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V *
| We extend a cordial invitation to the people
| of Washington to come and visit our
| newly equipped establishment
| at 722 Tenth St. N.W.,
? Where we will take great pleasure in showing you
? the wonderful new discovery, the great orthopedic
* mechanical cure for disease. Our institute is under
* the management of able licensed physicians and .
> Mirgeons. who have made a study of the latest scien|
tirtc treatment of disease based on the fact that
the foot is responsible for a great many ailments
that can be cured only through the foot.
| 1 | There Are a Great
I J Many Forms
I of Nervous
I Disorders That Are Due to
I the Condition of the Feet
? $yc of the paint.* that are supposed to come
from rheumatical condition.- arc due to the feet, as
! ! well as the majority of varicose veins. Mat loot or
*:* fallen arch, or metatarsal trouble, the existence of
> which is usually indicated by the presence of corns.
I> callouses or bunions, can be permanently cured, ab*j*
solutely without pain by this scientific mechanical
> method.
! Why Live in Pain, Dread
i and Morbid Fear
$? \\ lien a visit to our establishment would mean a
a new era of happiness for you?
(.)ur system of treatment is by the month. Con*:*
sultation and examination fee, $1.00.
X Office hours, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
! Wilhelrriina Foot Treatment,
1 722 Tenth St. N.W.
Some Real Live Grocery
[ Bargains for Friday & Saturday.
If convenient give us your order Friday and avoid the
HI usual Saturday rush.
' * - * ' ??- ^ '> ^i?TAM?*Aa< O fine fnr 1 *#?
I no. A IUr|6 wan; sunuaiu inmive*; m v?n. > . .ww
Choice Evaporated Apricots, 11) 12 l jC
Lenox Scap. 8 5c cakes R>r .. :... 25c
Spearmint Cum. 25-ccnt pkg*. for f... . 5c
Sanitary Selected Eggs, per dozen ........ 29c
An extra special price reduction to induce you to try these eggs. They
are especially fine, and on< e you try them we feel confident you will continue
to use them.
Cuckoo Herring, plain Kippered, can 7.' ->c
Cuckoo Herring, in tomato sauce, can 8c
Onions, l j peck. 15c.: full peck 25c
[: Lot Secured Especially for This Sale?per peck, a9C
|j Potatoes. No. r fancy white, peck 20c
3f Sweet Potatoes, per peck 25c
H HAMS?A Selected Lot of Fancy Small Hams, d ^3/
y Average Weight 8 to 8 lbs., per lb.. . . . . JL Ot4C
p CI OUR ^ c cheerfully refund your
? money if von ever used a flour
H FLOUR which gave you better satisfac
H < inarantrco to be as good as anv flour made todav.
tt ? '
p Special, 'lb. bagv W <>rth 25 c. pur price.. joc
a Special 1-'-lb bag*. W orth 50c/ Our price 39c
*f Special 24-lb. bag>. W orth 05c. Otlr price. . ..# 75c
S Special Myij-lb. bbl-. Worth $7.25. Our price-. .$5.90
I Bread 3 Loaves, 111 c
Don't currfuse uitr bread with "cheap" bread. The
8 ..nlv cheat* thiug ahout it i- the price. Judge its goodness for
| yourself. Irvine kif tcufiorrotv.
8 All thp FXery-Pay I'rlt? Redact hjii a.. Tf?e Bent and Cheapest Place to
8 Supply Tour Orocwy Needs.
Lansburgh Furniture Co., 512 9th.
8 Sfrjsi.FfJliim0,BsLF0,flLiiniK
r^S) v=*"^' ? ? ?
for Friday.
Von real!) cannot a fiord to ignore these bargains, bein
?c tberc'N a legitimate saving on every otic?and large
mi' -ugh t< make it an incentive.
\Yhatc\er you need in Cpholsterv < ioods. Curtains or
>thcr thing- to make the home beautiful, you'll find here at
' wc-t prices in town. ,
With the Privilege of flaying the Bili
by the Week or Monthly.
>S pair- Bobinette Curtains, in ecru and /to ^1 E^/fT\
white: renaissance edge and insertions: II ^0 0
renaissance scroll center. One day li fv
J4 Tapestry Couch Covers, in four orien- (d^^) f| EP
tal patterns. Will be sold tomorrow at.... 11 QJ'
4- pair- I ape>try Bordered Portieres, /to y; a
in brown, green, re.i and nile. Will be s
s, Id tomorrow at cJJVUJo^QJ'
I lansburglt Furniture Co.,
53 2 Ninth Street.
