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.???? __
I. I
Women Who E.srp
| V u/llllt^
Can Bmv the Best tl
Offers?Tnnesday at
A fortunate purchase mat
waists ??f this character shout
them to g?? out quickly. Wa
trimmed with German aiul clui
panels of embroidery in floral
long effects, trimmed with la
with dainty tucking. Sizes 34
| Waist Store?Second Floe
! si
Values to $3.95.
: For $1.95
The materials are Messali
and Crepes.
The styles arc in narrow
pleated or other flounces.
The colorings evervthir
11 striped?Roman striped, Ore
Iors, with scarcely two alike i
Read tlhe List off
89c amid $11.
from a jobber who
, ing bills and who was willing
"sions for ready cash. The widtl
- color range as follows:
Black. Garnet.
Xavy. Seal,
Golf Red. Tan,
Plum, Myrtle,
W hipcord is one of the T)<
| suits on the market today, and
i - i _ rr i a. i_ : T
jj 10 De onereu at such a price. x
S25 WiTti
jj !i Well Known "C?
Heavy, close woven, thi
Smith's make. Brand on the
floral designs. Sample rugs, 1
j for much more, but we got tl
you our advantage. All 1912
For the one day only, it they
( To prevent dealers from 1
Wnnld Yan Make Then
!: Caa Gel Bed Sets
That's precisely the offer for T'
lot of white muslin sets, with in
? | floral effects?variety of colors to
decorations. Have a deep flounce
iron, brass or wooden beds. A p
set "makes" the bedroom. The r
these sets are those valued at $2.!
( day's Sale. the set
w t
(({ . ==: ?
I ij Lean low to Us
I EeISIIHTSM ucca'sio
| our ^rt
W il needlew<
(fi empnasizes tiie need for beginning'
/({ them ready for Christmas In ad
notable exhibition of Karments mac
(({ newest models in sweaters, shawls,
<i KL.KISHKR "YARN-KIDS," the qu
See these novelties by all means,
.issu.'e you of a profitable visit.
Kleisher ideas.
Are Priced As Foil
Shetland Flos s, Kleisher
\v hite and colors. Saxony, i!
))! $1.10 box. or Tl Uo skein
a skein *1.80, or
Knitting Worstrds.
t hanks to the . ^ ? o
%.J ?i * a .,* hank? \
box $1.30. or. 3gc ,j 45 or
h*nk hank ...
Kiderdown \V o o I. Angor;
in white. black and white, 1
colors. 1 ?> skeins to gray, 16
box. $2.20. or, ]j f>ox- HdS
skein ?l>w ball ....
: | _ .
i all details of the work from A to Z,
^ MM ? ^ ? " ? IIM ? * ? -? e- m m MIW , Miw ^ -I ?I ^?W?H
Sentence Suspended for Assault on
Her Mother-in-Law.
Mrs. Rosie Padgett of 701 10th street
north a>t today entered a pica of guilty
In Criminal Court No. 2 to an Indictment
charging assault with a dangerous
Wf-aron on her mother-in-law, Mrs. Mary
C. Kouder of ltno Rosedale street, April
1.7 last. Justice (Jould suspended sen?
nee and took the personal bond of Mrs.
I "a?l K?-tt.
Mrs. Sunder went to call at Uer son's
injure and a remark made by her dis0'
jcted to Pay $2.00 for
* Market ?j AA
;es this possible?those wanting
d hurry i'or them, as we expect
ists made of best quality voile, j
ny lace and inserting, some with
designs. Sleeves are the latest
ce; stocks are of lace, finished
to 44>r.
gfilR Pettico
rSnree Sa8e Lots
Values, $3.95 to $5. $5.50 to $;
For $2.95 For I
lies, Chiffon Taffetas, Silk Jersey T
silhouette effects, with accordion-p
ig nearly you could imagine, inc
sden, Persian changeable, as well
11 the lot. Silk Petticoat StoreColors
lira These r'
>0 A18?wool
needed money to meet incomto
make unusual price concesis
are 42 and 44 inches, and the
Electric Blue.
