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g>aka Sc Gtorajraim
Pennsylvania Averasuieo
Seventh Street.
Store Closes at o 1\M. Daily, ?? P.M. Saturdays.
Another Shirt Event.
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Tan and Patent "-hole Ties; suitable
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Men's?Choice . | any "Banister '
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A Fair, Smiling Face
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407 7th Street N.W.
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Open WrninuH I ulil M OTIo k
I1H. SMITH. nil. ntKIOT.
crats Have
"What tin dem->?
lal'Oi discuss
day b\ ?{<-prra* n
s\ Ivaniii.
Vr. Wils. n .1
11 oust* It t'l re h
to latioi in th?
years :iu? and \
to and .should r
of ? v> I \ |>< |
human i>ro?!- s
Wilson Says Demo
Fulfilled Pledges.
, Htie party las done foi
I in tiie House yester
tative Wilson of Ivnn
fared that the present
?? ery I romise made
Oniver platform four
. i< I hercfore "entitled
? tin- earnest sup
- >??i who is interested in
and the solution of the
srfat roMem ?>t the proper distribution
Of tile wealth that is created."
The speaker jxinted out and discussed
s? veral biil. r? > o^niz< d as labor measures
passed by th?- Hou^e.
Fensiou of S100 for Mrs. Schley.
| t ?n? h'.mdred dolhirs a month pension
for Mrs. Onnie It. Schley, widow of Rear
Admiral Schlvy was ugreod upon Fri
day afternoon wlwn the House adopted
the conference report on the two bills
vaniir i; this atlnwan. c. The Hottse
i o; naliy fixed ST.", ;l month, the Senate
raised :t l ? SI.Vi. aiid (.he conferees cotil
prom - eil on Xluo.
Rumored Sixteen Arrested in
Detroit on Graft Charges *
Will Be Tried Quickly.
DETROIT, Mich., August 1<>.?Rumors
that the sixteen aldermen arrested in
connection with the alleged councilmanic
Kraft exposure will waive police court ex
amination and that the cases will be dis
posed of in record time were in circula
tion tonight. It was said that a tenta
tive agreement had been reached be
tween Prosecuting Attorney Hugh Shep
herd anrl the attorneys for the accused
to allow for this procedure.
The only other development in the sit
uation today were the statements that
three of the officials have already con
fessed and that Detective William J. j
Burns has been called back to the city j
: to look into new evidence uncovered by |
t the prosecutor. Tin- latter official refused
i tn discuss the prospective visit of the
! detective. He also declined to give any
of the details of the alleged confessions.
When he left his office this afternoon he
"There will be nothing doing today and
probibl.v not Monday. But more arrests
will come after Monday. That's all."
Persecuted, Says Attorney.
X K\V YORK, August li>.?Nicholas
Spielberg, who said he wa - a lawyer,
formerly of Detroit, was arrested here So
day on the strength of a telegram from
the chief of polit e of Detroit asking that
he be held as a fugitive from justice. As
no charge was specified the court dis
charged him.
After his release Spielberg said h's ar
l rest was due to persecution at the hands
of the "grafting aldermen'* of Detroit.
"Tt was I." he said, "who started the
investigation that has resulted in the ar
rest of sixteen of thes^; aldermen. Owing
to testimony that 1 gave in the beginning
I of the investigation I was forced to leave
the city."
President Stamps His Disap
proval on That Number of
Messages During Term.
When 1'resident Taft vetoed the wool
bill he had stamped with his disapproval
the twenty-fifth legislative measure sent
to him from Congress during his admin
Although most of his vetoes have been
on comparatively unimportant subjects,
during the special Congress session last
summer President Taft began to wield
his pen against measures regarded by
the legislators with great interest. Four
of his vetoes have been of tariff bills. His
one other veto of importance last year
was directed at the joint resolution ad
mitting Arizona and New Mexico to
statehood. This bill met u*i t h execu
tive disapproval because of the provi
sion in the Arizona constitution allowing
the recall of judges.
Army Bill Returned.
In addition to the wool bill the Presi
dent has returned one other important
measure at this session, the army appro
priation bill, which as it passed Con
gress would have legislated Gen. Leon
ard Wood out of office March 4 and
would have made radical changes in the
army. Already, however, he has planned
enough vetoes for this session to add a
half dozen to the present record.
