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Lisftcrimie OPEN 8 A.M.
: Antiseptic gHnanmHi
Mom A
i Hitm
| Jlaxs
Bottl? Establ
*5 i
1 - - - - - -
| These Friday Bargain
i lilies to Save. Mote
I Dress Goods '
i .^Or -sumd QRr. Valines _
\L/ ^ vy wvuii ^ w ? ww? www
: Another rare chance to practice ecunon
f either a irt. dress or coat suit, on can
U onals. prcttv bright plaids, storm serge in
| hair -icilian. 45-inch black and white shepln
a There i> a huge harvest of bargains hci
g a yard
I Velvet & Silk Ready-to-Wear
| Hats Worth up to $3.00 ...
H Ready-to-wear Mats of velvet and silk. ?
8 and long ears: some have fancy feather tri
8 Small lots left from the pa>t week's sell
3 np t<? S3.00. in black, blue and varied colors a
8 nations. Friday Sale price
I $1?95 Feathers & Win}
~ Fancy Feathers and Wings, white, bla
a sweeps, aigrette and marabou combination?
a effects, liood value at St.>5. Fridav Sale f
8 ?
| Women's Merina |i ~
| Underwear *
? Women's Medium-weight Ribbed A
H Vests. Pants and Tights; vests are
X: high neck with long or
2: short sleeves, pants or
tights ankle or knee FOI?
length. Price, each '"' V
I: Extra large sizes, 62>jc each. _ _
Women's Medium-weight Ribbed
J: Vests, Pants and Tights; one-half ? %/J. v Vsl
2: wool; vests high neck, with long Short length
! or ?l?eve?; pants or Velveteens, in
; tights ankle or knee /f&Q colors: iust
J; length. Price, each an(j dress t
X: Women's Fleeced-lined Ribbed from 'g to 2'
2: Combination Suits: high p?/Tn ?l-'o a va
g neck, long sleeves; ankle ^([1)^ row, .?3e yard.
? length. Price, each |l
I51-50 Remnants Brc
CX "1 Suitings.
ii apestry Worth up to $2.S0,
Couch Colors and Black, ^
n - Tomorrow we will put
i*0\*ers, ?S ported Chiffon Broadcloth,
v our broadcloth sale of this a
l <siu OS dark shades, including blac
: |j rtTB<r suitings, in most every w<
Ij luOng, tures, stripes, checks, hopsai
inches wide: all shades. T1
(0) skirt, coat, cape or suit le
value. Come early and get
per yar(j
! White and Colored Wa
Goods and Dress Linnet
Values Up to 50c a Yard. M
i Choice Tomorrow at ... .
H Thousands of yards in this lot. amon?
S Swisses, English Shirtings. Madras. Pop]
g Whipcords. Pongees. Mercerized and French
22 h if tired Silks and ( Yittrm Fabrics Plain ("hi 1
t: Jacquards. Natural and Colored Dress Li
Plaids. Marquisettes and Voiles and many
| lengths: suitable for most any purpose. Do
18 tunity on Friday. Your choice of materials
50c yard for
Men's Egyptia
| Derby Ribbed Under we
I; In AH Sizes, Garment.
. The famous Reis Derby Ribbed Shirts an
|: Every garment finished in a high grade ma
I; well reinforced. A close-fitting cotton ga
t', warm enough even during the coldest weal
I; cial value at, garment
I A Special Purchase of ^
| Misses' Coat Suits, W01
Made of all-wool serge and whipcords ai
S ture?: jackets are yarn dyed satin and peau
? Sizes 16 and 18. 34 to 44. Extra special for
; We have also arranged for tomorrow 01
H t ?>at Suits, all newest materials, in black, nj
jj to S30.00. For tomorrow
ITime it! In live minutes vour Stom
Surest, quickest Stomach doctor i
You don't want a slow remedy tc. in your
when your stomach is bad?or an ?get a large
uncertain one?or a harmful one? any drug stoi
- * i. a ? l.?1_ i -. -i > ?
i >uui siuuidi u is n?u \diudUir, jruu Miuuia rat
> mustn't injure it with drastic doesn't agree
) drugs. they eat lay
| Tape's Diapepsin is noted for and sours at
/ its speed in giving relief; its headache, di
/ harinlessness: its certain unfailing eructations o
) action in regulating sick, sour, food?remeni
( gassy stomachs. Its millions of Diapepsin cc
{ curves in indigestion, dyspepsia, the stomach
( gastritis and other stomach trou- ishes. Its j
ble has made it famous the world and ease in e
\ over. stomach dise
Keep this perfect stomach doc- to those whe
1 *
CLOSE 6 P.M. : 2-Pip?
ished in ifSf)0.