est-wearing fabrics for tailored
this is a most unusual quality J
)ress Goods Store?Street Floor. [L
in Velvet B
Dlontar lake, 31
ck pile, therefore durable. Alex
back of every rug. Oriental an<
no two alike. We could sell then
lem as a bargain, and in turn giv<
rn j a i li. -a
Kill UCMgllS. I CUlill llcLUlC UIIC1
:>uying, we reserve the right to limi
i When Yoa Real Cflmn
at 98c? Va,u
??r . 100 Pain
uesday. Secured a
sertions In dainty When you can j
blend with room mounted on a goot
all round. Use on for dining rooms,
retty bed parlors?all depen<
learest to /tkq the room. The ii
50. Tues- >'r?(C wide, 2^ yards low
e Fleishcr's YaSj
; instructions in Knitting and
Ling by Mrs. Russell, who is here i
rom the makers especially for this ;
t Embroidery Store?Third Floor,
most important event of the season at
Needlework Store is this school of
>rk. The near approach of the holidays
to knit or crochet articles now to have !
dition to the classes there will be a
le of Fleisher yarns, showing the very
afghans, blankets, etc., including THE
aint little dolls every one is making.
Join the classes if you wish. We can
Free Sheets explaining some of the
" i ??????
RNS Special Prices on
ows Germ aim town
's Dresden WooSs
and 3 fold. 4 and 8 fold, in
s to box, black, white and
a H (TTU? plain colors.
4 and 8 fold. 16
Worsted, < skeins to box, $1.80, j
t n tho hnv 1 Aor.K "I ?>r?
? ' ??*v ui rctv??? *
"^(TV* 4 i*.n<l 8 fold Om
***' i bres, 16 skeins to
a Wool, in box. 81.95. or, each,
tlack and 13c.
balls to a 4 and 8 fold Chin- j i
' or- fl (fDc chillas, 32.05 a box,
or. each, 14c.
' i
, 25c per c op v. I
pleased the daughter-in-law and she was
ordered front the house. When Mrs.
Souder declined to leave, the police say,
Mrs. Padgett went upstairs and getting
an old army pistol returned, and again
directing Mrs. Souder to leave, tired the
pistol- Mrs. Souder has recovered from
the wound and has become reconciled
with her assailant.
Attorney R. C. I* Moncnre represented
the defendant.
Arbiters Besnme Sessions.
NEW YORK, October 28.-The arbitration
committee which has been considering
the demands for increased wages
made by the engineers on tifty railroads
I Note ftlhe Quality
i F
i Women's $
| Tailorai
A 11 /-I Ar ??rtl^1 /i X <
;; suits?an importer's sample
Fancy cut, fancy trimmed am
' art. Practically perfect in all the
high grade suits and inferior ones
in demand.
In the lot are:
Suits of diagonal cloths
Suits of whipcords
Suit Store?Second Floor.
gn-d-s, Selected Froi
rirr These Tw? In
Fur-Wearing W<
l5?^Iues' Geoyine M
$3.95 Mink
, ~ , S2=5nclhi
op,, ongecs ^ ^ ^
ileated, knife- ,r , ,
Made up of thi
luding many mot skins, in th
as plain col- i '"V'u !leW J
?2d Floor w,th brocade or f
-jl I- ?
Makers continually strive to f
reach perfection in ?
Nemo Corsets
And in their
latest improveJn&G?
montd at the Auto
f Massage Self-Reducing
Model, they
seem to have
reached it.
Just how til's
corset accomplishes
the reshaping
of the figure,
and the reduction
of fat by its constant
gentle massage
is something
that you should yc
have explained to
you by the expert w
corset! ere now
here from the fac- ^
Come and be fit- w
ted to one of these
latest models, let
her select the style kj
that will be best
for you. You will
be grateful for her
advice when you
have given the
Uirrtl UlCCAffl right model?the
PrrJrljflnP lYfl one best suited to
iff fT " IMf you?a fair trial.
