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Annual Memorial by Washing
ton Lodge, No. 15, B.P.OJEn
at Poli's Theater.
Address by Senator Wwipmi, Mm
by Marine Band and Ateenwa
Choreli Choir.
Memorial ssrvlosa for members of
Washington Lodge, No. 13, B P. O. XL
who have ps-s.^ed to the grsat bey?n4.
were held at Poll's Theater last ntght.
the principal address Mn| by Senator
ywansou of Virginia. Music for the serv
ices turnlihed by the Marine Band,
under the dlrectlou of Lieut, Wtillaiu H.
S'anteirjann, and the choir of the Church
<*f the Ascension, directed by Albert W.
Harned. organiat and choirmaster. 8oio
number^ were given by Gordon H- Baksf,
tenor, and by Arthur 8. Wltftcetnb. cor
vet <M>totBt or the Marine Vend, while tJve
opening prayer was delivered by Rev. W.
E. Callendar. who also pronounced the
benediction at the close of the esefnlsea.
Officers of Washington Lodge of CUk*
conducted the lodge's memorial service
end the closing exercises, the sentiment
of which wat expressed in the motto of
the orfer:
"The fault* of oar brothers we writs
upon the jsandp; their \1rtue? upon the
tablets of love and memory "
The *ervlcet> last night were as fellow^:
Program of tke Evening.
Prelude. "An Album 'Leaf." Wagner
the Marine Band; nocturne. "The Oylpg
Poet,' Gottschalk. Marine Band; prayer.
Rev. W. E. Callendar: opening cere
monies. officers of the lodge; tenor solo.
"The Vacant Chair." Gordon H. Beker:
Chopin's "Marche Funebre." opus 33, the
Marine Band; comet solo. "The Lost
Chord." Sullivan. Arthur S. Whiteome;
"Hark. Hark, My Soul," Shelley, choir of
the Church of the Ascension, aocom- j
panted by the band; memorial oration.
Senator Swanson of Virginia: "Hearts
ease," Moret, Marine Band; "No shadow*
Tonder." Gaul. Taylor chewnlng. tenor
solo, with choir and band; reverie, "Nym
pha'ia," Sousa. Marine Band; closing ex
ercise*. officers of the lodge: benediction.
Rev. W. E. Callendar. "Nearer, My <3od,
to Thee." choir, band and audience.
The choir Included the fol)ewing: So
loists. soprano. Misses Meta Jaeger. Anna
Clokey and Corinne Lockett; contralto.
Mioses Jessie Masters and Janet Meetse;
tenor. Calvert Bowie and Taylor Chewn
ing; basso, A. N. Gardner and Goodwin
The chorus included Miss Agnes A.
Preston. Mips Marguerite Wood. Mrs. W.
E. Callendar. Miss Dorothy Burch, Miss
Helen Boss, Mrs. A. Caasidy. If las
Esther Hughes. Mrs. J. W. Allen, George
Bailey. W. J. Hall. A. N. Gardner. C. C.
Covert. Victor Walker. Miss Lelu Mc
Cabe. Mrs. A. W. Harried Miss Elisa
beth Haapt. Miss May Thompson, Mrs.
M. O. Barron. Mrs. C. C. Covert. Mrs. 1
M. H. Stevens. O. A. Cbldeeter. Carl 1
Burch. Dr. Julian Gortrell, Misses Em
ma Pox. Edith Clokey. Rae P. Major, I
Louise H&rtung. Helen Heisley. L. Bul
lock, Claudia Moran, Clara Speake and
Messrs. J. W. Boggs C. L. Collins. X. P.
Bailey. Nicholas Hal pine and J. N.
Memorial Committee.
The memorial service committee of the
organisation included P. A. KWSd, C. J.
Columbus. A. Abbott. R. P. Andrews. C.
P. Bauer. C. Biondi. A. Buekman. C. E
Bright. W. H- Clarke. P. B. Clarkson, R.
Collins, A. Conway. C. SI Curtis, P- F.
Cusiok. W. B. Dawson. G. O. Davis. J. A.
ParreD. W. A- Flnkel. D. Fowler, W. J.
