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1 The Location is right. |
| The homes are best from every viewpoint^
| That is why they are selling fast. S
: fNos.1343 to 1355 Shepherd St.j
v* ?TDT ^ }"ou have contemplated buying a home we want you \i
to see this property. To study it from every viewpoint
^[_ and see if we are not right in saying it is the best real- %
z ty in Washington. ^
I They are the sort ot hemes particular people want %
* Built with an eye to the art'stic. Built to last a lifetime. ^
r 2 In a location that is high, healthy and becoming more valu- &
? able every dav.
T. y- The arrangement i3 ideal ? tho finishing throughout \
"T % artistic and thorough. $
W Six rooms, tiled bath and finished attic; double flooring;
.juurtered oak; concrete porches; hot-water heat; large ^
yard to public alley; beautifully papered; oxpenslve gas 3j
ard electric fixtures. \
?He sure and inspect these homes. ?
^ '-,f ?Take 14to street car to Shepherd street, walk one-half jjS
" square. r1;
?Sample hcuse oi?en for itlspectlon. -iV
5 These Homes Are Ideal f
|| On W Street N.W. j
| No. 31 Sample House. I
rrice, I
| Terms A rranged to Suit Your Convenience^
HEX it comes down to the actual buying of a |
(\-AvLIL "onie y?u can 1 be too careful. You not only %
? want one that is well built nicelv arranged and ^
? well finished. BUT THE LOCATION MUST g
% BE RIGHT. Where could you find a location more pleasing ?
or attractive than this property? It is in a community where g
every one owns the house he lives in and takes pride in it. g
These houso? have six large, bright rooms, finished in
tlie most thorough manner; the interior decorating shows
'X the most effective color schemes. ;?
The lots are IS feet by 140 to wide alley.
Modern tiled bath; plenty large c'osets; combination gas K
and electric fixtures; double floors; hot-water heat; finished #
servant s room. These homes are three-story effect. ^
1 Francis A. Blundon, 707 G St J
j p ? P|# iwaggg"""! nut I
UAMPC ; Bring up
"" *? ;; your children i j;
Nos. 28u3 to 2823 27th St. jj in a neighbor- ill
- TV Il/l A si iZl Xii S% A
1 $7,650 F';rt
^ 7 ii occupied by
Cr? Easy Terms ilo ??uat the ii peo^lc 0f ffre j
: Purchaser.? iii / /
; :j better class.
A home that will be a source of pride i
and pleasure to you all your life and \
:: i will steadily increase in value every \
iii year. . M
Three stories. eight large rooms, two tiled baths and i
tiled kitchen; ce'lar tu'.l depth; hot-water heat; p intry, ;
with bu It -in refr gerator; e-ectric and gas lighting: 1 !
large concrete and iron front and rear porches, second
and third floors; deep lots to paved alley.
Take car to Cathedral avenue and walk
i| west one short square.
Open all day. Come out Sunday. Selling
agents on premises.
( Floyd E. Davis,
Phone Main 353. 7th and E Sts. S.W.'
| Dickhaut & Schwarz J
P Phone Main 70 j6. ^9-9 Pa. Ave. N.W. |
11310 Girard St. N.W J
*:j: (Co-umbia Heights) I
1 One-ha'f Squiare from 14th St Cars |
| $3?? Cash Balance Monthly |
A very attractive home; 3 story; 10 rooms and |
; two baths; lot 150 feet deep to wide, paved alley; ^
;p plenty room for stable or garage. $
j jp,fl Parlor, reception hall, dining ?
-2 l Sil Hoor room, with 3 windows; pantry, A
X kitchen and porch. x
? "DA ICfl 3-large bedrooms, bath and large &
$ 2f?ti Moor back porch. A complete flat on .<
2 each floor. ?
"{* 3 large bedrooms, bath and back X
'i 3d Floor rrch- The ba.ck roomJ $
^ ^ wa house are very large and suitable 5
| ior library. T
| Open Daily and Sunday Until 9 O'Clock P.M.
