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8or Penn. w ^ Corner
Avenue. ^th Street.
!; This Is the Most Extraordinary
Sale That Has Ever Occurred
in the Furniture Business.
A store that stands foremost in its lines is to be closed.
: NOW is the very time of all others that you are interested
: in Furnishings for the home?and EVERY ITEM in this complete
and high-grade stock is REDUCED?by order of the
Administrators of the Hoekc estate. There's a big saving as
jt ? _i - ? i_^
:g surea in every selection you huikc.
But don't wait until the assortment becomes depleted?
:: now's your best opportunity.
lii BlrffetS. |DW??
J2T..OO Buffets J18.75 iT\lUl^C>o
!! J20.no Buffets J15.no
$30.00 Buffets $22.50 9x12 A x m i n ster <?1] E <Q)?
d,.wmc mm Rues. NOW "P a> ?yc>?
#-nr.vne ...-r- ?. - . ? ^
$5o.oo Buffets 9x12 A x m i n ster SI}? Ig
$S5.0O Buffets ??-- Rurs. NOW 4>lIy.<iS?
III $40.00 Buffets J36.ii>
$45.00 Buffets $33-75 9x12 A x m 1 n ster S(TD
$fiO.OO Buffets $45.00 Rues. NOW
$7000 Buffets $52.50 9xl2 A x m 1 n ster Mgftfl
$110.00 Buffets $s_..,o Rugs. NOW 4*6 3 oO?
i| China Closets, now .w.iUo"..BU8S: $31.28
$45.00 China Closets $33.75 9x12 Wilton Rugs. <S"StffT)
$40.00 China Closets $30.00 NOW
$2.?.0O < hina f losets $1.8. < > Qv1? Wilton Ru?s (Pvtifh BfT*
TJO.OO China Closets $15.00 XV 1Iton Ru*s- S49.5?
$30.00 China Closets $22.50 XNUVV
$50.00 China Closets $37.50 9x12 Art Rugs. ffi?>
$00.00 China Closets $45.00 NOW aPOotfo/
ill Tables and Chairs to match ? , ? _ ... ^ _ _ _
if ?& Ruga. NO\V.? $1325?
8 IHto^SSiPl!0? Body Brussels jg
; IL^U uo Rups. NOW ?
$20.fM> Pressors' $15.00
III SS^-::::r::::::::::SS Carpets.
::: j $35.0(> Dressers $2*>.2.> .
::: *?< "? Dressers 85c Brussels Carpets.. 63c yd.
? t Pressors $1.00 Brussels Carpets.. 75c yd.
5 dressers $4;;.00 $1.15 Brussels Carpets.. 88c yd.
*?:?" nress^s::::::::::::::::^ |j:g cSSS:::11*?* li
\ Chiffoeiers. ,I'50 ,er c"pets 98c yd
$25. no Chiffoniers .v.v.v::.:8AS! I Linoleums.
::: $30.00 Chiffoniers $22.50
WO.OO Chiffoniers $3n.no $1.75 Inlaid Linoleum, ffifl lis
::: ! $45.<? Chiffoniers $33.75 Square yard 4*11
J ; $5<>.0< Chiffoniers $37.50 S1_50 iniaj<j Linoleum, ffifl fle
if Brass Beds. '
122 .10 Brass Beds Jlrt.RR leum. Square yard /l\
2 $30.00 Brass Beds $22. nO 75c Printed Linoleum,
1 (JO.no Brass Beds $3O00 Square yard W<!*<
$50.00 Brass Beds $:57.."V)
All Parlor Suites. Separate Chairs, dockers, Ladies'
Desks?all the Lace Curtains, Portieres?are REDUCED.
Our Fine Pastries are served
in our Luncheon Department.
?If the cook fails you, or
if you do not feel in the
mood for baking?
Oirdbir [email protected]@ws=Ba.k?dl
/S\ ? ? tw /J1 ID) <s\ rs> JVtvm /S\ /? III
IS iiv?AiiUVyi IS (gSS>U>lL il^S)
?The most delicious?
most wholesome bakery
goods that can be had.
Pleasing variety?prompt
SS? ' 1209 F Stag?!!:
Reeves C. M. Caramels.
# Cleseland-Pittsburgh-Washington
f i j Largest Handlers of Pianos in America
Hardman Piano
So stanchly and sturdily is it built that not onl
has its tone a rich, luscious quality denied to other;
but that tone is as enduring as the frame, strings an
the keys of the piano itself.
Factory Prices Plus Easy Payment Plan.