Auto Massage, Self-Reducing
No. 353. low bust; No. SI K|fl\
354. medium bust :...
Corset Store?Second Floor.
'iinro 9*12-ft. a
lugs, Size |
tigs in the lot c
/ Lm^mm M 1 V J ] u H(
_ I i D V, / tei
" . or
t quantities sold.) j ca
my Lace CMrtaiiras g
ie, $3.25 a Pair
5 ira a Dejail ^
?et real eluny?the linen kind?and wi
1 net, $3.25 is cheap for them. Fit mi
reception halls and bedrooms and I><
ling. of course, on the fittings of Pi
nsertion is 2M inches ^ ?i a
in white or Arabian. ^ J1 0
'uesday, per pair
* i
?? ^
12 Different Lines
of SiBk and Cotton ?
1 Was! Goods ^
I? r
Choice 19C i| ii
The woman who sews for her- j _
i self is the woman who can ; II i
revel in a dozen or more pretty
new evening gowns and have
i the cost a mere song, because
' she can select from these beautiful
silk and cotton fabrics a ?
dozen different weaves, all dif- ?
ferent in figure and in color as y(
well, and though she pays but fr
10c a yard for the material her ?
friends will imagine she paid a!- It
' most double. The woman who rh
has her gowns made will save pi
enough in buying at tomor- a(
row's price to very nearly pay D
i for the making. _
The variety is almost infinite ^
when the different weaves, each
in a good color range, devel
11 oped in all the different figures si
I and patterns, are taken into
Kargain Tables?Street Floor.
'I 1=
in the east, met in New York today after en
an adjournment of a month. Oscar S.
Straus, progressive nominee for governor
and a member of the committee, .
temporarily laid aside campaign work in
order to attend. The committee was to o'c
be in session ail day. 3
Funeral Services Will Be Held in a'
King George County, Va., Tuesday, f.
Mrs. Rose Turner IFunter, a resident
of King Ocorge county, Va., died yesterday
at the city branch of the Wash- ]
iugton Sanitarium after an illness of sev- ur
off Materials, tlhe
:iiraislhi off Tlhiese
j?24J5 and
i Suits <1
reign weaves are represent
pieces. The styles are 27 of
I plain tailored styles. Every o:
I . 1 4 1 n 4 M * f" V* m I /* + /~v I ? 1' f K n 4* n
The colors are black, brown,
Suits of mannish
$16 Suits of cheviots.
$16 Suits of broadclot
a Ifee Big For Sale
iteresKompelllng Items ii
;ather Is Just on the Threshold
Blast When the Door of Win
[orthwestern GCMlilU
: Coats, 5;
He Price, $56.50 v
Made up
e finest quality mar- dyed skins,
e rich brown color. JtSJ 1001
>ose effect, and lined ?r
.. ? plain ribbe<
ancy satin. shields.
rihie Widftlhs Are U
$6 Blacl
a Yard, 3
When you consider that the widthsrice,
in some almost three times that ol
>u will understand that the total pri
ould not amount to very much after
s needed. Another point of economy
;s in the quality, and consequent long
eaves to select from, all at the same j
42-inch Imported Satin Feutre?42-1
-inch Satin Duchess and 42-inch Satin
$2.00 Black Satin
a. Yard, $1,50
40 inches wide, fine quality and v
silk that is greatly in demand. $
tfSJK Our Ball
oveltaes at 5c Each at
the Candy Store
Yitch Heads, Cat Heads, Devil . ,S1
?ads and Chauffeur Heads, all lan- J?
