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Light and Airy Rooms to Be
Provided in New Columbia
To Occupy Center of Large Lot and
Have Southern Ex
A building which will provide a maxi
mum of light and air for all wards and
private rooms and yet will be so arranged
that exceptional economy of service will
be possible is called for in the plans
which Nathan C. Wyeth, architect, has
prepared for the new Columbia Hospital
for Women and Lying-in Asylum to be
erected in the center of the large plot of
ground between 25th and 2T?th streets
northwest, facing L. street. In appropriat
ing the money for the erection of the
structure Congress has provided that El
liott Woods, superintendent of the Capi
tol, shall have supervision of its con
To Have Three Sections.
The structure is to be in the nature of
three buildings connected by two short
corridors. The ground plan shows two
V-shaped buildings of equal size which
lie parallel to each other and are con
nected at the rear by a third unit, which
Is to be used for administrative purposes.
The Y-shaped portions are to be used for
the wards and private rooms. The struc
ture will be five stories high.
The Y-shaped portions will face L
street and will have a southern exposure.
By this arrangement two sides of each
portion will be exposed to sunlight at all
hours of the day. The main entrance for
visitors and doctors will be in the center
of the administrative portion of the
structure and Within the court formed by
the Y-shaped wings.
Occupies Large Lot.
The three-unit plan was adopted rather
than the one-unit plan on account of the
size of the plot on which it is to be buiit.
It offers plenty of opportunities for light
and air without building vertically. The
arrangement provides a good driveway
entrance from 24th street, overcoming the
difficulty in the matter of grades.
The location of the structure in the
ccnter of the plot also provides for future
extensions, such as additional wards. ThV;
grade of the ground on which the hos
pital Is to be erected, which is about
eleven feet above the street level, offers
an additional opportunity for light and
air and thereby makes the lot advan
tageous for a hospital site.
The extremities of the Y-shaped por
tions of the structure arp to have wide
torches on the level of *-ach floor. Above
the administrate e portion of the struc
ture there will be a roof garden.
Entrances at Bear.
The ambulance entrance will be from i
24th street, and at the rear of the admin
istrative portion of the structure and
away from the main entrance, in order
to expedite the reception of emergency
patients. The dispensary entrance will
be at the side, and service ertrances wll.
be in the rear and in the basement of the
administrative building.
The exterior is to be of a modified form
of the Italian renaissance type of archi
tecture. It will be quite simple in design,
nnd yet will be attractive. Gray tapestry
brick Is to be used in the construction, (
'iith limestone trlmmhig. The roof will j
covered with red tile. The structure
ill be thorough.y fireproof, being built
throughout with brick and stool protected
,th terra cotta, and the staircases and
;%.in corridors will have "cut-off" steel
Information Booth Provided.
< r.e of the most notable features of the
Trior arrangement will be an lnforma
;.on booth In the center of the entranc?
>by. At this booth visitors will be able
?j obtain information concerning patients,
rd here a record will be kept of the
..hereabouts of physicians who are in the
p.stitution attending to cases.
Another novel f< ature will be a nurses'
i 'okout room in connection with each
ward. The room will be located in the
??nter of the intersection of the wards
which form the Y-shaped portions of the
? tructure. On cither side of the lookout
room will be large windows which will
? >mmand a view of l>oth wards, liy thin
rrangement one nurse can kerp watch
tvor two wards at the same time and yet
be In a separate room, which may "l>?
..cpt at a different temperature, and in
which record cabinets and d> sk and tele
phone facilities can be provided.
Two Board Booms.
Ott the tlrst floor reception and waiting
rooms for visitors' rooms will be provided
and also medical and general board
rooms and office facilities. The total num
ber of beds for patients to be provided
will be about 135. The first and second
floors will be devoted to public wards.
The third floor will be devoted to private
rooms, of which there will be about
thirty-five. The fourth floor will be de
voted to operating room^. with the neces
sary service rooms adjoining. There will
be one large operating room. 20 by 24
feet in size, and four smaller rooms. A?i
of the mechanical features will be of the
most modern type.
The kitchens and dining rooms will be
located on the fifth floor. By this ar
rangement the odors from cooking and
the noise of the kitchens will be elimi
nated from the remainder of the struc
Four Residential Properties
Sold by Gardiner &
Dent, Inc.
Sales of residential properties involv
ing $12,900 were reported today by Gar
diner & Dent, Inc., real estate brokers, as
To Bertha M. Schaper, a two-story brick
and stone residence, containing six rooms
and cellar, at 74 New York avenue nortli
east, for a consideration of $3,750.
