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i 11 hi m ii! 11 i
| 25c & 39c I ; Open 8 A.M.
I Dutch p
| S 111
} Effects, Ea., f |*ZIU|aiggi
T fl 9c S Established
:c &
. .ff'jrff *c r?r?r?'?rrtr?rirff <v rrrt rrrr ^<r<ra-rc|
Such Prices as are Quoted
| Remnants Should Appeal tc
| Extraordinary Values at
I Millinery Department
j: $3.0? Tailored Hats, $11.69. |
X .In blue, brown, navy and black velvet;
T trimmed with messaline folds and side trim^
ming. Sold up to S3.00. Friday Sale price, ]
X $1.69.
X $3.<Q)? Velvet Dress Wats, $1.95. ^
X All the desirable large and small shapes, in
X black, navy and brown; made of good silk
-{ velvet and hand blocked. Fridav Sale price,
^ $195|
$1, $1.25 (&-$L50 Suitings
i and Glotlh Remnants, Yd., *
Tomorrow we have a little lot of suitings and
j. of broadcloths in most any length you wish, from l]
X 50 to 56 inches wide, and worth from $1.00 to $1.50
early and get the cream of the lot at the very low
} tomorrow, per yard
$ Dress Goods Cunt Fror
I Piece at Remnant F
f 50-inch Navy Blue and Cream Mohair Sicilian.
morrow only (69c value), yard
X All-wool Fancy Storm Serge, in king's blue, b
X tan, alice and red. 60c value. Yard
^ $1.50 Extra Fine Quality All-wool Panama
X shade only, a rich navy blue. Yard
jr $1.00 46-inch Two-toned Whipcord; all color
Y binations. One day at, yard
I - We Are Sacrificing: A1
1 Odd Lots of Men's \
y A thorough search of our men's wear stock
Ijp means of discovering several odd lots of seasonal
T must be closed out prior to our removal into our i
4- For this reason we have put ridiculous prices on ea
| lot.
T "? Colored Neglige Madras and F
Shirts: a few of each size * ^ Pajamas; all sizes.
.1. from 14 io IT. 75c val- at $1.25. Reduce
J. ue suit
" 56 Colored Flaited-bosom Xeg s*
ligre Shirts: coat style, with ? lots of Bla<
attached cuffs: all sizes ^/fh Half Hose: sizes 10
v but 14'-. $1.25 value. (H) U G and 11 u
x Reduced to 25c. Reduced to, pa
4- $1.25 Outing Flannel Pajamas, in -- Whit. T
V a11 *"** ,abo"V5 ?Ui,tS *7(0)^ Shirts: sizes 15. H
? .n the lot. Reduced to
T sult each
T 12 Red Flannel Double-breasted
7 Shirts: pure wool. Sold Odd lots of Silk an
X always at $2.25: sizes q/n\ able Four-in-Hand
i 34 and 36 only. Reduced CJ^'G up to 35c. Redi
Y to. garment i each
I Wash Goods, Flannels;
I Flannelettes at Remnant
Buy as much as you need?every yard is abso
4- and guaranteed first-class merchandise. Note I
.j. prices: ,
X \2}/2c 36-inch Stripe Outing Flannels; light cc
4* vard
j* "
jjj 25c 27-inch Infants' White Flannel, yard
i* 75c 36-inch White Silk Embroidered Skirting
y nels, yard
? 18c 30-inch Printed Cotton Challies, yard
Ij! 2*jc 32-inch White English Shirting Madras, y;
? $1.00 40-inch \\ liitc Ratine, yard
"f 75c 32-inch Embroidered White Ratine, yard.
1 <-v.. * Im \ \ 1n4 n T onrrt f r? f *i t\rr. n ^ rrl
iim. 4?^-iih.ii wmic L,a?Yii, iui a]/i wii.-', ?niu ....
tn : i n 11111; i-i-i: i::::: H -I-I-I-IT
"It Pays to Buy the Beit." | il
? Direct Branch Wimooms of Factory. 1' IT*Ik/ya
| . 1008-1010 f st. n.w. If*
X PRICES, Including mm' of our ova : UUJlULiJl
X make, and slightly used nayer-Plamjs at 4
^ low figures. Tun lor by Factory Ex porta. ' ' ffTJ 11ti
* J. C. COSUFF. Manager. \ | I ^ **
? 4 4 44 444 * 4 4 frfr 4444 4.1.? _
mil A
daocaiB?uae pair or glasses u. | /"\r\ / \ 1 B
to iff nfir and far ?P 1 ?V/w J \ 1
Ia*is;hl** Bifocal*, aold eeery- (? ? r\f\ W\ \
where for $* to $10. our price. \ iJ
Ton hare the sereices of our expert op- ! \ *1
tlc'.an free of i-hance. w\ \ ?L
A. KAMN, 935 F St. , ^AV A
We biT? Installed an electric dynamo for de- /
Bajnetlzln* watches. Prices moat reasonable. A
Watches cleaned and demagnetized $1.00 t
Mainspring* fl.Oy % . ir
A. KAHN. 936 V n.w.
y in %
| We'll Exchange
; Your Oriental Rugs :; ^
If you have a ru? that 1* ton large or . i I,!1 uen-om
? nmail for a <?rtalu room. see us ami we'll ,
i get you tl>e ?iAe yoo waul au*l allow vou ,,
a literal amount for the ?>ne jrwi liarr. n v
| Repairing and Cleaning Co.,
611 12th ?t. n w.