rns; Small Candy Boxes with fruits
heads mounted on top; Dog-shaped
.ndy Boxes with head tops; Stands'
Black Cats; Figures of the difrent
fruits; Witch Heads in shoe; R
losts and all kinds of Whistles and 'ow
jrns; Pln-on Novelties in the shape
Dancing Skeletons; Pumpkin Faces fas
d Figures. san
Novelties at H ?c Each
Drange-colored Crepe Paper Boxes
ith pumpkin heads, figures and cats On
uunted on top; Pumpkin Figures and P
nils mounted on skull; Peter the Fa
jmpkin Eater, with a pie. d*
Many and Varied. Ha
Hallowe'en Masks ?a
Choice, 5c each; a dozen, 50c.
rhese at Special Booth, Street Floor, Ha
d in the Toy Store. Among them Ha
e: All the members of the Happy La
xriigan Family, Indian, Buster T
own. Squire and many others; 5x8- Dir
ffh size. Also Paper Half Masks; 14 Air
flferent subjects to select from; have a
t-out nose and are in large sizes.
1 worth 10c. Sale price tomorrow, Coi
each. Ha
Sift Your Ashes
saialn H. TayBor Du
As simple to use as a pin.
We were so taken with the style that
>u to enjoy the advantage of buying t
om every other sifter that there is no c
With a Taylor Ash Sifter you can si
is portable, made in sizes for varioi
ed from room to room; ashes sifted a
nt right back on the fire, thus saving ;
t about a cent a lump you will soon sav
ustless Ash Sifters.
Let our demonstrator show you all
sleet from, all made of bell metal.
$2.50 up to
Housefurnishing Store?Third Floor,
il months. The body has been taken
King George Court House, where rural
services will be lied in St. John's
lurch tomorrow afternoon at 3:30
drs. Hunter was the widow of Fredck
C. S. Hunter of King George. She
is born at Belle Grove and was a reslnt
of King George county all her life,
-s. Hunter leaves two daughters, Mrs. |
8. Bowie and Mrs. R. H. Toombs, and
sister, Mrs. W. B. Matthews, all of
10m reside in this city, and two sons, ,
C. S. Hunter and T. L. Hunter of
ng George county, Va. I
If you want work read the want col- 1
uns of The Star. 1
= :: = = is::: : =
? !
i Cut, Fit and
#<i /S 1
#iy :
ed in this shipment of
the best selling models.:
ne a triumph of the tailor's
irk the difference between
navy and gray?those most
serges :.. .$16
$16 ; !
:hs $16
. Be Ready for the Cold
ter Opens. !
; lissiai Pray Coats |
2=inch Lengths
ralues .. $43 $0
of the finest quality L#eipzig- '
in the fiat water wave effect. '
light sleeves and shoulders, with
se bac..?: fastened with silk frogs
beautifully lined with brocade or
i satin; finished with yoke and
unusual m These
k Silks
-42 and 54 inches?are more than ( '
' ' i
f the usual silk, which is 19 inches,
ce of enough for a dress or suit
all, because but few yards would
in buying these high-grade silks
life of such a silk. Four different
trice: '
nch Imported Faille Charmeuse? ,
Double-faced Charmeuse. |
$1.00 Black Satin
a Yard, 75c
36 inches wide, a silk that every
roman knows to be a good standard
1 quality.
/ T ' 1
. | *
lowe'em Booths
Circle and Meetiirnor
s ,,
for Ghosts, HobWitches,
ats, Etc. i||;:
Novelties at Other
Prices ?
ieletons mounted on orange and }[
:k boxes, 20c; Drums with pumpkin J)
ires, 25c. Many others. ))
andy Booth?Street Floor. )/
Silk Boimiiinio Masks >
lain domino style, brown, red, yel- I (J
, pink, blue and white. For one jj
we will include elastic with clamp ' jj
tener with the masks, all for the J)
le price, each, 10c. .Dozen, $1.00. |)
At the Stationery
Store :
inge and Black Plain Crepe jj
aper 8c a roll (j
ncy Crepe Paper in Hallowe'en jj
esigns 15c a fold jj
per Napkins for Hallowe'en, ; n
5c a dozen ||
llowe'en Tablecloths 25c each ,))
llowe'en Paper Hats of all de- ){
iriptions 5c each
llowe'en Seals 10c box ;
llowe'en Horns 1 5c each 1
llowe'en Garlands..5c and 10c each 1
rge assortment of Hallowe'en
allies 10c and 25c a doz.
iner Cards 25c and 30c per doz.
nond Boxes and Candv Boxes.
nd Jack Horner Pies, )})10c.
