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w.'h Sou- ay Koralaf Bdittos.
SATURDAY October 26, 1912
Th? Zmlaf Star Hawapapar Company.
Business Office, 11th St. and Pennsylvania Avenue.
N>* York Office: Tribune Buildins.
Cbi<-ajo OJtif: K:rst National Bank Bnildinjf.
Puroj^au Office: a Rcg.-nt St., London. CngUud.
The Lvcnins Star, with the Sunday momlnff
edition, i? delivered by carriers within the city
?t cents per month: daily only. 2a cents per
m ntr;; Sunday cir.ly. 20 cents per month. Onh rs
i n v sent by tpnil. ?- telephone Main 2t-M>.
*i.,u i? made by carrier at the cud of each
*' t'ec in advance?by ma.I, p-r>tusc prepaid:
'?? iy. Sunday include*). one month. tV) cent*.
T> . v Sunday excepted, one month, ft eents.
" u'cliiv Star. #1 year. Sunday Star. $2 40 year.
l it-- r t) as vccnnd-cla?* mail matter at the post
"ffl' e at AVanhiaston. I>. C.
1 "In ..rder ? . avoid delays, ort account of
--.nil i!,>ct>c... letters to T11B STAR should
no! 1 i.Mri'is'1 t.? wry individual connected
-v -h t it I ;! -Imply to THE STAR., or to
th- Editorial Business I?epartment. aecordibC
to tenor or purpose.
Mr. Wilson Not "Smokable."
'nutrition Jii'bs will probable fail iti bis
effort to "smoke out" Air. Wilson on the
' a rift" <|!leMion. T at is to say, the demo<
"a'ie andidat'- is t<?. vary to be led
i ir any d< t'nite >minitment at tlds
t:r?iMi Is ranv.issing for votes, and
t situation is greatly confused. Mo
x'ili - Mr. I lilies In try.
Tii.- precise fi>nn ?*f tariff revision in
tii** fVi-nt of democratic success will not
alone with Mr. Wilson. Mr ran
nly r<- ontiiii nil In t'oncn ss. Suppose j
' oiii-fi ss rnfuso.-- to follow iiirn. That
wn> w hat happened eighteen years nttn.
Tin Senate coerced the House. and thus
?J'f.atr.| .Mr. i'leveland's program. What
las happened oner may happe n aKair.
TV- leadership of the next Mouse if the
leniiM vats control It may now In- tor*'i
a-.t. Mr. t'lark will a frail) be Speaker, I
a no Mr. I 'nili-niool again floor 1* adcr. I
It'i' may : > ir tariff program in the next i
I o. calculated frotn their program '
a tiris'.' Hardly. At both the extra I
session ami the long regular session of i
this Mouse fhej had polities?the presi- j
'lentjal campaign?mueli in view in woal
tin > .lid. Tliey -ought, like ale*-? politician-.
to pur the opposition in ? hole.
Iter v% i a democrat in the While Mouse
end a del))'* rati majority in the Senate,
thev nil; have to fram. a tariff program
for the aiine books: and wao may say
what that will he?
Th. Senate is : mo;. difficult proposi- j
tion. What a'h?ui the democratie lead- |
? r.-ni there? .Mr. Martin of Virginia is
ai pr> s. n? party's leader, but lie is 1
no? regarded by Mr. 1 try an and his
fri-nds as sound on tile tariff. Me has
e.i?i votes for protection, and may do
so again. Me has capacity as a debater
and parliamentarian. and March 4 w ill i
enter on his fourth term as senator.
It' tli>- Biyanites Insist on the (lisylaceHK-ni
??T" Air. Martin, name tin- new man!
Mr. O'tiorman of Now York? He is
?nl> in his second year as a senator, and
liter, f. ! a raw liatt'l at the liellows. He
iias 'to r.vff ord except that produced
! > tlio political maneuvering* last year
and tli!< in "onuress. He voted witii i.is
part*, and. as it did. largely for the pur- j
jtose ?.r embarrassing Mr. Tafi.
