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Commerce and Labor De
. partment on 19th Street.
Temporary Home%t Intersection of
.Tennsylvania Avenue to Be
Eleven Stories High.
The proposed new permanent homo for
thi> Department of Commerce and Labor,
authorized at the last session of Congress,
to be erected as one of a group of public
buildings on the ground bordered by
14th and 15th streets, B street and Penn
sylvania avenue northwest, may not be
turned over to the department for a pe
riod of ten years.
This is the statement made yesterday
by several persons interested in the sub
ject in connection with a contract just
entered into by the Department of Com
merce and Labor for the leasing from
Victor J. Evans of an eleven-story office
building, costing $?j0(>,<<00, which he is to
erect for the department and which the
department has agreed to occupy for five
years, with the privilege of renewing the
The temporary building to be erected
by Mr. Evans for the department is to be
located at Pennsylvania avenue and 19th
Ftreet, at the intersection of H street
northwest. Milburn, Jleister & Co., are
the architects.
Cost Limit Exceeded.
When the government set about ac
quiring the land between the Capitol and
the Treasury on the south side of Penn
sylvania avenue and decided to tear
down the buildings now lining this side
of the Axenue it was also decided to erect
in this extension of the Mall three pub
lic buildings, one as a home for the De- ?
partnrwnt of State, one as headquarters
for the Department of Justice and an
other for the Department of Commerce
and Labor. A competition among archi
tects was recently completed for the de
signs for these buildings, and it was
stated yesterday that the design for the
Department of Commerce and Labor does
n" come within the limit of cost set tty
('nnsress, and that there may be a long
delay in erecting it on the Mall.
The Department of Commerce and
Labor, which is now housed in several
buildings In various sections of the city,
will therefore take possession of the
building to be built by Mr. Evans, at
Pennsylvania avenue and 19th street un
til its permanent home is ready. The
plot of ground to be used is 1U1 feet
front, running back on 19th street 130
feet inches.
Frontage of 100 Feet.
The building to be erected will have
a frontage of 100 feet, running back 1-0
feet, leaving an open court on the east
21 feet and an open court on the rear of
lt> feet 9 inches. It is understood that
the owners reserve the right to build a
one-story store building on the SI feet
court, running back one-half the depth
of the bulding.
The building is to be what is known
as a modern steel frame fireproof office
building, eleven stories and basement in
height. The basement story is to be 9
feet from floor to floor, and all other
stories to be 10 feet 9 inches from floor
to floor. The floor construction will be
made to comply with the requirements
of the District building department, as to
carrying capacity, and reinforced con
crete slabs to be used.
The building will contain three electric
elevators of the drum type and one
freight lift from the basement to the
znain first floor on the rear near the
rear entrance.
The building will have iron stairways
of ornamental design and modern plumb
tog will be installed throughout. It I
Js to have electric wiring with suitable
fixtures and is to be heated with iow
pressure steam heating plant.
Of Press Brick and Stone.
The exterior of the building will be
press brick on the two fronts trimmed
In stone and terra cotta. It will "be plas
tered throughout with fireproof plaster
and to be finished with hardwood birch,
stained mahogany.
The halls on the first floor are to have
terrazzo floors and marble wainscoting,
all the other halls on the various floors
to have sanitary floor and base, either of
t'jrazzo, karbolith or asbestos. The base
ment to have a cement floor. All other
floors are to be maple.
Iron ? fire escapes will be installed on
both sides of the rear of the building.
T ie roof will be fireproof, built of com
position asphalt and gravel on concrete
The interior woodwork will be varnish
ed, and suitable hardware of old brass
or bronze finish will be installed on all
the doors and windows. The building
will be finished in a first-class manner.
The same class of construction and work
manship and materials as used in the in
terstate commerce commission building
will i?e used in this building.
Woman's Equality Board to Provide
Program Election Evening.
The governing board of the Federal
"Woman's Equality Association of Wash
ington will entertain in the red room of
the New Ebbitt next Tuesday night, with
a program of addresses and brief
speeches, music and the reading of elec
tion returns. Mrs. Fred Dubois will
speak on "The Part That Equal Suffrage
Should Play in Kducation." An address
on "The Training of the Child" will be
made by Dr. Elnora C. Folkmar, and R.
K 1-ambert will tell of "What Women
Have Accomplished in Santa Fe." Short
talks will be made by Miss Janet Rich
ards. Miss Henrietta Hifton. Mrs Evelin
lieldon and Mrs. Jennie L. Monroe.
Music will be under the direction of
Mrs. Warner Gibbs and Joseph Whitte
more. the accompanist being Miss Jessie
Callaway, assisted by John L. Monroe.
