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All MacGregors in Country to
Be Asked to Join Body.
L'eibeit Staley Magruder Selected to
Increase Membership.
rxecutive Council Also Will Seek
With Revolutionary
War History.
x' utive council of the American
MacGn '-;or Society, at Its final meet:ng
this morning. decided upon a pl?n for
Increasing the memhcrshin <>f tin- i.mmi.
z .tlon
\t the- request of the executive council!
'.i'.ftaln Magruder appointed Herbert}
Stalky Alagtuder of Mississippi a comtr.ttce
of one to bring the work of the
society to the attention of persons eligible j
i ) membership throughout the country- ,
.Mr. Magi uder's business necessitates;
t.aiding in every state in th< Cna>:i, and,
for this reason he was selected for the;
pace. !
The council ul.-o voted to accept the
.American tin; to be given the sovietv ;
1- ' Macdrcgor Chapter of the Daughters}
<>f the American devolution. An effort
will be made to get a piece of nine timber
it from on- of the plantations of < "ol.
X-tdok Magruder. an officer in the r?-v??lut
onary war, with which to make a stuff
for the flag.
Traces MacGregor History.
T e convention proper adjourned last
riglit following the announcc-m nt ?*f
i ?mmitt<-cs for the ensuing year l?y
? nleftain Magrude-r. fine of the most
Interesting features of the evening's entertainment
w;u= the tracing of the liislury
of the battle of B*-n Fluin in Scotland
centuries ago, by Miss Murray MacGregor
of MaoGregor. .Scotland, eightyseven
years old. who hold; the position of
historian of t. e <"Ian ? Iregnr in h*-r :iat;v?
country.' interest at-.! :.. <1 to hec
paper t r c cjs of lo-f advanced agv and
a !.- > ix-e;i i;-? < >! tie fa. t . ;s the grcnlnt
of bir Ibilcflii; .M.tci iregor. the
i>r?-iiiap ehiefi.im ?>? tie ?lan. tn'e i
f at. ires of the t iii. r'.a nmrni in<-p..|e-i
i i#- reading of ar; original p??-in iit;tl*-d,
" Americatt < *kui ??regor "sokti! _.
.1 d" P. It Mag! n.|. . of AniUi|>olis. Md.;j
a piano solo b\ M',-> fu;!1 M l'<ir-e|f. a j
decjwntatton b> '"lerh; . rt Mag.
d* r. a recitation by Mis.- Ituth Wade and j
? tc a'noun- uieiit by ? lieftaln lvl\?ard|
.May Mngrtidcr of the <! putv <-hh ftalns i
mid in* nib* rs of various wtrntiitt*'* s.
A rmni n t liieil t s for flip Year.
?II ? '
i*:i:iU?tii Magrudcr announced ti t folk-wing
appointments for the y>-ar I'MU-f.:
Deputy fhleftalne?Mrs. Dnrut: > Kd- j
n.onstone (Zimmerniany Allen. New Mexi?o;
Mrs. Henrietta Kingsley Button
n'ummlngy) Black. I^ouiaiana: Benton
Magruder Bukey, Illinois; Winbourne
Magruder Drake, Mississippi; Mrs. Elizabeth
Robards (Offutt) Haldeman, Kentucky;
Albert Sydney Hill. California;
Miss Susan Elizabeth Killam, Missouri;
yn. Matilda (Fte&iD Lewis. Colorado;
Miss Cornelia Frances Magrnder. Florica;
Franklin Minor Magruder. Virginia:
oeorge Corbln Washington Magrudcr.
?>klalK?ma- Dr. iienrge Mason Magrudcr:
?tregon: John Read Magrudcr. Maryland;
Robert l.ce Magruder, jr.. Georgia; Vesalius
Sfcamour Magrudcr. Ohio: Mrs. Sarah
Gilmer (Magrudcr) McM.irdo, Montana; i
(LL open.
walks give t
the automot
forest shade
To reac
to 30th Stre<
This roa
David J. He
see the wor
sites ranging
in conformit
American Security
Amos Plumb, Trus
Maj. Edward Magruder Tutwiler. Alabama:
Dr. Walter Augustine Wells. I 'istrict
of Columbia; William Woodward,
New York: .Miss Mao Samuel la Magruder
Wynne, Texas, and Mrs. M. R. MeFerrin.
