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I The Women's Store, 1109 G Street. I
ss Store Opens 8:30. Store Closes 6 O'Clock Daily. >>
| Apparel 'Thaft Is Higly Approved By SmarJy <<
| Dressed Women ?
>> High-Class Merchandise aft PeasonaW? |
| Prices |
| [email protected] [email protected]?ff OMIT S^[email protected]?? I
" ^ ^ TT f lTm 1-? T T~v T-\ T? T"? Or n T~I n cty
? IjUU ixs AJ\L) UKr.&zr.z* ?
::;t!r::;t::r: {;:::i:x:::i:i:^:t::;:t::::t:ttninn:?nni:::iniiiin:ix:t
jj ^ St''re C loses Daily at 6 P.M. ; Saturday at 7 P.M.
MJressyfoot aootsv
lr-"lff Are Not Only ill
1) II That, But I i
V. \ ?They are as comfortable as ; \
i \ they are stylish and dressy, ii 4
\ These "Foot Form" Boots I
are built on anatomical ill ?
" lines and have all the refin- | S
ing finishing touches noticeable in the most fashionable foot- j 1
wear. They are shown in various styles and all good leath- \\\ 1
II; ers?each style in a complete range of sizes and widths. A ; a
: fit for any foot. . ;: c
Consult our professional shoe fitters about your footwear ill 1
-needs. 8
:: * *
I "tr #- t
A Ul/L A U1U1 1AUWL3 1 UI iUCIl dllU
Women, priced, according to Q?/d /If\
style, up from %f)4r?L/L/
: Foot Form Boots for children priced according to size.
Edmonston & Co., 1334 F St.
: Advisers and Authorities on All Foot Troubles.
? ?? . " E
. C
THE ANGELUS was the pioneer?the first medium for ?
playing the piano without years of study. The ANGELUS
is today produced by the same men who evolved the first piano- 1
player and whose sovereign genius has developed it until it ^
eniovs the distinction of being i
A generous supply of rolls goes with every player sold
and these may be exchanged in our library as often as you
wish thereafter absolutely free of cost to you.
Liberal allowance for your "silent" piano.
Easy terms on the balance.
v.? Vofinnn.1 to? charming, too delightful, to have to
?ew national. be Magrgrle Fllnt a t^1<5f and to have
Put an American In a "tight corner," to marry such a stupid district attorney.
show him that tha nnlv way out Is to But she had a host of associates who
show him that the oirty way oui w were equally unfortunate In. having to
follow the whimsical and adventurous be the most jmprobab|e per80nages. and
cotirse of fate, arrange It so he has to to do the most Improbable things. They
baffle not only the New York detective included, "in the order of their appear.
. , s-auntlet of ance : Mr. Archie J. Curtis, as Parker, a
force, but must also run a gauntlet or servant; Mr Krank Allworth. as Walter
"ghosts"?what would he do? What B. Blount, alias "Diamond Willie"; Mr.
H. Warner did In "The Ghost Breaker, Breese, of course, as "The Master Mind";
which is making its Washington appear- Mr. William Riley Hatch, as John
ance at the National this week, was so J Blount, alias "Black Hunk"; Miss Doronovel
and exciting that it seemed per- thy Rossmore. as Mre. Blount, alias
fectly satisfactory to the audience last "Milwaukee Saldie"; Mr. Arthur S. Hull,
night. as Cortland Wainwrlght, as ex-district
"The Ghost Breaker" is tense and melo- attorney; Mr. Walter Allen, as Professor
dramatic in some parts, in others rom&n* Forbes, an alienist; Miss Celine Kirk? m
tic, and is spasmodically epigrammatlcal. Susan, a servant; Mr. Sidney Cushing,
Wherever Paul Dickey and Charles W. J^^?aa/_^iChi^go^^ook,_and
Goddard, the authors, have attemptea "iv as am. jna
anything in either of these fields they (Detective Davis).
have succeeded, but in the field of pure ?entertainment
and amusement?the only Academy,
field in which the play makes any pre- ,<n_ ?
tense to accomplish an actual result? Officer 686, the attraction at tne
they succeeded doubly well. Academy this week, is a riot of fun.
