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Little Six with
No passenger
backward. V
Grade Little
The only 1913 High-Grade !
Clutch and 7 bearing Crank
Locomobile T en-Inch U pholst
The Locomobile Company
of America {[/^
General Offices and Works,
Bridcer-crt. Conn. r.'iTpSH
H24 (oDnrrlirul Are..
Owners of Plea
We Guarante
10,000 Mile:
Nearly everybody now knows that
Motz Cushion Tires are easy-riding
' and trouble-proof, but do you realize
the great economy of these tires ?
Do you realize that every set of
Motz Cushion Tires is guaranteed
for 10,000 miles?two years?
Do you realize that the upkeep cost
on a set of Motz Cushion Tires is
practically nothing ?
Do you realize that four, not five,
of these tires make a complete set.
What if the initial cost of Motz
Cushion Tires is a trifle more than
pneumatics, is not the additional cost
paid back ten times over ?
They Ride Easy
Motorists and motor car makers
once thought that only pneumatic
tires could be easy riding and resilient,
but Motz Cushion Tires upset ail
calculations. Thousands now know
from experience, from using Motz
Cushion Tires, that they were wrong.
They know that no pneumatic, except
under excessive speed, is more resilient
than the Motz.
Note the construction of this remarkable
tire. Note the double,
notched treads lA in picture), which
prevent skidding and distribute the
weight to the sides. The sides are
undercut (see Bi, which allows tree
action of slantwise bridges (seeC).
These bridges are elastic. They give
and yield like the air in a pneumatic
tire. Note D in the picture, showing
shock-absorbing qualities when tire
runs over a stone.
Needless to say, Motz Cushion
Tires end all punctures and blowouts.
The Motz Tire and Ri
Service Stations in
1112 Conn
I The J
I of the C-Six
I original.
Instead of th
gj and bouncing, i
dip ? the recoi
The smoothn
will be a revela
I TeL N. 3863.
Eg] Stevens-Duryea Compa
" Pioneer Builders
60 Horsepower
5 Seven
compelled to ride
ftiat other HighSix
provides so
for your con
Little Six with 4 Speeds, Disc
shaft. Sterling Silver Finish,
ery. Costliest Electric Lighting.
SmiaJNk New York. Chicago. Boston. Philadelt*f
11 ph?a. Washington. St. Louis. BaltiITtO
more. Atlanta. San Francisco. Lot
mammmfj/m Angeles, Oakland. Minneapolis.
sure Electrics?
:e These Tires
??two Years
Cushion Tires
All Leading Electric Car
Makers Adopt Them
The demand for Motz Cushion
Tires in two years has multiplied ten*
fold. On every boulevard, in every
city, wherever electric cars are used,
Motz Cushion Tires predominate.
All leading pleasure electric manufacturers
have adopted Motz Cushion
Tires as standard equipment.
New Tire Book Ready
Motz Cushion Tires fit any standard
clincher, universal quick-detachable
or demountable rim.
Our latest Tire Book is now ready
for mailing. Don't fail to get a copy.
Send a postal today and get acquainted
with the tire that gives utmost
riding comfort, utmost convenience,
utmost mileage, utmost economy.
Give specifications?name of car,
model, size of rims, etc.
UUm Fidariii uJ Eunli?? Offies
All Principal Cities
Motor Co.,
ecticut Ave.
er-Century of Leadership " 1
Springs I
are distinctly I
e usual swinging i
is a single gentle |
1 is all absorbed. &
iess of the C-Six g
tinn tn vnn. BB
Cor. 14th & R I.W.
ny Chicopee Falls Mass
of American Sixes"
ACTIVE interest is being displave
by the automobile dealers o
Washington in the comltug au
tomobile show to be held i
Convention Hall and the aut
carnival which follows it. During th
past week many of the representative
communicated with their respective fac
tories relative to obtaining special car
for exhibition put pose during these tw
events. The present week probably wil
witness a meeting of committees of hot
affairs, and from that time on "progress
will be the byword. The dates for th
auto show are February '? to s and th
carnival from February 10 to 13.