Cm .Mr. O'Oorman is very near to Mr. j
Wi'son. and as democratic leader in the j
S? nat. wouid he likely to work in bar- i
mony on the tariff and other questions
with h's party's chief. N>> such contest
as that of 1 with the White House
p diing one way ?twl t'.e Senate the
other, would i>e jnjssible.
For these reasons Air. I lilies will have
to wait for an answer to his nuestions.
\nd -o will the country. Were Air. Wilson
to speak now. it would only be for
umself. and ho is not prepared to do
< ven that. The revision of the Payne
law is on hfic lap of the gods; and the
is.ss-s >>n Olympus are a isu.ady lot.
The H Street Collisions
It is hardly just to the ear-riding pubI.
wf Washington fur the District railwuy
commission to keep secret the details
??f th?- report made to ft by its executive
.. fleer on the douMe rear-end collision
which occurred oii II street northwest a
week uK*'. This is a matter in which
ihe people are vitally interested, and they
should be given the fullest possible inormation
on the subject. if the street
< rs of the city are being run too close
together for safety in all conditions of j
the Weather t.ey should know it so as |
to tak* all precautions to keep themselves
out of danger, consisting chiefly in
walking instead of tiding during the rush
; ours. Naturally it is necessary to make
is i-iese headway as possible during these
.rs in order to carry the crowds, partly
. s a result of -IK: inadequacy of the
trunk lines of the city. Flat theVe Is a
i hilt lieyond v. uc'.i i! is unsafe to go
i t - u?uit-r of spied and distance be.
t .? en i-ar-. and tic- patrons of the lines
ive a r'ii. of assurance front sonic
>mpcteiit pu i i< .. libority t.iat the laws
safety will not bi violated even ojj
. ,.j . ud.avor to aceojniu-Kic! (
tralli* . A f :1t i'Vjhis ttv of t facts {
elating to tiw n str-'t ..llision- and!
- in* jtnnee or a safeg iaid pr? n nt j
r.-rte. i- demanded in tin public in- j
Si.tr. of ? 'oi Ip.oscv It's suppnrteis in-1
t T .t t !. i.nhtig 1? ? 'ion dijes notlt- j
v tuor- :t pta> pi* pal.- the w.iy for at
;i : ' la ars-d landslide tn Wl'l.
I'r.sid'nt Taft decs not allow wii a{
:mpaisti to t :r: his n al interest from!
i1 r?' legislation to p? rsonahtii s.
The War Ncu.'s
' I'-t.nt - *? r<*n The uisput lies I
n i, in- th'i: way through to the u?-w*. f
< .-tr,butjng enter- fr-?!ii the llaikan war
' Id i hi th<- ">rti - pt>nil?-nl- an being
t witli practically no coiiaidi ration
nd thai t :> > ir- unuM- to g.-t accurate
.in*-vjnts . ?' happenings. Tliox vhn haw ;
iriin- toward ihi- front from Constant!-j
riopie -? i ni ti> iuvi had letter I .?!< than
T'ln-i"- who hav> ;oPr,,a-*hi*d from tin Ik.lkat;
liii- or from thrrci. The chief diftl
dtv H? witli fin- inwillliigness of the
Iti'.han a lo s contribute to the newsgathering
enterprise ?f tin* war correspondents
Whether this is the r?sult of
a general design to keep the progress of;
tie- campaign a s> r,-t or a suspicion of!
toe motives of the correspondents who|
ar- tr>itig to get to the front cannot he
determined at present. One result, at any
at.-, of this situation is that some r< - '
inurkahh exaggerations have appeared in
the dispatches. In th-- report of one of.
> hatth s around Adrlannplc ;t vras anno
tn? t-.i that over 'J'.boo Uulgarlatis had
l.eeu .-i.tin and wounded. This betokened
an unprecedented proportion ofj
fatalities, and too absurdity of it was!
di.-ilo.-ed in subsiuuent reports thr.t placed!
th< slain at and even tids tlgurc is
now discredited b> recent reports.
