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House & Herrmann,
Seventh and I Streets.
f f'hutograpliic Reproduction:-. J
Truly Colonial.
I he resources of this store are
limited only bv the market itself.
* w
The best that is produced has its
conspicuous place here. The re
vivals of early periods and the
must acceptable of modern design
are set before >ou at rational
prices?not inflated by exclusive
ness?based 011 intrinsic value and
buying facility.
This suite is a splendid type of
Colonial design ? and skilled
workmanship. The carving deco
ration is in perfect harmony with
tlje lines of model. Of unusually
generous size?carefully selected
mahogany?and every detail be
tokens quality of material and
Catalogued at Si50.
we mark
Catalogued at S125,
we mark
Pilrce Anew Car
A Pierce-Arrow, properly handled, does
? *
not "wear out".
Washington, 1220 Connecticut avenue
ltuiadelphia, Market at ilst Providence, ?06 Elm wood avenue
Baltimore. 8io North Charlec street Wilmington. Gilpin avenue and Jackson
Newport. I as<ino Teirace
Twenty-five Dollars
will buy a magnificent
Diamond Ring?
>Oc a week.
\\ e have never before been able
to offer such sterling values as
these Diamond Kings at $25.
If you contemplate the purchase
of a Diamond King of assured
value, either tor personal use or
for gift purposes, now is the time
to buy.
Our stocks of jewelry are most
complete just now?right before
the Christmas holiday season.
Come in and examine our Dia
mond Kings at $25. You may pay
for a Diamond King, or any other
purchase up to $25', at the "rate of
50c a week.
Ceremony Performed Aboard
the Yacht of Wealthy The
atrical Magnate.
The marriage of B. F. Keith, the
wealthy theatrical magnate and pro
prietor of the B. F. Keith Theater in
this city, and Miss Ethel Bird Chase,
daughter of Plimpton B. Chase, former
proprietor of the local playhouse, was
celebrated at 6 o'clock last evening in
the cabin of the groom's yacht, the
Nahmcyoka, at the foot of 12th street,
?>> the Rev. I*. G. B. Pierce, former
? liaplaiii of the United States Senate
i and pastor of All Souls' Unitarian
I Church. At 9 o'clock the yacht Sailed
with the newly wedded couple for
: Miami, Flu., where the winter w ill !<?
I There were present at the ceremony
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Beverly Chase, the
j brother of the bride, who had been mar
ried to Miss Ruth Caroline Cohen,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Myer Cohen
of this city, at 4 o'clock, at Mr. Cohen's
residence, 2146 Wyoming avenue, by
the same minister; Mr. and Mrs. Plimp
ton B. Chase and Mr. and Mrs. Myer
Cohen. Paul Keith, son of the groom,
who had been telegraphed to join his
father in Washington, arrived too late
to be present at the ceremony. Mrs.
I Allan Monroe Shepard and Mrs. Fet
Iteroft, friends of Aliss Chase, also were
of tin- party.
Yacht Is Bechristened.
Following the wedding on the yat-ht
a wedding dinner was served and the
'yacht was rechrlstened the llildebreth.
an anagram composed of the given
I names of tlio young bride. Ethel Bird.
I "Mr. Keith's age, as given by Mr.
Cohen, who obtained the marriage li
censc yesterday, is sixty-seven years
and that of his bride twenty-six. He
is the owner of at least thirty theaters,
which bear his name, and is accounted
a multimillionaire. He has been an
Ultimate friend of the bride's fatlier
I since long before the latter forsook the
practice of the law in Ohio to himself
enter the theatrical business. And
when Mr. Chase and his family re
moved to Washington in 1H00 Mr.
Keith was an occasional visitor to
their home on Massachusetts avenue.
I It was through Mr. Keitli, it is said,
[ that Air. Chase was subsequently
elected president of the National Asso
i ciation of Vaudeville Theater Owners
j when Mr. Keith retired from the office.
Became Teacher in School.
Miss Chase became a student on her
arrival here at the Friends Select School.
