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The World o
First Hour's Business Lightest; \
! /
-* VI UB>< J # 4Va V I t *'lUi vn, -? V '-? I f ?
June, 10.87; July, I0.8O; August. 10.81;
September, 10.74.
The cotton market opened barely
steady, at a decline of '2 to 7 points under
scattering liquidation and local selling,
encouraged by lower cables and favorable
weather in the south over Sunday. Active
months sold about 5? to 10 points net
lower during the early trading, but there
was a good demand at this decline, partly
from leading spot brokers, yd prices
later rallied on unfavorable weather forecasts.
reports of a continued steady spot
situation and talk of an improvement in
the outlook for a settlement of the troubles
in the Balkans. Prices during the
middle of the morning were within 3 or 4
points of Saturday's closing figures.
Rumors that a prominent traveling crop
One Thousand Saloonkeepers Crowd
Chicago City Hall.
CHICAGO. October US.?One thousand
*a)oon keepers crowded the corridors ot
the city hall today in a rush to obtain
licenses for next year.
Heretofore, under city ordinance, the
limited number of licenses were reissuable.
and holders ls*d first call on the
reissue. A recent decision by the state
supreme court overruled this practice.
? Three women, late comers, were griven
places in the line of applicants by mutual
It matters little what it is that you
* ant?whether a situation or a servant
- a want ad in The Star will reach the
person who will till your need. t
expert estimated the yield at 15,000,4100 A
bales were accompanied by Belling orders ^
from Memphis, but the market continued *
generally steady late in the forenoon. ?
with January and March contracts selling J
a point or two above the final figures of ?
last week. Spot?Quiet; middling uplands.
11.25 nominal. *
Estimated receipts at all the ports to- jj
day were TOJJOO bales, against 74.025 last v
week and *1,556 last year: for the week.
525.000. against 516.2*2 last week and
49K.544 last year. Today's receipts at Galveston
were 26,9*6. against 26,122 last 1
year: at New Orleans. 9.141. against ^
11.407 last year, and at Houston, 52,582. F
against 25,540 last year. p
UVRRPOOIi. October 2*.?Spot, ?>od
business done; prices easier; American *
middling fair. 6.65; good middling. 6.59: J
middling. 6 21; low middling. 6.01; good p
ordinary. 5.49: ordinary, 5.01. Sales,
lo.mn balfs. of which 5oo were for spec- t
illation and export, and included 9.4<?i {
American. Receipts. 27.1?*? bales, all
American. Futures opened easy and V
closed*<iuiet; 4>ctober. .V0sl4; October-No- F
vember. 5.!?71i: Novenil?er-December, e
. .sT-; December-January. 5.*7"; January- *
February. 5.s**i: February-March, 5.90; 1
March-April. 5.91; April-May. 5.SI2; May- p
June. 5.1?5; June-July, 5.95; July-August. ,
5.92. 1
IjONDON. October 2<?American seen- >"
rities were quiet <luring the early trad n? ! j.
today. Prices ranged from unchanged to | <
above parity. Canadian Pacific was '
weak and declined 1L? points on Berlin t"
selling, but the rest of the list advanced
a fraction oil light support. Eater Wall *
street offered stocks and prices saggtd until
the closing, which was undecided. i ?
London Closing Stocks.
MiMiON, October 2*. '
. owls fur iiKuu'T 7:>Vj
loiiMtllk for aii-oiiuj 7H>, '
Amalgamated topper >s^
Al'lilsou til
Ati'himi. pf?l 1U5
P>illlipi>ri- iml Ohio... o ION'|
taniKli.111 Paelfle
Thesupeako ami Ouio Jtl',
' blriK" Ureal Wfslfrn 31
Thii-ac". Milwaiik<T ami St. Paul 1171
{ ?? Reefs " UM,i
H-nv?*r ami Kl*> Oranle 27-%
Ihaw aiMt Rb> I i ramie. pf?l :u
Krt? ::4-s
Kri? 1st pf<l .VI
Krle 2<1 l'fi! 4!%
Rraml Trunk *-M*s
Elllnni> Onlral I'll*4
^iiikiitlr awl Naabtille. liliU
flwwMirt, Kibmh ami Ten* 7V?
tfw York t'entral 117%
<irf?lli ami Wwlrm 11*%
kurfo!k awl ffrstra pfil t? 1
Ontario ami Western Si
Kami Miw*
Ionthorn Hallway *.3?%
( Nilhmi Railway Jf<l 8-'?
fsnithern 1'aeltlc 112% f
I 11 l?n Pat-Mo 174 ?
I nion Paoillo pf?1 HI l|
tutted States S4t?*?-1 77%
I nlttsl SUli a St?*l pfd . ? 116%
tYnhaali 4%
IV abash. pfd 14
Bar sllrer steady. 2H 11M per ounee.
llaarr. 3Vs l?-r cent.
rbe rate ?>f discount in the oi>en market for
short bills is 4;v,?4% i>er cent.
The rate of discount I11 the ojten market for
three inooth bills Is 4 15-Wsi |irr cent.
in Weeks. )
Canadian Pacific and the Copper
Stocks Decline.
Reading Takes Drop Soon After
Noon and General Apathy
Quickly Follows.
NFJW YORK, October 28.?The contrary
course of today's stock market
at the opening was indicated by a decline
of 1*4 points in Canadian Pacific
and a one-point rise in its allied road,
Minneapolis. St. Paul and Sault Sainte
Mori. Th. otA.lro .. rrrl rtk.r
??a i i^>. ? ii'. w|/i n.i aim u l II'
active Issues were off minor to material
fractions. Trading in Steel was moderately
large, at a slight recession from
last week's close.
Heaviness increased and important
issues added to their losses. Selling
was comparatively light, but there was
not sufficient demand to absorb offerings.
Restraining Influences.
Last week's adverse bank statement,
the condition of the foreign markets and
expectations that the Supreme Court would
today hand down one or more decisions
of interest to the financial community
were among the restraining influences in
today's early market.
Business was the lightest of any first
hour in weeks, and the nature of the
trading left no doubt of its professional
origin. The tendency was mainly downward
at the outset, but fluctuations in
important issues were extremely narrow,
the only exception being Canadian Pacific,
which reflected its heaviness
abroad. Reading led the general recovery
at midday, despite higher money.
Reading's abrupt decline soon after noon
was attributed to advices from Washington
stating that the Supreme Court had
;aken no action in the coal cases. The
market then lapsed into renewed apath}*.
NEW YORK. October 28.?Cotton futures
opened barely steady. October,
10.38: December, 10. til; January. 10.58;
PnKniq\fnrph 111 7S* \lfl v 10 * _
f Finance an<
gton; New Y
Rm-lvnl by private wire direct to
rhe Star Office.
