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? 11
II Remnants of j Corsets,
| :75c&$1 Dress Goods, : j KQp
11 39c a Yardo j
x: ( ... , , . ? ,, ( Corsets of coutil. plaii
I; ,nateria 1 s includes the follow.ng j and mp
J Storm Serge ... Diagonal Suitings. .. .Two- j (i dium bust and long hi)
2! tone Mixtures Camel's Mair Cheviots.... l ) mode's: extra well bonec
j Imported Henrietta... .German Broadcloth.... ) J and iini?hod with ho*
S i ?rKliSKh ^''"'lian ... Mannish Suitings . .. . supporters; odd sizes
French Serge....! nfinished Worsted. etc. 1 I ''
Widths up to T-4 inches. All in good, useful i ( ^"'d regularly at i.?c. Re
| lengths, for suits and skirts. (j f duced to 50c.
IVfllnps Sold Rpp-nlar-1 -4
| ly at $4 and $5 $ I .
3 Such a sale, comi
n i^iou^ ^ ^ 4j^^^?111^ xt
3 /%, yA / " In I I ion, including all-silk velv
H !//// / \ j\ ll II 1 and the leading colors.
3 I illy,J _ fii-A V | II'' \ lection?Small, Medium ;
?: ^ Uh\ Flat and Side-roll Hats,
B ^ i ionable models. Many ?*
f '
g French Hats, are to be fo
In a word?this is the finest collfction of t'ntrimmed Hats, and the great r:
J $6 Handsome OstFfefn Fea
| Cm B flack, Wflnflte amdl A81 Coflors = =
3 We secured a big lot of Fine Quality Ostrich Plumes from an <
n a result we can offer this wonderful value just when the demahd
3 offered at such a low figure no woman who expects to buy a plun
B They are High-class Ostrich Plumes, with great, big heads ;
3 its fineness and superior quality. Choice of the following coiors
*2 Black. Solid Brown. ferjse shared to taupe.
fZ White. Copenhagen. Old Rose.
3 Taupe. White to taupe shaded.
8 ?And many other beautiful colorings and combinations. The season's most l ei
# ' ^ _____ _
j. Laces.
% s 7Sc "Run-of-the-Mill" cotton T?rfhon \
f; ( ! 1\U1I Vtl II1V- ifllll I .a ccs, edges and In- (
3 ( nt 1 1 O 1 r>1 , I serf ions; large Tarl- )
| Bleached Seamless Sheets auW'S "'
Z! ( _ Values worth 5c and (
li At 45c. 154c
u ; ? (
!Lot of "mill seconds" of Seamless Bleached i v , A . r__. (
Sheets, full 81x90-inch size for double betjs. Made hri(. ' Kmbrr>ld?rle?" )
of heavy linen-finish sheeting cotton, with 3-inch ^ edgings ami inser- )
i hem. 1 tinim: various widths 1
} The imperfections consist of small pin holes and i1 and pattern!". Values (
\ oil spots. Regular 75c value for 45c each. worth 8c "'"I We (
( yard. Hern- (
_ nant Price....j
5 j Fancy I .air Hands. r
1 50c Matting Rugs, 29c. \
i:' ? 4 ties worth 19c and (
Odd lot of Japanese Matting Rugs, size three by six \ 25c yard. Item- p(f^- )
feet, in light and dark colorings, showing attractive | nant price IVC T
floral and oriental designs. 1
Close-woven, smooth-tinish straw. Regular price, I ^
I 50c each. Remnant price, 29c each. j
11 50c to 69c Table Damask ;! 2I ,?~fRoo?
i Reduced to 39c Yard. P,Z~TZZ"1
> I j strictly reversible; r
J Remnant lot of about 500 yards Mercerized Choice of floral in?
j| Table Damask, in lengths from 2 to 3>_. yards-- \ ventional designs i
22 \ good heavy-weight serviceable grades for general .
.2 / uge multi-colorings of
;;; I Left from regular stock sold at 50c. 59c and 69c i green, red, rose,
<| (a yard. All to go tomorrow at 39c a yard. tan and brown..
f ' ) Regular $1?) valI
Tkn A/f V
j. tit nay utii oaic ui iulch 5 aiiu
Savings of Vi Price o
The grerat celling that has been going on continuously ever si
*:* inr< ad> into the various lots of Hayden's merchandise. But for the
> I nderwear. Hosiery and other heavy-weight garments), the sale ?vi
? and you must not delay if you want to take advantage of this unpr
V inents at >aving> <?! half price and more.