In this school she formed a close friend
ship with Miss Julia P. Maderia, then a
teacher there. On graduation Miss
I Chase entered Byrn Mawr College to be
graduated with honors in pedagogics
four years later. Whc n hor education
I was completed Miss Madeira and she
made a tour of fiurope together. M.ss
?Madeira had decided to open ,a school
of her own. and Miss Chase became a
teacher in this school. She took but lit
tle part in the social life of the capital,
and her circle of friends here was
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Beverlv Chase,
whose wedding is believed 'to have
hastened that of Mr. Keith and Miss
.'hase, plan to return to this city after
their honeymoon and take up their
residence with the parents of Mrs.
Chase. Their wedding was quietly cele
brated, oniy the members of the im
mediate families being present Mrs.
Chase is beautiful and accomplished,
and has been an intimate friend of
Miss Chase, now Mrs. Keith, since their
schooldays at Miss Madeira's academy.
Mr. Chase is a member of the senldr^
law class in Georgetown University, a
graduate of the University of Pennsyl
vania of the class of 1911, a member of
the Delta Tau Delta fraternitv and of j
the Chevy Chase Club. I
?lonzo Stevenson Confesses to Court
He Killed John Ham
Before a jury could be completed this
morning to try him on a charge of first
degree murder in causing the death of
John Hammond last July, Alonzo Steven
son. colored, entered a plea of guilty of
murder in the second degree. The prose
cuting officers agreed to the acceptance
of the plea, and Chief Justice Clabaugli,
after dismissing the eleven jurors in the
box and discharging the tifty talesmen
summoned to complete the panel, re
manded Stevenson to jail to await sen
The minimum penalty under the law for
murder in the second degrree is imprison,
ment for twenty years in the peniten
tiary. The maximum penalty is life im
Stevenson was a waiter at the Chicago
Hotel, and Hammond, a white man, was
being served in the cafe. A quarrel arosj
and the negro was severely beaten. He
went away and securing a knife after
ten minutes returned to the restaurant.
He stabbed the guest in the back and
head. Hammond died at a hospital with
in the hour.
Attorneys M. E. O'Brien and A. W.
s>cott appeared for the prisoner. United
Mates Attorney Wilson and Assistant
United States Attorney Hawken conduct
ed the prosecution.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
REE PARK, Md.. October 30.?Rac
ing entries for tomorrow follow:
First race, for three-year-olds and up
i uard, selling; six furlongs.?Oolliwozg,
IvabeL Royal Meteor and Flying Yankee.
liJ: Moncreif, 110; *Triiler. 102; Batwa.
U*..: T.a.ce, 107; Chemulpo and Star Gift
2. j4'heater Krum, 115; Blackford, 112:
i Lady Lightning. lo7; Chenault. 106;
Homecrest. 115; Feather Duster and Edith
i Inez, 112; Vested Rights. 107.
Second race, for two-year-olds: maid
en*; rive and one-hair' furlongs.?Sir Cale
| dore, Tandstickor. Duke Hal. .J. B. May
iiW* Blng -Marshal, High Priest.
Harebell, Suwanee. and Helen M 107
each; Bolter. Maxim's Choice and Cant
Ben, 110 each.
Third race, for three-year-old*, and up;
?nt' and seventy yards?
?Towton Field, H*>; Brush, loS; "Supersti
tion ill: ? Hanson. 101: Lord Elam. Ill;
f u- lV,1,'' ,U.i; Hom,it" Eloise, 111: Ardelon.
* klla wane, lu'l; Jonquil. 1D.J: \lui
LSS5tf .111^".VftfTrB,OH> lo:!: Adylante, 111:
i hi wall. 106; -J. H. Houg'iton. ltit>; Miss
iJonan, ill; "Haldeman, 10V: Goldy, 10S.
!? ourth race, for tliree-year-olds and up*
the American Grand National handicap!
one and one-eighth miles?Flying Fairy.
vVfi 2,', J*/ 'V5! Adam# Express.
1-4, Buskin, lo4; Lahore, 117; Barnegat,
Fifth nice, for two. year-ol^s; eellinr:
SVe ^ furlong#?Belle
El Mahdi. 102; Violet May,
107; 'Drawn, ?3; Harvest Queen. 98;
Lady Qrapt. 104; "Trade Mark. 10*;
Hudas Brother. 108; "Beau Pere. Iva
Mordecai. 107; 'Harebell. S>7; Penniless'
107; Ortyx. 111.
Sixth race, for all ages: maidens and
winners of one race oniy; one mile
?Sunanilt. Lamb's Tail, 104; "Bry
navia, 112; Old Hank, 110; "The Urchin
?6; Sir Dawn, 117; "Mimesis, 112; Bat
tling Nelson. J?7; Xo Manager. 101 ?