Sales Offer Many Opportune
Prices Ounted Oelow.
Remnants, ||||g
0 o o o o o o
iv. Kach length contains the right yardage fo
ch oose from salt and pepper grays, two-toned dia^
navy blue, all-wool fancy storm serge. 50-inch mo
jrd checks, nun's veiling, albatross, henrietta. ctt
re. so be on hand early. W orth up to 08c
. *
- ?f
QC BargaiinisforBoy
B a # J Juvenile Overcoats: sizes to T
w 111 navy blue ami eol- dj ^ /C (T
.. . . . r 1 1 ored efforts. Sil.TiO and CM II
?cll trimmed in folds : jr.", value?. Tomorrow.
mmillgS. Colored and Navv Blue Russia
and Blouse Suits:- sizes
ing ot hats^that soid -jc to e and 10. yj.r.o ^ =
1 1.1 ^ r - values. To pIoso n;it 1 Jr ,
.mcumm- |jtyg j| .rfiiif ^ VjSrfc.:"
Special Offerings in
*S at Q5>C Blouses.
* Navy Iflue and Gray
Domct Flannel. 40c value.
ck and colors: long At
; aml ostrich <9>5c ?SvfiaB?ae,an.'iclJSl?cA": 35c
)ncc Or o for S1.(X?.
2 _;??i outing Flaiads
J 11^)1*/ r? X\T<tr.Himor*
I VdlJllUl^
Yard \\ lemaaai Price,
Tomorrow, yard,
SILKS and q
Remnants ??MC
is of Silks, Velvets and Light-ground with pretty pink anf
an excellent varietj of tluo staple and fancy stripes ant
the thing for millinery checks: 27 inches wide: tine quality
rimmings, lengths arc soft finish; excellent for night
2 >ards. and worth up > frowns, pajamas and skirtings, anr
rd. lour choice tomor- j children's wear. By the yard, anj
qu ?ntity you need, cut from tin
? - ' piece, at Remnant price, S^c.
HaddOtllS O ^ Remnant
0 0 0 0 0 Talhilp
5(0) to 56 Inches Wide, AH *a
211/4 .^2/4 Vstmril H ^irncrti-ihs fTh?T1 ft-i
? / ^ ww v / ^5 44 W u X/JlU^Uv^UJ^
; on sale about 600 yards Fine Im- |
the accumulation of remnants from ^/4 ^ SL1TOS
veek. in all colors, light, medium and ,
:k; also about 500 yards High-class ; Wild?,
eave you may ask for; plain, mix- i
ckings, Scotch suitings, etc.; 52 to 56 j 71 /^\
lis is your chance to procure a dres-, 1
ngth at about one-third the actual ij
your chance at the low price, ^(Q)
' a Yardo
sh ifl (Th^ Ruffled Swiss
Ps? ylf. Curtains, 49c Pr
OlUir iL V&IV 75c Ruffled Swiss Curtains; tlire?
and five tueks side and bottom: 27,
# 0 yards lontr: neat and * ^
J them are St. Ga'l Jai"ty for bedrooms. Tfie 4y)Q
iins, I iques. Rep>. J, 39 Renaissance Sash Curtains
I batiste. Dotted and 2*4 yards Ionar, inches wide; bat
ftons, Silk and Linen S;i,Hisaon
nens, Cotton Dress good quality not. The pair.,
others; all in good Remnants <>f Stair Oilcloth. ynot
miss this oppor- | Jlr3nd.18. to.ches.":id.e'...Th.<;..?,C
WOrtll up tO (Q)ip J'J.OO Imported Scotch Madras Our
" tains; four extremely artistic pat
terns; w ide border effects, with all
i over centers; IP-, yards long; a nios
durable fabric for wear a /I /n
irfl ' i and laundering. The 1} 04f >
"u pair
Remnants of Curtain - ,
^ (T " Ya?d.UP. ,t0. .. H 2/2C
O J/ \V_y SI.oft Irish Point I.ace Curtains
o o two designs; neat borders with plaii
centers; excellent quality of net
d Pants, ill all sizes. suitable for bedrooms. ^ yr
. living rooms and par- V (fbvJ
inner; drawers extra i<3rs. The pair ep^ovu^
irment that will lie Remnants of Scrim. Silko>hai*
A rt\p <i * 1 j line, Swiss and Aladras, .
