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Greatest Leader?
14 d&r?I E H-HAS A VERY
Imr nm/rDDAnimni
w um ullvli\ d?um ill
m&l ||f No Other School in the Soul
gSmd Will Be Represented by as
1 Boost Your Batting players injure
Average These Schools Must Play Sa
: T TSE Dowder that won't ! o . u.?
^give* patchy patterns, uroay vy,in oeve, d! mcn
that won't let a target slip Out Of the Line-Up.
'through. Stand up to the
traps with a big league feel- BY H c BYRD
? Georgetown has the eleverst baekfk
in the south. Of that there exists n
M the least doubt. Not only does it ha
a very capable set of regulars, but the
Smokeless Skotpa Powder are several who will be mighty good su
j stitutes.
and watch the clay birds fade I. No team inf tho sol't,\ 7U1 go ?** tl
it _ _ , * big games of its schedule, provided 1
away. E. C. gives the juries do not interfere, with as capab
long strings of even patterns a bJnch of backs- Murray. Polo> - C,J
, ? . . . f. tello. Weems, Landow. Cassidy,'Kelly ai
tnat mean long strings ot Calnan
make up two quartets of exee
hrnlrpn farnrptc T io-Vif rocntl tional merit. All are above the averai
DroKen targets, l^igni recou ln defensJve play> willie thv;re 1Sl not 0i
?pleasant to shoot. Ask for of them. With one possible exceptic
, ? , - . . , _ ? who is not a clever dodger and grouii
shells loaded with E. C. ? gainer.
demand them. That Georgetown has show n a' lot
, improvement in the last week is c^rtai
A beautiful colored picture, suitable for i The Blue and Gray players are workli
framing?"The Game Bird of the Future" I better together and seem to go after tli?
?sent on request. Address Dept. ?in be?er style. Fartfculartv hi
r i the line advanced considerably in i
work. The way the Georgetown to
HERCULES POWDEJ^CO. i wards went into their work yesterdi
a . , 1 caused it to 'appear that they were i
Wilmington, Delaware entirely different set. They chargi
1 faster and harder while on the defensiv
|^^UHnnn|H and went ln with more
i ing holes. The backs hurdly
-? . j ning as well in the interference as th<
! mlirht hut There is no doUbt that tl
?r- ^ team as a whole is improving rapidly.
wjl r-~ ? N % It might be mentioned in this conne
C^BT TfT\TT T!\^ * tion that Bold, the former Everett Hit
III" | F J a' School tackle, who had practically won
( JL U a ^V"nh*ir^^ J11 /I /Vjg Place as a regular guard, is not i
_____ ** way * ***** Georgetown now. He left the squi
As a w T II ID) C ^ some few days ago and returned to h
cJ /Tl ii I iKCo home. He gave no reason for the. actio
il ABANTEBD IK WRITING ? . . " " ' ...
S /Tk/O* i\*T*n Jt has b??n rumored around that tl
flDUDui) IXf\\ fl chances of victory in the Navy-Georg
i v ii.il llvs^CS town game were favorable to the latte
Washington Auto Supply Co., That ; no* 8?v Even tJ1?"gh the ?ll
1227 Nov York are Tel Main *300 and Gray doeS haVe a m,Ehty Compete!
i ' I \ll!' I r set of backs and a line that is developin
Columbia \ ehicle Company, it must be remembered that it is goir
-i L *t. 8T"'- Main 7718. against a veteran team of three or fo\
trv. y> rs, o years. The Navy squad will, probab
J) </Tl I ATH VV Tl TTTI (TTP A TV? outweigh that of Georgetown by flfte*
I /A\ 1 (I I v (I I pounds to the man; its line will be evi
ii (UiilJilLii ^y.'l kJ* JL II Jl gv vy)l heavier than that in comparison, ar
. Vjv strength such as that is not to be'ove
Warrington Motor Car Co., looked by any means. If It were not I
tStt T ,*U C? V wr \t the greater physical power of the Nat
iN.W . N. 1332. forwards, the Blue and Gray migl
_ At ~ ~77j ~ " start the contest on even terms, bift It
11 (Q\ 11 Jn hard to see hdw It can be reckoned 1
jl ^7/ Jl ~A<9\JCsC?Jr.(*0? having as good as an even chance. Wha
, " ? w/ ever show lng Georgetown makes. will 1
Fullj w|o!i>ped; electric starter; more power; deserved, and full credit will have to 1
tore ear. |f?30. given for it.