Hardman PIANOS. Frederick Building,
Autotone pi,, r pionrko
1212 G St.
Angelus "layer-rianOS. D G pfeiffer, Vice Pres.-Mgr.
No other firm in the World
In selling you Carpets we offer you a proposition
that no other firm in the world will duplicate.
We make, line and lay them absolutely free,
and charge you nothing for what may be wasted in
cutting to match figures.
You pay only for what is actually necessary to
cover your floors, and the price per yard is marked
in plain figures to invite comparison with the prices
asked in ANY store.
Give us your order by i o'clock and the carpets
will be laid the following day.
1 Peter Grogan & Sons Co., 817 to 823 7th St.
.!? Ihe LOUVRE
jVX 1115-1117 F STREET
I/iiiytcL Women s and Misses' Out^Wouvwc
JE* ergarments and Millinery.
Louvre Tailored Suits?
The utmost in style
and value-giving.
We have set a standard for this season, and all the
Tailored Suits shown by this establishment have been
judged by it. Few manufacturers could meet this
a 1#. < < r ,, ) f t
quality-service standard 01 ours?tnat s wny neany
all Louvre Suits have been made to special order?handtailored
and of such quality materials as we could conscientiously
guarantee for service.
The Lining in Every
Louvre Tailored Suit
Guaranteed for Wear.
No matter what price you pay for a Louvre Suit
the lining is absolutely guarantee^!. Shoul? it wear out
before one season's satisfactory wear we will replace
it free.
But this is only one of the features that are exclusive
with Louvre Suits?
Are two more important innovations. The "hug-tight"
collar guarantees a perfect fit around the neck and the
shoulders in all Louvre coats are tailored the same as in
a man's custom-made garment.
Louvre Tailored Suits
at $25 and $35 are
really value sensations.
Established 1802?
Over a Century A go.
1 Masonic Jewels
A special exhibit of Masonic
Jewels is being held by us during
= the session of the International
Supreme Council, 330 Ancient
and Accepted Scottish Rite
Masons. Visitors are invited to
view this exhibit, with no obligation
to purchase.
Gait & Bro.
Silversmiths, Stationers.
| Peremptory Sale I
X *
% By Order of the Administrators and %
1 Executors of Several Estates. I
1 T
| C. H. Lmieegeee, Auctioneer, 1
01 W Mil Sell at Auction, Monday, Tues= |
| day amid Wednesday, October f
- *7lHh &1M11 j?nim<Hl Otlh?H H X ihrK &
u v^u u 9 v^vvuu i vwuii ii u ww-r u 9 clk i^hJf ^
"| 5 o'clock?lira the I
| Washington Gallery, f
| 1333 G St. N.W. I
< , t
? The entire appointments, consisting of Antique and Mod* ?
? ern Furniture, about 90 exceptionally fine and uusual Oriental X
I Rugs and Palace Carpets, in exquisite designs and Persian ?
X weaves, Objects of Art, Bric-a-brac, Cut Glass and Crystal, &
? China, Porcelain, Reception Room, Library, Parlor, Dining &
I Room and Bedroom Furniture, in Mahggany and Oak; Cur- ?
v X tains, Draperies, Odd Tables, Stands, Chairs and desirable odds |
' i* and ends not to be found elsewhere. ?
b Y Y
J ? Catalogues on application. Phone Main 7581. x
? X Y? XT? t &
!| V ictor- V ictrolas f
t | Celebrated bands, orches- I
| tras, instrumental sextets, ^E3Rj||^ |:
| quartets, trios and soloists are |;
| thing from Yankee Doodle to BHUBiill f
| the most difficult composi- HjUu i;
| tion of Wagner or Chopin, all BBH ifllBHI | \
If Tendered exactly as they should f * S
f be, by the best musicians in the || $ ;
% world. ? *
i: $15.00 to $200.00 I ;
; 1313 F Street N.W. J
;; The Only Store in the City Selling |
\; Victor Goods Exclusively. | I
!? . Wholesale and Retail. f \
Becker's _Motor
or Overnight
The smartest and most convenient
Bags for short trips.
Made of the best leathers?silk
lined and elegantly finished.
Completely fitted with petite
toilet articles of gold plate, Parisian
Ivory or mock shell.
The same bags are also shown
Prices Start at $20.
D..I ?
Leather Goods Co.,
1324-1326 F St. N.W.
South Side, near 14th St.
iKnife' I
| Accordion g
| and Box |
I Plaiting |
5g Neatly done while you wait.
| Buttons Made to Order. |
*( to match your garment from scraps of Z
J\. cloths, 10c a dozen and up.