* TV ~ - - ~~~ ' ?' " '
! - - - y
J. Army Orders. ?
4?" I.eave of absence granted First I.ieut. Y
Y Leo C. Mudd, Medical Corps, August Jo X
I 0:1 surgeon's certificate of disability is A
A extended one month and fifteen days on \
Y account of sickness. X
Y The following transfers of officers of t
Y the Coast Artillery Corps are ordered: Y
> First J.lent, llollis Le R. Muller, from T
Y the l.Vith Company to the lnlst Com- X
X pany. A
X First Lieut. Isaac E. Titus, from the A
A "Sth Company to the ir>6th Comp?any. A
A Each of trie officers named will pro- A
A ceed to*join the company to which lie is A
A transferred. * jr
A ("apt. Calvin D. Cowles. jr.. Medical Y
A Corps, will visit West Point and New Y
A York city. X. Y., and return, between Y
Y October 1." and January 15, 1913, for spe- Y
Y clal study in eye refraction. A
Y Lieut. <*oL Henry D. Snyder, Medical ,,
A Corps, is designated to conduct the ex- A
*t* amination of applicants for appointment A
A in the Medical Reserve Corps of the A
A army during absence of the attending A
A surgeon, New \orit city. y
A Leave of absence for three months, to V
take effect on or about November 1. is Y
> granted First Lieut. Henry V. Michie, J
y jr.. Medical Corps. X
Y Leave of absence for two months is X
? granted Capt. Matthew A. Katson, I'nited a
X States Army, retired, recruiting officer. A
X Leave of absence granted Lieut. Col. A
A Harry L. Hawthorne, Coast Artillery y
X Corps. June ii8, Is extended one month. y
j? The following assignments of officers V
A of the Quartermaster Corps are ordered y
A to take effect November I. Y
y Col. John B. Bellinger (assistant quar- ?
termaster general). Eastern Division, as Y
A chief quartermaster; Maj. William B. ?
y Rochester (paymaster), Maj. William K.
y Horton (quartermaster). Maj. Frank H. A
y I.awton (commissary) and Capt. Briant H. A
y Well? (quartermaster), Eastern Division. A
? as assistants to chief quartermaster of y
T that division. y
? Col. John L. Clem (assistant quarter- ?
X master general), central division, for y
? temporary duty as chief quartermaster ?
until relieved by Col. Ablel L. Smith X
A (assistant commissary generalt, when Col. ?
y Clem will repair to Washington and re- A
port to the chief of the quartermaster ?
? corps for duty in his office. ?
*{* Col. Abiel L. Smith (assistant commis- y
X sary general) relieved as purchasing com- y
? missary and subsistence superintendent, ?
A army transport service., New York city, A
A will proceed to Chicago. 111., and report A
A to the central division for assignment as A
y chief quartermaster. Lieut. Col. Frank A
y F. Fast man (deputy commissary general), A
y Lieut, Col. Daniel E. McCarthy (deputy y
*t* quartermaster general), IJeut. Col. James
A B- Houston (deputy paymaster general), y
A Lieut. Col. Beecher B. Ray (deputy pay- Y
master general) and Capt. Joseph F. Y
Gohn (quartermaster), central division, A
A assistants to tlie chief quartermaster. A
y Col. Frederick Von Schrader (assistant A
Y quartermaster general), western division. A
Y clilef quartermaster: Col. Hamilton S y
Y Wallace (assistant paymaster general), y
A Lieut. Col. Charles R. Krauthoff (deputy Y
A commissary general), Maj. George E. Y
A Stockle (quartermaster), and Capt. Orrln X
A R. Wolfe (quartermaster), western dlvl- A
A sion, assistants to the chief quartermas- A
Y ter* Y
y Maj. B. Frank Cheatham (quartermas- A
y ter). Department of Hawaii, chief quar- A
Y termaster: Capt. Datld B. Case (commls- y
Y mary), Capt. Eleutheros H. Cooke (pay- V
Y master), Capt. Clyffard Game (quarter- Y
A master) and Capt. Frank B. Edwards Y
A (quartermaster). Department of Hawaii, Y
y assistants to chief quartermaster. A
' A Lieut. Col. Moses G. Zaltnski (deputy X
L quartermaster general) assigned a3 depot A
quartermaster. New York depot. A
J Lieut. Col. Richmond McA. Schofield A
(deputy quartermaster general), Maj. A
Martin J. Henry (commissary). Capt. y
Ralph S. Granger (Quartermaster) and V
j Capt. Jack Hayes (commissary* will re;
port to the depot quartermaster. New *j*
; ; York city, as assistants. *:*
vol. William H. Miller (assistant quar- Y*
: termaster general) assigned as depot ?
quartermaster. Seattle depot. MaJ. Hugh X
J. Gallagher (commissary), Capt. William X
; D. Chltty (quartermaster), and Capt. Wil- ?|?
: Ham M. Goodale (paymaster) will report ?
; to the depot quartermaster, Seattle, X
: Waslu, as assistants. X
Col. Gonzales 8. Bingham (assistant ?
; quartermaster general) assigned as depot V
; quartermaster, Jefferaonville depot. Capt. ' *
: Howard R. Perry (quartermaster) will re- T
: port to the depot quartermaster, Jeffer- Y
' sonville, Ind., as assistant. , t
IJeut. Col. John T. Knight (deputy (,
j quartermaster general), assigned as de:
pot quartermaster, San Francisco depot, ,?