C^tr?n?;.\VaShi,l&0?4^0Cw?- ">? Maryland A?l? and Dalian*
- 1 M J4th st- !kW. wilt start their, games .Saturday wit
v-/V~ _ ft- ?n?vprgf regular* out of ftri? C
jHs? course, the Farmers will be up agaim
''/MlUnUy^ 'I more so thart will the Kendall Gree
team, because of the superiority of tt
team they are to play. ' Hopkins is g<
^ ^? !r.tLJtX,?Kikr ing to prove a mighty formidable ai
EMERSON & OKME. tagonist this year for the Farmers, ar
, H l'b'>n'- Main 78P3. without three of their men it will be
difficult matter for them to finish i
ffi/JrrJfront. Gallaudet will be against Ricl
n,.mond College, and the Kendall Greenei
an(| 'flrxXS&jy ' ought to win without half their team ou
. - f Montgomery, Hlndmann, Morris ar
fetSgxyiSW} i Johnson are the four men who will n<
' I "owt/x #nr fKa Fq -morS \fOTl
POTOMAC MOTOR CAR CO.. slau mc ??" *=
T? N - uco. lzw Conn. are. gomery has been playing end regular!
? ?? ?- and Johnson has been vying with Shi]
? 7 ' ,ey at fullback. Neither Morris nor Hln<
mann have as yet played in a gam
though both have been out at work. Bol
may bt* shoved into the game if they ai
badly needed, but neither will be us?
THE BARTRAM GARAGE. unless it Is absolutely, necessary.
Tel \v. 458. N. H. Ave & M St. N.W Gailaudet has three of its beet men ou
C" ; r ?-? ?? Cuscaden. one of the tackles; Rockwel
A 1) ii 1 H A ? a halfbagjt, and Marshall,*.an end, ma
/ IL-e U iL* ILrf au not he in the game. None of these pla;
Q A !ryir*lTh IT* IT IT"*/"* e:'" has been in good shape for sever
P !H(La days- and u i8 PfacUcaHy certain thi
U-Vr\L lL*i 1T\ lLtlUiUVj . they wlu not stHrt the game again
The Coak & btoddard Co., Rkhmond- . .
m nss-40 OOSX . vr. Phose K. 7sio. I.ettei s, who played a regular posltk
jf>. n ? ~ Tjj ZrinT* . behind the line at Mount St. Mary's la
vL -(d ^mnm ninl e H O M A, year, is making good at quarterback f<
U y U ^ Catholic University. He is running tl
J "The Greatest sii-cyllnder team well, and is showing much betti
Car Ever P-odseed." form than was really expected of him i
M. T. POLLOCK, the 8tarl
Tri. m 7*37 1018 conn a?# Murray of-.Georgetown, who Injured h
? ? ' arm in the game last Saturday again
VP A ' Randolph-Macon, was out in a suit ye
OiiCf 0\0 terday. but did not take purt in any Tt
a m a t) t k CT'crvvi the scrimmage against the Maryland Ai
LAM AK J ALKbUN, I gies. His team will need his services
v 4th R *stc V W lh* Navy game, but there is a questi(
-4 t*?iu 1 as to whether or not he will be used,
i clephonc North 3861. his arm is in such condition that he cs
- ? . . 1 use it well after it has been bandaged, 1
f V>y y J ! will be played, but otherwise no chanc
I O \ II Z^L. I CT j WH1 be taken of having him hurt tl
I L' If \ If j member any worse. Murray is a miglv
\ P-o^l r- . ) |1 \S 11 clever youngster and he will be inissi
\\ yj 7J I J\j if he is not able to get into the play.
tJUrs Klectrle The Technical High eleven is said
-ioetrlc s..,f .tarter; $1,03.. to $1,27S; v.,, exeeDtlonallv heavv thi? vear Tl
it try curtain- r*-n-ki.l tire*; electric horn. Tel. i ^ , PI , J ifi lms Jear. *<
N 3749. THK SKLBY <*?.! i?is ? *t. n.w. I Manual Trainers will average^more tht
? . ? j any scholastic team m tne mstrict at
Rambler Mitchell any other eleven that has represent*
them In recent years. It is reported th
aw ci rckn n u*e ,tne w,u s? ci??? to 170 p?un(i
1* U&UySL W <4* U1! which, if true, will make the team a vei
? - a c- at?v ,? , . hard one to beat, because none of tl
TF, - tirri S* 14?:% \? others will have such an amount
__J _ N *4S4-_. " * weight among its forwards.
Three Braves Released.
^ BOSTON, October 9.?Releases of thr
^ players were announced by the Bost<
The Henderson-Rowe Auto Co, National club yesterday. Hap Myers, d
' Tel N. 45X1. 1127 14th at. o.w. spite his base stealing exploits of tl
~ ~H " il o pa*t season, goes back to the mino
V^r&ry NjHSOiSTES 3?&ivcr? again on unconditional release to Roche
ariatee* a aarini: of 15% to 40% of gaaoL'aa ter of the International I.eaguc.
con*a anpt loo. Zinn, secured from the Rochester ch
lat'alleit on any motor for S3 this season, also goes back to that tea
a a /*? unconditionally.
society y^xaqe. Fred v. Smith is released to the m
Phone North XOM 17?7 14th at. a*. bile team of the Southern Associate
? ? under an optional agreement.