? Cor. 8th and E Sts. N.W. is
Established l&flS.
IF* Jim lki/n\ rtti >77/rt> \Z/r* n n rf-o<ne<-?
U-4 JlffS MAW 11 MdjiW 11
428 Ninth Street
Phone Main 1858.
23 i 5-2317 18th St.
Phone Columbia 86.
Wholesale and Retail.
Ik Last Week
of Our
Removal Sale
@n October 15 we move to
our Eighteenth street store.
The remainder of our stock
at 428 Ninth street will be
sold in the next few days regardless
of cost. THE BEST
XV\?/ 1 1 X VJ x\ X?rfX 11"
Fixtrares, Coffee Mills aid
Roaster For Sale.
?ever baked a better loaf
Top-Moch Bread
It's savory and sweet?pure
and nourishing. The whole
family will welcome it three
times a day. Try "Top-Noch."
Reconstructed Rubies and
Sapphires, $3 per Carat.
Real reconstructed gems that have the
beauty and luster of the natural gems and .
defy the testa of the experts.
1 ? a. ? a it.
1'iaiai a luur, uri m u itft. U p*
gold Tiffany ring or scarfpln ?J) .UU
A. KAHN, 935 F St.
We have Installed an eleetrle dynamo for de- ,
magnetizing watches. Prices most reasonable. \
Wrtches cleaned and demagnetized ?1.00
Ualn springs ?1.00 i
A. KAHN. 935 F n.W.
1 Absolute Cleanliness. f i
*; The utmost care is exer- ?* j
cised in every department '.I 1
of our laundry, and all de- ;? i
^ tails are as nearly perfect -( 1
i* as human ingenuity can ? <
\make them. ? \
As a result there is a
j; degree of cleanliness, fin- ,
? ish and satisfaction impos- *? j
sible to attain in the ordi- ;? \
vl < ? ? *
x nary launary, ana which f ?
> the West End Laundry it 1
d can alone guarantee. }
^ One trial proves this. :
>; Have our wagon call. ?t
i: West End Laundry!
I 1723-25 I
!: Penna. Ave. N.W. I '
^ Phone Main 2321. <?
You will find Young's Delivery Wagons )
right from every viewpoint. Triced low. )
r.E.Young,c'"3,uvr?7"0.7;, ... :
A reunion of the McNeil Rangers, a
famous Confeuerate command, was held
it the home of Henry Rldder, near Oak- i
land, Md. Garrett county furnished three 1
members of the^pganizatlon?Henry Rldder,
William Hojfe, near Dear Park, and
James W. Mason, Oakland.
Here and There With the Notables.
Travel Plans?Personal
, Mrs. Rockwood Hoar is giving a large
reception Saturday of this week for
,her elder daughter, Miss Frances Hoar,
a debutante of the winter, at the home
of the young girl's grandfather, the late
Senator Rockwood Hoar, in Worcester.
This reception is for the family's relatives
and friends in Boston and Worcester
before they come to this city for
the winter.
Mrs. Horatio X. Slater has set Friday.
December 6, for the ball for Miss Ksther
Slater at the Somerset, in Boston. This
event was to have been last winter when
\f Icc Clo tot. nntviA U..4 I ?
came uui, uui ner iiiumcr s
prolonged Illness, in New York prevented
a number of entertainments In the daughter's
honor. The latter was here, however
for a part of the gay season.
The German ambassador and Countess
von Bernstorff are now in Paris and will
sail for this country on the 14th.
Miss Bertha Tancre, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. William F. Tancre, of 4501
Georgia avenue, was married this afternoon
to Mr. Samuel E. Corbin at the
Church of the Advent. Rev. Mr. Mott
officiating, in the presence of a small
company of relatives and intimate friends.
The couple had no attendants. The bride
wore a very smart traveling costume of
black and white whipcord, a large black
velvet hat with white plumes and a corsage
bouquet of violets and lilies of the
valley. After a trip north and to Canada,
Mr. and Mrs. Corbin will be at home,
after November 1, at the Atherton.
Capt. William B. Caperton, U. S. N.,
and Mrs. Caperton entertained the officers
of the German cruiser Victoria
Louise today at a skating party and reception.
Count Moltke, retiring minister from
Denmark, and Countess Moltke have re
turned from Europe and are closing their
house here, preparatory to going to Berlin,
to which post Count Moltke was recently
Mrs. Robley D.. Evans is visiting her
son and daughter-in-law, Lieut. Commander
and 'Mrs. Frank Taylor Evans.
