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Charles Voisin, Killed in Auto
Accident, Known Here.
Baroness Injured.
LYONS, France. September 26.?Baroness
do la Roche, a noted aviatress. was
desperately Injured In an automobile collision
near Belleville-sur-Saone last evenin?.
Charles Voisin, an aviator, was
killed at the same time.
Croat nepret is expressed amonp the
army aviators at the death of Charles
Voisin and the serious injury of Baroness
de la Roche, both famous aeroplanists.
The remarkable feature of the accident
from the viewpoint of the public will be
that the fatalitiy occurred in an automo- j
bile and not in an aeroplane.
<"harles Voisin was a member of the famous
firm of Voisin Brothers, who built
the first aeroplane for Henri barman, the
first man in the world to do the closed
kilometer in an aeroplane, a feat by which
in llMiH he won a prize of $10,000 on the
aviation field of Is?-y, outside Paris.
One of First Builders.
The Voisin brothers. Charles and Gil- 1
bert, are graduates of tiie French manual
training schools. They are proteges i
?>f Archdeacon, the wealthy French
sportsman and patron of aeronautics. 1
"\Vhen aviation first became the rage in
France they were the premier builders
of flying machines. They built machines
for Henri Farman, de la Grange and
Santos Dumont, and did more than any '
other firm to forward the structural end i
of the business. <
Both of them could fly. and did fly in l
testing their own machines, but neither
of them ever went in for exhibition fly- I
ing They made a great deal of money !
in their factory and ix)uis Paulhan in 1
his early days was one of their me- I
chanics. 1
First Woman Aviator. i
Baroness de la Roche, who was hurt
with t'harles Voisin, was the first woman
to pet a pilots license as an aviatress.
She had long been familiar with automobiles
and power boats, and had driven
races in both. When flying machines became
practica' she learned to operate a
Voisin biplane and flew at a number of
She met with a serious accident in 1911.
While flying at one of the French aerodromes
she got into the draft of the
propelier front another machine and her
biplane stalled in the air. falling almost
loo feet. She was removed to a hospital,
where it was thought for several days
she would die. but ultimately she recovered
and resumed flying.
Frank M. Finley to Go to Jail
Unless He
Frank M. Finlpy, proprietor of a bottling
establishment, was ordered today
by Chief Justice Clabaugh to pay his divorced
wife. Mary A. Finley. arrearages
of alimony amounting to ?2,300. Unless
the former husband makes payment, or
arranges to satisfactorily secure payment
of the money to her. the chief justice
stated that there would remain nothing
for the court to do but direct the commitment
of the former husband to jail
next Monday.
Divorced Three Tears Ago.
Mrs. Finley obtained a divorce about
three years ago and the decree awarded
her alimony of $'? per week. The former
husband paid promptly for about one
year and then discontinued payment. The
arrears have now reached ?J,3UO and she
recently secured a rule on Mr. Finley to
show cause why he should not be adjudged
In contempt.
Finley made a vain effort to have the
or\il vt Inrvlr # o \*ai?o hi i* *-.? ? bin
? VUI V iwn ia< vini'i.T Oil iUO lailUl C IV VU' Y
the order for alimony. He urged In his
answer to the rule that when he agreed
to pay $ _ <? per week alimony he thought
his business was netting him between
and $10,000 annually.
Mrs Finley, he declared, prior to the
divorc e had arted as his bookkeeper, and
had informed him that his business was
Has Examined Books.
Since the divorce, he claimed, an examination
of his books disclosed that she
had not kept down the current bills, and
as she had authority to sign checks had
used portions of his bank account in ythe
purchase of extravagant finery and jewels
The examination also showed, he
said, that his indebtedness had been allowed
to accumulate to the extent of
*15,o<<>. He has since reduced this sum
to he told the court.
Says She Is Extravagant.
Mr. Finley charged that Mrs. Finley
was "inordinately extravagant" while she
was in charge of his hank account. He
say- she houg t gowns at $100 each, hats
at $.> apiece, fur coats costing $.*150 each
and when she left him took with her
silverware valued at $,"?,?* X?, and jewelry
worth W,<M). She also had $1,000 in bank
Xt that time, he says he is informed.
Another inducement for the agreeing to 1
the payment of $ _* ? per week, the husI
and tells the court, was that Mrs. Fin
iey promisea 10 rcira.ii> rrom the use of
intoxicants. He alleges she has not kept
her promise in tills regard.
Attorney Michael J. Colbert appeared
for the wife. The husband was repre- :
sented by Attorney J. S. Easby-Shnlth.
Capt. Harry H. Hawkins Dead.
Di'I.l'Tll. Minn.. September 'SI.?Capt.