The LuttreU Co.. Dupont Circle EEC0ED 0F "ST
? service tfTATtoN. 1214 n. b. ivi. s.w. Yesterday s Officisl Count.
wm ; : r r??:=s Total attrailanvr, 2?.r.6X
To aatloaal eoaunlanloa
(10 per c-rnt I $4,064.00
Fellow-Townsmen of Plank Disheart- j t? player* too per ceat
, , .. . - . . of reaaaladert MJM3.M
ened by Athletics Defeat. To rlmh <h.,f of
GETTYSBURG. Pa.. October O.-Prob- remainder! 8,633.20
abiy no place outside of Philadelphia gaw Figures on First Two Games.
a more disheartened set of base ball fol- Total atteadaaee, 36,854.
lowers than Gettysburg when the result Total receipts, fI7I.P115.5Q.
?f yesterday's gam? between the Atb- ,r. ft?.*"* If*
letics and Giants was received. ; Tw pipyer- 67,443.57
Although many of the more enthusiasm eacfc dab 22,481.16
tU fans made an excursion to see the T -J* v
aante. Center Square was filled with the First 1 WO OI Last Year,
stu.'. -at-lioni?-s. as bulletins were posted Total atteadaaee, 63.876.
aimost as fast a.- the play> were executed Total receipts. 6133,466.
at Shi be l'ark. Inning aft?-r inning, as ( To aatloaal eoasastaaloa 61 1-140.641
I' snk retired New York runless. ? liters I plnjer* 72,687.84
were given for the thirty-elani-vear-Old ' To eacfc -p 24,026.28
|>itcner and the n hole Athletic team, [
5 in Base Ball
j i
^and Mc
. I Xrw York and ("orneli
ve i ^ ':>s. tW? ,,len ^
b- Mj- ' this pair.
:.'-t t l Mack is tall, lean i
?- !y < JSl- -Mc< jraw is short.
?- y| pulsive nature. .
pd ! | <|' McGraw <lireets h
ie ! 1 .. regulation uniform. AJ
^ f < v. '<: ; > .>:>> :*: : '.**>. : ]
,n { |
d-: "" ' I * ; orders to his field gene
> I fences only after a lonj
2 It est strength against th<
? ' .1 < McGraw is more
? ' : * M j f judgment, fitting the <
^ : II ' II ' I These men have at
u- :| est infields, perhaps tb
"y what is reputed to be t
| In the .rst skirmish the
c-1 ' I-the victor: in the sec<
*a'1 * /**>trategist, proved itself
*\ ; f been played, and it is r
?8 i what will happen. It
ie | r vantage, but thatgias b
e_ y ' i*^^1 .' pitching staff now appe
,e CiffV JVZZT- ?ff | jt *s an<j vy-jj con^i
r- ____________
Or rot
ru Capitol Hill Bowlers Clean Up Caa
5! Against Casinos.
he He lowly- hobbled to th<
3e In pity murmured, "Pool
Tell Johi McGray to tak
:h , . To kiofk about that dod
)f T?1 r ,
Mann of Bankers and Neubeck of Co* dala
ie , . . _ _ * He elleked his loose and
>- lnmbiat Do Some Clever And smiled a space at c
i- \ One pleading glance at
id Work. "Why must you show m<
a .* - - He read ao pity la that
lu . So he proceeded to Mow
1- *,
rs The . Capitol Hill quint took three A spiral ball he wouad
t. ! straight games from the Casinos last Aad when that Tltaa nai
'd night .>in the National Capital Bowling swung to drive the
l! feaguo. A margin dt only one pin sepa- To'crib a damlc, oae a"
ly rated 'the two teams a't the end of the But here la Phil delight
p- afr&aycl game, hut the Other two were won
1- ! by good margins. Tho score of the first *r?r alae long rounds he
h ?*"> ? ? ?? <*? bclne the only
re fivf-hundred game rolled by the Casino ^ added f* a p*~-^ at
>d bunch. - The second was< close, the tally Sometimes they'd whiff j
being 485 to 484, but th? greatest mar- Bat are they matured Ima
;* gin was earned in the third frame, when
? the Capitol Hill men knocked down 528 A"d WW>ed ^ *?'