Directors?John Bowi* Ferneyhough,
William Newman Dorsett. Horatio Erskine
Magruder. Egbert Watson Magruder.
Oliver Barron Magruder, Miss Helen
Woods MacGregor Gantt. Col. Spencer
Cone Jones, Dr. Ernest Pendleton Magruder.
Miss Mary Blanche Magruder
and John Edwin Muncaster.
Committee on membership?Dr. Edward
May Magruder. chieftain: I>r. Jesse
Ewell. scribe: Caleb Clarke Magruder,
jr.. historian; Mrs. Roberta Julia (Magruderi
Bukey, genealogist.
Committee on program?Ah xandtp
M ma-aster. , (
Committee on pins?Caleb Clarke Magruder.
Comm ttee on music?Miss Helen
Wood- MacGregor Gantt, chairman;
Rob* i t I'.ryan Griffin, deputy chairman;
John Francis MacGregor Bowie. Dr. Edward
May Magruder. Miss Jessie Waring
Gantt. Me:d*r Hampton Magruder.
Committee on hotel arrangements?C.
W. Sheriff, chairman; W. M. Dorsett.
Commit:? t on decoration of hall?Miss
Mary Tht rese Hill, chairman; Miss Mary
Eleanor Ewell, Mrs. Julia (Magruder!
MacDonm-U. Mrs. Agnes Woods (MacGregor!
Bowie. Miss Mary Magruder and
Mrs. Anne Wade (Wood! Sheriff.
Committee on registration?Oliver Barton
Magruder. chairman; Dr. Steuart
Brown Muncaster and Thomas Alan MacGregor
Officers Are Elected.
The convention changed the by-laws of
the organization by providing for a treas
ure-r. editor an<l registrar. ami then proceeded
t<? elect officers as follows: Chie-ftain.
Dr. Kdward May Magruder: ranking
deputy chieftain, ' aid* e'larkc MagriuUr;
scribe. Dr. Jesse Kwell: depute
scribe. John Francis Magruder Bowie;
treasurer, John K. Muncaster; registrar,
Mrs. Roberta Julia Magruder Bnkey; liistorian.
Mis. 11. 1*. Magruder; editor.,
elaleb Clark*- Magruder, jr.; chancellor,
Alexander Muncaster; chaplain, the Rev.
William Magruder Waters; surgeon. Dr.
Steuart Brown .Muncaster.
During th?- afternoon session three biographical
sketche s were given. ??? dealing
with the life and weirk of John Magruder
of Dunblane- was read by Caleb
Clarke- Magruele-r, jr.: another on the- life
and eharaeter of William McLaughlin,
read by Mrs. Joanna Wayne- 1'almer; a
third on "Re>l> -Roy." re-ud by John Melwin
Muncaster. Another interesting paper
e>f the afte-rneje.il was a description e?f the1
Mye-ejj-e-ge.r country in Sceetlund. ;>re*pared
and reael by Dr. Steuart Brown Muncaster.
The- music e?f the afternoon cunsisteel
of the singing of "The- Flower of
Dunblane." bv little Miss Msther Sullivan
of this city, and another solo, "Fair Lullaby."
by Miss Kvelyn Sunford e?f this
Robert W. Weeks of Washington in
Charge of College Operetta.
