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904 Q St.
5c Ivory Soap, 3 for
5c Fels-Naptha Soap. 3 for.
5c Argo Starch. 3 for
Old Dutch Cleanser, 3 for.
50c Pebeco Tooth Paste ^
50c Hind's Honey & Almond Cream J
50c Elcaya Cream 37c
50c Daggett & RamsdeTi's Cold Cream. .27c
$1.00 Bath Towels 49c
$1.25 Bath Towels 59c
$1.50 Bath Towels 69c
15c Wash Rags, 2 for - 14c
50c Gillette Razor Blades, pkg 39c
$1.00 Gillette Razor Blades, pkg 79c
50c Wyeth's Sulphur and Sage 31c
40c Absorbent Cotton, pkg....' 19c
Everv Dav a Bargain Day Until This Great Stock Is Closed Out.
Toilet and Bathroom
25c Aubry Staters' Beautifier 19c
50c Pompeian Manage cream 27c
25c Perfection Cold Cream 11c
25c Peroxide Cream He
25c Poot Powder 11c
25c pint bottle Dobell's Solution 13c
10c Styptic Pencil 4c
10c Corn Pile 4c
25c Comb* ? ? ? 9c
65c Combs 29c
25c Thermometer 9c
3Ec Kail Piles 19c
10c Grease-spot Bemover 7c
75c Bay Bum, pint bottle 37c
25c bottle Witch Hazel 14c
65c Kail Buffer 9c
Society Tooth Paste 4c
10c Emery Boards 3c
Household Goods.
35c 5-grain Xiithia Tablets 17c
35c 3-grain Iaithia Tablets 14c
25c pint bottle Soda Mint 13c
25c Hand Scrubs 12c
40c and 50c Hand Scrubs 29c
15c Steel Tweezers 7c
75c Beef, Wine and Iron, bottle 29c
81.00 Syrup Hypophosphite, bot. 59c
25c Pope's Freckle Cream 9c
25c Kail Piles 9c
50c Peroxide of Hydrogen 19c
10c Menthol Inhaler 4c
15c Blackhead Bemover 7c
$1.00 H. S. Wampole's Cod I>iver
Oil 39c
50c Cloth Brush 19c
25c lb. can Corylopsis Talcum
25c lb. can Violet Talcum
25c lb. can Trailing Arbutus. J Box
Talcum Powder.
15c Sozoderma Talcum Powder. . 9c
15c Caswell & Massey Talcum
Powder 9c
15c Iiilac Talcum Powder 11c
15c Plesh Color Talcum Powder. 5c
Hot Water Bottles and
Fountain Syringes.
S1.50 Hot-water Bottles 49c
82.CO Hot-water Bottles 89c
S2.50 Hot-water Bottles 81.09
S2.7S Combination Syringes .. .81.98
52.25 Combination Syringes. . . 81.79
82.50 Fountain Syr'n?es 31.39
82.C0 Fountain Syringes 8109
81-35 Fountain Syringes 79c
S1.00 Bathbrrsbe3 59c
65c 3?thbru3iies 29c
85c Whiskbrooms 24c
Soaps Reduced
10c London Transparent Glycerine
Soap. while it lasts. 6 cakes for 25c
lCc Dela Rfiire ooap I
10c Colgate's Oatmeal Soap
10c Colgate's Glycerine Soap Cakes,
10c Colgate's Honey Soap . 1 y ?
10c Colgate's Srown Windsor *
25c Castile Soa;> 12c
15c EngliEh Glycerine Soap, just
like Pear's, cake 7c
20c White Rose Glycerine Soap,
better than the imported, cake. 9c
10c Imported 4711 Soap
10c Cologne Bouquet Soap 3
10c Oriental Corylopsis Soap.
Oriental Violet, Oriental Cakes.
Wbi*e Bote and Oriental ? 'j 1
Santalwood ' *?
45c box of Assorted Soap 29c
FBE. guaranteed
to be tbe very
4 for 2!c
Tooth Powder & Paste.
25c Tcoth Fowder 11c
25c Tooth Paste 12c
25c Thymole Tooth Powder 5c
25c Williams' Dental Cream and
25c Toothbrush Holder, both
for 17c
25c Calox Tooth Powder 18c
25c Kolynos Tooth Facte 17c
81.50 English Hairbrushes 79c
81.50 Frof'jsrional Hairbrushes;
you can't wear out the brtstlez.98c
$2.50 Razors, 87c.
S2.00 and S3.00 Imported Razors;
every razor fully guaranteed .87c
82.00 Self-honing Strops 98c
$2.00 Automatic Strops; will
sharpen Gillette and other
safety razors; save your
old blades
31-00 Ever-rep-dy Safety Kazors 59c
25c Shaving Brushes, twice be
low cost 7c
75c Shaving Brushes 39c
Say. Men! Take this outfit
with you on your vacation:
82.50 Automatic Razor Stropper.
S2.C0 Razor.
35c Rubberset Shaving Brush.
25c Shaving Guard, y* J aq
85.10 worth for *
31.50 and 82.00
Get one before
they are gone.
$1.50 Razors.
A few dozen left. Get J A
yours while they last. C
Special price
Shaving Stick and Soaps.
10c Williams' Shaving Cake 5c
Colgate's Shaving Soap 5c
25c Sbaving Stick 10c
25c Williams' Shaving Stick ... 17c
25c Colgate's Shaving Stick 20c
25c Toothbrushes He
35c Toothbrushes 21c
49c Toothbrushes 24c
Every brush guaranteed.
Hair Tonics.