y. against 40.'! for their Opponents. Now, la the books wklol
al Van Buskirk did the best individual Oae thing Is true beyeai
work for the winners of the set He roll- "dTt^'th?^bber la
s ed three games of 113, fill and 118, which ?st2?raw * hould spare h
averaged 110, three more than the aver- He's even duffed E. Colli
,n age of his teammate, Ferguson. Fergu- But ere this teuse aad t?
u? m isr.ltnar nil
j k son bowled a good set, having marks of ??* ??
le 123. which was the next highest game of p bPokeB_?ow
er the night on any alley, 90 and 1(K>. Elliott ui.. ?.rt should he to sli
it also had three very creditable scores. His To JnL |B shrill aid trei
work was consistent, too, as he was the Whea he wit* Aim use*
only man on the team to register at least ? ? thonaht he'd sit aae
is loo in each game. Boss did the best The same and tell aa oi
st work for the losers, having an average of -at mow onr eyea tvra f
J which he made s?-ores of 11S, 90 lt fB the fall of IB we'll
fn Weubeck Bolls High Game. *
>n Mechanics. Ea
jf Neubeck of the Columbian in tlie Car- ' Henry 72 82 -75 Porter...
in roll Council <K. of C.) League had the *74 $ Si K'.',
ie best score of the night for a single Rowley.. 90 84 Stone....
game. He rolled 125 in his first frame Weikert.. 83 UX1 V0 Frye ....
ty against Costello of the Genoa*. He fell Totals.. 420 421 4?t Totals.
-d considerably below the mark, though, in ABrAnL- nrcKPIN LEJ
the other two games, getting only 82 ARCADE dlckha uw
and 64, respectively. Bankers. Six
to A double-header was rolled in the loo 118 92 Elsrrasu..
ae Washington Gas Company League. The too 100 etowrwwl
m Commercial Office took two out of three runi 96 81 8t Rider.?!?
id sets from the Distribution Office, and In- Bontz.'.Tl 95 86 96 Eiker
in stallaUon won two out of the three games Dwjer.... .. ..105
ed from the West Station quint. Up in the
at Arcade League the Bankers got away Totals...495 516 500 Totals.
Is, w'th the Sherwood five by winning three COMMERCIAL LEAGI
ry straight games. Mann had the best
tie average of the evening. He rolled 98. Col- Printing Co. Rudolph
of 120 and 110, for an average of 111 a w*5ner--? J? 83 J,00*1----S?r
Xrk?coreSn w" by ? <"'her KSaSv. ? a a jSSW
man. l ne scores. A.Nauck.. 98 80 87 SCtacomb.
NATIONAL CAPITAL DL'CKPIX LEAGUE. Howard.. 87 92 96 Cotter....
Casino. Capitol 1IU1 Begweg... .. 95 91
Lorei'ing.. 92 92 89 McCurtuick 91 04 as . "711 "777 "TTl _ . ,
Durjw... 104 109 8ii Ferguson. 123 loo Totals...435 446 4u2 Totals.
Brooks... 89 92 84 Krleger.. lol 92 log tiepartUKVTAL DUPKPIN
le- Boss 118 80 110 Van B'rk 113 99 lis DEPARTMENTAL UL LUPIN
he Gbeen 106 101 94 Elliott... loo 101 112 Agriculture. _ Coum
Totals.. 509 484 463 Totals.. 528 485 526 Sea tonr." 72 88 110 w"ourtii
" CARRCe,i.sOLTXC,L <K- ?rcC! IfAGLE- '8 78 3 ft&ii,
Jb Mullin H4 ' S2 76 Rogers mHoM-74 m ^tterf?n- 81 o* ? Broanau.
m I Ferry.... 88 99 90 Cm Well!. 67 il ? Ctanunlugs ^ J5 _86
i ^Oiitfcl!o? 1)1 N^ubfi k. 125 119 ma m . aot A'ia 101 TaIsl
O- jCroweH.. 308 87 Koontv ... w 312 ToUto" 487 iSi 421 ToU1$*
on i Shetfcao.. ^80 80 80 McL'lfn.. 104 99 97 DEPARTMENTAL TENPIN
-55 446 442 414 Totals.. 482 431 466 Le-era ^Im' hI 156 Gorman*
WASHINGTON GAS COMPANY LEAGUE. Welden'.V. 179 129 163 McLennaj
Commercial Office. Distribution Office Frye 129 158 131 Brown...
Oreracker 91 98 95 Larkln... 85 84 * 99 Boepke... 150 135 169 Drake...,
Dawson.. 100 101 95 Williams. TO S Garrett... 143 168 158 Field....
Byrd 87 69 85 Smith ... ft. Sfl
O Nell.... 82 .112 89 Mellon... 103 91 86 Totals.. 757 731 767 Totala.
Hart S3 SO 96 K. Rums. SO 09 ))1 Commissioner*. I
Moran 80 78 Swaggert. 133 418 17? Donobne.
