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iili Green Ticket Sale of We Give "King
I R-E-M-N-A-N-T-S |
i||; 50c and 75c ||
ill; Dress Goods,. ij;
ig All-wool Storm Serge. Prunella ;;; <
ijg Suitings. Panama Suitings. Broad- iV(^9^
J'*" cloth, Batiste. etc.. in widths vary- ; &Zr(Sz
ing from ?? to *?$ inches. V% ant- ; ,
able lengths for suits, dresses, ; r -
skirts, etc. ;
II; ^ W&sh Goods and ^
I Much-wanted and useful fabrics ;: 810-8
8 comprise this lot?Dress Ginghams, ;:: ft
c Unbleached Outin-g and Canton J if i?n???????Miminimitm?
B Flannels, Yard-wide Percale, etc., si noun o
p Wc Millinery S
i ; " * * '^1' 1/ V ' v, A COMPLETE CLEAN-U]
l8 l_,1',nfn ^/ash Toweling, both ;; NENT MANUFACTURERS C<
: g bleached and unbleached Extra PURCHASE, CONSISTING OF
g close woven, round-thread fabric, i
|g with plain and colored borders. | ^/f|\ /PIT A ^
:| i: 20c to 30c Sheetings j| VU/VJJ/ VUiL#/&*3<
;l;;;at ;; The entire, floor stocks of
:|t Various widths up to 00 inches. : (whose name we are not peri
Poth bleached and unbleached I j the foremost millinery manufi
I kinds; fine quality. The greatest alert, secured the entire stoc
: sheeting bargain to be had in the ; we are enabled to offer thes?
: i : city. ; possible prices:
:: l!t????i??:?????t????tl????H Trimmed Hats. Worth
I $! KM doves, Mr >?
IBS 0r.c? Ticket Price W'V jj
Perfect in fit and finish: black. . etc.: handsomely trimmed
white, tan. brown and black with ; ; wings, feather fancies, silk
white stitching, white with black ; ; vets, etc.: black, white and
stitching: all sizes ; ; newest colors and combinatit
' ; included in the showing.
39c Gloves, S2.00 Gloves.! positive is.oo to $8.00 <j
25c. $1.69. values for
IS Fine (^,a * h" e JItadeseifec?^ : Semii-Trimmed & Re
.1: mere Gloves. e f \ selected , , . 4. A
: I lined with ei- pair ^rfeTin' i U*ar VfllueS, $3 tO $4
XH ther ehamni- fit and evppv This offering consists of t
?sette or sHk; I detail: 12-but- 3 black and white and all the
black, tan. ton length: ;I effects, beautifully trimmed
t; brown and white only; T Your choice tomorrow of scor
: gray. all sizes. . j| regularly sold at $3.00 to .54.(1
f A Suit Sale of Supreme 1
| ACTUAL $20.00, $25 00 AND $30.00 V,
This offer is highly illustrative oi the progressive s
cure buying advantages unequaled by any other conc<
product of New York's cleverest designers and manu:
the season will be found in the collection, including se
and novelty Scotch and English mixtures. Colors are 1
3? the popular length; full lined with guaranteed satins. A
i;| Special Selling of Serge and Silk Ores
i|| Regular $7 to $10 (?>1 'JE? $10 to $15 Silk and (? =
;|; Serge Dresses Serge Dresses ^
; X: These dresses are modeled in the Silk Poplin and All-wool
3H most charming styles of finest all- Dresses. The poplins are in
133 wool serge, in navy, black and effect, with Robespierre coll
*5 brown. Some have the popular lace-trimmed cuffs, in reseda
i* Robespierre neck, others round ef- Krav and blue. The Serge
fects and trimmed with novelty but- are beautifully trimmed witl
tons. Only 50 on sale at this price. serge sailor collars and cu:
r - Regular $7.00 to $10.00 values for patent leather belts. Varioui
2 j $4.75. in coat effects. Navy and b
| LOT OF 100 WAISTS IN CHIFFON. ! 1 Children's E
$ LACE AND MESSALINE <? ?i a .tk
| v"uesbe?.' ^ 1 >49 j Values Up to
: These waists are in very pretty de- 8 for Tomorrow
it s gns; black an?f various styles in
;g stripes, etc.. So wide is the style selec- ;; y Phoice of do
Jg tion that description is impossible; ' caracul loth etc
J;; round necks. sleeves, and while all with ribbon b^ck' i
:: sizes are in the lot. yet we do not have ^wo atv 1? of a kind
f: ail Styles In all sizes, not one in the : lwo 8t>le* OI a Klna
lot worth less than $3.00. /pa >1 /Hi
I Your choice of lot at Green ^ ][ j 25 Dozen Chil*
Ci? vi price ? 111 | ? i~v
:;: dren s Drawers,
$1.00 Golf Vests, 59c. il; i2l/2c *=j?
