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Th? vital interest of "A Butterfl> on the
V'heel" does not asseit itself until the
1'lay has progressed Into the third act. l~p
to that it is a rather conventional
V esentation of a situation that has done
service for comedy as well as pathos, the
discovery of a woman who. while loving
her husband, encourages attentions which
flatter her. in a compromising position. In
omedy, the situation is usually carried
triumphantly l?y the girlish audacity of
> the heroine, whose innocence of intention
is made plain to the jealous husband only
after his suspicions have rendered him as
v.-d as her suitor absurd in the eyes of
the audience. In the more serious drama,
the' injustice of her position is emphn
*ize?. the usual protest being attains! the
loneliness and neglect iu which an ambitlous
self-centered man leaves his wife.
Tin* plav at the Betaseo this week makes
tlm'rttpme a means of criticising the
Iih !-Shn? >'s of Knglish courts in the treatment
of women whit are brought under
suspicion of disloyalty to their homes.
The subject is one which might easily
have found arlier attention at the hands
jjf the dramatists. The May brick cast- i
bright have suggested play material, as
might more recent discussions by the
Knglish bench of eases involving an as- j
sumption of feminine fault.
The picture drawn In the courtroom!
>. cue is a most interesting one, and. con-,:
s 'bring that the plav was written by two!
nu n whose titles Imply a knowledge of j
p blic affairs and methods of procedure, j
saniii -ant beyond its importance as an
evening's entertainment The court is i
represented a.- a machine, whose one
f motion is to browbeat. humiliate and
en Tap a woman against whom a prev
nnption of guilt has risen. The judge,
w hile "allowing the utmost latitude of (
> allying innuendo in the iiuestioning of
_ibc honian. restricts her to a most re-.
? 'e.-tfui and subservient manner of response.
and. after declaring a letter on j
which the case ;igain-t her rests incompetvnt.
permits it to glide Into the evidence,
and dually rea is it aloud to the jury. The
pitiless torture of the woman lighting for
reputation and affection would compel
vmpathy even without, the assurances of
h?-r innocence which the dramatists have
given in the course of the plot. How far
this arraignment of judicial methods is
literarv imagination for the purposes ot j
the development of the situation and cli- j
max and-how far it is a candid picture)
only technical information would be abiej
to say. To the layman it looks as if the!
play censor charged with the duty of pre-j
err ing formal institutions from direct.
criticism must have been dozing when he j
nad this manuscript.
In spite of the courtroom scene, which i
is tensely dramatic, the play is a corn- j
euy. I he comedy is presented with a |
};e?ullar deftness which gives it a con-|
stant place In the story without over- <
9 .adowing the main interest. Lord Kller- f
l:ne. played by Mr. Kvelvn lJeerbobm. j
a type ??f good-natured i>rainlessn**ss .
whose sincerity and manliness prevented;
him from being quite silly and whose perfiiiacity
in following up a single idea,
once he has grasped it. enables him to
solve the mystery which has* separated '
the husband and the wife. The plot is |
full of complicated detail, involving maps,
time tables and rnissent luggage, rather
laboriously worked out and not always j
interesting. Th?- relationships of some j
<<f the ch.iracters ate not as clearly tn- ;
dicated in the earlier portion of the play
as might be desirable, the auditor is11
compelled to do rather more thinking j
cm ids own account in keeping track of j
motives which animate some minor incidents,
than is customary in modern
drama. The broad dominant element of
interest, however, is there and it is con- ;
ffincirtglv Impressive. While Mr. Beer- J
Iiohm's character part ts the one dis- j
tinetively original note in the cast, the ;
frootlonal responsibilities which consti- j
tut" so important a factor in the play I
d'-re capably assumed by Miss Winona j
Shannon, and the role of the impetuous .
and indiscreet but nut wholly unchival
feus clandestine suitor was well assum- j
ed by ?"harlee t^uartermain. Kllle Nor*0"d.
as the relentless cross-examiner, !
K ve an excellent portrayal.
Thp audience manifested eager interest
bnd demanded curtain calls, regardless ol ;
the propriety of suddenly dispelling the :
illusion left by the closing picture. '"The
Butterfly on the Wheel" is an admirable
vampb of plot ingenuity. <Jeve!ope?f with
P,?'e than usual consistency an?J ex- 1
csf d with literary skill.