Open. Hiirh. Ix?w. Close,
i?i laz; cOZ eUZ
\ll]dI^3ilid(^IV.lJiJ^c> t X'4 o*// j o~x/ o u"/ *
im.Air.Cbenujom... 58 58 58 58
Im.BeetSugarcom.. 703s 7034 7034 7034
American Cancom... 42 34 43 42 4234
tmericanCanpfd.... 122 12234 122 122
Lm.Car&FdyjCom... 59'j 5934 5934 5934
Imer. Cities Co. com. 3474 3634 3434 3634
imer.Cities pfd 79*4 7934 7934 7934
km.CottonOilcom... 583$ 58Vj 5734 57J4
imer.Linseedoom? 1534 16 153-2 16
km.Locomotivecom.. 43 43 43 43
kmer.Locomot've pfd 107'4 107'4 107 107
kmet.Maltcom 14.V4 1534 14)4 1534>
kmericanMaltpfd... 62'4 6354 6234 6334
km.Sm.<fcRef.com... 83H 83*4 83 8354
lm.Sm.4Ref.pfd 108 108 108 108
kmer.Snuffcom 195 195 195 195
kmer.SteelFdy.com.. 4234 4234 4234 4234
imer^ugarcom 12434 12434 124 12434
lmer.Tel.&Tele; 14234 143 14234 143
kmer.Tobaccocom... 278 27934 278 27934
im.Writg.Paper pfd. 3534 3534 3534 3534
knaconda Copper? 43 4334 4234 4334
lt.,T-A^anteF-coT.. 10834 10834 108 10834
kt.,T-ASanteF.pfd... 10134 102 10134 10134
l.F.Goodricfccora.... 7234 7234 7134 72 j
i.F.Goodrichpfd.... 107 107 107 107
laldwinLoco.com... 58 58 58 58
lalto.AOhiocom 10534 10534 10534 10534
lethlehemSteelcom.. 46*4 4634 4634 4634
iethlehemSteelpfd... 76 76 76 76
ItooklynRap.Tran.. 89:i4 90 8934 90
Irunswick Terminal. 934 934 934 934
lutterickCo.com.... 3234 3234 3234 3234
JaliforniaOilcom.... 66 6734 6634 6734
JaliforniaOilpfd 92 92 92 92
JanadianPacific 26134 26234 26034 26234
Jentral Leathercom.. 3234 32'4 3234 3234
Chesapeake k Ohio.. 8134 8134 81 8134
.hi.A-Cr.3Vest.com.. 20 2034 1934 1934
Jhi.4Gr.West.pfd... 3634 3734 3634 3734
'hi-.MilatSt.Pxom.. 110 11034 10934 11034
Jhicago&Northw'n.. 13934 13934 13934 13934
'hino Copper 47 4734 4634 4634
ViWa/knKiiolitTmn 37 37 3634 3634
Tonsol.GaaN.Y 1434 144,4 1434 1444
/ornProductacom.... 194 194 184 19
rornProductspfd? 864 864 854 854
)enver&RioG.prd... 384 384 384 384
)igti llers'Securities.. 264 27 264 27
CrieRailroadcom 344 344 334 34
trieRailroadlstpfd.. 514 52 514 52
'ed.Min.iSmelt.pfd. 474 474 47 47
leneralElectric 1804 1804 1804 1804
JeneralMotorscom.. 344 344 344 344
jeneral Motors oil. 764 764 764 764
loldfieidCon Min... 24 24 24 24
IreatNorthernpfd... 1374 138 1374 138
IreatNorthernOre... 47,4 474 474 474
Jug'nh'm Explor.Co. 554 564 554 564
lidei Leath'r pfj.. 30 3.' 30 30
nspirationCopper... 194 194 194 194
nter.Harvester 1214 122 1214 122
nter.Mer.Ma.oom.. 5 54 5 54
nter.Mer.Ma.pfd.... 184 184 184 184
nterboro.-Metcom.. 204 204 ,204 204
ntarboro.-Met.pfd... 65 654 644 654
nternat'IPapercom.. 164 164 164 164
nternat'lPaperpfd... 584 584 584 584
[an.CitySou.com.... 284 284 284 284
fan-City Sou- pfd -. 62,4 624 624 624
,e high Valley 1734' 175 1734 1744
jggett&Myerscom.. 2224 2234 2224 2234
ooae-WiksCo.coT... 42 4 44.4 424 444
<orriUardCo.com? 2114 2124 2104 2124
<ouisvilleANashville. 158 158!i 158 1584
lanhattan Elev. Ry. 1324 1324 1324 1324
liamiCopper 264 27 264 27
lexicanPetroleum... 844 874 84.4 8741
l^St-P-AS-SJUxom. 140V 1404 1404 1404 j
lo., Kan.iTex.com.. 28 284. 274 284
liasouriPacific, 434 434 424 424]
tationalLeadcom... 645-2 65 644 65 |
ievadaCopper 21% 21% 21% 21% |
lorfolk&Western? 115% 115% 115% 115%
iortbAmerica 84 84 84 84
iorthernPacific 124?% 124?a 124 1241%
JewYurkCentral? 115 116 1144 116
'acificTele.ATeieg... 51% 51% 51 51
'enna.Railruad 1234 124 1237% 124
'eoplea'GaSjChicago. 115% 119 1181-2 119
'hila. Company com.. 1004 1001 g 1001% 1004
'ittsburghCoalcom.. 24 V* 241% 24 24
ittahurghCoalpfd... 93s* 94 934 94
YessedStl.Carcom... 36% 36% 38% 38%
rased St. Car pfd.. 1017% 1014 1011% 1014
Quicksilver Min.com. 5% 5% 5% 5%
JuicksilverMin.pfd.. 7 7 7 7
lay Consul. Copper... 21 21 % 204 211*
leadingRwy.com? 172?% 174 V* 1721-8 1737%
leading K.K. 2d pfi 964 971% 9612 97?*
iep.Ir.ASteelcom? 32!% 32*8 321* 32%
lep.lr.duSteelpfd.... 92% 92% 92% 92%
locklslandcom 25' 2 26 25?% 26
tocklslandpfd 51 524 51 52
tumley Company pfd. 1024 1024 1024 1027%
eaboardAirL.com... 194 194 19?s 197%
ea'.wardAirLinepfd. 487% 494 487% 4912
bars-Roebucdcom... 2101% 210% 210% 210%
outhe-nPacific 109!% 1103% 109.4 HOVg
but H-r-iRwv.coni... 28?% 29?% 28*% 29?%
but >rrnRwypfd 81 8l!% 81 811%
:t. . .aarr.con. 234 25 234 25
.L.(vSanKr.2dpfd.. 36 36?% 36 36%
itudeoaker com 41! 2 43'2 43 43
VasAPacilic 254 254 254 254
"exas Companies 122 123 122 123
ennesseeC upper 42 42?g 41?% 424
'hirdAve.7Ile.Ry? 384 38?% 37?% 38?%
ltd. Dry. ioodspfd .. 1C6 HJ6 1053% 105*%
'nderw'd i'yj r-cam.. 108 108 108 108
4.BagAPapercoro.. 124 124 123% 124
'nionPacificcom I69?g 1704 169 170?%
jnionl'acificpfd 89 "89 89 89
I.Ry.In.Co-S.Fo.cm. 38 38 38 38
J.Ry.In.Co-S.F.pfd.. 664 t>64 664 663%
-S.Steelcom 76 764 75?% 76?%
T f i-'i ? llol/' 1101/ nnl/
, iio 2 11<J 4 ilO 'i 11074
JtahCopper 63 Jg 634 624 634
a.Car.Chem.wm... 47 47 464 464
r'a.Ky-iPowercom.. 50 50 50 50
tal?ashR.R.pfd 134 134 135a 134
lest.Marylandcom.. 55 Hi 55 4 55 55
VestinghouaeElec... 824 83 824 83
VesternUnionTeleg. 80 80 80 80
V'he*l'gAL.K.com... 9 94 9 94
VoolworthCo.com... 1124 1124 1124 1124
Hovrly Salu of Stocks Today.
11a.m., 81,200 12 m.... 156.500
1p.m., 196,700 2 p.m.. 252,500
Call Money 54 6 44 44
0|icn. Hlftb. low. Close.
Lmer- Tobacco 4s. 954 954 954 954
Itch iaon 4s 1960 1044 1054 1044 1054
Itehiaon con. 4s. 1074 1074 1074 1074
Vtcbiron con- 5s- - 1074 1074 1074 1074
JrooklynR. T-eoa. 4i 9(r-'j 90?g 905^ 903$
J?AQ. joint U.. 95,K 9S9i 95% 95%
:hi.,P.IuSJ>ac.4s-... 683% 68H 68*$ 683$
cter .Metro. 4%a.... blH 81% 81% 81%
Northern Pacific 4s... 98 983-4 96 98%
WnaoL3H3l91V. 963$ 96fg' 963$ 963s
leading Railway 4s.. 963$ 963$ 963$ 963-2
Southern Railway 4?. 783$ 78!- > 783$ 7834
Southern Railway &* 106 106 106 106
Jnion Pacific con U.. 100 100 100 100
J?J:tNi2d5s 1013$ 1013a 101% 101%
If you want work read the want col
imns of Tb? Star. |
i Trade,
brk; London.