Prick, SL Oever. W. P. Oude. A. Have
mann- Hartig. Jr.; H P. Harvey, w.
Haslett, J. Heacy. C. P. Herrmann, J. E.
Hegan, J. H. Hooper. A* Hollander. G. P.
HavelL EX L. Hutchinson. M. Jacobs, E.
D. Johnson, R- Johnafin. D. J. Kaufman.
H. King. J. W. Lee, P. Maley. M. G- Mc
Cormlck, P. E. McJCenna. W. Morrison.
E. J. Murphy. R. HI Newman, D. B
Nih on, L. G. Ostermeyer. J. I. Peyser,
G. Purophrey. J. E. Ralph, H. Richards.
J. Richards. S. Richards, W. H. Santel
mann, M. P. Sullivan. J. D. Sullivan, W.
J. Thgrp. H- W. Thomas. 8. C. Turley,
G. H- Uhler, D. L'llman. J. L Ward, J.
H Wood, J. C Wood, P. N. Whitehead.
J. C. Wlneman. Dr. P. Yates, C. Zur
horst. J. S. M. Zimmerman and L
Contributions Solicited to Meet Bx.
pease of Community Chrlst
% mas Tree.
It is expected that contributions to the
fund which Is to finance Washington's
first community Christmas tree will begin
Is aifM tomorrow, George W. White,
i %? 11 men of the finance committee. Sat
urday evening sent out the lest of the
letters asking for contributions. It Is be
lieved they ertn meet with a ready re*
spouse. Some money has already been
paid in.
The first contribution to come In since
the letter* were sent out was received
today by Chairman White. T..e donation
*as $1, and was accompanied by a small j
"Wan do!' from 'Tony'?for 'Da greata
beeg Chrees-maa tree*.
"Tren-e cheer for Santa Clausa an'
CWrka Da Griff.'
Work is new fairly well under way for
the program, end arrangements far the
*tting*up and decoration of the tree are
being made rapidly.
May Be Seen From Union Station.
It is now planned to place the tree tn
such a position in front of the Capitol,
en the east side, that it will be visible
to persons going in and coming out of
the Union ttatioo. One of the problems!
'with which the managers have had to
deal has been to procure a tree large
enough for the purpose St Is now bp.
llevee that one win have to be made by
uptng a long pipe, from whtoh shaft di
verge numerous smaller pipes. Into these
pipes small trees may be gifeaed. the
whole presenting the apeeersnos of a
large, single tree. This plan Is sold to
be followed extensively In Mexico
Interest Aroused.
It is said by members of the committee
in charge of the festival that great In
terest ts being shown in the event, and}
that queries concerning the project, as <
well as suggestions for making the fete I
attractive, are constantly coming to the
individual members.
Two to One Offered on Wityia UtoMa
te Win Fran Tommy Xtoryky.
SAN FRANCISCO, December 1 Boutin
^>n the wiuie Ritchie-Harlem Tommy
Murphy twenty-round contest, to *e staged j
here next Wednesda:. opened In egrocgt
ve.-te.-'is: afternoon. Two to one thet
Ritchie will win and tvsn mouey that he
Uno?:.;t out Murphy wlthlp thf twenty
routtu limit ?ere tns prevailing oddg.
Murphy money was scarce.
Mu.-j.hy si reedy i# at U0 pouadf.
r:tw... is dowa to l3dk gad will easily
ee ebie te a^in Ike *m?
We have arranged to Cash .Checks
of $ie Christmas Savings Fund of
The United States Trust Co.
Being paid by the Munsey Trust Co.
Cashier's Office, 7th Floor; Tfck* 11th 8t Elevators
This Is the
I>few Ycfrk==WASHINQTON=-P*ris.
t> ? ?> ?
T - r. Closes Deify at 6 o'clock. Only on
the evening? of Saturday, Monday and Tues
day, December jb, and 23, win we remain
r open after that Hour. May we have your co
?operation iii an effort lo lessen the night
opentng during the Jreliday season ?
*t * ? ?? ? v. ?;
Ever Had
>*? u *
V. ?"? * .
The Thirteen Safe and F?fcPai?ngr BSn&fifa C*ffy
You Swiftly and Easily Pratt One FtaHf i* Awrt&%r.