50c, 11.25 and $1.98
lfettl *J5c a dozen packs
llowe'en Snappers 25c per doz.
in the Parlor!
istless Aslh Sifter
THAT '!;!
we bought a big stock and want j
in Ash Sifter that is so different )
;omparison. ,)
ft ashes anywhere without dust. |
as sized households?can be car- I
t stove or grate and the cinders (
all unnecessary steps. With coal j
e quite a sum by the use of these (
xmuw :
about these sifters. 6 sizes to
?'1 i
Long-Time Resident of Washington
Was Ninety-One Years Old.
Mraa. Mary E. Moss, for many years a
resident of Washington, died today at her
residence. 321 Massachusetts avenue
northeast, after an illness of about a
Mtb. Mosb was ninety-one years old. but
despite her advanced age always had enJoyed
good health until recently. She is
survived by four sons. George W.. Josoph
S., William H. and Charles A. Moss,
and one daughter, Mrs. Sarah A. Heinhin-h.
Funeral arrangements have not yot
been made.
Quarterly Meeting This Evening
of Holy Name Society.
Wilson, Marshall and Carlin Club
Flans Bally?Record of Deaths.
Brief Mention.
Special Correspondence of The Siar.
AurjAA.MmiA, va? October 2s. 1912.
One hundred and fifty delegates willcome
from Washington to this city tonight
to attend the regular quarterly
meeting of the Washington section of the
Archdiocesan Union of the Holy Name
Societies of Baltimore, which will convene
at 8 o'clock In St. Mary's Hall.
The object of this meeting, it is announced,
will be to settle up affairs in
connection with the recent rally held in
Washington. Considerable other business
will also be up for consideration. The
delegates have arranged to come on a
special train.
Following the meeting, the delegates
will attend the bazaar which is being held
at St. Mary's Hall, under the auspices of
the local division of that organization.
Members of the alumnae of St. Mary's
Academy will also attend the bazaar tonight.
Managers of the bazaar have arranged
for a children's day Thursday afternoon
Memorial Services Held.
Alexandria Council, No. .1. Order of
Fraternal Americans, last night held memorial
services in the Methodist Protestant
Church in honor of Its deceased
members. There was a special musical
and literary program, and a memorial address
was made by Rev. C. R. Strausburg,
pastor of the church. James I*
Wilmeth, state president, of Washington,
also delivered an address.
The program follows: Invocation, Rev.
C. R. Strausburg. pastor; opening remarks,
H. C. ClarK; singing, "Jesus,
Lover of My Soul"; scripture reading,
pastor; prayer, pastor; announcement of
names of the deceased brothers, J. R.
Mansfield; address, Orlando H. Daniels;
solo, Marshall Dobie: singing; memorial
address. Rev. O. R. Stmushurg: singing:
address, G. N. Cradlin; singing; address.
James L. Wilmeth; prayer and benediction,
The choir of the order was assisted by
the choir of the Methodist Protestant
Church, under the direction of Thomas
Probing Tax Returns.
A special grand jury in the circuit
jourt for Alexandria county is today engaged
in the work of probing into the
recent personal tax returns submitted to
the commissioner of revenue. It is expected
that the jury will complete its investigation
this afternoon. It is alleged
that only thirteen citizens of the county
reported to the commissioner of revenue
that they receive .an income in excess of
$2,000 a year. All persons whose incomes
are in excess of that amount are
required to pay a personal tax.
Fill Their Pastor's Pantry.
When Rev. C. Kelley Hobbs, pastor of
the Second Baptist Church, returned
home Saturday evening from a visit to
Gorton, Va., with his family, he found,
to his agreeable surprise, that his pantry
was filled -with a supply of staple groceries.