The bid for Graphophone common stock ,
at today's meeting of the stock exchange
advanced from 43 to 4fl. One of the brokers
said that was the bid in New York
today. Two shares were offered for sale
at the bid price, but no more stock was
On the supposition which is held by
those familiar with the situation that
the payment of a dividend on this stock
is to be resumed at the next dividend
period the current figures for the stock
mean an initial rate of at least 2 per cent.
The slightly better figures for gas stock
which prevailed at the close of last week
continued today. Several broken lots were
wanted, and the bid was 8ft. The onlytransaction
was the sale of three shares
for 8ft%. At the close the bid for the
stock was 8S, and the asking price half
a point higher.
Two lots of Washington Railway preferred
stock sold at 00, and there was a
market for more at the same level. Nothing
was done in the other traction stocks,
except two small lots of Capital Traction
sold ait 124.
Sales were made in the bonds of the
two car line systems, and in the case of
Washington Railway 4s quite a block sold
at 83%, which fs a little better price than
the last recorded.
Washington {stock Exchange.
Sales?Regular call. 12 o'clock noon:
Washington Oas 5s, $1,000 at 110%. $1,000 at
Washington Railway and Electric pfd., 25 at
00, 20 at 00.
Washington Oas. .1 at 86%.
Commercial National Bank. 10 at 205.
Farmers and Mechanics' National Bank, 1 at
After call?Washington Railway and Electric
4s. $2,000 at 83%, $2,000 at 83%, $1,000 at
83%. $2,000 at 83%.
Capital Traction 5s, $1,000 at 110-%.
Capital Traction. 8 at 121, 1 at 124.
Bid. Aeked.
U.S. registered 2s 100% 101%
U. 8. coupon 2a 100% 101%
U. S. registered 3s 102% 103%
U. S. coupon 3s 102% 103%
L*. 8. registered 4s 113% 114%
IT >4 ttinnnn -In 11.".at 114.It
Georgetown Gas 5s 106
Washington Gas 5s 110 110%
Capital Traction 5s 110 111
Anacostia and Potomac 5s 90%
Anacostla and Potomac 5s, guar 103%
City and Suburban 5s 103 104%
Columbia 5s 100%
Columbia' Qs 101
Metropolitan 5s ltat 108
Washington Rwy. and Rise. 4s... 83% 84%
Wash.. Alex, and Mt. V. 5s 02 96
Potomac Electdic Cons. 5s 10O 100%
Potomac Electric Light 3s 100% 107%
Chesapeake and Potomac Tel. 5s. 103 104%
American Tel. and Telga. 4s 110
D. C. Paper Mfg. Co. 5s 100
Norfolk and Wash. Steamboat 5s. 104%
Riggs Realty 5s (long) 103 104
Rlggs Realty 5s (short) 101 103
Capital. Traction 123% 123%
Washington Rwy- and Elec. com. 8(1% 5:0
Washington Rwy. and Klec. pfd.. 80% 90%
Washington-Virginia Rwy. com... *45
Washington-Virginia Rwy. pfd... *75
Norfolk and -Wash. Steamboat.... 205 209
Washington Gas *80 86%
Georgetown Gas 118 lio
Eastern Light and Fuel 122
American Tel. and Telga 140
Mergenthalcr Linotype 224 226
Lahston Monotype 91% 92%
American 170 175
Capital 220 235
Columbia 250 270
Commercial 205 210
District 146 153
Farmers and Mechanics' 278
Lincoln 150
Metropolitan 208 212
Rlggs 580 000
Second 100
National Bank of Washington 251
American Security and Trust.... 300 325
National Savings and Trust 269 3oO
Union Truat 137% 1 lO
Washington Loan gnd Trust 238 250
I'nltiwl Vltutoa Trust Idll UK
V. IU ICU W IU a v. O * ? UO V A ?V A -XV
Citizens 20
Home 32.1
I'nion 248
Bank of Commerce and Savings... 12% 17
East Washington Savings 15 17
Arlington 14% 20
Corcoran 80
riremen'a 10% 22
German American 280
National I'nion 7% .....
Potomac 30
Columbia 0
Real Estate ifr
Cbapin-Sacka ,100 220
I>. C. Paper Mfg. Co ftl
Graphophnno com 40
Graphophone pfd 7o
Men-h. Transfer and Storage 105 125
Security Storage 210 225
Washington Market 17%
Ex dividend.
IvONDON, October 28.?Bullion amounting
to ?42.000 was taken into the Bank
of England on balance today.
PARIS, October 28-?Three per cent
rentes, 80 francs 70 centimes for the account:
exchange on London, 25 francs 23%
centimes for checks; private rate of discount,
3% per cent.
BERLIN'. October 28.?Exchange on
London, 20 marks 52 pfennigs for checks;
money, 2% per cent; private rate of discount,
4% per cent.
Quotations furnished by W. B. Hibbs A Co.,
members New York Stock Exchange.
Open. High. Low. 1:45.
Braden Copper 4 8% 8% 84. 8 b
British Col. Copper.. 4'4 4Vi 4 (4 4(4
BrltUh-Am. Tobacco. 23 23% 23 2:1%
< Bronx Copper 4% 4% 4% 4%
1/H Itosc 2% 2% 2% 2vs
Xemda Hills 1% 1% 1 ? 10 19-W
Xtpissing Mines Co.. 8% 8% 8% 8V4
Exhibit Declared to Be of More Than
Usual Excellence. 1
The fair held under the auspices of
the Maryland State Fair. Inc., opened
at Laurel Park. I^aurel, Md? today and
*111 continue all week. The horse show
feature will open tomorrow, and the
combined exhibition is expected to be
one of the biggest and most successful
fairs ever held In the state.
The cattle show this year, it is declared.
is the most elaborate exhibition
in the matter of numbers and excellence
of the animals shown that has
been seen in the vicinity of Washing- :
ton in many years, more than 500 stalls !
being required to house the cattle. The
same number of pens have been built
to accommodate the hogs entered, and !
two entire buildings have been turned
AWAt* f A tKo AAtllf I??r nvhlhli - '
W * VI V V II1V |/W Ul V* J CAI1IU11.
Housekeepers in and about Laurel
have outdone themselves this year, the j
array of Jams, Jellies, preserves, cakes,
bread, etc.. and the display of vegetables
and fruits occupying another
entire bulldlngAmong
the Judges who will award
premiums on farm products are Prof.
E. R. Lake. Department of Agriculture;
Prof. W. W. Tracy, Department of Agriculture,
and Prof. W. L. Taliaferro of
the Maryland Agricultural College.
Publishers' Appeals Set for Hearing
December 1 by Supreme Court.
The appeals of New York publishers
from the Judgments of the New York
federal district court, holding constitu
tional the section of the postal appropria- ,
tlon act which requires the publication
of stockholders in newspapers and the
designation of paid political editorials i
as advertisements, were today advanced
by the Supreme Court of the United .
States for hearing December 2, 1012.
Without announcing decisions in either
the hard coal trust, state rate or Union <
Pacific merger cases, court adjourned.
Fair and Warmer' Tonight; Tuesday,
Fair and Warmer.
For the District of Columbia, fair, "
warmer tonight with frost. Tuesday fair,
warmer; light to moderate southerly u
winds. j
Pressure is low over the west, except *
in California, with a pronounced disturbance
over eastern Colorado and western *
Nebraska. General rains and snows have ?
fallen to the northward and westward *
of the storm center, with falling tempera- r
tures. but none to the eastward and ,
southward, where pressure is compara- j
tlvely high, with warmer, fair weather. 1
There are still some indications of a .
disturbance in the Caribbean sea south- !
west of Jamaica, but its exact location
is unknown.
There will be rain tonight or Tuesday 1
in the upper lake region and probably
the western lower lake region, while in
the eastern lower lake region and the Atlantic
and east gulf states the weather I
will be fair. Temperatures will be
higher. f
There will be. frost tonight in the At- c
lantic states as far south as the northern
portion of South Carolina.
