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| I
i ?MINT!
, I
1 Of Beautiful and !
Soft, subdued tones lend i
^ r? : i..,
urieruai i\ugs, which uiciuuc <>
tically every Rug section of the
An outside expert's indorse
purchasing these Orientals, f<
price, carries the Sloane guaran
and durable texture.
Whatever price you wish to
vited. Popular sizes are offere
$12, $15, $18 and $25 each.
! ===============^^
1412-14 H Street N.W.
. . - The
Men's Correct W
1 ' Is
Clearly Evidenced in Oui
The Latest Fash
Every Possible
i j
Clothing?Suits and Overco;
and general wear; Eveninj
Raincoats and Auto Coats; \
Haberdashery?Shirts, Nec
wear, Pajamas and Night SI
Sweaters, Handkerchiefs, M
?' " * ' . ?*
Hats?Derhies, Felts and Ne\
street and golfing; Silk and
Custom-made Garments
Shirts, Underwear.
ij - '
The following special values are offer
Silk Shirts, $3.50 eacl
Neckweax, 55c eachSilk
Hose, 65c pair'?1
I Pajamas, $3.50 suit?1
Bath Robes, $3.50 ea<
S Suits and Overcoats at $25.00 are specially fe
We invite every man to thoroughly ins|
with their many superior features.
The Service Is Prompt, C
, I . . . .*> - ? ?
9 Thousands ot Mi
& in Endless Variety of Style
1 at Prices Comparison V
| Ever Quoted in This City ft
% Come to the Style Cei
| and ask for the style you war
| Over a Thousand Models in
| Smart and Distinctive Suits
1$ Man tailoring; every fashionable
? fabric. The largest collection of
is styles and materials ever shown at
|5 the National Capital.
I At $25 and $35.
3 Please compare them to $35 to $50
9 Suits elsewhere.
g Elegant productions; newest ma9
terials and styles. G*W $25 values. ^
1 A* $39.50, $45 and $55
9 The most exclusive suits, faultlessly
% tailored.
Iti "ii . 11 3SJK355S11 '11 1 H 1 iLn. 11 m ? li u' i
1 I
IGTON San Francisco
JL Rlffi
Durable Texture
musual beauty to all our
lirect importations from pracOrient.
ment is not needed before
>r each one, regardless of
ty of genuine Oriental origin
pay, your inspection is ind
at these moderate prices?
Phone Main 4909.
si iLiyj u iniijiiiyir f street structure.
tance of
earing Apparel
r Extensive Preparations,
ions Meeting
Demand in:
its for business, street
ar and Dinner Clothes;
rests, Separate Trousers.
_ . .. * . * '?
kwear, Hosiery, Under- - lirts;
Collars and Qiffs; j j
[ufflers, Walking Sticks. ;i
v Cloth Hats; Caps for
Opera Hats.
?Shirts. Pajamas, Night
s ? ~
i?regularly $5.00.
-regularly $1.00.
regularly $1.00.
regularly $5.00.
:h?regularly $5.00.
>ect the new stock and the new shop,
areful and Satisfactory.
/? BEST^ 1
)6 G St. , t
odish Garments I
s, Fabrics and Colorings |
Vill Prove the Lowest |
ir Creations of Quality. |
titer of Washington |
it?we are sure to have it. '
Great Sale of 100 Smart I
Serge Dresses at $10.95. 1
They're $15 to $18 values. |
Charmeuse Silk Dresses. A special 1
showing at j?
$19.95 and $25. I
The Biggest Waist Dept. |
In This City Offers These Exceptional Value -: I
Silk and Chiffon Waists, s>;
$3-95' $5""d $7-95- 1
Dainty Lingerie Waists, f
$1.98 and $2.98. I
Hundreds of f
A Very Strong Showing at $
$15, $19.50 and $25.
Not a wanted model or fabric I
missing, and the values are incom- |
parable?we leave it to your good |
judgment. |
Rhode Island Almost Ready
; Spank United States.
Trouble Due Primarily to. the Che
! nut Blight.
| Conflict Between Pathologist a
State Officer Over License.
Costs Aggregate $17.97.
I War between the federal government
the I'nited States and the eomimmwe(
| of Rhode Island lias been averted?t
narrowly it is yet Impossible to st
largely through the joint -efforts of
torney General Wickersham, Gov. Fotl
of Rhode Island afid Solicitor George
McCabe of the Department of Agrli
The "whole' embroglio arose over
question of whether the federal govt
ment was under any obligation to pa
license' to a sovereign state. That qi
tion has not yet been definitely sett
but it has been sidestepped by a decis
that the government can pay a fee t
state whether it can pay a license or i
Just what the legal difference betwee
fee and license is remains a secret in
bosom of the Attorney General, bui
any one wants to know, possibly he '
communicate it privately.