25c Eanderlne 17c
75c Sage and Sulphur Hair Tonic.29c
75c Blake's Sage Hair Tonic. . . .49c
50c Herpicide bottle 39c
25c I>lquld Shampoo Soap 15c
All Patent Medicines to Pe Sold at Closing-Out Prices All Fresh Stock
Everything in
the Line of
WON'T cost much
to complete the
equipment for
the picnic when you buy
here. You get the best
ot everything at lowest
Lemon Squeezers.... ioc up
Ice Shredders ioc up
Ice Hatchets. .50c, 75c, $1.00
White Enamel Iron Cups.ioc
Wooden Spoons 8c up
? Ice Picks ioc up
Ice Cream Dishes... ioc up
Corkscrews 5c
I- Thermos Bottles and
; many other things that
1,1 would prove useful.
jp Barber & Ross,
nth and G Sts.
\r.d Ointment. 'I"hey do so much to
a!iay irritation, redness and rough
ness of the face and hands, remove
dust and grime and keep the skin soft
and clear under all conditions of ex
iK.sure. They are equally valuable
for all purjx>ses of the toilet, batl>
and nursery.
Cirtrura Poar> nrul Ofnfa?nt ?oM thro-iirhnut th?
worl i I jfwral -tar :?!o of eai-h mai'.rU free, with JJ-jf.
book Atoi-?"('u5??uri." Dept. 4C, lioaum
muo shave and shampoo wltii Cutlcura
B<x.p will 5a'! It t:est for sk!-? and scalp.
\DiUn: J: V Vrn?,iK. ^iKhty-flv* y??ars
? ?Id. <1 ri 'fi-er of Koanok**. Va., <*onfed
veteran. f'yrhlaii an'! M ?.?? rj. <1jf>d
11, :rst ay midnight ufter an of
Hevt-rul we?ks.
Made from the Heart of the
The Rupprecht Co.,
127-133 Penna. Ave.
Successor to J. P. Manning.
Two Thousand Mill Workers March
at Funeral of Riot Victim.
PATERSON. N. J., July 5.?Two thou j
sand striking silk mill workers, one- j
fifth of them women, marched today at J
'the funeral of Vincenzo Madonne, a !
striker, who was shot and killed in a j
recent riot here. The men all wore red >
ribbons on the coat lapels, the women ;
red waists and sashes.
William D. Haywood and Carlos Tres-1
ca. under indictment for inciting tht '
strikers to riot, strode at the head of
the procession. Theie was no disorder.
Withdrawal of Federal Aid to Ar-:
kansas Militia Explained.
LITTLE ROCK. Ark., July 5.?Gov. j
Putrell announced today that Secretary ?
of War Garrison had withdrawn flnan- j
cial support of the federal government j
from the Arkansas National Guard.
The Secretary's letter, the governor j
said, stated this action was not taken j
because the last legislature had failed
to appropriate $25,'>00 for maintenance,
I.ut because in a few years about $115,
dOO worth of federal equipment had ?
been lost through negligence of state !
American Who Unfuled It in Moose j
Jaw, Sask., Injured.
WINNIPEG. Man., July 5.?An Aineri-I
can Hag was tram;>led in the mud and I
torn and an American who unfurled it'
was slightly injured and rolled in tlit j
mud at Moose Jaw. Sask., late last ;
night, according to word received here
The American, whose name was not
ascertained, scarcely had unfurled th'
flag ?>n a lamp post in the main street I
w ?.???! she was set upon by a crowd whi rh !
tore the flag from him and hurled i'
into the street ar.d tin n t-tirew him i.i j
the mud. He was rescued by the police
Earlier ill tne evening fifty Ame icans
attempting to parade the streets with
waving tla^s, were turned back to tin
hotel where they were celebrating by
ti.e police, who feared riot.ng.
a I
Plea for Return of "Dear Stella"
Brings About Arrest.
Ernest Warder of -17 South Alfred t
street. Alexandria, v a., was detained by j
the police of t.ie first precinct last night :
to await action by the Department of
Justice. Warder's pllvht is the outcome
of a notice printed In The Star yester
day, In which he appealed to "Dear
Stella" to return to him.
Following the publication of the note
the polie?- made an in vestigtition and
located Mrs. Stella Hosser. She admit
ted she was the person sought by
j "Ernest." Warder was then sent for
and :-arr;e to Washington accompanied
; b; an Alexandria policeman. At the
lirst or?H-?nct station the couple said thev
were not married and this led to their
detention?Warder, as stated, to await
j th?? action of the federal authorities, and
I Mrs R.<sser as a witness.
Long Islander Has Running
Fight With Post Of
fice Yeggmen.
NEW YORK. July 5.?I vid Waring,
who lives above the general store in
Seaford. L. I., halfway between Free
port and Amityville, was wakened by J
a crash at 3:30 o'clock this morning \
and jumped to his window in time to j
see three men push their way through!
the splintered woodwork of the post j
office door across the street. Later one
of the men went to a barn In the rear
of the post office and harnessed up the
Adams Express Company horse to the!
express wagon.
Waring tiptoed to the telephone and i
called up a number of his neighbors. J
with the idea of forming an emergency i
vigilance committee, but the man on j
guard heard the jangle of the tele- ?
phone and the three robbers jumped -
into the express rig and drove off, tak
ing with them only 300 1-eent stamps
which the postmaster left in the cash
drawer over night.
Constable Murray, accompanied by two i
men. jumped into his automobile and put j
on full speed for Seaford.
