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with the Gillett
?No bother?
r* ET a Gillette
Get it today
you all the troubl
having with youi
Wiry beard?tend
time?general unhan<
all thumbs.
The Gillette is the
efficient shaving devi
It is made in four co
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Will Sign Contract V
and at Once An
Tinker to C
CHICAGO. Octol>*r :M.? Johnny Evers 1
will be the next manager of the Cubs. ^
Frank Chance is fired and becomes only
* private in the ranks he has lei to vie- .
tory so often on the base ball diamond, j
Official announcement to this effect was '
not made by President Murphy last
night, but it was obtained from an
authentic source that Bvers is the man
chosen to take Chance's place. 1
Brers visited President Murphy at his
home Tuesday night, and was in conference
with the executive for several hours.
When he emerged from the owner's resi- ,
dence it was agreed that the second (
saekcr would take the position. What ,
terms, if any. were reached could not he
ascertained, but it was learned that
Bvers is to meet the president at his
office today and. sign a contract as man- .
ager of the team
Bvers wiil assume the managerial
duties of the club immediately ;.fter he ,
signs the contract. One of the first
things that will be undertaken is a trade
with Cincinnati for Joe Tinker. The latter
wants to manage the Reds and will
do so if a suitable deal can be made. liefore
negotiations are opened wilh the
Reds Tinker must come to terms with
President Garry Herrmann of the Reds, 1
and a meeting probably will take place
this week. Herrmann is scheduled to
come to Chicago soon ar.l discuss the'
position with Tinker. If they agree to}
affiliate, then transactions will be started
for an exchange of players. President
Murphy is willir/g to be fair with the
shortstop and has promised him to do all
he can to switch the deal. Evers will
take a hard in it. as it will be up to him
to say which of Herrmann's men he
wants in exchange for Tinker.
Chance, when asked, what he know
about the agreement which had been
ern e
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ashingtora sells them. % year
- WWW WW'llfWWW'f^W'flfW'm Ge
? day.
VV > 4*
. liner
7ith Murphy Today lives
range to Trade
"* . than
Cincinnati. ??
' houi
reached between Evers and Murphy, said: the
'If it is so I wish Johnny all the luck in the
the world. 1 hope he can make a success tear:
>f it. If this thins is definitely settled,' read
ind I hope it soon will be one way or the
mother. 1 am going to get right out for two
California at once." well
[ndependent Eleven Practicing Un- JOhi
der Johnny Smith. 'Jlf
Coach Johnny Smith, the former Georgetown
tackle, who Is at present in charge
yf the Mercury Athletic Club foot ball ]t
team, stated this morning that his club the
would give the fast Waverley team the of t
I'attle of the year Sunday at Capital City
Park, when the first game of the season
at this park will bp staged. be
I-ast Sunday the Mercurys and Waver- accc
leys battled to a 6 to 6 tie. and Coach who
Smith lost no time getting the team down
to work. Several new men were admitted
to the club last night, and it la ex- Th
pected that by Sunday the Winged-Foot
aggregation will be in shape to play its
real game. the>
The Mercurys will average close to 130 wilt
pounds this season, and with Bobby Geo
Urace and Dolly Gray to do the kicking stro
expect to be in the fight for the Inde- suffl
pendent championship from the start. byp!
Manager Triplett of the Mercurys wired the
Manager Collier of the i\ S. S. Indiana may
team, stationed at the Philadelphia navy gam
yard, last night regarding a game with unit
the Sailors Sunday. November 3, at Cap- wea
ital City Park. Should this contest be viev
arranged, the fans of the District will see Inte
one of the best games of the season, as of '
the Sailors have defeated some of the tow:
best teams in the Quaker city this year one
and have not been scored upon. The Cs
game Suhday will start promptly at 2:30 agal
o'clock. are
m UNE ON 1
I Be Secured in Contest Tolorrow
Between Blue and
White and Eastern.
ians Will Not Take Any
Chances With Blue and
Gray Aggregation.
' first line will be secured on the
ral High eleven in the scholastic
* tomorrow when it meets the East leven.
Central and Eastern are. the
two teams on which a direct eomon
has not been obtained, and It is
in many quarters that the result
le contest is likely to decide the
it ral is the most favored eleven for
ilghest honors in scholastic foot ball.