1314FST.NW I
f-$5,250 $5,350 J
| A BiuildWs JSepiuitaSioa |
Y Is at stake whenever he construct? one or a thousand houses.
We invite the closest Investigation to the now row of houses Y
! | just completed. Y
| Mas. 207, 209, 211 amdl 213 |
% S Stossft N.W. |
Y <.Near ? car lines and government departments). Y
.> Handsomest and best constructed houses in tho city. At- X
> tractive 2-story tl'.-story effect) i.nd cellar, light iron blown X
! press bricks of the colonial typo; 8 large rooms and bath; ar? X
v ranged as fo'lowa: 1st llour?Reception hall, parlor, library or X
mus'c room, dining room, k tchen and pantry; 2d floor?t bright X
Y bedrooms and bath; hardwood trimmed throughout; HOT- o
Y WATER HEAT, gas and olectric lighted; cabinet and mantels; Y
T beautifully decorated, and, in fact, every modern improvement y
X down to the minute. Y
.;. Easy Monthly Payments. ,t,
| Will?St? <Sb 5&?iini?clk? C?cSfa |
; * I'hcittes Main 4028-4920. 1309 H St. TC.W. Y
I ?^
Vlfh^w^^ | |f^ gfg ;^_ j"<BM
Bb^^B* uCSB B " &?*j^**B^^BjB
Washington Six Per
and German-Amet
Homes Being C
A number of improvements have been of 1
made during the past season 111 the block , c'*>
on F street between 6th and 7th streets
northwest, in the way of remodeled buildings
for business purposes and by new
structures Some are still in process of ce"
completion. notably the new home for; U8<,:
the Washington Six l'er Cent Bui'ding COIT
Association. The alterations in the build- | ve'(
ing at 6'i" F street so as to adapt it for j J8 6
store and office uses are completed. I tj,e
In addition to the Barrister building, be- tha
tween those two structures, another com- o'dparalively
recent addition is the large eYe
or 1
structure at the southwest corner of 6th llle
and F streets, which was erected by the j tuk<
Oriental Building Association and where i win
'ts offices are located. To the west, on \ an<*
the same sde'of the block, is the Owen
office building, which, following the usual fVor
practice, has stores on the first floor and X
offices on the upper floors. Farther den
3long and next to the corner of 7th imp
street is%the Casino Theater, which is one moi
t ^ \ ' ''\wm ?>? :
wJKjf^^rI |^yi 11 jij I* if*:^'
A IHA\mK 1A IhB SKI i.i\L <
mmnrnonrcwoi a Kin is:
j live
j wltj
Take American Heating Systerns
and We Follow Their ^
Types of Houses. ??(
: nc
in j
The English home of todav is a far
different home from that constructed ten war
or fifteen years ago. There has hoeti a inal
vast improvement indeed. I am un Eng- T<
lishman by birth and an American by
adoption, says a writer in the American Up
Carpenter, and have spent years of my Wit
life on both sides of the Atlantic. Con- I a 1
sequently 1 am in a position to write in
an unbiased manner.
The English builder Is slowly but surely
adopting American methods, just as the
American builders in the larger centers
ol this country are adopting English iris
methods. However, the American is in
many cases adopt ng English types of *
houses, while the Englishman is adopt- Tl
ing the American me.hods, of hcat.ng, the
of equipping the home with labor-saving regi
devices, etc. r"eI
English Homes Substantial. Tl
I think I am safe in saying that the1 eng
average English home of today is a more
substantial structure than the American. ,iav!
. . re si
The American Home, However, even 11 fut,
not so well constructed, affords far great- bus
er convenience lor the housewife, far in t
greater hom? comfort for the owner. an<l pec
far more satisfaction for all concerned.