Probably if t.i. war lasts long enough
t..i correspondents in the tield, who include
soruc of the best trained men of
K: trope. will hav? established themselves
sufficiently in the confidence of the oP
using sides with whom they may be re n.'-l|\dv
stationed to gain position.- of
vcitay. .nd to in accorded full informah?ppsii;ugs
Naturally, the stra
tegfc. plan? of leader.- are always Kept t
secret from the press. although titer*
have been many instance- w her.- ?uel
plans wore known in confidence to correspondents,
whose advi.-?- ha- h.en offer
asked by commanders with good results
The news writers in Turkey ar?- goinr
through the usual experience a: tin out
set of a war. Tt was the sann in South
Africa and In Manchuria. They have U
learn the country, gain something ?f tin
language of the people, and work oni
their own schemes of news getting, li
takes some time to get shaken down it
the field, the more experienced men getting
into news-writing shape tin quickest,
The men who send tin- most reliabh
and important news dispatches front tin
front in the ease of these conflicts n Kurope,
Asia and Afri< a are not alwvys 111?
brilliant descriptive writers whose name:
[arc famous, but modest men who are perhaps
unknown outside of their immediate
ireles, who do nut sign their dispatches
save perhaps with initials, who marc!
with the armies, sleep on tin* ground tin
der the stars and take their chances wit!'
the men in the ranks, and yet are trustee
implicitly by commanders. Such men athese
arc handicapped at the outset of a
new campaign ??nl> by official prescription.
and iri all likelihood before anothei
week has passed they will 1>e sending reports
of the fighting that can be relied
upon for accuracy and completeness Tin
main disadvantage under which the cor
respondent-#' corps in the Turkish wui
now labors is that, the fighting covers r
wide area, centered at hall" a dozen points
v - t- . f ., fmin fl M.
wnicn oannoi *?** n*<tcnru vii?- ?**- ? ? .
other without wide detours. The la 01
railway facilities and the mountain us
character of the country over which th<
| armies arc operating will cause the tas'i
of the war writers in this campaign to b(
[ om of the most ciifti cult in years.
That "Campaign Mystery."
\ reader of The Star eoniplains of tin
i editorial which appeared the other da>
eiithh d " A Campaign Mystrrj in w Itieli
it was stated that, althougn in ttie coittest
for delegates to I Salt iniore Wooilrow
Wilson had received the i.eiu tit of a widely
circulated story that lie had declined
the proffer of tinaiieiai assistance from
friends of Thomas !\ Uyan speaking for
that gentleman, no such transaction hud
The Star s< es no reason to withdraw
or modify its statement, w liich rests
upon the <ta 1'ini'itt.s of tiie men who ligttred
iti the story, t'?>|. George llarvcy
tnad< no tender of It van money. .Mr.
Kyan was approached l.?> nobody foi
money to aid Mr. Wilson's campaign and
Mr. \\ attersoii has repeatedly declared
that he offered no Kyan money.
The distinguished Keiituekian lias just
again spoken 0:1 the subject. Tteferring
to certain persons circulating the story
iic says:
"Man;- times their attention has beer
called to the fact that no question ol
money?Ryan's money. or anybody*
money?entered into the issue that arost
between <5iiv, Wilson antl Mr. Watterson,
To the truth of this Gov. Wilson, Miner
his nomination, has lioine the fiillesi
testimony. He would have approved himself
a fairer and more candid man had
he done this before his nomination, wln-r
he was being heroized because of a refusal
of Kyan money he never made, and
the editor of the Courier-Journal was being
lied about because of an offer ol
Ryau money he never made."