Nosredna, 117; "Turkey in the Straw!
10&. >
?Apprentice allowance claimed.
Wtitbof cleajri i**t$
How's Your Liver?
E. Z. Tablets -
A most reliable remedy for ailments of
i the liver. For prompt relief of headaches, |
indigestion, constipation and other ailments j
M caused by faulty liver action.
100 Little Chocolate Tablets,
The Rexait Drug ston?e,
Don't Dare Neglectfa Coughs
^ Relieve ttoi dbfioralcCt Sand avottr. tit'
serious- 'complications* a neglected
often leads to. by usipg
% * ? 4 ?
Hall's Cherry Expectorant.
We sell more of it than all other cough
t syrups combined. F.ach bottle contains more
than most cough remedies at the same pric\
We guarantee it to relieve yo\jr cough or
ey back. * : ? ' *
More of Those Wonderful Bargains : m!"ey
Today, Friday and Saturday ,, "nces> 25c and 50c the Bottle.
Housedeaning Needs
For the fall clean i rig ?use our Bed
Hug Killer; it is surf death; Corro
sive Sublimate. Wood Alcohol and
Carbolic Acid. T? dissolves the eggs
ami kills tin.: insects. A pint bottle
and a brush to apply i! with ;*>c
Poternmn's Roach Food, 15c
cans 9c
Peterman's Liquid Discovery.
25c cans 16c
10c Black Flag Insect Powder..7c
Crude CarboHc Acid, pt. bottle..l0c
Chloride Lime, 1-ib. cans.
23c Egyptian Deodorizer; per
fumes the house, destroys cook
ing odors lsc
sunny Monday Soap, 3 cakes 10c
Household Ammonia, extra
strong, bottle 5c
fon't Let the Roaches Get a Start
Begin Now With
Roach Knocker.
!t kills Roaches, Water- ll?}/*
bugs and Ants. Large box.. u
The best antiseptic deodorant.
Destroys unhealthful odors. Bot
tle 25e
American Rat and Roach Paste. .16c
15c Rough on Rats 8c
Swift's Pride Cleanser. Cleans,
scours, scrubs and polishes. g ?
loc cans
Fels-Naptlia Soap. 5c bars,
7 for
Corns Cured
While You Sleep.
Korn Paint
Does the trick. Just
paint it on
Patent Remedies
25e Danderine 14c
.H?c Danderine I!1?
?1.00 Danderine '>"?c
2T>e Llstcrinc
Crftc Llsterine 31c
11.00 I.tsterlne* Wk?
25c Dioxogen ISc
25c Sal Hepatica 19c
&0c Father John's Remedy 34c
$1.00 Scott's Emulsion ?K?c
$1.00 Dr. Pierce's Prescription?GPc
$1.00 Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery 69c
$1.00 Wampole's Tasteless Prepara
tion of Cod Liver (The Orig
inal) 69c
$1.00 H. S. Wampole's Palatable
Preparation of the Extract of
of Cod Liver Oil Compound?35c
25c. Glyco Thymollne 18c
50c Glyco Thymollne ..35c
$1.00 Glyco Thymolinc ??c
25c Mentholatum 12c
50c California Syrup Figs 31c
35c Fletcher's Caatoria 21c
50c Liebig's Beef 35c
50e Armour's Beef "le
25c Oxo Beef Cubes 15c
35c Steero Beef Cubes 25c
?"?0c Phillips' Milk Magnesia 33c
$1.00 Gray's Glycerine Tonic 75c
50c Parisian Sage Ilair Tonic l'.3c
$1.00 Pinaud's Hair Tonic 69c
50c Pinaud's Hair Tonic 33c
Sanatogen, small.... 79c
Sanatogen, medium $1.65
Sanatogen, large '. $3.25
Horllck's Malted Milk, hos
pital sire $3.00
25c Musterole 18c
25c Musterated Camphorline 15c
Cigars, Cigarettes
and Tobacco.
Lovera (la rosa porf.); regular
price. 20c; cut to 2 for 25c; bo\ ol
2.%. $3.00.
Lovera (diplomatico). 10c; bo\
ol 60, $4.35.