Akm - 1** 135 136 Mllorleb.
Totals.. 443 48?i 46l Totals.. 443 449 439 McNulty. 108 180 137 Jones....
Installation. West Station. Meyers... 163 168 162 {?* ....
F.Ro'Ue.. 94 lot M Cumber]'d lug 05 78 Brosnan.. 136 165 ^65 Hardie...
Baker..:. 87 99 104 Howell... 85 78 98 R1. 77a Tvt.i.
Tayl"r... 101 81 83 Fitigerald 81 91 8o Totals.. 67* 815 770 Totals.
Moore.... 68 70 70 Rhodes... 112 *81 8.1
Scrlbner.. 94 113 110 B.Burns.. 82 80 102 COLUMBIAN DUCKPIN LI
Totals.. 444 476 464 Totals.. 478 425 441 p.rkhlll Voo*' 01 97 Kellber.^
NAVY YARD LEAGUE. McElroy:. 78 90 81 Bra-hear,
Mlaoellaneoua Shop. B. M. Shop. ma 99 93 Beers'
Jolbach... 106 in A3 Frame.... 03 1<X5 102 * 81 78 80 Weckerly
Miller.... Ill 122 81 Hoagh... 89 loi 98 Blind.... wecaerty
leisure... 87. .. ? Spelden... 93 00 94 ToUls.. 433 480 436 ToUla.
Morgan... 102 S3 86 Chleca.... 81 72 62 AOk*"
Uelndel.. 82 111 102 MUler.... 120 112 96 COLONIAL TEN PIN LBd
Prydell 89 93 pioneers. Ma
? -r Totals...476 480 452 Brooke... 172 166 146 Barber...
Totals...487 616 4?w Htaub.... 177 174 149 Hobtnette
PATENT EXAMINERS LEAGUE. tenner.. 135 136 124 Walker..
Farmers. _ Interference. Thomas.. 175 213 192 McKuew.
Preston... SO ? so tirlniJIe... 89 joo 99
i iiffiui' ^ m i.m ft"6" ?7 7:: Totals. J*2 *30 SOW Totals.
i Heiu]>hil!. Si >M 1??5 Uumuiv.. jo 70 70
!(ji?*itglif. 8.'< KJ 82 Mornsii... M 80 92 ?? i
LoelRer... Ho 84 91 ilouaton.. :>9 91 95
Totais...iu3 4iis 4<j4 Totals...in 419 ^or Other Sports See I
\ .
* i ** * '
Are Battling
Graw, Two of the Greatest
i Base Ball, Have Under
onderful Infields and
Etching Staffs as Their . Jp
Assets in Re- mMi
irkable Struggle.
ig point could be raised in the world's series
s of the rival managers?John J. McGraw cf w
us McGillictiddy of Philadelphia.
ase ball-present such a striking contrast as
ind lanky and of retiring temperament.
chubby, jjnoon'-faced, and of the most imlis
players from the coaching- lines and in
Lack sits back on the bench and flashes his
irals with a score card and pencil. K|E||^k
tegist, Mack a tactician. Mack builds his
g study of his opponents, utilizing his greatsir
inclined in his impulsive way to use snap ^pjj|H|
emergency 4\vith instantaneous strategy.
- their respective commands one of the greatle
greatest, in the history of base ball, and
he best pitching staff in either major league. ?fl|
infield, at the command of the tactician, was JKa
md, the pitching staff, manipulated by the
invincible. But now the trump cards have
ecognized that it is almost an even bet as to
seemed at first that the infield*had an adeen
evened up, just as the margin which the ia*??n .
ars to possess may be done away with today. f^^TTTT!
nue to be a great struggle. Which will win5 &.
swops,?. LUNu on!
ir ole Mattyj bc'i all la!
? wto! Brando's Vic
? with rrarti Ma eyes were dull and dint: u , 0
V ace had made a wreck of him. IVI&K6S oDG
t boa, while forty tbouaand men
old a*iy I he'll never pitch again. _
;e him out?Job* ouahta have a heart!
like that ahonld never even at art. lifiMTDfCnD
bp, ao'a we'll know we've earned the game. ml/II I nLOUii
dertna wreck la Jnat a crylaff ahaaae."
> box and stroked hla wrinkled brow?
rough hla-thin look* with many a mournful aough. Cftpt. C&BS&tt S I
acanty teeth, he ftexed hla palsied arm, .
oaale Mack to allow he meaat no Fa?t Field of
Joha MeOmw he cnat, aa if to aay,
e up In this humlUatia* way r" Six-Fill
face, no mercy, no compaanion,
up la thin distressing faahloat
around the cad of Baker's bat, LAUREL, Md.,
raarcly npoa hla dl*lts apat, reputation as a
pellet toward the cloud-beapaapled bine, further ctppn?hn
mall voice observed theae wordai "Strike twei" J*rther strengthe
hnili "Ah. aomewhere children shout, Brando, at a clos
Is nil?preat Bakfr haa atrnck out!" tured easily the ill
. card, in which the
i let 'en hit, provided they would drop ein Th
? where auudry G'ints could atop 'em. an* rac was at
ken dawned the hope that aome one'd make a run, -yards.
