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1 ' OPEN 8 A.M.
? All-silk
Y Ribbons,
i !,??f i
V Dresdens.
^ All Colors. kstablishei
11.000 Dress Lengths of
> I V
$ Diagonal! Serge and Pretty Scotch Mi:
S The Entire Length Is Only
5 We will also include Fine Double-warp R<
X Heavy Black and White Shepherd Checks, all c<
Y toned Whipcord. etc. Each length contains five yi
* wool. A few are half wool. However, the entire
^ ninety-five cents.
fThe Mc
$35 and 5
Values at
There need be no disapp
most any lady?regular sizes
v ifmwwvr . .
v measure; suits tor misses, si2
| / l|W season's newest styles, copie<
?. 1 r serges, whipcords and fancy
| n i^T <ind fancy mixtures. These
*:* vJf tomorrow you may take voi
X ^ charge for alterations.
V _ _ _
| $2.50 and $3 tl (0)Q!
| Poto Cloths .. 11
! We have just received another shipment
!|> of Fine All-wool, 56-inch Reversible Polo
Cloths, the right weight for an unlined coat,
> in most all colors, with rich contrasting shades
IjC en the reverse side. Positively a bargain at
t $2.50 to S3.00. To go at our very tyQ
> special price for one day only ^
IA Sensational
$2.00 40-inch Twilh
Satin Charmeuse at
y ' Vuu may never have an opportunity to buy j
{ again. A special purchase of 25 pieces at a great
? are positively all silk, soft and clingy, and beauti
? ors are light blue, pink, Copenhagen, tan, smoke,
? mais. gold, cerise, old rose. American beauty, corz
> morrow at Si.39.
I Room Size Ri
| $15.00 9x12
| Kurdistan Rug . .... <4?
{' The plain shade rug with straight line be
? scheme rooms. A very heavy wool rug of knowr
* ity; tones are green, olive, red and brown. S]
! $005- 6 ft.*9 ft. is S7.45. 7 ft. 6 in.x9 ft- *s $7.95
| $30 9x12 Seamless (S'T)'
i Rjfton Velvet Rugs,
y Velvet Rugs, seven different designs, plain t
> and green, a- well as the artistic orientals; a floo
{ will give the very best satisfaction in every way,
" .
I Sale of Everlasting t
This lino of Everlasting Sheets, Blue Label, is the
> fabrics, made from the best long staple gulf cotton, ins
? dcring qualities, becoming thick, heavy and full and rema
{ and durable. The only sheet of Its kind that looks bett
than before. Prices 25 per cent less than goods of the
and become acquainted with our famous EVEHLASTINt
:* quote a few prices of the various sizes for comparison:
'? 0 0x108 Everlasting Q/Tb _ I 72x99 Evcrl
Sheets. 2V* yards wide, 3 Qv^J/iQ ! Sheets, 2 yar<J
yards long. Special 2*4 yards long. !
' * 8 1x10 8 Everlasting a a 03x99 Ev erli
'?* Sheets. 2>4 yards wide. 3 /J 41Q Sheets. 1*4 yarc
? yards long. Special 2*4 yards long. I
8 1x99 Everlasting t L?!!?.,?0?1
y Sheets. 2*4 yards wide. /OC Lansburgli &
I 2*4 yards long. Special... ^OX"^6 Pi]
| 54-in. Dallas Bleached C?tton. w uh " Snch* i
jt Firm and undressed; a =? mill, but guarai
for square pillowcases. U <5) <Q perfect. 18c
,v 20c value. Special....... , Special
Our Fine Pastries
in our Luncheon C
Saw ThotM? by
Girderaiig [email protected][email protected]<2
[email protected]?p Cak?? amid Pasftri?
?These delicious bakerv
goods are really better and
more wholesome than anv
that are baked at home.
The best ingredients are
used and the cleverest
skill employed in the making.
Delivered fresh and
clean from the oven.
hopping btop and usiifwa IP
|| set a dox or U caw a
Reeves C. SI. Caramels
^ *
CLOSE 6 P.M. ! 30c and 35c 3
Bolster 3
RMHMfi|[BBHHpflpHB| Cases, *}
^ ^ Open
, . 0/r Sizes Are 3
d in lOOO. 45x72, 45x765^ ?j
?! :<
Storm Serge 01 QC j
ctures. Worth $3.00. Q | \
;versible Mohair Sicilian, in navy blue; 44-inch {
>lors, in English Cashmere, Cream Serge, Two- 3
a 4/vo* r\ /1?Apr Caom a a ?>a a11 _
ii us, winn! is ?*ui jjic iv/i a uiwo, uuiiic ai t an- #?