Meantime the. settlement of the quest
has cost the parties at interest i
the end is not yet.- The state of Rh
Island is in imminent danger of a i
for damages, materia! and exempte
and possibly the question of criminal li
defamation of character and false imp
onmcnt will .also be raised before
matter is settled. The original cost
the license or fee. as it was termed W
paid, was two dollars.
Chestnut Blight Primary Cause
_ The trouble was due to the ramif
~ tjons of the chestnut blight. When
" forestry cloud was hanging over >
England the state of Rhode Island 1
glad enough to avail Itself of the serv;
of the Department of Agriculture In
eating the cases of blight and to co-o|
ate in the matter with the federal I
j ernment. At that time one of the pi
pathologists of the government was t
to run down cases of blight, and runr
I being bad on foot he used a motor cy
j Everything Went merrily and the chest
! blight was being segregated and crow
j to the ropes when a Rhode Island t
I stable butted In. He loomed up In
j middle of the highway with a st
i metal badge of the contour of a scallo
i pie plate on his heaving bosom, and
j manded of the plant pathologist whal
' blazes he was doing riding a motor e;
; without a state license. The pi
| pathologist replied with more wan
I than diplomacy that he did not neei
State license because he was a fed<
To this the. constable demurred,
said there was no law so far as he ki
to prevent a federal officer walking,
he'd be gosh-dinged if he could go sni
ing around on a motor cycle withou
Htate license.
! Thus the issue was joined. The eh<
i nut blight blighter was haled to the n?
est justice of the peace and the mr
| cycle was impounded in the box stall
j the village livery. The pathologist w?
ed home. He p'ut up a kick to the
j partment of Agriculture and was info
ed that the department was not pay
any state licenses, but that he could ;
it himself if he warfted to. He did
I want to. ,
Passes Through Legal Channels
The case was put in the hands of
department's legal adviser and Solid
McCabe said of course he could not sa
tlon paying a state license. It was tl
put up to the Attorney General and
Governor of Rhode Island, and the
agreed that the license could not be p
and the other insisted that it must
!' Meantime the plant pathologist w?
ed. He wore out what he claimed in
expense account was $0.47 worth of s
leather, and the state of Rhode Isli
i paid Silas Lethbridge, _ the liverym
{ $*.50 for six months' r'en^ of the 1
; stajl. The powers 'consumed more tl
six months in pondering the case.
I the meantime the chestnut blight had
i its second wind and was distancing
plant pathologist who pursued it afoo
Dr. Galloway, the chief of the bur
of plant industry, is a mild-manne
man, and Dr. Metealf. the chief of
; chestnut blight investigation, while
ing a public-spirited citizen, is also ave
to lezal strife. Thev offered inintlv
pay the or if the patho ogist sho
i not want to bo so heavily indebted
| them, to personally to circulate a s
i scription among the employes of the
i partmeDt. Both these offers he kin
but firmly declined.
- Tax Becomes a "Pee."
! Things appeared to be at a deadli
when Attorney General Wickersh&m c
reived the brilliant idea of paying the
cense tax as a "fee." Just wThat the le
g difference might be he did not expls
- but he said the situation could be lege
3 met in that way. Therefore the at
\ motor cycle license was paid by
3 pathologist under strong personal prot?
| and was Included in his expense accoi
and properly vised by Mr. Zappone, I
i disbursing officer of the department.
But what happened to the motor cy
: in the meantime it is almost a shame
I record. The spark plug is on the bill
! the manifold rusted through in seve
places, the gasoline tank sprung a le
and the batteries are run down. 1
f pathologist demanded that these defe
3 be made good by the state of Rh<
j Island, with the alternative of a civil s
I for damages. Gov. Pothier was agi
3 appealed to. and he again declined to
J tervene. The pathologist threatened
j suit for damages and for false impris<
3 ment. He had not actually been 1
3 prisoned, except while waiting in the
| flee of the justice of the peace,
j The motpr cycle has been taken out
I duress and has been repaired at privi
3 expense, but upon whom this and i
other damages ultimately will fall 1
not yet been determined.
Preliminary examination in the case
the shooting of James Blucker, color
l by Town Sergt. Richard Duncan, m
i vdIvpH before a magistrate and the ci
!was sent to the next grand Jury. T
negro died at University Hospital, Chi
lottesville. Va.
!- Employee?"I would like more aalar;
I am going to get married!"
Employer?"Sorry, but 111 have 1
reduce tt. 1 am going to get marric
SWfC .......