Blue and White school has a comion
of players much heavier than
Which represents any other scholastic
ution in the city, and that in itseir
prove a very difficult handicap to
is very probable that Central will
from Eastern tomorrow despite the
that the Light Blue and Wnite agition
has been highly touted. The
ol Hill lads do not weigh anywhere
what Central dooes as an aggregate
n any of the individual positions, and
not more experienced. With no more
lence and much less weight it is
likely that Eastern will be able to
away with a victory over Central,
ugh it may put up a much stronger
i than is generally expected,
stern has been highly touted, but it
be remembered that its advantages
developing a high-class foot ball
are not near as great as are those
entral. and if it fails to accomplish
luch as has been predicted for It at
i in the game tomorrow it should
Bion no great surprise to the folrs
of scholastic foot ball nor disintment
to the Eastern lads. Easttor
the last two years has put out
s which have been a credit to the
>!. It has developed light, fast com- ?
Ions which have given creditable
ants of themselves in every contest
hich they have taken part.
i game is likely to result in a vicfor
Central by a fair margin, judg>y
what it has accomplished so far. ?
there is one thing certain?that if by
stroke of fortune Eastern were to 1
there would be little question that J
>uld stand a mighty good chance to
i in front of the championship race.
orgetown is ready for the Indians.
. Just about embodies the spirit which
, 11_ Al Villi - * - 1 1
aiis uii me iiuiiop in regara 10 hip
ng fray with the Redskins. There t
is little doubt in. the minds of those (
ected with the Blue and Gray eleven "
the victory will rest with their
:n after the contest is finished,
is probable that there has never
an instance In which the Blue and
' contingent was as confident of
ng awry with the winning end of the
i as it is this time. Every man who
been connected with the eleven at
period during its training this year
placed himself on record as saying
Georgetown is going to win.
e of the Blue and. Gray coaches last
t made the statement that he had
led the Indians' style, and that his
i has been well drilled In just those
lods and that he expected to win
i the Redskins at their own game,
laid that Warner has a classy eleven,
that It can meet defeat without the
: doubt, and "he figured that the time
just about come.
ng Is playing in the backfield for
ral. The former tackle has been
ring fairly good form in the position,
according to general report.
les, who is playing a guard position
he Central High eleven, is perhaps
heaviest man in the school series,
ips the scales at 215Vi pounds.
ginia nas Degun to laae a aexernunra
1 In the interest of its foot ball
l The Orange and Blue has begun
old mass meetings, in an effort to
Be some of the old-time enthusiasm
h carried the teams through many
:torlous campaign.
a meeting held last night speeches
made by former members of the
n and by the president of the unity.
All were appeals to the student
to back the eleven and also the
i itself to brace and get in shape to
the most important contest of the
?that with Georgetown.
orgetown had its last real work yegly
before meeting the Indians SaturThe
Blue and Gray eleven was put
ugh a hard scrimmage, which lasted
better part of the hour. The men
given plenty of opportunity to diagthe
plays which are to be used by
Indians, and the were drilled for a
time in methods of breaking the ln;rence
which the Redskins will have,
ecial attention has been given the
nen all the week, and they are in
:ond|tion to play the game of their
i, according to statements given out
hose in charge. There Is little doubt
they will play for all that is in them
should be able to accomplish a great
more in stopping the Red Men's plays "
i they did last fall, when not in con?
e Maryland Aggies' eleven spent two
-s yesterday practicing in a driving
storm. The Farmers spent almost
entire period in scrimmages. It was
longest workout of the year, and the
a when it went In was Just about
ly to quit. Considering the fact that
places of two regulars were taken by
substitutes, the eleven went fairly
There was hardly a time when it I
not get Into the play with a spirit 1
rior to anything shown this year.
withstanding the disagreeable condis
under which the work was done.
ie eleven which will start against St.
i's was allowed to keep the ball durthe
entire period of scrimmage in 01tbat
it might run smoothly on the ofe.