Mrs. J. Goodwin Hobbs of Newport will
be here this week on a visit to her sonin-law
and daughtdt-, Mr. and Mrs. Ezra
Mrs. George B. Williams has been in
this city for a few days as the guest
of the Misses Bates. She left yesterday
for the west and after a visit in Michigan
will go to California to spend a year
Miss Katherine Bonnie of Louisville,
Ky., who will be married October 23 to
Mr. William Frederick Holtzman of
this city, will have a number of entertainments
given in her honor.
Mrs. W. O. Bonnie, jr., will give a
kitchen shower for her Friday afternoon,
October 18, and Wednesday afternoon,
October 1(1, Miss Bonnie will be
given a tea by Mrs. Herbert T. Bonnie
at her home in Castlewood. Mrs.
Arthur H. Robinson will entertain at
luncheon Tuesday, October 22, for Miss
Bonnie, and that evening Mrs. Robert
P. Bonnie will give a dinner in honor of
Miss Bonnie and Mr. Holtzman.
Monday evening, October 21, Miss Margaret
Bickel will give a dinner for Miss
Konnie and Mr. Holtzman. and it will be
followed by a theater party given by Miss
Anna Boyle.
Miss Henrietta White w}ll give a dinner
Saturday evening, October 12, for
Miss Bonnie.
It is announced from Boston that Senator
Henry Cabot Lodge will give the first
ball of the season there November 21 at
the Copley Plaza for his granddaughter.
Miss Constance Gardner, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Augustus P. Gardner.
Col. and Mrs. Thomas W. Syraons have
returned from Europe, where they spent
the greater part of the summer on a
motor trip with their family through
England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
They will have with them this winter
their eldest son, Mr. Thomas W. Symons,
jr., who was graduated from Yale
in 1911, and spent last year studying at
Oxford. He will continue his law studies
Mrs. Julia M. Willis has returned from
the Philippines and is with Mrs. Francis
I. Willis at the Olympia apartment, 14th
and Euclid streets.
Cards have been issued announcing the
marriage of Miss Lucille A. Hughes of
Washington, D. C., and Mr. Marcel Clarnval.
son of Gen. Pierre Clarinval of
The marriage took place in San Fran:1scq
August 7. the Rev. Father Sullivan
officiating. Miss Marlon L. Smith
ivas maid of honor and Dr. G. B. Wil;ox
attended the groom.
A wedding breakfast was served at the
jrlde's apartment, which was beautifully
iecorated with pink and white carna:ions.
A mnno* +K/\oa rvrooon n*nro
XVtltV/lif) V* * wot * COCltl " CI C 4 v. *J 11
,'erse J. Smith, Mr. Edward C. Smith,
Miss Marion L. Smith and Dr. and Mrs.
3. B. Wilcox.
The bride wore a tailored suit of clel
blue 'broadcloth, with picture hat or
naure silk to match, and carried a
shower bouquet ?>f white sweet peas and
illes of the valley.
Mr. Clarinval is well known in San
Yancisco, where he has been in husitess
for the last live years, establishing
he Lafayette School of French, and is
he founder of the first French club in
>an Francisco, "Le Cercle de Sevigne."
The couple went to Monterey on their
A birthday party was given in honor of
Mrs. August Powell at her residence, 1724
New Jersey avenue, last Friday evening.
The house was decorated with flowers
and ferns. Music, singing and playing
?ames were followed by refreshments and
iancing. Among those present were
Mr. and Mrs. J. Feighenne of Beltsville,
Md.; Mr. and Mrs. J. Wissmann, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Christ, Mrs. Sophie Christ and
Baby Dorothy. Misses May Holmes, Lena
Morris, Elsie Powell, Eva Berkley, Maine
Ward, Minnie Haynes, Jennie Wissmann,
Edna Wissman, Anna Leasman, Anna
Vlebahu, Bertha Dugan, Lizzie Arnold,
Messrs. August Powell, Roberts L. Morrison,
August Arnold, Louis Dyer, Stanley
Davis, Harold Christ, Edward Feighenne,
Henry Wissman, Henry Schieible.
Harold Schlery, James Harman, Joe Connors,
Robert Garner, Walter Florence,
\ugust Florence, Harry Clark, Robert
Ziarkson, R. F. Olive, J. Taylor, Thomas
McGraff. Joe Owens. J. Gilbert. Masters
Robert and Elmer Powell.
Miss Daisy Brown, who has been abroad
the past five years, is now on a tour of
Norway, Denmark and Sweden, accom>anied
by her mother and sister, and the
hisses WoHard, returning: to Paris in
Dcto-ber and to America the coming wirier.