B. O. CA.-itAR1AN. Mgr.
if &
M-H-t+fr+frM* lIIIlHlllliniHHH1> Mfrl;
Close 6 P.M. I SL^O J-yd. |
in i860. | Pair. |
Mere for Odds k Elds k |
k a "KVATICwnti <nrdn H r?l a/^1 t
*e Offered in Our New |
for Friday's Sale!
fiat Trimmings, Worth Frown 75c f
to $2.00, at 49c to $1.25. J
Ostrich Feather Fancies, Wings and X
Marabout effects; variety of styles; all col- 3!
ors. Friday special prices, 49c to $1.25. Yal- t
ues are 75c to $2.00. T
>2.00 Ostrich Feather Bands, $1.25.1
White, black, king's blue and black, taupe ?
and cerise, black and white and all solid colors. X
Friday sale price, $1.25. X
Department now located in New Building?Second Floor. .1
5 T
i ??1?re^ Velvets, I
a few shades | 29 Q Ydo f
^ fO 6 yards, ^ Hundreds of short lengths of *f
Yard. Come S; Colored Velvets and Velveteens. X
rtrirt* ea/Ttv "5 suitable for dress trimmings and X
KOr* Y millinery uses. These are X
^ % worth up to $1.00 a yard, X
& Your choice tomorrow, a (C X'
yard ;.. ^ ^
0 IffB? I ~.? r? x 1
> ? i Silk Remnants, f
^rnces ^ Worth Up to /5c a Yard,
,.T?; 39= | 29c Yd. 1
town, ^(Q)/, ? ?
ojJjrijs/ ? Sliort lengths of Colored Silks, T
? both plain and fancy, in nearly X
nnp r-j/rt. & every weave and color suitable I
' a* *or waists, trimmings J.
^ ? and fancy work. Silk 4*
that sold up to 75c a J^zrQ, 4*
Com- /fT\(Q)/"? ? yard. Tomorrow at *j*
1 % Bargains for Boy si
-jy % $5.00 and $<6.00 |
Year|is,!te $2.98!
has been the ^ All-wool navy, red and brown ?
>le wear that ? serge and fancy novelty mixtures, 4*
. .. 1 tk in Stylish Russian Belted Model 4*
new building. ? and Blouse Suits: T
ich and every | *%,%,Vrr5iy $2.98 1
"<? Sale price X
ercale ? A Tam-o'-Shanter Hat with each v
Sold =? ? suit. T
d to. o5c $ X
ck and Fancy ? 52.5? <?& 53 y
**>' | SS.... $ 1.69 i
plaited For boys from 3 to 10 years of 4*
5. 16Vs tip ^ age, in plain colors and fancy 4*
ced to, vJ mixtures; made in military style *j"
I or. *:ith? aslrakJ?an ?ii An X
d Wash- * dariale^rice118- '^ 11 *
Is. Sold 0 % day ?ale prlce
iced to. ??? ;
Bed Sets, AOf i
Hindi * Worth up to $3^ ^ n
?UWJL ; * An odd lot of Sligh-tly Soiled
? Scotch Lace Bed Sets that sold up **
THioofl /*? *<? 2d as high as 13.00: some have shams.
Frees J sirvr^v. s.ph; 69c I
lutely perfect
ihe following s ^ . . _ **
| $5.00 and $5.50 Irish j
TOc ISSU $3.98
19c !& $5.00 and $5.50 Irish Point and V
1,. & Renaissance Sash Curtains, a wide T
r lan- (Q).r~ & variety of conventional and dainty X
*V3rl^ % designs in the much-used short- ..
tv length draperies; 2V4 <<? -j> ..
fl /Hi,, % yardrf long and full M.V'Q
11 HJ/C ? width. The pair ^ v-r ^
19c | $25.00 9x12-foot i
75c % Axminster Rugs ::
' 3sc 1 At $ 1 |
owing boy and young
demand shoes with
ine individuality.
In these days the youth
watches fashion closely. His
wants are given ample consider\
ation here at Rich's. Footwear
with as much distinctiveness as
is noticeable in Rich's Shoes for
/tM / J AM /?A* A < Z? ~ / ? ? ?
ycriitcrncri ntrrc in lurye "variety.
K Boys' and Toung Men's
\ Shoes in sizes 10 to 2 here at $3
^ and $3.50.
J In sizes 2\4 to 6 at $3.30 to
* $3.00.
? F St. Cornier of Tenth.
* Established 1802?
Over a Century Ago.
Fine Diamonds
The increasing value of Fine Diamonds
is due to the growing appreciation of their
. - 11 . 1 .1 r . 1 r . 1 ,
natural Deauty, ana to tne iurtner iact tnat
the demand for the finer qualities is in excess
of the supply.
Every Diamond in our stock is guaranteed
to be of the finest quality. Back of this
guarantee is a reputation for absolute reliability
extending over more than a hundred
Gait & Bro.
1107 Pennsylvania Ave.
Silversrniths, Stationers.