" ^j-^C l^ngrths up to 5 yards. The JQ
Women's and d? | ^ Q P
vi-1% ? ??-? COC I a
LI 1 Lip LU 1}/ M VIVl/
ii<l mixtures; colors are black, navy, brown and mix
de cvgne lined. Values up to $25.00. *2 QE
tomorrow only ... v 11
illy an extraordinary sale of W omen's and Misseiv\
and two-tone whipcords. Values up
1 ? "
atfiTI IBe jSs
1 TIT 1 TITlTlflTlTi A JTmUF
> iMtmifij | " ^
?d, <eti, ??<- Wise Woman!
% 11 ) If any dealer tries to 6ell you
in thC WOrlQ. j "something just as good" when
i you ask for a Nemo Corset?
e and then if any one and go to a store where you can
something which get what you want.
: with them; it what
s like lead, ferments KOPS BROS., Mfra., N. Y.
id forms gas; causes
zziness and nausea; i'
f acid and undigested 1
her as soon as Pape's Embroidery is very freely used.
>nic , in contact with gerle dresses show combinations of
all such distress van- broidery and maline lares; twenty-se
ironiptness, certainty | inch embroidery flouncing, forming tt
overcoming tile worst ^ or skirt draperies, is mounted on a<
irders is a revelation dion-pleated batiste or net found.
> try.it. ( 1 skirt. All-over embroidered batia|p
? ? .?.gj cotton crepes form entire dresses.
JJJJt ' 1
-J Latest Americ
However her other sowns may interest tl
2 her, every woman takes special delight 'r
S in the possession of -pretty, comfortable
matinees. The one sketched for today is
H so simple that it can be made at home
g very satisfactorily, and yet it is possessed
XX r:.,^i,? .-111
II <-?l llllilillt* 11 lit ( ill. Vlt'aill VUIU4CV* Oilrv
I mull was used in the original, hut there
are various other materials that would
I answer the purpose quite as well.
Crepe de chine is always lovely for
room gowns, whatever their character.
'China silk. also, is universally liked, and
S1" g there are the soft worsted stuffs, such
1. 2 as nun's veiling, ehallies, either cotton or
-> 5 wool, and any number of figured ma2
terials. so they are soft and pliah e.
3 The skirt is cut straight and plain, then
r^r-n the foot is scalloped and bound and furp
titer finished with a narrow ruffling of
3 the same silk mull. A second and sim3
ilar ruffling is arranged above it follow2
ing the course of the seailops. This mat
2 inee has short sleeves cut in one with
h 2 the body and finished above the elbow
" p with ruffled edge scallops, while one side
P of the front is out in a wide, squeren
p shaped tab that hooks over to the other
2 side.
=? 2 The surplus fullness across the front is
j) p taken up in gathers concealed by an efP
fective bow of the mull. The lower edge
2 of the garment slopes gradually and
1 2 Ki"acef,,I1>f to a rounded point at the een2
ter back and scalloped. It is given the
. I climo 1 roiltment nf ? * ??./?? ?%
ii i uiuiciii I'l nai i v? w i uililll^ iiicii
the skirt and sleeves have received. Tlie
ruffling is turned away from the neck.
A variation that surely would prove
pleasing would lie to substitute a bow of
coral or dull velvet for the one of self
material, and. if preferred, the ruffling
might also he of some contrasting color,
in which case, of course, the bow ft'ould
! match it. If a figured fabric were emj
ployed, the trimming might, be a plain
I color, carrying out the general tone of
the background: if a silk, then the ruffling
might be of chiffon in self tone.
One clever boudoir set, comprising skirt,
matinee and cap, is fashioned of shell
pink ninon brocade, which, by the way.
is a delightful weave for such purposes.
? since it has the general effect of a broil
cade, without its ostentatious gloss. The
H ninon is absolutely lasterless. The jacket
S ; ?f this particular model referred to is a
H ! saucy affair of Russian persuasion, with
5 a graceful border around the lower edge,
|? made by fixing fe.stoons of bebe ribbon,
XX with the tiniest cluster of satin or artig
tieial rosebuds. "Where the ribbon garnig
ture finishes at the fronts the ribbon is
H allowed to dangle in many loops with
H By Ruth Cameron.
s S Which is the inconsistent sex? n
2 The' older I grow the more I protest 1
5 against the accepted answer to that ques- ?