To Mrs. Margaret E. Hauze, a two
story-and-cellar dwelling, containing six
rooms, at 2353 9th street northwest, for
merly owned by Mrs. Edith M. Gottwals.
For the property, which was purchased
as an investment, $2,05o was paid.
To J. P. Snell, a brick dwelling at 714
Morton street northwest, containing six
rooms and occupying a lot having a
frontage of twenty feet and a depth of
seventv-flve feet. The consideration was
To Henry Schaefer, a two-story semi
detached brick dwelling at 7?>5 Gresham
street northwest, containing six rooms.
The price paid was $3,000.
Acquires Eleven-Room Prop
erty Through Boss &
Phelps, Inc.
Rev. Dr. U. G. B. Pierce, pastor of All
Souls' Church, has purchased through
Boss & Phelps, Inc., real estate brokers,
the residence at 1748 Hamont street, for
merly owned by Mrs. Launa Murray Dix
on. The house was built by Kennedy
Brothers and contains eleven rooms and
three baths, is healed by hot water and
lighted by electricity. It has a frontage
of twenty-three feet and a depth of 105
feet. Dr. Pierce will occupy the house
as his residence.
The nurses' home of George Washing
ton University has' added to its holding
at the southwest corner of 13th and L
streets by the purchase through Boss &
Phelps of premises 1300 L street, im
?mediately adjoining the corner. The house
contains twelve rooms, and after connect
ing the two properties the whole w ill be
used by the nurses' home. The property
was owned by Miss M. E. Baker.
Purchases Suburban Home.
The residence at ."9.32 Morrison street,
Chevy Chase, has been sold for John D.
Fall, through Boss & Phelps, to Fred
erick Ashley. This house, which was
built by the Gruver Company about a
year ago, will be occupied by Mr. Ashley
as his home.
In connection with the Holmes Central
Realty Company, the same firm has sold
a lot on Sixteenth Street Highlands to J.
B. Schroth. They have sold for Rev. P. H.
Biierldan the property, 175S> S street
northwest, to A. Dispenza. It Is the in
tention of the purchaser to remodel it for
business purposes.
Herbert XV. T. Jenner has purchased !
through Boss & Phelps the properties i
ti05 and 609 Rock Creek Church road.
ffig Bargains High-class Location
Terms, $500 Cash; Balance Monthly
Nos. 1619,1621,1623 irviog St. N.W,
Price Only $59750
(Just West of Avenue of the Presidents.)
Most houses of this type, in this location, rent for $45.50
per month. Inspect these houses today and let us show you
what your rent will do toward paying for one of these up-to
date homes.
Hytex brick fronts; large porches front and rear. Note
the s:ze of these fine lots, 17x190 to alley P'entv of rnojn foi
garage or garden. Six good rooms, tile bath, hot-water heat,
laundry and toilet in cellar, electric and gas lights, hardwood
finish, hardwood floor, papered throughout, side-oven gas range.
To inspect these houses?Take any F St. car marked Mt.
Pleasant and get off at Irving St., walk about 100 feet west, or
phone for our free auto service.
Open every day. Lighted until 9 p.m.
13HFST.N.W ?r7ib.ANDiI3TS.N.E.
Each house contains six rooms and bath.
They were built by Zepp Brothers. The
purchaser will retain the property as an
The firm has sold for Harold E. Doyle
a large lot at the northwest corner of
Wth and Huntington h reets. Chevy Chase
Heights, to Mr. McManamy. The pur
chaser is having plans prepared to erect
on the lot a bungalow of the California
Beacon Apartment Acquired by Alex
ander Schaper in Foreclosure Suit.
A deed has been placed on record'
transferring the ownership of the
Beacon apartment, at Calvert street and
Adams Mill road, from A. S. Gardiner,
W. G Dent and J. Benson Thomaa.
trustees, to Alexander Schaper. The
property was acquired by Mr. Schaper
last Monday at a public auction sale
conducted by Adam A. Weschler in
connection with a foreclosure under a
third trust.
The Beacon is a five-story structure
containing thirty-three apartments and
a cafe. It is said to be valued at about
Frank L. Evans Becomes Owner of
Extensive Rapidan, Va., Property.
Announcement has been made of the
purchase by Frank L. Evans of a farm
of 190 acres at Rapidan, Va., from
Sidney Bieber. The sale was negoti
ated by J. J. Lamp ton & Co., incorpo
rated, in connection with E. H. Tag
gart. The consideration is reported
to have been in the neighborhood of
$18,500. On the place are two dwell
ings, barn and other farm buildings.
Ircluded with the property were a
number of head of stock and farm im
- ? ?