Harry H. Hawkins, a Pennsylvania veteran
of the civil war. who ran for lieutenant
governor on the Minnesota democratic
ticket in 1XVJ. died late last night
in his downtown office. The body was
found by the caretaker today when he
went to the ofhee to clean. Capt. Hawkins
was seventy-seven years old. He
? ame to Minnesota at the war's close.
The twenty-second annual reunion o'
the Association of Soldiers of the Civil
"War on the eastern shore of Maryland
was held in Breeding's Opera House, Federalsburg.
Md.. Thursday.
1j; Follow Your \
Common Sense
And it will lead you iu the right direction. \
) A i?Tfcon, nlieu sick. Ik very ai>t to (
grasp at a straw. L'uwortby articles arc )
!( mIIiiiiiiRly advertised to euro all manner )
of ilia, and you are uiudc the coat for ex- \
perlmcnl unless you use <-ouuuon sense, i
i Kvcrybody l? occasionally or frequently In
i the throes of a bilious attack of which ,
all the symptoms are nature's danger algi
nals for you to do something before it U
too late. Headache, bad stomach and /
<-oustipalk>n are the forerunucra of most
1 lutcstinal diseases. Attacked ia time, in \
a common sense way. they soon pass over. I
Study your case and study the remedy.
Take something which will effectually
operate, first on your liver, then on your
stomach, and lastly on your bowels. Take I
something which nature has furnished and
i whieli I* untouched nor altered by human
' hands. A natural remedy la the choice
of cverv doctor. Huuyadi Janos Water Is
1 tltcir cljoiii. It i< the tnost ideal, sensible
and safest NATURAL laxative Mlni
< ral Water, and half a tumblerful on arl?i
lug acta speedily, sure uud gentfe.
Ormsby McHarg to Be First
Witness Monday?J. P.
Morgan to Testify.
Chairman Clapp of the Senate committee
investigating campaign expenditures
today announced the following program
for next week's hearings, agreed upon at
a conference with Senator Pomerene of
Ohio, representing democratic members
of the committee:
Monday?Ormsby McHarg, assistant
manager in Col. Roosevelt's pre-convention
campaign; Cornelius N. Bliss, jr., :
who has been asked to produce the books
of his father, treasurer of the republi
can national committee in lttOi; Charles ;
A. Peabodv. counsel for Mrs. E. H. liar- ];
riman; C. C. Tegethoff. private secretary Ij
to the late E. H. Harriman, who has , j
been asked to nroduce Daners relating i |
to the so-called Harrinian fund of 1901. j
Hear William Flinn Tuesda'y.
Tuesday?William Flinn of Pittsburgh j
and Elon H. Hooker, treasurer of the J
progressive national headquarters, who ;
will be asked to testify in general regard- j
ing campaign expenditures.
Wednesday?Senator Joseph M. Dixon j
of Montaqa. manager of Col. Roosevelt's j
campaign. ;
Thursday?J. Pierpont Morgan j
Friday?Col. Roosevelt. J
Xo other definite arrangements were :
made today, but a meeting of the com- 1
mlttee will be held before the hearings j
open Monday to arrange for other wit
nesses. ;
The elder Bliss, as treasurer of the re- ;
publican national committee in 1904. was :
said to have received the alleged one- :
hundred-thousand-dollar contribution of
the Standard Oil Company to Col. Roose- j
celt's campaign fund in that year. Mr.
Archbold told the committee lie paid the ;
money in cash. <
I !
i *
Candidate for Matrimony j
Makes Flattering Offer to i
Fine-Looking Damsel.
Is there a "great big. fine-looking, well
raised, intelligent girl" in Washington
who wants to marry a man who can give
the "best of references" and who is considered
"very fine looking."
But wait!
She must be at least five feet ten inches
tall and weigh at least 1?K> pounds. She
must have a broad, high forehead and not
be more than thirty years old.
Now, if she meets these requirements,
a man who is "strictly temperate." whose
character is "the very best" and who
doesn't care if "she has any land or not"
will be mighty glad to get a letter from
her. setting "forth the time and place"
he can lead her to the altar.
Name Not Made Public.
As to the prospective bridegroom's
Well, that is in the hands of Acting
Indian Commissioner F. II. Abbott, whose
address is the pension building. Mr. Abbott
does not feel at liberty to give out
the name unless some Washington girl
would like to take up her residence in
I^ead, S. D.
.\ir. rrospecin e Diuii'^iuuiu i? miiu.v ;
five years old, five feet, ten inches tall ;
and weighs 185 pounds and writes to the
acting Indian commissioner: "I am readyto
leave any time I can arrange with the
right one."
Will "Remember the Compliment."
He also tells Mr. Abbott that he hopes
to hear from him soon and adds, "I will
promise to always remember the compliment."
Young woman clerks in the Indian office
who have access to the correspondence
of the office are barred from the
entry list.