The winds along the New England *
coast will be moderate variable; on the c
middle Atlantic coast light to moderate,
becoming southerly; on the south Atlantic 1
coast light to moderate northeast; on the c
east gulf coast light to moderate north- east
and east.
Records for Twenty-Four Hours.
The following were the readings^pf the
thermometer and barometer at the 1
weather bureau for the twenty-four hours t
beginning at 2 p.m. yesterday: 1
Thermometer?Yesterday, 4 p.m., <14: 8 j
p.m., 50: 12 midnight, 41; today, 4 a.m..
37; 8 a.m., 39; 12 noon, 52; 2 p.m., 68. 7
Maximum, 68, at 2 p.m. today; minimum, ^
36. at 7 a.m. today. ' 5
Temperature same date last year?Max- *
Imum, 49; minimum, 30. *
Barometer?Yesterday, 4 p.m., 30.09; 8 '
p.m., 30.11; 12 midnight, 30.18; today, 4 '
a.m., 30.12; 8 a.m., 30.16; 12 noon, 30.09; 1
2 p.m., 3U.05. j
Condition of the Water. 3
Temperature and condition of water at
8 a.m.: Great Falls?Temperature, 54; i
condition 7. Dalecarlia reservoir?'Temperature.
56; condition at north connec- I
tion, 7; condition at south connection, 9.
Tide Tables.
Today?Low tide. 3:30 a.m. and 3:18 ]
p.m.; high tide, 9<15 a.m. ar 9:31 p.m. \
Tomorrow?Low tide. 4:15 a.m. and 4 i
p.m.; high tide, 10 a.m. and 10:18 p.m.
The Sun and Moon.
Today?Sun rose 6:24 a.m.; sun sets
5:04 p.m. (
Tomorrow-Sun rises 6:24 a.m.
Moon rises 6:35 p.m. today.
The City Lights.
Public electric arc and electric mean- a
descent lamps are lighted fifteen minutes
after sunset and extinguished forty- 1
five minutes before sunrise: public gas b
lamps lighted twenty minutes after sun- c
set and extinguished forty minutes before t
sunrise. Naphtha lighting service has
been discontinued.
Up-River Waters.
Special Dispatch to The Star. c
HARPERS FERRY. W. Va, October h
28.?Potomac and Shenandoah rivers both
clear this morning. c
NEW YORK. October 28.?Flour?Quiet 1
and about steady. t
Wheat?The decline of about a cent in c
wheat this morning was due to Liverpool ?
cables, brighter foreign political outlook '
and continued favorable weather and f
heavy receipts. December, 00 3-l6a93Vfc. 1
Lard?Weak. Middle west. ll.40all.uD.
Raw sugar?Quiet. Muscovado, HO test,
3.5.%; centrifugal. 0*1 test. 4.05; molasses, j
80 test. 3.30; refined, steady.
Hides?Firm. C
Leather? Firm. C
Butter?Steady; receipts, 4,825 tubs; ,
creamery extras, 31'4a31Vi; firsts, 20a30%;
seconds. 27a2KV4; thirds. 25a2U; creamery, 1
held, extras, 30?a31; firsts, 28%a3U; sec- t
onds, 27a28; state diary, finest, 28a3<>; j
good to prime. 26a28; common to fair, 21a v
25V4; process, extras, 27^a28; firsts, 26a27;
seconds, 23%a25%: imitation creamery,
firsts, 25a25%; factory June make, firsts,
24%a25; do., current make, firsts 24^4: u
seconds. 23>4a24; packing stock, current c
make. No. 2. 23a2B%; No. 3. 20a22; pack- *
ing stock, June marke, 24a24Vfc. '
Cheese?Easy; receipts, 1.211 boxes; r
state whole milk held colored specials,
173-4al8; do. white specials, 17\4al7?4; e
state whole milk held colored average t
fancy, 17'4a 17%: do. white average fancy, t
171!!#; state wliole milk fresh white and t
colored specials', 17i4al7:i4; do. white and f
colored average fancy, 17Vi; state whole s
milk under grades, 14al7: daisies held 1
best. 18; skims, 4al5. *
TS 1.11 _ - < 1i!" ^Mnull f]
lygf^-rniu; rwcipis, ?i,iw * arm, ucou
gathered extras, Ifta'Mi; extra tirsts, 'J*.la c
X!; firsts, 2>"ia2S: seconds, 2ia24; thirds 1
and poorer. lHa22; dirties. No. 1, 21a22;
No. 2, l'.lalM; inferior, 1.">alS; checks, good s
to finest, lSalH^; poor to fair, 14a1S; re- h
frigerator specials, marks, fancy, 24%; re- g
frigerator tirsts, 2-'ia24; seconds, 21a22Mj; o
thirds and poorer, 18a20; state, Pennsyl- s
vania and nearby hennery white, fancy, c
large, new laid, r<da.V2; do., selected whites, f
good to prime, 42a4H; do., common to fair, s
;-!a40; western gatliere<l wliite, :52aH8; f
state, Pennsylvania and nearby hennery '4
browns, 3-Sa40; do., gathered browns and s
mixed colors, 2*a't7. h
CHICAGO. October 28.?Peace overtures,
said to have been made by Turkey.
brought about a decline all around J
today in wheat. Heavy world shipments
tended also to discourage the
bulls. Besides, there were continued
hlo- rn/>pinta northwest. Th#> onfmino*
v,n * ? - * - ? ci .
was % to % lower. December started 1
at 92% to 92%. a loss of %a% to %a%. ii
and sagged to 92%. j
Fine weather for curing and market- %
Ing made corn easy; December opened
% to %aV4 down, at 53% to 53%a53%, and 1
steadied at 53%. c
Oats sliowed the effect of weakness in t
other grain. December started % off at ?
32%, but rallied to 32%. ?
Provisions suffered because of a big run *
of hogs here and west- First sales were t
5c to .'10c lower, with January 18.00 to fl
18355 for pork, 10.65 to 10.67% for lard ..
and 10.00 to 16.02% for ribs.
S|?><-ial Dispatch to The Star. 0
BALTIMORK, Md.. October 2s.?Wheat i!
? Kasier; kpot No. 2 red. 103; spot No 2 <1
red western. 105%; October No. 2 red, 103; c
November No. 2 red. 103%; December No. u
2 red, 10f?%; January No. 2 red, 107%;
steamer No. 2 red, 07%. Receipts, 75,216 ,
bushels; southern by sample, 90a100; 11
southern on grade, U8al03. e
Corn?Quiet; spot contract, 70%; year, a
50%; January, 50; receipts, 2,063 bushels. "
Oats?Firm; Xo. 2 white. 4oa40%; stand- a
ard white, 38%a38%; No, 3 white, 37%a 1
37%: receipts, 130,048 bushels. v
Rye?Firm; No. 2 western domestic, 80a
82: receipts. 1,490 bushels
Hay?Steady; No. 1 timothy, 21.00 asked; f.
No. 1 clover mixed, 10.50al7.U0. 'j
Orain freights?Firm; steam to Liverpool,
per quarter, 3s 7%da3s Od November; a
Cork for orders, per quarter, 4s 1 %d Oc- a
tober. 11
LIVERPOOL, October 28.?Closing;
Wheat?Spot steady: No. 3 Manitoba, 8s .
2%d: futures easy; October, 7s lOVgd; De- ?
cember, 7s 9%d; March. 7s SVid.
Corn?Spot easy: new American, kiln
dried, 7s l%d: futures steady; October, 5s p,
4%d; December, 5s 3%d.
? ? /
Building Permits.
The following building permits were is- jt
sued today.; r<
To C. J. Mooney, to build two-story a|
brick dwelling at 13 M street northwest; h.
architect, A. C. Rom hilt; builder, Peter
Fessinger; estimated cost, $7,000. te
To Colorado Brick and Coal Company,
to repair office at 337 Cedar street north- to
west; estimated cost. $200. fo
To Qeorge W. Yeatman, to repair tfc
a welling at ?.?? Maryland avenue eoutn- I v?
nretft; estimated cost, #136. Ikl
Army Orders.