I leu's Underwear, Sweaters, Etc, I
| From the iaydei Stock. j
X Mens I>omet Flannel Pajamas, Men's Silk and Wool Underwear, i
trimmed with silk frog* and pear. .shirts with French neck, draw- J
A buttons: extra heavy quality; neat ers with reinforced seat; / /o. ?
A light medium and dark all sizes. Hayden's price. ?VC !
J. effects; all sizes. Hay- /T>Q _ $1.50. Sale price ?
v dens prices. 51-50. 52.00 t Men's Velvetrib Underwear, |
,t, and 5?50. Sale price.... shirts and drawers to
? Mens Domet Flannel Night match: all sizes. Hay- ?
t Robes, extra full cut and well den's prrfce. $1.25. Sale J
V made; some have silk frogs; neat price x
V light and dark patterns; Men's All-wool Shakerknit Pout J
Y all sizes 11 a y d e n's / <f>\ Sweaters, made with "No-tair" 1
X prices. 51 00 and $1 50. buttonholes: in white ami brown
X Sale pri*e only: all sizes. Hay- * EF/fh t
Men s All-wool Coat Sweaters. ?\T 1 c' ** 5700 c^llwU
A made with "No-tail buttonholes; 'e price ^
good heavv qualitv. in w nite, ^ra\. Mens All-wool Coat Sweaters, i
dark oxford. na.vy good heavy elastic quality; in I
> ami brown: all sizes ^ f=.s\ Sra>' and Sray with maroon and i
Y Hayden's price. $5 oo i-Kreen borders; all a = ^ i
Y Sale price sizes. Hayden's price. ^ |[ J ^
X ' ?? ??. Sale price ^ v t
T rv;" ... Men's Union Suits, of l omboti 4
Y ^^!,<* a'"l *ray. with colored Egyptian cotton; good heavy elas- 4
Y j>ordt r?; all sizes, jfe <t fl E? tie quality; all sizes. <0 *
X Hoydens price, $3.00. j| H <5^ Warden's prices. $1.50 and ((3 *
**ie P ?" $2.00 Sale price V><L> ^ f
Men's Wool Coat Sweaters, extra Men's "Velastic" Union Suits, I
y heavy quality; in gray, navy blue made with soft velvet $
y and brown; all sizes. <=y/fv fleecing; all sizes, ate a /f>/rv 4
j* Hardens price. $1 50. Sale A *y/ ? Hayden s price. $2.00. ^ JJ #(y)\{JI 4
*1* price ' Sale price t
X Men's "Ouofold" Underwear. Men's Sanitary Fleece-lined In- J
Y separate garments and Union derwear. shirts and drawers to ?
Suits; all sizes. Hay- <j? a match; all sizes. Hay- "5 (Th y-? 4
* dens price. $150. ^ Jl UDflp <'.*n's prices. 50c and 75c. ^y> i
Y S3tle price Sale price
* Men s Spring Needle Underwear. *le,ns DeJ b>, Rlbbed L'nderwear. 4
* shirt* and drawers to matclj: good ?hlr?,s and drawers to match.
* heavy elastic quality. V; ^ be*V> rlas,!e quality. ^/TJ) }
Y Havden s price. $1.25 69C I .P *' '?C ^ <$> C T
Y each. Sale price Pnce
Y Men's Flannelette Night Robes, f
Y Mens All-wool Underwear, in full cut and well made; light and f
y natural wool, capiel s hair and dark effects; all sizes. A =,
y silk and wool, shirts and drawers Haydens price. 75c each. 1
y to match. Haydens ^ sale price ^
? nrlr* '" ?? ea< h Sal? ^U#0? Men s Union Suits, good heavy
Y " elastic quality; all sizes. / f=? 4
y Men's All-wool and Merino Half Hayden s prices. $1.00 and (Q)^^ ?
Y Hose, in black, gray and brown; $1.25. Sale price 7
Y light, medium and heavy Men's Seamless Wool Half Hose. I
weights;, ail sizes. Hay- <j _ heavy quality, in gray, black, navy I
?% den's prices. 35c and 50c || jg ^ blue and brown; all sizes. *>.
pair. Sale price Hayden s price, 17c pair. 4
*$ Men's "Wright's" Health Under- P?"'re J
tJ* wear, made with an extra heavy Men's latmb's-wool Union Suits, |
X velvet fleecing; shirts and draw- made with velvet wool I
X ers to match; all sizes. / p fleecing; all sizes. <1 /Th/fli t
X Hayden's price. $1.00. Sale (y)^ Q, \ Hayden s prjee, $2.00. jS) |[
X price Sale price.." 4
"it pays to |
seventh and k "the dependable store") j
: J | l!tc ana \2ViZ GoSIons and Camferics, \ \
: j j 6*c a Yard. | .