To Mr. Warner as the fearless and Throughout the three acts the laughter
yuung Kentuckian who shwts, ,s not allowed to dimlnish for an ln8unt.
is shot at and then walks away whistling, .
much of the success of the play- is un- ^ opacity audience last night attested
doubtedly due. As the versatile, com- its appreciation of the farce,
plaisant and sometimes dreamy Ameri- The plot concerns the sudden arrival of
can, Mr. Warner presents at all times a a young millionaire at his New York
finished portrayal of "the leading ghost home from abroad, to find that a thieving
breaker of America." Even when silent butler has planned to rob the house of its
Mr. Warner is effective and never fails valuable works of art, t:? marry an unto
bring forth a laugh when he so wishes, suspecting girl who thinks the butler-is
The play is a love drama, but it must the young millionaire. Through the ef:>e
admitted the love thread is a very forts of Policeman Phelan, officer 666, the
small one?just large enough to bridge thief is sent to jail.
the gaps in the tortuous road of mys- John Norris, as officer 666, met the reteries
and adventures over which the quirements of the part. His delineation
'ghost breaker" must travel, and just of the character was not overdrawn, altnough
to give promise at the closing though there were many scenes where he
rnrtain of a "happy forever after." No might have dropped into burlesque, but
social problems or eternal triangles twist skillfully avoided it. Ernest P. Evers,
ibout the play to impede its progress as Travis Gladwin, the young millionaire,
)ver a unique but entertaining road. presented a clean-cut and refreshing
"The Ghost Breaker" tells the tale of a Characterisation. Sydney Seward was
Kentuckian who in a feud shoots a fel- the picture thief and Julia Nagl, a win
ow-man in a New York hotel. In order some Helen Burton, who won her way to
to escape the consequences of his deed the sympathy of the audience. The reae
breaks into the room of a Spanish mainder of the company was welh cast
princess. She assists him only on his and the performance was good throughpromise
to try to solve the mystery of a out.
taunted castle in her kingdom. No time
s lost in introducing the plot, and from PnH'e
:be beginning to the end, when the mys- iron s.
;ery is solved and the "ghosts" are duly "The Traveling Salesman" was accordHsposed
of, the play is replete with ac- ed a genuine Poll welcome last night by
Unusual scenic opportunity has been ^ aud'ence that demanded recalls at the
>ffered in the four acts. These are sup- cloae each curtain. The play itself
demented with two tableaus, a scene on provides in full measure the everyday
.he ocean at night and the exterior of emotions that made a success of Mr.
he Spanish castle, both of which were pnrh*.a? .
Lrtistlr and earned the aDDlause of the r j ?, production. The Chorus
mdfer.ee earned tne appuuse 01 tne Lady.-- and the ppjj payers interpreted
Mr. Warner, of course, received first trouble^^ft^^h^^ifnuKiin^eveenene^
lonors of the production. Rita Stanwood, Gertrude Bondhill as Beth Elliott, the
Sl"nSiL"j1" Burton' "n.' Ku?i'CSn?5' ?ro?f of Snttr
lCr? odill J isurton, S>S I?USiy HnoWj fn insrpnu^ nnii miiotnoi jm.ni!_i "i_m i_,
olored servant to "the ghost breaker" Paul McAllister seemed to Siaw with Ws
nacts that character truly to life, add- concention of Boh ri?v*
ng perceptibly to the humor of several ^TXs^t uie d^ Christ^XS;
Fra"k H Westereon in the difficult role S^she*shares^with ^Im; sat^s^er^frofe
1 H*^vI1 ain !L0eLrU; ^ ^1,^? ^ing defrauded of valuable land Sid
Ubert Cowles in the role of Don Robledo telephones for a minister to marry theSt
similar but lesser character. Sarah the next afternoon
liala, as the innkeeper's daughter, makes Martin Drury, with a greed for eood
he most of a small part, showing en- hard money and with no Sunctio^
husiasm and ability. John Sharkey, as to his method of getting it. was made a
i New York detective, is likewise good, very real villain by Mark ^nt and
hough noisy. Frank Shannon was equally good.' in his
~ badness as Franklin Royoe, notably ln
Belasco. ,hlf gradations of Christmas cheer that
... ^ led up to the outbreak at the card table in
With melodies, both new ana oia, ana uiaKe s room. Helen Tracy, as Mrs. Babvith
much humor, to wuleh the same de- hitt, and Louise Kent, as Mrs. William
icription might be applied, Primrose and ***"**** JTere ,aJ1irha,itr S00*1' ?n^
. .... Thomas Williams made the comical
)ockstader^s Minstrels afforded many most out of the colored waiter, Julius
aughs and won a warm reception at the other characters were well played by the
lelasco Theater. Many of the old min- remaining members of the company,
itrel song's were heard again and the _
ludience seemed to be partial to the B. F. Keith's.