Redfern Models
Authoritative Corset
i&xW* Styles Fitted to You
The nre-eminent distinction of I
Redfettl Corsets is that they
are absolutely suited both to
y^smSMti dress fashions and to your figure.
^ When you wear a Redferrt
Corset you are wearing the
product of designers who
L\ 1 ^iave t^ie resources and op|?J
l\ /"/ portunities to know the
\vj(l |B|\ changing dress fashions
^\2r\ anc* ^cir influence on the
corset?designers who are
rr^~ Iff mL1 ' II ^TrEM acknowledged leaders
IjL m /nmi developing the corset
rw w\?wK ^here ls a Red fern espe-1
and wherever a
The Warner Brothers Company ^ RedfeTtl IS Sold it is
I# vw uuuu hiucci j vuici ucn laucb . j ? ? ?' ?? " ??* w u*? >m? u jr y
x>u-, k w , * 11 l st. n.w. ssfrsy
Philadelphia Walnut St. at 16th tnont. sr. ^539
St. Louis Locust at 10th J - ?? ?I)
Atlantic City 1913 Boardwalk .
Nice 16 Avenue Massena :
Vienna 2 Kamthnerstrasse ,
l jmT # g
||| Halloween
| Werkmeister,t i? the good, ow-fashI
FURRIERS, 1 ion,ed wa/ with lively
1 1516 H St No W. i I J H^r Po8whl,a!je will
?j Are showing, at attractive *| J; furnish an ideal setting
? prices, an unusually inter- $ ! | an eve"ing s.11ent^r"
4 esting collection of Coats, ^ I tainrnent that will take
* Muffs and Neckpieces, in se- ? vou back to your child8
lected f- ! hood s days.
|> M. A real Halloween menu.
? ? / LJ S Real Halloween favors
g JF U *V k3 g and souvenirs. Real Haljg
Special orders and remodeling executed 8 loween music Weird and
& on short notice. ? mystical.
S Phone Main 7531. j| Telephone M. 8207 for
Kreservation of tables.
I| you can learn |! Hotel Powhatan
il mm vviat hnrlo f Ar lmailtiff- I i
] I uu I IllCillVUO IUI J I ' I
ins the face and hair. || Noonday Lunch in the GrillWere
quotinK SPECIAL i room r?oc
RATES on treatments, in- ,' v, ,
eluding INSTRUCTION. 1 Sunday o- Dinner de
:{ scalp treatment*. 1 shnmnoo L.uxe, *l.?o.
and 1 bottle -Herb" Hair
Tunic. SPECIAL, all for 4>Z
Hattie M. Shacklette,
1002-04 F Street N.W. i
Only Worn? and Chtldrem Traatad. .
fitted by an expert corsetiere, who will select your
particular model and adapt it to your figure.
Found at all High-class Stores.
$3.50 to $15.00 Per Pair.
? ?
f ifel|St??fe?lV|
1 Millinery j
. DIP A Ol C ^ ^ ou II see more Hats End 5c
1 tSwLA rCAKL^ S prettier Hats here than any- ?
w where else in town. Ex- p
?;k elusive styles ? reasonable it
We are showing a beautiful col- |= prices. jj|
lection, mounted with genuine j|f Tailored Hats that were d|r 3C
diamonds in platinum and gold ^ an(J n?^"' *"' sjk
Untrlmmed Shapes and Trimmings.
settings of rare individuality. |j; Mourning Hats. :;{
Tecla Rubies i 1304 G St* 2
hare the same composition as y "
genuine Rubies and are always Shirts, 15c. Col ars^/^C.
the finest color-pigeon Wood. j (^jk
Wash Ctothes
Many patrons ask this quesSole
Washington Agents tlon' There is no mystery to ,
our success. We use care, 1
BERRY & WHITMORE CO. that's all. Oh, of course, we i
F e. . j |... M w know our business thoroughly,
t* Street and I Ida N. W. Phone NOW for our wagon.
398 Fifth Avenue 10 Rm do la Put fle SalCS
7 IHIsiiradl ILauuimdirw
Marriage This Horning of Hisi
11.1... J V. 11 Ail
xuauci *uu Ai. ja/??vtucr
Miss Eleanor Febiger Bwing and Lieut
Henry Lee Watson, U. S. A., were marriet
last night at the home of the bride'i
parents, Maj. and Mrs. Ewing, in Savan
nah.Ga., according to a special dispatch received
by The Star. Rev. Father Mitchel
of the Catholic Cathedral performed the
ceremony in the presence only of the im
mediate relatives of .the couple, because
of recent bereavements in both families.
The lovely young bride was gowned ir
white crepe charmeuse covered with ol<
duchess lace, a family heirloom, and car
ried orchids and lilies of the valley. Mr
Paul E. Johnson of this city, uncle of th<
bride, attended the wedding, as did othei
relatives from more distant points.
After a three-week honeymoon, Lieut
and Mrs. Watson will go to West Point
X. Y., where the former is stationed.
A ouiet weddine was celebrated thi
morning in the Church of the Nativity
the Rev. Father BischofT officiating. Th
contracting parties were Mr. Jesse Wit
liam Myer of the United States reclama
tion service and Miss Frances Virglnii
Maher, daughter of Lieut- and Mrs
George B. Maher of this city.