( ( A mill purchase of Bleacher! Cottons and Cambrics, fine ) / ,,
. ) / close-woven quality, for undergarments, etc. J ,i g
) ) Free from dressing, lengths from 2 to 12 yards. Rem- ) J,
\ ) nant price, 6*40 yard. " ^ )
?- All-silk Velvets, Hatter's Plush,
Satin Beaver and Erect
I Pile Plushes.
ng just when fall millinery needs are uppermost,
raordinary degree of interest and make this millinery
>lace in Washington tomorrow. It's one of the largest and best
involving the entir: surplus stock and floor samples of one of
turers in the count y. The newest and most fashionable shapes
now so popular an priced so sensationally low as to convince
ortant millinery sal-' of its kind on record.
alitv Untrimmed Hits, in all the materials demanded bv fash
- ^ J
et. hatter's plush, satin beaver and erect pile plush, in all black
Every correct shape worn this season is represented in the coland
Large Hats and beautiful large dress shapes in the wanted
as well as continentals and sailors in a wonderful line of fashof
the extreme' shapes, usually found only in the most expensive
und in the lot."* ,
st values ever offered for the money?regular $4.00 and $5.00 qualities for
overstocked importer last week at a tremendous sacrifice, and as
for plumes is at its height. With these beautiful hat trimmings
le this season will lose any time in supplying her need,
aid long fibers. 18 to 19 inches in length, every one selected for
King's Blue. Navy Blue. New Red. -
Brown shaded. Cerise. Blue to gold shaded.
Plum shaded. New Blue shaded.
markable sale of Ostrich Plumes at $3.9$.
$4 Beaver Hats j| (Q)&
For Boys and Little Qiil drera. ^ ?
(Boys' Clothing Department, Third Floor.)
A purchase of a prominent maker's entire surplus and sample
lines of Boys' and Children's Beaver Hats, secured on a basis
tif 50 per cent discount, thus giving us an opportunitv to offer
these stylish and desirable liats. at. HALE REGULAR PRICE.
They consist of Fine Qualify Dong-napped, Silky, Dustrous Boaver Hat*,
lrrfctyles that ATe most hrt demtfhd'for Tire youngster?.'including rattle .lack
Horner and Broad-brim Flat-crown Sailors. Choice of black, blue, brown.
gray, castor and" garnet Made with side bow, trimmings of silk
ribbon bands and leather inner bands.
$4.oO is tho regular price of these Beaver Hats?you cannot buy them for
less. Here tomorrow at $1.98 each.
at Greatlv Reduced P
i Size (!?xV2 ft.) Odd lot of 9xl2-ft. Axminster and Room Size Wlltc
uftu RljOS Ipft f 1
Vool Fiber Rugs; Brussels Rugs, some of which are all made' in one
nade in one piece. slightly imperfect; superior, heavy sizes. 7 ft. <; by !?
F-dailion and con- woven grades that will wear like wire Brussels, ?>x!
ii two-tone and in floral, medallion and con- ?",g SR7?g" fif ^
ventional patterns and various rich conventional d
$ color combina- ^ . /=^ signs; light ar
& O Irv tions. Regular T] j) S <1 '? r k coloring
aj) a jy nj) $22..V> value ]_[ A-j n n Regular *15 valtn
for at
Women's Underwear Offers j
n Wanted Garments
nee tliis sale of Hayden's winter stocks started is making deep \
enormous quantity of goods involved (over $40,000 worth of j
lold have ended long ago. As it is, the stock is dwindling daily, j
ecedented opportunity to lay in a supply of heavv-weight gar- '
Women's k Children's Underwear j
Women's Extra Heavy Fleeced 1 Women's Extra Heavy Fleeced <
Shirts and Drawers; shirts with "Velastie" Underwear, shirts with
taped necks and pants finished bound necks and fitted waists; j|
with French muslin bands; extra pants full cut and finished with *;
and regular sizes; "Merode" French muslin bands; bleached ^
brand. Hayden's prices, ^/r> _ and unbleached. Hay- *1
50c and 69c each. Sale den's price, 50c. Sale *1
price price J
(Extra sizes, 39c). J
Women's Extra Heavy Fleeced 3
Union Suits, regular and extra Women's "Stratford" Union Suits, 3
sizes; taped necks and white and gray; opened down ?|
tilted waists Hayden's OyC front; also "Oneita" style; all per- 3
price. $1.00. Sale price.... feet form fitting. Hay- ^ = .j
dens price, 50c. Sale ]
Women's "Merode" Hand-finished nrlce ?
