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-? ^ Al*>ut ?\?iy ?'? \V (ithing*
i'Tj^u. nl hg> 4rVii>trttriT tSijm
,c5SA"?raK UJ^ilL Jt^JUVl M-IIM /ff-VVW' .. PWE
^0' ' ^ * - I" 1 " ' """ "M,k""" """
mill inn mill r I HA motto of the throng Which when th
I ill 11 A I IL I I Jul A L A n! V Kates were opened lined the- streets snr
fill ?|| IT I I nill liilv 1 roundlnft the park and numbered man;
{ I HLnULLI I llfl I llllw thousands. Weariness, as a result <>f thei
long wait, was forgotten when those ii
_ ?. _ line began to talk about the Athletics
1 III I li l||| 1 I 111 I J || fllf victory of yesterday. With the Oiant
nUL | | |\J | | II | | |\J | L | | y once defeated on their home grounds th
Mill I llll IMI 111 I I I I II I waiting fans felt certain that they wer
I Hll? I ll/l lUI 1 I LI/ lw I to witness another victory for their he
roes. A squad of policemen saw tha
Tlinr ITrillim ni/irn onl> onp Person held a single place li
| LiJII fl I | i|| All 1 V If IL V the ,ine an<1 perfect order was maintained
nn f 11 I I 111 ill ?All \ *,ost of ,flP people said they intended t
f | lllLll I LI flMvl UlllLU st"e t,lf> tritn,p themselves, hut there weri
some speculators who disposed of thel
places to late arrivals.
, _ , ai . _ Venders Do Thriving Business.
Thousands Pack Shibe Park Peanm faadwtch ?d saiw venden
/ - - o -I r? ~llfnn|dtp i d''5 a thriving business along the line
TOT itJUUHU UdlllC Ul ??UI IU O Many of the men Ann ooys, nowever
brought their own lunches and some o
Series With New York. i the early arrivals came with food enougl
for four m^als.
Soar boxes, boards, camp stools anc
Improvised seats of all descriptions wen
CIANT^ FACE HANDICAP pushed against the park wall so tha
UIHIMIO rHUC nHWUIV/Hr manj of the w^Uers were comfortable
isi isi niriv/ to iirni/i *- One ?f them had provided himself with ?
i IN INJUHY IU MtnKLt sofa and blankets and obtained severa
hours' sleep during the night. Two enter
prising youngsters had rigged up a lonf
board resting upon two soap boxes anc
Canvas Covers Protect Entire Play- so? seat? ^re,on f 25 Sg}}* **ch:
J The neighborhood of Shlbe Park wa?
;ncr XNaIH QTid Tfppr? Tt in rife w*th activity this morning Houseing
Xiela and Aeep It in holders whose residences border the pari
Pn/wl f/vnrli+irm on two sides were busy arranging seats
truuu tonuiUQii. on their roofs from which spectators ma>
see the game, and for which good prices
were obtained. Hundreds of persons wenl
Ticket Speculators Active.
National Leaguers Not Crestfallen Ticket speculators were much in eviOver
Defeat, However, and Are hotel? etI?ets 411(1 at th
hotels, and a number of the coupons were
Confident of Evening disposed of at many times their face
I value. One $2 seat for the three days
Up the Count. soia tor 540. The venders, generally, refused
to sell the seats separately.
Police arrangements Include a special
SHIBE PARK. PHILADELPHIA. Oc- and^'on' ?1?"^2,8.!,arl[ne ^ianls' >eadei
tober 8. All Philadelphia was base ball The plari8 of the"poMce fo?thJ
mad today, and thousands packed Shlbe the most elaborate that were ever made
Park to its capacity to see the second bv the local authorities in connection
contest of the world's series between the base ball. Five hundred bluecoate
New York Olants, National League pen- more than fifty plain clothes men
nant holders, and the Philadelphia Ath- whlfe manyHdetectives' ail^be distributed
letlcs. champions of the American league, through the crowd in the stands to proWlth
one victory wrested from the tect the spectators from pickpockets. AbOlants
the Athletics set about to capture solute orders have been Issued to supthe
second contest of the serle* on the Press open betting on the contest within
home ball yard and establish a good lead ^io^ may ?? *h_.e ^^he.r c?n"
in the effort to win four out of_ *he ! termining which pitchers are chosen for
contests. All of 20,000 persons had passed the opposing teams. However, Mathewthrough
the turnstiles before play begun. 8on, McGraw's standby, will undoubtedly
The National Leaguers were not a whit be in the box for the Giants, while Plank,
crestfallen over their defeat in New veteran of many seasons, probably will be
York yesterdav. and there was not a Connie Mack's choice.