Lovera (londres). 7c; box of 100.
Factory Smokers. 2 for 5c; 12
for 25c; box of 50, $1.
Cadet Safety
Razor Sets.
<? Blades. Shaving Bruaii and
Shaving Powder, com- 98c
Toilet: Articles
Walnutta Hair 8l?lnv,...,
75?* EmpreKS Mmr T?ye. .\ .'. .
$1 D> I?>\ Hair I've,
"5e 1?. A II. roltl rrcam...
N'udlnola Cream..
Speiser's Skin Lotion.
We recommend this prepara
tion to all who seek clear,
healthy skin. It is particularly
effective when used in cases of
weeping eczema, where the
head, face, neck, hands, feet
and other parts of the body
are affected.
Regular application of this
lotion three times a day pro
duces wonderful results.
>oc and $1.00
No Cost to You.
If Rexall Kidney Treatment does not relieve you o,f your kidney
i trouble, we want you to come back lor your money.
Rexall Kidney Treatment
lias proven in scorcs of cases all around you to be splendidly efficient
in all forms of kidney trouble.
Prices, 50c and 79c Bottle.
Soap Reduced.
10c Renaissance Soap, 3 bars in
box ISc
loe Physicians and Surgeons'
Soap, bar 6c
, Oatmeal SOap.
Brown Windsor.
Honey y
Lilac '
White Clematis....j
Bay Rum
25c Resinol Soap 17c
25c Packer's Tar Soap 14c
20c 4711 Glycerine Soap, 3 bars...3Uc
25c Cashmere Bouquet Soap,
3 bars *i9c
15c Williams' Jersey Cream Soap.
3 bars ->2c
Harmony Glycerin Trans
parent Soap; rose and vio
let; a half pound |??
4711 Verdura Glycerin Soap T>Hc
4 cakes in one bar
10c Lana Oil Buttermilk and Gly
cerin Soap. 3 cakes tic
5c Life Buoy Soap, 3 cakes 11c
10c Jergen's A'iolet Glycerin Soap,
3 cakes
29c lb.
Adams' Chewing Gum 1
Beeman's Chewing Gum... |
Wrigley's Spearmint Gum. t
Chiclets >
S. B. Cough Drops !
Mint Jujubes
Dean's Cough Drops J
5 c
University Club, sure to please.
3 for 10r while they last; 8 for 25c;
box of 50. $1.50.
Queen of Hearts. another dandy
made to sell for 6c; cut to 3 for
10c; S for 25c; box of 60. $1.50.
Bix Six Stogie, 3 for 5c; 9 for ISc;
box of 50. $1.
Flor de Manuel Con. Perf., regu
lar price. 10c; cut to 7c; 4 fer 35c;
box of 60, $3.
Z1 Kora, regular pffce, 3 for 25c;
cut price, 5c; box of 50. $2.25.
Free to Men.
$1.00 Dixon Razor Hone
free with Rexall Shaving
Stick, Powder or tl (ft ?
l?a Gareita, 10c size cut to 6c;
box of 60. $2.75.
Mi Isabella (regalia), regulav
price, 3 for 25c; cut pricc, 5c: box
of 50 for $2.25.
Meehan's Razor
Strops most any blade. Reg
ular price, $2. Sale ^|] (|
26c Mum.
50c Viola Creaiu...
5?e Malvlna Cream.
? ? ? ? ? ?
U-o !
. Jt>c
? 3C*.
Dqcs Your Skin Chap?
Tender skin* do i?- such
weather as this, but Handy
Lotion soothes and heal* rough,
chapped ikln. Try ? bottle to
day. - -
ample siM
ties. 30c. . .?
19c; farpo bot
Isabella (rothschllds) 10c cigar,
cut to 6c; box of 50, $2.76.
Isabella (impefiales). 10c cigar,
cut to 7c; 4 for 25c; bos^ of 25 for
Cut to
Isabella (superiors), regular
price. 2 for 25c; cut to 7c; box of
50. $3.25.
La Carolina Perfecto, regular
price, 25c.
Corona, regular price. 25c.
Henry Clay, regular price. 25c.
Bock, regular prjee, 25c.
Garcia, regular price. 25c.
Komeo and Juliet, regular price,
FOR $4.IS.
lO $3.69.
a Blades...