The vetoes of the steel tariff bill and
the legislative, executive and judicial ap
propriation bill, with its amendment abol
ishing the Commerce Court, will be sent
to Congress early this week. -Messages
returning the proposed cotton revision bill
and tlie excise tax bill will be preparer!
when Congress sends them to the White
J louse.
President Stops Car in Rock Creek
Pai;k to Help Party in
President Taft. his personal aid, Maj.
Thomas L?. Ithoads. ami W. C. Herron,
the President's brother-in-law, took part
in a rescue of two women and a man in
distress in Rock Creek Park late Friday
A mde down the forest-shaded road
through the park the President's' car
(lashed another big automobile just a few
rods ahead. Its front wheels anil part
of the body -were hanging over the bank
fifteen feet al?ove Rock Creek, and look
ing ready to plunge down at any moni< .it.
Two frightened women and the driver
vv> r?- looking at the machine, but were
apparently helpless. The three occupants
of the presidential car held a hurried con
sultation and t1 -c President's chauffeur
was called upon to give expert testimony.
No one could so;ve the problem for a few
minutes, but Mr. Tuft finally came to the
rescue himself. ?
"Turn the > ai around. Robinson." he
said to the chauffeur. "Put on your skid
chains and we'll haul them out."' Robin
son obeyed orders and the imperiled ma
chine was pulled back to the roadway.
Its occupants refused to give their
names, but they recognized the President
and thanked him heartily.
Wilson's Campaign Manager Cited
for Chauffeur's Alleged Negligence.
NKW YORK. August in.?William F.
McCombs, campaign manager for Gov.
Wilson, is named as defendant in a suit
for jej'Mtoo damages brought in the state
supreme court here by the administrator
of tiie estate of Thomas Clark.
The complaint alleges that Clark was
killed through the negligence of Mr.
McCornbs' chauffeur. George Koe< her.
who ran over him at -d avenue and ?54th
street. It is asserted that Koecher speed
ed for thirty blocks before he was over
Automobile With Valuable Acces
sories Abandoned at Bladensburg.
An automobile reported to have been
stolen from the garage of the Zell Motor
Car Company, Baltimore,, was found
I abandoned near the Pun-Electric House,
Bladensburg, Md., yesterday morning
shortly after daybreak. Three young men.
the police were told, were seen to desert it.
Nineteen new tires, part of a thousand
dollars' worth of automobile accessories,
alleged to have been stolen, were in the
abandoned car.
It is said that the machine had recently
been sold to a club in Baltimore. Detec
tive Grant went to Bladensburg yesterday
v.itii representatives of the local branch
of the Zell Motor Car Company and took
charge of the automobile.
Great Appreciation Expressed
Over the Activities of
United States.
It was announced at the Department of
State yesterday that the invitation sent
by this government to the Latin American
states to sign an international opium con
vention, now open at The Hague, is meet
ing with a cordial and prompt reception.
Great appreciation has been expressed
by the Latin American states of the fact
that, although this government has many
domestic and foreign matters of material
importance to engage its attention, never
theless it has no; failed to take advan
tage of the opportunity to exert itself in
a great humanitarian reform having as
its basis the refreshing of international
comity and a better understanding be
tween china and the western powers.
In e?.?ential. the international opium
convention signed at The Hague January
provides that the abuses of opium in
China and in the internal territories of
the eleven other powers who signed the
convention shall become effective inter
nationally, when it is agreed to by the
remaining thirty-four nations of Europe
and America.
Agreed to Co-Operate.
The Netherlands government undertook
by a speeitic article of the convention to
so ure the thirty-four necessary signa
tures, and the American government
agreed as lite result of diplomatic
correspondence to co-operate with
them so far as the Latin American states
were concerned. Two European coun
tries. Belgium and Luxembourg, have so
far signet' the convention, and it has been
agree.! to by the following i.atiti Ameri
can states: Mexico, Guatemala. Panama,
Ecuador, Honduras. Cuba, Costa Rica,
Dominican Republic, Haiti, Salvador,
Bolivia and Chile.
It is expected by the Department of
State that the remaining Latin American
nations will shortly, adhere to the con
vention, more especially in view of the
fact that Brazil and Peru, along with
the I'nited States, were the powers of
America who in their treaties with China
absolutely forbade their subjects to en
gage in the opium trade in Chinese
Secretary MacVeagh Rules on^
Allowance of Drawback
to Exporters.