Mrs. R. M. Ruthart and children and
ter sister, M*iss Bertha Millar of Front
Bathe Internally
' Under our present mode of liv- |
' ing. Nature unassisted cannot dis- )
pose of all the waste. This waste ,
sends its poisons into the system,
i through the blood circulation, and i
\ brings on countless 1".Is. \
! That's the reason a physician's (
first step in illness is to give a lax- 1
ative. i
Physicians generally, in order to i1
' ctnn this 9f*Plimillutlnn r? f xir -j oto
are now advising the use of the
J. B. L. Cascade, Nature's cure for
Constipation, which rids the lower
intestine of all waste and keeps it
healthy without drugging.
It is now being shown by Affleck's
Drug Stores, 13th & F sts. i
n.w. and 1)04 G st. n.w. /
Ask for booklet, "Why Man of
1 Today Is Only 50% Efficient."
Royal. Vft.. have taken an apartment at
the Wood toy for ttie winter. Their mother,
Mrs. 8. Rolfe Millar, will Jolrt them
In November.
Much Interest is centering around the
approaching marriage of Miss Eloise Hirst
of Purcellville, Va? and Mr. William
Couper of New York city, which will occur
Wednesday next at 4 p.m. in St.
Peter's Episcopal Church of Purcellville.
Miss Hirst Is the daughter of the late
John Townsend and Mrs. Virginia Bltxer
Hirst, and Is well known In Washington.
where she with her mother spent tne
past winter. Mr. Couper, who was formerly
of Norfolk, Va? is now connected
with the Pennsylvania railroad in New
York city. The future home of the couple
will be Richmond Hill, a suburb of New
York city.
Mr. E. R. Fletcher has returned to NewYork.
after a week here with relatives
and friends.
Tn rnunnn co fn HaintHtf on creo on.
i < ppviior n/ *. 1191 ?? v** 11'1
flbuncement cards, about half a hundred
friends of Mr. and Mrs. Hargreaves Klppax
assembled at their home In the Winston
apartments last Saturday evening: to
congratulate them upon the twenty-fifth
anniversary of their marriage.
The rooms were artistically decorated,
yellow being the predominating color
scheme, except in the dining room, which
was in lavender An elaborate display of
silver testified to the silver milestone having
been reached.
Miss Helen Crennan poured, while Mr.
Howard yhober, jr., assisted Miss Kippax
In the drawing room.
Marriage Licenses.
Marriage licenses have been Issued to
the following:
Guy L. Rlppel and Marion V. Haas,
both of Sunbury. Pa.
Piatt H. Birch and Mabel V. Davidson.
Abe Jenkins and Catherine Bowling.
Richard S. Hall and Estelle K. Edwards.
both of Xomlni Grove, Va.
William Hull of Indian Head, Md., and
j Louise Gordon of Baltimore county, Md.
Samuel E. Corbin and Bertha M.
King H. Young of this city and Mollie
' E. Hussey of Newport, R. I.
Byran E. Graves of Laurel Grove, Md?
and Eva M. Clark of Leonardtown, Md.
John B. Jay of Charleston, S. C., and
Augusta E. Emery of Philadelphia, Pa.
Jacob E. Mendell of this city and
Mary R. Pottenger of Chicago, 111. ,
Deaths Reported.
The following deaths have been reported
to the health office in the past
twenty-four hours:
George T. French, 63 years, 1441 23d
street southeast.
Millard C. Ogden, 1 year, 418 8th street
Laura V. Pegg, 57 years, 416 G street
Rose Jenkins, 47 years, Providence Hospital.
Philip H. Weber, 73 years, 1343 Pleasant
street, Anacostia.
Mabel D. Smith, 31 years, Providence
Henry H. Walter, 23 years, 1233 B street
Infant of Henry R and Jeanette Brack,
6 days, Providence Hospital.
Infant of Hugh and Ada Smith, 3 days,
3813 M street northwest.
William P. Hearnes, 31 years. National
Homeopathic Hospital.
James Jones, 36 years, Washington Asylum
James Wansow, 45 years, 1617 11th
street northwest.
Lena Manuel, 58 years, 11411 9% street
Martha Garnett, 40 years, 916 3d street
Lucy A. feraxton, 90 years, 2619 O street
Sandy Harris, 60 years, Washington
Asylum Hospital. V
Carroll Brown, 1 day, Woodburn, D. C.
Three Washington Antoists Meet
With Accident in Baltimore.