Fancy woven, in plain red only; V neck, ;;; Values
front and back; kimono sleeve; extraordi- "
nary fl.UO value. Special for the Green : This lot of drawTicket
sale at 59c. :il ers for children are
^ * i r\ XX woll modo nf ennd
*tt 51.00 rioxise presses. 50c. ? ? ? ?
|g Made of plain tan llnene. finished with : : Quality cambric, tinbias
bands of white and black, low neck; !!: ished with hem and
jH also black and white dresses with high 'I tucks _above. While
'5 neck and ions sleeves. $l.ou value; Green ? the 23 dozen lasts
Jit Ticket price. 50e. ; these regular 12*?c
? r values are priced at
LIS 79^ r etticoats, j9C- ; 7c a pair.
;g Made of good quality black percaline. ;;;
MB cut extra full, shaped over stomach, deep ' TttTtllH"!tTT,,^IiHHtTITTT
4$? umbrella flounces, pleated ruffle and dust ;;;
tig ruffle; all lengths; 79c value. Green Ticket ::: coc Window Shac
35 price, 59e. \\~ .
3|| 29c Peiticoats, 25c. i j Prcen Ticket Pric
tig Flannelette Petticoats in 29 to 31 inch These Shades at
22 lengths; pink and white, blue and white, - opaque, slightly imi
22 gray and whiti. lavender and white; em- ;;j are mounted on st
22 broiderel scalloped edges. Regular 29c ;;; working spring rol
iS value Green Ticket price, 23c. ;;; only; size 38x72 inchi
0 Every invalid woman is invited to consult our Staff
X cialists, at the Invalid's Hotel and Surgical Institute,
1 0 sonally at my expense.?R. V. PIERCE, M. I).
I Invite Suffer!
I There is every reason why women should not ti
the hands of unskilled persons. It requires a thorouf
and understand the delicate female organism. Then
write or personally consult an experienced specialist.
As a powerful, invigorating tonic, "FAVORI'I
strength to the whole system and to the organs disti
"run down," debilitated women of all occupations
Favorite Pres
is uneijualed as a restorative tonic. As a soothing :
\ ORITF PRESCRIPTION" allays and subdues i
nervou> exhaustion and other distressing symptoms
nrd and organic diseases of the feminine organs,
relieves mental anxiety and despondency.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is devised and
perience in the treatment of women's maladies. Its
of leading physicians in all schools of practice.
0 has been sold by dealers in medicine in its
? liquid form for over 40 years. NOW it can
) also be obtained of them in tablet form?or send V5*"
jSC Chill!
(is 50 one-cent stamps to Dr. Pierce for trial box. ahle.
A cltian
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets invigorates the ^'rnt
tors \
5^1 stomach, liver and bowels. One to three a dose. uni.-t
Easy to take as candy. J,'*1,'
/S i Send 31 one-cent stamps to pay cost of wrap- Tutu
1 J J |t|'|
>? ; ping and mailing ONLY on a free copy of l>r. Mifftr
jx* I Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser, 1008 n,
i pages, cloth-bound. Invalid's Hotel and Surgical out y
TO | Institute, R. V. Pierce, M. D., President, Buffalo,
K.I. I
*s Palace" Trading Stamps.
_ m 3 - nil
16 Sp cnt tre^t. ? ,, ^
ii?in??ii?mnn?n?iin?mnmmimi??i??mn iii as
ale Extraordinary 14
tvytt1 wyrv x\r/r\rrvtt>tt m i: 1?