As an evidence of the interest whirl
is being taken in the auto show, t'hair
man T. Oliver Prctoey is authority fo
the statement tj^at more than one-hal
of the floor space for the big event ha
been taken and contracts signed foi
I This is considered an excellent showing.
Most of the time has been spent i
arranging the manj details necessary t
maks an undertaking of such magnitud
a thorough success from every stand
Water color sketches have been suh
iniicod for the decorations of the spa
cious hall, all of which are of unique an
colorful nature. The successful bidde
prpbably will be announced' within th
next few days. The local show will fol
low the Philadelphia show, and pre
- cedes the Baltimore show by two week;
Announcement as made yesterday r
the appointment of E. A. (Jarlock a
secretary of the show.
The coming show will be operated o
the co-operative basis, as has been th
case with former automobile shows hel
in Washington.
One of the features of the exhibitio
will be the musical programs rendere
by the I'nited States Marine Band, un
der the directorship of Lieut. William 11
Santlemann, thus insuring the highes
class of music ever offered at an auto
. mobile show in the country. Anothe
feature will be "society night,-' which i
usually the big night at all shows o
this character. The Marine Band con
certs will be rendered every afternoo:
and evening.
Interest is now rampant among th
automobile devotees of Washington ove
the coming exhibition; the lapse of tim
since the last show whetting the appetit
of the* public for this season's affaii
I Every effort is being made to make tiii
j the banner show of the National Capital
i and no exoense is 'being snared in tlii
I connection. The show, as on forme
! occasions, will open Monday evening
j February and for the balance of tli
} week from 10 a m., closing at 11 at night
* * -f *
The Big Show.
J Already the all 'round record smashini
predicted for the thirteenth national au
tomobile show In Grand Central Palac
and Madison Square Garden, January 1
to 25, has begun. That the forthcomim
exhibition ",n two buildings for tw
weeks" will eclipse any similar affai
held here or abroad in point of numbe
of exhibitors, comprehensiveness and ii
the total intrinsic value of goods to b
shown is now assured by the list of ex
hibitors just issued by the automobil
board of trade, under whose auspices th
show is to be held.
The list already shows that more tha
530 exhibitors will make up the display
in the garden and palace. On the garde
list there are 43 makers of pleasure ve
hides and 272 accessory concerns exhibit
ing in this building the first week. Th
palace, during the first week, will hav
4<> or more exhibitors of complete pleas
ure cars, 25 displays of motor cycles an
more than H*> accessory displays. Dui
ing part two 25 companies will show com
plete commercial vehicles In the garder
while the palace will house models o
4! truck manufacturers. In each build
ing the majority of the accessory maker
will exhibit the entire two weeks.
The show is to be staged simultaneous
ly in Grand Central Palace and Madiso
Square Garden, January 11 to 25, and, a
usual, will be divided into a pleasure ca
week and commercial vehicle week.
* * * *
Foreign Car Exhibit.
The arrangement whereby the salo
of imported cars inaugurates the Amerl
can automobile show season of 1W13 is
fitting one, for Europe was the blrthplac
of the modern motor vehicle and th
cradle of its infancy. The salon wi
open in New York January 2, in the gran
ballroom of the Astor and close on th
Uth, the day the big double shot
begins simultaneously in Madison Squar
Garden and the Grand Central Palace.
Although the automobile has its wide*
use in this country and the America
- built car is beginning to dominate th
world's markets, it is still to the foreig
t or that u*P tor?k fnr riPtt' in df
sign and construction and the introduc
tion of novel features. It is this fat
that gives unusual interest to the annua
exhibition of foreign cars in New York.
Practically every standard, feature ii
the modern automobile originated abroad
The shaft drive and long stroke moto
were first used in Kurope, while Eng
land gave us the six cylinder car am
was first to take up the sliding valv
t9}3 LH
v - " "
*W . I .
-v. . < a* :^:y-:>-?A#& M. i|V'-- jii
* <Ph?
