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THE EVENING STAR, f"TtoMl if ??< > f * f f
' neck race for second place during: the A r
With Sunday Morning' Edition. last few weeks of the season. They were this
fairly evenly matched, and yet on the' last Con
WASHINGTON. vlsit ot the C1eve,an<1 team to this city the
Washington won all five gam?*. It has the
TUESDAY October 7, 1913 become one of the traditions of base ball
that a tail-end team will beat a cham- w
THrnnntr w TSinvvR Tdltoe Pionship team in one series and then turn the
THEODORE W. NOYES Editor and fee beaten unmercifujly )>y a lpgl
~~~?????? team in Its own class. There is abso- can
Tbs Evening Star Kawupapar Company, lutely no guessing the outcome of short
sequences of games, and co a world
I; oaw, _lithSt. an^P*nn?TlT?niajV'reniie. series, which may comprise only four mu(
New tors iinwr; i ri wane nununn. >
< i'^r> omrm: Kir?f National Bank Bulidl**. games, or may run to seven, oners i rt
Lu-opean Office: S Regent St.. Loudon. England. no safe ^-ound for judgment. A sin- j ftmT
... , gle wild pitch, which even the best
, .* Ermine Star, with the Similar irornlnt ... ... . ,
edition, t? deilrer.-d by carriers within the city pitcher may deliver at a critical moment; _
a; <3 cent? per mouth; dally only, 23 ceDts per up a passed ball, such as the best of
month; Sunday otily. 20 cents per month. Order* . . . , out
may he aent by mall. or telephone Main 2440. catchers may make, or an error, such as t.?_.
Col'eetioa la nude by carrier at the end of eaen the steadiest and most reliable of fielders
. may commit, any one of these may lose
Payable in adrance~by mall, poafaee prepaid, a game, and it may be the deciding game
R*Hy- included, one month. AO ccnta. of the series. On the other hand, a base
i'ally. Sunday excepted one toonfh. 40 cents. ... . .. , . ... _ . .
Saturday Star. 11 year; Sunday Star, $2.40 year, '''i t>y the weakest hitter, reckoned in
. terms of batting averages, may drive In
_ . . the deciding run. Luck plays a big part
Fnteped at aerond-ela** mail matter at the poet . , .
o?ce it Washington. 0. C. base ball contests, and particularly *?j
in the short series between two prcsum- caJ1
ably even matched teams, playing in cir- .,T
TTIh order to arcid delay* on aemunt or cUmsLanoe<j of ereat tension In tho hl?tfe-wina!
aNeenee. letter* to TUB STAB should culTlsiamps or great tension, in tne nis
not b? a<Mre*#ed to any indlriduai connect*! tory of the world's series of ball games .
?* insunoe, of the UcklOM, of J
I ehanre In deciding results, which have {t
to teuor or pcrpot*. - ? . _
: become historic. Partisanship naturally
. dictates the majority of the wagers that
The Philippines. have been made on the games about to be (1^
<3 'Vrinor General Harrison's inaugural played, and partisanship is a notoriously .
address leaves something to be desired In bad basis of all such forms of specula- ^jye
the way of deflniteness. "Will you be tion.
mine, darling, as soon as I can provide *?* ? .?Qn
a home for you?" inquired Reginald of The House Leadership. advi
Mary Jane. "Couldn't you make the . .. . , ..
proposition a little more definite, dar- ?Amonf 'he "ara*s rnentloned f?r ^
ling?" suggested the fond but practlehl *?"8e ^ferahlP ,n BU(C"St'?" '? M*f
young woman. Underwood are those of Mr. Palmer of
Kvery step taken under republWan ad- ^ ^ A
ministrations has been "for the benefit of 11 ,8 Ju8< year8 . *
the people of the Philippine Islands, and 8y,V<"?a and Kentucky crossed swords And
with a view to the ultimate independence for the speakership and Kentucky won. u
o. the islands." And the hope has been Th* , S8Ue was ,th? tar'ff' *
that even* move made would lead as rap- ?a"fa11 wa8 a Protectionist, and John G.
idly to independence "as the safety and JarUsle a tr*e ^ader', >or yea the
the permanent interests of the islands" democracy, though declaring in its na- ..5
would permit tional platforms for a tariff for revenue *vote
The republicans established native par- only' was really divided on the subject.
ticjpation in legislative affairs- The and ln 0113 speakership contest the two ..A
democrats will slightly enlarge It. But *ac**ons hashed. ject
between the message that Gov. Harrison ^r" Carlisle won easily and took the
has delivered, and the urgent appeals of cba*r' but ^?r. Randall mustered forty- sjjot
the Aguinaldians both in the islands and odd democrats against the Carlisle tariff won
>?i~~? ic ? ,?!h? a?,i program when Mr. Morrison as floor hOUJ
Ik*' I r CVl 1IVU1C. ?0 t? U1I1VI VUVO n ?uv ?a*<vs _ _ . - _ . , . - _
leader presented the bill embodying it.