Secretary of the Treasury MacVeagh
yesterday settled the long standing con
troversy over the payment of drawback
on sugar and sirup by complete'y chang
ing the practice of the last fourteen years
so that it is believed the government will
not allow an undue amount of refund
to exporters on sirup. Very little refined
sugar is exported.
I'ndi-r the new arrangement a fixed rate
of approximately cents per gallon will
be allowed ;ts drawback on sirup, while
the drawback oil refined sugar will vary
according to the amount of duty paid on
the raw sugar. The combined drawback
ftn sugar and siruj> will not be greater
than tK? per cent of the duties paid.
Heretofore a fixed drawback has been
allowed on refined sugar, while the draw
back dp sirup has been per cent of
its market value. This, it was feared,
might be an incentive to exporters to
increase the market value of syrup and
thus cause the government to pay more
drawback than was proper.
One of the big refineries wanted the
drawback distributed in accordance with
the polariscopic test of sugar and sirup,
but the Treasury held this would not
comply with the law.
Bernard C. Murray, Who Confessed
Arson. Incarcerated Until
GREENFIELD. Mass , August to.
Bernard c. Murray, who is alleged to
have confessed t<> Chief of Police Man
ning that he had set about thirty tires
during the last four months, probably
will not appear in court on any charge
connected with the confession until Octo
ber. Murray is now serving a three
month term in the Franklin county jail,
in this city, in lieu of payment of a tine
of imposed for the larcen> of a watch
ami a small sum of money.
Chief Manning sail! today that it was
his intention to rearrest Murray at the
expiration of this term, October lt>, and
to take him into court. .lust what charge
would he preferred against him, the chief
said, had not been determined. Should
any one pay Murray's fine for hint he
would be immediately released from jail,
in wliieh '-ase. Chief .Manning said, his
rearrest would follow at unci .
Murray, who is a son of a former fire
commissioner of Hartford. Colin., is al
lcgeii t,( have told Jailer Charles S.
Richardson today I hat if he were set free
now it was likely he would set more fires.
Jailer Uichardson said thai Murray had
received no communication from his fam
ily and had loid lii11f that lie expected no
assistance from relatives.
Program Outlined by New York
Federation of Churches.
NEW YORK, August Hi.?The New
York Federation of Churches, of which
J. Picrpoiit Morgan, Gen. Horatio C.
King and others are olHcers, will next
winter launch a plan for the must com
prehensive use of laymen in missionary,
Sunday >?<. isool ani social . ervice work
ever known in this city. The primary
part of the plan is educational. There
will be a series of "institutes'" for mem
bers of ,-essions and vestries, a school for
the training of lay workers and Sunday
school teach- rs and a chain of Bibie
classes for advanced students.
Senate Acts on Promotions in the
In executive session the Senate yester
day confirmed the nominations of Lieuts.
I layne Ellis and James 11. Comfort to be
lieutenant commanders in the navy. It
confirmed also the nominations of Archi
bald G. Stirling and Roland M. Brainard,
lieutenants of the junior grade, to be
lieutenants, and Knsign Joseph Baer to
lieutenant of the junior grade.
The Senate adjourned at tiiOJ p.m. until
lo o'clock Monday morning.
Inquiry Into B. and L. Association.
SAN FRANCISCO, August 10.?The
grand jury will investigate the Con
tinental Building and Loan Association,
declared insolvent Thursday. J. H.
Dumbrell foreman, today called a meet
ing for Friday night for the opening of
the investigation. He said all such as
sociations would be investigated and
I criminal prosecutions recommended if
| warranted.
Knowing- the store?as you do?and with the confidence in its merchandise von have?you'll qnicklv take advantage of thi
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Best of Refrigerators
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Apartment House.
35=lb. Capacity
Reg. Price $7.50
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The Star
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ble inattri'Hx,
oo\ered with
Khaki: wind
Regular Price QC 7 Z
Other grades?with and without canopy and frame?at
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Folding Lawn Settees? Bent wood Lawn Settees?
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8S=lb. Capacity ?t C 75
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Full size, length and wi.ltli: frames are
genuine <juarter-sa-w e<i Oak; springs are of
the best, and covered with imitation Black or
Spanish leather.