Cloud. Kay Chang. Plana
Indian went to tne pn-cums An overcast sky may cause both man,
. Miat Worries Crowd. agers to ohange their plans. In that
* . case speed rather than the deceptive deA
Scotch mist as thick as a Newfcruri jivery In which the veterans excel will
land tog kept thousands on anxm ^
necessary, and 8hawkey or Bush,
benches, fearing a heavy dcw ^,OU^riM1_ youngsters on Mack's team, may be sent
would stop the game. An in us to ^he mound for the home team, while
brass band helped keep the min s o TeBreau, who held the Athletics hltfrom
the threatening weather. less in the last two Innings of yesterThe
entire Infield and far into t ieo ^ day's conflict, may be in the box for New
gardens was completely matt ne3S. York.
vas covers to keep on in leaving Walter Schang. whose all-round play at
Later the covers were peoiea . the receiving end has been a revelation
the diamond in flne.piaymg . lhat to base ball enthusiasts here-this season,
It was a gp?d-natur?<i erandstand and who distinguished himself in his first
filled the big double-dec ,-fctory was world's series game yesterday, probably
and outfield ?as- . the Athletic will catch again today, although Lapp is
fine tonic to the gly cheered the usually coupled with Plank. Meyers will
fans, and ldf and batting prac- likely be MeGraw's choice for that posihome
folks at fieiaing B. nx behind the tlon.
DUying bench were several hun- All the regulars on the Athletic team
Giants P ., s enthusiastic, hopeful arrived home In good condition, and will
? r.a,iv to encourage the national be found at their positions today. Fred
leaguers Merkle, first baseman on the New York
.. team, is suffering from a sprained ankle.
Giants Face Handicap. received yesterday, and McGraw has a
. , er-r.ni \'pw problem to fill that position in case
Should Merkle be kept i Merkle does not play. His absence would
York's first base by his injured anKie. weafcen the Giants' infield. McGraw has
the Giants will labor under a severe not yet Indicated how he hopeB to solve
handicap, made all the greater also by the problem.
the absence from the batting o er o McGraw Bemains Confident.
Center Fielder Snodgrass.
The umpires looked over the playing Despite this apparent handicap, the
field at 11 o'clock and officially reported manager last night appeared conlhRt
thJ^nfIOUTdhe gltes of Shibe" Park fldent that he would be able to reverse
a not^wung open until 11:30 o'clock the result of yesterday. He declared that
and the bleachers were the first to fill. iucfc played a great part In the AthAll
the covered stands being J*8ei"X?r: letics' victory. On the other hand, the
were the last to fill, ^jnes' 0 P?dg e American League players say that New
The" Athletics" were the first to come York had all the breaks of the game or
noon the field, coming from beneath the the gcore would have been even greater
irrandstand one by one. They were a(ra<n<,t ?
garbed In their usual home uniforms of The Qjantg took things easy at their
shite, -with white stockings and b hotel prior to the game, keeping inhands
Just above the ankle. doors much of the time because of the
Merkle Limps Perceptibly. ' damp weather. Many followers of the
New Yorkers called on McQraw and his
They were followed shortly after on the players and encouraged them to fight on
field by the Giants, who wore their trav- and win.
eling uniforms of gray, with purple and The Athletics, of course, were heroes
gray stockings Merkle limped percep- the day wherever they appeared All
... . ? Qr. .. of them had orders to report at Shibe
tibly as he came upon the field and it p&rk by 10 0.clock and there
was a big
was apparent as he passed the ball be?ck croW(j about the players' gate all mornHnd
forth to Catcher Wilson that he suf- jng. "Home Run" Baker was given an
fered much pain. Merkle wore a heavy enthusiastic reception. Everybody wanted
ankle brace. ..to shake his hand and slap him on the
Tue Athletics took up batting practice back. Collins, whose wonderful playing
; rst. and '^u<1 were the cheers when ^ ye8tenjay*g game had much to do with
Hbme Run Baker sent a drive nearly victory, also was noisily welcomed. Benfans
fondW"an ^ikcr's Xy.'^ der' the bl* lndian etcher, having won
Eddie Plank indulged in batting prao- his game, was practically excused for the
t ice, indicating that he was Manager day> but he expected to put on a uniform
Mack s pitching selection. During batting 411(1 ta*e an work-out.
practice Manager McGraw came over and
double sweater, and he was looked upon ?
M the Giants' hurler for today's game. Arabi(J Numeralg Supplant Roman
What Baker Told Herzog. on
The Giants are telling a funny story Secretary McAdoo today instructed the
about Baker and Herzog. who are old- supfrvlsing architect of the Treasury to
rme friends, and played on the same US Arabic Instead of Roman numerals
lean together down on the eastern shore on ajj public buildings,
of Maryland when they were but boys. The order was l8#ued because of tht
\ Baker was rounding third base on his difficulties the average citizen finds In
.h ;f rw'" <lulckly Interpreting Roman numerals.
i >at was a fine thing for you to do. The Roman figures have been used ever
Miv ii i o since Co agrees discovered the public
tttil. 1 just had to do It some time, buildings pork barrel.
and this was as good as any time,
uulckly replied Baker as he sped up to- " ~~~~
ward home plate. BRYAN LAUDS WILSON.