Murray was the only one in the auto-'
mobile who was armed, and when he
came up against the rear wheels of the
wagon after a two-mile chase he or
dered the robbers to throw up their
The men in the wagon immediately
covered the three men in the automobile
with their guns. They made them back
away and gained a lead on their pur
Murray turned the wheel over to one
of bis assistants and resumed the pur
suit, opening flit- as soon as he got with
in range. Th. robbers returned the fire, J
but the rocking wagon spoiled their aim
and oniy the woodwork of the car suf- I
fered. i
Murray continued to shoot, and when
tiie yeggs reached Grand avenue and
Alain street, in Free port, they jumped
from the wagon and dodged in between
Linker's greenhouses. The robbers es
caped into tlie woods.
Party Plans to Stay Tlxree Years in
Crocker Land.
BOSTON. July After taking on
board seven tons of pemmican and a
quantity of medical supplies here, the
sealing steamer (>iaria sailed from Bos
ton late today for the Arctic regions
with a party of explorers headed by
Donald I!. McMillan, who plan to re
main three years in Crocker Land.
At the Diana's-next port of call, Syd
ney. C. B.. a supply of lumber for the
construction of winter quarters will
be put on board. The expedition is sent
out by the American Geographical So
<n ty and tin \merican Museum of Nat
;r;il History of Nt w York.
Naval Craft Goes 31 Knots an Hour
in Standardization Test.
ROCKLAND, Me.. July 5.?The new I
torpedo !>oat destroyer Duncan ga:ne I a!
top speed of tliirtv-one knots an hour for j
her fasie.-t run over a measure i mile on'
th<- tirst nf her standardisation tests on I
th? Rockland c >urs?- today, according to
unofficial figures.
On her four-hour endurance test she
averaged *Jl?.ir. knots all hour, while her
maximum showed for one hoii'- was i
knots an hour. Her contract called fori
Vegetarian Food Co. Incorporated.
Articles of Incorporation of the Vege
tarian Food and Nut Company of
Washington have been filed in the
office of the District recorder of deeds.
Officers of the company are: \V. H.
Coleman, president: A. I... Bowen. vice
president; F. M. Coleman, secretary
and treasurer; \V. H. Coleman. A. 1..
Kowen, J I. Rrgood. Dr. E. J. Hoe,
11. C. Hayne and Peter Rlahoer. direc
tors. and J H Rilbrev eoun??al
Lone Lad Who Held Up Ore
gon Bank Cashier Unable
to Get Away.
PORTLAND, Ore.. July 5.?A lone rob
ber. who entered the First State Bank of
Mil waukie, a suburb of Portland, shortly
after noon today and with a revolver In
duced < 'ashler A. L. Uoistead to permit
him to scoop up all the ?old within reach
of the tatter's wicket, was captured late
today in the woods some miles distant.
He gave the name of Virgil Perrine and
said he was from St. .Louis. He is
twenty years old.
After fleeing from the bank with citi
zens in pursuit, the robber on gaining the
woods hid himself by standing submerged
to the ne< k in an incased spring. He re
mained there for two hours until th?>
thin of the water drove him from his
biding place into the hands of a sheriff s
The robber's loot, about in gold,
was found In his pockets, with the ex
ception of he dropped In his flight.
John Talty, Who Threatened Suicide,
May Be in Virginia.
No trace of John Talty. fifteen years
dlsaPPear*d from his home.
1-,th street northwest, after his
mother had compelled him to remove
firecrackers from his pocket, has been
i he boy s parents, following the find
ing of a note left by him in which he
is alleged to have stated his intention
of drowning himself, have searched
with the aid of the po ice and friends
practically the entire District and por
tions of Virginia.
The search is being continued in Vir
ginia. as the police believe he misrht
have gone there in company with a
colored boy with whom he had asso
Man Is Trailed to New Orleans
Through Forged Checks.
SAVANNAH, <ia., July ft.?Information
has been received ir. Savannah of the ar
rest at New Orleans yesterday of B. c!
llartman. a former Savannahian. on a
charge of forgery. Hartman cam- here
about a year ago and interested several
.'avanr.ah bus ness men in a deal he had
on foot. Later he left, and siner then
has been trailed almost half-way across
tlie continent by the number of fort'td'
checks which have appeared in Savan-I
nah bearing the name of local business
These checks, it is alleged, were for
sums ranging from ?_><m to Iftyo and were
passed by Hartman. It is not thoug :
the man will be br ought here for tr al
He may be tried in New Orleans. He is
alleged to have uttered forge-lies in Bir
mingham. Wichita Falls, Tex., and other
Texas towns as well as in New Orleans.
Senor Memtreno Visiting Honduras.
Alberto Membrcno, minister from
Honduras to the United States, has re
turned to his country on leave of ab
sence granted him by his government.
During his absence the affairs of the
legation will be in charge of the Guate
malan minister, Senor Don Joaquin
Must Go to Other Duties.
The Secretary of War has directed
the department chiefs to relieve all of
ficers who have served a tour of dutv
of four years in the War Department
and vicinity of Washington.
Recovering From Operation.
James L. Murphy of Franklin, La.
deputy marshal of the United States
Commerce Court, whose right foot was
amputated last week following a strte:
car accident opposite the Kbbitt House,
and in which Representative Dupree of
Louisiana also figured, has so far re
covered from the effects of the opera
tion as to be removed from the Kmer
gency Hospital to his home, L, street
Story of Orson Howard Dupli
cates That of Rip Van
Leaves Laporte. IndM Forty Years ;
Ago; Just Found in Dodge j
City. Kan.
Special Dispatch I?> The Star.