1 doz. Gillette Blades 76c
la doz. Gillette Blades 40c
$1.00 Eveready Safety Razor
cut to 69c
Hoyo de Monterey, regular price,
25c; cut to 19c; box of 25, $4.75.
La Carolina Pcrf.,
Manuel Garcia,
Romeo and Juliet.
Bock Panatella,
Regular pricc. 15e.
CUT TO 11c; BOX OF 60. $5.48.
Corona (belvederes), rearular
! price, 20c; cut to 14c; box of 25 for ?
$3 25.
25c Anti-cor Safety |
Corn j 9C ,
Sanitary Wash
Six in a sealed t] ~
package u ^
50jj t^inthrox fhampeo.-..
73e JkiorcoUzed Tl'ax ^ vfl'
50c Hinds' Hency and Almond
Cream T -.
Peroxide Creams,
For Rough Skin and Tan.
25c Jars, 15c.
35c Jergen's Benzoin and Almond
25c Packer's fharm..
25c Holmes' Frostilla.
50c Pompeian Cream..
... % . 1?c
...... 3 tc
Bock Culebras. regular price, per
bundle. 6Ue; our pricc, 50e; box of
50, $7.50.
Sullivan's 7-20-4 (londres and per
fecto). cut to 7c; box of 50. $3.25.
Waitt & Bond (Blackstone),
! (londres), 7c: box of 50, $3.26.
Blackstone Juniors, a fine 5c
cigar, 7 for 25c; box of 100, $3.50.
Pure. Fresh Candies
Just Received.*
Park & Tilford's in half and one
pound boxes.
Old-fashioned Whipped Cream
Chocolates, pound 21 e
Chocolate Sponge, 1-lb. boxes..32c
Delatour Chocolates; a 60c candy
for 32c
Have you tried our high- j
grade Chocolates in bulk,?
A large assortment to se- i
lect from at
Waitt & Bond Totem. 5c cigar,
6 for 25c; box of 50, $2.
? L
A Table Luxury?
French Olive Oil
/ ? t
; Absolutely Pure.
It is made from the first pressing of carefully
selected imported olives. Quart bottles, /
during this sale COC
Lovera (imperlales), regular
price, 2 for 25c; cut to 3 for 35c:
box of 100. $7.50.
?il- -
Drugs and Home
Leander, a fine smoke; 12 in a
tin box. Special. 35c.
El Am?dor;
I] Special. 3Sc.
in a tin box.
El B'Uio Havana Trians-ulars; 5
in a buntile. 15c; box of (ft). $1.45.
El vaeo; Ave in a
box of 25,.for 73c..
All ponuiar brands
. smokintr t^baceo cut to 3 for 25c.
Soap Bark, in 1-oz. pack
ages; 3 for
Seidlitz Powders.
MaUe freali every day;
Catnip, in 1-os. packages; 8
Tablets; 100 in
ounces ...
of Peppermint, 2
Lady Webster After Din- 11 (TJ^
ner Pills: 100 in bottle
Ie 15c* I pl?l ? ?*..................... ?r* v**- -ff? CaM8B?*?aitt a
-'?7; '-j -tflc
. . y-.c*"' t : ; ?Ssi ?.sr. A.pin,i t
piS~ caiaBit^-sti Soda Tablets; 1| K/4
m-v. .T^rr^ m * *?"II ?uiy stren?tli >-400 in bottle.... u
All noDular brands nf 5-cent jj Soda.
cifcarettes cut to fi for 25c. ' KP?
Effervescent P h o s p hate
Pound bottle
-gr. Aspirin Tablets; 100 in R/fV.
Arts .
Lltt'e Lover:
La Plaze ...
T Ttesulnr
""c; cut
? .
Sc li
5-gr. Asafoctida Tablets;
100 in bottle
WovM Ben- I 1 ?^ul;r.
Huffman Hoim- hv- wit
Tellonettes '
Oloriflers J PrKe
2(Q)c 20-MT-LE-TEAM BORAX, in
the original 1-lb. box
enouifh for 4 batteries.
li-gr.; 100 in bot
LiWseed1 Oil, ptiit bottlr.,K)C it
Royal Nestors
Omar ..
~ PwfeTJum Camphor lb ..4i?c
!j 1'rude Carbolic Acid. 1 pint 10c
.. .Rhinitis Tablets: 100 in hot- fl
,ile ?<.... ?