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Ash case, with Golden Oak finish:
thorough charcoal insulation: best of
zinc lining: wyv shelves; removable
waste pipe; bronze locks and hinges.
35=lb. Capacity
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gy-pSra. $io-85
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Belding-Ilall make. Cases-of Ash.
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Bronze trimmings and round corners.
125=Ib. Capacity $1 O CJ0
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150=Ib. Capacity
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| Exactly as Illustrated
The Columbia
(iT ? 4
Including 12 records <<> discs).
This i> the only hornle>>
machine with continuous t<>tie
chamber?selling at anything
like this price.
W e will arrange the terms at
S5 per month it \ mi desire,
t ome in lor a demonstration.
Library Table
In Mission Design.
Solid, substantial. Shelves at both
??lids tor books; tenter drawer; finely
finished all through.
Worth $15,
Special, $1050
Store Closes
Daily at 5 P.M.
Saturdays at 1 P.M.
COR. 7t* Sc EYE (J) STREETS, M. W.
We Shall Be Glad
to Open a Charge
Account With You.
S|MM-ial < ?'f Tin* Slnr.
XORTII BEACH, Aid.. August 10. 1912.
< >Df of the must delightful social af
fairs <?(" tiie week was a surprise party
Riven t<> Mrs. Cluirles Williams, wife of
Mayor Williams, at her cottage. Idle
wild, in honor of her natal anniversary.
Her friends came en masse at beat
uf drum, bringing Rifts as testimonials
of their appreciation. After congratula
tions and felicitations, cards were the
feature of the evening's entertainment.
Miss Alollle Alain of Washington, who
has been spending a month with her
aunt, Mrs. Frank T. Knock, at her cot
tage on the bay, has returned to the |
city. Air. and Mrs. George Dill, who
were guests of Alayor and Airs. Charles
Williams at their cottage, Idlewild,
have returned to their home in Wash
ington. Mrs. Tom Robinson and family
aie spending the month of August at
the- Avalanche. Mr. ami Mrs. Nichols
of Washington are guests of Frankfort
cottage for the month of August. Airs.
Annie Sutton and family of Washington
lia\<- taken the I'usy cottage for the
month of August. Mrs. tins Forsberg j
and children anil her sister. Miss Alary i
Miller, all of Washington, are spending
the season at Inglenook. Air. and Airs.
S. I?. Willis of Washington have re- i
turned from their bridal tour, spent in
the Blue Ridge mountains, and are
guests of their parents. Dr. and Alts.
Henry Evans, at their cottage on the
bay. Air. and Mrs. E. H. Harrison have
returned from a motor trip to Luray
> a\V, and have as their guests Aliss
Annie Harrison and Miss Katie Harri
son of Washington. Airs. A. E. Riddle
and her brother. Air. J. A. Hersehbaeh.
who has been her cottage guest, are
spending the week in Atlantic City. Dr.
and Mrs I). T. Birtwell and children
of Washington are among the summer
residents of the beach, and have as
their guests Miss E. A. Pusy, who has
recently returned frory an extended trip
to the Pacific coast. Dr. William Lig
gett, Air. and Airs. G. M. Rowen. Airs.
1>. W. Scholar, Mrs. J. V. Rowen, Mr.
and Airs. Donovan, all of Washington,
are at the Pines and Holly. Mrs. J. I.
Jones and family of Washington are
spending the summer at Wave Crest.'
Mr. and Airs. E. M. Grimsiey and fam
ily, who were guests at Wave Crest,
have returned to the city. Air. and Airs.
J. Royal of Washington are among the
summer residents at the beach. The
following party enjoyed a hay ride,
chaperoned by Airs. William Xeuland
and Airs. A. C. Sutton; Miss Ott Wil
liams. Miss Annie McCarty. Aliss Pauline
Ewalle. Aliss Frances Hayes, Miss Alar
garet Sutton, Alisses Alary, Marguerite
and Josephine Xeuland and Messrs.
Stanley Sutton and Paul Xeuland. Mrs.
George B. Ostermayer has as her guests,
who are spending the week at Waverly,
Air. and Mrs. Martin Wiegand and
Miss Barbara Wiegand, Air. L. G.
Ostermayer, Mr. Henry Lee, Air. Henry
Wiegand anil Mrs. B. Ostermayer, all
of Washington. Airs. C. Knowell, Mrs.