Representative Jones of Virginia makes and defeated the measure in open House^ the
very damaging charges respecting Amerl- ^he tar,ff now, temporar > a eas s
can rule In the Philippines, and at the out ?' the vv^1* n l.B ?S,, C? . hp
regular session of Congress will propose over revision Pennsylvania and Kentuck> he ,
an Inquiry. W. Cameron Forbes, who on thc democratic side stood together, aroi
has just retired from the governor gen- Both Mr* ?r- Sherley superalship
of the islands, challenges Mr. Ported the Underwood bill, and are probJones'
statements, and hppes the inquiry abIy ln agreement generally on the tariff
will be ordered. This should insure con- subject. stud
^r6?3lon&l action. The men thetnselves, then, and their "l
If an inquiry Is ordered how far back qualifications for congressional work af- "Yo
should It go? Why not to the beginning? ford the text ln tbe matter of the House dem
The allegation of fhe so-called anti-im- leadership. Both are well qualified. Both imp!
periallsts at the outset was that we were are mucli respected in the chamber. Mr. bein
taking over the islands to exploit them Palmer has industry and capacity, and sect)
for gain; and Mr. Jones' allegation fits knows the - lies. Though unlike Mr. thei
that. If that was our object, then indif- Randall in temperament as^ well as in
ference to the welfare of the Filipinos opinion, he is Pennsylvania's strongest
has followed naturally. If we have democratic expression in the House since Thei
wasted in useless improvements the Mr. Randail'? day.
money collected from the natives it Is of Mr. Sherley is on the Carlisle order in
a piece with the low motives ascribed to point of opinion as well as of temperaus
in taking charge. ment. He has established a reputation yVe*
A searching inquiry, going back to the for fairness, and is regarded as one of
beginning, would bring out the whole the best parliamentarians in the eham- if t
story, pro and con. In the fourteen b?r- Me i8 a ?ound lawyer, and a reayears
of our full control and activity, soner rather than rhetorician, employing The
how much have we done for the Flli- sense rather than sound ln the presental>inosf
and how much against them? In tion of a question. He would fill Mr.
what condition did we find them? In Underwood's shoes as well as any man
what condition are they now? What on tbe democratic side. And
should probably be their condition today A point to be considered ln the business
i* ?- -?- is this- Will the House make the choice, She
i i ??*> itau o?u*cu o *? oo ovuii no ? - ?
destroyed the Spanish fleet, or have re- or Mr. Wilson? The President has had
rnalned Jast Iong enough for Aguinaldo his way about so many things in that ^
to set up a government, with himself at body, and with such ease. It is not unthe
head, and the heavily unarmored likely he may pick the new floor leader, Thg
American cruiser Friendship patrolling In that event will it make any differthe
adjacent waters to keep the fleets of ence about the situation at Baltimore An(^
other nations from interference? last year, when Mr. Palmer was a stout
But suppose Mr. Jones succeeds in es- Wilson man and the whole democracy of ^Vei
tablishlng a portion of his charges. Sup- Kentucky was "pulling" with might and
pose what has been done by Americans main for Mr. Clark? In some cases Mr. ^
in the islands could have been done at a Wilson stands by men who stood by him.
lower figure. Suppose some of the work 11 ' 1 ' A j
neeu i.ct have been done at all. Suppose Mr. Bryan's experience Is not unwe
have been hurrying Improvements be- usual. At the outset it is difficult to ^ w
yond needs. Will that strengthen the get the newspaper readers to interest
case of scuttle? If William H. Taft and themselves in a statesman. Later Tha
W. Cameron Forbes failed with their job, their desire for details concerning him
should not Francis Burton Harrison sue- becomes positively embarrassing,
ceed? And if Gov. Harrison should fail ' ? ? The
to meet expectations could not the right it must be admitted that great eduliian
be found in the democratic party? Catlonal and moral progress has been She
Why not Mr. Jones himself, (hanging made when Filipinos are found lisbase
from Washington to Manila in tbo tening to speeches and cheering the Thei
in teres: of saving our face before the na- word "independence" instead cX engagtic>n?