The new men learned the plays
ly well and appeared to grasp the s
ral situations with some accuracy,
is not known just who will start ?i
game against St. John's. The line-up
he team is undecided except for the
tfteld positions and three of the line
es. The two men who have been
may or may not cause the team to
weakened to a considerable extent,
>rdlng to whether or not the men
are taking their places are able to
;nose the plays while on the defense
keep the play on the offense intact.
lis idea that Carlisle may not start
best team against Georgetown is
e. or less ridiculous. If the men are
It condition to play it is certain that
r will go into the contest. Warner
not take any chances with the
rgetown team, which is admittedly
ng. The Blue and Gray combination is
ciently powerful not to admit of any
lay even on the part of an eleven of
caliber of that of the Indians. It
' be that if the Indians make ihe
ie safe in the first half, which is not
kely, they will us? several of their
ker substitutes with the object in
w of saving the regulars for the big
rnatlonal game with the University
Toronto, which follows the Georgen
game and comes on Monday, only
day intervening,
trlisle will start its best eleven
Inst Georgetown, provided the men
fit, there is no doubt about that. ]
May Deci
'be great University of Pennsylvania trail
He hm born In lHttO and for the laat 1
moat capable conditioner of men. He h
most every- track and Held event.
Dne of These Days a E
Four Straight Gar
Calamity 1
The old, old story is going the roum
Chicago city series were both "fixed," el
into eight games and the Windy city co
ninth game before a decision was reache
News. All of which leads one to believ
on the part of those who allege that eit
investigation into the charge would prt
the fact that those who are doing tlie ta
of the contests.
The one big proof of the pudding tlit
level is that the players were allowed t
ceipts of only the first four games. If t
of all the games there would lie some i
limit of seven games, or men to stretch
work in an extra-inning tie game or tw<
The magnates were wise when thev
figure in the receipts of only four gam
Detroit Tigers and the Chicago Cubs sta
with a tie game. The players clamored
this game, and also the first four decis]
generous and agreed to the demands of t
Immediately the cry was heard far and
of conniving to bring about a tie score,
five instead of only four games.
Then and there the magnates took a
they have kept the pledge. When the i
jusi closed resulted in a tie score there
the Boston and New York players for
stead of four games. This demand was
part of the national commission, and tl
the fairness and squareness of the big s
v?.. nnn'i m u Ira m f> hplipVG for Oil 1
wu van ?. niutftv _
magnates enough?even though they hat
play a series out to the limit of games, ^
they know full well that they do not cu
lour games have been played. Again, tli
the melon ever before them for winninj
per eent if they lose, and they strain ev
dispute in four games. This was nev
series in New York and Boston, when i>
could see nothing but dollar signs every
the result that there were many errors o
After winning three of the first five
Sox became overconfident, with the rest
were lucky to win out in the final eont<
cago series. After playing two tie gati
AH they could see was the long end of
minds distracted from the game before
White Sox.
I have always believed that if ball j
in four straight games they will do it,
the money the club owners might deriv
Men Will Be Rested for Van- G
derbilt Game, Which Is
Next Week.
'pecial Dis|>ati'h to The Star.
!4.?The Virginia line-up against the Nor- P?
'oik Blues will show many changes tonorrow
afternoon. Finlay and Harris ni;
etaln their places at end for the pros- wi
>nt. However, as running mate to Wool- l!'
'oik. big Bianchard will play left tackle,
his being his first appearance in the line Df
hist year. In the absence of Carter, whom co
Speed Elliott intends to rest up for the hi]
/anderbilt game. Brown will start at to>
lght guard. At the other guard Borah, th
ion of the senator from Idaho, will have 1
lis initial trial on the first eleven. Bo- ev
ah is a aOO-pounder. Joe Wood will start th
it center. Sa
In the backfleld "Deak" Randolph will Co
itart at quarterback. Capt. Todd hav- da
ng been shifted to right half. Smith, the P<
Lawrenceville end, who has been* out of da
he game lately from injuries, will re- w<
eive a trial at fullback. I^andes is slated pa
.o play the other halfback position. at
Speed Elliott does not intend to use to
Bobby Gooch any more until the Vander- de
>llt game. November 2. Gooch Is terribly da
inder weight and incapable of showing ah
lis best form. The last two days in sig- ta
lal practice he was used at quarter, Todd ce
>eing shifted to halfback. Gooch is in bad th
ihape. Said Elliott: "I intend to keep him va
>ut of scrimmage, if possible, until the bli
Vanderbilt game. Carter also needa a th
ong lay-off." be
de TitleRS,
I^H *
icr. who in seriously 111 at hln home,
thirty years haa been considered the
as developed many champions In al3
(all Team Will Win
nes and Silence
Is that the world's series and the
se the former would not have run
ntest would never have gone to a
;d, says Ed Bang in the Cleveland
e that it is a case of sour grapes
her series was "fixed." A careful
>bably result in bringing to light
Iking lost $15 or on the result
it the games were strictly on the
0 share in the division of the rehey
were counted in on the divvy
sense- in having tlie series go the
it a little farther and have them
decided that the players would
es. It was back in li>07 that the
irted off their world's series clash
1 for a division of the receipts of
ion contests. The magnates were
he players. What was the result?