Last Year's Winner Duplicates
Performance for $6,500
CODUMBl'S, Ohio, Spptpmber 27. -John
Dickerson. who last year won the Horse
Review three-year-old trotting futurity
with Atlantic Express. repeated yesterday
In the classic with Adlon, that is
owned by C. H. Ruddock of New York.
The winner was the first choice and
landed in straight heats in face of brilliant
opposition from Brighton B. and
Manrico. Five heats were required to decide
the free-for-all trot.
During this race, for which Dudie Archdale
was the favorite, Grace r"duced her
own record to 2.04^4. and made a world's
mark for a fifth trotting heat when she
won the deciding mile in 2.0.5^4. All ttie
finishes were close.
Don Pronto, going the first heat of the
2.<)3 pace In 2.1M&. made the fastest time
of the week. He did not come back at
Branham Baughman with as much speed
and the Cox pacer went on and won, as
the public expected him to do.
Mack's Mack was selected to win the
2.13 trot over fourteen other starters. He
could not be kept always on a I rot, and
generally finished in the ruck. Rainbow,
<4 ?l Y. a Da*-# Clio nlr Vnnth Pon/lo il
VJ I 1V CU UJ xn:i l vr* A* *-?* I * nauuan,
won the first two heats and tried for the
third, but was beaten out by Jean Arlon.
which got the fourth away from Glendale
after Ra'nbow made a break near
the finish.
Carpenters and Joiners to Hold Convention
There in 1914.
Indianapolis was chosen as the city
in which to hold the biennial convention
of the Brotherhood of Carpenters
and Joiners of America in 1911 'at today's
session of the convention now
being held at National Rifles' Armory.
The Indiana city received 198 votes;
just two more than its nearest opponent,
San Francisco. Two of the delegates
did not vote. Following the decisive
ballot the selection was made
William Hayden of Denver and J. A.
Ross of Pittsburgh were elected members
of the tabulating committee at today's
session. J. C. Jackson of Missouri and
Reuben Pine of New Jersey were elected
to the committee at the session last
evening. Three delegates to the American
Federation of Labor were also
chosen at this session. They are D. F.
Featherston of Florida. W. A. Hemphill
of Texas and W. J. Kelley of Pennsylvania.
Isaac W. Thompson of Havre de Grace
has sold his Dublin Hotel property and
twenty acres of land adjoining to A. I*
I Triplett of Virginia, who w ill take pos|
session November i.
iii Song Hits H j| Children's Sweat*
" /^u ~ + in, 2 to 12 Years,
ii Choice at 10c. || no
We feature the following late sue- ' V_/w?
i cesses In our Music Department for jl | .Children's Sweaters, made o
Saturday at 1<>c each: wool yarn, in plain and fancy v
"Ragtime Soldier Man." j| of gray, red and white. Sizes f
Girlie Mas Jnst Made to Love. j.j years. Double and
Waiting for the R E. Lee." breasted styles and finished
;; "My Music Teacher." ... _
: "When I Get You Alone Tonight." Prett>' Pearl buttons. Some are
"My Kumurun Girl." nied with comb'nation colors ar
"Good-bye. Rose." ! ished with pockets,
j "My Angel Man." * A special value at OSc.
}Men s New Fal
An Extraordinary Purchase <
! lar $15.00, $16.50, $18.00 anc
! Values Offered at ?
This sensational sale of Men s New Fall Suits de
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original value. We open the season tomorrow with
i maker s fall sample suits, and offer values that are i
They are the model garments turned out by om
i United States and represent values intended to ret
j| $10.75.
The newest and best liked models de:
tailored in the perfection of style. Materi
i| Cassimeres9Worsteds and Noveity effec,
|| as well as the more conservative effects
Note, please, that every Suit is HAND-TAILORED, and i
ALL SIZES from 32 to 44, including men's and young men
| Think what this sale means?the opportunity to save anywhere from S
traordinary inducement no careful clothes buyer i-an afford to miss tomorrc
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j Trimmed Hats, $5, $7 & $8
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oafor our Trimmed Hats at these
c: . x5 prices, and every creation which
\ r goes into the three groups must
H sustain our reputation for unus1^ual
jyfflBrU Every hat bears the imprint of
Paris or New York style and
I smartness. Materials and trimmings
are the very best, while
'U \ //J\ our milliners have outdone them\
I ail} selves in clever and tasteful deft
g signing.
P NO TWO HATS AMKE. thus assuring every woman who selects a
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P; black and every favored color.
r; The prices?$.j, $7 and $8?do not give you an idea of the unusual
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i: these figures can tell you how vastly superior are Goldenberg's millit
nerv values.
[ $7 French Ostrich Plumes, $3.98.
P A remarkable sale of 18-inch French Curl Ostrich Plumes, in exPi
quisite new colorings and shadings, including wine color shaded to
fc: old rose, champagne to brown, green shaded. American beauty to
r: tauDe. as well as bluo. new red and solid navy blue, brown, roval.