In England there are compa at.ve y few er"
homes in which heating plants are installed,
inasmuch as the milder climaie of
England does not seem to require it?
that is, it does not seem essentia! to the t
average Englishman's' happiness. Still, Spr
In some of the better and more expensiiu Fro
homes and mnny of the apartment build- of i
ings, especially in the larger cities, heat- of !
ing equipment is very often found, aud occ
:hanged block
K' . " ' - *
... .-v : ^ : >;? y.:;y^ J
*i -' , : , . -V: ..i-.-.-K '
' ' " ' "S? ' : . >
. <, : . x < *
. \ > ' 1.. ;.y. 5V. " ' *'.. / .
. . ... v - ..... ; ;
. - . .... ... , .y .
* x'' : '
- - v < *- r.. ? > v;- ?
iS ? ' ' f'" J .
?H ?. j
I rin Bl
a 9 BHmL
?h jynH|^nnn
et residences ?
* Association J!
ican Insurance ?
^ ?
-ompleteo. "
the largest places of the sort in the *
Mark of Development. ?
te new and also the comparatively re- a
t changes in the character and in the ?
s of the buildings within this brief
inocu r?f AtiP ? ?! %* LIapIt inarb thn ilo_
? k" Vt V??V J( "I vv. u *> ?? k>*V VAX. ?
>! ment of business in this section. It
uite evident the character of business !
his section has changed, as shown by I ti
lareer and more substantial buildings j h
t have taken the place of t^ie remodeled \ j,
time res'dences. To a largeextent, how- !
r, the old homes that lined both sides I 6
Lhe block are still stanlin?, although I w
high steps and terraces have b-en tl
en down. In place of former cel'ur ii
dows the openings are broad and high ' y
tilled with plate glass. Sometimes a
nge has been made In the fronts of n
parlor tloors, but the balunce of the d
its remain the same. &
uw, however, these remodeled resi- ci
ces are being removed and the sites' b
roved by the erection of thoroughly j a!
lern buildings. The* change is not con- j U
:'?/*>''' ''' x- '. :: ;<.
' :*' s> * ." ::.
": 'V. ' *yi : " '* 7 > ' < ;jytx ^ : v :
"' . .< :
,,'; *. * - , * ? 't * - , _
. :r v.. :* ; " : Vv 7 .. ^
' ' x. -/ * ' ( .
. "::'
J,% 7'l'rt SiHt-fii iihi ? KfcA U AND
rover ft is used affords the utmost r
sfactlon. I
Attractive Place to Live. I?
saving the question of heat out of
^'deration, the modern home of En,r3
is an attractive place in which to
. True, you don't see many houses
li beautifu verandas as we do here
America, but I suppose the climate is onsible
for this. ^
ractically every house, whether memo's
or millionaire's, has a fence of
le description surrounding it. and 1
red it out that the higher the cost of
house the h gher the fence These
ees give the streets a narrow appeare.
What the Englishman's object is
shutting off his view of the street I
e not been able to fathom. Possibly
?ives his home seclusion, and if he
its seclucion and privacy it is his tt
.tenable right to have it. ol
a me one of the most beautifu! and eI
stic things about the Eng'.ish home
he window scheme They have given
the '"one large plate" idea entirely. o1
h an inhnite number of .entailer panes pi
diversity of harmonious decorative ^
ernes is being worked out to give the
se distinction.
her Company Starts Separate Bu- a>
eau to Handle Residences Only. r,
lomas J. Fisher & Co , Inc., announce tt
establishment in connection with its
jlar sales service of a social departlt
to handle home properties excluAy.
lie head of the new department has .
yet been se'eeted. but the s'aff to be
aged upon this work of handling home h
pertdes will be "selected from men who cl
e an especially good knowledge of n
dence property, and they will not In ,
ire give any of their time to sales of
iness or investment property, so that J1'
i short while the Fisher company ex- y
ts it will have a staff of experts or- t(
Ized and at work handling home prop- C1
es. n'
F. W. Haldeman Bays Home.
he two-story brick residence 1340
ing road northwest has been sold to
ink W. Haldeman for a conolderat'on
1R.20U. 'It was sold through the office
Shannon & L?uehe. Mr. Haldenuui will *-e
upy the property. ci
Insurance Building Walls Up.