JACKSON. Mich.. July j.?VYill the
mystery of Orson Howard's forty years j
of absence, a story rivaling that-of Rip |
\ an \\ inkle, be solved by the pages'
which the old man is writing day after I
day and which he will let no one see?
In a comfortable little home just east !
of Jackson, Mrs. Howard watches over ,
her husband as he writes, yet he does j
not know her as his wife, calling her
"aunt. Nor does he recognize his two !
sons, but thinks them cousins. It has j
been so for- three years.
Mr. Howard is eighty-six years old. I
while his wife is sixty-nine. Forty-six
years ago they resided in La Porte, Ind.
They had been married four years, and
had two children. One morning in May
Howard siiouldered a shotgun and told
his wife he was going hunting, laughing
ly promising her he would bring home
a bird for a good supper. Night came,
but tlie man did not return. Another
morning dawned and he did not appear,
tie had been a man of good habits and
good repute.
Widespread Search Futile.
The woman spread the alarm, and a
large searching party was formed to
scour the woods for the hunter. School
was dismissed and the pupils joined in
the search. But neither hills nor val
leys nor dynamited rivers gave, any
trace of the missing man/
After that the gods that hide vanish
ed people drew a veil of forty years
over the being of Orson Howard. The
wife waited long for him to come back,
but when the two boys had grown up
no word had come, and the family
found reason to move to Jackson.
Three years ago a letter came to Mrs.
Howard from a" relative in the west,
saving she believed Mr. Howard was
livilit? in Dodge City, Kan. Further in
quiries were made, with the result
that the aged man was brought to
Jackson wher" a reunion followed?a
strange reunion, however, for Howard,
in whose eyes was a queer light, was
unable to remember his wife, and
thought of her only as his "aunt."
But while Howard could not recall the
circumstances of his life in l^a Porte, he
remembered leaving the town, and was
able to tell a good deal of his wanderings.
From this, and from fragments of speech
that drop from time to time from his
lips as he sits in the garden and dreams
<1av by day Mrs. Howard and her sons
have been able to picture many of his
activities during the forty years.
Ravages of Time.
The man was active and younp-hearted
when he disappeared, but when he return
ed. like Rip Van Winkle, he was bent,
white-haired and crippled with age. What
caused him to leave home was a mystery |
to his wife. Something in his brain must t
have snapped, she believes. They had j
had no trouble.
Leaving La Porte. Howard journeyed
into the wild parts of the west. He work
ed on the ranches and herded cattle and
sheep. When the Sante Fe railroad was
built he helped lay the track. Always lie
carried the gun with him. Buffalo were
plentiful in those days, and lie killed
hundreds of them on the piains. The
men with whom he associated in the
west, and they were scattered, knew
Howard as "Billy the Hunter." It was
in Kansas, only a few years ago, that
some one stole his gun. And now when
some stray memory comes into his mind
he swears vengeance on the thief.
In the past few weeks Howard lia-s
taken to writing. Slowly, laboriously, he
has transcribrd scores of pages. Bach
night he locks the manuscript in a heavy
chest and will not let his wife see what
lie has written.
"Some day. not far off, you shall see,"
he says. "The mystic voice shall bid
you open the chest. Till then let me
write in peace."
Deaths Reported.
The following deaths have been re
ported to the health department:
Lyman H. Dawson, 19 years. Govern
ment Hospital for the Insane.
Marie McCann, 1 year, 941 E street
Augustus Fentress. 83 years. 629
Kenyon street northwest.
Frances L. King, years, 1)11 New
York avenue northwest.
Infant Helen Lent. 5 months, 2300 K
street nortlrwest.
Infant of James L. and Virgle Poore.
12 hours, Georgetown University Hos
Thomas Hill, 70 years, 21 Fitz court
norths est.
Jefferson Cash, 43 years. Freedmen's
John Craig, ,">s years, Washington
Asylum Hospital.
Zelmont Morgan, 1 year, Freedmen's
Hospital. .
Mary E. Clark, 45 years. 1210 L street)
Eliza J. Thomas. 61 years, 1050 Jeffer
son street northwest.
Catharine V. Harcomb, 3 months, 409
3d street northeast.
John H. Campbell, 5 months, Freed
men's Hospital.
Births Reported.
The following births have been re
ported to the health department:
Romulus C. and Estelle Tilghman,
William nnd Zoe Thompson, boy.
John P. and Elizabeth B. Talty, boy.
Martin A. and Agnes L. Schram. boy.
William A. and Grace C. Sladen, boy.
James A. and Mary V. Sorrell. boy.
Joseph F. and Mary H. Mueller, boy.
William A. and Mary D. Lee, girl,
(ieorge W. and Elsie E. Love, girl.
Carey E. and Vallie A. King, girl.
Robert 11. and Dorothea A. Howard,
Kufus R. and Virginia R. Henderson,
Carmino and Maria Graziano, boy.
John F. and Teresa O. Grindle, girl.
Francis and Margaret Grady, girl.
Marcus and Tillie Feld, boy.
William and Alice Farhood, boy.
Wesley L. and Ruth A. Stevenson,
Francis E. and Sarah Gilbert, girl.
Attorney General Reports Adversely
on I. C. C. Request.
The interstate commerce commission
will have to get along in its great task
of making a physical valuation of the
railroads of the country without the as
sistance of expert enginter ofllcers of the
army, unless Congress can be induced to
pass special legislation carry, ng ttie
necessary authority.
The oommission had asked the Secre
tary of War for the loan of a dozen army
engineers to assist in certain branches
of the investigation, but the Attorney
General ruled that there is no warrant
of law for such diversion of the engineers
- rri ? <*. >t C5.