; Quartermaster Corps, and general super- ??
: intendent, army transport service. .San X
! Francisco. Cal. Maj. William H. Hart ?
; (commissary), Maj. Charles E. Stanton ''
; (paymaster). Maj. Henry T. Ferguson
: (quartermaster), Capt. George McD. "f
I Weeks 'commissary) and Capt. Arthur T
: Cranston (quartermaster) will report, to (|
| the depot quartermaster, San Francisco,
; Cal., as assistants. Capt. Frank D. Ely X
; (quartermaster), Capt. James V. Ileidt a
; (quartennaster), Capt. Alexander J. Mac- X
: nab (quartermaster) and Capt. Hugh K. X
| Taylor (quartermaster) will report to the X
; general superintendent, army transport ??
i service, San Francisco, Cal., as assist- V
: ants. ?
Lieut. Col. George F. Downey (deputy Y
| paymaster general), assigned us depot T
;: quartermaster, Washington depot. Y?
! j Maj. Henry G. Cole (commissary). Maj. Y
: j James E. Xormoyle (quartermaster). X
: ! I Cant. Samuel F. Dallam (Paymaster), will X
; | report to the depot quartermaster. Wash- .j,
|;| Miston, as assistants.
Lieut. Col. John K. Baxter (deputy >
;;; quartermaster general), assigned as de- y
; pot quartermaster, Omaha depot, ('apt. V
: Frederick G. Strltzlnger, jr. (quarter- j?
j|| master), will report to the depot quarter- y
master. Omaha, Neb., as assistant. Y
Lieut. Col. David 8. Stanley (deputy Y
quartermaster general), assigned as depot Y
I: quartermaster. 8t. Louis depot. Capt. Y
I William Elliott (commissary), Capt. Wil- A
llain H. Wilson (quartermaster) and A
I;; Capt. Karle W. Tanner (paymaster) -will a
report to the depot quartermaster, St. A
I Louis, Mo., as assistants. y
Maj. Harry K. Wllklns (commissary) y
II assigned as depot quartermaster. Chicago V
depot. (Quartermaster Corps (now the jf
III office of the purchasing commissary). Y
::: Capt. Boy H. Harper (commissary) will J*
: report to the depot quartermaster, Chi- 1
III eago. III., as assistant. A
("apt. William O. Smith (quartermaster) ?
will assume charge of the New Orleans a
office. Quartet master Corps, relieving
:: Maj. Frank H. Lawton (commissary) of y
T' uuiifs in me ^uiwiairnvr u^'?? iiiiciii. y
*: Maj. William R. Grove- (commissary) y
| will assume charge of the Kansas City V
X office of the Quartermaster Corps. V
J Ma.i. Arthur W. Yates (quartermaster) T
| will assume charge of the Portland, Oreg., *i?
** office of the Quartermaster Corps. A
Alaj. William G. Ganibrlll (paymaster) X
? will assume temporary charge of the Den- X
~if ver office. y
'apt. Salmon F. Duttou (commissaryI ?5?
' will report to the Denver office for tern- y
porary duty as assistant. y
Dleiit. Col. Thomas C". Goodman (deputy V
| paymaster general) will assume tempo- Y
rary charge of the Atlanta office for T
temporary duty us Ids assistant. X
'apt. John J. Ryan (paymaster) will I
report to the Atlanta office for temporary X
duty as Ids assistant X
TJeut. Col. George H. Davis (deputy X
commissary general) is relieved as pur- <3?
chasing commissary, St. l.ouis, Mo.: will ?5M8I
turn over the funds and property In his
possession to Ueut. Col. David 8. Stan
ley (deputy quartermaster general) and uu
I will proceed to Boston. Mass.. and as- En
ij sutne charge of the Boston depot, rellev- ctss
Ing I.ieut. Col. Thomas Cruse (deputy jro
j| quartermaster general!, who will proceed <3
to Philadelphia, Pa.. and assume charge En
' of tlie Philadelphia depot. Wj
Moi l.'upl r* ('flrnah^n f ma vm&) trill n '
"* * ' " ? * ' ? ra
assume temporary charge of the 8t. Paul \vi
jl office, relieving Maj. Philip R. Ward j|c
r John P. Preston (payrAastci) will as- jr-j
sumo temporary charge of the San An- (0
tonio office. fro
Naval Orders.
Lieut, (junior grade) II. S. Babbitt ia V}.
11 detac hed from the Petrel and assigned to ?v'
|iI the Naval Academy, Annapolis; Ltgutij|
(junior grade) W. S. Fgber. from Roe
to Montana; Lieut, (junior grade) A. D.