Medium-weight Underwear and ; ?j
Tights: shirts with high neck. Women's Heavy. Fleeced Under- 4
long and short sleeves, ankle | wear, shirts with high neck..long ?j
and knee length pants. /f> and short sleeves; pants ankle and }
Hayden's prices. 50c and JyC kne ' ,enSth. tinished with mus- J
Ilk each. Sale price bands; tights to = .j
' match. Hayden's price, _"w^S)(r*
Boys' Extra Heavy Yeager 50e each. Sale price !
Fleeced Underwear, shirts with J
bound necks and drawers >-w ^ _ Women's Heavy Fleeced Under- Jt
with reinforced seats. wear, in white only; shirts with ^
Sale price, each garment. taped hecks and pants ^ ==?
t ^ with muslin bands. Sale <
Women's Fine Jersey Ribbed price, each ^
Fleeced Underwear, in white and !
ec ru; silk-taped necks, also hand Misses' and Children's Fine Jersey <
crochet: pants tinished -p Ribbed Underwear, white, ecru and j
with French muslin bands. gray; shirts with taped necks and *j
Sale price, each garment. pants finished with muslin bands: .1
Extra sizes, 45c). all sizes. Hayden's * = J
price, 25c each garment. nTXC J
Boys' Extra Heavy Yeager Sale price 1
r i^ect-a l naerwear. sniris wun
bound neck and drawers ^ o Misses' and Children's Mediumwith
reinforced seats. weight Fine Jersey Ribbed Under- ?j
Sale price, each garment. wear; shirts with taped necks and ?j
pants with muslin bands. *1 /Th 4
Misses'. Children's and Boys' Ex- Hayden's price, 35c. Sale V(C 4
tra Heavy Fleeced "Velastic" Un- -price >
derwear, in gray and ecru: shirts ?i
bound around necks and pants fln- Women's Heavy Fleeced Union 4
ished with muslin bands; a a-k Suits, shirts with taped f?/TK 4
all sizes. Hayden's price, ]| jrG necks and fitted waists. 4
50c each. Sale price Sale price, each 4
....... ............... . . . ......
iaydtetfs Stock of Hosiery, i
Women's Extra Fine Quality Women's Fine All-wool Cash- 4
Cashmere Stockings, in all black: mere Stockings, in all black, with ?j
also with split foot: natural wool gray toe and heel; ribbed 4
and out sizes. Hayden's top. Hayden's price. 50c 4
prices, 50c and 60c a pair. pair. Our price 4
Our price '
Women's Fine Cashmere Stock- Children's Fine All-wool Cash- j
ings. in oxford gray and plain mere Stockings, in fast black, with -1
black; ribbed, and plain. ?t gray toe and heel. Hay- ^ = 2
Hayden's price, 35c p^lr. II den's price. 39c pair. Our ? j
Our price J. price . 4
$1.00 | |pomcstics& Flannels! I
Sweaters i ! < 11
c | and 15c Yd. I
A /7|\ 1 A big: accumulation of these wanted do- v
^11 1 mestice materials left from recent sales. The j
^ (' lot includes Outing Flannels, Canton Flannel, \
iDomet Flannel, Fleecedown Flannel, Datsv (
\ Flannel. Dress Ginghams. Percales. Cotton )
) Crepe and other desirable fabrics for house )
j garments, underwear, etc. > j
| Lengths from 2 to 10 yards. Regular 12V*c ::
| and 15c qualities for 6*4c a yard.
V v uineu s vjx-u anu kp^j |
{ I '
Friday at $12,98,'
t >
In this Friday clearance sale we have included all the fewof-a-kind
garments left from our best selling lines of suits thai
range in value up to $25.00, and marked them at $12.98 for quick
disposal. For you it means an unexpected chance to buy a styl<>
ish. high-class tailored suit far below its real worth.
All the most approved materials are represented, including
fancy mixtures, wide-wale diagonals, serges and whipcords.
Plain tailored models and fancy trimmed effects. Coats lined
with satin duchesse. Choice of black and leading fall colors.
Not all sizes of each style, but a good range of wanted sizes
in the lot. Choice offered Friday at $12.98.