near that the players were guilty
so as to figure in the receipts of
solemn oath to "never again," and
second game of the world's series
was a demand on the part of both J
a split of the receipts of five Inmet
with an emphatic "no" on the
hat reply put-the O. K. stamp on i
nstant that ball players love the
pen to bo their own employers?to
vith a tie contest thrown in. when
t in on the receipts after the first
ie players have that OU per cent of
X the series compared with the 4U
ery fiber with n them to settle the
er more evident than in the big
L seemed that most of the players
time a ball was hit at them, with
f commission and omission,
games and tying another, the Red
lit that they played poor ball and
?st. The same is true of the Chines
the Cubs won the next three,
the players' purse, and with their
they proved easy picking for the
nlayers can settle a world's series
and will never give a thought to
e from a fifth or sixth contest.
eorgetown Stars Given a
Rest Before Big Game
With Indians.
l'he Georgetown foot ball team had its
lal scrimmage yesterday afternoon in
eparation for the game with the In-1
ans Saturday. Moriarty, Dunn and
aeinchild were excused from the scrimage
on account of injuries, but this
ill by 110 means keep the men out of
e game Saturday. It seems that Moirty
injured his knee in the scrimmage
tesday, and it gave him a great deal
pain ail day yesterday, so that the
aches decided that it was beat to rest
m up for the big game, because it is
o late now to take any chances with
e cripples.
t is doubtful if the Blue and Gray was
er represented by any stronger line
an the one which will be on the Held
turday. From the manner in which
iach Bennis worked with the line yestery
it is evident that he intends to use
;tritz in the contest at center Saturv.
Petritz has been showing up very
ill on the scrub eleven an during the
st week, and he is entitled to a trial
center Saturday, which he is certain
receive. Coach Bennls spent a great
al of time with this youngster yestery.
and seems to think that he will be
le to deliver the goods at this impornt
position. Bennis depends upon the
nter man a great deal, because he has
is man playing back of the line three
rds on the defense, and he is responsib
in a great measure for all the plays
at are sent against the line. Ritch has
en doing very well at this position, but
\ *
-Best Int
Stag gives you ]
Then you buy a
Instead of smol
bottom of a 10-Cei
venient price to p
w 76?| w3
W Fori
Petritz will be Riven the opportunity of
making good there.
Although it rained slightly during the
workout yesterday, still a great deal of
benefit was derived from the work. The
line was given the hardest workout that
it has received during the season. It
was practically decided on yesterday that
the team to start the big game Saturday
will be Donnelly, right end; Capt.
Hegarty, right tackle; Barron, right
guard; Ritch, center: Moriarty, left
guard; Rheinchild, left tackle; Derby, left
end; Costello, quarterback; Murray, right
halfback; Dunn, left halfback, and White,
fullback. The substitute backfield will be
made up of Calnan, quarterback; Foley,
left halfback; Fury, right halfback, and
Van Dyne, fullback. It is certain that
Heiskell, Mullaney and Petritz will play
In the big game.
Commercial League?Evening Star vs. William
National Capital League?Climbers vs. Fat Men.
District League?Toletloes vs. Hummers.
Poet Office League?Rural Malls vs. Supplies,
rflty Post Office vs. Finance. Postal Savings vs.
Carroll Council League-Santa Marias vs. Ninas.
T. M. C. A. League?Michigan* vs. Champlains.
Colonial la-ague?Continentals vs. Manhattans.
Departm< i.tul League?Interiors vs. Commissioners.
J ? ?4 !>.. Il.oo .. I noon/. Vort lias.. ?...
nnnumunm ...... .. .. . ?.? i u ,
Track and Roadway.
G. P. O. .VCEic9.
1st. 2d. 3d. 1st. 2d. 3d.
Crass 185 141 100 Gorman.. 106 148 201
Bair 168 124 182 Brown... 172 137 1.37
Carey 147 161 162 McLennan 180 2<i5 1?G
Lrdnum.. 184 132 108 Drake 236 145 180
Walsh.... 1S5 213 157 Field.... 1?J8 197 186
Totals.. 868 771 829 Totals.. 922 832 878
Rudolph k. West. Judd is. Detweller.