Turnbull. from McCall to Massachusetts Jr.,
i as senior engineer officer; Lieut, (junior
j grade) A. S. Farquhar. from I>oulslana
(o Dixie; Ensign 8. K. Day. from Delaware
to Nashville; Ensign I*. B. Green, un
from Florida to Dixie; Ensign J. H. 8e'
<( Magruder. jr.. from Florida, to Petrel; <
Ensign J. W. McClaren. from New tin
Hampshire to PaUldlng; Ensign D. J. pa
Frledell. from Nashville to Georgia; En- l
sign R. P. Myers, from Delaware to list
Nashville; Ensign ('. A. Lucas*, from ed
Nashville to Georgia; Ensign B. II. ho
Bleri. from Delaware, to Nashville; En- 1
> , signs A. Bennett, tlarold Dodd, C. D. na
Edgar. Ft. J. Weeks and R. S. Went- sig
worth, from Michigan to Florida; Ensign 1
Pat Buchanan, from South Carolina, to E.
Met'all: Ensign R. W. Paine, from Kan- to
| to Patterson: Ensign W. B. L'othran. 1
?' from Nashville, to Wyoming; Ensign Di
' r
i ?
79c Value, at PETTICOAT:
^ tri ? i Reaueed to
9? Fair, ; $1.59.
j Good quality sof
j Women's Heavy Quality One- satin-faced Messa
Clasp English Walking: Gloves, in as- line Petticoats, al
j sorted shades of tan?a remarkable i " pure silk kind
value at oOc pair. Made with flounc
jj All sizes, every pair full cut and of aecordeon plaits
I' perfect fitting. The correct gloves Only a few color
for now. Friday at .*?be pair instead left. Choice offere<
j of 70c. 1 Friday at *1.39.
I' il
j Women's $19 is Tailored!
j On Sale Friday at $8.'
( W e have a lot of fifteen new Fall Tailored
( from one of our regular $19.75 lines. We ha1
) them at a price that will make them go quickly
( They are fashioned of black and navy blue wide1
onal cheviots, in the prevailing 4-button coat <
) long revers: skirts with wide panel front and bac
\ plaits.,
Following is the scale of sizes: NAVY BL.VK?size
size at. a size :!S. J size 40: BLACK ? 1 size IS years, a size
( and one size 4a.
) Verv stylish and serviceable suits, thoroughly well 1
) lined with good quality satin.
| Women's Silts Wortla I
i $25 & $30 Reduced to $1
A lot of about 45 Women's Xcw ball Suits,
) ing an accumulation left from various popular
( have been quick sellers this season. Suits in i
I mixtures, as well as wide-wale diagonals, serges
( cords.
( Si^es arc broken, and they are mostly in ou
\ styles. Some are fancy trimmed and others are plain tallc
( Included in the lot are three extra size suits for stout 1
t in size 47 ami one in size 4ft.
( IJned with satin duehesse and silk serge. Choice at $
"Mil Remnants" of y
Qualities Sold Off tine Piece
Leragtlhs From One=C
Tlnree=Qiuiarters of a'
We obtained several hundred sample ends ;
and Velours from an importer to sell at a fraction
find a need for these small pieces, which range i
a yard, should he on hand early Friday morning
The lot consists of Fine Silk Velvets, heavy,
fall colors. Qualities sold in the regular way at 5
choice of any length.
^ ? (SU TrjUlTis, 9 (
At Sa?ings of A
\\isc shoe buyers arc responding enthusiastic;
of Women's High-grade Shoes, which we arc distr
regular prices. The styles are up to date and the <
offered choice of a wide range of all the best lctftl
tell of the big savings.
$1.45 AF^ $1.95
Sold Regularly at $2.50 Pair. Sold at $3, S3.50 ;
Dennis & Ellis' stock of Women's Dennis & Ellis' stoc
Footwear, consisting of High and High-class tootwear,
r ct- . .a ... 1 aid tow Shoes in 1
Low Shoes in button, blucher and . . . . , ,
and lace styles; of 1
lace styles: all the best leathers. most pop?iar leathers
such as patent colt, gun metal, viol sia calf, patent colt,
kid and velvet, with high and low j soles
heels, tipped and plain toes. J heels, tipped and pla
ti^n # !#? i?iniii>iiiiitBiiiiiiilaiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiii.-i..i..i.. .a s__a__a__a a_.a __> ? > A s.a^i.ai
WW ?1 W - ?^- ^~*ww~wwwWwmW',W*W*w**Ww*W*mWWW*W~Wm'WmW9mWmW9mW?W9'WWWm'
-y . * *
j Large Room Size R
j Odd Lots Deeply Sacrifh
18 Axminster Rugs, size 0x12 feet: heavy high-pile fal
ental. medallion and conventional patterns show- .
ing a variety of desirable colorings. These are Hj T|
slightly mismatched: that's why we are able to Jy II
1 offer the regular S2.V00 grade for only ^
!Samc grade, in size 8 ft. 3 by 10 ft.: worth $22.50
Floor samples of our regular stock of Brussels and Vc
every one perfect?in sizes S ft. :i by 1 ? ft. ti and Ox 12 jft.,
also 0x11 ft. Choice of floral, medallion and yonventlonal
patterns. Sloane. Smith and Hartford cJtP
^ makes. Regular Slo.OO value at *
WASH GOODS. ? Men s Fun
IOC and 12 />C Qliullties ! -Men's Sl.oo Union
/ ~~r ! good, heavy weigh
At iyHC A ard. } -siz(>s- Friday at..