1 1
Mill Ends- of Ribbons at
I; Sensationally Low Prices
I Thousands of yards of "mill ends" of Fine Quality Ribbons
II on sale tomorrow at one-third and one-fourth the regular prices
asked for same qualities.
11 Ribbons for every purpose?fine all-silk grades, in a complete range of
" colors and wanted widths for hair bows, sashes, millinery trimmings, etc.
" Just read the following details, and you'll find the bargains well-nigh irre"
? >
Lot One?All-silk Ribbons, from 4 to 7 inches wide, in
[[ Plaids. Dresdens, Pekoe-edge Ribbons, Satin and Taffeta /
Ribbons, in white, pink, light blue, red, black and other good J JyAl
,, colors. Values actually worth 25c to 33c a yard. Sate price, /J
,, yard ' u
u Lot Two?All-silk Satin and Taffeta Ribbons, i and
" 12 inches wide, in all the best colorings; desirable kinds for fancy
" work and trimmings. Regular prices. 10c and 12c yard. Sale price, ft l/\Cv
" yard
? 25c Window ^
I Tapestry Samples |
Worth $1
) cloth Window) ^ -Vt VL/V /[* )
?thadm?u?ted 3?'?" and $1.50, oJ>>^ i
(good strong) (
) j!pr'n1K rollers to f.ot of mill sample lengths of Tapestry, l'fc and \
) half price. ?U * yards long, and 50 inches wide?including.ends \
) They are suh- / ot couch covers and portieres, of which there are* )
i a ati'/?R4 I ' I OAfoee 1 4 ao i <y n o o 1i 1/ a
/ jrvi iuf ciiQiii iiu- r ov?noi uvoiewo { I
) perfections, but ) F'lain and oriental figured effects. Shrewd ) t
\ the hurts are \ housewives will find many uses for these sample ) t
nothing more seri- \ pJece8?thev can be utilized for draperies, curtains (
( oils than a slight \ ,, v. Ill
( crease or oil srot. \ and cushions. Friday at 39c each. ( ..
/ Friday at ( , (Fourth Floor.) \ <;
) each. i ^ <;
FimSo j $2, $2.50 & $3 Silk Umbrellas i; |
>n velvet and Brti?. For Men and Women, 98c. i
rom recent selling; \ A lot of manufacturer's "seconds"' of Fine Qual- '!
s piece?no seams; \ ity Silk Umbrellas for men and women, consisting )
ft. Phillipsburg 10- ( of Silk Taffeta, Gloria and Yarn-dyed Taffeta
It ft. Wilton Velvet ( Silks, with wide taped edge. The faults are very
ft. 0 it-wire Brus- | slight and do not hurt the wearing qualities or
ral, medallion and / appearance at all. ( I!
e- ) 26 and 28 Inch sizes. Stylish hardwood handles. (
. ? ) in missions, boxwoods, furze, etc. Choice Friday (
-$8.75 i.rr
? ?*
\ Broken Lots of leafs aid Yomig:
| Men's Fall Suits at $9.25
? From Lines Worth $82.50, $13.50, $15.00 and $16.50 ii
I* ... . : i
i* Come tomorrow to this suit sale with expectations keyed to :l
|* the highest pitch?the suits fully substantiate every claim we ;;
C make for them. Nothing to equal the values have been known ;;
C this season. ii
r , j;
. In this Friday Clean-up Of Men's and Young Men's Fall Suits we"\e
j* included the broken lots remaining from our best selling lines, fashioned ;;
f of strictly all-wool materials, in a satisfying variety of neat patterned ;;
j* worsteds, cheviots and cassimeres, in browns, grays, blues, fancy effects ::
f* and dark mixtures. ;;
^ Hurry here tomorrow for first choice of Suits actually worth $12 50 to '
i. $16.50, at $9.25. ::
? Lot of Men's Odd Trousers, of fine 0 Men's Slip-on Raincoats; all- ;
L quality pure worsted materials, in wool cheviot, rubber back, in dark i
L a good assortment of patterns; brown and tan; sizes
L sizes 31 to 42 waist 35 to 40. Regular c=>
* measure. Values pa iuka vnln.
f worth from |4.60 to to V^U'oUO' |
j? $5.50. Reduced to |
f 8 Men's and Young Men's Water- . g
t* proof Overcoats, of light gray all- Lot of Men's Imported Hats, of i
t* wool cloth; "Cravenette" process; high-grade velour felt; gray, tail x
!. quarter lined; sizes 31 (pt=j E? and dark greens; all = ,pj. t
L to 42. Values worth ^ Jsizes. Regular $4.00 ^ ([ j) S
$15.00. Reduced to.... . values. Reduced to... ^ J
> t .. , 11 i
| Startling Silk Prices!