Suffering from bruises and cuts from
flying glass, three Washingtonians came
home from Baltimore yesterday in a badly
battered automobile as the result of a
collision with a street car of the Preston
street line in the Monumental city. They
were Detlow Markinsori, 1419 Clifton
street northwest; Y. Caswell, 1208 Girard
street northwest, and Joseph J. Barrett
of 1331 Irving street northwest.
At the time of the accident the members
of the automobile party were on
their way back to this city. Barrett, who
was at the wheel, did not see the car in
time to stop.
Diamond Jubilee of Sister Bernardine
McJSlroy is UDservea.
PARKBRSBURG, W. Va., October 7.?
The diamond jubilee of Sister Mary Bernardine
McEIroy, a Baltimorean by birth
and for sixty years of the religious profession
in the cloister, was celebrated at
the De Sales Heights Convent of the
Visitation. A grand high mass, attended
by several priests of the dioces* and sung
by a choir of pupils of the academy, was
the public feature of the day.
Just previous to it the venerable jubilarian
renewed her vows of sixty years
before. A part of the ceremonial of the
profession was gone through, the celebrant
presenting her a crucifix and a
candle, in receiving which she chanted In
a clear voice some verses from the psalms
and gospels. Then a crown was placed
upon her head, emblematic of the eternal
crown on high.
Sister Bernardine received a cable blessing
fro mthe Pope, and a written one from
Cardinal Gibbons. After the mass she
was greeted by many friends.
German Physicians in Boston.
BOSTON, October 7.?Two hundred
leading representatives of the medical
profession in Germany, who attended the
recent Congress of Hygiene and Demography
at Washington, visited Boston today.
The physicians were welcomed by
Mayor John P. Fitzgerald and later inspected
hospitals in and about this city.
SCHWARTZ. On Sunday. October 6, 1912, at
George Washington Hospital, to l'bilip J
ami Aria J. Schwartz, a daughter, ARIA
BRAXTON*. On Sunday. October 6. 1812. at her
residence, 2619 O street northwest. .Mrs.
LUCY A. BRAXTON, widow of the late
Nathaniel Braxton, aged ninety years.
Funeral from Shiloh Baptist Church Tuesday.
October s, at 1 o'clock. Casket will not be
opened in church.
CARR. On October (5, 1912, at 9:30 p.m.,
Edith ami I'aul Carr. at the residence of his
grandfather, 816 B street southwest.
Funeral October 8, at 1 p.m., from 816 B street
southwest. Interment at Fairfax, Va. *
CASEY. On Saturday, October 5. 1912, at 10:15
p.m.. HENRY CASEY, beloved husband of
Hannah M. Casey.
Funeral from his late residence. 1211 6th strept
northwest, Tuesday, October 8, at 2 p.m. ?
Headquarters Burnside Cost, No. 8. Department
of the l'otomac, G. A. R.. October 7, 1912.?Our
comrade, HENRY CASEY, died Saturday. October
5. 1912. Funeral, at which the attendance
of comrades is requested, from his late residence, ,
1211 6th street northwest. Tuesday at 2 p.m.
Bv order of J. K. GLEBHON, Commander.
CHRIS STORM. Adjutant.
CUMBERLAND. On Saturday, October 5. 1912,
at 11:45 p.m.. JOHN IRVING (Jack), son of
John R. and Delilah Cumberland, aged tweu- *
ty-one years. '
Funeral Tuesday, October 8, at 2 p.m., from his '
late residence. 236 13U street southwest.
Relatives and friends Invited.
DAILY. Departed this life on Saturday morn- lng.
October 5, 1912, at bis home in Bladenshurg.
Md? Rev. JOHN H. DAILY. He is
survived by his wife, three sons and five
daughters Hnd four grandchildren. I
The funeral will l?e held from his late residence
Tuesday. October 8, at 1 o'clock p.m. j
Friends and relatives are invited. The remains
will be temporarily placxd in a vault
at Harmony cemetery.
DEMENT. Suddenly on Sunday, Jfcobcr 6, 1912,
at 11 p.m.. at her resldei^B 612 i'pshur
street northwest, ELIZABETH DEMENT, I
daughter of the late John E. ami Rebecca
I?ent Itciuent.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
FORI*. Suddenly, on Sunday. October ?. 1912. at
K a.m.. at hi* rcaldeuce. Scaluwk. Mil . IVES
MASON, beloved builatid of Mary M I'atteraon
Fotxl, In the thirty-ninth year of hia
Funeral from hi* brother'* residence. "24 Randolph
place northwest. Tuesday. October s.
at 3 p.m. Interment private. *
FRENCH. On Friday. October 4. 1912. at 11
o'clock noon, at hi* home. 1441 22nd street
southeast. Tw ining City. I?. C . UKORQK T.