Id-time melodies that, are rarely heard At Keith's five of tbe eight turns are
low except when the Primrose and Dock- new and the others belong to that class
itader organisation makes its annual that is always good, so that there is en'i3it.
joyment ahead for the lovers of vaudeIt
is a typical minstrel show. The en- vme. clever Cecil Leah la the toplinter,
ertainment opens with the semi-circle, annm-aj
he orchestra on the top row, the inter- ** he never appeared to better advanocutor,
the soloists and the end men in being in good voice and spirits,
heir usual places. Harry F. Slevers has whlch means everything to an entertalnm
excellent stage presence for the in- e' bis ability. He sang four songs that
erlocutor and his easy informality was re- were new, but the best was the parddy
iponslble for much of his effectiveness. on the talking movies, a rickety phonoSncores
were demanded for every one of f ]1'1 being used to help out. Cleo Mayhe
solo numbers, which included "When deld and James Billings ably assisted
m Old School Boy Meets an Old School Mr- Lean in his different songs and
Jirl," by George M. Thurston; "When dances. A pretentious sketch, entitled
t's Apple Blossom Time In Normandy," "The Woman Intervenes," by Hartley
y Reginald Mervllle; "Good-bye Sum- Manners, was presented by Florence
ner, So Long Fall, Hello, Wintertime," Roberts and company, and It undoubtedly
y Harry J. Webster, and the Miserere" shared the honors of the evening with
'rom "II Trovatore," by Raymond Mr. Lean. Miss Roberts and. Charles
Vylie. Mr. Wylie has a voice of unu- Wyngate acted their parts artistically,
iual range. The end men, Lew Docksta- while there Is strength, purpose and unler,
George Primrose, "Happy Jack" usual Interest In the little playlet More
^ambert and Tom Brown, furnished of the same sort would be welcome to
nany laughs between the ballads. vaudeville. The Three Keatons, with
The chief features of the olio were the "Buster" grown to be a big boy, made
nonologue of Lew Dockstader, the dance the laughing hit of the bill, although
if George Primrose to the tune of "Ten- their work was along the same old lines,
lessee Moon," the saxophone sextet, into Another laughing turn was that of
vhose playing Tom Brown interpolated Charles and Fanny Van In an odd mednuch
humor, and the singing of many ley of songs and jests, the excellence of
ild-time southern melodies and soldier the act being, established through origiIrs
by the chorus. Mr. Dockstader kept ?aIity and real comedy. The last turn
lis audience in a roar of laughter with Qn tf1? program. Dainty Marie, created
lis story of the troubles of "Uncle something of a sensation, the woman beleorge,"
to which he added some local ln? exceptionally clever In singing, dancdts
at the expense of the new excise and on the rings. She was not hama.w
and the income tax. Mr. Primrose P^red with an elaborate costume, which
w?nklv arknnwlpdcfvl that Via In crrnwinc added greatly to the SUCCeSS of the tUrtl*
ider when. In bowing for an encore, he story,
eked attention to "some two-year-olds was ?iven by the kinemacolor.