Robert Wy'.ott We-eks of Washington,
a .-indent e>i' arcliiie-eture- at the- Massachusetts
Institute- e.f Tc-'-iiliedoc V
elected manager for the
pro<)i<t ion of the operetta. which is
being romiwffd :nni will be produced
by students of the institute tliis f.ill
in various cities. Mr. Weeks has In
assistant manager aii<! business matiami
uow takes >"ull i lwrge of t!ie
produetlon. which supports the athletics
of t! e institute.
i Washington is well represented in the
architectural department of the instii
tute, James Knox Ta> lor, for tifteen
I years supervising architect of the
; Treasury Department, being the head of
tiie faculty. John Taylor Arms, jr., who
graduated last year at the Institute, is'
taking a fifth-year course there. There
are about two hundred graduates of
the institute in Washington, among
l them I*rof. C. G. Abbott, director of the
j observatory of the Smithsonian Insti]
tut ion; \V. T. Wyman of the patent ofi
lice. F. 11. Newell. director of the govjeimnent
irrigation service; F. K. MatI
thes of the geological survey and II. G.
>l?yar of tie National Museum.
w macadam d
It affords the (
In beauty no
o the pedestrian
M* 1 r\ nr ^orrinnfA /-I
uivs ui v^ciiiici^t; u
in the heart of
h this superb d
3t, from which |
idway, which w
)well Civil Eng
iderful "Villa Se
from one-quart
y with nature's
aod Trust Co.,
Flies Carry Paralysis Germ,
Scientists Show by Monr
key Tests. v
That flies arc carriers of the germ of infantile
paralysis has been definitely determined,
it is announced by Dr. John F.
Anderson, director of the hygienic laboratory,
and Passed Assistant Surgeon Wade
If. Frost in a series of experiments eon- '
ducted on monkeys, reports of which have '*
just been forwarded to the United States '
public health service. The conclusions *
reached by Dr. Anderson and Dr Frost n
confirm the woik done by Dr. Milton J. 2
Rosenau, formerly of the public health
service, but now a member of the faculty w
of Harvard University.
The report gives the result of experi- "
ments with three monkeys which, after ^
being exposed to the biles <>f flics which
at the same time were allowed daily to
bite two monkeys inoculated with virus j
of the disease, developed typical symp- j
turns or polh ly. litis seven, eight and nine
days, respectively, from the date of their
first exposure. In each case the diag- '
nosis was continued by an autopsy. Fur-|
j ther experiments will be necessary to de-t'1
termiue whether this is the only or usual z?
j method of transmission of the malady. j f;
Results of studies by Dr. Mark W. | r,
j Richardson, secretary of the Massacliu- j .
. si-tts lti'iuitl ?.f f.? ..1th til <1 hfl 1 t ho ktliu. '
: pieion that stable flies were carriers of I'J
I this disease. i
(National Fraternity Is Guest of I,
William M. Hallam. 5
A smoker t.? the National Fraternity
J of J'age.s was given Thursday night by
William M. Hallam at -l"Vs Louisiana avenue.
The principal 'theme was the re- di
union and banutiet t?? be held during in- tl
augural week, i'lans were also discussed j ir
j for the new fraternity house, which is i r<
designed as a model for others.
.Mr. Phillips, who was the iirst chief ^
page in the House of Representatives,
entertained the members with stories a;
of the o'.d days in Congress. Christian *
P. Eekloff, who is said to have the (lis
tinction of being the oldest living page, ^
also spoke. t<
I The National Fraternity of Pages is tl
a1' organization composed of pages and
j?'\-pag'-s of both houses of Congress, it
; is estimated by Mr. Crowley, the secre!
tary, that tlier?- are nior-- than !<?) pages
j ami ?-\-pa;:e> in th.- district at Ih?- j>rcsjent
tiim .
j Prof. Gctsinger So Declares Before
Thcosophical Society Members.
j r?tclaring that love is "a remote s|
seme," received from a superhuman
source. Prof. E. C Getsinger lectured on '
"Psychic Influence und Realms" Thursday ]
Tllt'llt o f f l?l O *-o e L- ? I
: A VI ^ i IILilll'Cl.l '/l LI1C liiu* Uion^ I
branch of the Theosophlcal Society at I
1013 I. street northwest. Prof. Getsingcr i
described psychic existence, as he understands
it, to be composed of many
different spheres, non-existent to each
other, of. varying degrees of perfection, in
which there are also distinct planes of
spiritual life.
