends in Washington for pi few
days. .
* * * *
Lee Meriwether, a noted author, tourist
and motor scout, who has driven Maxwell
automobiles more than 100.000 miles, lias
been elected president of the Fiftv-Thou
sand-Mile Maxwell Motor Club, recently
formed as a national organization to en
courage touring and reward owners of
Maxwell automobiles according to the
mileages they liavfe made.
Mr. Meriwether is the first motorist to
qualify for one of the gold medals which
the Maxwell-Briscoe Motor Company is
presenting through the club to all own
ers who have traveled 50,000 miles or
Naturally the largest number of owners
are qualifying for the silver medals
which go to the twenty-flve-thousand
Society of Automobile Engineers.
Boro of cylinder squared by number of
cylinders divided by 2.5.
Bore. , S. A. E. horsepower ,
Inches. Mill, l-erl. 2-eyl. 4-cyl. 0-cvl.
2?j 2.50 61 2.5 5.0 in.o 15.0
2% 2.63 OS 2.S 5.5 11.0 10.5
2\ 2.75 70 3.0 0.0 12.1 18.2
2% 2.vx 73 3.3 6.0 13.3 19.0
:: 3.00 7?t 3.6 7.2 14.4 21.0
3.13 7? 3.# 7.8 15.0 23.4
3Vi 3.25 83 4.3 8.5 16.9 25.4
3% 3.38 ?5 4.<5 9.1 18.3 27.4
:',Vi 3.5? 80 4.1* 0.8 1H.6 29.4
3% ?.#? 92 5.3 0.5 20.3 31.6
3% 3.75 95 5.6 11.3 22.5 33.8
3% 3.88 80 6.0 12.0 2t.O 36.1
4 4.00 101 6.4 12.8 25.0 38.4
41-16 1.0*1 103 6.0 13.2 20.4 3.1.0
4% 4.13 1?i-"> 0.8 13.6 27.3 40.9
4'; 4.2*. 108 7.3 14.5 28.9 43.8
4% 4.38 111 7.6 15.3 30.6 45.9
4U 4.5?> 114 8.1 10.2 32.4 48.0
4*. 4.0;! lis 8.6 17.1 34.3 51.6
4-% 4.75 121 9.0 18.0 36.1 54.1
4% 4.87 123 9.5 1?.0 38.0 57.0
415-16 4.94 125 9.7 19.5 39.0 58.5
5 5.00 i27 IO.O 20.i? 10.0 60.0
r,Vs 5.13 130 10.5 21.0 42.0 63.0
51.. 5.25 133 11.0 22.0 44.1 06.2
.->% 5.38 137 11.6 23.0 46.0 69.1
5 yt, 5.50 140 12.1 24.2 48.4 72.6
8% 5.02 143 12.6 25.3 50.6 75.9
5% 5.75 110 13.3 26.5 53.0 79.5
5% 5.87 149 13.8 27.6 55.3 82.9
0 O.OO 152 14.4 28.H ,-.7.6 86.4
?i4 0.2.'. 158 15.6 31.3 62.5 98.8
Computed at 1,000 feet per miuute piston
The Easiest Riding Car In The World
? ?
MARMON "Thirty-two" 5-Passenger Touring Car, Fully Equipped, $3,000.
The MARMON "Thirty-two" is the rational, logical car. Moderate in >ize and capacity: light in weight, with an
abundance of power, exceptionally well proportioned and well balanced; made to answer every requirement of city use and
touring with the greatest comfort and economy.
The easy riding of the MARMON: its quiet, smooth-running, enjoyable operation: its wonderful ease on tires and
cconomy of fuel, oil and upkeep; these are the results of the superiority of design, materials and workmanship.
MOTOR?Water cooled, four cylinder, vertical, cast in pairs
with valves on opposite sides. Bore, 4Vs inches; stroke,
5 Inches.
OILING-?Marmon system* of automatic force feed lubrica
tion in motor, delivering: oil through the hollow crank
shaft directly into the main bearings, connecting rod bear
ings and piston pin bearings. Oil thrown off by move
ment of cranks lubricates the walls of the cylinders, the
cam shaft and gears, valve tappets, etc. Oil pressure 13
regulated with an adjustable relief valve placed con
veniently outside, the crank case. Oil returns to the
reservoir below the sweep of the cranks, passing through
a screen, and is used over and over. There is no splash
or churning of oil. Oil consumption, friction and wear
reduced to the minimum.
BODY?Marmon perfected cast aluminum'construction with
sheet metal seat backs.
IGNITION?High-tension magneto and battery, two-spark
dual system, one set of plugs over intake valves and one
set over exhaust valves; operating simultaneously, sin
gle coil with lock on dash.
BRAKES?J* wo expanding steel brake shoes, lfi inehes
diameter by 2 inches face, in each rear wheel, plai-eil side
by side, faced with asbestos fabric, operated through
equalizers; 403 square inches of braking surface Im
proved screw and segment adjustment conveniently
placed. Pressed steel brake drums, dust -proof. Ef
fective. durable and easy of access.
WHEEL.BASE?120 inches. Tread. 5SV, inches. Clearance
10 inches.
SPRINGS?Rear, full elliptic, 40x2 inches: front, semi-el
liptic. 35x2 inches. Provision for lubricating the end
MARMON "Thirty-two" Speedster?Indianapolis Speedway Type, $2,850.
Before You Buy Any Car?Know the MARMON!
Demonstration by Appointment.