The photographers were, as usual, as
busy as pilot fish about a shark, darting "
h#?iv and ther? DicturiiiK the nlav#?r? in C&lls Tiim
... ? ? v??v?? ?a>t?IlCklU(U
'*AD automobile was presented to Walter ForCC Ever ill White House.
Johnson, the star pitcher of the Wash- SPARTANBURG. S. C., October 8.?Ir
?aton club, for being the most useful . . _ j,
"aver to his club of any. player In the an lddr*,s before a lar*e audience hen
American league. last night William J. Bryan. Secretar>
The crowd gave Johnson a bie che?r. t>f state, styled Woodrow Wilson tli?
Thousand in Line All Night. greatest intellectual force who has evei
occupied the White House. He stressec
Despite a drizzling rain w tich set in the president's fight for tariff reform, hti
before midnight ana continued until early e(fortg making for the passage of the cur
today more than a thousand fans camped r^ncy bill, and said the great peace move
outside Shlbe Park, many of thein since ment which over thirty nations have in
t o'clock yesterday afternoon, in order dorsed originated with President Wilson
to get choice bleacher seats for the sec- Secretary Bryan accompanied by Mrs
ond contest If the prediction of the Bryan, came across country in an auto
weather man holds out, these devoted fol- mobile from the celebration at King:
lowers of the national pastime may have mountain yesterday afternoon and weri
their long vigil in vain. the guests of former Gov. John Garj
"Take a chance," was. however, the Evans.
Uii^uu U/1L/L> 1 VJUA Y ?
?aS4B?7NS10 H. H. IS.
Philadelphia.EJIDQE1QB1IIB ?m
Battery?Plank and Lapp.
New York . JIDQEIQiailll-H m
Battery?Mathewson and McLean.
Umpires?Connolly and Riglcr.
1 _____
e See Confiscation and Socialr
ism in the Glass-Owen
L Political Domination of Reserve
Board One of the Chief Points
i of Objections.
j '
l BOSTON, October 8.?The currency com- M q
s mission of the American Bankers' Asso- ^ 3
elation, reporting today to the associa- a ^
tlon In convention here, asserted that ii ^
t favored the old national monetary com- Jp
mission bill and opposed the currency Tttiyp ^
measure now before Congress, for the fol- s"
lowing prime reasons: < ?
Because under the old plan Investment
' by bankers in the stock of the central S?&'3 " *
, reserve association was elective, not com- ; fee 7 ?CYs~rC
, pulsory; whereas under the proposed bill V(Sl!tS^
bankers must subscribe one-fifth of theirI
capital stock to the federal reserve banks v\TOw|
[ or go out of business. ^ ^,3 JL
Because under the old plan money in- *
vested in the stock of the central reserve ^ *^l
J association was under the control of the
i banks investing; whereas under the pro1
posed bill the federal reserve board, doml'
nating the reserve banks, was without the
1 bankers' control. _
Fear Political Domination. .*L
i Because such control by bankers? "^5=^ a
J 4 -.1 I? 4k- nrnnncoH Mil?WOA ft |
ueiiieu uieui iu iuo vi/vSw? ??.
) guarantee against political domination V
. and incompetent management, "two im- 1
portant respects wherein the pending
measure Is lacking."
The report of the commission Is signed ^
by A. Barton Hepburn, chairman of the i
Chase National Bank of New York, as
chairman of the comimssion; James B.
Forgan, president of the First National
Bank of Chicago, vice chairman, and the
following members of the commission.
Festus J. Wade, president Mercantile ?
Trust Company, St. Louis; Joseph T. Tal- " *
bert, vice president National City Bank, pending measure. In or
New York; George M_ Reynolds, presl- upon the banks, the fact
dent Continental and Commercial Bank, reached a point where we
Chicago; John Perrin. of Perrin, Drake own Interests and for our
& Riley, Inc.. Los Angeles, Cal.; Luther Individually we must rei
Drake, president Merchants' National a*??8_ the Premises, an
Bank, Omaha; Sol. Wexler, vice president satisfied with the provls.
Whitney-Central National Bank, New we to acquaint our
Orleans; Robert Wardrop, president Peo- ? J
pie's National Bank, Pittsburgh; E. F. whoichH tl
Swlnney, president First National Bank, ma<je
Kansas City, Mo.; Joseph A. McCord, vice
president Third National Bank, Atlanta; Differs Prom Aldr
J. F. Sartorl, president Security Trust
and Savings Bank, Los Angeles; Levi L. 'It has been proclaim"
Rue, president Philadelphia National and In the public prints
Ban k, Philadelphia; E. L. Howe, vice tures of the pending meai
president Princeton Bank, Princeton. Mke or gimilAr to provlsl
reported by the national
Currency Bill Discussed. mission, and which the 1
The presentation of the report ab- why^if^the^bfnk^appr
sorbed the attention of the delegates visions In the so-called
today. The report was read by the they oppose similar provl
chairman of the commission. It was called Glass-Owen bill 7
followed by a discussion of the currency
bill, led by members of the commission. a
. . _ ,, , , Central Reserve Assocla
Arthur Reynolds of Des Moines, Iowa, the hill of the national
first vice president of the association, ,
presided. In his opening address he at!