: dress length, worth $3.00, is only one dollar and #j
>st Extraord 5 nary |
i's Suit Sale !
e Entire Season. I
130 $ 17.451
ointments tomorrow. We have suits that will fi? 3
up to 46. Suits for stout women up to 51 bust {
:es 14, 16, 18 and 20. These suits are all this 3
d from the finest foreign models. Materials are 3
weaves. Colors are black, navy, brown, taupe <
are excellent values at $35.00 and $30.00, b'u *1
ir choice of the lot at $17.45. And there'll be no 3
?: j
118c 36=inch White Y| i
Shaker Flannel... ^ |
1 case of 36-inch White Shaker Flannel, <t '"S)]I /
an elegant value: soft texture and good U JL, /7>.d, Jjf
weight. For tomorrow only, a yard
35c Infants' White ~ |
Flannel |
This is a very good grade we are offering at the *s]
above price, and it has just enough cotton to a
prevent shrinking. This bargain will hold for J??S)(? !<
tomorrow only, yard *<
? A
1 Sale of Silks 1
$ 1.39
>uch silks as these at such an extremely low price 3
concession enables us to make this offer. They $
fully finished with a high satin luster. The col- J
king's blue, white, reseda, brass, navy, wistaria, .j,
d, gray and black. The regular $2.00 kind to- %
Bedwear. 1
? $1.59 White Full Size?
9.95 ?22 $i.09i
H-4 Full Size White Crochet ?
" Spread; made out of best Ions *<
>rder for color staple stock; guaranteed perfect ?
, hemmed: ready for \
1 weanilg qua!- use; either side can a* ?i c
pecially priced, 51.99 |
11-4 Full Size White Satin Mar- J
seillcft Spread. "We can give you *i
this number either in the cut-out ^
2 a corner and fringed or in the hem- ?
jfl PIT med; made on a very fine dimity 5
ZJL ground, therefore xjj-p .*
oTfd/ durable; reversible. ^>q$0vIJ/IU' ?5
$4.00 value. Special... ^ <
kM.?n Ful1 slze Silkoline Comfort filled <
Ones, m Drown with best white laminated cotton; V
rnvprinff that- scroll stitched; plain on one side, 3
r covering tnai fibred on the other; light and J
.1..1- oAlAt.ino u floral !4lld iflb -4 2
Jj2^ ir UJXI IN. lUI"i?ihu, . M" 1.
*' oriental designs. $1.25 val- ^ {[ .$
ue. Special ?j|
Sheets Special Sale of Notions.. |
. .. Tubular Mohair L?aecs, 4-4, t| (fh/? ?
cream of cotton 5.4 and 6.4; dozen 11WC 3
uring good laun- , ... _ _ J
ining soft, pliable BOc Steel Shears, 23C $
:er after washing S-inch 3
same class. Call Angora Skirt Braid, black <Q)f> 3
J SHEETS. Will and all colors piece <fi
Mascot Nickel Safety Pins, j] /fb^r* $'
sizes 1, *4 and 3; four dozen
a8tiug O, N. T. Darning Cotton, E-, i
?necTal black and colors, 3 spools for ?j
0Pt. . '' . Net Collar Forms, high and -sr *1
fs wid* 1<>W
Special .' 500-yard spools Best Bast- J
rolled exclusively in* Cott?n' = -Pool* for..... ***> j
Hr_ Snap r listeners, black and e,, *|
/ white, dozen ^
liowcases. Canvas Besi-snape iiuni ?5
with the selvage, Forms *J
iem; run of the 10c Washable Dress bhields, 25c \
nt6(*d <j ^-*v it / ^ pairs for
value. 1| y<y Q Gem Pins, fine points; all "fl <f])c 4
1 sizes. Special, 3 papers.... v 2
1 About Packing.
are served
Good packers are very obstinate ad
mirers of their own methods and condemr
every other person's way. One who li
perfectly contented with her own meth
aods says that ehe puts all her books It
first and fills up the spaces between witl
She recommends those who listen to hei
_ -words of wisdom to pack next the heavj
!^o skirts. giving them all the length possibl*
and folding them over near the waist
band, If such folding over Is necessary
Fill the spaces up with shoes, stuffet
with and rolled In paper, and fill the crev
Ices between these and the skirts witl
rolled stockings and lingerie.