Beaten, Witnesses Say, by I
Father-in-Law, for Break
ing Engagement.
NEW \ORK. July .Y?Charles G. Gates j
arrived in this city today from Minne-1
apolls^on a special train, following a cafe j
row in which he is said to have coine j
out second best.
As the story comes from Minneapolis
the millionaire broker, who married .Miss
Florence Hopwood of that city, was
knocked down, cuffed and dragged by
the shoulders from McCormicks cafe
there Thursday night by his father-in
law, Frank Hopwood. Here is the ver
sion of several late diners, waiters and j
police inspectors and the proprietor of
the cafe.
<->ates and Leonard Alien, manager of
the Charles E. Lewis & Co. grain broker
age firm, entered the cafe abput H> o'clock
Thursday niuht and took a table for two
Gates shortly afterward went across the
room where he join-.d a party of fifteen
members of the Greeters of America, an
organization of hotel clerks meeting
Minneapolis. He offered ro buy some wine
for them, but was asked to introduce him
outlav tC ,ln- but b>" a lavish
Greeters ih?1T ary tlps ?'roved to the
poster He Jh W*1 no harmful Un
ties of Jw ^en Pur^ased several bot
s ,of wine, but even then his identitv
was nut known to the Greeters.
Generous With His Tips.
He tipped two waiters $T. each, the
ead waiter and sent S20 to the or
'estra with the request that it play
only patriotic airs." About that time
some one phoned *Vank P. Hopwood.
a es ather-in-Iaw, that Gates was lit
and his mone>' away. Mr.
Lewi L 68 and Mr and Mrs T?>dd
V\'s Thtli1 ""r1 t0 KO to Frederick,
not y after?oon, but Gates had
?h n^ppe^r to -*oin the party. His
friends said he was in St. Paul.
his father-in-law. attired in vacht
l'nk W f duck> had just come off the i
son went W?'tht?>Warren J" "opwood. his
n, went to the cafe in an auto. Mr
asked Mr" McCormick. the
miek H .?? to/Ject Gates. This McCor
Gate? /T t0 do- but summoned
-u to the entrance of the cafe
^^?er?e H?Pwood waS waiting. Accord
ing to several witnesses Gates was
Rreeted by a blow on the jaw, which 1
knocked him down. He was then
cuffed and finally dragged to his feet
and unceremoniously led out of the
cafe. He was placed In an auto and
was driven off without any more ado.
x.?, about an hour after this,
the Milwaukee railroad officials re
ceived a message from Mr. Gates to
get ready a special train to take him
to New \ ork. This special left at tt-55
am This morning Warren Hop
wood called at the cafe and offered his
father s apology to Mr. McCormick for
the affair.
The Greeters of America were greatly
surprised to learn the identity of their
generous acquaintance.
The Democratic League Will Assist
Democratic National Committee.
Plans for assisting the democratic na
tional committee in its work were out
lined at a meeting of the executive
committee of the Woman's National
Democratic League at the New vv II
lard Hotel yesterday. It was the final
meeting of the committee until fall.
Mrs. A\ illiam A. Cullop, wife of Rep
resentative Cullop 0f Indiana, presided
at the meeting.
Denver Women Begin Movement
Against Juvenile Court Judge.
DENVER, July Circular letti-s
designed to create public sentiment
against Judge Ben B. Llndsey of the
juvenile court, and which may lead to
a petition for his recall, have been dis
tributed in Denver. Behind the move
ment are a number of prominent wom
an politicians, headed by Gen \furv
Elizabeth Bates. Mari
The women said the juvenile court
is a farce, that it is maintained at a
useless expense to the city and county
and state, and that instead of imurCv
ing the moral standard of juveniles a
worse condition now prevails- am,!,
children In Denver tlf.n be?ore ,h?
court was created. e
Those Near Mexico City Are Re
ported Comparatively Safe.
Representatives of the American
churches in Mexico have joined with offi
cials of the Southern Pacific roalroad in
assuring the State Department that I
American residents in Mexico, and'
especially those in the neighborhood of I
the capital, have been singularly free I
from annpyance during the present revo
lutionary troubles.
The clergymen report an unusually
large attendance of worshipers, con
sidering that this is the season when
great numbers of Americans leave Mex
ico for vacations in the north. The rail
read officials explain the reported w ,ole
sale exodus of Americans from Vera
ruz bv the statement that owin" to the
interruption of the rail lines leading int ,
the rnited States. Vera Crux tat h* only
means of egress from the country and
apparently is congested.
California State Association Goes to
Marshall Hall Today.
The California State Association will
make a pilgrimage to Marshall Hal!
this afternoon to commemorate the
memory of the California pioneers, who
made that resort their headquarters.
The Federation of State Societies
ha\ e been invited to be their guests
A number of senators and represent
atives and others have been invited to
make addresses.
Russian Crops Show Gain.
According to cable advices from the
International Institute of Agriculture ut
Rome to the Department of Agriculture,
the winter wheat crop this year in Euro
pean Russia is estimated at :!77.us3,?di>
bushels or l.H.s per cent more than last
J't-ar. The winter rye crop is estimated
at IHT.HHI.OOO bushels or h.'.l per cent less
than last year.
Would Neutralize Philippines.
Representative Burgess of Texas yes
terday reintroduced a resolution to re
quest the President to consider the ex
pediency of a treaty with European pow
ers for the neutralization of the Philip
pine Islands, and to protect an independ
ent government there when established.
The resolution was referred to the in
sular affairs committee.
President Pardons Thief.