After an extended wedding trip throug]
the south and west Mr. and Mrs. Mye
will he at home to their friends at 130
Madison street after December 15.
Mrs. Denison Reeside has cards out an
nouncing the marriage of her d&ughtei
Miss Elizabeth Armor Reeside. and Phill
Lee Scantling. Tne ceremony took plac
Saturday, October 20, at the home of th
bride's mother, 1386 81st street.
After December 1 Mr. and Mrs. Scant
ling will be at home at the Nelson apart
The neighbors at Fort Myer Heights
Va.. gathered last night and gave Mr
and Mrs. C. H. Greathouse an old-fash
ioned surprise party in honor of th<
birthday anniversary of their daughter
Miss Ruth Greathouse. The affair wa
under the leadership of Mrs. Charles E
The friends came in about 8 o'clocl
and spent the evening in singing old
fashioned songs and in old-fas+iione*
games, in which old and young joine<
alike. At 10 o'clock refreshments wer
served, and the company separated be
fore the oid-fashioned hour of 11.
Among those present were Mr. and Mrs
C. E. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kerr
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bobb, Mr. and Mrs
Charles Shepherd, Mr. W. E. Sebree am
daughter. Miss Jessie; Mrs. C. B. Wad
leigh, Mrs. I. N. Rich, Mrs. Prime, Mrs
Kalousdian, Misses Julia Collins. Evi
Rich, Sarah and Hattle McGeorge. Norm;
Lewis. Messrs. Hugh Collins and Gu;
The marriage of Miss Olive Woodsid
Perry, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. B
Roblnette Perry, and Mr. William Ar
thur Edgar was brilliantly celebrated las
night at S o'clock at the Ecklngton Pres
byterian Church.
The itnnresslve ceremonv was road b
the rector, Rev. Henry S. Brundage, an
was preceded by a delightful musiea
program on the organ. Palms, ferns an
other greenery banked the platform an
pulpit, Intermingled with chrysanthe
The ushers, Mr. Roswell W. Snow, Mi
Richard D. Daniels, Mr. William Cla
Holmes of Dublin, Ga.; Mr* Henry 1
Mather of Albany, X. Y.; Mr. W. J. Fir
ley and Mr. Hugh H. Saum, led the wed
ding procession. They were followed b
the bridesmaids, the Misses Bettin
Baines, Helen F. Edgar, sister of th
groom, and May and Una Wise of Allen
town. Pa. The maid of honor. Miss Eliza
beth Ibach of Mauch Chunk. Pa., was fol
lowed by the matron of honor. Mrs. Wil
liam Wallace Johnston, who preceded th
bride, who was escorted by her father.
The bridegroom, accompanied by hi
best man, Mr. Norman W. Klopfei
awaited at the altar. The beautiful youn
bride was gowned in a rich ivory chai
meuse. the corsage made almost entirel
of baby Irish lace, and there was .
panel of similar lace on the skirt. Th
full veil of% tulle was held to the hal
with orange blossoms and she carried a
exquisite shower of bride roses and lllie
.of the valley. She made an ideal pictun
The matron of honor wore pale blue sll
brocade, with an overdress of white chil
fon, embroidered in pearls. Her bouqu?
was of pink chrysanthemums.
Th^ maid of honor wore white satir
veiled in nile green chiffon, trimmed wit
gold lace. Her bouquet was also of pin
All the bridesmaids' gowns were alik
of pale pink satin with long square train
and panniers of flowered chiffon.
Their bouquets were composed of Kil
larney roses and each wore a bird o
paradise in her hair.
A reception followed at the home of th
bride's parents for the bridal party an
The decorations there were very el
fective. The young couple was assistei
in receiving by Mrs. Perry, the bride'
mother, who wore amber brocaded crep
de chine, trimmed with Venetian lacc
and by the bridegroom's mother, Mrf
Edgar, whose gown was of pale gra
meteor, trimmed with American beaut:
Among the out-of-town guests here fo
the occasion were Mr. and Mrs. O. L
Haverly of Athens, Pa.: Mr. Carl Kaise
of Allentown. Pa., and Mr. Philip R
Swank of Mauch Chunk, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar will be at horn,
at the Carleton apartment. Ontario roa<
and" Lanier place, after December 15.
The bride's traveling suit was of darl
blue cheviot, with a hat of the sam<
coloring. >
Mrs. Henry Wells of 21st street lef
town today to attend the opening of th
Philadelphia opera season and to spen<
the week end at Lakewood, N. J., wltl
her sister, who is ill there.