Compound Licorice Powder,
1 -lb. box
Aromatic Fluid Extract Cas
cara Sagrada; 4-oz. bottle
5-gr. Salicylate Soda Tab
lets. 100 in bottle
* |
, Mosrul
Melichrino tl Tl rv 1
Eevptienne Luxur>* U .11
|j Unin
I. Mikiroll'
; He
Li<iuid Soda Mint, for sick, sour
stomachs; pint hot- ll^C
Quinine Capsules; 1
5c M
Doubled Distilled lixtract
Witch Hazel; pint bot
M-gr. Quinine Capsules;
Washington Firm Gets Road
Contract?School Hearing
November 6.
Special C*>rretfpond?iic? of TThe Star.
ROCKVILLE, Md, October o?>, 1913.
The county commissioners have award
ed to the Warren F. Brenizer Com
pany of Washington the contract for
the construction of a pike from Rock
vine to Potomac, a distance of five and
two-fifth miles, for *42,387. One-third
of the cost will be paid by the Rood roads
department of the Department of Agri
culture, out of Maryland's share of the
appropriation for experimental road
building, and the remainder equally by
state and county.
About 200 patrons of Poolesville public
school attended a meeting there last
evening to discuss improvements of
school conditions generally in that sec
tion. Addresses were delivered by De
vvalt J. Willard, president of the board
of county public school commissioners;
Prof. Earle B- Wood, county superin
tendent of schools, and Robert W. Stout,
principal of the Poolesville school.
The county commissioners have fixed
] Thursday. November <>, for hearing a
. discussion of a proposition that the com
! missioners borrow a sufficient sum, es
t U mated at $20.<hk>. to keep the public
j schools of the county open the full term
of nine months. It was announced by
the school commissioners that the amount
of money available for the schools this
year is insufficient by about ??>.000 to
meet the actual expenses of keeping the
schools open for nine months. The hear
ing will be held at the request of the
Bethesda Civic Federation.
Joint Birthday Celebration.
The birthday anniversaries of Police
Justice Mace and Charles A. Clagett fall
ing upon the same day, a joint celebra
tion was held at the Clagett home near
Rockvllle. It took the form of an oyster
roast, and was attended by twenty-five
One of the best attended democratic
meetings of the campaign was held at
Galthersburg. Claude W. Owen presided
tddrcsecs were ma*5 >y Manton M.
WjrveU and Charles C. Frost el .Wa#^
ington, and Dr. Eugene Jones, Andrew
J. Cummings, Eugene H. Waters and
John A. Garrett of this county.
Albany R. Smith, sou of "Gypsy"
Smith, the evangelist, and himself en
gaged in similar work, lectured in the i
Southern M. E. Church last evening be
fore an audience that filled the edifice.
His subject was "From Gypsy Tent to
Proposed Purchase of Turnpike.
Chairman Weller of the state roads
commission has announced the consum
mation of the purchase by the commis- i
sio:1 of tiie sixteen miles of the Union ?
t" npi'.i - extending from the District of '
Cclui ?'?ia line t?; Cmey, by way of Silver
hprius, Xorbeek and Oakdale, and from j
Olney to Ashton by way of Sandy Spring,
the price being $20,000. Chairman Wel
ler has also announced that the work of
resurfacing the pike will be started next
week, and the commission hopes to finish
about five miles before the bad weather
sets in. The cost of improving the road
will be about $5,000 a mile. All tollgates
will be abolished.
Included in Purchase. i
included in the property bought by the
commission are rrntals from leases of
rights of way to an electric railway com- [
pauy which amount to *255 a year.
The other nine miles of the Union turn
pike. which extend from Olney to
Brookeville and from Sandy Spring to
Ednor, will be bought by the county for
|5,000 and Improved and maintained at
County expense.
William F. Sandredge of Doylesville,
Va., and Miss Cora Belie Madison of
Mount Fair, Va., were married in Rock
vllle Monday afternoon by Rev. Samuel
R. White.
George Grennol of Bethesda. this ceun- i
tv, who was arrested several days ago on '?
a charge of an attempted serious offense !
against Nellie Lowe, aged ten years, ,
daughter of Mrs. L?ura. Lowe, of Be- ,
thesda, waived a hearing before Judge 1
Arthur M, Mace in the police court herr
Tuesday, and Judge Mace fixed bail at
$250. It is charged that Grennel attacked
the child in the Lowe home, where he
was a boarder, last Saturday.