New National.
As rich in melody as a rose in fra-!
giauce. "The Spring Maid"' returned to
i!h<- National Theater last evening to in,n
igurate a week's delightful entertainment.
She has changed but little since!
te i former visit either in her make-up or!
Ij- r potter of fascination. The charming
f rincess Bozena is still the same dainty, i
Jciicate. delightful coquette as on her:
fVrnn r visit, and she had the warmest j
sympathy of a great responsive audience ;
Until it had the chance to share her jov !
when the famous old Carlsltad spring ran;
It was good. too. to find a real live man
with a ?l.arming tenor voice ti)>on whom,
>i e might lavish her affections, and,
tghethe- it belonged in the Opera or not,
it was a new lease on life to be able to j
Igugti nt a genuine comedian. As each
O' the, beautiful melodies with which the
i >c a is filb-d was unfolded. Iti Its devel- |
'.'..uii ri new Interest seemed aroused, and i
t* e applause became more frequent. Hut
11 t suggests a fact of recent origin, and
j- at is that audieneeg ate >>eginnii)g to
ft. <?w their satisfaction more in their fa><<
than with their liandclapping in tin so
ater days. It may not be so pronounced
: tlie players, who are said to live on
* e applause they receive, hut certainly
t must make them feel good to see a
-real field of smiles stretched out before
ihem. strongly Indicative that everybody
- happyRut
three changes in the . asi have been !
nafie since the opera was here before.
John B M< Sweeney supplants Ben Henri
ricks as the Prince Xepomuk. the big. j
.t, absurd father of the charming ptln
ss. Vincent Sullivan, now with "The
Hose Maid." has given way to t'harles
Hart, with nothing lost to "The Spring
Maid." aVid Grace Adv adequately replaces
Jessie Bradbury as I'raula. the
uatine? adorer of Koland. the ludicrous;
raged hi n.
hristic Ma'donald. perennial !n her
r.auty, grave and delicious charm, is
still the same, possibly a little more so,
and !> r power to awaken enthusiasm
villi Th?- Fountain Kay." "Two Kittle
l.ov? Bees" and the real gem of the opIT'S
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f '
ra, "Day Dreams,*' has not waned. If It
has not increased. The laughable interlude.
with the rabbit.- the hunter, the
spring and the three treea, "there, and
there, and there." just as plainly por-1
trayed l>v the music as by the players, j
still holds the freshness and effective- j
nes.- nf its humor as when first it came
to Washington.
Thomas Con key made an admirable
Prince Aladar, in looks as well as in his
| beautiful songs; Klgie Bowen was the
. same care-free, joyous fountain girl, "The
i .Spring Maid." as when she first tripped
1 up and down the stage with her dainty
! dance steps and bubbling melodies;
| Charles Meyers was the same shrewd.
; know-it-all and know-nothing sleuth he
! fver was. and the inimitable Tom McXii
militon as thoroughly enjoyable as
| when hi* twitching knees and petulant
! manner first informed hi a annoyers, "I
! doh't like it. so don't do it." The choroa
; is made up of a bevy of young bMUtlw,
: more or lea* an, but they go to their work
l with a will and vim that la entirely aatia!
fving. The male portion of the chorus ta
la positive relief from the attenuated, dys!
peptic-looking, withered joys that tiaually
] play the foils to the chorus atria. Taken
a* a whole, "The Spring Maid" Is one of
'the real delights that should be seen and
| heard, if only for the sake of storing up
pleasant memories when the evil clays
, may coine.
"The Man From Home." at the t'olunibia
Theater last night, registered Ave
well deserved curtain calls at the end of
the third act. This, considering that the
plav is tive seasons old and was presented
in Washington last year, with many
menils-rs <.f the present cast, so that It
did not have the attraction of novelty,
makes it almost unnecessary to say that
the performance was thoroughly enjoyable
The principal Contributor to this result,
of course, was William Hodge, as Daniel
Voorhees Pike, "The Man From Home."
whose dry humor, homely philosophy and
glimpses of tenderness, as he fought to
prevent, his ward marrying a worthless
scion of an English noble fainiiy, were
as satisfying again last night as they
were when lie .first made a reputation at>
the delineator of the character.