Colony Loses Another
Branch Manager by Pron
motion Route.
e !
r j
e That Washington is an excellent traine
; ing ground for those engaged in the auto
mobile game, and is Iteing recognized as
I j such by tiie main office, is shown by tfie
s ] fact tliat within the past few weeks sevi"
j era1 local branch managers have been
" promoted to higi er positions and at the
t sajne time given more responsibility.
Tiie latest transfer is that of F. \V.
Powers, more popularly known as
"Wade" Powers, local manager of the
g I Washington hrancii id' the Goodyear Tire
- and Rubber Company. He returned from
e Akron. Ohio, yesterday, where lie was inj.
formed of his promotion to he manager of
the Philadelphia branch of that company.
* He will leave Washington about Decem?
lier 15 to assume his new duties. The
r Quaker city branch is much larger than
r the one here, in fact, is the largest in
n the east. Announcement probably will
be made tomorrow who his successor will
e be.
Mr. Powers is one of the most popular
0 men in the tire business in Washington.
e Four years ago he came here to be manager
of the local branch, having come
11 from St. bonis, Mo., where he was
s cashier of that branch. In October, lOlO,
n he opened the Baltimore branch, which
also came under his management, together
with the local branch. August 15 last
he moved into the new branch, which
.? was constructed for the company at WIG
\ lttli street northwest, under his supervi.
skm. Previous to that time he was rnan"
j ager of the branch at 1?L!G Connecticut
avenue. He has a large staff of men
under him and has one of the most cum1
plete tire offices in the city.
~ Mr. Powers was horn in St. I.ouis,
s which he still claims as his home. He is
one of the youngest branch managers in
l~ the country and that he has made good
is evidenced by the announcement of Ids
promotion, which will be received with
delight by his many friends here. He
is married and will shortly take up his
residence with his wife in the Quaker
I- motor, the invention of an American who
a was forced to go abroad, as were the
e Wright brothers, to gain initial j-ecoge
nition. American body builders arc frank
11 in acknowledging the lead of the Eud
ropean carrosieres and are proud of the
e copies they make of the best foreign
v designs.
e The importers predict that much of the
interest in the coming salon will he const
tered in the bodies, for these contain
n most of the innovations which the Eue
ropean manufacturers are bringing But
n for next year. A similar prediction was
made last year, however, and yet the
1!?12 salon introduced four distinct types
t of valveless motors, to say nothing of
d front wheel brakes, worm drives and
other new mechanical features,
n * * * *
i Gone to Quaker City.
j W. R. Douglas, formerly with the
e Washington Motor Car Equipment
/ - 0^
nHK ^^^SiSMp JBBEBHWBK^ittflni
to taken in front of John I'aul Jones Mom
" iil
_____ j
I I hi K
vHB M| n-^PA ?
IH l^BB fl^L. AIOi'TI 1 ?1
V| ^^^||fijn ill
fl VI ^| nvg|
5rpfE-J -1 *l&ta fiSPdjffi j
" '1m? y ' 1
Company, has recently joined the sa-les |
department of the Gibney Motor Supi
ply Company of Philadelphia and will
represent that company in the territory
south of Pennsylvania.
* * * *
Abbott-Detroit Delivery.
The first of the 1913 Abbott-Detroit j
ears was delivered yesterday to Byron j
S. Adams, a pioneer motorist of Wash- J
ington. Tt is a 44-50-horsepower demi- ;
tonneau touring: ear, finished in dark ,
blue, with natural wood Wheels.
* * * *
A Storm in Town.
There was a storm in town last week,
being C. M. Storm, formerly engaged in
the automobile business here, hut now
located in New York.
* + * *
i Mitchell Representative Here.
1 Pharloo P V^L* i n nm> lnunn ? /. . /?r i Ua 1
J ? -J -? . Uiiiiiuvi , nifHia^vi ' ? I III'- :
j New York and Philadelphia branches
of the Mitchell-Lewis Motor Com !
pany, was a guest of 11. B. Leary. jr..
for a few days last week. He is now
; en route south.
* * * *
Going West.