General and Social Items.
The Rockville Home and Sehooi Club
has decided upon a tag day as a means
of raising funds for the improvement of
the playgrounds of the Rockvllle High
School. The day selected is Saturday.
November 1, op which day several thou
sand persons are expected to be in Rock
vilie to attend a democratic rally to be
addressed by Secretary of State Bryan,
Senator Key Pitman and others.
Miss Etta McConchie of Arlington, Va.,
and Murray Randa.ll of Potomac, this
county, were married in Rockville yes
terday afternoon, leaving for Washing-1
ton* immediately afterward.
A license to marry has been issued here
to Sterling E. P$y and MU"? Madge L.
Mulllnix, both of Damascus, this county.
Again Heads Southern Com
mercial Congress?Dele- -
gates to Visit Panama.
Pari* |
MOBILE. Ala.. October 30.?'The sev
enth convention of the Southern Commer
cial Congress was brought to a close last
night after the election of a directorate,
composed of many new members, and the
adoption of resolutions on important sub
Senator Duncan U, Fletcher of Florida
was re-elected president and Dr. Clarence
J. Owens managing director.
About forty of the delegates will start
today on a trip to'.the Panama, canal.
Chief aniqpg^ftte resolutions adopted
v.'fcs one intruding the directors of the
congress to begin tit once a. systematic
propaganda aiming at diverting to south
ern ports trade made possible by the
opening of the Panama canal.
Another resolution urges the United
States Congress to put into effect as soon
as practicable a system of rural credits.
Cotton Statistics Asked.
The federal government is called upon
in another resolution to furnish early in
each year the cotton spindle capacity of
the country. The congress also urged that
cotton bfc graded at the gin under federal
supervision, and that bonded warehouse
receipts ce given certifying the correct
weight and grade of the product.
Other resolutions favored municipal
wliarvee, upbuilding of the merchant ma
rine, backed the American Bar Asso
ciation in its plan to arrange some plan
to shorten litigation and favored correct
vital statistics.
The new directors include: Virginia,
Thomas S. Southgate, J. D. Eggleston;
Maryland, Clarence J. Owens, Charles
Carroll; West Virginia, Gus Northeott, J.
D. Oglesby; District of Columbia. Wil
liam II. Saunders.
The last session of the congress w?s
featured by an address of Representa
tive Richmond Pearson llobson, who re
iterated liis plea for a larger navy.
tteui york
ilulius (SarfinklciCo.
An exhibit of Dresses that will please
discriminating women. The most noted
makers of New York and Paris are repre
sented in this charming display.
Exquisite model Dresses in a wide
range of exclusive styles are shown,
v - *? v.W "A**" ?* ? ??
Also unusually beautiful Dresses for
morning, afternoon and evening wear.
These Dresses were made especially for us -
by the noted dressmakers of New Yorfei
They are exceptionally attractive at
$18.50. $25.00, $28.50. . $35.00.:
$45.00, $>5.00, $65.00 and $78.>0. * ?'
Your inspection is invited. ? ?'
jr- * mm,
F Street, Comer Thirteenth.
" t
* I
E. D. King, appointed from New York,
wag readmitted as a midshipman of the
Naval Academy Wednesday. Young
King was formerly m member of the pres
ent third class.
S*nfnet for Shoe Dealers.
Members of the Shoe Retailers' Asso
ciation of Baltimore will be the guests
1 of the s*hoe section of the Retail Mtr?
|chants' Association of Washington at a
'banquet tonight at the New Kbbitt. Ar-^
rangements ^or tlie affair have been made
by a committee headed by Joseph btras
burHr, chairman of the shoe secftioh
Horry W. Hahn is chairmen of tin, re
ception committee. Socersl olHcers of
the NutJontJ Shoe Retailers' Association
are expected te he present, Commissioner
Newman is scheduled to make a short
The Presbyterian Synod of Virginia,
comprising the churches in VUgiQia and
the southern cliurcfc4s in West Virginia,
at the meeting held recently in Dan
ville decided to place the Presbyteries
of Kanawha, Greenbrier and Tygart's
Valley In a separate synod, to toe knows
se the Synod of West Virflisis.

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