vho have never started." Mr. Primrpse
las the old g^ace in dancing that estab- Gayctv,
Ished him as a minstrel man. His pro- " ? ,
eges, Johnny Foley and Johnny Murphy,. The success of the entertainment given
howed rich capabilities in shuffle and by the Columbia Burlesquers at the
ilog dancing. (Jayety Theater this week Is largely due
The chorus, while not large, is well to the work cf Harry L. Cooper, who
rained and its harmonies were warmly . . , . * . . .. x
.pplauded. handles most of the comedy in a way that
keeps his audience In continuous laughfinlnmhia
uoiumoia. He lg ably aggIsted by June MiUs, a
Cortland Walnwrlght, once a district comedienne, who made her first appear.ttorney,
in the course of his duty, prose- ance in Washington yesterday. Miss Mills
uted and sent to the electric chair the te Jolly and thou*h a heavyweight, has
uted and sent to uie electric chair the the knack of movlng about the Btage
rother of one Andrew, known to the ^)th the ease of the most petite souinderworld
as "The Master Mind," for brette. Her, singing and dancing are of
rhich Andrew swore vengeance. In some the cyclonic order, but every word she
W*n?W. Ur, wa, by a tt&SSStt.'Si
Irl, very beautiful, very sweet, very ggj Ray Leavitt, Joe Emerson, Fred
ovable, very almost everything, and Dempsey, Harry and Lew Seymour,
Vainwright fell in love with her, but she L,UCia Reynolds and Christine Nichols.
:ot away without his finding out who she mi?? Reynolds has a good voice and sev'ss
or where she went. This circum- era! good songs in which to demonstrate
tance coming to the knowledge of "the it.
a aster mind" while he was ransacking a two-act bnrletta entitled "A Ladies'
he district attorney's house and papers, Man," with a well balanced olio between
''as used as the basis of a "terrible re- the acts, is presented. Seymour, Demp'enge."
aey and Seymour do some clever singing,
Mr. Master (Mind first found the girl, and June Mills is given an opportunity
hen he had her convicted of a theft to do some eccentric dancing and singing,
vhich she did not commit; then he sent Abe Leavitt and Company present a
ler abroad for "finishing touches"; then sketch called "The Great White Way."
te brought her and the district attorney
ogether, first providing her with a COSIUOS.
nother, father and brother, all of them _ .' - . _
lotorlous crooks, and then, when the dis- The favorite feature at yesterday afterrict
attorney had married her and was noon and last evening's Cosmos performibout
to receive the nomination for gov- ances was Bob Hall, a young man who
'm?, M-anta?nH in? ntillaes the persons In his audience for
P U ? tjia trap, and lo? the ^lrl? still in* _ nMsntfi * %
ensely loving her husband, consented to ^ subjects and sings extemporaneous
... . . ... aonn mat seem to win nearty laughter
in^e*me*d^trtcT^Storneyfand/great applause without giving ofiave
himself from being published a fool fense. He was recalled many times at
n me newspapers for being so taken in, each performance. Reddlngton and Grant
igned to resign the nomination and . have a unique "bouncing tramp" act,
\'eiL there is a lot more of the same sort utMxlng a big spring net and performing
>f "plot," but in the end the girl-wife many difficult and laughable feats upon
iDPeals to me "master mind" not to make .? Hayes and Wynne have an excellent
lerhate him, but to give up his revenge mat-dancing and vocal specialty, while
irhlch he had plotted with such remark- CheVriel, an eccentric violinist. pl?ys retble
cunning and such more remarkable markab-y good music on the violin and a
luccess for five years, and the curtain miniature imitation with all sorts of
roes down with the district attorney hug- freak bows, including a shirt cuff, a fryring
his wife. lug pan and a quill pen. Other good
This will give some idea of me "new numbers are furnished by Harry Hayilay
in four acts by Daniel D. Carter, ward and company, who. have a laughasrtth
Edmund Breese." which was pre- ble 8ketch with funny dialogue in a raillented
by Werba & Duescher, at the Co- d station, and Barnes and Hoblnaon,
umbla Theater last night. It is called -th a nlanologue combining melody and
The Master Mind," ana a house full of -.-ti, The Pa the pictures of me world's
mople applauded and applauded and ap- Mixings and the photoplays make en?X*4*?.'?