: ; 1
H & Co., ?18 Broadway, New York : .
nttted to use), and who is recognized as one of :
icturers of this country. Our buyer, ever on the ; (
ks at such a remarkable price concession that
: artistic creations at these two seemingly lm- : ?
J.?? SStfJKE?***! i
coming Stunning styles of the finest felt, J]
ve'* velvet, etc.. in every new and correct
idea brought forth by the : *
s# vel- world's best designers. All are ar- : '
all the tistically trimmed with ostrich, ; ]
>ns are feather fancies, . wings, velvets, j s
S7 o^ silks- etc- Extraord,nary $3.95 ?
58.50 to $10.00 values for.. 1
ady-to-Wear Hats, Reg- 11 >1 g
, on Sale Tomorrow for "P * ? 1
he most beautiful styles possible to imagine in : : co,
season's most favored colors. Velvet and silk |
with feather fancies, velvet, etc. a ?i A E? :
es upon scores of effective models, il ' ' V,<
m. for wc
If 11
(dN A(Tft /H\IP I
^0>Ho V\- ITft prl
ALUES ARE ^ M] |ur
spirit of this store and our ability to se- < j we
:rn in the city. These Suits are the : : ais
facturers. Every fashionable fabric of : :
rges, whipcords, cheviots, broadcloths I feur
)lack, navy, gray, brown, etc.; coats are : a i
ill sizes for women and juniors. | Gn
. prl
S6?. i Skirts Worth $3.00, ' j *****
j ^ Raincoats Wo:*th $3.00, : 11
? On Sale Tomorrow i
Serge for................ ; ipj,
pannier <Phe skirts are well tailored and E
iar and finished in the latest styles of Pan- I
. taupe, a ma, Serge, etc. Colors are black, .
Dresses blue, brown and gray. ,
i white The Raincoats are in tan only. ;
ffs and Vulcanized and stitched seams, long ;
3 styles loose effects. All sizes. : ,
lack. : : lon
miHiin?iMnMnmiiimwmiiiniiiiil?i?m?miiin?? i tio
: i Bu
a m A / % 11 /\r?
bonnets?A sale 01 samples.?;r
$3.98, Specially Priced a (fj _ ! i ^
w Only at . . . . - ^ V^ : j the
1 11? i0y
zens of. styles of felt, bearskin, plush, corduroy, b ,
In various pretty shapes; many are trimmed ::: '
white, light blue, red, navy, etc. Mostly one and hlr
; sizes 15, 16 and 17. . : ^
\\ of
Children's Fancy j Children's Cloth
Plaid Dresses, Corduroy Coats, ::: Ev
These dresses are Well made and ; : js
stylishly designed lined Coats of blue : for
and brown corduroy; ... Klli
and well made of algo coats of red bu
extra quality fancy clothi with ron col.
plaids. Long waist lar, trimmed with ;J
effect, full pleated black silk braid of
skirts, trimmed with 1 various widths. Sizes 1
plain material in ; 2 to 6. Excellent ^ f?*
contrasting shades. ! values at $3.00 each J
Sizes 0 to 14. , for $1.'J8.
::: tna
?innniiimnn?mi??in?nM??????nmn?n?? t?hfe
les? 11 Qr $4?? to $7.00 Lace *7(Q)<r ^ mi
:e Curtains, Strip.... * ^ i; Jer
e genuine : Can be matched up in pairs. \
>erfect. and :: Fine Irish points, Scotch, Not- ;i! wi
rong, easy- j j tingham nets. Beautiful pat- :: yo
lers; white ;;; terns, full length and width.
ps. ; i Every pair absolutely perfect.
of Physicians, Surgeons and Spe- 0 I
Buffalo, N. V., by letter or per- ^ I
ng Women
ust their delicate constitutions in @
*h medical education to appreciate j ?
e is every reason why she should 3* ?
'E PRESCRIPTION" imports M " 1
inctly feminine in particular. For ^ j ?