William I*. Barnhart expects to leave
j tonight for Toledo, I>etroit and Jaek!
son. Mich, lie will visit the Flanders'
I plant at Detroit and the Standard Flee- I
trie Company at Jackson. En route j
home he will stop over and visit motor 1
car officials at Toledo, Ohio.
* * * *
A Buick Visitor.
J. X. Garber. representative for the j
Buick at Harrisonburg, Va., was a !
guest for a few days last week of 9
Robert II. Martin, manager of the local 8
branch of the Buick Motor Company.
-I- -i- - j
(Cadillac Traffic Manager.
| A. C. Westfall. traffic manager of tne'S
I t'adillao Motor Car Company of Detroit. r
| was a visitor here all of last week. He j 8
attended a conference of the southern fj
classification committee, composed of ! w
railroad officials handling southern trans- IM
portation lines, east of the Mississippi : 8
river and south of the Ohio and Potomac j |
rivers. The object of the meeting was K
! to discuss the rate proposition for ship- ; P
ping motor cars. Mr. Westfall accom- 8
panied i". J. Shaar of the Packard Motor i ?
Car Company and J. S. Marvin of New 8j
York of the national automobile manufacturers.
In speaking of the traffic situation in u
Detroit Mr. Westfall said that there are a
hut oOjHJO wide side-door ears for the R
accommodation of approximately 7.1.OOP y
carloads of automobiles from Detroit jl
1 TMr.* rt 4- te.oiKL. ?n ? U* * : Bf
: oiuur. j *ic H' ? ui u vuuir in tin iiauii r ?k
j department is to keep the freight ears i E
I moving back to the loading point. Last ; g.
[ year over Too automobiles were parked
! on the streets of Detroit, day and night. ! I
owing to the shortage of freight cars
and no garage facilities for housing the
cars. At one time there was $1,250,000 J
worth of automobiles stored on the i
streets of that city. I
* Jj? 5jJ
Reports Quick Sale.
William P. Barn hart claims the dis- !
tinction of having made the quickest
automobile sale on record in the National
Capital. He met a motorist down
town a few days ago in front of a hanking
institution, who inquired of him how j
, much he would allow in trade for his t
car, which was standing at the curb. V
"Bill" told him, whereupon the prospective
purchaser invited him to step into
the bank while he made out the eheck.
Slipping the ch?Tk in his pocket, "Bill" C
told him the ear was his. and the pro1
spective purchaser is now driving an
i Kveritt "30" five-passenger touring car. j
His name is Oscar Brothers, who has j
been driving motor cars in the National
Capital for several years past.
* * * *
Gone to Detroit.
Joseph M. Stoddard of the Cook & 1
Stoddard Company left Friday in com- o
pany with A. C. Westfall of the Cadillac t
company to attend the third annual convention
of Cadillac dealers, to be held In j :
Detroit Tuesday, December 10. and will j Ij
continue until Friday, the 13th, with r
daily sessions. This gathering, whiph
the executives regard as the most important
and productive event of the year, 1
will bring to Detroit about 350 men from o
all parts of America, including Los An- t
geles, Vancouver, Dallas, Minneapolis, t.
Jacksonville, Portland, Me., and Winnipeg.
The visitors are dealers, their :l
managers and salesmen. The chief oh- ' >
ject of their meeting is educational. That e
is, by means of addresses and informal .
discussions, ideas of special value to
Cadillac dealers and owners are exchanged.
The chief thought is always service, p
for the dealer from the east wants to u
know how the man in the west is per- (
feeling this important branch of his business,
and the fellow from the west is
willing in turn to listen to his commer- u
(Continued on Sixth Page.)
Ml in
^ fl C?
if ?
; j in
' ; . St
: X
1* I H
! til
j i ai
* : ! bo
~i ; ed
V ^ ^ ^ V | wi
j tr;
i in
I rK
I de
I he
! pa
ument.) ^ sj
We Will Exhibit at the
This car/t happen to
If your car should st<
You have read of many ir
loss of life. When you 1
inate this danger.