During the absence of the pastor's
family members of the congregation got
together, and, entering his home, donated
an unusually large supply of groceries.
Rev. Mr. Hobbs was first under the impression
that his home had .been invaded
by burglars. Upon investigation, however,
he found that they were the right
kind of "burglars," and he has filed no
Recent Deaths.
Frank M. Richardson's funeral took
place at 9 o'clock this morning from St.
Mary's Catholic Church. Services were
conducted by Rev. L. F. Kelly and burial
was made in St. Mary's cemetery. Those
serving as pallbearers were John Nugent,
M. A. Quinn, E. J. Fleming, Patrick Mc
Cauley, R. E. Power and M. J. McFarland.
Funeral services for Miss Ada Rose,
who died at Cottage Park, Alexandria
county, were held at 10 o'clock this
morning at St. Mary's Catholic Church.
They were conducted by a priest from
Washington. The commitment services
were In charge of Rev. L. F. Kelly.
Mrs. Sarah Adelaide Reed, wife of John
M. Reed of 604 Cameron street, died yesterday
at the Alexandria Hospital. Her
husband and several children survive her.
Arrangements for the funeral have not
yet been made.
Funeral services for Charles A. Hepburn,
held at 4 o'clock yesterday
afternoon at 425 Queen street, were conducted
by Rev. H. J. Cutler. Burial was
made in St. .Mary's cemetery.
The funeral of James Smith was held
at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon from
his home on North Washington street extended.
Services were conducted by Rev.
Edgar Carpenter, rector of Grace Episcopal
Church. Burial was in St. Paul's
Jane Morton, colored, fifty-nine years
old, who was recently burned while igniting
a fire in a stove at her home in
the court bounded by Prince, Duke, Alfred
and Patrick streets, died at the
Alexandria Hospital Saturday night last,
and her funeral took place this morning
from Demaine's undertaking establishment.
Police Court Cases.
Cases disposed of in the police court today
follow: Joseph King, colored, carrying
a blackjack, fined $20; Fannie
Kimball, assault on Katherine Bright,
acquitted, owing to absence of complainant;
Cooney Hansbrougli, a non-resident,
vagrancy, acquitted, with the understanding
that he would leave the city at
uiivc, ivamci hoi ns, coiurea, disorderly
conduct, case dropped.
The case of a citizen living on South
Washington street, charged with having
a vicious bulldog, is slated to be heard at
7 o'clock this evening in the police court.
Ten citizens living in that neighborhood
will appear to testify regarding the alleged
viciousness of the animal.
Brief Mention.
Arrangements are being made by the
Wilson, Marshall and Carlin Club for a
big rally, which will be held one night
next week at the Opera House. It is
expected a number of campaign orators
will be on hand.
Services at the Second Baptist Church
yesterday were conducted by Westwood
Hutchinson of Manassas, and the pastor
of the local church. Rev. C. K. Hobbs.
preached at the Lorton Church. .
Arrangements have been made for a
musical concert, which will be given
Thursday evening next in the auditorium
of the Elks' Home by a choir of
fifty voices, under the direction of Prof.
William Starnell of Washington. Proceeds
of the concert will be for the
bene-rtt of the furnace fund of Jhe Children's
Pt R r.*? n _T fVPonripJl n T>
of the diocese of Richmond, will come
to this city November next and confirm
a large class of children ami
adults at St. Mary's Catholic Church.
The ceremonies will take place at the
7 o'clock mass that morning.
The big hall on the third floor of the
Alexandria- National Bank building is
being converted into office rooms. The
work is rauidly near nig completion.
Senator Claude A. Swanson was yesterday
a visitor in this city, the guest
of Representative C. C. Carlin.
A business meeting of Alexandria
Bodge of Klks will be held at its hall
tonight, when considerable business
will be up for consideration.
- - ' ...