"When the psychic being is freed from
its confining shell by death." Dr. Getsinger
said, it levitates to its plane
corresponding with its thought life' on
earth. Man himself is but the debris ot f
the prima! world, shaped by the Divine
band." ^ J
rive from Ma:
Dniy direct app
other approac
i the same opp
riving public.
"The Best Buy
Irive follow M
Doint the entirt
^as laid out bv
;ineer, will pre
ction" of Mass
er of an acre t
Gesieral SaSs
longressional Appropriation of
$50,000 Urged by Brightwood
Plans to relieve the merchants of
he city of the financial burden of
inventions by havinj? Congress ap
ropriate $50,000 each year as a "con- ]
ention fund" were discussed at the i
leoting of the Briglitwood Park Citiens'
Association last night in Van
lorn Hall. The following resolution
as unanimously adopted:
"That we ask the honorable Commissioners
of the District of Columia
to include an item of $50,000 in
lie current District of Columbia esImatcs
to Congress for the securing j
nd entertainment of conventions to be j
eld in Washington during the years ]
t 1:: and 1011." !
Goes to Federation.
it was decided to sevtd a copy of the i
[ solution to tlie Federation of Citi- I
ns' Associations. In the event of!
ivorable action by the federation, the!
'commendation for the fund will go i
> the Commissioners from the latter '
William McK. Clayton, in an address!
jppoiting the resolution, said that it was!
npossible for Washington to obtain any I
f the larger conventions because the city I
icked a snital.de convention hall, and !
ic entire expense of the conventions v\asj
irne by a comparatively small number
r commercial bodies, while the whole city
as benefited by the conventions.
Resolution on Merger.
The association also expressed itself as
isapproving of tite proposed merger of
te two traction companies, unless tite
lerger could lie effected under the di ct
supervision of a public utilities conilission
composed of tin? Commissioners
f tlie District of Columbia, and a resoluon
to that effect was adopted.
Tite proposed motor bus line to be operted
bv the National Capital Traction
onipany, received the official indorsement
of the organization, and \V. F. Wab
iiith, K. J. Ayers and George Francis
filliams were appointed as a committee
? ask ofllcials of the company to run
:e carriers as far as Rock Creek I'ark
uring the summer months.
ff?r I ^
Roicsotic Miss?Will 1 marry a j
>rince? {
Tli- iSccr No, mVluM; you were born j
ucky. ',
ssachusetts A\
roach to Rock
h can compart
ortunity to enj<
Consider wha'
finest residenti
So WashSogtoo"
f A
assacnusetts A
} route is indica
and construct
jsent for the f:
;achusetts Avei
o nine acres in
;s Age sit
|il Little Stories
! How Blacky the Cro\
By Thorntor
'"Thief; thief! thief!" Old Granny Fox,
trotting along a eowpath in the Old Pasture
on the edge of the mountain, heard it
land grinned. Roddy Fox. sitting in the
doorway of their new home undeifthe great
rocks in the midst of the thickest clump of
| bushes and young trees heard it. too, and
I he grinned even more broadly than Granny
J Fox. It sounded good to him, did that
| harsh scream, for it was the lirst time
| he had heard the voice of a single one
of the little meadow and forest people
since lie ;ind Granny Fox had moved up
to the lonesome Old Pasture.
I "Now, 1 wonder what has brought
Sammy Jay way up here?" said Reddy
as he limped out to the edge of the thick
tangle ot bushes and young trees. Pretty
soon he caught sight of a wonderful coat
of bright blue with white trimmings.
"Hi, .Sammy Jay? What are you doing
up here?" shouted Reddy Fox.
Sammy Jay heard him and hurried over
to where Reddy Fox was sitting.
"Hello, Reddy Fox! How are you feeling?"
said Sammy Jay.