tacked the currency bill as "an invasion b^n*cs might invest m^tr
of the liberty of the citizen in the con- or they might de<
trol of his own property." tunlty, in accordance wi
Later in the day a brief memorial ?' their business Judgme'
service was held, at which tribute was "(b) Under the terms ol
! naid to the memory of Charles H. Hut- national monetary commi
J1?" wl}j soon after his election ers controlled the mans
as president of the association last year. Central Reserve Associat
H*nnr+ nf r<nmthat an Investment in tl
P 0f Committee. association was an lnvestr
In part the report reads as follows* OWTl contl"01 and manag<
ThA Mil in ito * . contrary, investment in t
' , Y. J" .ltS present ,orm Eposes federal reserve hanks of
unwise hardships upon the banks, and bill is compulsory. The i
equally unwise hardships upon the gen- have a minority repress
eral public. The interests of the bank- management of these
, ers and commercial public are coincl- n^ioT^ot^the*federal
1 OMt:^thnutUrthCan lnflIfted upon th? which dominates the
' n. ^. ?? er also suffering, banks, and the proposec
^ ?h??. lA-osperous, provides that one of the
it is lanenishiT^^A f Y6 ^enfnt' ^hen must have bank experien
1 The SJrfiSoJ1 1 e?ect8* "The fact that the ban!
hmn his 9nJ anker ,s to Central Reserve Associati
1 his customers so that l? antee against political cor
*\! customers so that they may increase eouallv a suarantee aeai
I the activity and extent of their business. manaJemen^-tw im^o
1 Any withdrawal of the bank's caDital management two impo
from these legitimate channels of trade whereln the pending meat
1 not only entails a loss to the banker, *
! but also to the business public. Ililll'IA A| '11#/
i "The banks are required to subscribe MAM A \l AV
to the federal reserve banks an amount IVlMIllMIl ill HI I
equal to 20 per cent of their capital, wull I '
one-half of which must be paid in at
once, the other half being subject to call
This is to be taken over and placed un- , ... , ?.
srcsr,!', Church Worker Thi
ity representation, but a very limited e* -j n
voice; indeed. In return for the capital OUICICIC 111 HO
, thus appropriated the banks receive a
certificate, which cannot be sold, assigned
or hypothecated, over which none inSirUClrC
of the usual rights of property can be
exercised. The hanks are obliged to ? ,
make this subscription or be dissolved
Charters have ever been regarded in the LIVERPOOL* October 8
nature of a contract, apd it is doubtful llglous mania early tod
sss -h?rMi w?rk" h*re'wn
summary manner, not because the terms ran amuc* with a loade
of the charter have been violated by the Wiled three of his fellow
banks, but because the hank manage- He then committed suicii
SSS^IPSi3TS "SDon*,d a ,rnd
provides. residences of his colleagui
Cannot Receive Money 7?rk 34U8t4after ldnl?h*
' down in turn, afterward
"There is no provision whereby a bank bodies with a bludgeon.
t which subscribes money to the capital of were no witnesses of the
the federal reserve bank can recover the e<Jles- The empty rev
; same, except by liquidation, either vninn bludgeon were clasped
r tary or enforced. A bank is given a maLT h^ld9 when his body wai
. . siven a maxl- -p^e f0ur young peop
mum return of 5 per cent upon capital workers for a sect known
subscribed?if earned, if the government of Humanity." One of i
' can appropriate one-tenth of a bank' Mlss Crompton, daughter
5 capital in the manner provided bv tw Henry Crompton, formei
bill, they may appropriate one-tenth ni*? Church of Humanity. Shi
year, and so on until the capital iHan of the "Liverpool Positi'
transferred t othe government bank If McDonald*s religious tutoi
they can fix the compensation at s' n? room that the maniac co
cent this year, they mav make it 4 d after Wiling his instruct!
cent next year and .1 per cent, 2 per cenY
1 per cent, or nothing-a very simple and GARBAGE IS M
s easy process whereby the entire capital
i of the banks may be transferred to the '
' government. N Collections Made
"There are a great many different kinds
. of. socialism; but however the various Since Octobe
theories differentiate, they ail agree unon
the fundamental proposition that the gov CHICAGO, October 8.?:
eniment, that is, the community as a collected in this cit>
whole, should own all the real estate, all and the situation is be
szsssKf 'sssss' S8- sTh*city ceu8ed 8"h",n'
sg uss assrass.