Leave of absence for fifteen days on
.ccount of sickness is granted Chap- ^
ain George J. Waring, 11th Cavalry. j.
By direction of the President, and j
ipon the application of Ordnance Sergt.
tobert Wilson, that soldier will be '
>laced upon the retired list. v
By direction of the President, and
ipon the application of First Sergt. ,
aities Burke, Company II, :14th lnfan- t
ry, that soldier will be placed upon the f
etired list. tl
Tlie leave of absence granted Capt.
Samuel F. Dutton. Quartermaster Corps,
s extended one month. i,
-r*? j?_ -11? ? r?.? ?ir?A iinnn
oy direction ui me rrcaiumt, auu ?
:he applications of Chief Musician Frank
'lifford, band, .'id Infantry, and Corporal
>r Onlnance Martin Kapp, they will be '
laced on the retired list. '
Naval Orders. o
Ensign S. A. Manahan, from the ^
''lusser to the Baltimore. I
Assistant Paymaster S. M. Mathes. s
rom the bureau of supplies and ae- if
ounts to the Hannibal. ~
Assistant Paymaster IT. T. Sandlin. n'
rom the bureau of supplies and ac- <:ounts
to the Petrel. 1
Assistant Paymaster J. H. Colhoun.
rom the bureau of supplies and acounts
to the Yankton. f,
Chaplain D. R. Rennolds,? from the .
thode Island, to two months' sick leave.
Naval Movements. ' *
The Sterling has arrived at Newport, a
he Nashville and Brutus at Guantanamo. J
he Roe. Paulding, McCall and Terry at ,r
*Cew York, and the Vermont and New j,
tampshire at Rockland, Me.
The Denver has sailed from Corinto for 1
Manzanlllo, Mexico; the Dahlgren and I
Stockton from Newbern for Charleston, a
i. C.; the Michigan from Hampton roads 1(
'or the southern drill grounds, the Onario
from Annapolis for Hampton roads, C
lie Minnesota and North Dakota from F
Etockland for Hampton roads, the Oneida e
'rom Charleston to Port Royal, S. C.;
lie Hull and Preble from San Diego for a
Mare Island, and the Whipple and Stew- n
irt from San Diego for San Pedro. a
The U, S. S. May rant has been placed I
n first reserve at the navy yard. New
fork, N. Y.t and the U. S. S. Barry at a
:he naval station, Olongapo, P. I.
The U. S. S- Vestal has been placed out a
>f service at the navy yard, Boston.
The U. S. S. Hull lias been ordered e
Jlaced In first reserve at the navy yard, S
Mare Island. As soon as practicable
hereafter, the U. S. S. Paul Jones has n
>een ordered placed in full commission. P
3apt. Boss Tells of Accident to v
Schooner. ' ?
Seas from one of the big government
ugs running between the navy yard here ^
md the proving grounds at Indian Head, j
dd., are said to be responsioie ior me i
wamping of the two-masted schooner
'aroline H. Mears ofT Indian Head Sat- ^
irday night. ti
According to the story told by Capt. H
toss, the master of the vessel, the Mears f
was on her way to this city with a j
argo of wood when the big tug passed t
ier. ^
The seas made by the tug washed all f
iver the schooner, causing her to fill and *
orcing Capt. Ross and two other colored p
nen. constituting the crew of the
ichooner, to take to their small boat for 1
lafety. r
Reports brought here today by ineomng
vessels state that the Mears is lying H
in her side with sails set and is drifting s
ip and down the channel with wind and ?
ide. She hails from Cape Charles, Va., 13
amp to the Potomac about four months
Lgo and has been employed in wood and *
umber running from river points to this f
Ity. She was last in port here about ^
hree weeks ago. S
lury Told to Find for Mrs. C. A. I
Harding in Snit Against Syndicate, e
Justice Wright today -directed a jury in
'ircuit Court Xo. "J of the District Supreme ^
'ourt to return a verdict in favor of h
'aroline A. Harding, executrix of the esate
of the late Theodore A. Harding, for d
he sum of $2,445.01, with interest from p
uly H, 1!I08, against the members of t
ifhat is known as the Eleventh and E si
Itreet Syndicate. \
Theodore A. Harding was a member *
if the syndicate, owning a valuable
orner at 11th and E streets north- 8
vest, and was its managing agent, rentng
its property and attending to all J
epairs, rebuilding and other disburse* '
nents. After Ids death his widow, ;u?
xecutrix, presented an account with [
he books from an agreed date in 1!?01{
o the date of Mr. Harding's death, and 1
ifter examination of the same, the .*
yndicate. Mr. Emmons S. Smith pre- !
iding, passed a resolution accepting
2,445.61 " as the amount Mr. Harding
md rmiri out on the svndirate account
>ver and above the income of the syn- ?
licate, and directed an assessment be ?
evied to pay tiie debt. 1
I^ater the syndicate undertook to re- *
cind the action, whereupon suit was ^
irought. The syndicate defended on tlie j
;round that Mr. Harding was a member t
f the syndicate, and the estate could not
ue at law on the account stated, but r
inly in equity, where there must be a j
nil accounting of all the affairs of the s
yndleate from its inception, but the de- j
ense was held not well founded. The a
larding estate was represented by Ma- f
on X. Richardson and Charles H. Meruit
as* attorneys. t
Clectric Clocks Being Placed in P. 0. f
Department Building. c
To help#the clerks get to work 011 C
Ime and to prevent tardiness, which, it
3 explained, has grown in the Post Office e
Jepartment, due to the inadequate ele- c
ator service, Chief Clerk George G. a
Thompson is having new electric time P
locks established, with connections over
he wires of the Western Union Tele- h
xapli Company with the naval observa- Ai
ory. A clock is to be erected at the enranee
to each of the elevators 011 the
irst floor of the building and a third
lock on the north wall of the inner
ourt. V
It is claimed the five elevators now in
iperation in the building, one of which d
s a freight elevator, are entirely inade- &
luate to accommodate the number of
lerks and employes who are obliged to s?
ise them or climb the long flights of c'
tuiru TIih nriffinal uluncz t\ f tho P
tig, Jt is explained, provided for more t(
levators, but the House committee on je
pproprlations decided tbat a less numer
would be sufficient, and refused to d
pprove more than the Ave now in use. 0]
'o install more at this time, it is said, ^
,-ould involve prohibitive expense. tJ.
The purpose of the electric clocks is to
urnlsh the clerks with the standard time tj
o that if the crowds prevent their taking
he elevators they can ascend to where
hey belong by the stairways and thus cj
void tardiness, which is strictly marked <j<
gainst them even to the fraction of five ai
linutes. a:
queen may change plans. ?
dexandra to Allow Early Publica- at
tion of Life of Edward. j?
9reign Correspondence of The Star. le
IX>NDON\ October 17, lt?12.
A well informed journalist announces
lat as a result of certain recently is- aj
jed publications dealing with the life d<
ad character of the late King Edward,
is probable that Queen Alexandra will *
;vise her original Intention and allow Ct
a "authorized'' life of his majesty to
3 published much sooner than was in- a'
nded. Jtl
The late king left all his private papers fa
i Queen Alexandra to destroy or retain m
>r publication as seemed fit to her, and er
tese her majesty has since gone througn i,t
try carefully with the assistance of the si
ing and the princess royal.
United States Supreme Court. ?
Present: The Chief Justice. Mr. Justice jn
IcKenna, Mr. Justice Holmes. Mr. Jus- at
Ice Day. Mr. Justice Lurton. Mr. Justice fa
iugrhes. Mr. Justice Van Devanter. Mr. ai
ustice Lamar and Mr. Justice Pitney. p?
Edward H. Hart of New York city, r?
Miarles N. Kimball of Sistersvilie. \V.