The interest of the audience, however,
was divided between Mr. Hodge and his
new; leading woman. Miss Gertrude Hitz,
who played the unsympathetic part of
Miss Granger-Simpson, the wai?1. in such
acceptable fashion that even her beauty
and personal charm could not withdraw
attention from her linished characterization.
Miss Hitz has been st-en and liked
by Washingtonians as the ingenue witii
Miss Margaret Anglin, in "Green Stockings."
The seasoned playgoer- might say there
is a little too much deug ex machina In
evidence in the construction of "The Man
From Home." from the play-building
point of view, and that the revelations
in regard to the characters of the fortune-hunting
English family and their
accomplice, the Countess do Ghampigny.
whic h prevented the unsophisticated ward
from ht-coniine their victim hannenecl so
opportunely as to be almost mechanical.
Booth Tarkington and Harry l->eon Wilson
have nevertheless succeeded in making
a laughable play with just the right
amount of sentiment. It might be permissible
to suggest that two of the man characters
last night could well take to heart,
at spots in the dialogue, the comedy line
of Lady Creech, who constantly adjures
those with whom she Is speaking: "Don't
mumble your words."
The story of the play is so well known
that it i.? useless to repeat it. It is certain
that, without any screaming of the
American eagle in the lines, most of
those who saw the performance last night
Went away with a sense of satisfaction
In American ideals and renewed resentment
of international marriages which
have settlements for their moving cause.
The whHe cast of the play is an excellent
one. Harold Russell as the Orand Duke
Vasill Vasilvitch. llenry Harmon as
lvanoff and Anthony Asher. in particular,
as Mariano attracting almost as much
favorable comment as the principals.
Fun reigns supreme at Poli's this week.
Ward and C'urran. in "The Stage Door
Tender"; the Langdons, in an automobile
travesty, and Felix Adler, a monologist.
hold tlu- leading places as funmakers.
"The Stage Door Tender." while primarily
m vehicle for fun and songs, has
a little thread of sentiment in it; a thread
designed to give the average theatergoer
a peep Into the Inner hearts of the life
Irehind the footlights. One or two of the
musical numbers of this act are really
Humor that rambled among spark
plugs, puncture*! tires, carbureters, gasoline
and steorin- gear was furnished In
such an abundance by the Langdons that
laughter seemed nearly as continuous as
theft "accidents." Felix Adler had a,',
large stock of songs, parodies and jokes i
that called forth applause. One of the
prettiest and hlghest-clas.: acts on the
program, and one which fell behind none
in the way of applause. Is the Premier
Duo in a "composite of songs and instrumental
selections." The selections offered
were pretty and effective, especially when,
on an encore, they pave an Imitation of
"The Spirit of "TU." on stringed instruments.
Clark and Verdi. In a "whimsical
travesty on the Italian emigrant." offered
a comedy act which br ought forth
applause, and the Zola Sisters offered a
novel feature jn dancing.
Resides a photo play the week in review
is shown in motion pictures.
i.tf-n Manny .lames appealed at ]
"base's yesterday in the capacity of step- J
f.nii? t ?' Mixh.v's Baby'* he must have
imagined himself back at the Columbia. j
hi joyous was the welcome he received.
The farce itself is not what one could
conscientiously call original, but it serves
as an outlet for Mr. James' personality
and gives a chance to Miss Oetavla Ellis
and Miss Cora Proctor for a bit of clever
Kate Kllnore is back looking more than
fver like a lobster-dream of fair women.
As a hunter-ess in buckskin breeches, a
red atrocity that mistook itself for a coat,
with a toy gun. she raised such a gust of
hilariousness with her rapid tire of jokes
that one wishes Miss Klinore could somehow
put herself on the matket in tonic i
form so as to cure the world (if its blues.
While she was changing this woodland
costume for a bridal confection in skintight
satin, green feathers and rosa* of the
hue called "yaller." amiable Kam Williams
was given a chance to sing a good
song in pleasing voice.
Hen Beyer and Brother opened the program
with really new bicycle tricks, each
of which had its humor or thrill. Robinson
New bold was laughably grotesque In
a song impersonation of "Pan."' in which
the god used a lyre instead of his classic
pipe, and wove a crown of orchard fruits
that properly belong to Ceres. He scored
another success In % chant monologue
about a "down-and-outer," that elicited
the laughter that is akin to tears. Marie
Louise Gribbln varied the act with several
songs and pretty gowns.