Attractive Structure to Be [
Erected in Old Section
of City.
_____ i
Considerable interest attaches to the
erection on the south side of K street
between 30tli and 31ft streets northwest
of a stone building: designed for office
purposes for the Co'mnbla Granite and
Dredging Company from plans prepared
by Marsh & Peter, architect?.
It is being built in a loenlitj where
there have been practically n-.> improve
ments for many years, a locality which
was the scene of much commercial ac
tivity in the dajs when Georgetown was
a port of considerabh importance. At
that time the north side of K street west
of Rock Creek, which was known as
Water street then, was lined with mills
and warehouses, and the walla of many
of these structures still are standing.
Potomac Bluestone Used.
The buiding for the granite and dredg
ing company is being constructed o;'
I'otoinac gneiss or bluestone from the
quarries owned by the company on the
Virginia shore of the Potomac between
the Aqueduct and Chain bridges. The
stone will be utsed in its rough state and
the walls will be about two feet thick.
The structure, which is to be two
stories high, will be of the colonial type
of architecture. The roof, which will be
ot' the gambrel type, will be covered with
red tile. The entrance at the front ?i I
be in keeuinn with those of residence?
of colon'a days, with a curved arch
above and wooden columns oo either side
of double doors.
The windows 011 the lower floor will
have blinds fashioned after those gen
erally used many years aero, being panel
ed. but without slats. The windows on
the sccond floor will be of the dormer
type. Beneath the eaves will be an orna
nienta wooden cornice. Across the front
of the bui dinp between the iirst and sec
ond floors there will he white stone in
sets bearing the name of the company,
We All Admire Individuality
And in these houses you will find it in its truest
sense. They will appeal to the careful homeseeker
because they are classically designed, superbly con
structed and elaborately finished. In addition they
have many special features for the comfort and con
venience of the home buyer.
New Houses in Course of Construction
On Quebec Street Northwest, which will
contain 8 large rooms and bath, 23 feet
wide, and many new features that will ap
peal. Inspect Now.
Your Choice of Two Ideal Locations.
(Bet. titb and 7tb, I> and 10 sts.)
6 Rooms and Bath
642 Lexington St. Open
(One square south Ko--k Creek Church
9 Rooms and 2 Baths
723 Quebec St. Open.
Owners and Builders. Exclusive Agents
721 13th St. N.W.
The Greatest Home Opportunity
Is within reach of every renter. You could not think of a better gift to your family. Then
make a small cash payment on one of these remaining homes, and the fact of knowing each
month thereafter you are saving at least 50% on your rent each succeeding month.
ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION, Do you save money paying rent each month?
Homes of the $4,000 Kind
Terms Easy as Rent
Located at
The Premier Home Offering in Wash
ington Real Estate at the Price
A Brief Description of the Hemes
Six spacious rooms ami l>a?h: hl^li-grade rein
forced steel construction; pressed brick front.
3-story effect; beautiful terraced lawn; largo porch,
full -width in front, and two large rear porches;
air chamber above second tloor?permitting per
fect ventilation at all seasons; handsome design
parquetry floors on first story; line quality hard
wood trimmings throughout; attractive art brass
lighting fixtures in hall, dining room and parlor;
elegant hardwoocl art mantel in parlor; broad plate
rail and handsome leaded-glass, built-in buffet in
dining room; modern kitchen, with improved gas
range and full size, built-in china cupboard: dry
cement cellar, with excellent heating plant, special
hot-water heating attachment, stationary wash
tubs. etc.; large, well ventilated bedrooms, with
ample closet space. Highest location in the north
To inspect these homes take any Ea3t Capitol street car. get off at Tennessee avenue and Lincoln Park, and
you are within two squares of the properties; or take a 13tli and D street car und get off at 13th and C streets
northeast, and you are right at the properties.
14th St N.W.
Pihoinie Main 11597 and We Will Motor You 0ytc
J. i
? +1
tlie date of its establishment, anil th#
present date. The lower floor of the
structure will contain a storeroom and
a room for the shipping department of
the firm .tiid tin upper floor will contain
bookkeeping uffi -es and ofTlee> for the
.tfllceri of the ?-onipany. All of the In
terior woodwork w ill I??? .if oliMtnttL
???. .? *..* ?.u* *. .* v.* ,m,.' * ? ?..??. .? ?, ?/?t* ,w w
'MrVA* .?**?*"?"? "".O . "
: c For Sale?Inspect This ?
Handsome House.
$ Open Every Day and
No. 1807 R St. N.W.
; : k
Oiif of 1 N<* most attractive now . .