''S i
? i \
crintirMi I -
md strengthening nervine "FA- .
nervous excitability, irritability, 10
commonly attendant upon func- 'rah
It induces refreshing sleep and ;0 Fr
[ put up by a physician of vast ex- sr ?
ingredients have the indorsement ^
4. F. W. MYKltS of Bo- II
I'a.. says: "Your "KaTorlte ?r
lption' l.us done mo a woolot
of good. ^i
mi year* ?|tn when our tlrst f tsSIU^V^E^Hr. \
Kim born 1 waa left miser- / UW
I doetured with two phy- ImUf %
s without any relief. I then / \
to We olie of the head (lie- f
I:i Willlams|*>rt; bp xalil I I JW*SPf HJI
have an <H>''ratlou at onee. I.^H / v XV j
liat I should i|tiit v.ork. but II, ^'M I
wax souii-l liiPi; I < oulil not IvT /
I th?n beiMn tnljinu your Vwi'\
rite IVesi-rlpllon.' and It VAtC" \
I uip xo miK-I). i always \iEfr VSgaJF TI
i?1 so until on- last ilillil. y&f
1 pot along nlrcl)'. I sliall J&/
go through It again with- *^0'
our medicine. jn
ill close by wishing you o.
success in future." % V
, Nmv
Green Ticket Sale of jjfj
3t of Soiled Blan- (?t] >10
ts. $4 Values.. ||
Australian Wool and Wool-nap 8t$
ankets, slightly soiled from be- 85
i displayed. Full 11-4 and 1^-4 58
es; extra fine quality. 58
i'inf* flfurAd pnmhriV r'nvorin,? ZZM
ed with pure white, soft sheet ;>|8
tton; extra large size for double ;:;g
ds. Most extraordinary' comfort :;:g
rgain we ever announced. :i|5
oc Baby Blankets, I2p$c. ;;>?
Vool-nap Baby Blankets, in :::g
sty only; soft, fleecy nap. Only jjjjg
) in the lot. and a limit of two S
n be had by each buyer as long ;;;8
the lot lasts. :::g
85c Floss Pillows. 49c. Tg
)dd lot of Floss Pillows, in sizes :::g
rying from 2t? to lit! inches; extra :::g
11 made and filled with finest j?jS
k floss. A most remarkable |i;H
lue at 85c. Green Ticket price, :;;S
Great Purchase of Men's l-ig
A'ool Coat Sweaters. Reg- ::: ?
ibr $2.00 Values. g,gc |
jreen Ticket Price :::g
Heavy ribbed; good, warm :;;H
Iweaters: two side pockets: ::;g
>earl buttons. A guaranteed I
icket accompanies every one. ?8
*ray only. All sizes for men frjg
ind youths. tjg
>i Men's Underwear, 59c. 83
This is the famous "Wool- J;g
exur ; gray mottled, silk JJfc;
aeed, heavily fleece lined,
dade by makers of Wright's 111;:
Health Underwear. All sizes
hirts and drawers.
tYomen's Child's
Vests, Union Suits,;:;:;
29c. 39c.
Aght-weight Child ren's
tton ribbed; Fleece - lined
: t r a size Un'on #Su"f. j:;:::
made of fine ?:::
'"ts for combed Egyp- I: I; I:
men; the tlan yarn; all
id usually sizes for chil11
d every- dr e n a n d ;;;;;;
??? a-n misses. Reguere
for ft?C. jar --c vajue
een Ticket Green Ticket
ce, 20c. price, 30c. |;;;
Vomen's Soiled
lion Suits, Underwear, ::::::
59c. 19c. :::
e d i u m - Broken asight
ribbed. sortment of ::::
. ^ ? W omen s and
o heavy Children's
>ce lined. Ribbed Undert
in six dif- wear, mostly
ent styles. vests. Regular
1 sizes. values, 2."?c ; ? ;j > J
?rth $1.35. and 35c. Green ; ? ;j ? ;
een Ticket Ticket price,
ce, 50c. 1 10c. ::::::
f You Haven't Seen the New
W Amry^ir5r?flimi IT 28
en You Haven't Seen the Latest
>ictates of Fashion In Corsets.