An accumulation of short lengths s Men's 2.">c Seamle
and remnants of wash goods from | Hose, made with
our Domestic Department includ- i forof>rl hf.ol and (o
* ? -ti-inltwl mn- 2 , , M .
Jng HIP louon IMPS T,u...v?
terlals for fa.ll needs: I onij. i air..
Yard-wide Percales, 27 and 36 -- x. ..
hieh Uuting Flannels. t'anton and n ^ S ,Pe sre
Domet Flannels. Fleecedown Flan- I Mimm> _ pereale, ma
nels, 27 and 32 inch Dress Oing- f ,1', . ''11
hams. Chambray. 32-inch Madras, f attached: all sizes ?
Amoskeag Apron Ginghams, etc. T ,r? . ... .
Itomnani prfc,. yard. | ^Vn..^Y^k'
r^~" T.. ? make: good, heavy
Remnants of 36-inch Bleached Hv. with pockets...
t'otton and Fambrie, in lengths ?
from 3 to 12 yards: line, close f Men's .25c Silk Foi
weaves, free from dress- * liand Ties, in a
ins. Regular 10c and ?''M-G J assortment of plair
12^.e values at. yard... ; ors. Friday at
fus King, from Montana, to Wyoming; Ensign R. E. Dennett
sign C. If. Boucher, from San Fran- ton to Petrel.
io to Vermont; Ensign Tf. A. Strauss, The Salem has been d<=
m Patterson to Vermont; Ensign R. as receiving ship at
Walling, from Trippe to Louisiana; Wabash has assumed
sign D. C\ Patterson, from Dixie, to porarily.
omfng; Ensign E. ?. Blakeslee. from The "mail address of
Hiding, to Wyoming; Ensign B. O. Saturn has been chang
lis. from Ftah to Roe: Ensign It. V. j station, via San Fraud!
C abe. frefhi Yankton to Georgia; En- . care of the postmaster.
I. ' c? gs T/
n I,. F\ Smith, rrom \ lrjeuiiii. me i . r>. n. rvcumm,
ppe; Ensign F. S. Match, from Ft ah first reserve at the nav
San Francisco; Ensign T. S. King', phiu. Pa., September
m I'tali to Yankton: Ensign W. W. fi^. g. g, Wabas
'bster. from North Dakota to Panther; temporary commission ;
sign Jenifer (Jarnett. from Louisiana Boston, Mass.. October
Fanning; Ensign F. C. McCord. from
chlgan, to* Burrows: Ensign W. E. Movements of Na
odhue, from Michigan, to Drayton; ... , ,
ief Carpenter C. S. Taylor, from works ' "e Arethusa has arri1
Maryland Steel Company, October 'JS, the Saratoga and Alban
Connecticut, and Chie; Carpenter J. H. ]Dcs Moines at Puerto,
1. detached from Connecticut, home. bow> Decatur and A5ai
it orders. u DolpWn at Boston;
tctlng Assistant Surgeon I-. A. Hart- ?
g is appointed an acting assistant sur- at ^cattle, the >
on in the navy from October *J. ton; the Salem at Tlv
'arpenter E. S. Covey is assigned to Arkansas. Michigan, V
e v.-orks of the Maryland Stotl foai- j clops at North river, N
11 y at Sparrows Point. M(l.. October -1. Blakely and Dupont at
'apt. A. P. Christ is piaced on retired New York; the Monadno
. as a captain. October 4. UMJ; detach- Cincinnati at -Manila.
office of judge advocate general; to The Truxtun lias sailc
me. for San Diego; the F
-le.ut. c. S. Joyce is detached from Portsmouth. N. 11.. for
vy yard. _ Portsmouth. N. II.. and as- the Ceorgia (rom Bosto
ned to Wyoming. tlie Vermont, Brutus a
Jeut. Ernest Frledrick. from works of Norfolk for New York
W. Bliss Company. Brooklyn, N. Y., Charleston for New Yor
Arkansas. .Maine. Kentucky. Chcs
Ensign W. \V. Webster, from North Iowa. Missouri and Mon
ikota to Panther. dclphia for New York.
s! CMdfikv
i;, Odd Lot off Popular Corse'
e I Broke-n sizes in various popular trade mark brai
1 .A. A._ 1._ ? 1 a > . /in ? * m _ _ _ _
i. sets i<> n?* < io?ea oui lomnrrow at ??;>e eacu. aiaae ?
? j I ity striped ooutil, with extremely long hips; me
j ; with drawstring-; finished with heavy hose suppoi
j feet-fitting models. (Third Floor, Co
| Mercerized Sateens,
?inil1K i i20c to 30c trades, v~lAckj)
lULii ) | A lot of "mill ends'* of Yard-wide
??. ^ ) niaek Mercerized Sateens, rich lu$u)
) t trous finish, qualities well liked for
/ ij)o ^ i lining purposes.