"."Si wu.
ST K.J- "SSr "Si Z3S; m. Cutoo.
"jStturn -.11 ?n apparent competent X f.^
,.?t impersonated the roles assigned to est Is furnished at me Casino Theater
t one must be acquainted intimately this Week by Naynon's lhrdsof the Forirlth
the underworld and crooks gener- the bungle, one hundred of them
dly to say. Mr. Breese seemed a truly ' * , . emarkable
"master mind." He did what with brilliantly colored plumage ahd rare
M hImimL when he nleaseH onS - ? "
jfeased?and It must'be^ said-he wVmrf intelligence xur me iwm?r?a uioe. Their
oTo ir^ry w5t He bffiad tS5T?2 tableaux are unusually flne. They at,
:ric.t attorney, browbeat the police, ter- tracted large audiences at all perform orlsed
the crooks he had called Into his *nces yesterday. Another rood act Is
lervlee, "made a monkey of the girl" and "Our Honeymoon, presented by 'Wilson
art thai made her love Mm as a father Franklyn and company, depleting the exmight
be loved, because he was "so periedces of a newly wedded couple. The
pood and kind." husband wanders off to a prize fight and
MJ^s Fran cine Larrimore was really laughable consequences ensue. Texas
New York?WASH11
Business Hours^S :3Q A. M.
to 6 P. M.
Our Complete Showing of Briliias
Designiers seem to have received new inspiration, if one can ~~
judge by the number of new, artistic and rich cuttings that are now
shown; practical pieces for general table service, ornamental pieces
of unique designing and shapes; sets and odd pieces for gift uses.
The display is all-embracing and interesting to the woman who
wishes to replenish her own service, or to those who have future
\ ... dej
gift needs in mind. That cut glass is ideal for gift purposes as well ^jf
as practical uses cannot be gainsaid; that we cater to every need the
for which it is available is shown by the vast number of pieces which
we now present.
We invite attention to those specially suitable for gifts; and to ha
our arrangement of them, on tables at one price. leri
At $2J.75=Fitchers, Vases, Celery lrays, ^nigar and Cream qv
Sets, Fern Dishes. Bonbon Dishes. Fruit Bowls. Decanters, Corn- ju?
ports and Nappies. (
At $3.95 =Vases, Ice Tubs, Celery Trays, Jugs, Bowls, Nap-j
pies, Fern Dishes, Mayonnaise Bowls on Plate and Ice Cream Trays. <
At $5J(M&=Ice Cream Trays, Sugar and Cream Sets. Nappies,
Baskets, Vases, Footed Bowls, Celery Trays, Decanters, Comports,
Tumblers and Handled Nappies. up
Fifth floor, O at. )Pi
Jardinieres, Stands & Fern Dishes Best Eart
in Wide Assortments. for Ki
Now that the plants must be brought indoors, Timely items
proper receptacles should be provided for their housekeeper prepar
keeping. We are showing a very broad and varied ice will be found i
collection of Jardinieres, Stands and Fern Dishes. Earthenware now
Many new and artistic shapes and decorations are worthy kinds to wl
prominently featured, and in sizes for every pur- timp?Inent? irT'
pose. The dull finish of the Mat Green Ware and Blue DeCoratea Jai
the delicately colored shades of the Roma Art of various sizes. Dish<
Pottery are still high in favor, and are shown in
extensive assortment. is greater than ever.
/vrvrk mo/Tic t\ii
Mat-Green Jardinieres, 15c upward. brown and white and
Roma Art Pottery, $1.00 upward.