Around the corner and to the south on
Lh street the walls of the new home
f the German Fire Insurance Company
t' the District have been finished and the
iterior work is being done. The stone
f the front and the pillared entrance harlonizes
in color, and also harmonizes in
gnity and appropri 1 tt ness with its
eighbor, the modernized building of the
e- > nd National Bunk.
On the oth?r side of 7th street extends
he stretch of buildings occupied by
lecht & Co., while on the corner to the
outh is the largo hu ld.ng of the Bank
f Commerce and Savings. The cut re
ange is of comparative.y recent origin,
s the individual buildings are either new
r have been remodeled and modernized.
Appearance of Block Improved.
In making the changes, especially in
he elevation of the fronts of these buildlgs,
the appearance of the entire block
as been much improved, as what has
een done by private enterprise on the
ast side of the block is more In keeping
ith the facade of the public building
aat covers the entire west front than the
regular and low structures of former
To the south, beyond E street, worklen
are engaged in provid'ng a large adition
to the establishment of Cans' urgli
Bro.'s building, which ill not only inrease
the long frontage of the ra.ige of
uildings occupied by that concern, but
Iso. of course, will prov'de the additional
icilities and space which are required.
F STiUSASTS AOiii'il.vfcsT.
loncrete and Stucco Structures
Stand R'gor of Northern
Climate Well.
The first impression made on a visitor
) the residential districts of MinneapIis
is that he is in a suburb ol' an eastrn
city. The wide streets, detached
ouses among trees and the architecture
f the houses all contribute to this imression.
While Minneapol:s is a ci*y of
tore than ."00,00<> people, it has no solid
>ws of dwelling houses such as one
nds in most large cities, but its resiential
section is spread over an imtense
area, with each house standing
y itself on its own plot of ground This
rrangement adds greatly to the attracveness
of Mie city and gives wide scope
>r individuality and variety of archi:cture.
Minnesota Forests Exhausted.
When Minneapolis could draw 011 the
pparently inexhaustible forests at the
eadwaters of the Mississippi river for
er build ng material and wood was th<
heapest means of construction, it was (
aturally used ulmos' exolus'vely in
ouses of moderate cost. With tlio exaustion
of the Minnesota forests and
ie increased cost of lumber, the quest
>r ether building material began. Confete.
or stucco, which a decade ago was
6t thought suitable to stand the rigors
f the northern climate, was perfected so
s to endure ,;n any degree of cold, and
rick soon became little or no more cxenslve
than wood.
Change in Architecture.
Immediately a great' change in arcni:oture
took place. Concrete, or ooncte
and crick or wood combined, gave
?kS IK
J&k BrUj
i *^^^8^8bBbb^$
' ^ iMm afsmfiilili
Ip^j ^ H
L^gr a 'A
Mnf i.'^K miEUmZSB&m
ned to this block, but appears to be due
> the influence of what is going on in
le larger business center, of which 7th
:reet is the great and busy artery, just
j if Vi:?u been for sri manv vears.
trees will maintain the real time of tit
year in tlie face of the mild temperature
and congenial suns.
Suburban Salesmen Busy.
This is one of the busiest times of tin
year for the salesman 01" suburban prop
erty. and he is improving his shinin;
hour during the Indian summer weather
All the signs and indications of the mocd
of nature l>elcng to the outdoor life o
the rountry, for. while they are to bi
seen by city dwel'ers and more especially
by those living in this city, yet for thi
most i art they pas? unnoticed For whi
is interested in knowing the direction o
the wind or whether, in fa~t it blows o
not when his outdoor existence is lim
ited to a walk of a few blocks from hi!
house to the street car and thence to hii
office, or perhaps only from the nou^i
to th- curb, where he can reach his auto
Living- Closer to Nature.
v, l
For the most part it is only a matte
of umbrellas or overshoes with a mai
who lives at the side of a paved stree
whether it rains or blows.