E. J. Raul and Air. C. Vermillion are
spending the week as guests of Airs. A.
E. Riddle at her cottage, the.Savannah, i
Misses Ethel Curran, Inga and Anna !
Forsberg, Louise Klenk. Dorothy Aliller.
Virginia Collins and Bessie Thomas of
Washington are guests of Airs. H. G.
Forsberg at Inglenook. Airs. A. Brown
ind children have taken a cottage for
the month of August, and have as their
guests Airs. Bran love and children of
Washington. Misses Grace and Vivian
Taylor of Washington are week-end
guests of Mrs. Edwin Russ at Alaywood.
Miss Rose Smith, Miss Susie Smith,
Miss Marie Brady. Miss Stella Brady
and Mr. Iluber Smith of Washington
are spending: the summer with their
grandmother. Mrs. M. J. Thomas. Mr.
and Mrs. Pete Kraighling. Mrs. Emma
Daughton and Miss Hester Morten are
spending the season at the beaeh. Mrs. ,
S. A. Gaskins and family, as is their ;
eustom, are among the summer r<-si- j
dents. Miss Rose Mary Lucas. Miss I
Alice MrDonuld, Miss Maude Henry. I
Miss Margaret Spellrnan, Mr. Milton |
Fisher. Mrs. I?orsey Beane and Dr. ?
Walter Reynolds, who were guests of ;
the blisses Gaskins, have returned to |
their homes. Mrs. William C. Shars-i
wood and daughters. Elsie and Myrtle, j
are spending their vacation at the .
Oreen Dak cottage. Dr. and Mrs. F. <1. j
Murray and son and Mr. and Mrs. T. !
A. Jarvis anil children are down for ]
the ?Jionth of August. Mr. - and Mrs. ?
<\ E. iiamann are guests of Dr. anii |
Mrs. Murray. Miss Sadie Cook, Miss j
liattie Ripple and Miss Annie Cope land
of Washington are week-end guests at
the Timberlake cottage. Mr. and Mrs.
A. H. Davis of Washington have bought
the clubhouse, ar.d are occupying it ;is j
their summer home, and have as tlic.r |
guest their daughter. Mrs. John .1.
Heck of Baltimore. M:ss Alline Tiller,
who was the guest of Miss Frances
Davis, has returned to her home in the
city. Miss Edna Colling and Dr. Walter
Reynard are gnosis ;<t the Gaskins cot
tage for the remainder of the season.
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Gibson and chil
dren of Washington are guerts .1! the i
Cleveland cottage. Among the Wash- ;
ingtonians now quests at the Holiday!
House are Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Lipphard. |
Mr. and Mir E. E. Lipphard. Mr. and j
Mrs. W. I.. Hospital and child.-Mr. and I
Mrs. D. M. Posey, Miss !.. Brooks. E. i
S. Ferguson. Albert Terrel. Edmund L. !
Burke. T. Gillespie Walsh. Mrs. M. E.
Prinetti. Miss M. PrineUi, Alnhonse
Tana. Mrs. I. Glaser. Walter J. Kervvin.
Mr. and Mrs.* Charles O. Pearson. Mr.
and Mrs. H. E. Stevens. Mr. and Mrs.
E. S. Ferguson and child. Francis E.I
Hayes and Mr. and M-rs. G. W. Isaacs.!
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hoiidav were hosts
at a dance Saturday evening in honor
of their house guests and the cottagers
of the beach.
Sj-.-i-iri 1 (''invspondence of Tin' Star.
RIVERDALE, Md., August H?. 11?1J.
Miss Alice George of Philadelphia, Mis^
Lynam of New York and Miss Olivia
Menklutus of Carlisle. Ill . made up a din
ner party at the home of Mrs .Jessie L..
Lane and Mr. 11. Martin Williams Wed
nesday evening. Misses Elizabeth and
Etta Wischhusen of Brooklyn, X. Y-, are
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Peck,
Ashland avenue. Mr. M. 11. 15. Hoffman
of Hyattsville and Mr. Joseph L. Shipley i
visited friends in Laurel last week. Mr.
and Mrs. Quinton Haig and niece of New
York are visiting the former's parents.