' Tu.. r ' *
n> ijouk u .uciuuie, ojnerwiM
Messrs. Benkhart, <iaskUl Shisler and
George E. Reed, played three pianos and
sane their rollicking song* in a way to
gain recall*, and the first half of the
program cloned with "The Top o' the
World." a daijce-fiollc, with Kris Kringle's
workshop for a setting and with
dolls, dam-log Jacks, six "realty truly"
dog* and a make-believe bear to provide
the fun. Vivian Ford, a* the Doll Princess,
wa? as daintily fragile a* bisque;
the collie* behaved beautifully, and the
chorus was buoyantly graceful in yellow
and green tulle. "My Toady's Pans," reproduced
by Julian Dove from hlo own
original fan painting*, were exquisitely
"decorated" by three youthful models who
posed In a series of pictures, concluding
with "Silver Dace." The organ recitals
in the promenade lounge ar? an ever-Increasing
attraction, and the Animated
Weekly pictures the usual cuirent events
of the week.
Charles Klein's powerful play. "The !
ilamKlnra " ??' > c - ? at.- * ?- * '
waiuviMF, '? I'J vn?;jiir?j at UJC AC'tO*
.iny hc-t evening with an exceptionally
strong oa-i and in a manner to excite
high commendation. it \a another <>r
those unusual attractions which, strong- j
ly presented by capable actors, seems to
he recasting the clientele of the Acudemy
and making 'hat playhouse one of the
higher grade theatrical attractions of
The plot engages high finance and
blends with it a love story to extend its
appeal. A coterie of financiers seeking
to combat "special interests" overplays
its hand and meets defeat. One of their
number is in the hands of the l?w\ and
he is being nercileselv prosecuted by a
federal officer, whoso wife was a former
-* e
At 1
I ~~~
Our New Fall Si
n _ m* _ _ JI <
lis Keaay km
j Your II inspect*
I; Colonial D
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sweetheart. He goes to her husband's
iwme to secure Incriminating evidence.
BieetH the wife, who opposes him, in later
confronted with the husband, who denouneee
and then divorce* the wife, who
lias been loyal, upon false charges. With
this material an interesting plot Is woveu
with a logical ending.
Ito.vd Nolan distinguished himself in the
role of Wilbur Kinerson. a young hanker,
who wins his sweetheart at the prison
door, and L*?la I>ownin. pleasing in personality.
portrayed the abused wife with
fine discretion, personal charm and dramatic
force. Willis Granger and Franklin
(Jeorge also did exceptionally well in the
roles assigned them. The remainder of
! (he company assisted in a forceful and
1 effective performance.
i "In Mexico." the tuneful offering of Joe
H'rtlt's "Taxi Girls," i?< again the attraction
at the Gayety. The production is
practlrally the same as it was a year ago.
new songs and costumes being the most
noticeable changes. But this tact does not
in any way detract from the merit of
the entertainment, for such comedians as
Tom Carter and the Farrell-Tayior Trio
have the faculty of keeping an audience in
an uproar no matter what the conditions
may be.
Marty Ward and Frank Taylor, as
stranded circus men. handle most of tne
comedy of the production, but an ample
share is also allotted to Mark <rooley,
Harry Woods and Tom Carter. The latter.
as a blackface comedian, is one of
the big hits of the show. He was exceptionally
good in the olio. Primrose Nemon.
Ida Bay ton and Xellie !*ockwood
sing a number of good songs during the
course of the burletta, and the Morin
sisters do some extremely clever eccentric
The olio numbers include the FarrellTayior
Trio in "The Minstrel Man." Ward
and Bohlman and Wooley and Woods.
I Casino.
Ethel Clifford, brimful of humor, with
four pretty girls and an equal number of
handsome, well-trained collie dogs, presents
an offering that heads the Casino
Theater bill this week and is perhaps the
best of its kind that has appeared this
season. An eirecme Teauire nr it in an
1"eleetric skipping rope dance." In whlcli
the collit-a figure. The girl* both Hint;
and dance well and afford excellent support
to Mies Clifford, who marie a hit at
all performances yesterday with her
gong, "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee," I
and other melodies which she sings inimitably.