of the earth? ing in bolo practice. Acct
Strange, but while traveled Englishmen nr i
; id Germans. Frenchmen and Russians j>jow and then a judge says some- We
think we have acquitted ourselves well In thing from the bench in the line of
the Philippines, some Americans are full general comment that sounds as if he We
of faultfinding, and anxious to establish were trying to be as startling as some
not only incapacity but dishonesty on Qf our college professors. The
public servants we have sent to the , fll ,
nds to represent the government. Secretary Garrison says that there ^P1
~ ' * may be rauits in me army, i^euuer ine
No International Thaw Ca8e. faultless army nor the faultless navy
U least one complexity is prevented In has been at**lned in tho hlstory ot na" Th<
the Thaw case. Th<- State Department tions. From
is not going to Interfere on the ground 1 **" ' Th
of an alleged violation of treaty by the The world series now takes prece..nadlan
authorities in the matter of' dence of the tariff, banking and cur- cent
Thaw's sudden expulsion from Canada. r?ncy and various other matters that port"
1. this decision the department does not ???nied all-Important. thna,
pass upon the merits of the Thaw case. 1 1,1 1 tbe
but siinpiy confines itself to the question autumn is complete without a few ^
of whether or not there was a violation gentle tributes to James \\ hltcomb je
of treat?, holding in the negative. Had Riley's frost-and-pumpkln poetry by so t
th?- I'nlted States ruied differently the al- the parody muse. abro
r- ady tung'ed situation would have been 1 " ' ' The
in- xtricably confused. Just what is going Col. Roosevelt can depend on being n\\es
to >e done with Thaw In New Hampshire able to keep before the public by "fare- the
is problematical. Gov. Kelkcr will prob- wells" and "welcome-homes" if by no With
uM? rule in a few days on the appljca- other means. . , Engl
lion for extradition and meanwhile Thaw's i ? i adm
- a- is being considered by a grand Jury There appparB to have been a time in nor"
m New York state. There Is material New York when ,t watJ a Keneral fa<1 Pjjj
, fyr a long fight between the two hand wtllIam Hulzer money.
-i.if governments, and it is just as well 1 B | "
it tin I'nlted States has kept out of ... xvt
matter Had It supported Thaw's The confessions of real criminals have
. iijertion that the treaty has been vio- a pace for the writers of fiction ad0I
' .f?.-d and had this 'contention been sns- dealing with the underworld.
J, ni:>s" t Inive bc.-n nefcssarj" to ' "
i n.aw t , cana*la in order to re- The President and Spoilt. r
th- procedure there, per hap. to the PlV8i(jent Wllson may yet be able to Nfl
.! i>r dim; mm over the artier th<J 8poIli5 movement which is ex.
Kact compliance with the specific ,?e- ^ ,n tho ^.nate amendment to the be
: e,?< nts of the statutes. If some short J t deficiency bUl removing from Civil 1016,
, ?t could be taken to a final disposal al, bonded deputy collectors tion
the fhaw case once, and for all by ^ mar8hals. lUa ,nauence with Con'
th- public would be grati- gr<.s!J j8 Rt thls tliue 80 great that it la ^
not to be doubtpd that he can. if ho die- Jow;
1 1 posed induce the House to resist that havt
e l >?*!<*rt,neiit of Agriculture's sug- amenam?nt or perhaps the Senate' to platl
tion about home-popped , opcorn wlthdraw it. In fact. if he will but make But
-er no helpful hints to tho man who known hl8 position in the matter, un- denc
.ends on an electric bulb for light ulvocally and ln strong terms, there ? t*
ei a steam radiator for heat. little question of the outcome. It Is fonT
, ; " 1,1 1 unnecessary to threaten the vetoing of tarif
!>ird disporting in gay plumage the bljj Qn tb6 score of this objectionable woul
remote wilds w ill never know of the phan? ^ harmful to the merit system. 'ow
. Ton that has been humanely devoted Th# bU, lg yet ln a poBlUon to be cori..
the preservation of Its life. r#ctad by tbe reJection of the Senate
_ 111 ? _ amendment and if that is done the danger
.Beuins on the world Series. is averted.