This method of rolling cotlies may a
first appear to take up more room, but ii
1 reality it enables every Inch of space t<
be utilized before making each layer tirn
and compact. This is the layer in whlcl
to pack medicines, toilet lotions, seen
bottles, and so forth, each carefullj
wrapped in newspaper and stocking:
pinned round them.
Nearly all evening wraps are big, shape
less mantles, which fall in soft folds it
W ytM which the wearer can drape herself witl
lid s\ grace. The manner in which these man
Y7 IbVir To tle3 aro worn ls much Importance
They are tight about the legs and verj
I full about the hips.
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets.
Ill Prunitla refund muner if it fails to cure.
' E. W. GROVE'S signature is on cacli box. ISkv
Latest Ameri<
From a host of charming' evening
frocks exploited at a recent exhibition,
the model illustrated was selected as
representative of the new fashion trend.
"Without disturbing the play of long;
lines or interfering with the sinuous ef.
feet that is one of the most interesting
characteristics of the present modes, a
new drapery Is introduced that bears no
resemblance to other treatments.
The materials employed are white charmeuse,
banded with inch-wide skunk and
white marquisette, embroidered delicately
in emerald gTeen. This suggests a most j
intertesting method of converting one .
of the straight around skirts such as,
probably every wardrobe, included last
summer, into a thoroughly up-to-date
The skirt would require practically no
retouching, and the charmeuse, vir- ,
tually a straight width, is draped about
the lower part, as clearly shown in the i
sketch, then properly arranged with j
folds sagging toward the right. The
train, is separate and hung from the
waist, or it may be swung from the
point where the drapery is started, according
to the amount of material there
is to work with.
The corsage consists qf two sectlnos,
with sleeves cut in one, of the embroidered
marquisette, inclosing a little
tucker of plaited plain white marquisette
headed with a narrow band of
rhlnptitnnh tHmminr \ nonlnm alan nf i
the embroidered, marquisette, is attached '
to sides and bark, which, with the fur
banding:, outlines a graceful jacket, the
high girdle of the charmeuse and the
satin giving just the finishing1 touch re
Not by any means the least interesting
turn fashion has taken this season involves
the use of figured materials with
plain, and the former are not coniined
to the gorgeous brocades which, in many
cases, are prohibitively expensive. As ,
this model demonstrates, a great deal can
be done with less pretentious materials,
and, even here, if economy is a matter
to be considered, the embroidered trans-.
parenicy might be hardly less successfully
replaced with a. printed chiffon or even
one of figured silks, with velvet substi- j
tuted for fur. The fur, however, should
be retained if possible.
In a model of this kind it is the color
scheme which counts most. The white "
and gTeen. toned by-a bit of brown fur,
is a charming conception, hut, if desired,
it could be worked out in more
subdued effect in grays, or in gray char- 1
meuse with gray chiffon, or* charmeuse i
embroidered in pink or In ecru with a i
rose matching the tone of the fur. Pale <
" I I I ??
One Kind ol Slavery.
Do you exist for your house or does
your house exist for you?
The other day I went to call on a woman
who has just moved Into a beautiful
new house. She has been planning and
working for the change many years and
it is indeed a handsome building.
But I do not have any trouble to keep
from breaking the tenth commandment
in my thoughts of her.
Indeed no. On the contrary, I am sorry
for her.
For she is so obessed by her worship of
that house that she exists to serve it instead
of subserving it to her pleasure and
comfort, and making a real home of it.
Let me give you a few illustrations.
The bathroom in her new house?I refuse
to call it a home?is exquisite. It is all
white and blue and the fixtures are copper.
Now to kepp these fixtures bright,
their owner says, takes her exactly one
hour and a half three times a week.
That's four hours and a half a week.
And yet my friend said regretfully,
"Some lovely people called on us when
we first came, but I simply haven't had
time to return their call."