The Blue Go3se Club will hold its Hal
loween party tonight. Old-fashione*
games, old-time dances and other mys
terious mystics, such as are characteristii
of Halloween pranks, will be featured
Among those invited are Mr. and Mrs
E. B. Bowling, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R
Coles, Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Elliot
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bradley, Mrs. Johi
F. Gibson. Dr. Frank E. Gibson. Mr. an<
Mrs. Charles E. Foster, Mr. and Mrs
Thomas Grant. Mrs. Alexander Long
Miss Annie C. Long. Mr. Samuel O. Bur
dette. Miss Alice G. Fillius, Mr. and Mrs
W. S. Macdonald, Mr. and Mrs. Charlei
Long, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mc.C. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Walter McDonnell. Mrs
W. C. Lambert, Mr. and Mrs. W. H
Meyers, Mr. and Mrs. George O. Rippard
Mr, and Mrs. Parker H. Sweet. Mr. W
Seaton Trunnell, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Wll
liams and Mr. and Mrs. George E. Cor
The Rev. Father Walter J. Dailey 01
Holy Comforter Church, performed th
marriage ceremony today for Miss Mar;
B. Handlboe and Mr. John D. McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. McMahon will be home aft
er November 13 at 1335 Emerson stree
Mrs. William Witthaft Brde, who ha;
been visiting hej parents. Mr. and Mrs
William De Forest Fairbanks, at Decatur
111., has returned to her home on Ca
I Vi i*o 1 otromiA
The Siamese minister. Prince Traidoi
Prabandh, sailed for Europe today and
on his return will be accompanied to
his Wife and family.
Miss Alma Trainer of this city will fx
in the bridal party attending Miss Helen*
Mar Burdette Fall-child, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Louis B. Fair-child, at her marriage
to Mr. Herman E. Klelitfelder
Wednesilay, November 20. at the Universalist
Church of the Messiah, Philadelphia.
Miss Helen Fargo Squiers and Mr. William
Astor Drayton, whose engagement
tvu u onnnnii^pfl In FJiclan'l In Tnlv
to be married very quietly In St.
Matthew's Chureh, at Bedford. X. Y.,
Wednesday, November 0. Miss Squiers
is the daughter of the late Herbert G.
Squiers, former United 8tates minister te
Cuba and to Panama, and Mr. Drayton
is the son of J. Coleman Drayton and a
grandson of William Actor.
CoL Stephen M. Foote, U. S. A., and
i7i iiir ?7i iur n ki numiiiAiin, wis.
Kennett. on West ST?th street.
i Capt. Heathcote Giant, naval attache
of the British embassy, and Mrs. Grant
have leased 23*24 Massachusetts avenue
for the winter. Capt. Grant Is the suoces1
sor of Capt. C. F. Sowerby.
Mrs. Harold Norton, who was called to
Boston by the serious illness of her sister.
i Mrs. William Manning Irwin, will remain
there several weeks longer. Mrs. Irwin
i is much improved and it is expected that
j she will be able to leave the hospital in
two weeks more.
Harry Vinall of Pasadena. Cal.. and
e Miss Mary A. Austin of this city were
_ married this morning at 0 o'clock in St.
Aloysius Church by Rev. Father Gannon.
The bride was attended by Miss Kthyl
.. M. Hlpkins. her cousin, and Mr. Charles
? O'Relley acted as best man. The bride
wore a becoming traveling suit of blue
and large picture hat to match, and cars
ried a large bouquet of white chrysanthemums.
The bridesmaid wore a brown
i suit of whipcord and hat to match, and
carried yellow chrysanthemum*. Imme~
(Mately after the ceremony the couple left
for Delaware Water Gap, and will be at
home in the Oneida after December 1.
Miss Mary F- Keeler and Mr. diaries
" F. L&nman were married yesterday
J" morning: at St. Joseph's Catholic Church
u by Rev. Ignatius Fealy. Miss Lula E.
Lanman, sister of the groom, attended
the bride, while Mr. Joseph Keeler. brother
of the bride, was the best man. The
' ceremony was followed by a nuptial
P mass, during: which Miss M. Louise Sullie
van and Miss Kathleen Sullivan rendered
e selections on the organ and violin and
Miss Mabel I-atimer sang several solos.
" The altar was beautifully decorated with
" chrysanthemums and autumn leaves. Assisting
In the sanctuary were Fathers
Schmidt, Noon, Bishop and Carroll. The
wedding was followed by a breakfast to
the clergy and relatives of both parties.
- After a short stay at Atlantic City, Mr.
e and Mrs. Lanman will be at home at the
Newton, 502 E street northeast.
! Miss Helen Sunderland and Mr. Alvin
Curtis Moudy were married last night
It at the home of the bride's mother. Mrs.
- Minnie Sunderland. 505 Park road, by the
a Rev. Walter F. Smith of Whitney Avenue
a Christian Church. The bride's Sunday
e school class, ten small girls, dressed in
- white, stretched white ribbons to form
the aisle through which the bridal party
>. passed. Miss Sadie L- I/ewis sang "6
Promise Me" before the bride entered and
!. was accompanied by Miss Florence Kid4
well, who also played the wedding march.
- The bride was dressed In white satin, a
i. tulle veil and orange blossoms, and cara
rled lilies of. the vaJley and roses. Her
a only attendant was the young sister of
y the bridegroom. Mary Moudy, who wore
nrliHo. A 4^rv
? iiiic. nun a JIUI Liiri u (i jp, ;rai. auu
Mrs. Moudy will live in Pittsburgh.
[. Mrs. Richard K. Cochran will be at
- home tomorrow- afternoon from 2 to 5 at
it the Aurora apartment, 184<? U street, and
i- will have with her Mrs. Richard W.
Snow, her sister, who is 011 the eve of
y leaving for Durham. N. C.. to reside,
d Mrs. Cochran will be glad to welcome her
il own and her sister's friends.
Marriage Licenses.