V favorite diversion during the past few In addition to the deficiency bill para- winm
days on the part of patrons of the na- graph, however, there Is a farther men- pg
t.onal same has been to bet on the out- ace to the merit system In the provision wen
< o?? of the world series, between the carried by the tariff bill which opens a
respective champions of the two major large number of places to direct appoint- jlj"c
leagues. No moro uncertain form of spec- ment without competitive examination,
ulatlon eouid be devised. These games This may be corrected by executive order will
typify to a marked degree the uncertain- under the President's authority, granted Bret
ty of the sport. In the course of a sea- to htm by various acta relative to the civil
son's series of twenty-two games class service system- He is known to be a
usually tells. But even in such clreum- friend of the merit principle and the ex- Fnm
stances there are surprising upsets In all pectatloa today is that he will go as far
i aicuiations. For Instance, take the as his authority permits in seeking to
Washington jfcid Cleveland teams of the prevent e sc^gus trespass upon the gov- s
tttsnt service by patropagb dlgpenwa- \ L
narked, sentiment has been aroused in I VJItUVjAIN o |
i matter since It was disclosed that, 1
gress has been inollned to let down To be economical and sat- il
feu* it i, rtttiiy <?por?f t to kw isfactory Furniture should ,
camera nose from the tent. r, _ . '
, ,,, ' be vg<$od?and good Furni- I
'oodrow wusod, though confldeht' ef- J ture COMMANDS its fair
beneficent effects of extra session price,
slation, is still hearing from the "It
t-be-done" club. . Hundreds of our customi
sii i i gts have thanked us for conexico
feels that it couia put up a'1 vincing them that so-called |
"bargains at half price" ' |
ain restrictions concerning arms and ? r.. . '
nunltion were not insisted on. COUld not be SUCh'qualities
as they wished.
dcuiations on how the tariff win work . We carry large lines of
are suspended while the question ofl , . ? . . ,
, bait is giv.n final con.ia.mUon. goods at comparatively low n
m i prices, but in our store there s
SHOOTING STABS. not a price so low that it does
? not. represent genuine, renv
otTtf a vntra taovoav < ^ a...
No Doubt* Permitted. 11115 enables us to give
suppose this play la what you would you a personal guaranty
a problem play?" With every article purchased.
Problem play!" exclaimed the man- We can safely promise that
r. "I told 'em to get me up an out- Jt win be replaced without
-out shoeker. If there s anything . .. , r . .
slematlcal. about It, they've got to do question it the test of actual j
ver." - . 1 Use show9 any deficiency.
. !"' "Tou are welcome to use an open
Friendly Suggestion. f, account, with terms arranged to
. ... _ . .. ... j. make the divided payments as easy
11 give you something to eat. if you 11 j j,,g yOU wjghi an(j thla gives you
> wood for it," said the woman post- [ every opportunity for a thorough
|y. 1 test of quality before paying.
res, lady." replied Plodding Pete. J 7^ 0 0 '
ly It will be cheaper to feed me In j Jreter VJTOgan OC OOnS CO.
mce Cboppln' wood gives me a terrt- V- Sjy tQ Seventh St.
appetite. I i.j.ju. I
No Compariion. ' ?r ,-r .--f
iriff Is the work of patient years
hich lifts Its makers to enduring fame: ! j
yet it doesn't get exultant cheers
ke those which- greet the autumn base No
Enthusiast. |
"nilr- hnahanif aavs hA is in favor Of
-es," replied Mrs. Corntoesel. || Why Be Uncomfortable 11
i.nd what are your views on the sub- and Old Looklll^
Veil. I don't see why us women j j 'Th# pron0(niced dlTldlng ,lBe of the oM
lldn't vote If we want to. But It | style bifocal la moat anifbylng' when ad-'
't do any good unless we neglect the I : t^e frot? onf. en" the
. , . .. .. other, and, besides, sires the wearer an
se -and hang around the polls to see j appearance of Increased age.
. the men don't get mixed up countln' i Let our expert ophthalmologist, Dr. Baker,
hoi iota " fit you with our InTlslble Bifocals. There's
' * J no. dividing line to bother yon, and the ac7
. ... i cuvaoy of these leases permits of the gtbat- i I
hen a man says "hang thd expense!" est'amount of bomfort. I
generallv ties one end of the ro~pe 1 You. ess pay for your glasses at the rate
ind his own neck. of Wc .;week, If you desire.