Walter Carter, colored, convicted at
Albany. Ga., June 22. 1911, of stealing
a letter containing a check and sen
tenced to five years in the penitentiary,
was given his freedom yesterday by
President Wilson on the ground that
the sentence had been unusually
severe. He has served the equivalent mt
? I
Inmate Suspected of Slaying
New York Hospital
NEW YORK. July i.?A chemical ex
amination will be made of stains on :
the clothing of Michael Nolan. giant in- j
mate of the Mohansic Stale Hospital, j
an institution for the mildly insane,
who is pected of killing Charles
Wylie. an attendant. Thursday night.
The suspected patient laughingly said,
when asked about the spots on his
garments, that they got there when he
killed a pig for the cook several days
It was Nolan who first called the at- j
tention of Mrs. Ann Stanley, a cook in i
the Strang cottage, where the murder
occurred, to Wylie's body. He told
her to look in Wylie's room, which was ;
on the ground floor.
Nolan is Questioned.
Nolan was questioned by the sheriff
and said That he had Rot up at 5:30
o'clock to help Mrs. Stanley in the
kitchen. He said he had gone out into
the yard with the coffee pot to get some
water, when he saw a well dressed
stranger peering through the window of
Wylie's room.
Nolan said he then re-entered the
Strang house, came out again and saw
the stranger walking away. He then
called to Mrs. Stanley to look in Wylie's
Supt. Harris. Sheriff Doyle and the
coroner had great difficulty In getting
any information from Nolan. To the
superintendent, however, he make a re
mark that is cons!dered very significant
by the investigators. This remark was
that Wylie "was not much of a loss be
cause he abused the inmates and called
them bad names."'
No Finger Prints Left.
The instrument which the murderer
had used could riot be found, and a
thorough search for finger prints
proved unsuccessful. There were a
few bloodstains on the window sill,
and it is thought that the slayer may
have made his escape in that way. The
instrument of death is believed to have
been either a garden pick or a short
One cent was found in the pockets of
Wylie's clothes, which were hanging
on a chair. As he had receivt-d his
month's salary of $30 last Saturday
and was known to have spent but $10
or $12 It is believed that robbery may
have been the motive for the crime.
Rescued Before Steamer Wilson
Sinks in Long Island Sound.
j NEW YORK. July 5.?A few minutes
| after her twenty passengers had been
taken off safely, the freight steamer
John P. Wilson sank at a dock at City
Island late today.
The vessel sprang a leak on her way
up Long Island sound from this city
to Stamford. Capt. Hancort headed
for the south end of City Island. The
steamer filled rapidly and went down
before any part of the cargo could be
Coroner's Jury Holds Hugh Harrison
for Girl's Death.
SAVANNAH. Ga., July X? Hugh Har
rison, who three days ago shot and fatal
! ly wounded Ruth Hester in a house on
Broughton street west, the girl having
died since, was held for murder this
morning by the coroner's jury. Harrison
also shot himself in an effort to commit
He is being guarded at a local hospital.
The evidence seemed conclusive that t:ie
man did the shooting. Those in the house
at the time found him with tiie revolver
pressed against his head after several
shots had been fired.
Unidentified Man Takes Emblem
From Staff on Consul's Dwelling.
SAN FRANCISCO, July 5?The na
tional ensign of Paraguay was cut
from its staff on the roof of the resi
dence of Estojie Calderon, consul gen- |
eral for Paraguay, during his absence
Consul Calderon had been surprised
earlier in the day by a visit from two |
men who demanded that the flag be
"Foreign flags don't go on the Fourth \
of July," they said.
Later a housemaid heard a noise on
the roof and saw a man hurrying away
with the flag.
Harvard Club of Paris Gives Dinner
fcr Educator.
PARIS, July 5.?The Harvard Club of
Paris gave a dinner tonight in honor
of Dr. Abbott Lawrence Lowell, presi
dent of Harvard University, and dis- j
tinguished members of the faculty of
the Sorbonne.
Among those present were the Ameri
can ambassador. Myron T. Herrick:
Justice James W. Gerard, recently ap
pointed American ambassador to Ger
many: Prof. Henri Bergson of the Uni
versity of Paris, Charles Bayet. di
rector of university education in
France, and Alfred Croisel, dean of the
faculty of letters, the Sorbonne.
Sullivan, Roche and Hay den to Try
Caminetti Case.
ern Fuei arid Diggs-Camlnettl cases delay
in prosecuting, which resulted in the sen
sational resignation of United States At
torney McNab. wiil be tried by three spe
cial assistants to the Attorney General.
This word was received here today by
Benjamin McKinley. acting United States
attornev, from Attorney General Mc
Reynolds. Matthew I. Sullivan, i'homas
J. Roche and Thomas E. Harden were the
special assistants named by the Attorney
"Mr. Sullivan." it stated, "is to occupy
the position of leading counsel." In view
of the fact that President Wilson has al
ready sent to the Senate Haydeii's nomi
nation to be I'nited States attorney here,
his appointment ps special assistant to his
own office caused some comment.
Liner Hanover Reports Ocean Ob
structions Off Sable Island.
HALIFAX. N. S., July r,.-The North
German Lloyd liner Hanover, which ar
rived here today from Bremen, reported
s'ahiing two monster icebergs five miles
off SaMe Island. The captain said the
bergs were of unusual size for the season
?f\Vter> landing l.rMO of her 1,600 pas
sengers, the Hanover proceeded for Bal
Gets Six Years and a Half for
Wrecking Georgia Concen.
ATHENS. Ga.. July 5.?J. W. arlflln.
fI' ...
moralng ?ihh:c?i i>> J , .