Again, there is a brand-new gas range
in the kitchen. It has every convenience
of attachment that modern Ingenuity can
devise and it was absolutely spotless. My
friend Is a notable housekeeper, out tne |
immacu lateness of this was wonderful
even for her, and 1 said so. "Well, you
see," she explained, "I hardly use it at
all. because I hate to set it mussed up.
I have my old range down cellar, and I
do most of my cooking there." And yet
my hostess told me she didn't know when
she had been so tired as this fall. She
thought it was the bad weather.
It was a very warm day when I called,
and yet not a window in any of the
chambers was open. "We haven't had 1
the windows open any more than we 1
could possibly help this summer," she 1
explained. "You know that lets in the '
dust, and this white woodwork soils so 1
easily." *
It is a good thing to have beautiful '
possessions, hut it is not a good thing to '
be possessed by them. ]
Perhaps you think I have been telling 1
of an exaggerated case. An extreme j
case, I grant you, but not an exaggerated
one, for every word is true.
Houses are meant for homes, not fe- ,]
tiches. They are meant to live In, not to ,
be enslaved by. Few women make such '
slaves of themselves as this one, but ,
many in greater or less degree put the \
home above those who live in it.
Do you?
The Hiah-Boned Collar.
I e
, "Done to death" Is the verdict append- s
ed the Robespierre collar worn with the c
* neck uncovered. Probably, as an acces- ;
, sory to coats In fur or velvet, the style
> may survive for a space, but it is ab'
solutely taboo for blouses and bodices.
' There are some, perhaps, who will regret
that the usual swing of the pendulum has
brought into vogue once again tho highboned
collar, and this in a particularly
- accentuated form. It is simply of amaz?
ing height, more especially at the back,
3 where the summit disappears in the roots
- of the hair.
i- Fortunately, the modeling is equally
1 amazing, and, since transparent materials <
only are permissible, there is little or no t
r discomfort. Wo have not heard, however, c
r at present what Is the cost and trouble t
necessarily inseparable from the task of ,
2 maintaining these collars fresh and of
(ivricti iiuucii ?, c
Tea Gown Reminders. !
i t
Tl?e flowered silks can be utilized with i
great charm for making the neglige, but 1
1 care should be taken to procure those 1
1 that do not crush.
1 Channeu.se, crepe de chine or voile of 1
| a plain and delicate coloring is a satis- *
r factory choice. Two or even three mate- f
i rials may be blended in one toilet. j
Then there is chiffon to remember. One i
delightful model Is made of rose petal
- pink chiffon over a loose underrobe of j
1 silk of the same tone. The robe Is quite s
I without trimming, save for tiny flowerets t
made of tho chiffon bordering the turned- 1
' back fronts of the outer dress, which d
' looks very much like a coat with a train, a
. < s
Swift and Company's Sales of Fresh y
beef in Washington,D.C., for the week end- c
(nor i2otnr<luV 4~W?t *1? lUl'JI IVkn IK
> I *?*0 wuiuiuuv i *v*?|fiivi?ovvlvlVvVlV( I >
, | ?Advertisement. 11
blue. with tli? marquisette embroidered
in silver or whit? with silver and ermine,
tvnuld be another suggestion bound to
ievelop satisfactorily.
ran Charmeuse With Green
Judging: from many recent importations,
buttons will occupy an important
place as trimming' this winter. They are
ased in profusion, all shapes and elzes, anil
>f many varieties, the principal mode of
Placing them being in straight rows. This
1 rawing sltows one of the many gowns
thus trimmed. It is made of tan charjieuse,
with collar and girdle of gTeen
irelvet. Rows of buttons covered with ,
the material trim the front 6f the bodice !
ind catch the drapery of the sleeve which
s folded into a cuff effect below the
?lbow. This skirt is a concession to the i
>annier effect, the drapery of the tunic
irofhorml irtt A OaVOI'dl tfhfkl't hn>H.
JXrlllb vv> V? u* W..V. ? ..v.. ?
soutal pleats near the bottom at the front j
ind the tunic laid in two email closely 11
set box pleats down the center front,
which are trimmed with buttons.
Some of the new velvet coats are made
n a plain straight shape, with collars
md cuffs of the same material, and othrs
are slightly draped in pannier effect,
he soft folds being brought over on one
ide and held in place by motifs of silk
:ord passementerie. *
By R. F.