Tli?- "mystery" of the matter, as The
Star in its editorial pointed out, lies in
the faet that Mr. Wilson and Mr. Watt?-rsoii
did have a falling out about something.
with the result tl at Mr. Wattcrson.
who had hern supporting Mr. Wilson
for the Baltimore nomination, denounced
him and transferred his support
to Champ Clark, for whom the Kentucky
democracy instructed its convention delegates.
Mr. Wuttcrson has offered to
submit the details to a court of honor?
which suggests someth'ng delieate and
contidential?hut so far lias not given
them to the public, lie accepted tye result
at Baltimore, and is supporting Mr
Wilson for election.
Tiie public loves, and demands, a
bugaboo, and Thomas I". Ityan ha^ been
drafted for the rob- time and again. Ne
worse and no better than scores of other
New York plutocrats who play polities
with their pocketbooks. lie has yet come
to liirure as the gept with the hoofs and
horns ar>d forked tail, and to embody
in jtopular fancy every tiling reprehensible
in boodle as a political agency. And yet
Mr. Ry an for years held very close personal
and political relations with Mr.
Cleveland, who was the recognized head
of the reform wing of the democratic
No man has u.s? d tin Ryan biigahoci
more industriously than Mr. Bryan; and
at Baltimore in June lie made the nomination
with the aid of it. But he anil
Mr. Ryan worked hard together in 1 V?4
for Judge Barker, ai d Mr. Ryan with
his money sated the campaign from collapse.
Mr. Bryan lias accepted money
from Tammany liall as a campaign contribution.
Is Tammany's monev purer
than .Mr. Hyan'x?
I. Hampton Moon1 think* that toe desire
of iifoplf to title in I'ullntan cars it
responsible for the unrest anion'-' th>
1V( I king classes. As u promoter of unrt-st
the efti'-ary of Ha I'ullnian >!ccpci
cannot '?< oin-stioncd.
i; is ontoitnn.it> that the initaliitantt
of the Italkan1- cannot follow the example
of tin- thrifty Swiss and turn theh
mountains Into summer resorts.
IJecker's lanyers cannot agr>->. with
Mayor <5aj'tior that the Rosenthal homiei>|e
was a matter to w hich too much importance
could be attached.
?"oi Itoos-velt's rapid recovery tn
courages him formally t>> >l< lure himself
a benefactor of great health.
It nttsl h< admitted that Felix liiaz die
mo t>tov> a v> r> convincing substltutr
for his ouch Tie
bunipet" crops em-oarage tin regular
party to appeal to th>' farmer as u
regular l?isiness man.
No Rough Strike Work!
A bit of rough handling of so-called
strikebreakers by striking waiters in
this eitv last night suggest* that
methods ar>- contemplated f>y those at
the head of the movement to terrorize
the men who have taken the places ol
the former workers. This idea should
lie met promptly with assurances tiial
such things are not tolerated in Washmgtoif.
The police have done good
work thus far in checking these tights
. .. .? I i?i... !....>- ?>i.l niQt- I... f?I1..H
illHI III i|?i? ?ll i "'n't ? * '"wj " v??vu
upon to give full support to the men
who are attucki <1 in t'ltse of trouble
It has been reported two or three timet'
; thiii leader.- ??f this strike have told
! the pickets to use persuasion wherever
possible, but to use l'oree if necessary
It is also reported that some of the
strikebreakers have been followed U
their homes, and there "'lectured" ?ti
i tie enormity of their offense of work!
iny for a living. This is something
that may ?-usil> le;nl to much trouble
One is inclined to doubt the iawfuluesi
of the arguiyients employed in litest
"lectures" delivered at the home of tip
audience. A word of warning to th?
leaders of this strike is admissible
The strike is unpopular now Muuw
of the precipitate manner in which it whi
started, and the la< k of any preliniinarj
endeavor by the men to obtain ;
redress of grlexanee?. The employi
ment of severe picketing1 methods will
unquestionably destroy whatever of
public sympathy may remain, and condemn
the effort of the waiters to improve
their condition absolutely to
Jack Johnson must be a sad disappointment
to the novelists who devoted tlicir
talents to his extravagant celebration
when he became the prize-ring cham1
Onl> a man with the nerve and selfconfidence
Becker exhibits in his present
situation would have been capable of the
crime of which he is convicted.