* Marriage licenses have been issued to
the following:
[- Richard J. Hall and Genevieve V.
V Mo ran.
a Rimer I* Irey and Marguerite R. Wagner.
l- Harry N. Vinall and Mary E. Austin.
I- WHlard E. Ross of Palls Church, Va?
and Irene C. Havener of this city.
e Julian C. True heart of Amelia, Va.,
g and Alice A. Dulin of Richmond, Va.
r, Joseph H. Miller and Esta M. Morgan,
g Emory E. Harshman of Leesburg, Va.,
- and Go!dte L. Hardy of Lovettsville, Va.
y Jack S. Smith of Los Angeles. Cal.. and
a Oriana V. G. Mitchell of Baltimore, Md.
e Harry G. * Scheltlin and Augusta E.
lr Sproesser.
n George P Chiles of Lick Run. Va. and
8 Pearl V. Johnson of Shores. Va.
?. Thomas A. Botts of Midland, Va., and
k Mary E. Messick of Harrtsonburg.C Va
r- Bickerton W. Dickinson, Jr., of Richmond,
Va., and Alma E. Flanagan of
Louisa, Va.
?, Charles H. Pickling and Ida K. Aph
Daniel C. Shankle and Agnes G. Fisher.
Edward G. Moran of Manila, P. I., and
e Johanna E. Linehan of Toraah, Wis.
8 Richard Gross and Julia Moore.
' Births Reported.
e :?
^ The following births have been reported
to the health department in the last
d twenty-four hours:
s Pasquale and Angelina Vasco, girl.
e Morris and Lena Singer, boy.
j' Morris and Lena Polock, boy.
y George E. and Sarah V. Post, girl,
y Louis and Rebecca Litoff, girl.
Walter A. and Margaret Knott, boy.
r John D. and Catheryn C. Bradley, girl.
r Ulysses G. and Gertrude Gordon, boy.
e Deaths Reported.
It The following deaths have been repot te
ed to the health department in the past
twenty-four hours:
t Charlee P. Donovan, 42 years, Emer
IT ? !?.. 1
8 gency nuapuu-i.
i Joseph H. Thompson, 71 years, 314 H
1 street northwest.
Annie D. Field, 68 years, 641 East Capi
tol street.
1 Sophia Franko. 50 years, Georgetown
University Hospital.
c John F. Frandt, 45 years, 517 8th street
Eva Mack, 1 year, 614 Brewer's court
. Michael D. Sullivan, 42 years, 2823 OnJ
tario road.
Charles D. Galloway, ?3 years, 1717 20th
street northwest.
Nancy C. Hemenway. 72 years, 1520
Xewtorf street northwest.
Edward Kurtz, 81 ytars. Garfield Hoss
Arthur P. Viereck, 18 years 1513 Oak
L street northwest.
Hazel Pumphrey, 7 years, George
Washington University Hoslptal.
Mary A. Myers, 61 years, 1230 H street
Maria M. McGinness, 70 years, 1475
Florida avenue northwest.
. Mary J. Stoner, 72 years, 1453 Q street
northwest: *
e Nannie Darrell. 72 years, 1221 MassaY
chusetts avenue northwest.
L Martha Ellis, 65 years, Freedmen's
" Hospital.
1 Mary Hill, 40 years, 136 Rover's court
Walker Weaver. 62 years. 1018 JefTer5
son street northwest.
Nellie Gray, 50 >ears. Providence Hos'
, Personal Notes of Eiver Hen.
I Capt. George Conaway, master of the
r schooner Mabel and Ruth, in port here
with lumber, has gone to his home at
> Bethel, Del., to spend a few days on a
. i Vkli alnpcs visit.
Capt. Eppie Dodson is on duty aboard
the steamer Angler on a river route as
purser and steward.
Howard Ratcliff Is in charge of the en.
glne room of the tug D. M. Key of the
Taylor fleet, temporarily on duty doing
towing work about the harbor.
Capt. Bob Riggln, who was at his home
in Delaware while his schooner, the Edwin
and Maude, was discharging lumber
at Baltimore, has returned to the command
of his vessel and will take her to a
North Carolina point to load lumber.
Tralght the Goblins Hold Merry
carnival at the Raleigh. Halloween decorations.
entertaining music and the delicious
Raleigh Cafe serene. Reserve
L your tables.?Advertisemen^^
f Mrs. Foote will present their debutante
daughter, Miss Esther Foote. at a tea at
the Brighton. Wednesday, December 11
Miss Lucy LaucK or mis city is vishlas
In New York and was among the
bridesmaids attending MiSe Marjorie
. Webber at her marriage yesterday to Mr.
John Taylor.
Mrs. Herbert Pond (Pauline Andrews),
attended the bride as matron of honor,
and the bridesmaids in addition to Miss
Lauck were Miss Marguerite Jones. Miss
. Madeline Miller. Miss Antoinette Taylor.
The best man was Wi'liam Flammer. and
present as ushers were Harold Flammer.
Herbert Pond. I>r. Harrison Arnold. I"?o.iald
Sinclair, Otto Sprague and George.
Taylor. Mr. Taylor was graduated from
Princeton In 1011. The church ceremony
was followed by a reception at the home
Small Fire in Bedroom.