1 dope and fhaned 'ess, one hp one. The favorite wi
aonsetluiea they'd hunti a pain he'd let 'em clout; Spellbound the s<
kertown repreaaedUta thirat for rape ?ntirely ?
ie fairly well* conotderlnp hla ape. when the race was
that the geding hi
i we have read we oft have aoted that other tracks. Bn
1 dleputee?a pitcher caaaot hat. 50 t . h t ..
mile friend, nine Innlnpa helap o'er. *'a*
the teath we shuddered to the core. ana the bookies 8<
lot this," we walled; "lie's kept alive avmrhow; As it turned out,
lua twice, ao why dlsprace him uowP cashed goodly tic)
on bled trial of thoupht had well bepun ma DUii?nE dow.
?*le bro?pht I. the wl.ul.p roal i wager
a old aaal We kaew he coulda't last! The start was
t aad mourn the mlaty, vanlahed paat. leading. Hedge R
ubllap tones about that undent day set the pace and
1 to teach the youapatera how to play. way, with Spellbc
u the bench and watch with rheamy eye got away slowly
t the curves he pitched In times pane by. nine horses in fi
orward, aad we wonder with a thrill quarter, however,
see him wlaatap still!' ed him easily li
Spellbound, rlddei
? ? stretch Hedge Ro
iglncem 1 responded splendi
. t?7 ion 93 D-rtrdT Iff A YT A/TP-DC ' swept into the lei
H4 90 73 A1VAL HAXIAUXiAO wire winner by n<
.SI II laI QAV UTTT TTfTTV i ful1 of vim- sPellt;
107 86 11*1 SAY BUT LITTLE . My Fellow third.
?- XEW i ORk, October 0.?John fhirH 1
. 473 44-4 401 j, Nctiraw, manaper of the
IGUE. Giaats, was not all smiles when Brando's win is
srwood he arrived here last nlpbt with Put ?ver on Mary
102 115 99 hla badly crippled team, hat there September 17 Nil.
JK 75 107 was a pleam of satisfaction la a rac? at Havre
94 114 117 his eye a when he aaldc days later Ash Ca
99 98 113 ?it was a pood pame, a hard Immediately aftei
ffSMA and WKm* WAW mhpaU AA AMA-fc 1*1X11 Up tO $000 by S
? ^ **mOUm* Fatherola. At tha
..*53 *?* ror oar uy. vi ruurif, nc c??- stopped bidding an
D Ittloi ef three of my reguMra Is Louis.
V West Co. c??.e for worry, bat we're .till I* ^feature ei
m II !Z We" ke lm " <# Wilson's three-yea^
I la II 95 - A race at good odds :
89 104 86 Commie Mack arrived Here at easy winner at a
84 79 84 lOtlft o'clock laat mifkt rrltk kla event was at a m
Atkletlca and hurried them off to Held of ten starter
~ _ m a ntfc . ? m M a B1 &.C kfOT'l tllld Gil
..?? 448 461 *** Wkem moked for m otatemiemt thoee ecratched. I
f kaoitf amldt vorlte. with Barn
"Hxcuae ate. tonl*ht| you know Blue Thistle, too, 1
nl"^oeTi- 1<u tkere la roally aotkln* to aay. Jockey Ward rod
i 103 88 68 We lost a kard-fouvkt f?me tkla 7Ll
uo 1rt* ftu ... _ __ .. , . in front all the wa
i 98 TT 95 aftermoon aud you kuow It la uot Barnegat was see
86 92 123 pleaooot to "talk about loolag. barely nosing out
We'll be at tbe Polo Grenada to- turn, just succeedec
. 406 ^ ?7 tbe ea. talk tor?%
LEAGUE. and retained.
