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Hotel Powhatan
A Soiree Dansante
Every Tuesday and Friday Evening.
Dance from 10 P.M. to 1 A.M.
Dante and Supper. SI Per Person.
Cards Upon Application at Office. jj
Persons who fail to receive cards '
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15th and II Streets.
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\ W'S- x.vks.\\y'sv
Style in Glasses.
The prevailing style in
glasses?the large, round
lenses?is a very sensible
one, for they give a wide
tield of vision*
My "Varsities" and "Ox
fords" are perfect examples
of these styles.
I examine eyes free of
Roe Fulkerson,
1407 F St. N.W.
Opposite Willard Hotel.
Vice President and Mrs. Marshall,
Give Brilliant Party?Lunch
The congressional reception will be held
by President and Mrs. Wilson tonight.
It is the third of the state receptions
of the winter. The last of the serifcs
which is in honor of the army and navy
will take place Tuesday evening. Febru
ary 1M.
The Vice President and Mrs. Marshall
welcomed several hundred guests at their
third reception and dance last night. It
was held at the Shoreliam, ' here the
roseroom, the ballroom and supper room
were thronged l?v a brilliant gathering.
Official, diplomatic ai d resident society ,
was delightfully represented. The rooms
were adorned with blooming plants, two
orchestras played and the occasion was
charming in every respect.
Mrs. Marshall was gowned in a wis
taria satin, the overdress of lace and the
bodice ornamented with rhinestones.
Mrs. Walter Field McLallen of Colum
bia. City, Ind.. who with Mr. McLallen
are fruests of the Vice President and Mrs.
Marshall this month, received with her
hosts at the reception for most of the
evening. She was superbly gowned in
b>ack net, embroidered and beaded with
Assisting the host and hostess were
Senator and Mrs. Swanson. Senator and
Mrs. Thomas. Senator and Mrs. Mc
Cumber, Representative and Mrs. Fair
child, Representative and Mrs. Lathrop
Brown, Representative and Mrs. Hubert
Dent, the assistant secretary of war
and Mrs. Breckinridge, Gen. and Mrs.
James B. Aleshire, Judge and Mrs. Wil
liam Bailey Lamar. Mrs. Thomas F.
Walsh, Mrs. Brent. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
Wallace. Miss Harlan, and Dr. C. D.
Waicott. The young people assisting in
cluded the Misses Wilson, Miss Bones,
Miss Genevieve Clark. Miss Maitland
Marshall, the Misses Burleson. Misses
Agnes and Mary Wilson. Miss Helen
McCumber. Miss Nancy Johnson, Miss
! Ruth Hitchcock, Miss Laura Johns. Miss
Katherlne Overman, the Misses de Pena,
Miss Lefevre. Miss Oallie Hoke Smith,
Miss Margaret McChord. Miss Sallie
Williams. Miss Clara Dixon. Miss Lucy
Virginia Gordon and Ensign and Mrs.
I Alston R. Simpson.
The Secretary of War and Mrs. Garri
son entertained at dinner last night in
compliment to the Secretary of State and
Mrs. Bryan. The other guests were the
Postmaster General and Mrs. Burleson,
the assistant secretary of war and Mrs.
Breckinridge. Mr. John Barrett, Mrs.
Burton Harrison, Mrs. Alfred E. Bates.
Gen. and Mrs. Albert L Mills, Senator
and Mrs. Thomas, the Attorney General
and Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin G. Paskus
of New York.
The Misses Moore, daughters of the
counselor of the State Department, and
Mrs. John Bassett Moore entertained at
dinner last night in compliment to their
house guest. Miss Janet Tilletson Mont
gomery of New York. Ensign Alson R.
Simpson. U. S. N.. and Mrs. Simpson
chaperoned the party, which included
Miss Eleanor Wilson, Mile. Van Rappard.
Miss Sophy Johnston. Mr. Stedinan
Hanks, Mr. Schmolck of the Netherlands
legation, Mr. Johannessen of the Nor
wegian legation. Baron de Mag^ll of the
Netherlands legation. Baron Kurt von
Lersner of the German embassy and Mr.
de Sartlges of the French embassy.