For Higt
It blends
perfectly with
all Whiskies
ip? 5
j S W. Cor. loth and II ^
Streets N.W. ideal dt
I Capital & Syrpltuis, ^
$2,300,000.00 qJ
Alexandria Fertilizer Company Re- Ai
building Shop and Pier.
All traces of the bis Ore which de- A
stroyed the old Globe mill about a month Atl
apo and the machine shop of the Alexan- the
dria Chemical and Fertilizer Company, at of
Alexandr.a, are being removed and a tor
modern brick and steel structure is to be T
erected by the fertilizer company on the Ke
site of the burned buildings. del
The runway for the car used in unload
ing phosphate rock and other cargoes i tlci
from vessels at the Alexandria wharf, | api
which was partially destroyed by the Th
flames, has been rebuilt and the unload- the
ing of vessels started. T
I^ast week a cargo of more than a tor
thousand tons of fertilizer material was fl<>(
taken from the hold of the barge Calvert, wjj
and within the next ten days or two mo
weeks one of the b,g steamers of the A
Bull line 13 expected to arrive at Alex- na,
andria with phosphate rock aboard from at
Boea Grande, Fia. Sr.e will be discharged in
at the rebuilt pier. of
It is stated that the new building the j*.
chemical company will put up is'to be yai
used as office room, machine shop and
storehouse. It is to be ready for occupancy
early in the coming year.
Work on Rebuilding of Hull of Piledriver
Is Finished. me
A big lighter which the Alexandria Fer- ing
tilizer and Chemical Company is having rai
built at a Baltimore boatyard for service tio
in the transportation of iron pyrites from th#
the Cabin Branch mines at Quantlco, ha
Va., to the sulphuric acid making plant ea:
at Alexandria is rapidly approaching is
completion and within the next two or fer
three weeks will be ready to be brought L
to Alexandria. The new lighter will take dis
the place of one that broke in two sev- coi
eral weeks ago and sank in the dock of spc
her owners at Alexandria while loaded ea<
with the ore. The new lighter, which is of
eighty-five feet long, is larger than the 1"'
old one, carrying about iSOO tons of the
material. The tugs of the Taylor fleet of
this city will tow the lighter between ca,
Alexandria and CJuantico.
Rebuilding work 011 the hull of a pile
driver belonging to the Clarke & Winston
Company of this city, which- has been In
progress at the Alexandria shipyard for j
the past month, has l>een completed ana ,, ,
Saturday afternoon the hull was put
overboard. It was brought to this city
this morning to be equipped with new der
lbads for the big driving hammer. When aU|
the machine is ready for service it will be ,
practically a new craft. It is to be used
in the rebuilding of the sea wall about 5 11
the old portion of the Washington navy I.
yard. * llg]
* t he
! pii<
Steamers on the Potomac Are Taxed ^
to the Utmost. *ee
Shipments cf fertilizer from this city A
and Alexandria to the farmers of Mary- for
land and Virginia on both sides of the
Potomac have been unusually heavy this cju
season, and the steamers plying on the tin
river have had difficulty in keeping the ligl
freights from accumulating. ''V
While a large proportion of the ferti- 1111
lizer used on the river farms of Maryland
and Virginia is sent from the mills
at Alexandria, a larger proportion comes A
from the plants at Baltimore and is I
brought to Alexandria by the steamer."
from Baltimore and there transferred
to the boats touching at the landings ; {
between this city and Notnini and Bower j ^
Machoaoc creeks, in Virginia. J
It is not at all uncommon for the steam- S
ers to take aboard several thousand
bags of the material, to be distributed at ?
various points a.ong the river, and several
times in the last month extra trips j ?
have been made by the steamers to ef- ! *
feet prompt deliveries of the material. ^
Government Employes Receive $300,- j
000 Under Compensation Law.
Approximately f.'MO.OOO has been paid
out of the public treasury since last
December to employes of the government
injured in the performance of
their duty, according to a report made
today by Solicitor Charles Earl of the
Department of Commerce and Labor to j
Secretary Xagel.