lci62a*i55 160 ' J - Easy foi
II 190 135 IS WATCHES SON'S TBIUMPH. A?die m.. the st>
192 1TO ill fOUnd the OP nin8r
Matty's Father Dodges Court Duties ha'f f"rlo"g?,1 e?*y;
. 853 787 886 * ^ to duplicate his feat
inreau. to Sean Bulletins in Country Town, after starting off
ill IE Is? TUNKHANNOCK, October \-Thon, SSSt tofr" toStl
193 180 196 was a ^ray-hatred man watching th? while Armament, h
190 108 203 acore board here yesterday during the wat an easy
M7 km Progress of the world's series game In
. 804 857 SW Philadelphia to whom the success of h?Jf furlongs, wen
Christy Mathewson meant more, sent!- ot^er horse that l
tAGLE. mentally, than to any *one else except, prlce ?R'r;p<i ut 4
bE*' 71 iia perhaps, the Giants' star pitcher himself. J?*' - I
i lo 94 77 11 wa? Mathewson's father, a. B. Ma- y' TiiVL Jt
83 98 60 thewson of Pactoryvllle. I Hi a*J I
80 ?l S3 He had been summoned here as ?_ writ- u ;, ^
92 104 110 ness in a. court proceeding, but when his
name was called to take the stand he rli oa?h
. 430 4?? 46t> couj<j not be found. Officers were sent ? ]r!La
tODE. in search of him, and the elder Hat hew- furiMire with
ohsttssB. son was located In front of the score flight fA^frite Yi
178 140 192 board, applauding and smiling broadly as Waf\y nice but 8
: ss?m ssjcrtSf *??'a <?? h?n
,58 85 ho h? ban my.
891 833 89.) iedisipp!Jnted%xpieBsi^ u^inTii faci) bin kit^UieTin^b
as he accompanied the officers back to ,hlrd
? court. "I never even dreamed, though, The final race, at
*|gC U4 lns t. J would achiei e the fame that longs, went to Wall
8^ < Christy has in the. base ball world," 'good length over F
I *'
in Remarkab
i 1
| 71? XimimfM Cah? find
flj | P | lining to gap
gkM * ? steel U?
<*3*^ * -/ Remington-1
THese steel-i
vl m 4- f wivaf
!j| luc
^ v ^ wtccl p
' La Anita, Oity. * Ai
IpST |#K
story at Laurel s^^ijkK J
ctators Gasp. j jQ 1
Springboard Beats a ^(tT T^ShK
Sprinters in the
October 9.?Laurel's
long-shot track was s?^ I I \
ned yesterday when 1 If
ing of 100 to 1, cap- I a*.M
tth event on the day's | * l Jii Mil. <('4l
re were nine starters,
a mile and seventy
is Hedge Rose, with OFTY?Sometimes I wisl
scond choice. Brando getting big salaries, autoniobil
rerlooked, although,
i over, it was recalled AFTER DIXXER?Yes,
ad run well of late at cigar, with a big reputation; i?
one line as another?
c>on doubled the odds,
a few fortunate ones
acts, one Washington - .... . ?
1 $3/000 for a thirtygood,
with Tay Pay
ose the first
tund trailing. Brando Mfffn ifflff
, with seven of the
-ont of him. At the IT/
Jockey Gentry push- ^wrTWjfP^-|(' .
lto close pursuit of v" iwiflt Jm J/
n by Watts. At the
was in. Brando
idly when urged and 0^9
ad, coming under the
?arly lengths and
tound was
S feeling runs free and thea
the third long shot ^
land turf this season. 1
at 200 to 1, captured I llyl IVTA
de Grace, and three
.n won at 60 to 1. - "Satm fa
r the race Brando was , ,. . . i .
lamuel Louis. owner of best fit* U1 With the Spirit <
a Jrago?S ?tlr*god just a* it was in I
Syne ?jealously sru&rded
ent, the Hopkins seli- ft reachcs VOUr fflaas ,500.
Montresor, R. T. 1C. reacn"? , f Iaa? ~
-old, who won a game With t full nch body. II
?&*& ?Toe r." ', for a gentleman-Ask for
ile, with a well iUleu
s. Donald MoDuniild, >%i>.*n 1 i ^ ... ? ^
y Fisher were among DbtBUd tad Battlod tn Bond
)artworth was the fa- A. Ovcrholt A Co.
egat aiao wen imeo. | Pittsburgh, Pa.
lad many backers. I
ie a good race 011 the I
oke his field and was
y by a length or more. ? ?
ond by a scant foot,
Blue Thistle, who. In the undeserved favorite, lost third plact
1 In pulling down show to Mary Warren by half a length. Walnel
Cook. Montresor ters forced a fast pace and succeeded in
1,000, bid up to |1,800 stalling oft Fool <f Fortune's challenge ir
the homestretch.
r Addie M. Summaries.
rong odds-on favorite, First rsce, for two-year-olds: five and a hah
event, at five and a furlongs?Addie M.. 1<>7 tButwelb. 1 to 4 wiraizh
Ash Can waa unable won: Fathom. 110 (Falrbrother). 4 to .1 for place
of September 20. and, 1!?, .Wi
with a rush, finally J"*- ^ ^' >rh"a". 55,101
to last. Fathom was p,,ot- Ash Cin an*1 1 Iaak "!b"
is behind the leader Second race, five and a lnuf furlongs-?:< >
avlna closed un a hie Lrn.-h, 107 Ulentryt. ! to 1 straight. won; l.'.irin,
fvTiilf closed UP a bl*> (Blghtnilrel. even for place, second: H< o.li
tniru. atone, 105 (Dcroode), 2 to 1 to show. third. Thin1.