FRENCH. Isdoved husband of the late Aanl*
E. French.
Fun?ral Tuesday morning. October R, at 9:3d
a.m.. from the house, thence to St. Teresa a
Church, where requiem high mass will tie
said at lo o'clock for repoee of ht* aotil.
Friends and relatives Invited to attend. Interment
at Congreaaloual cemetery. 7*
GRAY. (Mi Saturday. October N, 1912. at 12:3<>
p.m.. MARY E. GRAY (nee Rnslerieki, lieloved
wife of iTnirlen <\ Gray.
Fuuernl from her la to retddenee. 3d street
northeast, on Tuesday, (Vtolior s. at s.'ji;
thence to St. Joseph's Church. where rNjalotii
mass will ho said at 9 o'clock. Interment at
Mount Ollwt cemetery.
G11 KENE. Iteparted ttiia Ufo on Sunday. ?>e?nhor
H, 1912, H p.m , CHRISTINA, beloved
dauehter of IWIyoaw and Christina Greene,
ago?l twenty-two mouths.
Funeral from j?arouts' resldenee. 3.1s tinkdalstreet
northwpst. Tuosday. tw-toher S. lit
a.m. Rolatlvps and frtonds lnvltod.
HEBRON'S. On Saturday. Octobor .". 1912 at
lrt:N7 a.m., at Ids residence, 122st, ;yth
strpot. AU'HONZO IIRBRONS. beloved son of
Cordpila Hohrons. iip liatf* four slstors
two hrotliors and a host of rolatlvoa and
friends to mourn hi* io?s.
Homo is sad. oh God. how droary;
Lonesome. lonpsonip. everv spot;
Listening for his toii-p till woary.
Weary, for we hear It not.
Funeral Tuesday at 2 o'clock from Nineteenth
Street Baptist Church. Relatives and friends
Invited. *
JEXKIN8. On Sunday morn inc. October d. 1912.
at I'roTldenep Hospital, ROSE JENKINS. In
the forty-seventh year of her ace. Remains
can be seen at the undertaking establishment
of P. A. Taltavull. 4*3 7th street southwest.
Tnfoeui,... * U'lll? ? ? ? f- T..? * CN
iiiiri un ui n i lUi'lNMl. t II , (Ml I I K
toller 8.
LLOYD. On Sunday, Ortnlwr rt. 1912. at his
residence. 1724 2?h street northwest.
L1THKR W., tieloved husband of Florpflo*
O. Lloyd (nee Puton.)
Funeral from his late ri-dilenee Tuesday. October
H, at 2 |?.in. Relatives and friends Invited
to attend. Interment (ilenwood cemetery,
tBaltimore pniwrs please eopy.i
MYERS. On Sunday. October ?!, 1912, at 9:1?
p.m.. WILLIAM (SONNYi MYERS. the Uloved
s>m of the late William ami Sarah
Myers departed thl? life at his residence.
1707 10th street northwest.
Funeral Wednesday. October 9. at 3 p.m from
his late residence. s*
NORMAN". Departed this life Saturday, ttctolier
5. 1012. at 12:30 p.m., at her residence.
1110 20th stri-et northwest. Mrs. FANNIE
NORMAN, beloved mother of Millie Hutlei
Frances I.ucas. Sarah Lucas ami William
Funeral from Nineteenth Street Baptist Church
Tuesday. October H. at 3 p.m. Relative*
and friends Invited to attend. (New York
and Chicago pa|ters please eopy.i
ROBINSON. On Satunlay. October 5. 11112. at
">:30 p.m., at lier residents', ti3."> W street
northwest, MATT1E V., lielovtsl <1 a tighter of
R. Louise Robinson, aged thirty-three years.
Funeral Wednesday. Octolier 9. at 12 o'cloek.
from house. H*
SMITH. On Sunday, October tl. 11?12. at 12
o'clock in., at her resilience, 1019 2d street
southwest. ESTKLLK SMITH, beloved daugliter
ttf Keiiecea and Edward Smith and sister
of Roslc. Ilattie. Rctiecca, Walter, Koliert
and the late Kdward Smith.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
SMITH. On Mondav. October 7. 1912. at 3 30
a.m.. On. FRANK O. SMITH, C. S. A
tretlredl, at his resilience, 13INI 21*t streer
Notice of funeral later.