"Reiter, thank you. What are you doing
'way up here in this lonely place?"
replied Reddy.
"It's a long story," said Sammy Jay.
"Tell it to me." begged Reddy Fox.
So Sammy Jay told him all about the
trouble-lie had had on the Green Meadows
and in the Green Forest, and how hardly
any one would speak to him because they
said that he kept them awake by screaming
in the night, lie told how he had sat
up all niglit anil liad herd what sounded
like iiis own voice when all the time he
was sitting with his month shut as tight
as tight could be. Then lie told about
Rlaeky the Crow's plan, which was that
Sammy should come to the old Pasture
Car Shortage on Railroads
May Cause Prices to
Washington coal dealers stated today
that the annual fall shortage of cars is
bringing about something resembling a
coal famine in this city. The railroads,
according to 11lie local dealers in coal,
are using all available cars for transnortinc
erons to market, and as a result
comparatively little coal is being handled
by the roads.
Prices for the various grades of coal
used in Washington, it is stated, have not
advanced as yet, but a continuance of
present conditions is likely to bring about
a general increase. The only changes
notfd thus far are in the better grades
of soft coal and in stove-size anthracite,
each of which are about 115 cents a ton
higher than at this time last year. Other
sizes of anthracite, such as egg, nut and
pea, remain at former prices.
Practically all of the coal now coining
into Washington, it was stated today,
has been contracted for since last spring
or summer, and dealers are simply doing
the best they can to till these long-standing
Stocks arc becoming depleted, and unless
th<- car shortage eases up and it becomes
possible to haul coal in quantities
within a week or so it is beilevcd a gen-j
era I advance iu prices will be unavoidable.
renue to Wood
Creek Park fr<
5 with it. Grai
oy its beauty tli
t it means to he
al section.
venue past Sh<
Lted by black ar
ed under the si
irst time an op
nue Heights, w
extent have b
O., INC.,
r _ -Ij j
for Bedtime J
__ !
v's Plan Worked Out.
i W. Burgess.
and live for a week. Then if the little
people of the Greer. Meadows and the j
Green Forest heard screams in the night i
they would know that it was not Sammy j
Jay who was waking them up. Roddy j
Fox chuckled as l:e listened. You know
misery likes company, and it tickled Roddy
to think that some one else had been
forced to leave the Green Meadows and
I the Green Forest.
That night Sammy Jav found a comfortable
place which seemed quite safe
in which to go to sleep. Just after jolly,
round, red Mr. Sun went to bod behind
the Purple Hills, Sammy saw 1 loonier the
Xiglithawk circling round high in the
air catching his dinner.
Sammy screamed twice. Roomer heard
him and down he came with a rush.
"Why, Sammy Jay. what under the stm
an- you doing way off here?" ex claimed
"<ioing t<> bed." replied Sammy. "Say,
Boomer, will you do something for me?"
"That depends upon what it is." replied
"It's just an errand." replied Sammy
Jay, and then he asked Bonnier to g?.> !
down to the t?reen Meadows and tell Peter
Rabbit how he <Bnonieri had seen
: Sammy going to bed 'way up in the fai|
away Old Pasture.
Boomer promised that he would. ml
off he started, lie found Peter and told
him. Of eour.se, Peter was very much j
j stirpi ised. and. beeause he cannot keep;
! his tongue still, lie started off at on e to
| tell everybody he could tind, just as
i Black.\ the Ciow had though: lie would i
j do.
1T0 Parents: In order to determine thc-i
popularity of Little Stories for Bedtime. I
The Star would like to hear from its
readers whether or not they enjoy this
feature, and why. Address Children's
' Editor, The Star.)
Sentenced to the Penitentiary;
for Forging Signature
to Check.