? h?- Clark eoutitx mi|i, i m- . ? : .>
s x and ?. ha!' >?? irs in t'. : . .
tentiar\ t <r wrVek n* tli o..:<......
which he vent d(>.
T'.ie ctiun oi-dcii J tin: iii< . y . ,,,
wi.ich <1 tiffin !.s> s>.. u it .1 ,
trial he ?;>:?! ? : ? . , . . ,
Motion fot M new :r:a. w as lilel b\ 1
?in s attorneys toiiny.
tL'?rrr"\?? > ?
I I'FN'TKR 1 I.|< IMU . M;
I r i .. 1,.u"K!:,rr ,,f ?i'?i ,?? 1 > fl,?i m .
liritT 1.>?! "1 K-utuvky ai.-i !.
Ill'.Rl rinln
!tl A,o,v 'w* ,M*,if" *??????>. i?i? 5.
* *! 1 I'm. ai Ii1? residence IKK <<
| n .rtliwest. W 11.1,1 v M H. laelovcd
| '""'"nd of I^n. Whip,- 1 iarfc and bro-ti
I V. ' 1 '*? Suilt .1 M. ? IBeml,er ?f
1 ?(liifaraii UhI|R*, N?? !*. j* \ \ \j
Fnnerai IWlflif. Mr m. at t <???).?k
Nineteenth Str.ft Rapti*! i "hiirch, It. ? W.
[ n II ;>aator. Friend* ..f tin fmi .
invited f<? attend. ?
<'0|.K. Departed this lif.. J.,, ,, u,.r
re?j<|euct?. sv: )i Ktr.-t south we?( 'LCIN1(\
?'o|.K. aged thirty-eight ,yar?. " she le'awa
t<> mourn Iter lot.* one brother, on and
one daughter.
All friends are lurited (.. attend the f?n. ?l
^ loin lay. July 1. from u> r late resnlt n -? at
1 o clock .
? OVINtiTON <nt Satui'dHi Ji:lv ll?l . at ?t
V|' H ugh let 11. Mi (tin* of
the late \\ alilnni H. <V?vlng1on n 11.I be med
| -later of Mr? William llenrv Dennis
[ Notice of funeral hereafter ?
I KNTBKSS on Friday. July 4 i:?u. at ?
p.m.. at 11 is residence. ? Kenton street
north* eat. AI ?i I STl S ri\l IIKS< at-ed
eiguty tlin-e years
Services ?t the niitlrivv N |. 1 ? 1 Mv. Juiy 7. at
s to a hi. Interment private. in Baltiino e
1". ? lease omit flower*. ??
KKAHKRT\ On Satunlav J.||, :. u.-.j , 1
l-.ltt.. JoSKI-H K KI.AIIMST'V. Ill- l?-i.., .t
MHl only h,?, ?f 11..]|a .1 u, | tl?. i??. | ,|? -d
I lalierty.
Iii^ inI Ir*Mn iiis laie resiileiK'e. \| str>-e
nort.iuest. Iii.s.|hv. J,a? v :it ?? :? in
I'i'lTV t? >| Ste,.U.-? ? CitirH, nh.-t Mr,a?
will b>- aaiit Tor th.- r. |?.??- of hia - ut K. a
tlvea and frii-nds in?.x,-l t? attend iKa-l ru
it!?U U ? Kt?*rii |)il{M'TK fUJtVj 7?
r' K\f\S.; r>* P?r'^I thia life Saturd.n. j?:v .,
!'? ?t . lo p.m.. at tii* r?*ld.n.-e i{
-??r?. . Burr^ifle. I). ? . l?, WH.MAil K
N'otUf of funeral later.
1 IIoLLaNTiKU. ItOSA. In'ioved ? if,, of Willie
1 ^ I toll:taiilt-r.
I Fiineiai from her late rvaideuee. u^> ,({(, gtreet
northwest, on Snnday. July t;, |?13 at .i
j ?i chick p.tn. " ga
[ IlOI'KW KI.I.. On I'rid.iy, July 4, I'.MS, at t
o eloek a.m.. at her restd'-n?'e. 1521: 14tb
| afreet no,mwest. KI.I a. li,.- eldest d.iuirb
,Vr V La ism llo|a*w e!l, s,?;.r ?f ij.
1 JaekM <V Hoiiewflj and Jonepliiue
I I- uueral .Monday, July 7. from M< tru|ai!itaii A
v' s' reel U-twe.-n 15th and
lt.th sfri-et* northwest. I'rleuds ttre Invited
to attend.
iKINJ:.;.x".'..S;"",,ll,v- J",v ,91S- ?<
HLVNt h.s I t iJirriA KINO. Widow of
i 1 . Knur.
I Funeral from :li*. re^idt-ui-e of her aon. I?r. II.
\V ^ "'-.*??11 New York uvenii.. uorthweat.
Monday. Ji,H 7. at II o'clock a m Inter
iiieut (irivate. {
j PFAXDEIt. On Thursday. Jul* :{, lt?l3 at
I Kiik-wii.-.v ""srii*!. t; a.ui.. Jul I.N WIK
1 '-'AM I !? A.NDKK. In the twenty-M-ventli
ej| of iitu a?e. In-loved brother of Manrrete
UaRiier and l.ena l.?ve,
1 un?iiU from (he resi*|..n,-,. (>f John Warner,
-r.aii 4ist sinft. Ten', ". tow 11, |V tj . Sunday
, i.:M. ICelatIvck and frleuda invited. rt*
j .SCHI'LTK. on Saturday July 5. 11U3. at G.'M
j a.m.. at the resilience of UU mother, JO
.Funeral Monday morning, July 7. at tt o'. look,
troni St. Joseph's t'hurch. 2nd and C atreeta
Uortbeaat. (New Jersey paperp pleaae oopy.l If
SIIKKW00H. SniMetily. on July IH13, It Kit
XAItl? l:., U-ioved won of Marguerite A aad
lli<- late Alla-rt T. Sherwood, aged utuetcea
' yea ra.
j Funeral from hln late residence. R1S 2flth atrwt
northwfKt, Tueaday. July s. at ? a.m.; theno?
to St. Stephen's Clioreii. where uihm will j?e
I??r till* of Wis S*'111.