Telephone North 996.
1218 CONN. AVE.
mile class, but the fifty-thousand-mile
class has shown a large prospective mem
bership. Mileages as high as 110,000 have
been reported by many members.
? + * *
j H. M. Jewett, president of the Paige
i Detroit Motor Car Company, and F\ L.
; Jewett, eastern sales manager of the
! same company,* were the guests of the
j Selby Company during their brief stay
j In the National Capital last week.
* * * *
Rock Creek park, one of the govern
ment's most beautiful reservations!" and
part of the city of Washington, is one
of the places of interest that many visi
tors and residents of the District have
failed to enjoy, merely because of the
lack of proper transportation facilities to
properly convey sight-seers through the
park. Adjoining Rock Creek Park is the
Zoological Park, containing besides a
very large variety of animals from all
over the world Ihe identical old buffalo
whose picture is so familiar, he being the
model of design used on the late issue of
ten-dollar silver certificates.
Starting yesterday arrangements were
made to run a motor bus line from 18th
street and Columbia road, through the
Zoological Park, across one of the fords,
through Rock Creek Park in all its pri
meval beauty, continuing along the edge
of Rock Creek over the elegant roads
and stopping for connection with the
Chevy Chase cars at Connecticut avenue.
The bus again enters the park and con
tinues along Beach drive to 7th street,
making connections with the Brightwood
car line. Then a half-hour trip back
through the park where man has changed
nothing but the roads, through the ford
again, and stopping at Dobyn's phar
macy. at ISth street and Columbia road,
j The trip consumes one hour.
This bus line now provides excellent
! means of taking care of picnic parties,
j who formerly were restricted to the out
! skirts of the park. The motor bus leaves
1 fith street and Columbia road every hour
on the hour, from 8 a.m. until il p.m.
* * * ?
Louis V. Stephenson, for a number of
years connected with the Luttrell com
pany and wTio resigned last fall to go
with M. T. Pollock, Oldsmobile repre
sentative resumed his former position
May 15, and will continue to sell Pack
ard cars.
* * * ?
The police department of Brookline,
Mass., has purchased a Marmon "32" car
for use of the chief of police.
* * * *
Announcement was made last week that
the B. F. Goodrich Rubber Company had
purchased the Diamond Rubber Com
pany. both located at Akron. Ohio. The
companies are to be combined in a S'.X),
iXSO.OUO merger. The Goodrich company
will pay $15,000,000 of its 7 per cent
cumulative preferred stock and $30,000,
t!00 common stock. This is exactly the
amount of the present capital of the B.
F. Goodrich Company, so that the two
companies go into the merger on an iden
tical valuation. The Goodrich company
will expand Its $15,000,000 of preferred
stock to $30,000,000, and its $80,000,000
common to $00,000,000. the new capital to
be issu4^ in payment for the Diamond
property. This will make a total capi
talization o( $1)0,000.000 for the merger
The Diamond Tire and Rubber Com
pany has a capital of $10,000,000. In an
ticipation of this merger. It has been soil
ing at $300 a share, or a market valu
ation of $39,000,000 for the stock that is
J?OR $1750 you can do more in automobile buying than you could
have done a few years ago with five times the amount.
Think of it! The new Mitchell six cylinder,
48 H.-P., five passenger touring car for $1750.
But what you can do with the car is even more wonderful; no roads, no hills,
no mud nor sand that can be negotiated by other cars will stop this powerful and
simple engine. It will take you where you want to go and bring you back again.
All parts are easily accessible and simple to adjust and care for.
Mitchell service is an ideal service; k takes such care of the owners of Mitchell care that it makes
friends of them for all time. That's the Mitchell idea of business methods; such methods have kept
Mitchell vehicles in the lead for 77 years, and will do the same for the next 77 years, because the
Mitchell is built for the man who can't afford to make a mistake.
The Mitchell 60 H.-P., 6 cyL, 7 passengers, $2250 I The Mitchell 35 H.-P., 4 cyi., 5 poscengers, $1350
The Mitchell 48 H.-P.* 6 oyi., 5 passengers, $1750 | The Mitchell 30 Ij.-P., 4 cyt., 4 pssssnger*. $1 ISO
TheDMitchell 30 H.-P., 4 cyfiader, 2 passenger Runabout, without top. $950
Mitchell - Lewis Motor Company
Racine, Wisconsin
? H R I PAPV IP 1317 14th St. N.w. _
? L*Cr/\rv I 9 UIxv Tel. North 949. oJ
to go into the enlarged Goodrich com
pany tor $45 000,<KM> of the stock of the
latter. The combined output of the two
companies is said to be larger than any
other company in the world.
* * * *
A. H. iCordes lias purchased a 1!?12 Pull
man five-passenecr touring car,
to be finished in blue, with gray runuine
gear. Delivery was made yesterday of a
Pullman 4-"30" touring car. riniehed in
the same colors, to F. H. Kammerer.
* * % if
A party of local motorists arrived in
Washington Friday evening from York,
Pa., where they went on a visit t?> the
Pullman factory for the purpose 01 se
curing a new i?>12 Pullman six-cylinder.
sixty-horsepower, seven-passenger toui
ing car, whi?-h had just be?*n pun'hasrd
by John Imirie of this city. The otber
members of the party were Th?*od?r?
Barnes, jr., who pilot?*d the party, att>J
A. H. Cordes.
] Flavins York, about 4 o'clock, Krklsy
afternoon, the route tak?-ti was via I .It
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