Student, end Riot.. j W,TH0OT CBUU31Ca
es>" replied the Mexican' guide. <535 Rfl. Ave. N.W.
u see it is necessary to get up a 1
onstration now and then in order to Second Floor, , /
ress certain political ideas. It is by j _J ' ' t
g paid for, rioting that our' students A . . ? ?-Ui-,1 '-'''j- .-JrJ-Uire
enough to enable them to pursue
r studies." I
The Continued Story. t /V"
re's a great continued story that has . JU?\&
filled us with suspense. ' ' ______
haven't read It, but we feel Its In- X 7a\ 11 Vl^llT^l 1 ^ (
terest immense. | t|
re furnished with reliable, advices. T* ill
day by day. TT^^f 1*1 ? I
be heroine is happy or the villain Is A - Hi. 1 I H I
at bay. A JlJ\/lJLiJL
maid who does our. general work is iAa . ??
Miss Miranda-Stubbs. - Mjiif wwm rw*/wc,r*.x
cooks; she minds the telephone; she v flrfKH
dusts; sometimes she scrubs. 'lVattnn H. ManhaB, .
when that weekly story comes, with Manager. ,
words of joy t?r gloom, - ; )
folds it to her bosom and she hur*- , Hotel fjj' v '
inda's face informed us.by .Its anil* .r -i. ?" |
lng" all serene _ . ^; Wkhu) fir. minute. o((princap?l I
t Gwendolyn, the VDlase Ho". KM ntilw.ytenninb. ShuMion IJu.1 I ,
stepped upon the scene, 1
brave young men from far and j- j/yypF,
near, so handsome and so neat,
e struggling for a chance to lay their' Snrfu moos - pa day?$3, $4, $5, $6
fortunes at her feet I Doableroama " $5.$6,?7.$8 I
sighing of Miranda told us that the DihM IwhTi i inns.l*??
choice was made. ilsiod? mm ssdtolh. p?rday>101112
rown revealed objections that the ^ . . . a
father stern arrayed. lilM sad bath
eek of great anxiety compelled us to " *
t Fate was most unkind to Gwen- Bach room with bath
dolyn, the Village Rose.
villain from the city plunged Ml- *???mis????
randa in despair. _ ^
shuddered till she spilt the tea and ~T ' " ~~?{
broke the cbinaware. XllCCK tllC SYMtMllS
n fits of sobbing told us that tho hero J
ased of crime all falsely, with no one ?if Ling Trouble 111
to go his bail. < I
try to lead our simple lives. It to.'. aSHS." CSSt '
any use. the disease la often of a very! flattering
wnndpr ?.hot eflfpct the next install. nature. The psttent nty took well,?bet In (
wonaer w nat enect tne next install- j, tut joslng strength by, continued
merit will produce. (night sweats, fever and coQgh. Tftese ajmp- i
atmosphere of grief or Joy that we ??? ^B&w's^AUeSti" "laffn/
are living in (checking fever and night sweats and it has
ends upon the love-lorn and fictitious j hrouf b tabout ^ many complete recoveries.
Gwendolyn! " 306 W. 36tb St., New York. 1 I
I. i nan i "Gentlemen; I am writing yon this teatl- 1
_. _ ^ . . ,. aaonlal that pthers may know what your Al- "
! Five Per Oeilt Discnmination. tSfative h.? 4?e fet The. 8ihce I w?. a very
, .... ySung woman I was a sufferer -from. Breathe
Providence Journal. ? (chftla. I tried doctor after doctor, getting,
e "discovery" that tho provision of i mSlVa Sidly185
new tariff law allowing a 6 ner *?> diotnr-??m-me. if thev vm
reduction of duties on roods im- (not checked" I would have Lung TVaible.
ed in American bottoms may turn HRm Mary Kertismer,- who la a friend of
n ho "inW.F" win nn* -f,mine, recovered after taking your Alterative
to be }a not surprise loatatcd that't try It. .1 cm now, after /
e who pointed out from the first two years, perfectly well, strong and
utterly Indefensible nature of such -fhaaltky." _
revision. In the attempt to make (Affidavit). MRS. ROSA VOKLPEL.