.SWF?:nky tin Juiy 1JII3. at 11:35 a.m.. at
her residciH-e. M K street northweat, MAKY
l>eloved daughter of tlie late Mary K.
Notice of funeral hereafter. ?
WATSON. Oil Friday. July 4, 1?13. at 4:50
I*.ui., at iier residence. 1 ;."?2 ttrleana tiiacw
northeast. Mrs. JKANNKTTK I?. WATSON,
widow of James a. Watson.
Funeral private Monday, July 7, '> p.m.
W KHKlt. The remains of W. C. F. WFBFK
beloved iiuflian.l of Fliristine Welier. Iirotber
of Kle|ia and itoltert Welier. who
died .n Kos Anjteies. fal.. April 4. l;ii:j. will
In- .aid away to his. fimj lestiu^ place ia
Itoek t'reek cemetery Monday. July 7, at 'i
1 I'-'"., l.uiii Ia-e a chajiei, l'i'nnsvl\auia ave
1 Kit'I KNIIARI ;|{. on Sun'av. Juiv IJM.1, at
j a.m.. t i.AKK I WKK11 \RAKK.t. at
1 bia iate r?a>:d i.ee. ItiSf <' .u;.in ?.r ct netfc
I West.
Xotic>. t.f fun. r:>l lur?: fter.
In Memoriam.
BIIAPI.KI. In sail Inn loving meniorv of owt
dear win mihI hrotlier. AI.I.KN II. KKAnLRT.
vuo left us to enter into eternal rest twi
yeaia ago today. July i>, rill.
?'I-ovcd one. yes. we iei|M- to meet yon
After lift "s last work is o'er:
IIo,.e ill peu.-e and Joy to greet voii
Where I?eae* reigns forevenuore."
Bl ICUKI.L. In reiin-niliran.-e of our deat son
uiid lirotlier. HICItKKO'Y Jl NIFS HI It
It KI.I.. who dejiarted this life live vears ago
today, July liais.
; Better a death when work Is done tlian earth ?
niost favored liirth; eairu a
Better a child 'n Cn-l ii gn-ut hoUs,. tiian tne
i>f all tu<* vurtli.
BFT1 NEB. In lovin? reineniorv of lirNttV
BFTTNKB. who .lied two years ago j?ir
j ?#. It'll.
nil k.n. 9
JOHNSON. In sriil and loving remembrance of
my dear daughter. ANNIK JOHNSON ufco
died four years ago today. July li,
Ooiie, but not forgotten.
S1IKKMAN. In si.d but loving remembrance of
my son. John* MIKKMAN. who .li*..| one
year avo today, July ?i, l'.ilii.
The month of July once more is here.
To me ll?c saddest of the year;
Because it took from nie away
Mv dariing is>y one year ago loilav
BY II1S M<>T i I Kit.
K>'1 AI'.I.l s'l ? KI) : S.-.0 ~~"
JOSKI'll ?;awkku> sons.
17?>.l2 I'A AVE.
rn.M'FI. I'HONKS MAIN 5" 12.">r.la
LlTery. JOHN T. OARNEK, Mgr Chap#:.
1 J<I7 !ith st. I'liou- V .17*7.
lit.*5 SEVENTH ST. N.W.
Modern chopei. Tele|.h?ne call. North 359
(Ueorge P. Ztuirhcrst,
301 K. CAP. ST.
F?tnl.l!shed iy-7 ''IIAS S. y.t RHoltST Mgr.
Sue. to E. M. Botcler Son. 03.1 l*a. ave. a.e.
I'll I.inrt. *:!i'.v. Est. tk<VI. <'battel. Llrery.
VV. R. b PEA RE,
940 F Street N.W.
Phones Main 4^'
I"rank A. Spearr, Mgr.
1337 k*11 *st- N.W. Phone X. 47.
.1. WILLIAM I.KE, I^neral Director
and Etnbnlir.er. Llv-ry In connection. Commo
dious < ha pel and nnslern crematoriuin Mode*t
prices. .*j:t2 I'*, ave u.w. Telephone <*all ism.'.
4ds H st. u.e. Modern clianel. I'hone Kincn.
152:{ 14th sr. N W.
Funeral Dlrei-tor and Kmhalmer.
Chanel. ljy25*l I'hone North 2S1.
FhoneW. 804. 1241 Wi scon si nave.
Joseph F. Birch's Sons,
y[ St. y.w. p'^w^u^u'
Artlatic?expreaalve- inetpeaalv?.
Prompt auto dellrery aervlcc.
Qude Bros. Co., 1214 F St.
Pbonea Main 4278-42TO.
J. H. SMALL & SONS Florists,
Corner 15th and H ata., WASHINGTON.
Waldorf-Aatorla and 1163 Broadway. New York,
Flowera for Piinerala a Specialty.
Funeral Deai?na. Funeral Dealxna
Beantlfnl fioral <V?tgr? ?err r?*?wtn<t.fe In ilia

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