Several companies of the fire department
responded to ar alarm last night
and found a slight blaze in a lied room
at the home of Mrs. Amelia Bruce. "lt?
I street southeast. About ?."> damage r suited.
ASH BY. On Th??r-? !.t\. ??? : >1 ,1 h*
?n:r. a.m. liKUTK' i> i>T n :: . i
iliiur liter ??f 1? n ! !? \ *??
l?y ?wv Terryi. wvr?? 1 ??i? > n >u?1 m*.? ?! ?
Fuiifinl I 'rlUay . XovoiniHr 1 . ' r 1 ?
thf kunic of lifr | ,:tv 17?'l J'orl * ?
iMirtlm?l. lntiriufi.t |>rlvat.
BAItfOfK. Oil \V< <ltirs<la? . ?i ii.lior in. 1012.
at 4 a hi . ht !! ';> ll.fj.ita'. after ft
liriof illness. i.Kulti.K \\ 11.1.1 A M HABI'Ot'K.
Ill tin- aeteiitr ninth j mil .if his ?iCFuneral
from Wright's . . . ; . !. 1 <:!7 loth street
northwest. on Friday. Norerntv r 1. at pin.
Friend* an<l relative* invited. Inifrnifut iptivate)
at UlrtiwiKil. *
BEAN. On Wed nesday. Oi'tnU'P 110, hi|7. at
1?:10 p.tn., mi Iht residem**. S "ill street
northeast. M A It* 7 A Ul'.T A ilaikii.tcr of t h*
la If Benjamin ii.i.1 V: i 1iu".?Ih It.-an.
Funeral at - put . Satimiai, Noveiulier Ue|.
tlve* anil frleinl* tutted. Iniri ni.-iit prime.
BKVANS. ??ti Ttinr?dav. ?-1. !*t :t1. IMI. at
II ::! "? a.iu.. at iii* ii..|l Oil 12: It siteeQ
Mint hi list. ? IIAKI.1 S III Mil r.lAWS. !
'ov.-.l buslmi 1 > ! Marv S It. .a i ? ift. . A It
Not ire of funeral lift"- :if:<
DEWI7Y. tin Tln:i s?la? in- : ua. 11.-1.>' .11. Ill 2.
FlllA S.. thf hfiov. .1 v.: l. \ IJtKKY \
UK WHY. after 11 h.uu nil I paililn. ilh.es*
Funeral Suii'lay. Xovi-uilaT from Westiulnser
fliurcli Memorial. it.i sttwl lelweeu ! ami
K MUthnnit, at It ] in. 1*
DIXON*. On Thursday. Oetolier .".1 lSll'-i. at 11
catiikim: THOMAS.
LEWIS. In inc.unrv <>f <.ur l.?vinp father and
DK-rhor. Romko un.l ALICE r.xur.Y I-I" Wis.
MAI.KY. In fail hut I??viitc r?-nn-nihi an< e ?ur
dear soil. CHARLES I'KKSTON MAI.KY. ?liu
died on tin* ;tl*t (lay <>f Ortolier, lull. >>n rear
aff't t<?lav.
WYE. In Invinjr mem-ny uf .>nr dear mother.
JOANNA HICKS WYE. ivlin went away tlv?
years ac?? today. Or-i.-lwr :;i. Hi '". A ? ?
our father. CHAPMAN II tt'YK ulm ai~.?
left ?* live years ac<>. AticuO 11. lieT.
"La-sl ? ( forget "
\ 1-3.1 JK AND 1 l.oPl.VK.
' W. Rc spearX
94? F Street N.W.
Phones Main
Frank A. Sncare. Merr.
a.in.. <;KA< K I ?I X??N <<1 IU7 Kli-?l<- l-.inl
avenue northwest. tn-lox-d daughter of M? jr
T. IMxon. ag.-.l M'Tonlii'n years.
N'otlcv of funeral hereafter. *
KIKKK On Wedne s.liiy, Ootolier 1!?I2 al A
<>Vl. cIl p.m., I'll ItERT. Ill*- U-loved > >u f
hYtslrjr U. anil Kali*- I V. k
Futi'-ral servie. s at tin- r*-s.ii*-ii *- -if hi- parent*.
Kn! raina road, on Friday Xovemt. -r I
at p.m. Interment Saturday at l?r, I
Ki.lg--. BnlHnn*' M-i. No Inmi. iHaltltn**n'
papers please eopy.i
FIXNKY. On Wednesday aftero ? n. o.-tober ::->.
1W1J. at his n-s .ioi; ia A l- vundrlH <- -til. >.
I-KWIK 11 AC Y IK I'lNNKV ill liis s \> <
s>\tli yrnr.
Funi-rai Friday. \ov.-inl>er 1. al - p.m.. fi in
f-hajd'l, '?ak Hill etuetery. < IticUuioud. V. .
papers please ?opy i *
HOI.DKX. On Oetolmr ".1. l'.'l'J. at ins Irene in
llyattsvilli*. M.I FRKIHIKI.' A IIOI.IMV
Notii-e of fiiu.-ral lier.after. <Piwideuo.-, It lw
papers pleas.- copy.i
KEIXKY. The remains of M A ItY <\ KF.IJ.F.Y
will l?o taken ti-.m the vault at M-.int
Olivet ei-niet.-iy ami Interred ou Frtd i/.