It Is Instar
Are regular equipment 01
ator system. All lights a
search light's are 12V2 inc
bread, steady path of ligl
40 In Ki homcpowfr.
\\ heel linse. 11s! inches.
Itrnr Seat. 50 inches inside.
Turkish Cushions, 14 inches
Central control.
I,eft-side drive,
lirl ve shaff sufficient for
Brakes ? Extra efficient ?
drums, 16x2',* inches.
Sprints 2'i inches wide, 37 am
50 inches Ions'.
1913 Michigan "4
1 ___ ?
Thomas Nsa! Quits Presidency
of. Genera! Motors Company.
). W. Nash. Manager of Buick
Plant at Hint, Mich., Is Slated
to Succeed Kim.
After a two-year term of office as
'resident of the General Motors Comany.
during which time a successful rergaivzation
has been accomplished and
he big company re-established on a
rotitab'.e anil stable basis, Thomas Neal
; relinquishing; the. presidency and will j
>t come chairman of the hoard of di-I
ectors. !
In the fail of t'.il", when tlie biff com- I
any was n financed and the executive ,
ffices moved from New York to Detroit, |
he financial interests supporting the j
ompanv realiztd the necessity of secur- j
rig as president a man of very broad
usiness experience, capable not only of j
xercising the abilities of an organizer and
he judgment of an experienced manuacturer.
but? also of inspiring confidence
i financial circles and in the investing
ublic. Mi*. Xcai was approached and
rged to take the office, and while atracted
by the great possibilities offered
j a man keenly interested in business
ndertakings, he accepted with some
isitanc-y because of the {treat personal
acrifiee, necessitated by the close ap- j
iication to detail and executive work, \
t a time when he \\ as more disposed to i
tied burdens of that kind.
Permitted to Retire.
Mr Xeal went into the office with the
iderstandint; that at such time as the j
isiness was re-established on a satis- j
etory basis he be permitted to retire ;
om the arduous duties of chief execuve.
That such time has arrived is best i
dicated by the financial report of the
tmpany recently issued to the stoekilders,
showing the business to he on a
ilendid financial basis, with a net earn- j
g of ovbr IT per cent on the common
ock during th( past year. Although Mr.
tal is retiring from the presidency, tie
irposes to r. tain his connection with j
nntil'ifir an.l will serve ill a definite !
id official capacity as chairman of the 1
tard of directors. ;
I'nder Mr. Xeal's administration the :
pneral Motors company lias concentrat-I
! its manufacturing: operations at plants ;
here large volume of production is pos- <
ble. Tin- result of this policy has been
make evf ry plant an earner.
The Cadillac, Kuick. Oakland. Oidsm <- j
!e and Carter car plants are all working I
their fullest capacity to supply the i
ude which these well known cars have
lilt up All of the plants man u fact ur- j
g accessories are enjoying similar prosrlty.
I'o his many frientls Mr. Neal is best |
town as a man of domestic tastes, w ho i
rives his greatest pleasure from his j
one life, the enjoyment of which the
. t two years have given him but scant
W. Xasli, manager of the big Buic i
ant at Flint, will succeed Mr. Xeal as
eturned From Akron,
F. W. Powers, manager of the local
anch of the Goodyear Tire and Rub?r
Company, accompanied by Bee Guy,
ipresentative at Norfolk, Va? returned
om a visit to the factory at Akron,
hlo yesterday, where he haa b**n
tending the past week.
Washington Automobile Sh<]
a MICHIGAN, because it is equij
ill, just push a button and go ahea<
istances where the loss of a second
buy a MICHIGAN car with elect
itaneous and Absol
i MICHIGAN cars. The lighting
re operated by push buttons on th
hes in diameter and of wonderful
ht one thousand feet away.
Are a Few Other Fea
Drmniintahlr rims. V
KTtra rim. >1
Steering pout, clutch and
brake pedals ail adjustable f
to fit any driver. g;
Shortsvllle wheel*. ?.<
0 Hand-buffed leather. N
Rent Curled hatr. T
Nickel mountines.