Imusos now on tin market in the
fashionable part of th* iMWthwest. ;i
St This paili< ular s< inane .in Rstnct -i
is considered to ? oil, of til.- \cry
beet on any of th< lettered or num
bered str?*'t,-. Manv h?rid-*->ini< and "?
? vp. neive home, IMA ? l*vg ?re>t
?.d in tin last v, it or two.
The houf.' has t'jout ?\ery mod- --
em ronreolMKc. y
Parlor, rnteiitiM halt. dining
room, patitrx and l\it'*h< n on the ;
iirst floor.
S. -ooiid Poor, three Ih ilinoti's and
a hoiniliful tiled ? ?athroom. Thir<t ::
floor. tliroi' ??pin-' rooni!* .md tiled
bathroom. Itnusr h?at d l>> an -
5f eoonomioal l>ot-wat r heating plant. -.)=
3C Gw and electric light.*-.
;?- Artistn- droMntiuM. V]
Very ?Kjx.itflvc hardwood put- *?"
v lsh?xi t1< ?or?.
A well equipped two story brick 5?
y garage on the rear of the lot.
8 1342 New York Ave. <>
For Sale or Exchange.
W e have several very choice pieces of business property
that the owners will take dwellings free and clear of incum
brances in part payment. It will pay you to investigate these
properties. Business properties are considered to be the ideal
investment; it will not only pay you a good rate of interest,
but you have every prospect of increasing value.
the Boston House, on 11th St., practically new, 'J5 feet front,
A corner on F st., for which an offer of Jlti.OOO was once refused, will
now take a small piece in part payment, to settle estate.
K st. between Oth and loth, large lot. wide alley.
F st. near 14th. under lease to one tenant.
On I st. near 14th st. we offer a particularly choice piece, containing
about 3.000 square feet. The lot runs back to a very wide alley. We can
quote a price on this property in ex<hange. that is less than other owners
will accept In cash.
14th st. near Rhode Island ave., probably the handsomest and best
constiucted building on this square; over 3.000 square feet; wide alley.
Now under rental.
14th st. near Q st.. a three-story building, storeroom; lot running back
to an alley. Price, $10,500.
H st. between 9th and 10th sts.. a three-story building. Price. $ 1.1 000.
This price is less than others ask for cash. You would be very fortunate
to secure this property by trading in residence property.
A corner on 14th st. renting for Sii.TiHJ a year, containing about 3,000
square feet. Price. $35,000.
On New York ave. between 9th and loth sts.. a very handsome busi
ness building, modern in every respect. The owner would be disposed to
take unincumbered property in part payment.
You should give this matter your serious consideration,
as you are likely to make a deal that will result greatly to
your advantage.
Full particulars on application.
Stone.d: Fairfax, B42 Few A?e.
f ? ? :
j Inspect This Beautiful Home
{ 35th and! Lowell! Streets
| Cleveland Park, near Woodley road and Cathedral
? School, two squares from cars on Wisconsin avenue.
10 rooms, large tiled bathroom, cellar, laundry.
wide covered porches.
An exceptionally well built house.
Polished oak floors.
Gas and electric fixtures, handsome mantels,
beautiful decorations.
| Open for inspection.
j Stone & Fairfax, 1342 N.Y. Ave,
To Purchase One off These
Beautiful Homes New Hampshire Ave. N.W*
The junction of Park road. New Hampshire avenue and
Monroe street affords an unusually wide space rarely found
in Washington.
The trustee has just placed these magnificent homes with
us at a price so low that it is just like buying' iheiu at forced
Three (3) Sold
Price for Inside Houses, $5,350 and ?5,450
Open for Inspection?Go in No. 3.?18
Examine it carefully. If you arc not familiar with ilic
construction take an architect and a builder with you. W e
are satisfied that they will tell you that these houses are far
above the average. A house that should need lit tie or no
repairs for years to come.
Finished throughout in hardwood; oak poli-hed fioors;
first-class brick work. In fact, the best materials have been
used throughout.
The houses have about every modern convenience, such
as hot-water heat, electric lights, speaking tubes, laundry
tubs, servants' toilets, etc.
Attractive decorations and expensive fixtures. Wide
covered porches in front and double porches in rear.
An opportunity to secure a bargain in a home or for an
It is a great pleasure to reside on this popular and fash
ionable boulevard. Values are much more likely to increase
on such a wide thoroughfare than on some side street.
A few steps from the cars on nth street and near the
Georgia avenue cars.
Very accommodating terms can be made.
Stone & Fairfax
1342 New York Ave. N.W.

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