1 f lengths front 2 to 8 yards. Friday
: Suits left \ I at I2*ic a yard.
re marked j " * 1 ' " ' r
tomorrow. 1 Yard-wide Draperies,
ffect wis I 12/2c& 1>c Kinds, 6/2c.
. . . ) * About a thousand yards of Yardk
aild toot l | wide Scrim, Silkolino and Madras, in
3( f remnant lengths from 1 to 10 yards.
( i Fight and dark colorings.
l'c?rs*. i ( 1 Suitable for curtains, draperies.
4 size 40 ) | scarfs and coverings for comforts.
, , ) 1 Friday at tit? a yard,
tailored and \ ?
i g , j--g- g -<rg 'gi,< *#' >- i- | '
flfti f A ' I 29c Wkidtw Shades. 1 >c.
I IU IL'U | T-ot of r<0 dozen Opacfue Cloth Win
. . flow Shades, size 3x6 ft.: mounted
^Y P ) on 3trong spring rollers. Subject to
U V 4 * slight imperfections, such as an oil
0 M 0 f uriAt i>t'oa qp nf AtllAT" fl'lvlnl fwillt.
rpnrpipnr I In ' white. ecru and several shades \
F c- ~ , | of green. Friday at 15c each. '
lines that ' |-? >++ .. . .... ... j
ashionable j CHILDREN'S CAPS. I
and xv up- j W()rth Each_39c j
e-ot-a-kind / I Clearance of a lot of Little Cliil,r0fj
\ ? dren's Caps, of silk and other ma- j
ivomen?two ) i terials. at 30e each. J
( T Neatly trimmed with laces and rib- 1
l? 7-, ( f bnns.
( | (Third Floor?Juvenile Dept.) '
'civets ail fetoirs. j
' at $1.50 to $3.50 Yard, j
Quarter to <| (fj^ |
Yard . . . JLS/IS ' I
ind remnants of Finest Quality Silk Velvets j
i of their regular worth. Women who can \
in size from one-quarter to three-quarters of |
for best choice. j
lustrous, high-pile grades, in black and new \
sr.50 to $3.50 a yard. Tomorrow at 19c for \
Stoek ?f Sh?es :
ibont V* Pri?e? i
ally to this sale of Dennis & Fllis' entire stock
ibuting on a basis of 50 cents on the dollar of
jualities known for superior merit. Vou are ;
lers and every fashionable model. These prices
ATgjr- $2.45 APatr- !
ind $4 Fair. Sold Regularly at $4 & $5 Pair. '
of Women's Dennis & Ellis' Finest Grades of
including High Footwear, embracing all the smart- ]
pst ?a mlons tor rail ana winter i
jutton. bluchei wear. lligh and ,ow shoes> of Rusrest
grade and sja cajft patent eolt. gun metal, vlci ,
, such as Rus- kid. suede and velvet, including 12, j
gun metal, vi-i 14 and 1H button shoes. High and j
Hand-sewed low heels, tipped and plain toes. j
. High and low Hand-sewed and turned soles. Cloth 1
in toes. and leather top?. 1
j Friday Snaps 1
MgSo \ | . '
? : ?m? j
;ed. i
: Boys' 'Clothing, j
o3>* ^ Hoys' Fall-weight Double- 1
) breasted Reefers, emblem on ]
, at $12.75. ) sleeves": in tan. red and fancy ]
Ivet Rugs? ( mixed oassiinere: 1
a 7^ $1.98 i
Uo A <D> 00. Reduced t<>. . . ^ # \
j Roys' DouUle-breascd Suits, with ^
" J kntckerboeker pants. .Russian"belt- '
"1 i<lrin crc I ^d and sailor blouse styles, with j
' 1 * bloomer pa 11 is: fancy eassimeie, ?
,su"n 60c t rMSfSi ?7 $1.79' I
years. Reduced 10. . j
ss I.isle Half 1 Small lol of Boys' Gray ^ ? ]
rein- <1 >n\ f Goat Sweaters. Reduced C i
?e: in \ OC ( to ? i
| Roys' T?n Slip-on j
Shirts, of tine J Raincoats. size 16 a q ?? J
de in i years only. Reduced H .CSa3> i
cuffs <$y)C | to ** |
| Roys' Neckband Blouse Waists, ]
Sweaters, the ? of Rood quality madras; a b j
& V" QfTTi * dark pattern; small sizes J[ ^(C '
?iual- | only. Remnant, price, each J
f Roys' Hats., fall and winter 1
jr-iii- v ? styles, of felt and cloth; 1
large <i z-k i juvenile shapes only. /-?? ^
i col- II i Values worth 50c and 75c ^,f5)(C ?
i each. Reduced to *=f<w^ j
, from Washing- r : . 1 =
itached from duty *
Little Stones
the Justin and
ed from ''Pacific
ge was placed in
y yard, Phiiadel
13.. TU^rnf.r
h was placed in iij ?y * nv?4 ???.v*
it the navy yard. 11 .. ?