S The M<
}he |i OMAR, ffre ne
jF ?f exceptional
It m. 9
cle .
a s
>n- b
of- Highways in Barry Farm Sub- I
it'e division May Be Dedicated J
to Government.
z ;
ed, Members of tne Hillsdale Citizens' Assoras
elation hope to make It unnecessary for a
Jj*? Congress to pass the bill which is now b
lr. pending, providing for the condemnation
of public highways, in the subdivision b
known as Barry Farm by Inducing prop- J
erty owners to dedicate them to the gov- a,
ernment. A
This plan was proposed at the meeting ^
held last night in Odd Fellows' Hall in
Sumner road. I
There was much discussion of the mat- |
ter and much satisfaction expressed over I
the fact that after many years the government
would endeavor to control the
highways. It was stated that it has p
been impossible to get the Commissioners t
to Improve the streets in the past, owing
to the fact that they did not control them.
The committee named to take up the matter
consists of Messrs. Dale, Howard,
Wilkerson, Jones. Smoot, Harris, Parker,
Webster, Chapman, Taleferro, Conrad and
Stewart. The committee is to make a
house-to-house canvaas. If successful,
sewer and water mains may be laid. ^
Schools Are Considered. te
Public school matter were given much
attention. The present Birney School, it
was stated, is now filled to its capacity,
j. and an appropriation will be recommend- t!1
ed for the erection of an additional eight:o
room building in the suburb. Strong op- fl<
id position was voiced to the plan advanced
by the Garfield association that stmt In
of the children from the Birney. School H m
Being The Modern Adventures of C
Philosopher, whose Poetry on the Jc
Omar Puts the ,
>rning Glories, Angel
3roadway collected in
1 held a Suffrage Meet
ollered," Give Us Sufi
tie Platform Omar clir
uffs', if Men were out
ho'd buy your Lobste
ten will still retain TI
w Turkish blend cigarette
quality?"The Joy of Life."
ent to the Garfield School, where there
eems to be ample room. The distance,
. was claimed, is entirely too far to reelve
serious consideration.
To strengthen the claims for a new
ulldlng, a committee was appointed to
lake a canvass of the community to asertain
the number of children of school
ge and who are not at present attending
ehool. This committee has as its memera
Messrs. Wilkerson, Jones, Chapman,
aleferro. Dale and Stewart. The schoool
fttcials will also be asked to provide a
artltion at the present school in order
hat the boys' and girls apartments may
e separate as in other schools.
Stickfoot Branch Sewer.
Reports were submitted regarding Stickoot
branch. It was stated that work
rill be started In the near future to place
. sewer at leaat over a part of this
ranch, which would be continued as soon
a funds were available. A petition will
e presented to the Commissioners
equesting a cement sidewalk on both
Ides of Nichols avenue for a distance of
bout three blocks from Howard avenue,
.dditiona. street lights also are desired
i the suburb.
u nniinnniTiw unnn
n uuwmmittL iTiuuu
lolored Man's Admiration for
Judge Callan Receives Severe
Setback. 1
The calm judicial atmosphere of the
ivenile Court was rudely shattered yes- <
rday afternoon, when, during a lull be- '
teen the cases being tried, a huge, ini- j
esslve-looking colored man rose from
a chair in the courtroom, advanced to i
te table behind which Judge Callan was <
ttlng, and engaged the judge in a con
lentlal conversation.
"Judge," he said, "I've been a spectator ,
. your court this afternoon. I have been <
uch impressed with your aide handling
THE I / /
V ^ I^k
Wfre^/. - < t? v
)mar Khayyam, the Great Persian
>y of Life made his Fame Eternal.
rui.- ?
Suffragettes Hep
Shapes and Squabs
ito Mobs
:ing. "Down with Me
iragettes their Jobs!"
nbed and Spoke,
: of Jobs and Broke,"
r Suppers? You'd be !
IE RIGHT? to Smok<
. V to*
of th? cases which have been brought before
you. I wish to compliment you on
the quality of Justice which is administered
Proposes "Reappointment."
The judse withstood this flow of Ian- '
guage very well, but his Judicial poise
was rudely shaken by the stranger's next
remarks. Drawing himself to his fmi ;
u .t.k, ar>a Hi<klnff off eaph wnrri K'ith a
u rig i ii, >.?. ? _
grrimy forefinger, he said, "I intend, sir
ifter having seen the workings of this
:ourt. to recommend to the President that
^ou be reappointed immediateiv."
For the first time since the Washington
bail team finished Its winning streak of
seventeen games the judge became really i
excited. ,
"You intend to do what, sir? You seem <
& ***
tvUm AK!
* i^???? n i n 11??????
to forget yourself. I've * good mind U
fine you for contempt of court."
Announces His Status.
The impressive stranger, who had
slumped somewhat during this speech.
? *_ i M _ j mm. .< _
again arew nimseu up, una naia: i am
the head of the Grand Army."
"You may be the head of all of the
armies In the world, and the navlea, too,
but If I choose to fine you. you'll pay it
or go to Jail."
The warrior suddenly forgot his dignity
and was a block and a half away in
about one minute.
It. matters little what it Is that you
irant?whether a situation or a servant?a
a*ant ad. in The Star will reach the perso*
R-feo will All your used.

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