Oden 13. Gray, former bookkeeper for a
local financial institution, who was at
quitted three years ago mi a charge of |
securing $<?.OrtO from the hank by draw- (
ing checks on dormant accounts, was ,
sentenced today by Justice Stafford to
serve three years in the penitentiary on j
his plea of guilty to forging the name of j
his brother to a check for
Counsel for Gray sought to have him j
placed on probation, but after consider- i
ing the matter for two weeks. Justice 1
Stafford decided that he must impose a J
sentence in the penitentiary. The jus- j
tice said it would be a farce to put Gray t
on probation, and expressed regret that 1
he had to impose sentence.
Gray appealed for clemency, telling the ,
court that lie had served six months at
Occoquan on a charge of false pretenses. '
caused by drink. When there he liad '
taken a pledge to refrain from liquor, h< (
said, which he had kept for several j \
months. He promised to mak< a man of t
himself if given another vhancu. 11
lley Road is
nolithic side
lat is ottered
ive a mile of
sridan Circle
id gold signs,
ipervision of
portunity to
here building
een laid out
Hotel Workers to Continue
Their Strike Indefinitely.
Declare Majority of Strikebreakers
Belong to Union.
But Little Disorder Reported, and
No Trouble, Barring Two Incidents
Last Night.
Paul ?"avanaugh. secretary of Washington
Late a 1 No. - of t!.<* International Hotel
Workers* I'nion, the members of which
are now on a strike. claimed this morning
that the majority of the strikebreakers,
mostly colored, who are now working in
the italeigh and New Willard Hotels and
the ?'al"e 11 j ?11 >Ii?tl1,* are member* of tie ,
union. and will ouit the.r jobs as soon as
the union thinks it advisable. I'nlees tnej
hotel proprietors come to terms. Mr
Cavanaugh stated, the men will he called |
out, but he was not in a position to sa\
at what tittle the call will he made.
The onion secretary further said that j
tite union was not advocating violence, as!
had been report < d, but on the contrary;
the strikers had been instructed not to
participate in rioting of any kind, but]
conduct the strike on a business basis. ]
Mr. Cavanaugh declared that the local]
union i> in "? iur niutiiri u t'OiUllllmi IH>*\
than when the strike started ami tiiat as
long as may be nvcessaiy the men can
stay out.
Special meetings ate being held from
early morning: until late at night at
the strike headquarters. l-J-'H ?1 street
northwest, where testimony is being
taken ol" employes of various ltouses in
the city. a mass meeting of the strikers
will be hehl this afternoon in t'ostello's
Hall, at which time only holders
of union cards will be admitted.
Future Plans Not Determined.
Whether it will be decided to eall out
any more of tile employes of the houses
already affected or call out the employes
of Jiouscs not yet molested is problematical.
The headquarters this morning
were crowded Isith with men and
women, and all seemed optimistic. it.
Richards, president of the local, and
hl<lward Blochinger. organizer of the international.
were busy instructing pickets.
Whether committees from the
union will ask for an interview wit It
liie hotel managers or not is undecided.
The managers, however, say they will
not recognize the union, nor uili they
under any circumstances take back the
The strikers claim that members of the
inion who are .-till working, hut who will
ins we r a second strike eall. if necessary,
tavc "tipped off" tite union to all of the
novements of the managers. When one of
he employes who is not a member of th^
in:<>n h aves his work for home he is folowed
by one of the pickets. The duty of
he picket, it is said, is to learn whele
he man livts and to try to get him to
oin the union, but. not necessarily to
iuit his job immediately. He fa instructed(
o wait until he receives further orders. I
The strike, which now has been on fori
hrec da>s. has been attended by very]
ittle disorder.'
William II Washington, a colored wait- '
r. who resid?-s at .V>? ?>th street northand
i. eniplo> ?*d at the Willar i Hoel,
win assaulted last n>*ht He i?t? ill",
totel about S o'clock, aa<I after walkiuff1;
"1 '
i; ij
I '
i hi
I '!
.I :!!:i
! !i
:: I
: " II'
i I
i i
I i
_ . _____
? ? - ~
? 1 "
[ but u short di'ia.11 from the host iry >,
j F s;n t. a< <-ording to his statement to
1 Hrant and Ar.tt-ironi;. *;i? itj
tacked by three white m? u. vvli.ini ia l?ej
lioves were strikers.