I After tin Standard Oil trust dissolved
tin- various companies showed their independenee
1>> putting up the price of gasoline.
? ?
Sir Thomas Upton muy as well give up
hope of arousing tiny great interest in
yachting until the presidential race is
Cuba has not yet learned to use epithets
. instead of weapons in conducting its camj
j The bull moose party is an example of
l? rpetual emotion.
] Benefit.
j. "After all." remarked .Mr. cJrowcber,
. "the trusts are of great benefit to the
: I public."
. I "In what way?"
J "They give people with famil\ troubles
something else to talk about."
_! "What party arc you Interested in?"
tasked t he man w ho thinks of nothing but
1 i polities.
"That's what I have been telephoning
my wife to tind out." replied Nlr. Nleok'
j ton. "The only thing I an remember
1 i about it is that it's a bridge party."
i t
. The Course of Events.
! Klc tion night w ill move tin- crowd to
And then tin loot 'all game will raise
its shout.
! So face tlie future from foreboding free?
1 There's always something left to eheer
Insatiable Ambition.
"I hope our ambitious friend is satislied,"
said the philosophic observer. "He
: has prospered so that he can do as he
' j pleases."
"Yes. I tut that doesn't content liiin.
While In- is doing hs he pleases lie wants
*_ j everylH-dy to unit work and applaud him
for doing it so nicely."
Helping: Father.
1 "Would yon trust your future to a man
; like Maron Fucash?"
1 "No." replied Owendolyn. "Hut father
i has been needing a little credit. Tim
! Baron is such a notorious fortune hunter
that if lie keeps trying to propose to me
i it will inspire confidence in father's linanj
eial standing."
No Chance for Literature.
When jou'rr settled down to reading
t For a cozy hour or so, *
All the outside world unheeding
! With its eares that come and go,
i First a plunk and then a jingle
i 'Neath your window floats along,
i Ragtime and the elassie r-insle
In the street piano song.
I Where's the chanee for thoughts poetic?
i Where's the chanee for fact in prose?
1 Or for essays energetic
i j Or the novel's dashing throes?
j When the strains begin to sprinkle
! Like the sunshine in the rain
j And a rumty-tumty-tinklc
Takes possession of your brain.
Trir? nf Uallran War
A A IVV V* MMtllWli ww w>w?.
Kr.?in tlie Ni iv Y??rk K renin* I*??st.
(in tli<> f;?< ? <>f things. the present Haiku
n campaign promises t<? involve very
1 ! large i'.\|ifn>c<i. It is presumably true
that tin- l?aikati states have accumulated
. i large supplies and armaments beforej
hand. it is certainly true that they
j ii\vn the railways which will transport
tin- troops and munitions, and that the
I pay of a Italkan soldier is insignificant,
I j if indeed he has to he paid at all. Nevertheless,
food, ammunition, horses, camp
! utensils must be bought; the railways
must be operated. We punted in our
' financial supplement last Saturday the
I | estimate of the London Economist's
Vienna correspondent, that it will cost
; ltuigejia s-Mi'i.ono per day merely to bring
! its ^ai.imo infantry and cavalry itito ac'
lion, and that th?- similar expense for
Servia will be $.'{ ?,< km. These figures
are quite possibly too high: but since
j they indicate expenditure, for those two
' states alone, at the rate <>f nearly
j (HKs.noo per annum. It will be seen that tiie
, estimates may be heavily reduced and
j still leave enormous requisitions to be
i made on capital.
Public Health and Retrenchment.
I l"e-in the < iiicugo X'i-ws.
' Keeping the people of a great city in a
j relatively healthy condition is not the
i simple.-! and easiest thing in the world.