GIFT ftUYINa WILL BE ENJOYED?Will Be a Rtal Ptauurt?
*,*' r" * - > ? ? ' ? P" <?*? * -1 *? t ' * ?*- *
If you depend upon this store an<J its splendid all-embracing Service. Buying can be done in the morning b*ui>.
but we realize the impossibility of every one being here in' the periods ntpvt comfortable to us, to we promise effi
ciency. courtesy, gjood attendance and the highest personal Service at ill times.
The Remaining Models in
These Hats are from the most famous Parisian designers, and
were chosen and imported by our personal repre$ent*uve-?~~?aeh
model is ^n extremely fashionable creation, made of velvet and
flush, in the distinctively chic Parisian shapes, trimmed as only the
'atfsian designers know how.
TMfll fl^or, F et. ? <' . \
The Intimate Gift From a Woman to a Wom^n:
Fine Silk Underwear*
? ? ? ? ? ...?-??*?* ??1 ?
We call especial attention to our exclusive importation of ex
quisite Italian and Venetian Silk Underwear, in whife and delicately
beautiful shades of blue and pink, also black and tan ; plain or em
Bloomers, 52.75 to pair*
Combination Suits, $3.5? to 55.5?.
Vests, $1.35 to $5M each.
Our line of Swiss Ribbed Silk Underwear is equally popular* and
well known for its fineness of texture and beauty of colors.
Vests, low neck and no sleeves, $1.10 to All.
Combination Suits, $4.00 to $5i0.
The complete elimination of all harshness of line or fabric in the
present styles emphasizes the desirability' of this Undervfcar for
Christmas rifts.
Q at.
? ih HI H li I '? ? i ????-???>? i ??? ? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? i
Dlsp'sy* Are the Largest Ever Offered.
No finer collection of Beautiful Silk Hosiery for women's Christ
mas gifts has yet been offered by us. Each year the demand for Silk
Hosiery grows greater, and it is with particular pride we announce
pur exceptional variety.
The fact that it is so popular eliminates any thought of its ap
propriateness, so that all consideration is given to the securing of
fete Qualities and most dependable weaves. In this connection otjr
showing is worthy of more than the usual amount of interest.
Black Silk Hosiery,
from the best American
mi* French maker*, em*
HHIina In self colors
t*4 ftleo In ? great di
versity of handsome
?hades and designs. In*
eluding clocked effect*,
conventional and floral
pattern*. Kew and dis
tinctive styles in which
every consideration hats
been given to varying
Priced from $1.50 to
$10.00 pain
Pure Thread Silk Bo*
?iery, in all the various
plain shades now in do.
mand for general or
evening wear. These hose
have double silk tops and
either cotton or Bilk
90c to $3.00 pair.
Two-toned Silk BsstMry,
in the lovely crtmttaa
tlons of black-and-white,
black-and-blue and black*
and-fed, black-and-emer
ald. black-and * lavender,
black - and ? purple, black*
$3.00 and $4.50 pair.
flmr, G M.
Gloves Make Acceptable Holiday
Gifts for Women and Children.
Our assortments unequaled in
the range of prices and styles of
fered for selection. All shades,
and soft, pliable leathers, assuring
comfort. Each pair is distinctive,
and possesses style and fashion
able correctness that will be ap
preciated by the recipient.
Evening Gloves.
Mosquetaire, Suede and
Gtace Kid Gloves, in 8,
12, 16. 20 and 24 button
lengths, in white, black,
pastel and all correct and
desirable shades for even
ing and social wear. $2.00
to $5.00 pair.
Dress Cloves.
Pique and Glace Kid Gloves, in one and two button and clasp
fastenings, with dainty stitching and embroidery on oacka;
white, black, navy, green, red, gray and shades to match all
costumes. $1.00 to $2.00 a pair.
Street Gloves.
Walking and Street Gloves of the correct types, heavy out
seam effects and others of lighter weight; ah aimoet unlim
ited showing, in every correct shade and style. $1.60 to |uqs
Want! Gloves.