F! ||
in, Is '' T
sizes 18 to 30. :; :f
Ve guarantee to fit you exactly. ;:g
th just the model best suited to :;
ur figure. Prices,
$11.00 to $$.00. f
MADE I " flBT*
'an be opernt- | 1.1
d to throw the w 1
ays of light on %_ ??V
ny part of your
(ljustable shade
u f Inea
iimir.ated and perfectly protects the
yes from ull strain and glare.
leautiful I'rush l>rass <ff n i 1
1 , w ^ i
lnish, complete, only, ^
$5.00 is the Regular Price.
Vebster,717 9th St. j
(Made in France.)
om the Greek "Dcrmo" (shin) and
"Pii'le" (friend).
As its name implies,
Because it is made of pure,
oft, undyed wool.
Because it is non-irritating,
nost pleasant to wear.
Because it protects your
lealth, insures you against
udden climatic changes.
Guaranteed Unshrinkable.
Weights for All Seasons.
For Sale at
Write for Booklet.
the federal court at Bluefleld, W.
Wednesday the government secured
rdict of (13,000 against the United
al Stores Company, a West Virginia
toration. ? I
I 4* OTM Ml
Masonic Emblem in Custody
Columbia Chapter.
Delegation of Boyal Arch Memb
Accompanies <Symbol to Capital
Several High in Fraternity Part
pate at Presentation of Figuri
on Way Around World.
"The Traveling Triangle," a masi
symbolic gold emblem of Royal A
Masonry, which was long since stai
on a "trip around the world" and wl
has passed through many grand Juris'
tions of Royal Arch Masonry, was
night formally deposited with Colunr
Chapter, Xo. 1, of this city, In the c<
mandery asylum of Masonic Temple,
its guard of honor from Orange Rc
Arch Chapter, Xo. 23, of Orange, X.
its last depository. It was accompar
by the special representatives of '
Saint Patrick Royal Arch Chapter,
145, of Toronto, Canada, which owns
triangle, and to which it will ultima!
be returned.
A delegation of fifty Royal A
Masons from Xew Jersey, some of ti
accompanied by their wives, toget
with the Canadian delegation of f<
arrived in Washington yesterday af
noon and were entertained at dinner
the Hotel Gordon by Columbia Chap
at 0 o'clock. At 8 o'clock, at Masi
Temple, the formal and impressive c<
monies of transferring the custody of
triangle took place.
Presentation Ceremonies.
After the opening of the local chai
and the Masonic welcome to the vlsil
had been extended. Past Grand H
Priest E. St. Clair Thompson, chain
of the committee on reception of
triangle, stated the object of the cor
cation of Columbia Chapter. The
angle was then presented by Alo
Durkes, high priest of Orange Chap
assisted by' Past High Priest William
Brown, Capt. of the Host L. C. LI
thipe, Principal Sojourner Walter Pr
Royal Arch Captain W. S. Tanner
William F. Lord, Frank Hold and
seph Berg, masters of the third, sec
and first vails, respectively. It was
ceived in a fitting manner by High Pr
William T. Hastings of Columbia Ch
Rev. Earle Wilfley, pastor of the A
mont Avenue Christian Church and
member of Columbia Chapter, delivt
the oration of the evening. Remarks w
also made by members of the visiting egations,
which included, in addition
those named. Grand King William Da
Grand Secretary William Landls, Gr
Captain of the Host F. T. Crane, Gr
Principal Sojourner S. J. Oldroyd, Gr
Master of the Third Vail D. A. Bai
gardner, Grand Master of the Second 1
Joseph C. Saile and Grand Tiler Rich
Kennedy of New Jersey, and W. S. Mi
grand superintendent of Toronto Disti
No. 8; B. Cairns and A. Neale of '
Saint Patrick Chapter, and High Pr
Dr. S. Singer of St. Andrew and
John Chapter of Toronto of the Ca
dian jurisdiction. Others of the visitors
eluded L. J. Doolittle (and Mrs. Dot
i tie), P. H. Moore. Charles F. Nolze,
F. Lord, R. McGowan. A. A. Hartley,
M. Silber, A. Vogel, Henry Berg. Jos
E. Worthington, E. C. Baldwin, J. A. 1
bert, E. H. Bennett, J. V. Harlng <
j Mrs. Haring), Henry Parkhill,
Schleicht, Elijah Doremus, W. B. Pat
son and Philip Timpson of Ora
Made of Solid Gold.