St'chc'b.. 89 96 01 Quantrell. 85 83 87
Mitchell.. 90 82 78 Felllnfcer. 97 114 1.34
Thompson 92 108 97 M?Oner 89 86 80
Cotter? 96 92 99 H'chinson 103 88 78
Cra'pton.. 116 95 122 Morrison. 93 84 90
Totals.. 483 468 499 Totals.. 466 455 469
Chautauqua. * Seneca.
Willard .. 88 95 98 Rennet t . . 85 104 89
Israel.... 91 105 1.30 Muiiae;-... 8.3 92 87
G'sbelmer 93 93 85 Humphrey 83 117 91
Totals...272 283 313 Totals...251 313 267
Belmants. Eureka.
Halley... 89 97 100 Postou 87 108 84
Oliver 91 97 87 Lerch 79 83 112
Rider.... 116 132 129 Blttlnger. 97 95 80
Ratim.... 98 104 95 Meier 77 84
Mlchaud.. 85 102 91 Denty 96 ... it'tj
James 104 96
Totals...479 532 502 Totals.. .436 474 473
Salvador. Columbia.
Glen 95 77 84 Delavigne 97 68
Sullivan.. 8rt 80 so rostljtan.. 74 85 85
Huhn.... 86 82 62 McCarthy 114 92 80
Beiiehert. 97 107 86 Chrtln 71 ... 104
MiT.'fhlin 110 100 lot iHtidy...^ 96 85 <17
Wesohler. ... 71 ^5
Totals. ..408 446 443 Totals...452 4<tl 437
Heunepins. La Sallea.
Brower... 109 103 82 Graham. . 76 94 104
McDerm't 97 79 79 Ashley... !t2 76 S3
Plant.... 76 83 70 Farrell... 8.3 S5% 85
Haasett.. 76 74 83 J.Nolan.. 95 78 tut
B. Nolan.. 102 107 86 O. Clark.. 89 74 100
Totals...460 416 409 Totals...435 407 435
Cbamplalns. Marquette*.
Annabel.. 90 71 90 Myers.... 86 ltd 88
Crooks.... 85 68 73 Dillon.... 76 72 85
I.eahev... 82 102 80 Nolan.... 91 KiC 99
Feeley... 75 9o 102 Hewitt... 92 S3 79
Mellon... 00 89 79 Smith 85 88 73
Totals.. .422 420 424 Totals...429 430 ?424
Marquette won roll-off.
Balbnas. I>e Sotrvs.
Hoffman.. 99 91 93 Trapp SO S3 S3
O'Brien.. 88 75 82 Mnhoney.. 96 84 87
Glorer.... 89 84 89 Bolac 78 89 S8
Gill 87 73 73 Dougherty 94 99 79
llogan 88 100 84 McLarney' 98 103 ?.*$
Totals...447 423 421 Totals...448 458 433
Falaee. Fo to macs.
List 98 103 94 Collins... 88 99 113
Lewis 117 121 117 Mt. Baer. 94 106 94
Roberts.. 78 113 109 Brown.... 79 90 86
H'kaworth 1U 107 103 Kenzig... 91 92 123
KmiMS... 11< 119 129 MoeBaer. 102 127 lot
Totals.. .520 583 543 Totals.-. .454 514 519
lian Tean
V* V
tried Staj
^5-^ with any m
Cent tins.
L8 perfect, fresh smokes,
nother FRESH 5-Cent tir
dng up the dried-out tob
nt tin. And isn't 5-Cents
ay for tobacco?
*ipe and Cigt
Hamilton, Schorr's 3-Year-Old,
Captures Laurel Feature.
Favorites Have Good Day Despite
Bad Going?Springmass Makes
Show of Field.
LAl'RBL, Md.. October 24.?Coming
down the home stretch like a wobbly engine
making up lost time, splashing mud
on either side and back of him instead
of steam, J. YV. Schorr's good three-yearold,
Hamilton, won the Anre Arundel
selling stake at l^aurel yesterday from a
field of severt" starters. The distance was
a mile and a lurlong and the net winning
was just $15 shy of *1,.V;?.
The son of Bannockburn was in the
lead, but relinquished it to G. M. Miller
round the first turn. It was only for a
short distance that he took the mud and
then he went to the front again to maintain
it to the coveted goal. On the backstretch
Nonpareil, a rank outsider, continually
challenged Hamilton, but never
could overtake him. When this pair
reached the six-furlong pole it became
evident to the spectators they would
firJsh as they were running, providing, of
course. Nonpareil did not do the unexpected.