Although the laws and rules of hygiene
and sanitation require certain things to
Ix- done or not to lie done, they sire eoin!
monly disregard is I in communities that do
not take proper means to enforce them.
That is why a department of health is
sue!) a ix-cessarj part of the municipal
administration. Ther.- seems to be no
, i very satisfactory explanation, however,
win so important a branch of the city
government is nearly always iiard up
" i for funds, why so mueli difficulty is ex|
pcrieneed by publlr heuttb officers in obtaining
sufficient money to enforce rules
of sanitation.
Reducing the Risk of Aviation.
i from tli?- ( Uicug.j Itci-ord Herald.
The permanent international aeronaut ;
Jcal commission will hold a special scs:
sion in I'aris tile tirst of next mont'.i to
! consider what can be done to make aviatlon
saf<-r. So far the aviators have not
j wholly escaped the reproach of thinking
!' of safety last in their zeal to advance
t the science of Hying, hut we shouldn't
is- surprised to find a man who is willing
to take tin* chance of Icarus temperamentally
indisposed to waste much time
considering the risk. The use of the
I ; aeroplane In military and naval operations
lias, however, brought a rather dif!
ferent class of men into the ranks of
aviators, and safety Is now l?eing given
. , Its due amount of attention.
The Big Armies of Today.
Fniin die Ilwston Transcript.
While warn are less frequent in this
era than they were Ion years ago, military
operations of the present make so
much larger demands on nations than
they did. even durinn periods we consider
J peculiarly warlike, tiiat It is doubtful If
! the cause of humanity has Knitted as
, much in the last tlfty years as It appears
t on the surface of events to have done.
| The cotetnporary armies, not only of
Kreat powers hut of minor countries, are
brought as near to the ideal of the nation
in arms as It is possible for thoroughgoing
militarism to push them.
1'ivitit Ui" New York World.
If the Madeto government indicts the
death penalty upon Felix Diaz and the
rebel officers captured at Vera Cruz it
will forfeit most of the respect earned
h> its suppression of the week-old Insurrection.
To wreak blood vengeance upon
the leader of the Vera Cruz fiasco and
hta deluded followers would be an act of
savagery not to be justified in the eyes
of the world- Martial law may permit
extreme severity toward the prisoners
in tiie circumstances, but sound policy
dictates the exercise of mercy.
F~" ~~~ m
I !
i '
We Ann<
1 New Art Pi
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There is nothing so destructive j,
to the hair as dandruff. It robs the
hair of its luster, its strength and
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/ a feverishness and itching of the
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< the hair roots to shrink, loosen and i
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Framing Shoj
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gold, gilt and other metal and
hv your inspection, and up
? Shop a guide will glad
new location the enlargement o
"acilities and the abundance of
itions in every tespect. and we
to see the tine display of Pi
.rent types of art work, and co
iit the highest perfection in Pic
c to purchase or wander idly i
s and inviting conveniences sng
?>t comfort in viewing the eleg
General Invitation Is
Fifteenth and F. \
? H
y. Prompt and efficient at- !j
lers. 3
mncheon i> >erved dailv in 4
dishes ot unusual attractive- !j
ierman dishes, prepared by !j
lc d'll<?te in the Rathskeller 1
i> limited tu gentlemen?but 1
1 it will be at the service of
t will follow. i
ial "Fable d'Hote Supper, at ^
xeellence. j
tral music, lint throughout
rra111 of refined and artistic 1
jrthless hair tonics?Use
i _?? / '. i. i
anaenne ?vyet results. \
Get a 25-cent bottle of Knowl- 1
ton's Danderine from any drug ,
store or toilet counter, and after ,
the tirst application you will say it
was the best investment you ever
made. Your hair will immediately
take on that life, luster and lux- 1
uriance which is so beautiful. It
will be.ouie wavy and fluffy and
have the appearance of abundance;
an incomparable gloss and softness.
but what will please you
most will be after just a few J
weeks' use. when you will actually (
<ee a lot of tine, downy hair?new '
hair?growing all over the scalp. j
ar6 & '
irk -WASHINQTONtober
aming Shops
:d F Street Building.
i?r,T,Trw OF
LBinies of every wood airnd
nings of all the various
tails and composstSons.
to give unusual promiteel
Engravings j
I* > |
0 $48.00.
dealers and publishers.