* Flower Pots, and Saucers, and Fern Linings ""^eMar/molerat
of best quality; in all sizes, and moderately priced, by every housewife a
Fifth floor, O st. Fifth floor, G st.
Fine New Showing of
Handsome Table and Piano Scarfs.
In rich Brocaded Moquette, Tapestry, Silk and Velour?for st3
Scarfs and Table Runners, also suitable for upright pianos: Both cf
pla^n and figured effects are embraced, and the colorings are ex- ne
ceedipgly rich and effective. Not a new design or coloring is lacking.
We are also showing many attractive and handsome Pillow .
Tops of similar materials, embracing many that are now first shown. P"
Scarfs, $2.50 to $10.00. *b
' - bo
New Drapery Materials for
Every Home Decorative Need. of
Varied in material, colorings and design, far surpassing any
previous showing. Every need can be met, whether the requirement
be for elaborate decorative effects or the simple hangings of
plain, neat patterns. Suitable materials can be found for bedroom,
living room and dining room; in cream, ecru and white.
Madras, yard, 35c to 75c. Fancy Nets, yard, 50c to
$2.00. Plain Scrims and Marquisettes, yard, 20c to 50c.
Bordered Marquisettes, yard, 40c to 60c. Colored Bordered
Scrims, yard, 25c and 35c.
Fourth floor, G ?t. 1
i. ??
r /v
| new | UMr
Fall Display of Utility jp?
Bedroom Furniture. a 111II
Ttialubeeu" nu?/urpr-isc *?."? SHOWS MAN
to note the high favor in which
this furniture nas been received. A matchless collection of Har
The dainty white enameled has been the work of many months
frames, fitted with drawers, nf ?.ir T. t \ A,_
boxes and sections, covered . ?Ur cu8^omc[s- The fact that 01
with brightly designed ere- judgment in selection, as well as o
tonne, add a most pleasing shown for the first time. Origina
decoration to any bedroom. tion which we give to the supplyir
Besides its artistic appearance,
it is practical and handy. It Full I em
embraces pieces that will take A u* /- . '
care of the many little things Arabian Lace Curtains, pair, $5*??
that tend to crowd the bed- ~.W.1SS Point Lace Curtains.
room. Shirt Waist Cases, nt Venice Lace Curtains, V
Chiffoniers, Hat Cases, Shoe Florentine Lace Curtains, J $4*'
Cases, Combination Cases and
others that have a distinct use V'c invite special attention to <
for women's belongings. They are displayed in very attractive an
may be covered in various c*n
styles of cretonne; in matched Curtains, pair, $1.50 to $:
sets or separate pieces, as may patterns suitable for 'every possible
be desired. Excellent for the ^PPClAff wari. a
girl student's room. . Mane Antomet
Prices, $18.00 to $35.00. signs.
Fourth- floor, O ?t. SpCC
' 1 1 1 j Fourth floor, G at.
. . . - Woodward &
s!nfrs%ome good character songs j&daS1 AUTO SHOW DATE CHOSEN I S
propriaie cosiuiue ?uu >i<wn m uie a|r.
Uon of contortioif work and equlUbrism.
Bob Hall, from the Cosmos, substituted ,
at yesterday and last evening's perform- ~~~~~~~~ nur
ances for an act which arrives today, and .Business w,.Hni, n# . T!
won hearty laughter and applause for his ^ MeetlnS ?* Washington As- ti
novel entertainment* Wednesday even? sociatfon Ifnld y * * * inwi
lng the country , store will be an added "nation Held Lmgt Night at
feature of the bill and Friday evening Commercial n?,k p
the amateurs will furnish the additional commercial Clhb. R.
attraction. _? Pro
?? ' j
Worlds Series if T?m.m . The of dates for the Wash- son.