Klectrlc headlight*, very pnw- O
1 erful. 12^-ln. diameter.
Side light* flush with dash.
0''?$1,740?Delivered in
igan Motor Co.
isconsin Ave. Tel.
r~~ '
Mnrks Ihc latriil Httniument In u
ami building?a car of Miirpunnln
bcmm and dignity.
Increaard roominess: full linn
Krat-rful. Ivtv-hunK body lines.
duciiiK the latent innovation. Kl-V
One model liaa wheel ateer I'oi
control and NtearlnK levers opera
Don't buy au electric before *
1138-40 Connecticut Av
"Six Little Yankees" Promises to
Relieve Much Motor Trouble.
A new carbon preventive and remover
lias made its appearance on the market,
which gives promise of relieving the motorist
from worry, when lie finds that the
power of his motor is gradually decreasing
as time wears on. It is said that experience
lias shown that a motor a< eumu- '
lates euliirl^nt carbon to interfere with j
its fuilrst < Pic" ncy after it has run I
miles. This ih y l.e almost imperceptible j
after cm. .".<> > in les. but the io.-s of power.
it is claimed, is there just the same.
Every owner of a motor-driven vehicle
knows the troubles which arise *Aen carl>on
begins to develop in the m?ur. At
iirst its effect is imperceptible, but as the
carlion accumulates and hardens the force
of the explosion is decreased and the i
motor power is li stened. It then becomes
necessary to send the car to the shop,
have the motor torn down and cleaned, :
with the resultant loss of time, not to I
mention the inconvenience.
A carbon preventive and remover known [
as the-"Six Little Yankees," which works
while the car is in service, has been put
on the market. The makers claim it not
only cleans oat the carbon already existing,
but- prevents its formation in the
future if used every 300 miles. All that
is necessary to its use is to run the mo- !
tor until it is hot. then remove a spark (
plug from one cylinder and drop in six
of the "Six little Yankees." After waiting
about live minutes the motor is again l
started, and soot and bad odors will )
herald the disappearance of the carbon. 1
? ?V
iw February 3-8, 1913 jj
v:. J
3D! J
sped with an electric selfi,
leaving danger behind.
resulted in accident and
ric self-starter you elim- jj
utely Sure jj
"40" ;
is by the electric gencre
dash. The two front
power. They throw a
iturcs I
\ fndHhield built in
inbalr top, curtains arid
envelope. S
:iertrl? horn.
!W? Nprrilomrtrr.
'ont rail?robe rail. J
tear lire Iron*.
'?o| cheat under the running
hoards, out of the way.
ver-eapaelty. Every drivincpart
made sufficient for a
60-horsepower ear.
???????? *
Washington, D. C.
1 F"
Inc \
W. 213. ^^sh>y S
ye? ? S
tejfs |
gr^^T\mjizr~' -A j ? ^?ayiwg~~^]
llra-rcHned motor ?j.r .i'-'-iuiiloc
K luiury, ??-;???t > . comUn, rieliitiiNlnr
buck; Immer ?hcrl luisc:
>la<le In two litifh lulmlOIAIMi
r front neat drive, I lie oilier lut*
iletl from retir wit.
>eeiiiK tbi* new II VKKIt.
5toddard(f). j
e. Phone North 7810 ;j
r 1913 ]
Century Efecfric
Represent the maximum in
wo; th. efficiency. service and
con!fort in Electric Pleasure (Vs.
A motor < a.- unexcelled in beauty
and mechanical perfection.
Not bin: shows up the merits
of an Electric Car like comparison.
A.\Y invite you to do the 1
comparing in connection with the
"Century/* We wiil leave it < ntlrety
to you to decide where the
"Century" Electric stands.
Re sure to see the Century and
set a demonstration before buying
any Motor Car, Electric or
immediate Delivery Effected.
Concord Apartment,
N. H. and Oregon Av:s.
Tel. X. 227a.
Sets Truck Agency.
David S. Heridrick. local represent a tit
'or the Abbott-Detroit and Kranklin lines,
tas secured the agency for the Stewart
1,500 motor truck.

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