Each ami every one is a
lie careful work of a quar[
sacrificed to haste.
varying from rixi^. inches
considerably larger.
irchmcnt. as well as Steel
mbcr of subjects for seas
to afford a most varied
ts and
frames, finished with
specially for this occaEach.
rfect harmony that we al1
and the frame itself is a
[y skilled labor, and select
1^. widths and finishes, also
composition moldings, in
on application
11 v serve vou.
m m
f the department, the exnatural
light we present
would have you visit the
ictures, the variety of the
nditiotis under which they
ture display.
through the galleries, easy
gest and induce your stay
ant displays or serve you
Extended All. j
Woodward & Lothrop
? < >
American Ni
9 ,,.
Co-operation i
i?t our policy. You'll 4ir
[j;;; your patronage more serv
f 1 ! ? i 111 rL\llnrc 'm/1 onto 1
a < < * ui vr/iiui aiiu wju^i x^\?
;; stantial men of coinmcrci;
. here?-ready with their ad^
[ Vour deposit identities
; : y<?u to call upon any of u?
. : Th^ "Bank of Mutua
j;! 1315 F
* i
Established in Washington
I Since 1901.
Oriental Rugs
Our collection contains
only genuine
Persian Rugs direct
from the Orient and
will be sold under
full guarantee.
1418 H Street
ial Attention
displays ot
K>rtations in
tantii'ul material- that I ranee
> finer can he pr?*lucc?l. tashsite
beauty and refined char
$5.0? to SE8.5Q
$3.75 to $i?.?2
$3.5? to $10.0?
$6.5? to $15.?D
$3.5? to $15.??
$1.0? to $6.53
idencc of having been sewn
I land-embroideries are eleelaborate
designs, and lace
Cinainraoisette C<
Chamrtisette?the new
into a very pretty and practi
die top and long hip.
Third floor, Klev<?ntti st.
ational Bank.
is the IKevnote
id us giving in return f? ?r
ice than can he computed
you realize that the sub^
n<?1nMn4r??i *i ro < ] w
II \ * a^iiiii^ iwji ai v vuiv mi. , i ,
rice for our customers ?
* you with us?and entitles
; for counsel.
! Advantage" in fart. |j
Reconstructed Rubies and
Sapphires. $3 Per Carat.
Real reconstructed poms that hare the
beauty and luster of the natural gems and
defy the tests of the exports.
1-carat stone, set in a 14k. - aa
gold Tiffany rlnp or ocarfpiu .p ^ ,\J\J
A. KAMN, 935 F St.
We hare installed an electric dynamo f??r demagnetizing
watches. Price* innst reasonable.
Watches cleaned and demagnetized gl.Oi
Mainsprings $1.00
A. UAHN. 0^5 V u.w.
^ "It Par-! ro Buy tlie Beit.
* Uire- t Branch Wtrerooms of Factory. <?
| 1008-1010 F St. N.W. >
X PU1C.ES. Including Mini'' of our own T
X ni*k?. at"l elijfbtly u??*l Piayr-Planos ?t ?
X loa figures. Tuoin. by IV-tory Lsiifrt*.
^ J. C. OONLIFK. Manager.