S tion. Women, to be sure, are very in- e
H consistent about some things, but if any
XX one can point out a greater inconsistency
g in the feminine character than the aver- 1
if age male shows In the discrepancy bell
tween what he thinks he likes in a worn- cs
H an and what he actually likes, I shall be a
? g ashamed for my sex.
P Once upon a time there was a young ,r
g woman who dressed her hair with a e"
g Puritan simplicity which was not becomg
j ing to her. She did this because her hus- t?
* band had always told her that he dis- w
g liked anything in the nature of rats or | di
m puffs, that he could Instantly tell when a 'j
g woman had them on and that he thought ))(
g they were always disfiguring. bi
m Now. one day a girl friend who was ei
8 visiting this woman persuaded her hostess J*
?to let her do the latter's hair in fluffy {|,
p ruffles style. The result was surprisingly tl
J H becoming, but the hostess insisted that
g she must take it down before her hus- ?j
g band came home, as he would not ap- n
o g prove. Finally, however, she was per- cl,
g suaded by the author of the new head- o;
s g dress not to change it. "I bet he'll like
r? | it," said the audacious one. "You don 1 tl
I know him," said his wife. I b
Uut as it proved she knew him better I
than he knew himselr, for when he came | ir
t home ins greeting to nis wife was, "Why, j ir
t how nice you Iook, dear. What have you si
t been doing" to yourself? If it s that h
| gown, I wish you d wear it every night." ni
A doctor's wife teiis how she meekly d;
adopted ail her husband's suggestions as ci
[ to heelless shoes, boneless corsets, shape- a
[ less dresses and ratless hair, and never
suspected that she wasn't delighting ids ti
eyes until she heard him enthuse over w
tiie wives of some new friends. She w
f made an effort to meet the women, and a'
t found tliat without exception they typiI
tied the opposite of ids suggestions to her. di
[ Again, men tvill almost invariably tell
| you tliat they dislike any sort of per- P1
t fumery on a woman, and yet they clus[
ter like bees about the attractive woman
I whose affectation of some particular
I ! fragrance is one of her attractions.
? ; Nor is it just in little matters like this
H tlmt men do not know their own minds. 111
) |i j Indeed, no. .Many a man will describe r
g his ideal woman to you one day as a
H quiet mannered, simply gowned girl, with J1
H some intelligence and character, and the 11
3 next day will throw himself at the feet ll|
* ? of some underbred, overdressed creature j*
' g with about as much intelligence in her
? head as in the puffs that cover it.
?H Which really deserves to be called tha
3 inconsistent sex? w
H I wonder. {?
g No, on second thought, I don't. Ql
I A New Velour Sombrero, *
> . ^
Tu one who ever has been the happy ?
possessor of one of the soft felt or velour
hats so popular last year there Is no
reason for wonder at their return to pop^
ulaiity this season. The velours especially
are practically rainproof, dustproof
and crushproof, and their wearer enjoys f,
an almost complete emancipation from t
L*n" the tyranny of the hatpin. The smart- s
otr"' est of these hats this season are the two- s
ven- toned velours und those faced with anitiics
other eolor. as the one shown in today's n
cor- sketch. This is of green velour, the
t, rolling brim faced with black velvet and
the crown girdled by a belt-of dull black t!
an? leather with a gilt buckle at the right a
side. ...... g
ro' ""If
:an Fashions i
? j
not her small cluster of the buds caught
p with the ends. The skirt is plain, but
rje roses and the hebe ribbon figure again
1 (rimming of the Cherlotte Cord ay cap.
I d II
Valuable Hints
For the Housewife
In running a home with one servant too
luch responsibility is often put upon the
laid, who, perhaps, has had none of the
aining needed for exactness and eleanee.
So it behooves the mistress to
larn just how to do everything in the
est manner, and if she cannot train the
laid according to her knowledge it is
me to give her up.
The mistress of the finest home, if she
innot afford a housekeeper, should know
great deal about cooking, how to maret
in the best manner, when foods are
1 season or not in season, etc. The
tactness and beauty of the setting of
le table she must first understand heme
she can expect a perfectly appointed
ible from the efforts of her servants. It
ill be no use for her to look like a thunpr
cloud when company is there and
irks and knives are on the wrong sides
1 the plates, or the wine is poured out
efore the soup, or the salad is served
efore the roast and so on. In the prop ly
conducted home it is the mistress of
le house who must know all things and
now them so well that she has little
Ifflculty in training the domestic up to
te desired point.