"The traveling triangle" is made
solid gold, is eight inches high, w
bars three fourths of an inch wide, fr
the center of which is suspended by g
chains a pendant figure of St. Patri
together with the seal, motto and na
of the Saint Patrick Chapter, No. 1
Toronto. Canada. It has been deposi
in a number of grand jurisdictions s
upon the completion of its "trip arov
the world" will be returned to the Sa
Patrick Chapter, when a grand reun
will be held, at which it is expec
representatives will be present fr
every chapter which was ever its c
Thus far it has been in the custody
the following Royal Arch Chapters: K
stone Chapter, Xo. 103, Buffalo, N.
thence to McKinley Chapter, Xo.
Cleveland, Ohio; to King Cyrus Chap
No. 133, Detroit, Mich.; Keygtone Ch
ter No. 6, Indianapolis, Ind.; Dint
Park Chapter, Chicago, 111.; Prince ]
pert Chapter, No. 52, Winnipeg, Mi
toba; Wascana Chapter, No. 121, Reg:
Saskatchewan; Alberta Chapter, No.
Calgary, Alberta; Vancouver Royal A
Chapter, No. 08, Vancouver, British
lumbia; Ancient Frontenac and Catai
Chapter, No. 1, Kingston, Ontario; C
narvon Chapter, No. 5, Montreal, Quel
St. Paul Royal Arch Chapter, Bosl
Mass.; Providence Royal Arch Chap
No. 1, Providence, R. I.; Pythagc
Chapter, No. 17, Hartford, Conn.; Ora
Chapter, No. 2.'!, Orange, N. J.; and 1
night Columbia Chapter. No. 1, R. A.
of the District of Columbia.
May Go to Alexandria.
The next chapter to receive it will
determined by Columbia Royal A
Chapter, No. 1, of this city, which n
send it to the Royal Arch Chapter
Alexandria, Va., as but one chapter ii
Jurisdiction can be its custodian.
The local committee of arrangeme
for t h 13 rooyntinn nf thn InlonrrlA ?
?wi vov. 4 VWJJUVII V4 mc inau^ic i
composed of E. St. Clair Thompson.
G. H. P., chairman; Joseph H. Jochi
P. G. H. P.; Harrison Dingman, P. G.
P.; William Barnum, P. G. H. P., and
W. Johnston, grand secretary. The
ception committee was composed of
above named, and the following: W.
Hastings, C. C. Coombs, C. C. Callow
James A. West, George G. Seibold, W
MacDonahl. E. H. Pierce, R. W. Pe
son, Gecrge L. Sherman and C. P. Bos
Aaron Bregman Sent to t
National Training School
for Boys.
I Spoiled, it is declared, bv svmnn
bestowed on him by men and wor
pedestrians who think he is a home
boy forced to sell chewing gum at ni
on the city streets in- order to mak
living. Aaron Bregman, the. twelve-y<
old son of a prosperous cabinet mal
told Judge De Bacy in the Juve
Court yesterday afternoon that he wt
rather be locked up than return to
home and behave.
"If you make me go home I'll com
suicide," he Faid, repeating a threat
made to the judge Tuesday.
Aaron was before Judge De Lacy Ti
day, and amused the judge and ev
one in the courtroom by- i. threat to
himself if he was sent home. With
belief that a short stay in . the house
detention would put this idea out of
head, he was kept there until .yes
Attorney David Wolf, Lee Baumgai
New York
EY - =
1 Who
ve :
lci- : At I
5 (
r; Our extensive eqi
3ive Carpet you may ne<
teS ments as to size, sha
lich |
Zl Our large number
ibia ) |
3m- I prove a great aid to
by |
ja. We can execute s
The style of design in a <
t2? recognized quality?
I A a ? ? ?
rch jjj Axminster, English
iem t i . .
her our popular domestic
Jur, J
Our Scotch-style Art
ter, l\[
mic terns.