World S bents at Lyceum. ington automobile show next winter A. <
The Lyceum is now In readiness to re- and the election of officers and board of
produce the world's series, on the won- directors of the Washington Automobile
derfUl Play-O-Graf scoreboard. Smoking ^Dealers' Association were the principal Jwill
be permitted. matters which received attention at a the
"' meeting held last night at the Common GRailroad
Company Wtlil Responsible clal Club- | upoi
iuu* w torv flptnher 7 a M _?* The meeting was called to order shortly dlvi
itsnjss JtSJKS JSSey8 $TZ Z??i+ LSI r
*^1 * S?mp&nyt rMp?7B,ble tor the The dates selected for the locLT^tT Tt
collision between two trains at College mobile show are January 19-24 h !. nil!
Point, L. L, September 22. in which four diately following the Philadelphia show Ran
persons were killed and nearly fifty in- which closes Saturday night, January if'
???_?.rSffifJ5f SitSStoi^Ll?H *?? ''TS-aSTSUiS ??
C7A.VrS*X7a??eV5Xa ?? M?* *? > ??-! V??v BIQUWI I |/? CVX7U<7 UV1U V?- I.UVW ?HW**V. | OVIl|
tower man at. Flushing Meadows, Who I It was decided to extend an Invitation 1 Ullr
had been held Ahder $10,(00 balL to every automobile dealer l^WMUag> dull
' '
? / , ' '
Before you withdraw your Furs from Storage have
us make alterations and repairs.
it Cut Glass. NEW
ustrian Gold Engraved Beautiful Reproductions
Glassware. ?f Genuine Dresden
Our New Importation Just ChifHl.
Received. Genuine Dresden China with
its distinctive colorings and the
For its rich and highly artistic highly ornamental decorations has
signing and appearance, it is been most difficult to reproduce,
ficult to find glassware to equal That this seems to have been
; Austrian Gold Engraved de- ideally accomplished is at once
;n. The beauty of the gold apparent in the new fine which
:oratior? and the exceeding we have just received. So nearly
amacc tUo fin nrl on nr'i \ mm rr J * i. A * __ ^
tllvoC5 U1 il,c l,ailu vugioviug uucb il apprudtu mc genuine nidi
ve never been approached. It ,*t is not easy to mark wherein it
ids brilliance to the table deco- differs. Not*only in all its beauty
ions that cannot be equaled, of decoration, but the open woric
ir large direct importation has peculiar to this ware has been
>t been received. successfully attained. We are
Comports, 75c and up. PIeas*d to invite attention to the
Handled Nappies, 50c and up. complete display which we now
Nut Sets, $3.50 and up. make.
Vases, 50c and up. Including:
Handled Baskets, 50c and up. Fruit Dishes, Fruit Bowls.
Salad Bowls, $1.25 and up. Salad Bowls, Olive Dishes.
Footed Almond Dishes, 50c and Handled Bonbon Dishes,
Sugar and Gream Sets,
ftb G 8t- Chocolate Sets,
Plates in many sizes.
? A decided advantage to the purhenware
Utensils . ,, ,1 , . , p 1 p .
tieally T'4 less than the genuine
tchen Service. Dresden.
of particular interest to the The New Tete-a-tete
ing the kitchen for winter serv- 1 * j ai*
n the complete assortments of Chocolate and It
A?*A TUa mrttltr /v? T\T\?T S ? m
uispiavcu mliv. 1 iiv uiau v ?
lich we invite attention will, if Sets consisting of tray and 111ition,
compensate any one for dividual dishes for personal servinspecting.
ice are shown in varied wares an?l
panese Earthenware, in nets, bowls, decorations. The newest of these
is of pure white china, with trim ngs
of si,ver Td decoration^
In some sets the trays are of
ithenware?in the popular old white tiling, in others china; finyeiiow
and white wares, including ished with nickel frames. Very
g Dishes, Pie Pl8*es. s?w Boxes, attractive sets in their clean!v
eal Jars, Custard Cups, Bean Pots, . .. j ? . r
rs etc whiteness, and dainty for room
;e enough to make their possession Service.
possibility. $5.00 set, upward. ,, .*
Fifth floor, O ?t. .