Housekeeping without a servant is
isler in one way if harder in another,
[ere no long-winded instructions are
eeded and the mistress is compelled to
o things "easily," which involves a lot
f careful practice. But at the same
me the working housekeeper will often
ive herself a deal of fuss and worry
irougli neglecting the rudiments of her
Before she is sufficiently expert she
lakes cakes and bread without tncasurig
materials, she stints on cooking utenls
and cleaning materials or she -eeps
er pantry in such a state that she can
ever find anything she wants. On wash
ays. ironing days, sweeping days and
inning days she is in a bad temper and
continual flutter of nerves.
Knowledge, order, regularity and discreon
should be the housekeeper's watehords.
whether she runs a home with or
ithout the help of a domestic. If she i9
ccurate in the understanding of foods,
nows how they should be cooked, has a
ay for every big piece of work and does
or has it done with system, she is
retty apt to get on well.
But she likewise owes something to her
tvn heart and mind. She must not make
er housekeeping a curse to herself or
tliers by going at things until the last
asp. To keep her spirit serene and her
ilnd well informed, she must visit and
cad and give little social functionshether
they are an entire success or r*it
om the housekeeping side. Her mere
umanity has the greatest of all needs.
nd so when she gets to feeling as if she
only a machine, bound to go until she
reaks to pieces, the time lias certainly
ime for her to take a respite , from her
ireriasting responsibilities.
Those, who bask in the comforts of a
ell ordered home, too. are much given
? ignoring the mental.and spiritual needs
f the able general at the helm. Often the
ome folks need a warning. Don't c-ver
>ok for imperfections of busy days,
raise all beautiful management, and
ith other courtly and affectionate at;ntiony
help the housekeeper to bear her
urden. For housekeeping is a burden
t times?when a woman only wants to
e a woman and petted and waited on.
0 look often into tlie heart, which is
nportant "to the welfare of ,the home,
nd when it seems bound' up in sadness
?e to it that the housekeeper has a good
me of some sort pr else a reft, from all
uties, which is still more'needed.
For the Play Hour.
French mothers greatly approve the
jpe pantaloons for their small girls, and
n the sajids at the seashore little figures
1 jersey suits might easily be mistaken
or their smefl brothers?save when the
listake had, been made of ifaving their
air uncomfortably long and out of harlony
with their clothes.
It is foolish, however, to put all girls of
rn years old Into these sexless garments,
nd there are some mothers who, so far
s younger children are concerned, fully
ppt cvia-i^ mc ttu * aJiictH1-' UI plii J IIIq
ults, but prefer that tliey should be
lore obviously feminine in design. As
n alternative to serge or jersey they
ave chosen play overalls of linen, made
rith the skirt and bodice in one. the
kirt being of the divided order and
omfortably baggy.
Hats and Their Trimmings.
Simplicity of outline and effect is the
aslilonable edict for the new hats and
rimmings. Wings come in for a good
hare of attention, large and small,
ingle and double, and In many cases
lade of the materials of which the hat
i composed or some contrasting fabric.
Soutache and the various fancy braids
hat go to make up buttons, ornaments
nd bindings 'are used on some of the
mart hats-for .promenade wear. '
New York
. The
Flak (
The present vogi
ated an unusual der
Our displays of
America for size an*
trolled by us, and a
They embody E
1 1 T 1
onias ana velvets;
Axminsters, Velvet:
inches to 15 feet, d<
The facilities affi
proper demonstratic
Correct measuri
I floor covering are as
this class of work.
| 1412-14 H Street N.W.
i - ?.
i i
I /A/ I 5
| * * w mm mm? j
Quite as tempting a cut from more |
expensive parts is a cannelon of beef, for |
which round steak is used. This piquant |
spiced loaf is fully as delicious when cold |
and cut in slices for supper or lunch as 2
it is served hot. and so is quite econom- f
ical. For dinner hashed brown potatoes |
and any other seasonable vegetable, su di *
as corn on the cob, may be added to the} 2
menu. Peach dumplings are as palatable i|
as they are old-fashioned, and offer one J
of the best of the season's dessert rossi- 2
bilitjes. X:
Clear Consomme. I f
Cannelon of Beef. Hashed Brown Potatoes. j 2
Com on Col>. Buttcfed Breis. j ?2
Sliced Tomato Salad. | 8
reach Dumplings with Peach Sauce. | fj
Coffee. | ||
Cannelon of Beef. j
Take two pounds of lean beef, cut from j: I
the round; one-half teaspoonful of grated j;;
lemon rind, one-quarter teaspoonful of 1<
ground nutmeg, one teaspoonful of salt, :
one-quarter teaspoonful of pepp&r, one ;;
egg, one-half teaspoonful of onion juice. j;
two tahlespoonfuls of melted butter and
one tablespoonful of chopped parsley.