'a., and \V. C. I,aml?ert of Omaha. Neb., fa
k'ere admitted to practice. at
No. 47t?. William E. Breese et a I. apt- cr
lie I'nited States; on a certificate from 11
he United States circuit court of appeals hi
or the fourth circuit: first and sixth ques- a?
ions certified answered in the negative: el
inininn hv Mr In ctioo W/->1niuu I cf
VII ?* 1 U unilV-V, X X V'* 111X v
The Chief Justice announced the fol- c?
:>wlng orders of the court: al
No. 396. Kansas City. Mo., plaintiff in d<
rror, aKt. the state of Kansas ex rel.
oseph Taggart. county attorney: in error 1'
o the supreme court of the state of Kan- st
as. Per curiam: Dismissed for the want sf
f jurisdiction. American Sugar Refining p?
"ompany agt. Louisiana, 179 IT. S., 89: as
V'illiams agt. Fears, ib.. 279; Billings agt. T
Ilinois, 188 F. S.. #7. 101; Cook agt. Mar- at
hall county. 196 U. S.. 201, 273-274; Mich- b<
?an C. R. Co. agt. Powers, 201 U. S.. tl;
45, 293; Farrell agt. O'Brien, 1!*) U. S-. b(
DO; Patterson agt. Colorado ex rel. attorey
general. 205 U. S.. 254; Waters-Pierce
Ml Company agt. Texas, 212 lT. S., 11*2. ?
18. Ei
No. 519. Jacob Glos et al., plaintiffs in
rror. agt. the city of Chicago, in trust
or the use of the schools, et al.; in error
o the supreme court of the state of Illiois.
Per curiam: Dismissed for .the A
.'ant of jurisdiction. Minnesota Iron
'ompany agt. Kline, 19ft I". S.. 503; How- "
rd agt. Kentucky. 200 I*. S, 164, 172;
"racy agt. Ginsberg, 2<?5 lr. S., 170, 17778;
King agt. West Virginia. 216 IT. S-.
2. 101: Farrell agt. O'Brien. 19ft I". S-. 89.
90; Goodrich agt. Ferris. 214 U. S . 71. .9- re
No. 496. Hannah L. Andrews, execitrix.
etc., appellant and petitioner, agtlarvey
K. Partridge, trustee; motion to
dvance for argument after cases Nos.
64 and 595, granted. K'
No. 818. The Journal of Commerce and d<
'ommercial Bulletin. appellant. agt. ar
Yank H. Hitchcock, Postmaster General, '
tc., et al. and; * '
No. 819. Lewis Publishing Company, *'
ppellant. agt. Edward M. Morgan, posttaster
etc.; motions to advance granted
nd cases assigned for argument Monday,
lecember 2 next.
No. 718. Mary E Hughes, appellant, G
gt. the United States;
No. 719. The United States, appellant, ta
gt. Mary E. Hughes; and ?
No. 72:). Mattie W. Jackson, widow,
tc., et al.. appellants, agt the United
Hates; motion to advance denied.
No. 10. Original. Ex parte in the
natter of the United States of America. A
etitioner; motion for leave to file petition , 1
or a writ of prohibition granted, and 'r
ule to show cause ordered returnable
londay, December 2 aext. t0
No. 7HJ. I. D. Block et al., petitioners,
gt- the city of Meridian; petition for a
rrlt of certiorari to the United States
ircuit court of appeals for the fifth elf- ?
uit denied.
No. 7G8. The Mahoning Valley Railway *
'ompany. petitioner, agt. Belinda O'Hara; ?
etition for a writ of certiorari to the
'nited States circuit court of appeals for tr
he sixth circuit denied. H
No. 813. American Fidelity Company, d?
etitioner, agt. S. H. Velie. doing busi- P.
esy as the Velie Motor Company; petlIon
for a writ of certiorari to the United ' J
Hates circuit court of appeals for the
ighth circuit denied. m
No. 734. The Kansas City Southern v<
tailway Company, plaintiff in error, agt. ot
he Kaw valley drainage district of p
Vyandotte county, Kan., and ,a
No. 733. The Kansas City Terminal d<
tailway Company agt. the Kaw valley
liainage district of Wyandotte county. at
Can.; motions to dismiss or affirm or to B
ransfer cases to the summary docket de- G;
ded. r
No. GST. John McNamara, appellant. vgt.
William Henkel. United States marhal,
etc., et al.; motion to advance sub- ,
riitted by Mr. Solicitor General Bullitt in
ichalf of counsel. 5]
No. ?. Original. Ex parte in the mat- 171
er of Walter Cook, petitioner: motion .
or leave to file a petition for a writ of
tabeas corpus submitted by Mr. Milton 01
itrasburger for the petitioner. a]
No. 814. The Republic Rubber Com- g
any, petitioner ,agt. Morgan & Wright;
'etition for a writ of certiorari to the
.'nited States circuit court of appeals ^
or the second circuit submitted by Mr. ?
Marshall A. Christy for the petitioner and tr
y Mr. Antonio Knauth for the respondnt.
No. 832. Monongahela River Consolidat- p
d Coal and Coke Company et al., petiioners,
agt. Mrs. Bessie Schinnerrer;
Lnd s^
No. 8315. Monongahela River Consollated
Coal and Coke Company et al.,
etitioners, agt. Mrs. Emma Hurst: petl- ?
ion for writs of certiorari to the United .
states circuit court of appeals for the
Ixth circuit, submitted by Mr. Frank S.
iaston for the petitioners, and by Mr. 111
<\ Zimmerman for the respondents.
No. 734. Old Colonv Trust Comuanv.
ippellant. agt. the city of Omaha; mo- al
ion to advance to be heard with No.
( >2. submitted by Mr. William B. Mc- vt
J ugh. w
No. 825. Detroit Steel Cooperage Com any,
petitioner, agt. Sistf^rsville Brewing J<:
Company et ai.. petition for a writ of
ertiorari to the I'nited States court of "
ippeals for the fourth circuit, submitted
y Mr. Charles N. Kimball and Mr.
ieorge N. Heffheimer for the netitioner. P*
No. 212. The National Telephone Manifacturing
Company, plaintiff in error, "
,gt. the American Bell Telephone Romany:
motion to dismiss submitted by
Ir. Charles H. Swan and Mr. Robert N.
loss for the defendant in error, in sup
ort of the motion, and by Mr. L. T.
rlichener and Mr. Samuel W. Emery for j
he plaintiff in error, in opposition theretu
No. 425. National Surety Company,
ilaintiff in error, agt. the Architectural .
iecorating Company; submitted puru
int to the twentieth rule by Mr. Jed m
?. Washburn for the plaintiff in er> ar
nd by Mr. A. L Agatin for the de- S1
endant in error.
No. 404. Purely Extracts and Tonic * ,.
'oinpany et al., plaintiffs in error, agt.
C. Lynch; submitted pursuant to the
wentieth rule, by Mr. Marcellus Green ^
nd Mr. George B. Lancaster for the (V
laintiffs in error, and Mr. Edward Hayes ~
or the defendant in error.
No. hto. Home Telephone and Telegraph
'ompany. appellant, agt. City of Los Aneles
et al.; submitted by Mr. James A.
Mbson for the appellant and by Mr. 2,
ohn W. Shenk for the appellees.
No. <M8. The I'nited States of America
t al., appellants, agt, Baltimore and
hio Southwestern Railroad Company et
1.; leave granted to tile brief for the apellant,
the Cincinnati and Columbus
Taction Company, on motion of Mr. Asistant
Attorney General Denison in bealf
of counsel; argument contiuued by
Ir. R. W. Moore for the appellees. p
Court of Customs Appeals. J"
Present: Presiding Judge Montgomery lu
nd Associate Judges Mnlth, Karber, De i<)
ries and Martin. ..
The folowing decisions were handed *
own today: *1
No. 9211. United States agt. A. H. Ringk !
; Co.; opinion by Montgomery, presiding ye
idge. Leather "picker straps" were as- m|
?ssed at 25 per cent as leather not spe- .
ially provided for, cut into forms. Upon
rotest by the importer the board of Gc
eneral appraisers held the merchandise Hi
i be dutiable at 5 per cent, as belting
ather. On appeal the government con- |5?