'ss odious the clause was amended r (Above abbreviated; more on request.)
hat It should not be construed to Eclunan'a Alterative has been proven by
nat it snoum not oe construedto years' teat to be moot efficacious for
gate or impair existing treaties.' ?, *wroTbroat and Lung Aflffcrftwrni/Bron- a
question now arises' whether this ,'cbltlft-.Bronchial Asthma, Stubborn Golds and I
not mean that the reduction" 'ap- . 1? upbuilding the system. Contains no nar-1
uiitnmaHpollii (n >ha ahlnn /.* ?H , COtlCS, pOlSOOS Or hablt-fOrmlag dtllgN. Xolll
automatically to the ships of all b o'Donnell's Dreg Rtore ana leading drug- i ,
nations which have such treaties /data. Write the Eckman Laboratory, Phfl.1 I
us; BO that goods imported In ladelphla. Pa;, for booklet telling of recover- "
llsh ships, for example, shall be ^lea and additional evidence. L
itted at 5 per cent less than the
aaJ rates. France. is the most imant
nation to which in that, case the 1 licftnettve
ision would-not apply; and France. A/WUllttlvc
ourse, would retaliate In kind. It is Feoturpc tf\ PMitt'c
etty mesa from every potnt of view. A CctLUI v.a IU a a* l l a ?
Congress was warned exactly what ^ j o
sr "the r"""*" j D
1" l. Home decorating is not simply
itecipe. ^ matter, of good workmanship.
the New York KVenlag Post Q{ , importancc is the stylc
>w It is the ever-faithful Jacob. Rlls , . ^ . r S .
says that his beloved colonel may OI decorating- We plan ettCCtlVe j
nominated by the republicans tn color schemes that greatly beau- \
But this !s, of course, on condi- .? .
that the republican party accept tlly tiomes.
progressive principles. They must rti ., /-> ?
swallowed, neck and crop," declares C-tPft. r*J-|tt LiO.. HlCea
Riis, or else Mr. Roosevelt will al- V-bOT. 1 V>V,"? ",w#?
no republicans to vote for htm. To 1911ft Aim
> to swallow the whole progressive I4E? VOniieCTlCU* AVO.
form might seem Uke a large order. - - '
narfiM lennw vhv & marclful Prnvl. "' * '' ' .1 .
e fashioned them "boiler." Even the I - 1
resBlves may be capable of great j Rbtfor Ua\m JBj* I
j in the swallowing line. Their per- I LJClLtl llftVC *
tance in bolting the whole protective' Ti iCix
f. after all their outcries against it, <| I llOS0 - .
id show that they possess a vast hoiinterior
Into which all kinds of D|nnl?ftir TOtBr
r things may be Ingurgitated without DlaFlKclb
' ? 1 Cleaned fiS>'
Popcorn for Breakfast. . . ,
th. nmosi R..1, ' ' Before ..the cold wfa^hprsetatn. <
i Us Brooklyn Eagle. ^end tW here and we .will repcorn
as a breakfast food Is recom- turn them to you clean, soft and
ded by an Agricultural Department fluffy.
Btin. It should he digested without - ' , ?h
difficulty In New England, where Collara, 2%a. ?Shirts, loc.
or doughnuts and coffee demand a _
rtltute. Elsewhehe human endurance Kot lao
have to be developed by slow de- (U1C mm1v9 ..
" -?v " Hand Laundry
Before and After Election. cuanere
i the Omaha Bm. . ^
home rule ls a good slogan to | *736 X*-5t, jg, tu?. g
on, it ought to be a good slogan I V .1
*?* on. , . .11*1111- 'in fi'l ii ?ty- ' ulg.
J| ' ii v: : ap.-' <" .1*
??- . - . ?.
r; , Better Room for ^ I^MnNf
*T Display in Our
C enlarobd
n. Of Photograph Albums for on- STORE IN W
mounted photographs, s big
A range of styles to seleot from. w . i t 11 i
J and all sixes, with prices that < > rs?? stor. Now ? ?tt> I
? run from PlAAfiA Solas la 1 lleetaaraat
\ Mc to S2A0 rieose jjas-jsj?. n
I Slimmer Snanahnta. Ill Note: I.sssss.y.sssk
jT BtaUoneryjBtor??BtreetJTloor^ j ^ f ^rW.*"->tt^i|,^r'
/ .|| ^
1! *j2) A Sale Like This Is a
J Gwky Ability to Bu
4 I * Now when you arc preparing ]
| portunity to buy
?'i^L ^ua^ty Madc ^
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Vvli 1 WS That sell ordinarily from $151<
VI IS Tfi Come tomorrow for the one "J1
/ FX1 I I lection, because never was there a
^ I 18 I offered for such prices as these.