[* Remnants of Colored Messaline, Colored Taffeta, Colored ] ? |
f Pongee, Figured Foulards, Stripe Taffeta. Stripe Messaline /) i /"t> t
I* Cheeked Taffeta, Tub Silks, etc. Good assortment of desirable f / ^JMI t
L colors. Values worth up to 75c. Remnant price j Ai ir\v< g
[ Remnants of 36-inch Satin Messaline. 36-inch Satin Peau de 1 t
S? Cygne, 36-inch Colored Taffeta, 36-inch Silk Pongee, 36-inch Col- 1 /I /H\ t
f ored Satin, 36-inch Figured Foulards. 42-inch Bordered Messa- >- /I VLJ/ j j
? line. 42-inch Colored Marquisette, etc. Values worth up to I ^{r If IV, x
f $2.00 yard. Remnant price j |
|i $4&$5LaceCurtains$2.48prJ
? Curtains used as samples?some a little mussed from being shown. They
f consist of Finest Grade English Nottingham Lace Curtains. 50 inches wide :
. and yards long. One to four pairs of a pattern.
? Patterns are exact copies of costly Imported lace curtains. Choice of !
t* regular $4.00 and $5.00 qualities at $11.48 pair.
? - t T t t T t . . T - - - T . . . . I ? ?
{ Women's Wearables. Hats and Dresses
5 Corset Covers, of good quality J
nainsook; made with yokes of em- rOf I 011112 V^nilCiren.
^ broidery and val lace edging; odd , _ , .\ ;
!? sixes- slightly soiled, a <= . Lot Children s Wearables, in
[ Regularly Sc each. Rem- \1 Q ClUdi?8 ?Utin8 F,annei ^"^oats, !
f nam price U percale dresses and muslin night- ;
C Small lot of Women's Sweaters, 8h*i?m 8ma11 sizes only,
! jn white* all wool' slight- /r>o slightly soiled. A alues <1 vf
? ly soiled. Regular $2.00 ^8C ,Worth 29c each' Red?<-ed J 4C |
f value. Reduced to ? ;
f Women's Nainsook Nightgowns, Children's Hats, of cotored felt; ;
f low necks and finished with em- also a few white. Neatly
f broidery; also gowns of trimmed with ribbons
? colored crepe. Regular / C Regular 98c values. Re?
50c values. Reduced to... duced to
Seven-Year Army Enlistment
Term Is Ordered.
I ____
: I !
Soldier Then Is Transferred to Re?
serve for Three Years.
, I
| Order to Recruiting Officers Goes
| Into Effect November 1?Ad|
vantages of Service Cited.
| Adjt Gen. George Andrews has issued
E an order to all recruiting officers that
; after November 1 all enlistments In the
| army will be for a period of seven years
: instead of three years, as at present. This
i is the first application to the recruiting
; service of the provision inserted by Conj
gress in the last annual army appropriation
bill, as the outcome of a long strug;
gle between the General Staff Corps and
j former Adjt. Gen. Ainsworth.
While the full enlistment term will be
seven years hereafter, only the first four
; years will be In actual military service.
| After that the soldier, if he does not care
I to re-enlist for another seven-year period,
: will be furloughed and transferred to the
; army reserve, without pay or allowances,
I but subject to recall to the colors at a
: moment's notice.
Alternatives Open to Soldiers.
TU? fnll/xn'tntr 9 ltam O fit'OQ qpp nn*n fA
' J IIT3 lUIlUW lllg anci iian> vo ?*. v v|?vm ??
: a soldier who may be thus enlisted:
At the expiration of four years' continuous
service with organizations, either
under a first or any subsequent enlistment,
he may be re-enlisted for another
; period of seven years, in which event he
will receive his final discharge from his
: prior enlistment: or
At the expiration of three years' contin;
uous service with such organizations.
either under a first or any subsequent en;;
listment. upon his written application he
j may be furloughed and transferred to the
; army reserve, in the discretion of the ec;
retary of War, in which event he will not
: be entitled to re-enlist in the service until
:: the expiration of his term of seven years;
; or>
Subject to good conduct and physical
; fitness for duty, upon his written application
to that effect, he will have the right
Qf remaining with the. organization to
which he belongs until the completion of
* his whole enlistment, without passing into
| the reserve.
Advantages of Service Cited.