The situat on is quite d'fferent with th
man who lives in the country, the subur
ban dweller and those who are think nj
of do'ng so. They live closer to naiui <
and are out in the weather more than th
city dweller. The'r inttrrsts are more o
less bound up with the kind of weathe
which prevails at various periods. Fo
they have their lawns and gardens, and
perhaps, seme animals. They have the;
preparations for the winter
In the wider range in the interests o
1'fe the suburban man can give the c t;
man po'nts, and perhaps it is in part th
appeal of something outside of the rou
tine of daily life that is drawing me;
and women away front the c ty stieets
The sa'esmen of suburban property rnus
be h'ghly successful in br ir ing out thes
po'nts to prospective purchasers, for th
suburbs of the city are yearly extendinj
and the e'rele of which the city is th
center has a diainettr thar is constant!;
growing larger.
Best Time to Grind a Chisel.
The best time to gr'nd a cnisel !s no
just before you need it on some job
neither is it a matter of cera.n stage o
'he muon, or of the greatest convenient
to vourself, but it is the tirst time yoi
get to the grindstone after the chisel ii
dull. More chisels have been sent to th<
unk heap from be ng laid aside whet
dull till some convenient time for grind
ing than from any other one cause.
R. T. Warwick Buys Farm.
R. T Warwick has purchased for i
home "Whitehall farm," located at Blue
mont, Ya. The estate contains 371 acre
and is improved by a fifteen-room housi
with five bathrooms. The house wai
built by the' late J. C. Hooe, who was fo:
many years private secretary to Mrs
Phoebe Hearst. The price paid was abou
> >" % I
%?rn ?L.VRG12
6 roo:
# Lie
save Si
worth 5
low prii
large ac
Main 16]
a wide range for beauty and variety ii
construction. As yet, moreover, whil
there are some examples of a tendenc.
to run wild, and while grotesque an*
senseless extremes in the use of stucc
are seen, on the whole good taste am
correct architectural ideas prevail, and i
would probably be hard to find anvwher
a greater number of comparatively in
expensive houses of equal attractiveness
Suburban Property Salesmer
Still Busy.
Drawing People Away From Cit;
Streets to Wider Interests of
Life in Country.
Salesmen of suburban property still con
tinue to do a good business. and thei
automobiles have been crowded the pas
three or four sunny Sunday afternoon
with prospective purchasers, as they wll
be again tomorrow, if the day is fair.
The first touch of winter has been i
gentle one thus far in this latitude, and
aside from the drooping and wilted top
of some of th<v more delicate p'ants an
the corn stacked in the fields for foddei
there have been few indications that th
reign of summer is coming to a close
Now. however, that the high winds hav
begun, the leaves are falling more rapid
I Iy. and soon the bare branches of th
e Mass. Ave. Heights, near Nav
overlooking the Potomac. Doubl
PRICE, $4,2S'
. * 1 ~ fx* 1. - I.
e 111 yum u\\ 11 liumc. jli > liiucii en
.000 the day you buy. Houses lil
>5.200 to 85,500. We are selling
ce of S4.250 because we bought 1
reage while it was cheap,
n ley town car to W place, then wall
V. BOUIC & CO., Ag
r;. S01
1 I The Homes 7"
II That sell A
First , Y
1 ill
j| f Cash
'llll 4 Maice Mnibiy
' $4,250
6 1 and 8 Room
,,li! Heat Han
t! i; Electri
s1 : i # ^
u|:;i Open and Lighted L
I Come Out This
115134 F Stn
r > V
| New Houses
Best Ever Offei
T I t
* j #X# Six to Eight Rooms: Receptioi
j tuves; i Reamed Ce I'ngs; Oak Is
l A Solid Bronze Hardware; Ample
t'j A Room and Halls: *1 he Lyon ii
a : A Ranges; Hot-water Heat: Elegi
A Two-story Rear Porches; Fron
Lawns; Deep Lots; Cemented Ce'l
j ?? Closet; Stationary Tubs in Basel
( y Varnish.
r Y More House, More Value. Best C
. i A Ever Offered in "1
s A Located in the best section of
? y three car 1 nes, churches of se
? y stores and market.