Mile. Paula, a comely athlete, performs
remarkable feats on the trapese and in >
acrobatic contortion: El Brendel, a German
comedian, entertains with a characteristic
offering, a feature of which was
a balancing act that made nervous folks <
twist in their seats: Linden and Buckley,
one white and . the other In blackface, j
have a comedy offering that iucludes u
song hit by Mr. Linden. * Till the Sauds '
of the Desert Grow Cold," and Windrow (
and Reynard alternate with songs and j
dances In a sidewalk comedy. In which
Miss Reynard won an ovation with her
song about a third term candidate iu the
Jungletown election- The I'aolo Ore- j
monesl Company presented a farce
comedy sketch. "Curing a Tenor," that
fully deserves the hearty applause It received.
The motion picture offerings were
also quite good.
One of the most laughable playlets of
the season kept four large audiences at
the Cosmos Theater yesterday afternoon
and last evening virtually laughing until
the tears came "The Plumber's Mis
* in i
we are snown
lock Pr?Priate/ f?r ev(
Many of these .
mainder of the si
cannot be duplic;
0811 urge that you con
by these remark*
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I Telept
^ It's the lai
^ Just as th
^ opens to frien
^ ings?so does
^ lion protect, c
^ to you.
! ^
? Why not
^ plete? Order
take,'' a farce with two characters, presented
by Barry and Kid red. the one a
genuine Irish comedian and not a caricature,
was the mirthful feature of a bill
which throughout gives evidence of careful
A real musical classic, daintily' exquisite
and delightful, is the offering of the
Melodle Sextet, three;girl violinists, a cel-.U.
7 "
? r ?
ig hundreds of pieces ap;ry
room in the house
are odd pieces?'the reet
having been sold, anc
ated. For this reason we
ne in tomorrow and profil
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i 1 .
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ds, to shops, to your own com
the Bell Telephone in its alma
heer and carry you to others o
make the appointments of you
a Bell Telephone to-day.
Main 9000
The Chesapeake & /
Telephone Compt
list, a pianist and a soloist with a sweet
and melodious voice?all of them genuine
artists. Ursone, with his harp selections,
and Mile. D'Osta, with character songs
in costume, and the Four Harmony Boys,
late features of Lew Dockstader's. whose
quartets are their main attraction, are
other big numbers. A genuine novelty
unusually enjoyable is Vera Cunning,
Who, with a voice of the musical kind,
,{: * ' V.*
? lL
j .. - ^
* k ' x
We Irsvate You
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lings and go- $; ;;
. 1 _ _ "O
ii numan *c- s>
r bring them ^
r home comI
yotomac \S
MMtl VV i I
, !
. , _ j
sings songs with a point to them and ]
closes with a potpourri of "melodies of '
the heart," a genuinely artistic offering. <;
Uoldrick and Moore have a travesty on
grand opera that Is not a? good as Mr. Z
Goldrick's sentimental and operatic tenor
solos. The Pa the Weekly Review of car-'
rent world events heads a series of motion.
pictures, some of them quits hu* 0
morous. ... . . .. . \
? *?--' ~
This Bcauti
. j| Dresser, was $1JV
jij Chiffonier to r
Colonial Be<
In Mahogi
Colonial ! Colonial
Bureaus. Chiffon aeir
re Reduced to Were Redu<:
7.00 $37.00 $60.00 $4(
0.00 $156.00 $105.00 So;
5.00 $87.50 S95.00 S75
8.00 $20.90 ? $52.00 $3?
0.00 $128.00 835.00 $21
0.00 S89.85 $36.00 $2i
14.00 $49.90 $140.00 SlO"
0.00 $97.50 S80.00 85c
10.00 $59.90 S58.00 S3:
15.00 S76.00 $90.00 87c
5.00 $29.90 $76.00 $5$
7.00 $38.00 $80.00 $<k
Hj[^) at Slight Ac
V < ?' n
| Sterling Sil
| for the Oc
Y There is a distinctive individuals
Y it Jiipriilj* desirable for wedding pi
Y pride, is centered In the attraetiv
X hajier-s the value of this ware. .
X VVe carry 1.% different patterns
& piete sets, and of these the Mary <
X cause of its artistic simplicity. Vol
i? . Colonial patterns contlm
y f\ Half doz'ii Tea spoors...
I I Half dozen Forks
jf II Half Dozen Dessert Spot
Y 1 /. Half dozen Dessert knr
I 1 Cake- or Pie Servers. . ..