>nds that the merchandise is properly A1
utiable at 40 per cent or at 25 per cent M<
r at 15 per cent. It is held that the 1
lerchandise was properly classified by ha
le board, but that the proper rate of te<
iity was not applied The decision of ltC
le board is reversed. Su
No. WH?. P. H. Petry Company agt. I
nited States; opinion by Smith, asso- ye
ate judge. Machines for embossing gold "mi
signs upon leather or cardboard were sei
'sessed by the collector at 45 per cent. U>t
s manufactures of metal. They were La
aimed by the importer to be dutiable at g
> per cent, as printing presses. The thi
>ard of general appraisers sustained the mi
dlector, and the decision of the board is Ca
firmed. jar
No. 927. Maltus Ware agt. United Be
l - i _ i i o ; * l, -..J
laies; opinion ny oiumi. judge.
ertain plants were assessed by the col- cja
ctor at 4 cents each as rose plants
rown on their own roots. The importers
aim them to be dutiable at 'Si per cent 1
i nurserv stock. The board of general
opraisers sustained the collector and the
?eision of the board is affirmed.
No. Ut.v ITnited States ugt American <,
nport Company; opinion by Smith, asso- mL
ate judge. Night lights, consisting of
>rk, met;" 1 and a wax taper, were as- mil
?sed by the collector at Sati Francisco P?'
a? * no monnfasHirac -
, <tii pri unii ao iiiaiiuiavvutrn ui iiirva I - Ifli
ie importers clai mthem to be dutiable ha!
20 per cent as an unenumerated manu- t-oi
ctured article, or at 25 per cent as a sta
anufacture of wax. The board of gen- fer
al appraisers held the merchandise to oui
: dutiable at 20 per cent and the deci- col
on of the board is reversed. ing
No. 897. United States agt. Park & Til- wll
rd; opinion bv Barber, associate Judge.
lght lights, composed of cotton wick
id paraffin, each taper having a metal
ate covering the bottom of the wick and ~
?ing incased In a paper cup. were aa>
seed at :?> per cent as wax tapers. The
riporter claimed them to be dutiable at
per cent as non-enumerated nianu:ctured
articles. The board of general
?praisers allowed the claim of the lmjrter
and the decision of the board is
No. 94 4. Cnited States agt. Farbenibriken
Company; opinion by Barber,
ssoeiate judge. A liquid substance
imposed of potash and fatty acids with
per cent of alcohol, was assessed
i the collector at E>5 cents per pound
s an alcoholic chemical mixture. It was
aimed by the imimrter to be a benxlne
>ap and properly dutiable at 20 per
nt. The board of general appraisers
lowed claim of the Importer, and the
M-ision of the board is affirmed.
No. 939. Spalding & Bros, et al. agt.
nited States; opinion by De Vries. as ciate
judge. Certain leather was as
'ssecl by the collector in part at 15
?r cent, and in part at 25 per cent
i leathers not specially provided for.
he Importers claimed it to be dutiable
- 7*4 per cent as grain leather. The
iard of general appraisers sustained
le collector, and the decision of the
>ard is reversed.
District Supreme Court.
QUITY COURT NO. 1?Justice Barnard. ?
Zanelli agt. Zanelll; rule returnable No- ?
?mber 1; plaintiff's attorney. F S. Pala- 5ni:
defendant's attorney. F. E. Pratt. J
Schmidt agt. Schmidt; reference *o J. ?
. L?ynham. examiner; plaintiff's attor- m
ly. E. S." Bailey; defendant's attorney. 5
. B. Moultoif. J
QUITY COURT NO. 2?Justice Ander- 5
son. S
In re lunacy of James A. Pope; order
ferrlng first account of committee to
Safford apt. MacVeagh; restraining or- 1
r discharged and order restraining cer- J
.in defendants; plaintiff's attorneys, >
ack. Hinton & Pack and H. H. Classic; ,
'fendant's attorneys, R. S. Huidekoper 5
id Ralston, Siddons & Richardson. "
Jonhston apt. Johnston; order nlt4: plain- m
ff's attorneys. \V. A. Johnston and W. m
Ford; defendant's attorney, M. J. Col- ?
hmith agt. Smith; order adjudging de- i
ndant in contempt;' plaintiff's attorney, 5
B. Moriarty; defendant's attorney, L. }
. Grossman. }
Dunster agt. Dunster; proof ordered ts?
ken before W. H. Shipley, examiner; ~
aintiff**? attorney. L. G. Grossman; de- p
ndant's attorneys. Tucker. Kenyon &
In re adoption of Frederick May; order
galizing adoption; petitioner's attorney.
. I. Newmyer.
Johnston agt. Johnston: order conflrmig
sale; plaintiff's attorneys. W. A.
>hnston and W. L. Ford; defendant's at>rney,
M. J. Colbert.
[RCUIT COURT NO. 1-Chief Justice
C1 o ha 11 crH
Miller agt. Favorite; order of October 2, !
12, continuing cause for the term set I
side; plaintiff's attorney, E. F. Col- !
day; defendant's attorney, T. M. Baker.
Atchison apt. District of Columbia; on
ail; plaintiff's attorneys. C. W. Ulagett.
. H. Glassle and A. Leftwich Sinclair:
sfendant's attorneys. F. H. Stephens and i
. H. Marshall. * !
IRCUIT COURT NO. 2?Justice Wright. I
Harding apt. MacPherson et ah; dlsissed
as to defendant Robert E. Fay:
;rdict for plaintiff for $2.44.">.41 against
her defendants; plaintiff's attorneys.
. N. Richardson and Kappler & Meril- i
t; defendants' attorneys, Ralston, Sid>ns
& Richardson.
Weser apt. Glennan; on trial: plaintiff's !
torneys, Darr & Peyser and Joseph A. j
urkhart; defendant's attorney, E. L.
RIMINAL COURT NO. 1?Justice Stafford.
United States agt. William Harris;
Jusebreaking and larceny; verdict,
Jilty; sentenced to jail for eleven
onths; attorney, O. A. Bigoness.
United States apt. Tony Mllano; mur?r,
first degree; motion for new trial
/erruled; sentenced to be hanged Janury
24, 1913. between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.; [Forneys,
James F. Kelly and D. W. ,iz
United States apt. James Logan; astult
with dangerous weapon; verdict iiilty;
sentenced to penitentiary for H
iree years.
United States agt. John Allen; robbery;
i trial; attorney. J. E. Collins.
RIMINAL COURT NO. 2?Justice Gould.
I 'r~ X*. 04.4 a. CM-l- n-1 ? ? ? ?
I llliru OlOLCft <1S l. ML*I SIC? \_,UICJIU1U, ?.?- J
iult with dangerous weapon; sentence
ispended. placed on probation.
United States agt. Rosie Padgett, asLult
with dangerous weapon; plea guilty;
ntence suspended, personal recognizance
tken; attorney, R. C. E. Moncure.
In re estate of James J. Gordon; hearig
on motion to tlx time "for trial of isles
continued to October 31; caveator's
torney, A. S. Worthlngton; caveatee's
;torney, J. J. Darlington.
United States agt. Mitchell Palmer. Syl?ster
Craven and James Bell, assault
itli dangerous weapon; on trial; attor;y.
James F. Kelly and Thomas L.
In r? Max I. Reiner; order directing ap- II
In re Rachel Strochkirch; order to pay # <
ustee's fee and discharge ordered.
DISTRICT COURT?Justice Gould. Z?
In re enlargement of Capitol grounds;
>mmission sworn; hearing on instruc- f
ins set for October 30. |
'ROBATK COURT^Justice Anderson.
In re Alice h. Eberly; order to pay for NC
ition; attorney. J. E. Daskey.
Estate of Mary J. Diggs; will admitted
probate; attorney, George C. Gertman.
Estate of Virginia O. Gardner; will ad- VI
itted to probate and letters test-menty
granted to Anna G Williams; bond.