As an inducement to enlistment in the
| army. Gen. Andrews states some of the
II advantages of military service as follows:
All soldiers receive from the govern
ment during active service, without cost
j! (in addition to their pay), rations, cloth::
ing. bedding, medicines and medical at;
Soldiers who have served honestly and
; faithfully for twenty years, or who have
; been discharged on account of wounds re:
ceived or disease contracted in the line
- of duty, are entitled to admission to the
Soldiers' Home in the city of Washington,
D C.
After thirty years' service enlisted men
are entitled to be retired, and upon reI
tirement will receive three-fourths of the
monthly pay allowed to them by law in
; the grade they held when retired, $9.30 a
: month additional as commutation fof
: i clothing and subsistence and M.23 a month
additional in lieu of quarters, fuel and
I light.
A certificate of merit for distinguished
service entitles a soldier to a month
; i additional while in the army, whether on
; the active or the retired list.
Benefits to Widow.
In case an enlisted man on the active
: list dies from wounds or disease not the
result of his own misconduct, his widow
or any other person previously designated
by him is entitled to an amount equal to
| six months' psy at the rate received by
him at the date of death, less $3& or such
| part thereof as is expended by the gov:
ernment for interment.
* A fuvnr?hl#? onnnrtnnitv is affordpd for
; artive, intelligent young men of temperate
habits, who may enlist as privates
I; and develop the necessary qualifications,
; to secure promotion to the grade of a
; non-cotnmissioned officer. Unmarried sol::
diers under thirty years of age. who are
: citizens of the United States, who are
; physically sound, who have served hon::
orably not less than two years in the
:: army, and who have borne a good moral
:: character before and after enlistment,
are permitted to compete, by examtna'
tion, for promotion to the rank of second
: lieutenant.
: Aviator Louis Mitchell Loses Control
of Biplane.
MONTGOMERY. Ala.. October 24.?
[Aviator Louis Mitchell, while 200 feet in
the air last evening, lost control of his
' j machine in making a spiral gii le and
: was killed when his machine plunged to
: earth.
Mitchell had been in the air before
: spectators for more than an hour and
: shortly before o'clock began his descent.
At a height of 600 feet he lost
control and at 200 feet the biplane seemed
: to go to pieces. The aviator was pinned
under the motor and was dead when
surgeons reached him.
Mitchell's body was taken today to his
home at Camden, Ark., for burial.
ttowatjo vno iv rnrrniTnn
aviiv?0 jtvxv AM ui/uvaivA.
Silver Aniversary of Superintendency
of New York Schools.
NEW YORK. October 24.?The comple*
tion of Dr. William H. Maxwell's twentyi
j flftli year as superintendent of schools of
I New York will be celebrated here this
I evening by exercises In Carnegie Hall. Ar
rangements for the meeting were made
[ by a citizens' committee, which included
I Andrew Carnegie, Whitelaw Fteid, Henry
i W. Taft. Dr. Lyman Abbott and others.
There will be addresses by Seth Low and
President Buter of Columbia, and a musical
program by a chorus of 500 high
school students.
The Contemptible Bed Flag.
From the New York Times.
The red tiag is not legalized because
the police have been directed not to arrest
a person for carrying it in the streets.
It is. perhaps, just as well that the police
should not be permitted to discriminate
between flags. The green flag and the
orange have been carried through our
streets irequenuy. sometimes tney nave
met in collision and blood has been shed,
but not recently. When the bearer of
red flag disturbs the public peace he can
be treated as the bearer of flags of other
colors have been In similar circumstances.
I The flag is free. Bu^ it is not the less
detestable. It is the qymbol of lawless!
ness and anarchy the world over and as
' such is held in contempt by all right'
minded citizens. The bearer of a red
flag may not be moiested by the police
. until he commits some act which the creed
of the red flag justifies. He deserves,
however, always to be regarded with
suspicion. By carrying the symbol of
lawlessness he forfeits all right to respect
and sympathy. Tne red flag signifies
nothing here but shameless disregard
for the principles on which this
republic was founded. Its followers
; would substitute for real liberty a tyran;
?y of prejudice and misguided j^ssion.
|i4 Special for Those *
I Who Are Going ;
I Home to Vote.
| %
t Oxford Trav-^n 4.
| cling Bag ' %
* a ?HK handiom^ni and
I moat serviceable trav- I
2% X Hlng baa a man J
V could want. Made of ^
7 cowhide grain leather with ^
X gilt trimming*. French
X edge sewed all around Rig ?a?
X corners. It is lined with ?q?