1 emerald and gray.
textra large heads and wide, thick fibers. Regular $7.<w> value at
Boys' $4.00 and $4.50
I All-Wool School Suits
I Including a Fancy Golf Cap..
TT * a ? ? f ? t ? / % . ? ? ? ,* ? . t
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Idle suits are made with double-breasted coat and large
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| Men's Wool Coat Sweaters
Regular $8.00 Values, $4.98
Right now is "Sweater time"?too warm for an overcoat and too coo
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gora Wool Coat Sweaters at a good, substantial saving.
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All sizes in the lot.
A regular $8.00 value. Special at $4.08.
Men's Derby Ribbed Underwear; Men's Medium-weight All-woo
shirts and drawers to match; Underwear; shirts and drawers t<
- , . , , ? _ match; shirts with long
,: heavy and medium "2 /Tb _ sleeves and drawers with re- /no ^
weights; all sizes. Regu- ajJ ^ inforced seat; all sizes. $l."?o J[
lar 75c grado. Special at. value
*mMII txmmtxmtmtmtxxmmxmmmmtummxtitmxtmtsmtmmtmmtm
?*ii nm I CPTHD of this method of collecting the mail, ar
MOTOR MAIL LULLLOlUn if it proves successful, it is said, tl
method will be adopted elsewhere
IS PROVING A SUCCESS Washington as well as in other cities.
Bloomingdale Experiment, After
Bad start. Expected to Package Found in Train at Hnio
Have Good Ending. station Proven t0 Be Harmless.
The mysterious looking package labelt
"Ninety Per Cent Pure Nitroglycerin
That a bad beginning makes a good which was discovered by charwonu
ending was verified in the experience of Wednesday while sweeping out a tra
John C. Gaither. the letter carrier who which had just arrived at the Union st;
was detailed to operate the motor cycle tion. has proven to he merely a pock<
mail collector in connection with the electric battery. This fact was asce
thirty-five new letter boxes recenly in- tained by officials of the Engineer Corp
stalled in Blomingdale for that purpose. stationed at the Washington barrack
< i. thiu mnrninp' w 1 < f?n py ;i m i npH ti
The experiment was to nave neen com- ? ? ? ..
menced Tuesday morning. but Mr. 'deadly" package at the request of tl
Gaither's Illness on that and the follow- department.
... ? . . , The bomb was delivered to the eng
ing day made it necessary to defer the neers jn a water soaked condition, as
tirst trip until yesterday, when, after had been reposing at the bottom of tl
about half the boxes had been emptied, Potomac river attached to a long coi
the motor cycle tire sustained a punc- the were endeavoring
. . , . . . .. , , find some one brave enough to unde
ture and had to be laid up for repairs. take to ascertain its contents. Ag sot
Today, it was stated at the city post as the "bomb" was delivered to the ba
ofijce, Mr. Gaither has worked regularly racks one of the officers said it lookt
r w"r\r'der"' rcl succr,,"njs iss
trip making him more familiar with the When once the leather covering was r
machinery of the motor cycle collector moved two small zinc cells were e:
and with the special letter boxes. posed to view. At one end of these we
It was found that the collections today C(JI,r,ect'ori8 for attaching the wires
were made in half the time first re- vvl.^e at a ?SSi A* ,u? eASj?r
quired, and indications point to a still aAter> was ,Ial>e!ed nitr
Greater lmnrovement. glycerin. "It was rrobably done
The motor cycle is eouiooed with a .pIajwsa
five-horsepower engine and is especially The battery is 8Upp0sed to have been
arranged so that when the bottom of inapt of norket electric li?rht m<i nm
the mail boxis-Telea-edMta.contents can ??,* wa8 ?{? Yrain*by ^/pa
be dumped directly into the receiver on senjter
the motor cycle, which in turn can be
emptied at the post office without open- ?
ing the receiver, by means of a tray. The annual convocation, "formally ai
The carrier doesn't have to dismount nouncing the opening of the University
from his machine in making his box col- Virginia for the eighty-ninth session, w,
lections. A sixty-day test is to be made be held in Cabell Hall Saturday.
Open Saturday Nigh
' 4 "it pays to deal 11
! I feMii
rum 2
single Men's and Women's
wZ**1 Good, Serviceable Quality Uml
trim- Covers of best grade American ti
td tin- with wide taped edge. 2H and 2
i i frames.