For riding, driving, sporting, golfing and automaUBing, &tsd
and unHned; auto and driving gauntlets.
Children's Gloves.
Misses' and Boys' Street Gloves, $ij?, $1.2$ and |z JOjMif.
Mates' Two-clasp Pique Gloves, $1.0? pair. Missep
cUbp Kid Gloves, in tan, brown, black and whit$, Si,Qp pair.
Children's Knit Gloves, all sizes and colors, aje ant! JMC J*lr.
Boys' Lined Gauntlet Gloves, S?c pair and upwafj* ^ifcfant#'
Mittens, 25c and 90c pair.
Silk an4 Faroe tfloves, in a comprehensive a?s*rt*|aM? U*ed
colore and styles for both
All the Incomplete Lines and Broken Assortments in
Women's fine: Tailored: Sufo /town
A ' * ? 5'
v; W!
for QtifcAr Clearance.
While the Sftving to be effected in buying these Suite is veTy attractive,
wf donat wish to QOflvey the impression that all our garments att included.
Thereis a good assortment, However, provided in these broken lines, and
jt ia w purpose to dippo$e of them immediately, while the season for their
wt#r is at its height.
Each Suit is new and stylish, possessing in design and material
the acceptable features of fashion in several variations, which
^ ; should provide suitable selections for a number of wop^en
For I infants and Little Folks
? ? ? , m9 , | I , ,, j . > ? .. 4 ? >
A nu?Nf of Suits in tHis assortment, all f rom regular stock, each one the very best value
obtfi^ble at 'thi orif^hifl price ol $2"soo.!
arc shown in navy blue, Copenhagen blue and mahogany, and in such desirable
materials as serges, diagonals, cheviots, duvetynes, whipcords and bengalmes. Each suit is
hi*h-gr*de end new.
' A number of tftfttt have velvet belts in back, and nearly all have velvet collar and cuffs;
set-in, regulation or Mandarin sleeves may be chosen. Skirts are made on straight lines and
draped in front, and are self or button trimmed. A)! sixes.
Clearance price, $18.75 each.
.. ExJtrasues .may be . had in navy blue and black.
SUffS THAT WERE $35.09 AND $37.80
? On*, two and three of a kind or style in these Suits. And they are all taken from our
best setting lines, whjch fact accounts for the small number of each particular model.
An exceptionally go&d assortment of fabrics, comprising duvetynes, cheviots and broad
cloths, ftVTtavy, taupe and brown.
coats, self'trimmed or with velvet'collar and cuffs, and lined with guaranteed
satin. The #kirt* are slightly draped, and attractively button trimmed. In this same assort
ment also are a few Fartey Striped Eponge Suits, cutaway effects, trimmed with fancy buttons.
Clearance price, $29.50 each.
Coats of the* same sterling make and worth that have found such approval for the past
. two seasons with our patrons. The demand has been so great this season that it has been
' difficult for us to keep the assortment intact.
Now', though, wit nave obtained a large quantity of the regular $25-00 garments, and are
placing them on sale at $18.50 for every one represented in the special lot.
They are made of Astrakhan and Ural lamb, some body lined, others lined throughout;
with kimono sleeves, set-in sleeves and regulation sleeves. The newest trimming effects are
seen in these coats, some of them with shawl otlar of plush, others whh self or velvet collar
and deep cuffs.. Black, taupe and brown are the colors.
$18.50 each. Regularly $25.00.
A smell lot of the popular Sport Coats, in sizes for both women and
misses* in ujiite and double textures, reduced from $12.75 to $6.75 each.
New Brocaded Valour
. The fabric is tfc$ keynote of the
aftracUmicas of these' coats, the
iwi woeww vesour oewg ac
corded a prominent place this
season. The styles are elaborate
enough for dressy occasions, yet
simple enough for street and
utility wear, ;The fabric is of fine
duality 'and in -four patterns, and
titey are lined completely wfth
guaranteed satin irrselfor bright
edors. Wide revere, . d*ep oiffc
and large bqtton* finish the coat
9Z9M each.
ty* sa>f. q *. ? ? ? ? ? ?
Attractive Late=style
Evening Dresses,..