Grind the beef and mix well with the, ;
other ingredients. Shape in a roll about
six inches in length, place on a rack in the ;;
dripping pan, sear and bake in a slow
oven thirty minutes. Baste every five
minutes, first with water and later with ?
dripping. Serve with brown mushroom ?
sauce. ;;
Hashed Brown Potatoes.
Take potatoes that were boiled in their.*;
skins and not too well done. Take off j
skins, remove any discoloration, then chop 1i:
rather fine. If you have no chopping bowl I f;
place in a tin pan (not granite, or it *villj|j
chip) or a large pie tin As a substitute j ? I
for a chopping knife an empty baking |;
powder or cocoa can may he used. When t!
potatoes are nicely chopped add a little ?:
finely minced onion, and mix well. Brown *
o fetrlnor non q n/1 ttim nntn a hnt nlat_ S i
Ill CV li J lllg I'Ull LI 11 V* ku? U VII VV I* "Wl |/l? (|J|
Peach Dumpling.
Pare, halve and pit six large, ripe I;:
peaches and place the halves togetherj;as
they were cut. Make a dough pre-::;
tisely the same as for shortening, rail : :
i tiiin and cut with a large, round cutter.!;;
I Lay half a peach cut side up in the center :
'of each, put a small bit of butter and j:;
three drops of vanilla in the center of
each peach on ihe forms. Then place the ' >
remaining halves of the peaches in posi-: :
tion, fold the dough over, roll gently ip j j I
the hand to make ball shaped, lay them j
on a buttered plate, but not closely; set i ;
in a steamer and steam twenty minutes.]:;
Serve hot with peach or any sauce pre- I j j
ferred. Ij;
Kitchenettes. jj;
* When making baked or boiled custard ZZ
the milk to be used should be scalded q
and set aside to cool. Then make a cus- j \
tard in the ordinary way and it will be ) (
perfectly smooth. i \
Pour boiling water over lemons before j j
using, mis win uouoie uie amount 01 \juice
they will produce. The pulp of a (
lemon is an excellent teeth cleanser. A )
bit of lemon put into the copper with a J'
little boiling water will thoroughly \
clean it. \
If a cork is too 'arge for the bottle in J
which you wish to use it lay it on itts j
side and with a little board or ruler roll \
it under all the pressure you can put \
on it. It will be elongated to fit In a (
very few minutes- )
When filling a cake tin remember that )
the center of the cake is the part which )
will usually be the highest, so spread the /
batter as much to the sides as possible. 1
leaving a depression in the center, then \
he cake, when baked will be level and )
much more convenient for icing. (
Earrings Up to Date.
Whether one wears earrings or not has
practically ceased to be a question of (
fashion; it is merely a matter of type. If
they happen to be becoming to you, you /
wear them, and If not you don't. Many I /
young girls imagine that they are ex- i
traordinarily chic and are never to be | '
seen without jewels of all sorts dangling j^'
at their ears, and in their case it is very j ?
much a display of rather senselass' vul- |
garlty. Well dressed and well bred girls :
do not indulge in silly danglers. Indeed,
the existence of earrings can only be justified
by themselves: either they must be ' *
stones of value or they must be artistic th
in color or design, otherwise they are not de
worth weiring. po
WASHINGTON San Francisco !
' I
j Demand for
ue of subdued decorative effects has crenand
for Plain Color Carpets.
Plain Color Carpets are unequaled in
i variety. Many of the weaves are conre
not obtainable elsewhere.
nglish Barodas, Saxines, Angoras, SaxFrench
and Domestic Wiltons, Domestic
s and Ingrains. Widths range from 27
spending upon the weave.