High-el?ss handles in fancy
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IC -w I If I wka
Youthful German Robber's Trial Be- fo
n gins After Attempt Like ^
Dr. Crippen's. lir,
sd at
>n BEl'THEN, Germany. September 27.? fri
in An ocean race to New York after a crimi- tu
a- nal which paralleled that of Dr. Crippen, gr
et the American who murdered his wife in at
r- l.ondon, was recalled today by the open- er]
s, ing of the trial of Peter Paul Baduria, a or
s, youth charged with banl: robbery and
le murder. The prisoner was caught in
le March last year on board the liner Zeiten
in New York harbor by a Prussian de- to
}" tective who had been on his trail for qt
months and had followed him on board a
r(j swifter vessel, the St. Louis,
to The prisoner, when, as alleged, he held
r- up the bank of the frontier town of fo
in Myslowitz. and, witli the a d of a youth- tic
r- ful accomplice, killed'its cashier and es- n<
?d,taped with a ccnsiderabie amount of I
v I monev in 11J1U. was not eighteen vears I
t. old. He had, however, it is claimed. N)
e- already committed a series of crimes in ba
x- Russia for which he was sought by the re
re Russian police, whom he succeeded in ju
evading by continuously crossing and rejd
crossing the frontier. J Kl
o- When at last the German police ob- fo
to tained a clue to his whereabouts he es- g<
id raped to Bremen and boarded a vessel for to
New York, but wireless telegraphy was to
a utilized and the captain put him in irons
b- until the Atlantic had been crossed, when M
s- lie was handed over to the authorities for
extradition. He was later sent back to *
Germany in charge of the detective who wj
n bad made the voyage cn h's tiail. p0
of wl
ill If you want work read the want col- tu
umns of The Star. cr
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(14, It! and 18 years) and women's (froi
Saturday S
50c Half Hose, 25c. 75c S
Men's Pure Threat! Silk Half Rlxflo Se
Hose, made with high s|diepd Sheets, doll
heel: in plain Mark and colors. closely novel
2 to 6 p.m. at 25e pair. p.m. at .Vie i
$3 Coat Sweaters, $1.50. $1.75 Sp
Men's Wool Coat Sweaters, in 11-4 Croehe
wliite and gray: all sizes. 2 Mo-bed size:
to 6 p.m. at $1.50. .Marseilles pa
?r , ., 2 to ? p.m. a
5C W ash Cloths, 12l <c c
3 for IOC. tjenuine Ar
Turkish Wash Cloths. all ed Cotton: j
wliite and red liorders; worth p.m. at S'%e"
5e each. 2 to 6 p.m. at THREE _
for Hie. 50C (. 1
25c Scarfs, I2^c. i?w-^*'\t;
Fringed Hamask Scarfs, all nient of plei
white: size lTx.Vl inches. Worth foil and extr
25c. 2 to ti p.m. at 12V.e. at 39c each.
50c and 75c Swiss 29c JC
r Infants' I.
Scarfs, 29c. style; tinishe
Hemmed and Scalloped Ror- stitched ruflb
der Swiss Scarfs, assorted pat- sleeves; 2 to
terns. Values wortli .Vie and ,
75c each. 2 to ti p.m. at 29<\ >111
65c Serge, 48c. _ !
44-inch Storm Serge, close- s,
woven. hard-twisted grade; "nu w"
navy hltje ami brown. 2 to l? 81 . arn*s: al
p.m at 4*- yanl. wmgsleeve<
, 74_.?- each.
q8c Worsted, 59c. 7. pi
M-im-h All-wool Cntinisiied '
Worsted. In black only: a very .. ...
atylisli fabric. 2 to U p.m. at
75c Duchesse. 4<)c. IOl. To;
25-inrh Black Satin 1 ?uchcsse, rv. ... ?...
all silk ipiality: heavy rich satin tl,e orisrinaI
fa< e. 2 to <5 p.m. at 4'M- yard. ' to Bp m
$1.19 Taffeta, 75c. " qvc1
Jttl-inch Colored Taffeta Silk. ?_
a soft ehiffon-tinish grade; street }" '
And evening shades, also changejiMp
effects. 1! to ii p.m. att 75c " p. . .
yard. | P
ioc Outing Flannels, , R*tra Vui
y . Peas, regnlat
O^C. p.m. at S?Va<"
27 - inch Outing Flannels. TV J j 11
strijies and checks; heavy fleeted J 4 '
quality; 2 to t> p.m. at Regular ."i<
varil. Brand Milk.
. TWO cans f
ioc Ginghams, 4^c. Sardi
Kress Ginghams, in stripes, C _ v ,.