The skirt of this charming
evening dress is made of broe*6td
crepe meteor, draped on the side
and with a short train in batik;
the waist is composed of chiffon
and shadow lace over a founda
tion of net, with kimono sleeves
and dainty ve neck. A black
velvet girdle finishes this dress,
which is shown in sea green,
pink, blue and rose. A' very ex
cellent value at
5IS.7S* V
Our ideal of service to
mothers tyying-- for infants * ?
has beep reaHeed wfth the
completion of' the New In
fants' Shop, which shows in
the most attractive, manner
every jvear^^ -jpd nursery
requirement The beauty
and daintiaes? <?f these gar*
meats and accessories was
never >0 in tj>e. J
present' showfe^, from
which can be chosen many
fine Christmas gifts.*!
v i
Ejc^uieite HandmadePre****.
Beautiful Hand - embroidered
French Posset,. - ,,ir
Fjne Christening ftobes,'
New Long and Short Coats,
Dainty Hats, Caps and *
Bonnets, ,, . ?// . .
Fine Pillows attd Lingerie '
Pillow Cems^
Handmade Bibs and Novelties,
Real Angora Sweeter Setts, - Fine Knitted Wool Sweater Suit%
White, Colored and Trimmed Sweaters,
Worsted Mittens, Bonnets, Boo toes, Sacques and Caps.
Worsted Wrappers and Sleeping Garments,
Bath and Kocen Rdbes, Fine Knitted Leggins,
Carriage Covers, Afghans and Blankets,
Hampers, Scales And Crib Bedding,
Hand-painted coat fUNowns, saw records celluloid comb and
Third floer. f
roo Italian Silk
Crib Blankets^
$1.00 each.
Regularly $2XX>.
These blankets are
best quality, perfect
in every respect, and
in various colors. - -
tor, F et.
Embroidered Voile Robe
Patterns, Special at $5.00.
These patterns consist of a 45*
mCh embroidered all-over flounc
ing for bottom of skirt, an em
broidered banding for trimming
the waist and plain material for
combining and completing tho
robe. In colors of watermelon,
light blue, light pink, heliotrope
and the new shade of amber, also
pare white. Very suitable for
evening wear, dancing frocks and
semi-formal occasions.
Very exceptional value, at $5.06.
? Maui floor, r at.
Introducing Twd New
and Effective Waist
Simple, but remarkably attract
ive garments, made of the pretty
shadow lac* with a foundation of j
flesh-colored net. One style has
the large self-revers with fur trim
ming around the cuffs of the drop
sleeves, and also adorns the front;
the other is trimmed with double
ruffling about the collar and
cuffs, ?nd"ba6 a narrow band of
fur to the edge of the yoke. The
price is well within moderation?
Range of Styles and Prices.
" Handkerchief? supply a gift demand that every one appreciates,
yet they are the most practical accessory of the wardrobe. They are
always acceptable, yet comparatively inexpensive, and many of them
are so distinctive*and out-of-the-ordmary m design that the quest for
exclusive gifts is easily gratified*
, Our wondcrftplCfrr frrgc showing, ranging in
price from 2$C to $i.Qo, is especially interest
ing?and worthiness makes it so. Included are:
W#fMfi*s AM-IIman tmlxMtwd Hatx4kerchief*, in popu<
dMirns. comer Affects. ?M.?rMn4 aftd eceUeped dealrne: al?-.
the beautiful l?ce> trimmed sty tea: corner embroidery with lace
edge; trlmrtihSf ## lace.-WIS* late tM Armenian lace:
?Off a IwnmrthUf, heipatltched with point de Venice
cer^ew. -
? * *
t y*
? ? ~ -
Dresses and Wraps
Sitka, VeWvts
Creoes, etc. ' ? *
Evening Writs
Smocked Froeks
Embroidered Bags
and Faaey Articles
Silk Plush Rugs
H*nshee Shawls : *
Inexhaustible Scent
. . ; :
Jars .
Upholstery *?d
Interior Decoration
Printed Taffetas
Persian and
East Indian Prints
Breda Pottery
Men's All-linen Hand-embwd
ered" Initial HaftdkeWW?H, *5f
each; 6 for $! .jOt' -
Men> AU-linen $andkcrc)iiefs,
12?2C each; 6 in bojs, 75c.