** v \ Spc-c.al assortment, inclr
1j s bon Spoon. Pi'-kle I'oi
V mff ciieeae Knives (sotnetliin
LJm Cold Meat Forks
japL Berry Spoons and Tomati
flflfA} Complete Chest of Silver
UBffll ('..mnUio Phoet a< Oil
:W Plat
i .1)1 of highest standard makes, i
i nuinity Silverware. Single pieces r
? Half dozen Tes spoons
5? All othc-r articles in half dozens ii
? proportionate prices. Select yoti
r Xmas tilfts now. \V?- will lay the;
P aside for y ou.
\ 1.1 AM EIS &C?,
t The Jewelers^
[ Sevetrtlh i& D Sts
!; Girls! Get a 25-cent bot
this. Also stops falling
v / _
Your hair becomes light, wavy
| Huffy, abundant and appears a
sott. lustrous una oeauurui as i
, young- girl's after a "Danderint
hair cleanse." Just try this?
) moisten' a cloth with a little Dani
derine a d carefully draw il
\ through your hair, taking <*n<
! small' strand at a time. This wil
) cleanse the hair of dust, dirt anti
| excessive oil and in just a few
| moments you have doubled th<
beauty of your hair.
Besides beautifying the hair at
once. Danderine dissolves every
Crazed by the excessive use of tiquoi
md the refusal of hie sweetheart. Mi si
'irfflnla May Atkins, to marry htm, Sam
? *
api;; ?
" lljji
A / f *
tul Mahogany $o?.50 f
.00. Reduced to. . O /
natch. $135.00 to $75.00. "!
i Room |; ,
mv f
s. Toiiiet Tables.
t d to Wfle Reduc?(] to j j,r
>.00 ; $56.00 $28.00 |1
' 5? S42.OO $25.0O |{
! I!1
>?? $40.00 $40.00 ;
1 <mj . J. iff
! $20.00 $10.90 ' :
.00 . ^ 4.
5.8o S"?? ^?? I i
;.Oo $44.00 $43.00 ijjj
' 5? $30.00 S49.00
'?? $23.00 $20.00
I7- $<*$.00 $49 75 |i,
).00 ; $70.00 $49.23
This Genuine If '
Mahogany ,%
Dresser jjj,
Plate Mirror.
$.00?Reduced to
: I
S30.60 11
Chiffonier.,. .$29 J
"oi let Table....$20
isitc pieces?of very hisr:i j
at a very low price.
latum Accounts
ivance in Price.
. ;
ver Flatware !
rtober Bride I
tv about otirSilvei Flatvratf thit mak'** >
res*Mm. And the fart tbar v
e ranee of her Jimuic tat # >
- i ^
in ?t<Kk?fioei teattiMtnw to out- *j*
'liilton fshown hcret is a favoiito be- *?*
i c-ati always secure Jui.t!'.cai??. y
.~ -.si
'r |Pir \ itii. y
$ : vi ui? T
n ? up y
>?? ' t up X
i"f,? up y
up a
| 4
uling Sugar Spoon. <*ream I^iUir . r.op- f
rk. Olive Spoon?each *1.0"
g now): solid silver. Special Jl.oo y
I--'' tip i
o Servers?-each 75 %
: (wo dozen pieces . $.13.00 ^
: largest sixe V
:ed Flatwear f
n* luding Rogers 1S47 and ouei'la ?'omange
from #1 up i
. -- .... . -a.
tic ot 'Danderine and try j
chair; destroys dandruff. (
. j particle of dandruff; clean-e?. puri- j
s j lie? and invigorate? the ?ca!p. for- (
i i ever stopping itching and falling t
^ hair. ,
-I But what will j>lea?e \?.'U mo.-t
- ! will he after a few week.?' time
t ' when you will actually sec new
s j hair?line and downy at lir-t?ye?
1 j?hut really new hair growing a!!
i riv^r +1?r* It Villi r:ir?- t?.r
1 pretty, so/t hair and Iota of it \
! j surely get a ^5-cent bottle of t
j Knowltou'.- Dander in c from any )
: druggiat or toilet .'timer. and itiat :
' i try it. |
* uel Brown of Martinslmig. W. y*? *ii?u
i himself in the right breaet with a ro
Tolver ami died in few nnfnutes.

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