checks and plain colors; war- Kxlru Ipial
runted fast colors; 2 to 0 p.m. in oil, sold l
at 4?4c yard. to 0 p.m. at
Barge Industry, from a North Carolina
int. in tow of tug Ivenmore, from Nor- ^
Ik at 6th street wharf with lumber for ^
alers; barge Rappahannock, at Alex- R
idria with fertilizer for Virginia-Caro- t0
la Chemical Company; barge Wicomico. gf
Fort Hunt with coal from Philadel- m
da; tug Captain Toby, towing lighter tt
am Broad creek to the Kastern branch;)
g Rosalie, towing two lighters of '
avel from digging grounds down river, e
14th street wharf; United States rev- sc
lue cutter Apache, from a short cruise 03
1 the river; Consolidation Coal Com- ^
my barge No. r?, light, from Boston, at p,
?orgetown to load coal for a New Eng- A
nd point; barge McNally, at George- lo
wn with crushed stone from, the Sus- SI
tehanna river. bs
United States revenue cutter Mohawk,
r Norfolk and a cruise on that sta
>n; schooner Earl Blscoe, light, for
omini creek to load cord wood back to
is city; schooner Belmont, light, for
mjamoy creek, Md., to load cord wood
ick to this city: schooner Lewis Wor- ,
II, light, for a down-river point to load
mber or cord wood for this city; tug r
enmore, with a tow of light barges '
r Chesapeake bay points; schooner ^
?orge H. Bunker, light, for Coan river
load canned goods for the Washingn
market: schooner Robertson, from n*
exandria with merchandise for Upper
aehodoc creek; scow Bush, light, from on
exandria for a river point to load rail- <
ad ties for dealers here; tug Camilla, Bi
ith a schooner in tow for a down-river L,.
int; power boat Daisy, from Alexandria Hi
Ith merchandise for Farmington. Md.; K
g Pride, towing lighters for Occo.iuan w
eek to load stone; schooner J. A. Hoi- al
id GlOVeS. j[ Middy and Norfolk J
al One Dollar Kind, BloUSeS, $1.49 ! I
Mi ' S
~ O _ I ) Q1 f A new arrival of Children's Middy
JI Q / ^ dll ; and Norfolk Blouses, made of fine
! quality galatea cloth, in white and If
ecial lot of Women's 2-clasp Kid ???? . ? ., ?.. ? ... . , ? ii
? we imported direct from the jj nav> b,ue combinations, with large
h manufacturer. The concession j sailor collar trimmed with neat white
rained is turned to your benefit. ' ii , .... . . . ... , . ,
e of soft, pliable skins, in black. and bluo braid- SI,k laors and Packets. Ft
and tan. Some with embroidered jj jj Finished with shields. Neatly made i*
All sizes. The kind you usu- . j Jx
iv a dollar for. on sale tomorrow !'
pair. _ ' ! All sizes from 0 to 1R years. ii
= ?d 3
Women's New Fall Waists 1
Worth $1.50 and $2.00, at... 98c 3
Really remarkable values for Saturday in Brand-new Waists g
that women want now. and will be glad t<> buy at savings of a H
third to a half. The result of a fortunate purchase that gave us S
the maker's surplus lot at very much less than regular cost. '
They comprise the newest and most popular models for a
fall, fashioned of fine quality French lingerie, white batiste, H
French voile and marquisette, including the popular Robespierre g
effects, as well as plain models, net and lace trimmed high neck H
effects, and other styles, with trimmings of shadow laces, spider
lace. Irish crochet, filet and val laces, some with novelty sleeves, g
embellished with glass buttons. g
Choice of regular $1.50 and $2.00 valuee at ftSo. g
,A T Arrt nn'r Pnra Qill/ c+ Acl/irt rvcli
vv ui11^1 j o i uit nr\ jlulrviu^^g
Regular 50c Value, 25c Pair. 1
W hen such splendid quality pure >ilk stockings can he 3
bought at this little price no woman should hesitate t<? supple g
her needs for the entire season. g
Good, heavy quality, pure-thread silk, with lisle garter top. double sole f|
and toe and high spliced heel. Choice of black and white. You cannot get tt
better silk stoc kings at ."#Uc a pair. While this lot lasts the price is only J.'ic 2
par. ZX
Women's Hose, of cotton and | Boys' and Girls'School llosc: fast g
lisle*; medium and light weights; black cotton; seamless foot; douhh* H
seamless anil full-fashioned foot; . _ . . . . . r*
garter tops."double sole. ! ?na toe; nne ami neavy nr.- g
heel and toe; hlack and a f=j bed. good elastic quality. <1 g ^ g
tan. Regular i!5c value. ][ ^ ? Special values at 1J1..,- ][ ^ !?
Sale price, pair and
$35 & $40 Tailored Suits, J
Class Model $18.50
\ aluc-achievem cuts known in a long time?this purchase <U a S
11 sample garments we present tomorrow at $18.50. All are 8
of the'finest materials and designed with the care and skill only ff
They'll win the admiration of the most critical suit Inner. y
lity imported two-tone whipcords, French serges, Lvmansvillc S
qges, bouclo suitings. Scotch mixtures, imported diagonals, novelty zibo- fi
suitings and plain whipcords. Coats richly lined with Skinner s satin. Jm- 8
fall colors. ARE SIZES, including juniors' (1."., 15 and 17 years', misses' S
in :U to 44 regular and 45 to 55 stouts). <
ales From 2 to 6 P.M. I
heets. 55c. * 5c Laundry Soap. 50c Pace Cream, jqc. S
amies*' *Bleaehed " f, fnr inf Himls" Honey and Almond L
Melted sixe: tin.* > Crsaio. Itest mplexioii eream: ?f
ii sheeting- 2 to ft Regular rakes of regular "sh- bottles. 2 lo 2
.rh or San"? rlaus Grand Laundry - LV). ?