The report recites the workings of j
the government workman's eompensa- j
tion law, and sets forth that between j
August 1. l'.?OS. when it became -3fec- i
tive, and December 1 last there was j
paid to injured employes f7t.l4.814 and 1
to the dependents of those fatally injured
$1 lll.fcTb. The law. the tiVst of its
kind to be enacted, has inspired sixteen
states to enni-t legislat'on along similar <
lines, says Mr. Karl. IFe expresses the
conviction that a number of other
states will adopt similar laws at the
next meetings of their legislatures. ^
The special grand jury for Cluylottes- P
villo. Va.f which has been carefully in- f
vestigatlng the question of returns of I
property for taxation, repurtyd to the *
court that It had found no irregulari'.ies
requiring indictments. I
i Balls
* ?
MB A nt T* fVT A ?
1 ABLtb T?A1UU
It makes
them more
f INTEREST, pay ah.c |
Q) twice each year; uttques- !
tinned safety resulting
lroin capital and surplu-. i
o.ooo; courteous attention t<>
atron. whether his account
or small These features, t >vvith
the modern equipnien'.
rl in its handsome quarters,
te Union Trust Company an ''
?pository tor savings.
,'AGEN, President.
% Interest Paid l-if
crs Savings ' 'j
r of Realism to Be Added to Atlantic
Fleet Practice.
.n. air of realism will he Riven to the
antic fleet practice tiff the caj>es of
I Chesapeake next month by the usr?
old torpedo boats as targets in night
pedo-defense practice,
he old torpedo boats Curbing, Mce
and Ericsson, which have been confined
as useless, are neing prepared
;t as targets, and spotting practice
S, alterations being made, to make them
?ear similar to modern destroyers,
ey will be filled with cork to keep
m afloat after being struck,
'he program includes the tiring of
pedoes against othet; vessels of ths
?t as targets and spottitng practics
h the San Marcos as a target on a
re extensive scale than heretofore,
is it Is now generally believed that
ral engagements in the future will be
snorter ranges tnan rormeriy assume?
target practice, the minimum rang?
the forthcoming practice probably wilt
put at *,0<K? yards instead of 1-.<KW
rds, as has been the custom.
vernment Offers Reward for Detection
of Duraiile, ~ ....
tettard has been offered by the Itepartnt
of Agriculture for information leadto
the detection of any case of dune
among horses in Montana. This acn
has been taken in conjunction with
i state authorities who are working
rd to eradicate an outbreak of the disse
in the eastern part of the state. It
not often that the government has of ed
a reward of this nature.
uraine is an acutely infectious horse
ease. It was iirst recognized in this
intry in 1 H8t> and there have been
iradic outbreaks sinoe then. The dis5e
is endemic in India and other parts
Asia, and this country lias a standing
arantine restriction against that part
the world. It was thought the <iisea~?d
been eradicated in tins country ajid
i present outbreak in Montana has
jsed surprise. .' ' .
Lighthouse Service Notes.
ohn W. Conway, assistant keeper ef a
(it station on the western shore of
esapeake bay in Maryland, has ten
ed his resignation to the llglithous.:horities
in charge of the district ami
.1 retire from the service Novembei
,aden with stores for the depot of the
hthouse service at Portsmouth, \"a.,
tender Sunflower, Capt. lngalls.
led from Baltimore today. These eup?s
are designed for the use of the light
tions in the lower part of'Chesapeake
f and the Carolina sounds aud will
distributed as needed by the smaller
a mere of the lighthouse service.
notice regarding light buoys not per
ming properly has been issued by ln:ctor
Ruland as follows:
iuoys in Chesapeake bay in the main
innel to Baltimore wore reported o\iruished
October 115 and will he routed
as soon as practicable: Thirtyi-foot
channel gas bnoy No. 1A and
rty-flve-foot channel gas buoy No. 7.
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important than
luantity. But in
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