Story Told the Detectives.
Washington told the detectives the
men 1-eat him and knocked him to the
ground and that he was kicked on the
knee. Shortly after lu o'clock tiiis morning
Washington went to the Kmergem y
Hospital and asked for treatment. It
was then the polite were informed of the
assault upon him. An examination 1?\
physicians diselosed that on.- of Washington's
kneecaps was fractured.
Detectives were assigned by Inspector
lioardman, chief of detectives, to make a
search for the alleged assailants of Washington.
The polic tin tirst precinct
are also looking tor them.
When the waiters at the Hepuidiqu*
Caie quit work at 11! o'clock last night
they started from the building in a body
and w -re met by about fifty strikers
Police prevented any disorder and n?? arrests
were made.
Four waiters and a cook front the Wil
lard a out lit o'clock last night got into
a light wit It men whom they thought
were strikers on 11th street mar Ohio
avenue. Rome body went into a saloon
and telephoned tin- police. 1'p to noon today
no arrests had la-en made.
IAi 1 4 V ais,Sehooner
Silver Slur. at an I i. n
: blanch wliarf fr<?m :i Virgini point. 1 nI
ln-r lot Johnson ,v WimsatT: tvg Winship,
| i'it ? -to\V II VVitil H toW of eon I iNi.ltS
t'luin .\Ii-xa'.ati'ui: mu .Meade. .?t Ceorg.town
with sand ami laden lightens
from digging grounds d"wn t:\or: i'lai
?V Winston's pile driver. tiosil Alexnttilj la,
at l??t 1 street wharf: tug '"apt. To I y.
with a tow frutn a river ]>oint; power
hoat Katie, ai Ah-xnndria to lo.,<] im ri
cliati'l:- ? for down-river points.
Schooner Klizaheth fatter, limit, fir
j Nontin; crock to load cord v\ooil or lutu!
her foi tl?e dealers here: sch'?onor Thom;is
W. Kirhy. light. for the lower i'otoina
oyster grounds to lo.ol for t o- market
here; sehooner I.itni.lutt. lie at. tot Manland
jioitit to load cord wood lor doaieis.
schooHi r hltliel Vale, light, lor a Potomac
point to load haek to this city; tug <*umilla.
i n- Alexandria to lay tip for tepa'-r
work: tug George w. 1'ride. towing
lighters for Oeeottnan creek to load sto
for this city; tug ("apt. Tohy. towing coalladen
boats front Georgetown to Mattawotnan
creek; schooner Fannie, front
Alexandria for a. river point to load coal
wood in ck to this vit\ ; scow Fisher, light,
for Fot.ick creek to load pulp wood for
Alexandria to he shipped to West Virginia;
power hoat (tattling Joe. lig. i.
front Uth street wharf for a Potomac
point to load oysters in the shell for th*?
market here.
Schooner Charles 1- Rohde, en mute to
this city front North i'aiolina. is due at
Norfolk: schooner William H. Matmirc is
loading: canned goods in Nomini cj-.-ek for
the dealers here: schooner Levi Phllli.--,
with pulp wood from a. Potomac point,
litis arrived at Philadelphia: schooner
Ivdwin tind Maude, from a North Carolina
is at Baltimore with lumber;
schooner Maud S.. is at Maryland point
loaded to come to this city; -Ho?on< r
Kleanor Russell is due here with cord
wood from Ohiconiuxon creek; sehooner
ICtta is in Lower Maehodoe ereck to load
oysters for the local market; schooner
Carrie, and Belle has arrived at Wc.-t
Point from this cltv to load lumber;
schooner Blackbird has sailed front West
Point with lumber; schooner Oarretson is
chartered to load ties on the Patuxent
river for Salem. Mass.. for local dealers
schooner S. T. White is due at this city
with cord wood for dealers.
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