Mr. ar.d Mrs. Fred J. Haig, Adams ave
nue. Mrs. Elliott Hubbard. Ashland ave
nue, left Thursday to spend several weeks
in Virginia. Mrs. Elsie Wagner of Wash
ington was the guest of Mrs. Lane, Sun
day. Representative Henry ^eorge, jr., of
New York, Harvey B. Ferguson of New
Mexico and Herbert J. Browne of Wash
ington were dinner gussts of M. Martin
Williams, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. William
A. Rutherford have returned after spend
ing some time in York, Pa. Mrs. Heid
and daughter of Youngstown. Ohio, are
spending a month with the former's sons.
Messrs. George and Fred Heid. Mrs. J.
Halsey Doty of Hyattsville. spent Wed
nesday with Mrs. G. A. Meyer, Adams
avenue. Mrs. Charles E. Fox of Houston.
Ti-x is visiting her sister. Mrs. J?*ssie
I.. Lane. West Riverdale. Mr. and Mrs.
William Fox of Indian Head. Md . spent
l Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ooorge J.
Heid. Jackson avenue. Messrs. George
and Thomas Montgomery. with several
friends, are spending a week at Colonial
Beach. from which place they expect to
i take a sailing trip, arriving home about
[ August Is
District Colored Republicans to
Sanction His Eenomination.
Colore.l republicans of the Idstrict of
Colund>ia will hold a mass meeting in
True Reformers' Hall, Monday night. Au
gust lit. at which time the nominations
of W. H. Taft for the presidency and
James S. Sherman for the vice presidency
by tii?- republican party will be indorsed.
Arrangements are L?eing made to have
several senators and representatives ad
dress the meeting.
It is also expect":! mat the attitude of
Col. Roosevelt toward the southern dele
gates at the reeent "hull moose" eonveii
tion will be the subject of warm dis
\irested on Theft Charge.
Robert Howard, a negro, was locked up
last nip 1m by Policeman Sweeney of the
eighth precinet to answer a charge of
theft. Robert, whose address was given
as 77.! Kenyon street northwest. It is
charged, took some wall paper and win
dow shades belonging to Robert Patchie
of KilU 19th street. It is alleged that he
took tile property wh le in the employ of
the complainant.
Policeman's Foot Injured.
Policeman W. E. Owens of the first pre
cinct stepped on a nail in a board at 10th
street and Louisiana avenue northwest
yesterday afternoon and was painfully
hurt. He was treated at the Emergency
Hospital and later taken to his home, ol.'J
C street southeast.
Methods of Appraising Impor
tations Will Be Investi
gated by Committee.
Plans for a sweeping investigation or
the methods of appraising importation*
into the I'nited States, which i.- exp. ? -te1
to increase the revenues of the govern
ment by millions of dollar* annually,
were completed yesterday by Secretary of
the Treasury MacVeagi .
The following committee was appoint
ed to make the in iviiry:
Edwin H. Wakefield, special attorney of
the Department <>]' Justice; .1. W. Wliesi*
ley. sp?"-i:ti customs inspector in charge at
New York. <?u\ Kmerson, private secre
"lary to Assistant SH'retary Curtis; .1 1
Nevtus of ti e customs division, and .1 S.
Springhead <>!' the appraisers ? ?tti-?, ? it
New York.
Revelations of the sugar and oth r
frauds convinced Secretary MacV < iv
that there is something radically wrong
with the appraising system undo- whi< ;
such practices grew to large pr>i|H>i lions.
He beiieves that an incalculable sum is
being lost to the government every ye?r
by careless and antiquated methods. T ?
committee is charged to recommend re
visions and improvements to stop al! loop
holes for the loss of federal revenue.
Warrant for Sheriff.
EATON. Ohio. August 10.?A warrant
has been filed f<>r the arrest of Sheriff
William S. Bonner, whose accounts,
it is alleged, show a discrepancj of
more than $2.The whereabouts "f
Ronner is not known to the coin ' y
officials. M. IJ. Talbot, an examiner
from the state bureau of accounting,
is auditing the accounts of the sher
iff's office.
$95 &
I ?'
J -
| el
Reduced Round Trip Rates
to Pacific Coast
afford an opportunity to travel one way and return
another. Liberal stop-over privileges, optional lake
route. For full information and descrip
tive literature, v/rite to or call at
A. I- rO\VUI.L, C. P. A P. A.. Roni Bid*..
14th St. A >. V. Avf, ? acbinirton. U. C.

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