Mens All-linen Hand-embn>id
ered Initial Handkerchiefs, 35c
each; 6 for $a.oa
Men's All-linen Hand-embroid
ered Initial Handkerchiefs, 50c
each; 6 for $3.00.
Altogether we have neyer shown a collection of Gift Handker
chiefs of sucK merit, and ..our enlarged department makes selection
Special: Ladles' All-linen Embroidered Corner
Handkerchiefs,4 In a bex;fl.4W.
Special: Ladles' All-linen Embroidered Corner
Handkerchiefs, J Hi a boat <140.
+> ' ?v
.Shown in the ^liberty Section," second floor, ioth to I ith streets.
Gift Linens Express the Spirit
of the Christmas Season
Fine Linens have long been in favor as Gifts, and with the growth of the idea of
exchanging gifts of good will at Christmas their popularity has increased each season.
They are perfect gifts for the housekeeper as well as for the individual.
Damask Tray Cloths .35c to $2.00 each.
Guest Towels. 25c to 50c each.
Huck and Damaik Towels 35c to $3.05 each.
Bath Towels. 25c to $1.75 each.
Linen Scarfs. 65c to $*.75 each.
Laoe Scarfs..,; *..$1*0 to $16.50 each.
Lace Centerpieces 75c to $15.00 each.
lAce Table Covers...........$3.00 to $75 00each.
Lace Dotlle^...?.. ,??.???,.,...iSc to $3.00 each,
tace Lupcheon Sets..o.......$3^5 to $?$^> ?ft
Unen Sheets $5,40 to $16.50 pair.
Linen C^ses $1.00 to $4.00 pair.
Embroidered Linen Bedspreads,
$10.00 to $43.00 each,
Damask Table Cloths and Napkins to match,
$5.00 to $75.00 set
Hemstitched Table Cloths and Napkins to match,
$5^0 to $45.00 set.
HitHllulnd Teaelotha and Napkins to match,
1^75 to $13.00 set.
DmmIc KaeWee..*. -$*^5 to $^0uee dozen.
ffcwUllMtisd Damask Tea Napkins or Doilies,
$^00 to $10.00 dozen.
Hemstitched Pamsik Napkins, $5^0 to $20.00 dor.
Scalloped and Embroidered Te4 Doilies,
$a.5o to $8.00 doeen.
Damask Tee Cloths, ..?????? .$|.oo to $S.oo each.
. H19** 'fnfa tiiis comprehinfive but briefly descriptive list, your gift \
Njp tt elaborate as yoa eKwse. but always wfth the assuranec of
The New Bianket and Comfort Section
Resplendent in Christmas Array.
Besides the gre?t improvement which we have made in the
display of Bedt Blankets and Comforts, there are notably advanced
methods in malting; ^hfch will be of great service to all users, and
are already begipnmgjo be appreciated.
" " Blanket " ^ - "
or Comfort is the finest of its kind, at the price,
and we suggest that gift selections be made at once, before the
showing becomes mqomfkXt.
Handsome Sflk and Satin Down Comforts,
$1330, SIMM, 915.00,11840, $ZiM and 935.00 each.
Silk and Satm Wool-filled Comforts, *
95.00,56.59, $7JS0,95.00,910.00,912.50 to 922JO each.
Sateen Down Comforts, guaranteed not to shed the down.
57J0,59.00,910.00 and 9! 1.00.
Italian Slumber Blankets,
$140, *1145, ?L0% flaWo S3.1S and 3$M.
Fancy Figured ^^f^^r^^ki^^th^robes and couch cov
Lap ftobos of plush and beaver cloth. In green, blue and black*
$3M to S13J0.
Camel's Hair Lap Robes, very warm and exceedingly lig'it
weight, $H3?d, StBM mn4 $t6M.
Crib Blankets; in nursery designs of pink and blue?rabbit, ted
dy bear and chicken, 7?C MCtl*
New Ipahy Bag Ifankets hp use ift carriages and for vTap
ping the baby securely when <wfl*oM??"s.

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