, also at five and a 1.08 1-5. Vohborpe. Auto M tld. Votes. Monkey,
t to Bob Lynch, an- Fatherola. Dynamo mxl liail ni*" an
few had picked. His Third race, six furlong* Spring Boatd, 11"
to 1 and dosed at 8 (Dtvlea), IK to 5 straight. \vm Yankee No|"uis
too was ridden hv 111 ?K?rrlck). .i to 5 for plate, second: I hyih*
' ill ?, y Antoinette. H5 (Ward). < to 1 to show, thmJ.
o come Into the lime- Time. 1*14 2-5. Light o* My Life, .Sir John John
as Brando's jockey, son. Prince Ahmed, Knight of Uneaa and Denes
i, wearied and trailed ta also ram _ ...
Sb, With Hearthstone Fourth race oue mile? sionircsor, iw namt.
7 to 1 straight, won: Barnegat. 102 (NathSnl, .
, ., ... , f, f..f |)]u(m second Blu<* Thlrtl*'. wh (muh
ired the third event in fjrave), 2 to 1 to show, third. Time, 1.4th F.lla
ea. The race was at BryMm, Kallnkn, Cadeau, Dartwortb. Col. Cook,
Yankee Notions the Jawt>one and Eiwah also ran.
ankee Notions set an Fifth race. c-oo mile and M-veuty yards- Itramlo.
pringboard wore him ?? (Gentry). 100 to 1 straight, won: s.^ihound,
lestretch and nrnwH 112 (Watts). 3 to 1 for place, a-<mnd: My Fellow,
He.f (Ob tnerondei. ov-n to show. third. rime,
hvt. t ankee Notions, 1.452-0. Meiry l.a-l. su-lcliir. (.urili, 11 e-l ye
een speed In the first Bos.-. Tay Pay ami Kinder t?ou u!>" r?n.
I seta whirlwind pace, Sixth race. f?>- two-year-old*: live on 1 .-1 imii
v a head. Plivllls \n- furlongs -Wallera. 10-1 (Teshau>. > to l ssraiyht
won; Fool o* Fortune. 107 iTrnsleri, 2 to 1 for
five and une-half fur place, second: Mary \\ -mien, !/<> -1h ii.ihI.-i. evf i
n\e ana one naif rur- >bl>w itjul. lime. t.uc. small. .v-tuaker.
.els, a a-to-L shut, l>y a -prausfonuutio:i, Salvation N-'11, Pea-.-Ock, LK-utooi
o' Fortune. Small* bra. No Manager and Galea. also ran.
1 e Series
jar lead?Get your bird 1
e center of the load I
ng of shot shells, the great- I
d step since the invention I
ess powder is the steel I
the powder and concen- I
Irive of the explosion back I
ngton special invention? I
ing. You find it in the I
J MC A rrou) and Nitro Club. I
ined shells get their shot I
quicker than any other I
i i e B
to the shooting fraternity,
yn the guess-work about
les. They put the center
ght on your bird.
ining is moisture-proof- no
n gel through. Jar-proof
can get out. Water-proof?
3 St.
ngton-UMC Arrow and Nitro
led Eastern Factory Loaded
cd Plus Pattern in any make
** ff '
* - -v -v .
iler nmei them?or, i(Ae
?ere'i a more alett drrfw
>n who ii worth yoor finding
9-Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1) New York
iter Dinner. Deer Head.
i I were a great base ball player,
es. etc; tell von it's some "class."
but look, Ofty, you're a great
nvt it just as good to be great in
"Laugh and
the World
with You
HH For all festive occasions?when
ir is filled with story and song
rholt Rye
r 100 Year*"
>f the hour. Made and honthe
days of "Auld Lang
at every step until . ji
-mellow, oure, /v
t's the whiskey
wroi I AR
V TVfcVI I. 'W'W WW/ M V.
Cluett. Peabody A Co.. lac. M?>w?
Owner CTarkln of the Hartford team,
champions of the Eastern Association,
presented his players with a eheck for
iunoo. to be divided among them. It was
also Mitt<xl tiiat tlu-j would gel his share
of the receipts of the post-wason series
with I.owell. The money must have upsot
the players, for the Hurt ford team proceeded
to lose the scria* to- JLotwell,
... f ' J
J.. . i f I a- nil Ml.li * .. .... : _ i ' i. . . I al

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