capital I., the manner provide nlcip.llty found Itaolf wl
, to the extreme, would easily aeiomjuih ,w"'? Shlc'
so far .as the national bankH are Sin cumulating at the rate of
ed, this contention on the part of th temporary disposal
ciallsts. For tlmse who do nm hell? 8?~ constructed at a clav hoi
socialism it is very hard to ac^eot t Jli weal si?e" Jhere ,ave bf
ratify this proposed action on t ie dela>s this work, and i
| the government. ,e part of days before the city will
J "There are othor provisions of ti. ... ?f garbage,, it wai
equally important and far reaching ?ay' Since Octooer I
their effect. canning m t)age has been burned
"We have recount.s! a,. burled, but thousands of
confront, u. o. to that orovui^"^"^
" ^ <<
link ought to be badly beating a wo
????? waa taken on the
ich pikn. Hundred and Thirteen Bishops ed in preventing the
Bd in Congress ^ from going to worl
that many fea- Participate in Triennial A non-union pars
mre are exactly ^ stration of the klr
Ions of the bill Sessions trict, has been plat
monetary com- * row morning in Ca
aankerm In con- b? MrH- John 1
i est Ion Is asked- > tlvely opposed the
Atdrtch"binp,?o CATHEDRAL OF ST. JOHN
e stock of the ??_ !t is n?t believed
tion created by w'" care to defy th<
monetary' com- Great Procession Held?Marriage
not compulsory: 6 V A TCT"D to /
.e same if they and Divorce to Be Con- A Albion IS C
dine the oppor
I*"' <H/*tatao i _' 3 _ . 1 ^
til VIIC Uivvnvw BluCiCu, VI I
f the bill of the Which He Re:
lament of the NEW YORK, October 8.?One hundred BERLIN, October
ion. It follows and thirteen bishops and more than 000 is revealed as a res
le stock of the clerical and lay delegates gathered in *b? first time by tl
nent under their the gj.eat unfinished cathedral of St. John whlch credits him i
hTstock of the the Divine today for the opening session a sma11 cafe ***? re'
the Glass-Owen ot the triennial general convention of the torIc mlw ?' Sans
ndivldual banks Protestant Episcopal Church. It will A former restaurs
sntatlon in the close October 24. had been removed
feh6tever^in^the Toda>"'s forenoon session was set aside dens of the-palace,
Reserve board, for the opening procession, a sermon by the protest of Potsd
federal reserve Rt. Rev. William Lawrence, Bishop of restaurant built nea
1 measure only Massachusetts, and a musical program, former steward of h
seven members This afternoon there were business ses- emPe^or J? chargin
ce. , ..... ? ., , . rental, with the st
kers control the s*onH of both the house of bishops and cafe proves payin
on was a guar- the house of deputies. raised. The empero
itrol, and it was -n,,* m - iv?ni dition, namely, th
nst incompetent Two Bishops Absent. serve "the best coil
rtant respects of the 115 members nf the hm.se r,f In h5s early morn
sure is lacking" " " memDers or the house of often enter8 his ow
b bishops two only were missing. They cf sherry and som
were Bishop Garrett of Dallas, Tex., quire how the buslr
STMnrr whose advanced age prevented his com
I Hlirr ing, and Bishop Hall of Vermont, who Is IIA hliinrn
Rt. Rev. David H. Greer of the diocese |lU UMMULIi
of New York presided, but in the great
? ., procession which mai-ked the opening of ?
en UOmmitS the services Bishop Tuttle of Missouri, by
right of seniority, walked In the place of Cibin+lAw HI.
? honor?the end of the line. dllUallOn al IMC
Om OT Suggestions for changing the corporate
name of the church and revision of the PonQifTprPfl fll
q? constitution wun reierence to marriage ? ?>
and divorce are among the important
matters with which the convention will CrOSS SGr
? deal.
.-In a fit of re- S^od Hal1 Dedicated.
ay. a youthful The dedication of the new Synod Hall, Reports of the fe
liam McDonald, where the sessions are to be held, was cation from Nome
d revolver and advanced unexpectedly from the last days no danger of famine
church workers, of the convention to yesterday afternoon. recent tidal storm
ie. The Synod Hall is the gift of the late 750 tons of meat a,
of visits to the J. Plerpont Morgan and the late W. tance of the stricke
es in the church Bayard Cutting. jn response to
and shot them Bishop David H. Greer of New York throueh the \ssoeii
battering their during the services read prayers for the _ n
. repose of the souls of the two donors, "eoree A- Jones or
ipparenuy tnere Members of the Morgan and Cutting fam- for public assistanc
: series of trag- mes were present. day authorized May
olver and the r mediately upon its f
as "The Church UUI I Lit IIIImL U M\II\LI\U at once to the Red
the victims was needs of the sufferer:
r. It was in her i Mayor Jones and th<
mmitted suicide ???;Nome are in a beti
' , i the relief work tha
? Officer Shot in Back and!notr,expei,ve<?t that
VKACV 'send one of its own
- ^ Pounded With Clubs by jN0LIQU^
' n Chicag0 Party of Ten.