7. 1J * * . - ~ 1
? v , The Old Pasture far away on the edge
of the mountain is very different from
red at Key West, the Green Meadows or the Green Forest,
y at Manila; the Yes. Indeed, tt is very, very different
Met.; the Rain- Reddy Fox thought so. And Reddy
"enda at Manila; didn't like the change?not a bit. All
the Supply and about were gxtsat big rocks and around
iph at Washing- and over them grew bushes and young
impkinsville; the trees and bull briars with long ugly
irglnia and Cy- thorns and blackberry and raspberry
. Y.; the McCall. canes that seemed to have a million little
the navy yard, hooked hands reaching to catch in and
ek at Manila; the toar llig ,.e)j coat an(j to scratch lii? face
d from Sausalito alld hands. There were little open spaces
Vasliiuston from where wild-eyed young cattle fed on the
Thompkinsvllle; short grass. They had made a thousand
m to New York; paths all criss-cross among the bushes,
"the "(lax from and when you trled 10 follow one of these
k; the Tennessee, Puths you never could tell where you
ter. Birmingham! were coming out at all,
tana, from Phila- No, Reddy Fox did not like the Old
Pastui#. There was no long, soft, green
5Cc Matting Odd Pieces of China, |
i Reduced to Friday at 3c. |
-raoarl I I2?fc?t^f,;(1 11 Mm Wwtk 0? to 15s. 11
Japanese Matting n i
? ? s | Hugs, size :<x?> .ft., ; ("lean-tip of aK the odd* and ends 1 X
j| In tloi-aT. medallion ,i of White China .-tilled from raittilar ...
te^C_ -J _ : and oriental ne- hich k. i.urKe ataonment oi pieces. .%
- ! slims: light snd Including l'latra In various si/.es. <
M | dark colorings. Vegetable I>i*hes. M?-at Flatter*. it y
nds of Cor- Cloae-wovcn, Cups and Saucers. J'jokle l?lsh?s ' y
f Una quel- : i s rn o o t h-f 1 n I a li and many other odd pieces. y
dluin buat. ' straw. Choice at 1 ' Values worth up to l.V for "c V
"tera. Per- i; -j&c each. , each. _ Y
raet r>*?pt.) "i iFonrth Floor.) BlWWCTt Hou>>fi*ni.-hiiigs Dept
df. _ ^ _ gjj ^
| We've Received Another Shipment of j f
> $3, $3.50 and $4 I :[
I ??1 vet Mats.! 1 ^
: I Atid Ttaev Are #><1 ifi\0 I
Offered at .. . (Spllo^? ?
! ) J *
\ \\"union who know the pros- | ?
\ X ent vogue fir I Hack Silk Velvet $*
\ Hats will l>e prompt to appreciate {
\ the X
fcring of T
\ ~2J They are the hats ?>f the hour { X
V^S^y^\\r ?fine quality hlack silk velvets \ Y
in the jaunty, becoming shapes \
j fashion has .stamped "correct." I X
In a complete assortment i t small, medium and large shapes, , *;
| showing the new flat effects for tinderhrim trimming, as ) <
well as the smartest and newest styles in Walking ilats. j %
Continentals. Flare Mats and rolled brim styles. j Y
Values wcrth S3.00. S.3.50 and $4.00; at Si.gX. &
: Silk and Cloth Brasses, |
Worth $15 amid $18, I
( A wonderful Friday bargain in W omen's Stylish Dresses ^
I of silk and cloth materials?newest styles and most charming do- 2
| signs for street and afternoon wear.
I1 Materials consist of handsome satin duchessc. chitfoii taf
feta and satin tnessalines, in the season's most desirable colors, 2
. such as brown, navy blue, taupe, new blue and black 2
f The majority are In sizes 30 and 38 although we liave a tew 4??s and 4_'s. /
> Value-s worth *I5.uO and $18.0o to be closed out tomorrow at .*0.75. X
I $12 to $15 Fall Smite I
_ i
tt-< n\ *r *t n r m it a
; ror men ama YOMimg men ?
Offered Friday at |||| gg f
We are giving von the benefit of the low figure we ohtaiuei! ?
on this lot of Men's hall Suits, where other store^ would he apt
to put the lot in regular stock and mark them at the full prices
they were meant to sell for. y
There are 65 suits in the lot. every one a new fall model.
Made of pure ALL-WOOL cassimeres and worsteds, in neat
dark patterns and fancy blue effects. Sizes 32 to 40 for men and
I young men. Well tailored, perfect fitting suits that cannot he $
equaled elsewhere for less than S12.00, $13.50 or $15.00. < fffercl ?