"J* 'K-irrt-Z"J v
ics as lrwi. I luny. < icrman
t; tliev c? miorin perfectly to
icasurements and figure proit
and incomparable c< >tnt< >rt
sacrifice of the esteemed
; i
and Enlarged
ing of
ong Coats
itiest Styles.
ded t'?reni< ?>t p? tsitton i<'t* 111i
it i- always conceded such
s" garments and in our prelich
these coats are made are
tracter that will interest every
beauty?$5.00 to $35.00
Complete Showing
Models in
;s ot Figures.
he attached to this annotince rita"
Corsets are exclusively
lodcrately priced. Attractive
s, ot coutil. broche and chaemphasized
and low bust ctUeavv
CotutEl, $8.50.
low bust and extretnely long:
repress figures of full hip dei
dels at $7.50.
e of coutil. medium bust and
ight lines for the slender tiggood
model tor the tall, aver.
mtifi at $7.50.
rery long hip, elastic lacing
hip flesh: a good model for
ets at $6.50.
and colors, low bust and long
[>deQs at $5.00.
ure; straight lines, low bust
r for the full figure, heavily
, long hip.
jrsets at $5.00.
corset material, developed
ical model, softly boned; girI
! | Now i* tlx- ?line to plant ,li*-m in your
pard'-ti. ?r f?rHnjr Indoor*. The Uncut
hull's ItufMrtiHl direct from Holland.
ijj Hvaciafiis ???<i double.
* 40" dozen.
! Tulips sinifle and double. J0e i|
" d< zeii.
^ pit'll."* nil colors, to*- dozen.
Carets Ml >. white.
| Ircesias. ir" do?e?.
Sncwdn ?ps. l " dozen
Daffodills. dos'', ,,
t i :i:?. m. ,**, h *
V llllivm IWIIV>,
! \??\V IS THE TIME T? S? >W OKAiS
if: ? kpi'Ml t ity Ijwu l.ra*-. S'-ciJ, 30- lb.:
4 p?mvl? I'wr $1. *
Ibfti** M?'al VYrtHiz?T. :? lb.
i P. MANN & CO., i
2o~ Seventh St.
.IijHt bej?sc I*a. arc.
| Decorating of a
Character That Pleases
Particular People.
C\ K\Ol ^ ill find it bent to
II 11 have Plltt redecorate
11 W the home.. You wtl' get
J1*^ quality workmanship
' und something exceptionally
artistic. The charge
wilt be reasonab e.
| George Plitt Co., Inc., I
I Mais Showroom 11*4 Coos. tn. I
I Workrooms. ??*7 7th M. so. i
Tba Star will bo clad ha
bare its attention caJJod ha
any mtoloorttnc or untvas
oUtement. if ouob obould
appear at any timo in nay
advertisement is Its Oal*
Readers aro rearrested ha
aeeiet in protection thpa
| stives and legiUeate adV
! i
We Call Spet
To Our E
Newest Imp
French 1
For Bridal'
> t
The sheerest and most In
knows how t?? weave?and n<
ioned into garments of exrjui
Xiglit Dresses
Corset Covers
: #
Every garment gives cv
by patiently skilled tinkers,
gantly applied in simple or
include such beautiful mesh
and French Valenciennes.
In modeling and styliiij
the American standard of n
portions, insuring the best t
to the wearer, without am
French charm.
Third floor. eleventh rt.
Attractive New
Show i
Infants' L
In the Dain
W hite will ever be acou
fants' wear by mothers, and
by the creators of little ? ne
sentations. The styles in wl
very simple, yet of such a cha
mother in their fitness and
We Announce a C
Of New ]
For All Typ<
L nusual interest should
meut by all women, as **H?
our product, and are very n
styles for all types ??l tigure
moisettc. Straight lines are
fects prevail.
Spfiemidld Mode? of t
A hea\ dy boned corset,
hip. with insert of elastic to
5 vciopmeni.
Two New Mo
Both are excellently mad
1 very long hip: one with stra
urc: the other a particularly
age figure.
A ModeS of Cc
Medium low bust and 1
at side controls superfluous
full figures.
Broche Cors
figured broche in white
hip, suitable for medium ligi
Two Coutil Mi
One for the average fig
and very long hip: the othe
boned, medium low bust and

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