<| J III All sizes for women and misse
C Jiff Materials are Charmeuse, Cre]
^ ^ ^ other weaves in every good color
g-j Our Women's Outfitting St<
1 to Greater Proport!
m0 | Taking in the section formerly occupied by the Infa
| Women's Sweaters have also been added to the Women's Oi
kn j found in conection with Silk Petticoats.
M | COATS; in light blue. laren- made with Vandyke accordion
^ der and male; also Beautiful pleating, cotton u n d e r p i ece;
Messallne Petti- colore are medium blue, Amerlable
and plain col : $2.75
f a ora Choice PIe? S?lden brown.- - /[
Women's Outfitting Store?2d Mvy . b 1 u e and % OA
1 Floor. canard blue, at....
C $29,50 Has Been i
\ $35,(0)<D>; IS THE R
i Tomorrow, Choice of 'Oiir Entfeline of i
% t So close, fine and thick that many stores
S offer them as real "Wiltons." They are 9x12 ft. R
I sI*e- . I A
m Extra heavy and seamless, of fine Quality Q
ST yarns and guaranteed to wear.
li Most of the colorings are strong and rich. BlfgV'SWKjH
MS and the patterns are In bold medallion and all- InPv^sSSl
f over designs, including oriental effects. KuEIm^sI]
C 250 Extra large WilteaVelvet Rags
t Qoo^ Value at $3.00, J* A
N Tomorrow for - - llploUM
i 36x60 Inches long. The overproduction of a 1 g
Ia prominent mill, that's why we get them to sail ?
<?8 at this special price. All-wool rugs, In oriental W
1 designs, close, short nap, good wearing ruga * ? *
Marabout Sets Now Made to
L CloseSy Resemble Red Fox Fur
j The Very Latest Parisian Craze
M Light in weight, warm and of such a rich color that at a little dls
tance can scarcely be told from the real fox fur.
cape and muff lined with satin colored Marabout; qs /nvg, ;
to match; the muff Is in the beautiful shade,
m new. large shape, and the satin OSTRICH-FEATHER NECK?
lining is shirred 4? ti <Tt\ E?/f> PIECES, of plain colors, or in f
m at both ends. II combinations; prices from
f The set for $2.25 to SI5.00
T hJifclSw BINATIONS are of green and
l^il* farLa n?^ black, mahogany and taupe,
tails, large, new gJ/H\ black and mahogany, blue
P* |l I and taupe and e/f> j i
I |j richly lined, at. j Wue ^ black
|| Neckwear Store?Street Floor. oatrlch, at. y |
| Net and Lace Waists
I Sell on Sight
\ Their Popularity Ss Simply /to ^ /p\ =?
aj Out off All Reckoning:. Beau. 4s VU/R)
L tiftil Models Shown at ^K<Lre QJ?
Loner and three-quarter sleeved models.
~~J Net waists with flesh , pink linings.
A Net waists with touches of oolored chiffon,
n Shadow lace waisth with flat collars and rovers.
? Net waist with flne pleated fronts and tucked sleeves.
\ Some of these waists have the ribbon under the waist, daintily
^ veiled by the lace.
m Waist Store?Second Floor.
h 1 Good Luck Was. With Us?We Se
r 111 00 Brass Beds, $30 Values to &
aj Beds made up for another bouse In a neighboring large city. When
Bp the goods wers about to be delivered credit was refused the other
house by the manufacturers and the beds were then to be disposed of.
5 We Were the Lucky Purchasers, Securing
^ II Beds That Shouldjfell far 536.00 at the
IV Cry L/PW*1-! tu vucr i wu m> ^io*y0* ICS
fln,^?uiTJtt&Spl ASBSftiSSi.USRS H
85uld ShM. alcohol. artunonla a?f win not tarnUh; lacquer guar- JKl
agent* for the celebrated "Oetermoor" mat tree*.)
Bed Store?Third Floor. ; /_ 1
Art Pieces to Beautify | I
OUmriO Your House M
rftHiira* 8HAM8, With all-linen lac* edge %
WUNnM and insertion. Tou will want I
_ _ . IfN-k,-, nrMr a,i these to make your bedrooms &
IB LEADING RETAIL >o?* for *, on \
WASHINGTON. ?j"'n"r:.STJ?. 51 .<dSV J
t i t i i i i i i i i i i i i i i - t i - a 30-inch BATTRNBBRO Cen- Lh
1m. Fure-a^ rieer terpieeea: round or if I
BWfissavssft ? 49c I f>
dat loo office. clal tomorrow at V
** Bt^.' ^ Art Ooode Store?3d Floor j k
copied by Boofcs >id Fleer. ~^ew Looatlon. \
U i9u|iif"4^aSHS^?SafoS>Sa9^a9aiM#eio#^iSN^^ ( i , , ? t . ^ ^, J
Distinct Triumph Due to Our | p
ly in Large Quantities j
four fall wardrobe you have a most unusual op- ?