a< " Soap. 2 to l? p.m. at SIX rakes g
reads. $1.10. r?r i??. ioc Kail Knamcl, oc. g
t Bedspreads: don- 2^C SaUCCpanS, IIC. Regular 1?le boles of I.iis- fi
in heavy raised Seamless Knaineled Covered treite Nail Etoamel. 2 to ft p.m. g
tterns: worth $1.7o; Saucepans, six-pint aire, worth at 6c. 2
,i n i?- ZX...... s..?.. .? ?Phosphate, i.'C. i
otton. 0V4C. | Fruit lars. 40c doz. . ..... ... a
ldrosi ostein Bleach- ... ... v..,. rjn'rvrmrni s<?mini iiio?- <*?
ard wide; 2 to 6 ek m i '. i f phate. Sold regularly nt 25c ZZ
vard. Shoulder Fruit Jan. quart *1#-. 2 to ? p.m. at 12c. ?
porcelain-lined tops. 2 to O B
owns. 39c. p.?. *t 4!).- dozen. ,2^c Sanitol. I2C. I:
r^,nsn^ ^sw.Tt- VJC Brooms. 2^C. Regular 25c size Sanitol Tooth 5
ising stylos: out Kxtm Quality Foiir-strfng C?T- !?p.r or ^asto' " ,H * '* Ul*
t long; 2 to t? p.m. P*t Brooms, sold rojrularly at ar 1*
?* 2 ???*? ??* Manicure Sets. ioc. |
?llps. 19^- 15c W ater I alls, QC. One regular Itte Flexible Steel
oug Slips, bishop Heavy Galvanized Iron Water Nail Kile, 3 extra-long cloth- ?
d with neat hem- Palis, eight-quart aire, worth center emery Isiurds. one hard- S
s around neck and 2 to p at ;v wood orange stick: all in |k? k ?
ti p.m. at 19c each. et-size leather ease. 2 to t>
d i -c Vests 5oc ^n" Blankets, 29c. p m. ?t i?e. g
. ^ ' * Crib Blankets, size :s?>x40. in <*-r " i * r- ?
7V2C. white with pink or Idup ls?r- *3*- A1UII1, "5^-* 2
Gauze Vests, low ders, stiff fleece finish. 2 to 0 Regular 25c jars of tlie wide- 5
reless; taped neek l,-m- nt 20c. It advertised Perspiration I?e- 2
Iso low lteek and ocr "dorizer. From 2 to t? p.m. at g
t; 2 to tl p.m. at .ytX rlCtlires, 2JC. 15e. j*
Framed Pictures. gilt or ^ *
dark wood moldings: choice of Ipj.OO J TOUSers, IjiJ.Qa. S
OUSeS, 35C. two sizes; assorted subjects. 2 Men's Fine Quality Pure JJ
hi Gray Flannel to t> p.m. at 25c each. Worsted Odd Trouaers. fall Jt
ses. with collars _ , . weight and patterns, sizes up *
so neckband style; 3')C l>amDrCCJllinS, lyC. to 42 waist measure. 2 to <1 it
nt 35c each. e- ,j,,ZPn Satine launbrequlns. p.m. at $2.!V>. t*
Cn..n ligltt and dark colorings; floral 11 . c-. _
It! . ?ip. 4C. jiud Itresdrn designs: fringed $2.00 MRtS, 3'-'9- p
...mill. 'I'olluf <oun _t.I ...? ? P ?. ni at ?* ... |._n tf-... . _*? ( 1$
'lllllirt I VI' ? NI < M > .IIM1 rilUP. ? I'.IM. O t Alt'11 > I Mil lim>, MM! HIIM JJ
ami Pennine kind. l??c each. stiff shapes. pwd anixrluiPiit <?f <*
at 4e enke. c , - m Rucrc CSnC shades. sizes tr*4 to 7-%. 2 to ?; \t
-ollc i-c ^>15.00 KUgS, ^0.95. p.m. at $1.19. :X
/ Brussels Kups. In liandsome ? ;J
Denim "Brownie" floral, medallion and eonven- Cq JMlpportCf r*CtS, ;
es .'I to 14 years; tionul designs; colorings of ^ r . :1
it I7e eaeh. preen, red, tan and rose. 2 to 2 lOI" 5^. ,j
ip;ic 0i/r 6 I'- - ?t $8.95. Warren's I'ollar Supporter ;*
' .. . <Ci er\ R11 nL-eft: n-r Sets. remoTabie eellulold strips. <*
ulity harly June ^*1.50 mallKeih, 9;>t. Mn heights. 2 to H p.tu. ai t
1.V eans. 2 to t? 10 eases of Soft Wool nap TWO sets for 5c.
can. Fleece-flnlsli Blankets, ll-quar- . IX
\c -> inr fSr 1Pr ?louble-bed size: in white. Iroiling \\ a.\, 6 for 1C. IX
K, - Kit UL. gr;lv ?r tan, with pink or blue *" . .' ?. V
eans of Pet" borders. 2 to 6 p.m. at 05c ^ ) ? ' T ' ?