As a rule, the player on the left of the <
lealer should be pretty strong or the '
- " " 1. 1. /?
fame should he in danger wueu lit; a
:alls an original no-trumper with a suit,
>ecause the chances are decidedly against
lis going game if the no-trumper is
jenuinc. Any player who makes a prac:lce
of declaring two tricks in a suit after
he dealer has bid the odd at no-trumps
issumes a series of risks that are bound
;o land him in the poorhouse if he plays
'or points that are worth anything. He
nay get away with it now and then, but
;he odds will tell in the long run.
The introduction of the new count has
ed many players beyond their depth in |
he matter of overcallinw when they have
l black suit, and some of the wildest bids
ire made by the second hand these days*
ust because it does not cost so much
low to show the suit as it used to.
The thing seems to be a sort of bar- <
fain counter craze with some players, <
or some of which bad teaching is re- ]
?j ?- Avon find nni> nf the ,
ipuiiHiuie, auu nc v.w. ?
'ecent text books on the game falling <
nto the error of advising the second bid- j
ler to make these reckless declarations
igainst the dealer's no-trumpers. ]
The new count i9 like a new toy to j
iome, and careless writers play with it j
vithout examining its dangers and rec- j
mimend it to others. Here is a band <
vhich is given in the text book referred |
o, which is supposed to be an example s
New York
Made to ordei
coloring anc
\ -v' For rooms, the decc
usual floor coverings, ou
and, in many cases, pro^
r\ rrvK 1 a?vt r
We are prepared to
the beginning of the soci
v able prices.
" The weaves we reco
permit a wide latitude i
the fine French Aubussc
English Hand-tufted, I
rect by this house; and
Art Rugs, which are ma
Samples and sketchc
1412-14 H Street N.W.
//v the i '|t
. S9HV I 5
Mutton cutlets are tender and appetizing
for luncheon or a light dinner.
Among seasonable vegetables to be served
with them are stewed com and toma- :: .
toes and a salad of cabbage and beets.
Custard pie may complete the menu. j
x ????>: i :
CeleTjr Bouillon.
I Mutton Cutlets Fried with Kieed Potatoes. '
Stewed Corn and Tomatoes.
Cabbage and Beet Salad.
Custard Pie.
_l( :::
Mutton Cutlets Fried.
Beat the cutlets flat with the broad side :
of a hatchet, season with pepper and
salt, dip first in beaten egg, then in
bread crumbs, fry in lard or dripping.
Drain perfectly free from fat and ar- ;:: '
range them, standing on end and touch- :
ing one another, around a mound of rieed : I
Stewed Corn and Tomatoes.
Take one-half can of tomatoes, the J!::
same of corn; after mixing them up well. It
season with pepper, salt and a little su- |
gar. Set on where they will cook slowly, j
at the end of twenty-five minutes stir in '
a great spoon of butter. Put on the lid '
and stew very gently ten minutes more.
Serve in a deep dish. j j
Cabbage and Beet Salad.
One quart each of cabbage and boiled :
beets chopped fine, one cupful white
sugar, one tablespoonful salt, one tea- :
spoon black pepper, one-quarter tea- ;
spoon cayenne pepper, one cup grated :
horseradish; cover with cold vinegar.
This will keep for a month if kept from ;;;
the air. ::
Custard Pie.
Take two eggs, half a cup of sugar, a, ::;
tablespoonful of flour, half a teaspoonful j
of salt and one pint of boiling milk.
Line a deep plate with good pie crust and :
sprinkle nutmeg over it. Add the milk ;
slowly to prevent puncturing crust.
After custard Is poured in you may add a '
little more nutmeg. This pie should be ;
baked in a moderate oven.
Kneeling Cushions.