iilk and Wool Dresses f
,95, $ I ?.95 and $ J *3
3 Ip^O* j, I
UST MADE FOR YOU." It is surely in the col- I
more varied or a better lot brought together and L
pe de Chine, Meteor, Crinkled Crepe, Plaids and j j|
you. could desire. Suit store?Second floor. /
yp* j] The A. B. C. of
II r, 1 JL
81 0 0 ^
m* . - j ^ | a.b.c" \+
nts' and Children's Store. ! AiTrTvnxi 1
ltfitting Store and will be "y/H/fH 5 AU^TION ^
Mh \ BRIDGE ji f
some with wflk Jersey tops and I j I
messaline raffles, others all of i fTt n >a|
silk jersey. The "Kloseflt" S l*J If I
Petticoat Is cut In a. narrow . . ^
style to flt snugly under the > ?J , i.
fashionable narrow skirts. Has An easy way for beginners to i.erpatent
elastic band fastening; feet tliemselves In this fascinating ,1
colors are green, wistaria, game. ?
taupe, gray, navy sa /Th/Th This is a new and revised edition M
blue, cerise, Amerl- containing the NEW COUNT. ,
can beauty, rod, at Book 8tore?Basement.
Our Special Price t
Alexander Smith's Finest |
' A Real Sensation For You Who
||?^| "YE OLD TIME RAG RUGS" n .
A fortunate purchase of 1.000 large and small I
rag rugs. A fashionable fad that is both sensi- 0
' ble and practical. Rag Rugs will wash and are ^
P&M SUe 24x36 In. 25x50 in. 36x72 in. 4X7 it. p
iKB Sale price 39c 59c 98c $1.98 ^
S| iJiofft. Isio value at!!!.'!.' 1"*! 1" *! I .* 1 -i^-os A
'gjjM- 00c Rag- Carpet, a yard 35c ^
T5c Bag Carpet, a yard 35c jj w
Floor Covering Store?Third Floor.
Brass Costumers. Matting-Covered Pieces of Furniture, Etc. V
92.00 Brass Costumers, satin or polished finish, with * -^/tk gr
6 hooks, ring braced legs, 65 inches high. Wednesday !\&
only, at. . .......... w
yf" 50c Tabourets. 17 inches high, top *n>/n\ _
10x10 inches, of washable matting, at....
m HB M Center Tables, with lower ehelf, top yi /f> _ t
a Ufl n of washable matting, 12x12 inches. Spe- ^} > ? t\
a 61 h cW at |
Caflngja 84-tn. Shirt Waist Boxes, covered
iM' m n with washable matting, wooden legs <?/ *) /f>o :
m B 1 U and castors, and lid stays, all white ft.
(? B M wood. Special at I m
IM Bamboo Furniture Store?Third Floor. ? Jj'
Just Introduced Ento New York, and the \
Fashion World Has Gone Wild Over It J
The iarel Rose, S8.60 ( '
An exquisite, delicate rose pink; bud, leaves and great I
open rose. [
One of the m?9t beautiful artificial roses ever designed I I
for hat or dress trimmings. Millinery Store?Second Floor,
tcured R OR FREE Tomorrow | F .
? A Plnless and Button- /
ItnUhlTui >? ? ? ?" Pattern ^
i ii x>y spfWH rr?nfim?n wun mi pv
| I owners of the patent we are en- K
J ''.ii I) j 4 abled to make this generous offer r
( I f A ?a pattern for making the ^
t m Perfect-Fitting- Vanta Diaper. 3
IftTI R P" I Come while the demonstrator^- |T
StWfmn in L sftT<rt6l Ikl VttlWr m,8S Mlller? an obstetrical nurse-4a , W
MI ljlii ji nf PrWrnvv 'INI \Wvl here to give instructions and ex- I
[uiufln. II uilvLni\l >n ii'ln planatlons of the advantages of the j M
|Jj: n \U rW]^. Vanta Vestments. j 1
il'ti nrrwil if IW r.l In the new and enlarged seotlon
devoted^to^Infants' and Children* J d ~ }

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