2 to li p.m. at pair. ^.?? r..to ,l Pm" :|
,5 1 at SIX pieces for Jc. . ?
t n 25c to soc Laps, 15c. 0 c c.,, ? ~
I1CS, 2 for (ic. Boys' Fall-weight Fancy All- SPWlIlg SllrC, 3^. ;J
ity Sardines, packed wool Golf Caps; dark patterns; 100-yard spools of Good Qual- ;
regularly at 5c. 2 rallies worth from 25c to 50c ity Sewins Silk, black and col- *
TWO cans for 0c. ea<-h; 2 to 0 p.m. at 15c. ors. 2 to 0 p.m. at 5c spool. J
nd, from Alexandria for a river point larceny; James Jackson, assault with
load lumber or wood for this city. dangerous weapon; james H. Harris,
housebreaking and larceny; John Ender.
Memoranda. assault with dangerous weapon; John
, , ? , . , , , Freeland, alias Baltimore, liousehreakSchooner
ij. J. Marvel has been taken inc ?nH lnr^nv* KimrnH p Thnmnonn
i an Eastern branch wharf to complete non-support wife and child; Robert M*.
io discharging: of a cargo of pine lum- Moser, non-support wife and child; Major
?r; "tug M. M. Davis has sailed from non-support wife and child;
* , .. ? v, . . v? tn David M. Reck, jr., embezzlement: Arthur
altimore for the ^oik river. \ a., to T Werner, alias Romanoff, false preiw
raft of pine piling to Baltimore; tenses.
ihooner Virginia Dare will go to No- ,
ini creek to load pine lumber back to tttttjc
lis city; barge No. 'J&. with coal from SUE JJAVlDfcrE HEIRS,
lis city, has been taken in tow at
tfr'uk?^; % "SVSSS District Commissioners Want Steps
r,r.d. lX%rTo?"m.o^ ur/2d * *?>P?rty Amoved From Street.
,-sters in the shell for the market here; The District Commissioners have riled
hooner Eleanor Russell is on her way 8Ujt against the heirs of the !ato Walter
i this city from Nanjamoy creek with ^ n .j . . _ .. , , ?
mber: schooner Grape ?|Mbt, light, from se to re(iulre the removal of the
lexandria for the Yeodomico river to stone steps in front of their property at
ad canned goods; schooner Mary Ann 17th and H streets northwest. The Dislea
is in Aquia creek ^to load Jumber trict authorities claim that under the
?r way1 to thiV cU h "co7d wood relations there should be twelve feet -f
om Nanjamoy creek. Md. sidewalk clear in front of the property.
_ and tell the court that the step*
CTVTrVKT A-RTT TWTlTrTT!"n 80 Pr?Ject onto the sidewalk as to leave
AILCi Lauy.\jJ.rAU. lesa than elght feet between the stepa
and the curb line.
rand Jurv Makes Its First Renort The court Js asked to compel the rerana
jury iriaKes xts xirsi xwepun moval of the gteps or to order their rtad,
Sinn* Vacation justment so as to leave the twelve feet
aince vacation. of cleai .pace. Corporation Counsel
The grand jury today returned its Thomas tiled the suit,
st report of indictments since vaca
an. A final report to the court will ^ Quaint Talc
! made Monday, when the operations
the present grand jurors terminate. very Pert Sir' who is the daughnew
grand jury will be empaneled ter of a washerwoman, a hookworm and
,xt Tuesday. a Pretty and quite piarriageable girl are
rhe sixteen persons charged with vari- *ke characters in "Jenny and Catullus,
is offenses by the grand jury today are: a l?ve story by Helen Coale Crew, in our
Christopher C. Speed and Charles next Sunday Magazine. Jenny is tlie pert
-own, violation of postal laws: William or impertinent child, and how she brings
I^argent. rape and carnal knowledge: the bookworm and the marriageable miss
enrietta Green, grand larceny; I-eroy together will cause you to smile. J'-nny,
ing, robbery; Marshall Frye, assault 1 by the way, has very little use for bachith
dangerous weapon; Israel Henson. I elors?that's why she takes the bookworm
ias Polly Henson, housebreaking and in hand.

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