J Prices, $5,701), $5,830,
A Small first trust on these pr<
A suit purchaser. To inspect take
r y road and so east, or any Georg a
n j A E. P. BP
e > We could bui
? i ^ We would bi
ii A. F. FOX
l i 1311 H ST. X.W.
! X^~XK~XK^K~XK~H*4X~X*?X,<MX*
g Ordinary Chair Cane Can Be Used 1
y Advantage in Informal Rooms.
Once the register was proven amenab
to improvemeirt, architects turned tlte
attention to the more difficult task i
t concealing radiators those hideous ol
jects made even more so by bronz<
f a uminuni or japanning. Here, besid<
L. the stubborn heating engineer to be ovei
j come was the fact that the size of tr
s radiator was determined by exact calct
b lation, and its position in the room b
1 the question of efficiency rather than b
mere appearance. Efficiency general!
meant under the most prominent wit
In brick or stone houses it was foun
possible to conceal tile radiator tn th
1 thickness of the wall under a window
- boxing it in to form a seat with screene
s front and top. This gave considerabl
surface for radiation, though not enoug
K to satisfy the man whose eagerness f?j
s "a good heating job" justified no end c
r eyesores in the house.
This is now the approved method, an
t is not very expensive if ordinary chai
cane is used for the screen; cane bein
al Observae
car line.
teaper. You
these are
them at the
ihis land in
k one square
uthcrn Bldg.
Oily !
i* 11 n ^
\ Left ;
<9>!]5<&017OSt.N E i
i Houses. Hot-Water |
Iwood Finish, i
ie Lights if
ntil 9 O'clock Tonight. j
Evening or Sunday. ~
set Northwest !
Just Completed |
*ed in Washington
i Hulls; Tile Baths; Combinati n Fix- Y
'Ivors; Hardwood Trim Thro'gho it; 1*
Closet Room; Push Button-; in Eicli *t*
[ot-water Heater; New Method G .s ?
int.y Decorated; S??ii?. C?;tk Mantels; X
t Porches Bight Feet Wide; Wide J
lar I'n 'er the Knt're House; Servants'
nent; Entire House Finished in Spar ??
onstruCted and F ue.t Finished House Y
his City for the Price.
Columbia Heights, and convenient to .J.
iveral denom nations, pub ic sc.tools. ?*?
$ 5-250, $6,500 and $7,000=
>rerties; balance can be arrange! to
any 14th or 11th street car to Park *.
avenue car to Park road and go west.
Owners. ?*.
[Id thcm cheaper. ..
but we un't. < ?
uild them better, * *
but we can't. * *
E. 3312 N. H. AVE
not only cheap and easy to replace, but
also harmonious in rooms of informs i
treatment. Even In frame houses where
;0 there is no wall th'ckmss to help so ve
the problem, architects are devising boxing-in
schemes which do away wi.li tie
former unsightly radiator in all it
le j nakedness.
lr j Tlie heatin engineer still grumble',
jf : but if this improvement interferes witu
radiation, then it is his business to remedy
hi* system and make it cunuti'iisue
rate with good looks.
?8 _
1- *
y Clarence Normcnt Transfers Office
y Structure to Joseph Ferrero.
TllP nftif'p Jill! Hintr Irnnu - .. ?u - it -?
_ ... ?'"o ??ii a i ir ?1 M'JU
*1 building. at <* 2 F street northwest, has
?een transferred by Clarence Nor incut to
los.ph Terrero. No oonsld ration was
mentioned, bat a trust of tJU.Udu was asI)
>i \ deed was also recorded by which J?'
? eph Ferrero transferred to Clarence
Coiment the residence 1 Mth stnft
tor th west. It is the purpose of Air. F?rir
? ro to continue the F street property in
g is present use.
> >.* :< v?
' ::^y fl

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