I tomorrow at $8.25. 1
1 Small lot of Slen's Slip-on Rain- Lot of Men's an<l Young Men's * ?
coats. rubberized cloth, fancy Odd Trousers, of cheviot and #S*
1 back: made with * Q E? worsted materials; in gray, 'tan X
1 storm-looped cuffs. jl and neat pin stripes: J
1 tfAViilur Si ftrt values. sizes 2!? to 42. Values /fj n d %
! 22 High-grade Hand-tailored I worth $2.50 and $3.00. ^ {[ >
, Suits, of finest quality materials: Reduced to v
i In new shades of brown, blue and Men's and Voune Men's Hats, of 'f
> fancy effects: only one of a kind. fancy stitched cloth, silk lined. *t*
' Values worth a* a also black derbies; nearly * 5*
' $22.00 and $23.00. ? 11 all sizes. Worth $2.00. :Reduced
to ^ Reduced to
\ Remnants of $ 1 & $ 1.25 BressGoodsJ
; Extraordinary Valines at Y'dl '
[ >
[ ff you are looking for stylish material for a new skirt, suit or coat, b >
all means attend th's remnant sale of Kail I tress Goods tomorrow. We'v e ?J?
i gathered all the short lengths and remnants of our moat popular dress
i goods and marked them for quick soiling tomorrow. 44 to r?4 inches wide v
> !'
The lot includes I'nfinished Worsteds. English Cheviots. .Mixed Suitings. ?3?
, Ratine Cheviots. Mohair Serge. Gray Mixtures. Storm Serges. Camel's llair ? ?
Cheviots, Striped Serge, Canvas Weaves. Melrose Suitings, etc.; in black, >
f navy blue and leading fall shades, t'seful lengths for skirts and suits. v
| L _ , ' , , r , |
I Silks at audi % SaYingsd
> '*=r o >
[ Remnants of 3H-inch Colored Taffeta. "ti-inch Satin Messaline.
, 30-inch Peau de Cygne. 30-lnch Klgured Foulard. 42-in?h Mar. A ([})? .1.
, qulsette and J40-lnch Tub Silks; good assortment of desirable Tr
i colors. Values worth tip to $ 1.2."i yard. Remnant price a
' - - . - - o
Remnants of -4-ineli Figured Foulards. J'-itu ii < .doled Aies,
satin*, 24-inch Figured Pongee. Stripe Messaline. Stripe l.ouistne, 'p ^
, Check Taffeta, Colored Taffeta, etc.. etc. Values worth up to 75c /-i .>
i yard. Remnant price
: , j sit on tlieir doorstep and look all over
" " " j the Green Meadows. It had been very.
ft M very beautiful down there. They 'had
LJ ^ jJ i. * _ made lovely little paths through the tad
T I ^l^rlTlf f|P green meadow grass, and the buttercups
X A" Aae Vw VM AAV and daisies had grown close up to their
very doorstep. But up here In the Old
Pasture Granny F'ox had chosen the
__ __ _ ? . r??T>T rm" thickest dump of bushes and young tre, <
I Hp CjT Tj I IlfwH, | she could tind, and in the middle ws? a
* **" \JL*\J IfXSJ 4 VJ4VL* I ,.eat p{Je of rockf XV;(y }n an?)ng
- , rocks Granny l'ox liad dug their new
_ | 1 house. It was right down under the
i \AJ Kiircxcc ;n uiddi^ ?< i,. .-i v
? ***** ^V00? 121 j I W1Y3. ill uir iiuuuir uj Lilt* ?J ?
... i .. . . . . ? 'II Jolly, round red Mr. Sun could hardly
'' -'' find it with a few of his long bright
grass to lie down in. And it was lone- beams. All the rest of the time it was
some up there. He missed the little peo- ^ Htddy^Kox "'tTidn t like his newpie
of the Green Meadows and the Green home at all. but when lie said so old
Forest. There was no one to bully and Granny Fox boxed his ears,
tease. And it was such a long, long way "it's your own fault that we've got
from Farmer Brown's chicken yard that tu jjve here now," said she. "It's the
old Granny Fox wouldn't even try to only place where we are safe. Farmer
bring him a chicken. At least that's Brown's boy will never tln?l this home,
what she told Reddy. The truth is that and even If he did he couldn't dig into
wise old Granny Fox knew that the very it as she did Into our old home on the
best thing she could do was to stay Green Meadows. Here we are and here
?way from Fanner Brown s chicken yard we've got to stay ah because a foolish
for a long time. She knew that Reddy little fox thought himself smarter than
couldn't go down there because he was anybody else and tried to show off."
still too lame and sore to travel such a Reddy hung his head. "I don't cure'"
long way. and she hoped that by the time he said which was very, very foohs 1 I.e.
Reddy was we'.l enough to go he would <-ause. you know, lie did care a ve.y
have learned better than to do such a (great deal.
foolish thing as to try to show off by
stealing a chicken in broad daylight as
he had when he brought a>l this trouble Reports from the various districts in
on them. Washington county, Md.. show that less
Down on the Green Meadows the home than a dozen voters affiliated as thlid
of Granny and Reddy Fox had been on termers during the two days of registraa
little knoll, which, you know, is a | tion. The democrats claim to have made
little, low hill, right whore they could a big gain as a result of the registration.

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