r 1. J Attorney Finds T
No garbage has - tion Forbids S
' for eight days CALUMET. Mich . October S?James <v>f rMKUS Ohio
TTtll nlr!?uS' Pol,ack- R depUty sheri<T- %vas killed thls after November 4 no
:h"?. October morning by copper mine strikers at the tails> not cven w
I. and the?mu- Isl? Royale mlne ncar "oushton. He wine or beer w,n u
thout means of *as shot in the back of the head and at- dining ears in Ohi<
h _has been ac- tacked witli clubs by a party of ten men than grape juice wi
700 tons daily. and died an hour later. Pollack was trays of colored wa
on 'the north* found by oth(r deputies lying beside a all you please, but t
en unlooked for r?ad. His head bad been so badl> ! doing." The only b
t will be several pounded that It is brains were exposed. lie "brown jug" of }
resume the col- Sheriff Cruse has made one arrest and Attorney ilogeii lis
!inenofU!hed??r" expects to apprehend all of the men in- xtitutlon forbids a
miic ui int gui- . ? . < , fonscuuentlv has i
in furnaces or \olved in the muidei befoie night. Ilo Honor license comm
residents have crime has caused much excitement in the ,ense to railroad e
i of the refuse, Isle Royale district and feeling runs high, wet goods " The t
*a in hultk I'vUiudt, wns particularly acUvs as a dtp- ui. Hugao'v rWJ
rntdlUtNi UtNl
Declares He Didn't S
One Failing to Suppoi
Is No Democral
? Believes Senator Reed Wil
--I?Currency Bill After He Hi
^ Amendments He Desi
PjffijL To the Elltor of the Wasl
I un quoted In your 1
Offlk this moraine mtIbK tl
djffrajaik one who doea not loppor
SroBsHQ no democrat, hut a rel
course, I sever said an
thins. It Is contrary both
thought and to my characi
I most ask that yon sire
prominent place in your 1
tomorrow to this denial.
Very trnly yours.
(Signed) WOOD ROW W
President Wilson was str
(plainly stirred today over stor
has begun to be abusive In h
^ ^ currency legislation, and that 1
SygSBug. lng names to the democrats w
at this minute working in har
the other democrats who have
the currency bUl.
? ? .twvliAtfAeoMwl tvrvloal 4
| _? xit. fluoufiiiuvi naiu, i
President wrote to one newep
Ing certain statements attribu
and In talks with his callers
day wanted It distinctly unde
It was not his style to fight
. - technical personalities or ind
In the face of an effort to c
fight along reasonable and ta
the President has been natural)
over a number of publlca
' plaoe him In the light of beln
: ly conflict with democratic 1?
~ 7~ of being confronted with th<
ed the WTath of the tlonal row of his admlnlstra
daVio"' gfwS 1? -aid to haw n.
,jd " to the true facts being kno
are that he will use every 1
Up Workman. of bringing about the enactn
arrested at the Baltic administration currency bill
: for attacking and he 18 supremely confident tti
rkdemocratic allle. In S
charge of carrying a HouB? wlU 8"cc?8dThe
strikers succeed- Stakes Party's Future on L<
Baltic mine employes ,, . .. .. . ,
He wants It thoroughly '
_ that he does not seek or exj
Id'Vaa'TwtoX: llran enppor, for tft. Mil, a
ined for early tomor- willing to stake bis futur
lumet The leader Is of his party on the legislate
vocjan, who h<m ac- He telle his callers that his <
woman strike sym- ?nce from all parts of th
era in early morning largely from business men ai
...... _ . . shows the strongest kind of li
irte S'anS. ?' ">??", ">* V"*',!?
strikers thus openly. There was H&id today to t
sympathy at the White Hou
1ATTP nwui'P suggestion that the democrat]
jn.tXt UWALA. of the Senate committee si
take the bill from the whole
Bm?ll and treat It as a democrat!
sm&ll itestaurant, the democrats who are now e
. . v be holding out to be freely
ttts tO Manager. and their desires fairly consl
R_Fmn.rf>r TOiiiiom This was the method by
8. Emperor William was handled In t
taurant proprietor for an<j Senate, the republican r
tie Vosslsche Zeltung. committees receiving little cc
with the ownership of and having no opportunity t
3taurant near the his- 0<Jl?enf UJif" lr.mr t
_ , _ x _ The lndicataions all along t
Soucl at Potsdam. <jay at the White House and
mt at the same place pointed to crystallisation of
to Improve the gar- that the currency bill is to
but th. emperor, on TKX? ?3? """"""
em people, had a new of thlS
it it, renting It to the Thinks Heed Will Suppc
lis domestic staff. The . . , . ^
ig only $1,500 yearly Th? administration does not
ipulatlon that If the in charges that Senator Ree<
g the rent will be off the democratic ranch to
r emphasized one con- that he Is influenoed improp<
at the place should . . . . ... ..
fee in Potsdam." terests not in common with t!