All members of Loyalty Council. No. 297. I. O.
of St. Luke, are requested to attend the funeral
of Brother OVERTON 1'. SMITH, at Shitoh Baptist
Church. Tuesday. October 8, at 2 o'clock
p.m. By order of the W. C.
TAYLOR. On Sunday. Octolier 0. 1912. ANDREW
MILTON TAYLOR of 1123 7th street
northwest, beloved win of Rose C. and the
late Andrew It. Taylor, aged thirty-eight
v enr*. ueiiumi- ai nil- * nilim-i "i riani
Geler's Son*. 1113 7th rtteot northwest
Notice of funeral hereafter.
WALTER. On Saturday. Octolier 5, 1912. at
4:10 a.m.. after a lone Illness. which he
liore with Christian fortltmle. HKNItY lll'N
TER WALTER, beloved mm <if Henry S. ami
Virginia C. Walter, in hl? twenty no ootid
Fonernl from the residence <?f his parents. 1223
B street southeast. Wednesday. Oi-IhImt 9,
at 3 p.m. Relatives and friends Invited to
attend. *
WELLACER. On October 6. 1012. at 2 a.m..
Funeral services at 3 n'clm-k n.nt. Oetoher 8. at
I^ei's undertaking estahllshnient. 332 Pennsylvania
avenue northwest. Friends are Invited
to attend. *
WILKINSON. Suddenly, on Saturday. Oet.d^r
{>. 1912. at 9:45 p.m., at Ills residence. 1*>1
E street southwest. JOHN FRANCIS N.
WILKINSON, Sr.. liushuud of Itaehel Bell
Wilkinson and fattier of J. F. N., Jr.; MareelliLs
W.. Itosettle II. and Mrs. Genevieve
W. Cannon.
Funeral from Israel C. M. E. Chtireh. corner of
1st and B streets southwest. Wednesday,
October 9, at 1 o'clock. Relatives und friend*
are Invited to attend.
On October 5. 1912. J. F. N. WILKINSON.
33". Kadosh midnight service by Jonathan
I (avis Consistory. A. A. S. Rite, at his late residence.
901 E street southwest. Tuesday night.
October 8, at low 12. Members of the eraft and
friends invited.
W. J. ABUAMS, 33% K. S. A.
In Memoriam.
BELL. In fond rpinemhrance of our dear mother.
MARY J. BELL, who peacefully passed away
one year ago today, Oetolier 7. 1911.
Beyond flic bar we'll meet again
TTie loved ones missed so long?
Brother, sister, father, mother?
And with them sing forever more unending
Think not. dear mother, that thou art forgot te?
by us;
Thou shalt never he.
As long as breath shall warm our frames
Our thoughts shall lie of thee.
KELLY. Iu sad hut loving remembranee of
m.v dear daughter and our sister. Imika
MILI.KIt KELLY, who died two years ago
today. October 7. 1910.
Greatly do we niiss yon.
But greater is thy gain:
You are gently sleening now
In Ills h?ime of rest.
LOCKLEY. In sad hut loving memory of mv devoted
husband and -air father, JOHN LOt'KLEY.
who de|?arted tills life four years ago
today, October 7, 1908.
SANDYS. In loving remembrance "f our dear
mother. ELIZABETH SANDYS', who departed
this life one year ago today.
SHORT. In sad but loving remembratiee of our
dear wife and grandmother. Mrs. ANN"
SHORT, who departed this life two years
ago, October fi. 1910. Anniversary mass, St,
Cyprian's Church.
'Tis the tears through many a l?ng day wept;
'Tis life's whole pathway shaded;
'Tis the one remembrance fondly kept.
When all lighter griefs have faded.
LI eery. JOHN T. GARNER. Mrr. ChapeL
1407 9th at. Phone S. 3787.
1337 10th St. N.W. Phone N. 47.
Modern chapel. Telephone rail North 529.
George P. Zurlhiorst,
301 K. CAP. ST.
BetahlUhed 1857. CHAS. 8. ZCBHORST. Mrr.
940 F Street N.W. ;
Phones Main Jjjf?;
Frank A. Speare. Mgr.
WM. H. SARDO <& CO.,
KJ8 H *t. n.e. Modern rbnpel. Phone Lloroln 524.
J. VMlXiAil LEE, Funeral Director
ind Embalmer. Livery In connection. Coonalions
chapel and modern crematorium. Modest
>rtre? W' P? ave n ? Telenhone rail
Funeral De?igua. Funeral deauciu.
leantifnl floral designs ?err reasonable la priest.
Phone ?41W Main. 14th ami I ?t?. n w
Utk aad 9 au. m.v, Rmm M.MI Cm hoakkfc

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