* i1
orded by our enlarged building for the
in of carpets are exceptional.
ng, making up and laying of this type of
sured because of our long experience in
Phone Main 4909
??__???____________________ . |
Mode Devices for KeeiDrag" i
? ? - ^ ^
, ?
i the Home in Order I1
t'R spacious ground floor liousefurnishing dcpartj(\\\
ment is headquarters for every modern device tor
keeping the home in order, First quality cooking
utensils as well as requisites for houseclcaning. pol- i:
ishing, etc. A partial list follows: ii:
Ching Foo Floor Polish fl-OO Galvanized Scrubbing Palls 25c
Mexoline Nickel, Brass and Cop- __ Wooden Scrubbing Palls 5?*r
per Polish, can 15c Clamp Mop Handler 15c
Silver Cream Silver Polish; bot..25c Floor Mops 15c
Gorham Soap Silver Polish, cake.2 ?c Knife"Polishing Boards."irlc i
D. & M. Silver Polish ?>c Long-handle Bath Tub Mops 15c i!
Solarlne Liquid Metal Polish..... .20c Closet Brushes 45c
Roachbane Powder, for insects, Rattan Carpet Beaters 25c ;;;
can 25c I Furniture Brushes .>K?. x:
Ching Foo Furniture Polish 3?5c I Scrubbing Brushes lUc up jjj
Silicon Silver Polish, box Ifte Radiator Brushes 4ue :
Wellington Knife Polish, can....25c Wool Wall Sweeps 75c ;;;
Burnishine Metal Polish, can 20e Hair Floor Sweeps from $1.?K) ; I
Butcher's Floor Wax, lb. can 45c Fiber Floor Sweeps from Hie 1
Old English Floor Wax, lb. can..40c Step ladders f 1.0ft up !!;
Butcher's Liquid Floor Polisii. Weighted Waxing Brushes.. .$2.<4) up ;
can -lie "Nodosf Broom Covers 25c ;;;
Blak-Lusta Stove Polish 25c Dish Cloths ftc :::
Donkey Floor Oil and Polish 25c Wool Dusting Cloths 15c ; :
Chcmo Insect Destroyer, gal $2.oo Hearth Brushes 35e
Scrubbing Cloths 7c National Carpet Sweepers *2.5J |
Dulm & Martim Co09 |
Pottery, Porcelain, China, Glass. Silver, Etc.,
1215 F St and 1214=18 Q St.
This $7.50 Silver Set |
We Cannot Make Our Offer Any Plainer g
It's Good ONLY Until Monday, Oct. 21,1
ggmggmiWiBBnDaMHHMHBHB mis an ?r?* zz
Address H. & B. Mfg. Co., Box 344, Star Office. H
mtrttmum? mmsmmttmmtmitmMtmmtiiMMiMiiHHiiinmi ..ff
Hair Coming Out??If Dry, Brittle, Thin or Your ;
Scalp Itches'and Is Full of Dandruff? !
Use "Danderine." ,
Within ton minutes after an ap- hair, taking one small >tfan?3""ar*a (
plication of Danderine you cannot time. ' The effect is amazing? )
find a single trace of Dandruff or your hair will he light. Huffy and \
a loose or falling hair and your wavy, and have an appearaWc of i
scalp will not itch, but what will abundance: an incomparable luster. )
please you most will be after a softness and luxuriance, the beauty )
few weeks' use. when you will and shimmer of true hair health,
actually see new hair, line and Get a 25-cent bottle of Knowl- 11
downy" at tirst?yCs?but?really ton's Danderine >0111 any drug r
new "hair?growing all-"over the store or toilet counter, and prove 11
scalp. to yourself tonight?now?that
A little Danderine will imme- your hair is as pretty and soft-as
diatcly double the beauty of your any?that it has been neglected or
hair. No difference how dull, injured by careless treatment?
(iAf*A hrittlp and trriwirv niit that's all vnii tnr?Iw '-iti I
iUUVVIi t J - *?-? ? J vw ? VI J V on iidV C I
moisten a cloth with Danderine beautiful hair and lots of it if you
and carefully draw it through your will just try a little Danderine.
- ' *
A Tnilot Watpr powder In a china basin and pour the
n I UllCl Tvalvl liquid on gradually until the whole is
_ r well mixed. Then add ajx drops of es\
good toilet'water mav be made in sential oil of violets, and pour the whole
e following w.y: T.k. ,1* o?nc? of "?? ? kwVl. week,. Wbor,
odonzed alcohol and two ounces of it is wanted a little of the fragrant
wdered Florentine orris root. " Put the' water'should be poured into the bath.

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