Ing walk the emperor party or of the people general
n cafe to get a glass contrary, the President is con
e biscuits and to In- Senator Reed is seeking, as
less progresses. man. to obtain amendments
. he thinks are appropriate and
'am iii iM he has made his light he nil
(IF FAMINF " Th"rt^ne?? haa tuf.rm
Ul I nilllML Senator Reed in no way op
rency legislation now and the
_____ Is for certain amendments, son
. a at a A % ? -1 4
are not Deuevea to oe nuruui i
imA Alocl/o Mnt purposes and plans of the adn
' lie, HldoKa, 1*01 The President is declared to 1
easiness as to the eventual atti
scnprutA DaH Missouri senator, after that
/Opel die??neu has made the fight he feels <
. to make,
ids MnnPV There are Intimations thj
iua muiiey. Reed and the President Will g
in a short time and discuss
ences that seem to exist, and
deral bureau of erin were made today that Senatoi
aerai oureau of edu- h ther democrats
A aska, say there is Sal vote Is taken.
i there because of the Senators Kern, Thomas, H
Reindeer representing Sheppard all gave encouragin
e within driving dis- the prospects to the President
>n city Senator Kern went so far as I
y" he did not believe a democrt
an appeal sent out wm necessary, owing to the
ited Press by Mayor of party feeling that is de\
Nome. Alaska, asking fast.
e, the Red Cross to- *
or Jones to draw lm- made ambassador 1
'unds for $5O0 for use
u.at ?. , , Count Vincenzo Macchi <
was asked to report
cross just what the Appointed by Ital;
s from the tidal storm roME, Italy, October 8.-<
t at further aid will cenzo Macchi di Cellere has be
wing to the remote- ed jtahan ambassador at Was
pub?ic"uthoVlU?h? succession to the M.cquls C
ter position to direct fak>men? Who lias been recal
n any one else, it is own request,
the Red Cross will Count Macchi di Cellere wi
agents to Alaska. | to the Argentine republic fronr
* ~~ 1U12, and before that period v
DINERS IN OHIO. secretary successively to To
toni. Marquis di San Gulllano
hat State Constitu- ?uicciardint when they held t
minister of foreign affairs in
loving Saloons. cabinet.
>, October ft?On and r? ?
i mint juleps, no cock
hisky straight, sour THE DAY IN CONOR
>e served on railroad
j. Nothing stronger SeMte:
II be found poised on Not in session; meets ri
iters. You may kiek at nooniiere
will be "nothing President h rank A. \ and
ope is to carry a lit- ",c National City Bank g.
,our own. views on currency reform
is found that the con- Senate banking committee.
moving saloon and House:
instructed the -it ate j ^ t t noon nmi resumet
ission to issue no li- .
ompanies for selling ,0 a dtiorum to * v
-ommiasiun will abide urgent deficiency bill.
la* I
lay Any Want No Discrimination as to
rt Him Shipping, Threatened by
New Tariff.
l Support Commercial Countries Also
is Urged Worried Over Five Per Cent
red Differential.
? There arc strong indications of a genklnctoa
protest by the commercial nation"
against any construction of the ft per
cent differential paragraph of the tariff
nor ?f a<?t that will place them at a dlaadvank?t
say tage wlth regard to American shipping
t me la Without awaiting- derision by tha
hel. Of Treasury Department as to whether eary
stick goes in German vessels are entitled to an
to my abatement of 5 per cent of the duties
ter, and upon poods imported Into A morion, the
a very German government has served notion
asne of upon the State Department that it must
be consulted in the determination, of thla
Important question.
11.SOJ*. This Is taken to mean that no mere?de
? clsion of the board of merchant appralsongly
and crs or even of the United States courts
les that he upon this question will be satisfactory to
Is fight for the German government, unless, indeed*
* , such decisions are equivalent to a oorole
is yy y- jete recognition of the German olalm to
rho are not remission of 5 per cent of tho duties
^smnctioned Another Feature Disliked.
Further, the German government talma
fashion the distinct exception to any attempt on the
aper deny- part of the Treasury Department to iinrf*
ted to him the application of the 6 per cent dtflferenduring
the tial clause of the tariff act to goods orlg- *
rstood that inating In Prussia^ the Hanseatio stataa
with pyro- and Mecklenberg-Schwerln, thus exchidiscrimlnate
lng the remainder of the German empire
from the benefits of the paragraph,
onduet his Th? French counselor and charge, 1L
Pereta also has notified the State Dectrui
imes, partment that his government stands by '
ly arounsed the protest, made last summer, against
tlons that any attempt to discriminate against
ig in dead- French shipping. It was Indicated that
. d retaliation would swiftly follow dlscriml"
nation against French cargoes under seo>
first fac- tion 5 of the tariff actt.
tlon. The The Portuguese charge, whose oountxy
> objection Is In a position similar to that of Franoe
wn These ln having no favored nation trade treaty
, . with the United States, has also Unfair
means qu}re<j Q( the State Department whether
tent of the Portuguese shipping was to be penalised.