;re- {
the (
Sketches and San
Z J 1412-14 H Street N.V
trl- y
nzo y
ter, y
H. Y
f?h- X ^
i?r. X Ma^
Jo- a W^W 4
ZI 12
red | Distinctive St
rere y ?
7? s sind i
.vis, Y
and | 1
a"d V .^/r/?/*/ ?^s? Inj/rjnn C.nnfs
A ' ** ' i'fc' A V/M'l V ? V/ W?cu
urn- 5. ^
^ail . . Of imported Worumbo chinchilla
iard y bouole, Scotch mixtures and cor ict'
duroy; 50 and 54 inches long; velThe
vet collar and braid bound. Two
lest *j* very smart models shown in a
St. X variety of materials.
in- X ?
V a Black Broadcloth Coats.
eph X Handsomely trimmed with vel- ,
Gil- X vet and braid, satin lined
and A throughout and warmly int<erlinDr.
ed. All copies of late foreign
ter- Y models.
nge ?
? Velv
of Some with hand
rith A brown, taupe and i
ic" I $45
ime A
145. f
ion and Miss Carrie Adler, representing the
ted United Hebrew Charities, reasoned with
?? ?? tLion an hnnp tpvln? tO
| Aaron lor uivi c man wi uv/U.. v. ? -~0 ?
us- show him he was making a mistake to
leave a good home and lead the life he
r of was living. The boy showed no interest
ey- at all when it was explained to him how
Y.; bad his parents would feel if he didn't
181, change his attitude toward them. Miss
ter, Sarah Bucher. agent of the board of
&P- children's guardians, tried to elicit some
:oln feeling, but he continued unresponsive.
R?- _
ini- Childish Threat of Suicide.
106, When Aaron repeated his threat of suirch
cide to Judge De Lacy the latter with
Co- difficulty restrained himself from laugh'ar
ln8'" ^-'though he is twelve years old,
)ec. Aaron could barely see over the table
ton,' behind which the judge was seated,
ter, "Would you put your finger on a redhot
stove?" the judge asked him.
Finally Aaron said he most certainly
M., would not.
"Why not?"
"Because it would hurt."
"Don't you think it would hurt if you
be tried to kill yourself?" Judge De Lacy
rch demanded.
lay Aaron apparently had not considered
at matter frnm that Tioint of view and
n a his face became more serious at once. With
his faith in suicide as a solution of his
nts troubles shaken, Aaron doubtfully said
va? that it would hurt only for one day if he
am himself, whereas if he touched a
h! hot stove It would pain him for a much
A. longer time.
re- Judge De Lacy sentenced Aaron to the
fhe National Training School for Boys for
T- three months. Aaron seemed pleased, but
a?' his mother wept. The boy was unmoved
by his mother's tears.
Stolid Before Mother's Distress.
Mrs. Rregman was taken into the
clerk's office, where her husband and another
son sought to comfort her. As a
last resort Aaron was sent for and stood
p stoically before his mother. The sight of
f|L her child did not have the expected eff
r feet on Mrs. Bregman, for she fainted.
Aaron stood quietly by and watched.
Aaron went back upstairs. In a few
minutes he broke down completely and
lie implored the probation officers to send
him home. Confident that three months
at the National Training School would do
the boy more good than anything else,
they decided that he should serve the sentence.
Democratic Auxiliary's Congression?ht
al Contributions Now Total $4,000.
The District of Columbia auxiliary com^er
mittee of the democratic congressional
committee, at a meeting in the Raleigh
>uld las' night, directed its treasurer,
his ft?bert N. Harper, to forward to Representative
James T. L?!oyd of Missouri,
mjt chairman of the congressional committee,
he $30<>. This brings the total contributions
raised by the District auxiliary up to
jes- $4,000, and puts the District second on the
ery list of states and territories contributing
kill to the democratic congressional campaign,
the Addresses were made congratulating
> of John S. Miler, chairman of the Bocal comhl_
mittee, upon the manner in which he has
directed the work of raising funds for tne
ter" campaign. A resolution was adopted authorizing
the continuance of the auxiliary
ten committee as a Dermanent organization.
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