Among the gifts showered upon recent |
brides kneeling cusiiions have been ob- : I
served. They are made with the express ; ffl
purpose or neing usea Dy tne Driae at ner ,
wedding- She is to kneel upon a soft
cushion while the ceremony takes place. ?tt$$
In a. recent case the bride's initials were ; I
embroidered upon a white satin back- |
ground, and at the coi ners of the cushion : |
there were short but very large gold : |
tassels. ; 1
There was another case noticed recently X
of a kneeling cushion embroidered with : X
white flowers. The bride's first name was
a floral one. and the allusion was
therefore very tender and appropriate. ; |
The only drawback to the cushion is ; 1
that it is rather in the way sometimes. ; X
3- H
Foster. j |
of the difference between the bidding X
unrlor thn npw COUTit as dlstine-lliciheri XX
from the old:
7 1174
? J 1M I
0 1# ? *
? J 07 All!
4 KQI14 41!
OK* 0 4??l
A A Q 7 6 4 Z A J ? *
7 QUI!
A A s
O A Q 7
A 1(1113
Z deals and bids no-trumps, and by :! j
the old count, says the author, "no one
:an make a reasonable bid against him.
But behold, how different under the new ?
ount! A can cap Z's bid with two clubs KttU
>r two lilies, just as he sees fit, and if
5 wants that bid he must work for It."
But sue ha bid as two clubs or two
Hies on A's cards against a no-trumper "at 1?
n Z's hand is ridiculous. If A bid clubs play
t would be Y'h duty to double, to show If
he suit stopped and encourage Z to go IZ tli
>n with the no-truniper. But Z would drop I that
lis declaration at once and let the double I troul
;tand, and A would be set for 100 points lv ei
MS Tf A AWiS1 !
1 o ajy vy^nyLxi a* i
WASHINGTON San Francisco
ial aFB?te
* in one piece, in any size, jt
I style of design desired.
>rative reauirements of which demand un- ' f
r Whole Carpets offer distinct advantages? f
ride the onlv satisfactory solution for such 5
/ il
* ri
execute these orders promptly ? in time for /
al season, if placed now?and at very reason- .
& iii
mmend possess high decorative qualities and /
:or the expression of personal taste. They are f
>n and Savonnerie, Scotch Chenille Axminster.
Berlin, India and Turkey ? all imported di- i
our popular Chaumont. Kalliston and Wool
ide to order in any size. 1
:s submitted upon request.
Phone Main 4909. Iji
% J '
Extra Special Prices for This Week Oniy. j ~
TO CATSUP. Special, per bottle //2^
Special, per carl ^
ioc PKGS. QUAKER OATS. Special, per pkg.
MACKEREL?A big snap, each |??
The same goods in the new size can. Per can
Extra Quality Grapefruit, Cn
Each Ull
Per Box $3.25 j i
W e can furnish you the finest flavored fruit, and nl- !
ways save you money. We surges that you look at this
fruit tomorrow. i j:
GRIMES GOLDEN APPLES; unexcelled fruit.
Peck %
FINE QUALITY APPLES, for cooking or eating.
CRANBERRIES; very fancy. Per quart 1 OC ^
ORANGES?Per dozen i :
ONIONS?Per peck 2SC '
Thirty bright, clean, attractive stores filled with jj:
quality groceries, all being sold at prices which mean
big savings to you.
Why not investigate tomorrow?
Our stores are everywhere. it
8??i?????8?i???8??m???!?i???n??>?i?i??tn{?8?88?i????tm??w? .
Dulin & Martin Co. ;
ir^\ o ti Prr* fl tl /T^ tl 1:
Kicn u aojieujiassware ?
do Complete Services.!
I'HS stock is exceptionally complete, embracing more ?
if F than two dozen exquisitely beautiful patterns in cut. 8
\^L/ etched, engraved, gold-decorated and rock crystal 5
glassware. 5
From this excellent assortment a complete table glass- 8
ware service or any desired number of pieces in any of the fj
various patterns may be selected. Included are? 8
Special attention is directed to our showing of beautiful 8
Cut Glass Table Flower Centerpieces and Vases. g
Bulin & Martim Co., 1
Pottery, Porcelain, China, Glass, Silver, Etc., 8
1215 F St. and 1214-18 G St. I
i ?
?ast. perhaps for 200, If he did not chance of winning penalties given him
the hand very well. instead.
A declared two lilies It would be Oount up A's hand In cluba and It !
.at would double, and he w-ould set good for live tricks at the most. CHre
contract for ^00 points without any Z credit for a genuine no-train per and
ale. z does not "want that bid" bad- B's expectation is one trick; yet A is
lough to work for it when he has a advised to bid to win eighU

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