X leather. In either russet
X or brown. A very roomy +
X l,aK' ?
x ~ . X
t A Special Suittfv
| Case at ipO
4* /V class suit case. Siee
T 24 inches Made of
T grain leather on a
T steel frame. Brass looks
X and side catches. Bound i,
T edges. Heavy corner*, ^
X riveted. Heavy straps all X
<?? around. It is neatly lined A
<?? and has shirt f(dd strap
i> inside. *
I Tooham's. I
* " - T r
Headquarter. f?r TraTelere' l.ugg.ge. ,
| 1219 F Street N.W. *
i i
ifacala?On* pair of (laaaea <? r>.r\
| to ooo near and far 4) I .vA-1 1
1 *
IUTiaibla Bifocal*. sold eTerj- (T - ??
*b#r? for $8 to $10. Our prico. ?P >
You hat? the aerrices of our eipert opi
tleian free of harpa.
A. KAIMN, 935 F St.
I' -=- . JL ! T: r-J
Wo haw installed an rlwtrlc dynamo for d?magnettrlng
watches. Priori moat rea>?sal?le
Watch.- cleaned and denmguer lied $1.(o
Matmpringa $l.e?
A. KAHX. MS F n.w.
Have Good Description of Two
. Men Who Attacked Miss
Jessie Roberts.
Two unidentified men. presumably Italians.
are betng sought by the police to
answer a charge of having as-faulted Miss
Jeewle Roberts, a stenographer and typist,
at Howell's Microcosm. 012 17th street
northwest, yesterday afternoon. Misa
Roberta who resides at 1416 11th streot
northwest, sustained no serious injury,
although when one of the rough-looking
callers took hold of her hand tab* fainted.
It Is thought the men called to seek
positions as relief map makers, and. finding
Miss Roberts alone, decided to compel
her to disclose how to open the safe.
There was one uncut diamond, u number
of notes and checks In the safe, the police
were told, and had they robbed it
they would have obtained property af
little value.
fV?VMi|fVV%k vw aw*
George Robertson, manager of the establishment.
was on the upper floor
when the men asked to see him. Miss
Roberts told them the manager was
ustalrs and said she would call him. but
before she could do so one of them leaned
over and took hold of her hand, his
position indicating to Miss* Roberts that
he n?ant to kiss her. but was not successful.
One of the men asked how he could
open the safe. Telling the man she d!*
not know the combination. Miss Koberta
went to the telephone to call assistance.
Just as she was about to use the Instrument.
she said, one of the men caught
ho.d of her hands and she fainted. The
intruders, it is supposed, then hurriedly
left the place, closing the door when they
went out.
A few minutes later an employe of the
firm saw Mr. Robertson In the workshop
and told him the front door was locked
"That shouldn't be." said the manager.
"It's only a few minutes past 4 o'clock,
and surely Miss Roberts has not gone "
Miss Roberts was found lying on a mat
in the office. She recovered In a few minutes,
however, and was able to tell of
her experience.
0 i
In Office Only Few Minutes.
It Is thought the men were in the plac
only a few minutes. Miss Roberts be'n t
certain it was only a few minutes befoi.4
o'clock when they called, and ft was
only about ten minutes after 4 when soe
was found.
One drawer of the desk had been ransacked.
the detectives were told, but there
wu nothing- to indicate that an attempt
had been made to open the .safe. Relating
the affair to the detectives. Miss Roberts
said she was too badly frightened to
make an outer)'.
Descriptions of the two men were furnished
the detectives. The police are
anxious to And some persons other than
Miss Roberts who saw the men.
A War Bismarck Forgot.
From the Westminster Gaaette.
The smallest of Europe's sovereign
states. IJechstenstein. which is preparing
to celebrate the second century of its Independence.
has a monarch and a parliament.
but no taxes and no arm). Its
finances are provided by its Prince John
II. who in return nominates three of its
fifteen M. P.'s. At the time of the Au*tro-Prusaian
war the principality sided
with Austria and mobilized an army of
10ft of all ranka to ahare In the fighting
But Ldechstenateln's army never smelt
Are. and Llechstensteln Itself was quite
overlooked in the peace negotiations at
the end of the war. Fifteen years later
Bismarck discovered that his country was
still technically at war with this miniature
state, and in strict accordance with
the etiquette of such things pourparlers
took place and a forma] treat) of peace
was signed between the two countries.
r r*~i ^
A .
Binkn?Do you use firarott^V
Kinka?Only when I ra feeling ne?
Binka?And are you nerroua much ?
Kinka?Only when aot uaing 'em.

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