.000; attorney. Charles C. Miller. VII
In re Emma J. Wahl et al.; order ratiing
payments and order of allowance;
torney, L.. A. Block.
Estate of Mary J. Guthridge; letters of
Lministration granted to Walter II.
uthridge; bond, $1*10: attorney, R. *>.
Estate of John E. N. Wilkinson; will FO
Imltted to probate and letters testaentary
granted to John F. N. Wilkin
>n. Jr., and Raohell A. Wilkinson; bond, CO
on; attorney, George Kearney.
ecial Dispatch to The Star. KC
LAUREL, lid.. October 28.?First race;
r two-year-olds, selling; purse. $500;
e and one-half furlongs?"Pass On, MC
2; Chilton Dance. 104; Insurance Man.
4; Cordeen, 104; George Stoll, 104; "Con- p ,
lental, 108; Stockton, 107; Aurlfic, 107;
itty Grub, 110; Tweedeedle, 111.
Second race: owners' consolation; threear-olds
and up. selling; purse, $500; one
lie and seventy yards?1'Tom Melton.
1; Lucky George, lol; Mindinette, 106;
>lden Castle, 108; Monsieur X. 10U; TH
aldeman, 1<W; Stairs, 1O0; Sidon, 104.
Tiiird race; all ages handicap; purse,
*); six furlongs?Acton. 07; Isidoro, 102;
tamaha. 103; Pharaoh. 104; Judge t
onk. lt?5; Lochiel. 100; Sebago, 110.
"ourth race; three-year-olds and up;
ndicap; purse. $600; one and one-six- ttt:
?nth miles?Hamilton. 90; Cliff Edge,
I: Dr. Duenner, 113; Carlton G., 115;
perstltion, 116.
rifth race; owner's consolation; threear-olds
and up; selling; purse, $500; one A
Ie and seventy yards?"Be, W; St. Jo- bro
[)h, lOl; Cheer Up. 104; Bonnie Eloise, 1911
J; Pedigree, 106; Wenna. 108; Lad of .
.ncdoti. Ill; Kind Sir. 104. Inl*
lixth race, owners' consolation; selling; asp
ree-year-olds and up; purse. $500; one poc
le and seventy yards?1"Claque, lOl; dde
Ilph, 104; "Chilton Squaw. 106; Ado- rt
ite, 106; Hempstead, U16; Grania, 108;
ach Sand. 100; Ben Wilson. 111. no
Apprentice allowance of five pounds fror
lined. Weather line; track fast.
? the
'hrow Coins at Stage Performers. Hf,e
ci?n Ct?nv8|M?nil?-iiee of The Star. '
IiONDON, October 18. 1812. Par
Julte a new form of annoyance to ca"
isic hall artistes has been disclosed. A ves<
Lit was charged at an East 1-ondon was
lice court this week, and It was stated 14
it he had been ejected from a music OIU
II for persistently throwing copper addi
ns at artistes performing on the inte
ige. Such conduct is extremely of- stat
isive to performers, as well as danger- him
s. The practice of throwing copper pan:
ns at the artistes, it is said, is becom- He i
; such a nuisance that stringent steps post
1 be taken (or Its repression. tods
Capital $1,600 00ft
Undivided Profits Over. 1,000.000
Deposits Over 7.000.00>
" Discrimination
?shown at this hank?the
small depositor is paid the
SAMK RATI** of interest
and treated with the same
courtesy as the lar^e depositor.
In short, this Is a bank In
Which KVDRY (INK ran feel
at home and enjoy every advantage.
t^TOver Sl,o?i open accounts
Nflttonitl vJ?trrc and
t 1MIV1VULMU V Mill!
Trust Company,
Corner 15th and N. V. Ave.
3% Compound Interest r?
Good Service
?means more than strength, '
more than courtesv. more
than convenience?it means ?
a combination of ALL these *
banking qualities.
Our ability to furnish the com- (
bination is making this one of
Washington's most successful
banking institutions.
TTErcry facility f.<r hatnlUn;
U?tb savings nn<l commercial ur "
counts. r>
McLachlen Banking L
Cor. ioth and G Sts. 5
ilflfUHiitlt ?S|l t r. !illttlli!l*
SI KIM.t S f-'.tf.Hl.ttoe I,
?calls for special
knowledge 011 a subject
with which the
average depositor is
not always familiar.
Making sound and
profitable investments
for customers is a
notable feature <?f our
It'Can ?o not s^rvo you
In thi* capacity? We will he
pleased to have you confer
with us at any time.
The Riggsjj
The Safest Investments
Are tkaK that do not floctnate during di?
t orbed condition a of tbe money or atocfe
market. Ftrst deed of trust note* (flrnt
mortgages). well secured on real estate la
the District of Columbia, constitute "(flit
edre" Invertmenta. They do not depend
apon the financial responsibility of Individuals
or corporations for ttielr stability
and are exempt from taxation at personal
property. We can supply such Investments
In amonnta from f5O0 upward. Rend far
haoklet. "Concerning Loans tad Invest
meats." )
Swart ze 31, Rheem &
Hemsey Co*,
T2T 18th ST. M V
?H*V and W- MONET
to loan on approved city
real estate security.
JESSE f., ITEISKET.T. ho: n at. aw.
Honey to Loan
tired by First Deed of Trtitt on Keal Kstatm
Prevailing interest and commission.
iseph I. Weller, 602 F St. N.W.
^eal Estate Transfers.
Herman R. Howenntelii ft ux. to
Frank D. and Lucy Kllmkicwict, lot
38, square HNS: flu.
LLA I'ARK?<"l*ra A. Maiden et vir.
Edwin R.. to William Swan, lots H and
10. square 4230; S4NH.3K.
George H. Gibson. lot 13. square 43i?l.
and iot 14, square 423S; $37?1.?13. Ramto
Benjamin W. Gerwig, lot 34. squar?
4223: $373.
iMPTON PARK?Municipal Bu'lding
Company to John Ft. Pace, lots 43 :?nd
40. square 3100; $1i>.
H. Light et ux. to Henry P
Stouffer. lots 4 and 3. square 2"Ms. >1U
Reuben E. Timbers et ux to Edward
IV'. Womaek. lot 43. square 3H24; S.VM.
HI'ETZEN PARK?.lacks ?n H Ralston.
et al.. trus'ees. to Mary McK.
Norrls and Edward A. Norris, lot 2.
block 4: $2,323.
F. Warner to Burdett Stryker,
lot 11. square K32: Sin
L. Chesley et al. to
Herman R. Howensteln. lots 43 and
4?1 and part lot 47. square 1417; Jin.
>UNT PLEASANT?Jordan & Co. to
John O. Gheen, lot M>?. square 2(174;
and 13th street a?George F. Williams,
trustee, to Charles G.. George W ,
Frederic H. and Lizzie E. Anderson,
part lot 7, square 2!'7: $1
LORAMA HEl'JHTS?Jeanie M. Patten
to Elizabeth H. M?t*alla. lot 13.
block 7; fin.
E RIDGE?Susan Brice et al. to
Osceola F. N. Madden, part; $10.
illiam M. Hall Commits Suicide by
Inhaling Gas.
ttracted by the odor ^ gas, neighbors
ke into the home of William M. Hall.
I New Hampshire nvenue northwest.
: afternoon and found him dead from
hyxi&tion. A note found in his vest
ket indicated that he committed sui?.
The door leading into the second
r room where the body was found had
lock upon it, but had been fastened
n the inside with a screw.
>rgt. Riley of precinct No. S went to
hous.- and took charge immediately
r th< finding of the body. The odor
jits "traded the attention of Louise
ker. a neighbor of Mr. Hall, and she
ed others of the neighborhood to in:igate
its cause. The Itfeless body
fouund stretched on a bed.
is understood Mr. Hall has several
j, and the note found in his pocket,
ressed "Dear Will." is believed to be
nded for one of them. The message
ed that he "intended to do away with
seir' and told of an insurance com
y in which he was insured for $700.
rave directions in the note for the dlaii
of tills money. The note was dated

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