, and that Finally, the Austrian charge has made ?
iat he and Polite inquiry as to the possibility of
. Austrian commerce being saddled with a
enate ana Himiiar burden, as compared with American
. . ., In the case of Austria, however. a?~
iglslatlon. tentlon has been directed to the faot that
the treaty between that country and the
understood united States 14 practically spedflo In
>ect repub- itB allowance to Austrian shipping at
nd that he any privileges In the way of duties or
e and that bounties that may be enjoyed by Amerlean
ships. That fact, however, may not
Dn- avail If the Treasury Department should
correspond- bold that the reduced rates may not bo
a onnntrv nilntra/4 atron dniinl Haq vHth Whiflh
id bankers, America, has treaty relations.
ndorsement Course of Procedure.
therefore, t
enactment. In the ordinary oourse, the Treasury;
country is Department, after consultation with the
>e growing etate Department officials, would Inge
for the struct the various collectors of customs
c members to collect full duties or to "" t i i inli
lall finally gjons as jt construes the law. Should
cC?meTsuree6 the differential be refused to foreign ca*.
tupposed to B?eB wuld be in order for the lmconsulted
porter to appeal to the board of reordered.
chant appraisers and after that to the
which the United States courts.
?oth House But the general nature of the protests
nembers of that already have been made by foreign
inslderation governments may cause a change in tha
:o stir dis- ordinary method of procedure and may require
an effort to adjust the issue
he line to- through diplomatic means, unless Odd*
elsewhere, gress is to be invoked to amend the law.
the view Treasury Department officials today rebe
made a quested an opinion from Attorney Ctanwhat
the eral McReynolds on the paragraph. The
Treasury Department will make no interpretation
of this paragraph until the
>rt mil, opinion of Mr. McReynolds is reoefved.
Customs collectors throughout the ootrotake
stock try have been notified not to allow the
I has gone ft per cent discount to any American or
stay and v??sels Pending such a dedslore
;rly by in
ly. On the
vinced that Washington State Children Victims
any other
to the bin of Disease Charged to Rata.
II join ^with BEDLJNGHAM. Wash.. October
Nearly a dozen children nave aioa rvere
atlon that within a few days from a mysterkms
malady and a number of others are not
le of which expected to rooover. I>r. Eugene K.
:o the main Kelly, state health commissioner, said In
ilnlstration. a warning Issued today that the disease
feel no un- resembled an oriental plaguy Introduced
tude of the Into this country l?y rats.
statesman HeaJth authorities are trying to devise
:alled upon means to keep rats from getting ashore
from ships,
it Senator ,
et together . ___
p Hood will *
when the J Lincoln Beachey's Machine Strikes
\ighes and Spectators at Rochester, N. Y.
SfrJiieWS ?a ROCHESTER. N. Y? October 8.-Mlss
to?say' that Ruth HUdreth was killed and her sister
itic caucus Dorothy Hlldreth was perhaps fatally
i unanimity injured yesterday afternoon In Hameloping
so mondsport when Dlncoln Bearhoy lost
control of a 100-horse-power aeroplane
I and it fcwept a number of spectators off
'A TT C ft roof frorn which they were watching
U U. 9. ' the exhibition. Among those slightly
i hurt were Lieuts. Crlrhardson and Belli
ruilA._ ! Unger of the Cnlted States Aviation
11 t>eiiere I Corps and Beachey.
To gain a good view of the exhibition
r- the Misses Hlldreth and the navy offioers
?ount VIn- climbed to the top of a . small building.
. When the aeroplane was over the heads
appoint- 0f HHdreth party the machine
ihlngton in dropped, sweeping toward the ground. It
usani Con- then careened wildly and plugged to the
lied at his eiirtht unseating the aviator and wrecking
the machine.
iras private
rraso Tit- Complaint Against Bethesda ExuT^Tr
change Before I. C. C.
the Italian Oral arguments were heard at the interstate
commerce commission this morning
? in the case of D. E. Btephan against the
Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Cotnrfcc
pany. Mr. Stephan seeks to have the
>?/DO. telephone company give him a direct line
service to the Cleveland exchange in
. Washington, Instead of a line to the nerwiursaa>
jy established Bethesda exchange.
Henry B. P. Macfarland. arguing for the
crlip of telephone company, declared that the
ave his service was proving satisfactory to the
to the majority, and that the minority must acquiesce.
He declared that just because
the conditions did not suit a feu. they
should not be changed. .Mr. Macfariatid
i effort declared that the company whs perfectly
willing to give Mr. Stephan the service
on the |)p wants, provided he also maintains the
telephone which he now has and which
la connected with the Betbesda erchanga*

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