In the meantime backers of Jacquelina.
one of the Bedwell horses, were looking for
this black mare to begin her spurt rounding
the far turn, but they looked in vain,
for she was unequal to the occasion and
could not improve her position. In some
of her previous races it generally took
about half a mile before she could start
to pull down the leader.
The Bedwell entry ruled favorite by a
slight margin, although there was a
heavy play on the Schorr horses.
Hamilton won ty a length from Nonpareil.
with War Horn in show position,
four lengths behind.
Thirteen horses were entered, but six
of them?Superstitition. Bounder. Cliff
Edge, Col. Ashmeade, Oakhurst and
Amalfi? were scratched.
The racing was spirited, and favorites
carried off three of the events, despite
the sloppy track. They were BrynarV.
in the first; Rosseaux, in the third, and
Yorkshire Boy. in the last.
Hamilton was a second choice, and so
was Springmass in the fifth contest. And,
-** ? -- On^tMnoviaoo A ,-Krtnr ?f
oy llie ?aaa mauc <cl ouuw ui
her held. It has been some time since a
horse going over the long distance has
run away from the held so easily as did
this chestnut filly. At one time she was
eight lengths in the lear. and she might
have been more at the finish had she been
ridden out by the Jockey.
In the running of the opening dafli.
which was at five furlongs for two-yearolds,
Tommy Burns' Mama Johnson fell at
the furlong pole. Jockey Ford escaped
injury and accepted a mount later in tife
The only real upset during the day was
the winning of Roseitaire in the second
race, fchich was for two-year-olds and at
the same distance as the first. This filly
got the jump on her colleagues in the
early running and was not challenged In
the stretch. Chuckles got up in the last
furlong and secured a mortgage on place
position, finishing a length and a half
back of the winner. Insurance Man. the
favorite, ran a good race, once started,
and came from next to last to show several
lengths back of Chuckles.
In the third event there were supposed
to be a number of real mudders. Ros,
seaux lived up to his past performances
on a heavy track, and by being quick to
get in front won by a length from Flying
Yankee, on whom there was a false price.
He was three lengths in front of Ochre
Court, who won the show place by beating
out the tlrigf >Madman in the last
couple of strides.
i to Start
? Flags of all Nations
/on satin. One in
each package.
ouve *v
gjust Jft
^oaxyou me
~10- 5^
acco at rrrWA V1
1 a ?* MM MY
5the handsomer
5 LION wing col- S
?lar?for day and 5
= evening wear.5
S Designed on stylish lines ;
S ?popular with the care- 5
S ful dressers all over the Z
2 country. I
J; Made with the Patented 5
1 mm "tturron-tcss vac*" and the mm
S famous **Slip-Over " Button Z!
5 hole. Z
"LEEDS '* la a quarter inch "
lower. Both are 2
%t/fon (oljars
S 2 for TSxu Quarter Sires ?
5 At the fashionable gatherings this
S season "TRACTOR is the collar- ZS
ana worn with MAC-HURDLE, the pet- m
^ en ted LION dress shirt llisl **
JJ bulge. ~
um IliaiWrtnlCaSarCn ,Main.T?sf.K.Y. JJ
| Foot Ball*
1 SKEW! w- j
| Saturday, Octokr 26, |
I 3 P.M. I
| Georgetown Field g
?5 Seats dow sellin? at Spalding's. Wh.i'', ^
and Kolx rls*. ck
^ Box Seat*. S2.f*0: Kast ?;?! West St.ind*. ?
$1.."> ?: Corner Stands. $1.2."; Aduii*-i<m
$1.u:>. 4,
3R! Thorp.-, hero of the Oljrtnple (ismes mi l
IK Atuerlea's foremost aflilete. will |da> n
hulfha.-k on the Indian el~*?*u.
& Automobile* not allowed on ground*. A
| Do You Need J
k Some Article in
I Hardware I
J'? T
[if . Around the home or place of bus*;?
Inesa? :;?
If ao. phone, call or drop postal :'J:
jjf: and we'll send li to you at th? i.'t
lowest price in town :'.'t
Automobile Oil, -We gallon
| Machinists' Supply Co., &
\Z 520 I2th St. n.w.
Mail or pboae ordera given prompt
& attention. ->

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