New Willow Furniture,
Our present showing of Willow Furniture is now complete in
rles and variety, of pieces. It includes not. only a large showing
Easy Chairs, Armchairs, Rockers. Settees and Tables, but many
w effects in lamps and other artistic pieces. Willow Furniture?
e kind that we carry?is of the genuine French stock. Every
:ee is the hand product of skilled workmen, and is the best attainle.
It is naturally pliable, and gives with every movement of the
dy, yet of surprising stanchness, and thoroughly durable.
Shown in natural color and stained or enameled any desired
- - m ? * l # _
ade. We also make to order cusmons lor same, irom materials
vour own selection.
Chairs, $2.90 to $18.00.
Rockers, $3.90 to $18.00.
Settees, $12.50 to $30*00.
Tables ,$4.00 to $15.00.
Stock Cushions, $1.00, $1.50 and up.
Fourth floor, G at.
omplete Display of
e Lace Curtains.
idsome Imported and Domestic Lace Curtains. A gathering that
5, and shows how thorough is our knowledge of the requirements
ir stocks are the largest they have ever been shows our unfailing
ur ability to secure best values. Many rich, new effects are
1 patterns, some of them exclusively here, evidence the recogniig
of designs removed from the commonplace.
gth Curtains (3 and 3l/2 yards).
to $75.00. Princess Lace Curtains, pair, $15.00 to $50.00.
_ . Marie Antoinette and Renaissance Lace Curtains,
aiJj pair, $5.00 to $35.00.
do to $22.50. p-jne pjjet an(j panej Curtains, each, $9.50 to $4$.
>ur own direct importation of Handsome Princess Curtains, which
d elabonite patterns.
[6.50, are shown in a very extensive assortment; the designs and
te Sill-length Curtains in white and ecru, in several desirable de-*
- ' s* ' ' .
;ial prices, $11.75 to $2.50 pair.
not at present a member to join APARTMENT HOUSE SOU)
association and participate in the
linjr show.? A committee composed of r *
Oliver Pro bey, Charles W. Semmes Xhe Parker Change* WflFldt OH Amy
R. Bruce Emerson was appointed
mil upon tlie various dealers ror this tion Bid Of $74,000.
ie election of_ officers, which followed The Parker apartment house at the
regular dusiticbb, resmwu as i>?- nonnwesi corner or l arK roaui ana ins
: President, T. Oliver Pfoley; vice Xvanue of the presidents was sold tmifdent,
Charles W. Seuimes, secretary, t?nisv at n?hti<< _ nn wriiiiem
Bruce Rnierson; treasurer, Arthur terday at public auction. William
aker; board of directors. T. O Hope, acting for a client, was ths highbey,
C. W. Semmes, Arthur Foraker, est bidder, and the property was bid
B. Emerson. J, H. Miller. J. H. John- ,n by Wm fpr $74,000.
fwiL.? fclbbald and E. The huildinflr u storlss in height
i*anocK. and contains twenty-five auitea
Additions to Membership. '
T. Rose was elected a member at WILL SELECT nURVOS.
association and the name of Howard 11 11
Kneessl wus proposeo, to oe aow~ tfovernOT UCnSnU mXTlfOB JMnpOWa
at the next meeting. A 25 per cent
dend on the stock of the associa- Cltd to StltCt COTBinKlliOMBt
waa voted at the stockholders' meet- The selection of the new Filipino members
of the Philippine commission has
lose presen*: at the meeting were: T. been left to Governor General Harrison,
er Pro boy, Charles W. Semraes, Consequently, as he must- first acquaint
hael Semraes. Arthur Foraker. E. A. himself with the leading Filipinos some
lock, Irvin T. Donohoe, Irving J. time probably will elapse before he can
derson, Leroy Hark, F~ Bruce Enter- make his nominations.' which will require
F. C- Slbbuld, Harry Ward, William the approval of the United States Seaaan^HowKfd^a
Flsk^erome Fan- a^e^^?ret^^arrisan^l^^e^War Da

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