Election ret irns will be received and
read. spe. ial attention being given to the
returns from Oregon. Arizona, Kar.sas,
Wisconsin and Michigan.
Sons of Temperance Party.
Columbia Division, Sons of Temperance,
gave a party at its hall at K43 I Louisiana
avenue Friday evening. John C. Foster,
worthy i>atriarch. kept things moving at
;i lively rate. Vocal and instrumental mu
sk- and Kaines made up the projrram of
entertainment. It was followed by a
large supper.
The Magistrate?"Do you insist that
you never raised a hand agmnst that
The Accused?"Da t's right, judge,
y?>ur honor. I tripped him up ail' den
give him de boot."
There is but ONE Genuine Pianola Player
Piano. It is Standard of the World, and
is made only by the AEOLIAN Company
And the only place in Washington
where it can be bought is at
O. J. De Moll & Company
Hereafter the only player-pianos we will
handle will be the Celebrated Group of
Aeolian Company Instruments known as
For years we have held unswervingly to one policy:
?to secure for our patrons the best musical instruments of various
types afforded by the markets of the world.
?to insure the maximum of value at every price, and
?to sell these instruments on terms that place them within easy
buying reach of all classes of people.
'And this will continue to be our policy so long as the House of O. J. De Moll
f& Co. shall endure.
Musical instruments, such as Pianos and Player-Pianos, cannot be quickly
It is only after long use and exhaustive tests, both technical and musical, that
they prove their worth.
On the market today are many player-pianos. Some are well worthy of con
fidence. Others ought never to be sold.
As in other lines there is alwavs a "best," so among player-pianos there is
one which is SUPREME.
We have constantly studied the player-piano situation, seeking this "best,"
this plaver-piano which has PROVEN itself to be SUPREME. Our aim, our de
sire, our ambition has been to handle, and handle only, that particular make of
player-piano which in its excellence towers above all others?
The Importance of Our Decision
To handle only the Aeolian Company's PIANOLA
player-pianos affects also the decision of every pro
spective player-piano buyer in Washington.
There are hundreds of people in Washington and
vicinity who are now considering the purchase of a
player-piano for the pleasure, enjoyment, and edu
cation they KNOW it will bring into their lives?yes,
and the lives of their friends. To each of these the
question of selection is a momentous one, for such a
purchase is intended for a lifetime. To all of these
our decision to handle exclusively only the Aeolian
Company's PIANOLA player-pianos must be more
than significant.
For no individual could possibly have been so sit
uated as we have been to compare the relative merit
of the different player-pianos, and to know the
standing of the companies making these variots In
Our reputation of years' standing must not be
jeopardized. We could not change to take up one
line of player-pianos exclusively, unless, after long
deliberation, we concluded it would both augment
our reputation and strengthen our prestige as the
leading musical house in Washington to handle such
a superior line as the
Famous Group of Aeolian Pianola Player-Pianos
These are the only player-pianos legally/ entitled to be called "Pianola" Pi
anos, for they are the only instruments which contain the REAL PIANOLA ac
tion and patented features, such as the
?the only device known which furnishes a positive guide to correct
musicianly expression?which enables you to interpret every selec
tion either as the composer himself, or some other great artist,
would interpret it, or as your own musical ideas suggest. The
?which emphasizes the melody or "theme" notes clearly above the
accompaniment, thus imparting a "singing" effect to the music,
characteristic of the playing of the best musicians. The
?which enables even the novice to make artistic use of the piano's
? sustaining pedal. And the
?which Increases and decreases the volume of accompaniment with
the flow of melodv.
The seventh instrument in this famous group is the Technola Piano, a play
er-piano of slightly lower cost than the Pianola Player-Pianos, but of exceptional
quality and guaranteed by the Aeolian Company.
The complete list of these instruments comprises:
Steinway Pianola Player-Piano
Weber Pianola Player-Piano
Steck Pianola Player-Piano..
Wheelock Pianola Player-Piano........
Stuyvesant Pianola Player-Piano. ..err.
Stroud Pianola Player-Piano $550
Technola Player-Piano . ... ..... . [?i?;. . ? . ? . . . ? . . ??? . ? i<?i< $450
We invite the public of Washington to our warerooms to see the?plendidas*
sortment of Pianola Player-Pianos we have here on exhibition.
Even though you have no immediate, nor even future, idea of purchase. it
will be time profitably spent to listen to a musical demonstration of-these intefr*
esting instruments.
O. J. De Moll
O. J. De Moll & Company
"Specialists in Player-Pianos"
12th and G Streets N.W.
Emmons 5. Smith

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