November 1, 1W1J, at 11 a.ui. *
MeGIXXKSS. Oil tYe.lm-s.lay morning. "let..1st
3n. 1?I2. at iier resident---. 147.". Florida ave
dw northwest. Mis, MAU1A M. Me?;iN\KSS,
widow of the litt? Peter MeGinness.
Funeral ftvni her late residence Saturday. So
venil?cr 2: theme to Sr. Paul's t'athobe
Church. where mass will I*- -in id ?t li?
o'clock for the repose of ier s il tKicb
moral. V?? a *i*l r.iltiUKU' |*a i?t> |rieas<*
copy.t 1*
POTBK. (hi Wt-dnesday. ?? ( !.*-r 1!*IL" t
her Ktlilcnrc 'JH'.i Pcunsylvaula avenne
nortlmest. ANXIK K.. tuoilcn of U?u rt
P**l*y ami widow of the late Iroiius I .t .
Funeral from her 1 :t r n-t>Jdcii l-Yida*. Nr.* uIh
t 1. at 1! o'l'lifk p.m. Relative* an I
friends Invitod. *
TOXKR. On Wednesday. o< tolier 3d. 1?U'. at
ft:."id p.m., at liis i,-k1<1<-* ? . '214 14th a!roe*
northeast. I?r .1. K TOXKR
Funeral from Church of the Holy Comforter,
with requiem high mass, a.m. Saturday.
November 2. v
WHITK. Suddenly, on Tuesdav. ??ctol*er 21?.
tiie late Josiah W. White, ami beloved loot Ie r
of .Tames Furney White.
Funeral Friday. Nov* m'.ier 1. from her l.n?
resMeoee, 424 Stanton pla-e northeast. I I
uVlwi. In ferment ai Arliugtou nation <1
eenietory. tTobslo ami New lork pi|e:a
please copy.I .'!1
In Memoriam.
DANGKRFIKLIt. In sad but loving remembrance
of our dear son. ANTHONY I? l?ANGKRF1KLD.
who departed this life two
years ago today, October 31. Ibid.
Two years have pass*-d. our hearts still soiw;
As time rolls on we miss him more;
Vlls memory is as iresu lo.iity
As in the hour be passed away.
JAR VIS. la sad but lovins remembrance of our
dear father, HENRY JARVIS. Sr.. who dbd
ton years hc today. October HI, 19011.
To that briiiit ertestial ? ity
rtur dear loved ono has Rene;
But wo' 11 meet tliee. never parting.
On that resurrection mora.
JEN VINOS. (n luvfiic renicmhra 1:00 of mr
daughter KI.H. v'c. died Ave years aco today.
October .11. 19'"7.
Is.ve.l in I if*-, ren. nib. r. <1 in death.
KOONS. In lovina reuiemhruiiee ,.f EI.IZAI'.ETII,
the beloved wife ..f Henry I. K-?oti>. wlio departed
this life October HI. liill.
f-FAl A It In the -ad remembrance of niv beloved
husband. ROBERT LEMAR. who departed
from this life October HI. It'll.
Just a year ago today since God took my
dear husband away to his beautiful houie.
surrounded by angels in the (tardea of love.
Sleep on. dear Robert. 1 am coming to meet
, you. by and by.
Fncle Robert, think rot. Ill} 'b ar IIII. |e,
Tiio'i art forgot ten:
Thou shalt never I.
As b us a- breath shall warm .sir frame*
Our thieifhls shall 1. < f thee.
408 H ? n.e. Modern e'liitwl. Phone
" J. WII.I.I AM LEE l'u;??Ti.; I erector
And Enilmlir^r. Livery in < onin !!<> i. Commodious
eiia|wl hmi unMcni i . rr; 11
DriCeA. .OX I'll. I'.". I call 1 A'.
| ( ' ' \ v. . 4 < ! . i : i CO..
t r? S? V v PJ-. - V jioseph
F. Birch's oris,
iW4 M ST. X.W.
KSi ARI.l>HEI? ls">0.
1730-33 PA. AVE.
Livery. JOHN T. OAKNER. Mirr Chapel.
1407 9tb st Plione N :.7S7
Modern lintel. T.l.-e'mn ml! h r>2S>.
George rc Z&rfoorsi,
| ~ "ii3 E. CAP. ST.
i?-.7 ^< ii >< < /
^ liliiiixiiiL i)LSlui>TS.
Appropriate Floral! o^ens
Artistic?cxjirenAi ve?Inexpensive.
Prompt miiIu delivery service.
Qude Bros. Co., 1214 F St
Phone. Main -tl'7S-?271>.
tuner.I debigua of .11 kind.. Price. r. asou.U*,
ltt9 O ST. X.W. MAIN 7477.
Funeral Dexiru*. Funeral de.igna.
iflCiHi C !HI A iCCiCD
HJl 1L*"Wo >aao vu ill su u ii_,
Beautiful floral (lesions very reasonable iu nrtc*
Phone 24IB Main. ^ 14tl, ?nd | ^ %.w.
Fine carriages for funerals
Reasonable rate*.
Phone M 22MI -1?;22 L, at n w
11th and F sts. n.w. Ftws* U. 2*28 for tir-Fltf

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