Mrs. Henry F. Dimock entertained at
dinner last night in compliment to the
German ambassador and Countess von
Bernstorff. The other guests were Sena
tor and Mrs. Swanson, Senator and Mrs.
Weeks. Senator Hoke Smith. Mr. and
Mrs. Colville Barclay of the British em
bassy, Gen. and Mrs. Charles Fitzhugh.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lincoln. Prof, and
Mrs. Sloanc of New York, Gen. S. M. B.
Young, Mr. and Mrs. I^arz Anderson, Mrs.
James Miller of New York, Mrs. Francis
H. Leggett of New York. Mrs. Edward
K. Rowland, Dr. Charles D. Waicott. Mr.
Hilary Herbert, Mr. William Phelps Eno,
and the counselor of the Italian embassy
and Mme. Catalan!.
Senator and Mrs. Willard Saulsbury
had dining with them last night Senator
Martin. Senator and Mrs. Kern, Senator
and Mrs. Pomereno. Senator and Mrs.
Reed. Senator Smith of Arizona, Senator
and Mrs. Pittman, Senator and Mrs. Mor
ris Sheppard. Senator and Mrs. Shafroth,
Senator and Mrs. Walsh, and Mrs.
Charles Carroll Walcutt.
' Mrs. Bryan, wife of the Secretary of
State, will have Miss Agnes Wilson re
| ceiving with her tomorrow afternoon.
A luncheon in honor of Mrs. Marshall
was given by Miss Flora Wilson in the
red room of the New Willard today.
Sweet peas and roses, carrying out a
color scheme of pink, adorned the table.
An orchestra played popular airs during
the luncheon. Invited to meet Mrs. Mar
shall wer" Mrs. David Houston, Mrs.
Claude Swanson. Mrs. Shields. Mrs
I Franklin MaoVeagh. Mrs. McLallen, '
j house guest of Mrs. Marshall; Mrs. Ira
' C. Copley. Mrs. David Jayne Hill. Mrs.
William Bailey Lamar, Mrs. Isaa?- T.
Mann, Mrs. J. J. Richardson, Mrs. Ben
jamin Micou, Mrs. Charles G. Matthews,
Mrs. Perry Heath, Mrs. Louis Bennett,
j Mrs. De Witt Talrpage, Mrfe. Delos Blod
| gett, Mrs. Logan Waller Page, Miss Dan
nie Heth, Mrs. Boy den of Beverly, Mass.,
I house guest of Mrs. Houston: Mrs. Fran
cis H. Leggett of London. Mrs. Henry
Ileistand, Mrs. W. O. Harts, Mrs. Shuey,
Miss Amaryllis Gillette. Miss Mary Tem
ple and Miss Elmer Black of New York.
Mrs. Beale Ii. Howard entertained at a
small informal dance last night. Mrs.
Howard will not receive tomorrow, but
will be at home Wednesday, February IS.
Mrs. S. C. Heald and her children.
Catherine and Fanny, are at Palm Beach,
Fla., to spend several months.
The nurses' home of Providence Hos
pital was the scene of much enjoyment
Thursday evening last, when the inter
Glorious Hair
j Always Attracts ? Use Parisian
Sage. Thin or Faded Hair j
Becomes Abundant and
Radiant With Life.
Girls and women of all ages
want to be charming', beautiful
and attractive?it's their birth
right?but unsightly, thin and
characterless hair destroys half
the beauty of a pretty face.
If your hair is not attractive,
is falling out, streaky, full of dan
druff, too dry, or if the scalp
itches and burns, don't delay?use!
Parisian Sage. Apply with a [
sponge or cloth, taking a small j
strand of hair at a time. Rub it
well into the scalp. It will go)
right to the hair roots, nourish j
them, and stimulate the hair toj
grow strong and luxuriant. Pa
risian Sage removes dandruft with
one application and cleanses the
hair of dirt, dust and excessive oil.
It will cool and invigorate the
scalp and make the hair doubly
ParlsUn Sage Is a scientifically mad? prcrara
tion that gives the hair Just what is needed to
make it soft, fluffy, thick and gloriously radiant.
It is delicately perfumed?not sticky or greasy.
Sold in fifty-cent bottles only sit all dru? and
toilet counters. Look for the trade mark?"The
Girl with the Auburn Hair." Accept no substi
Delishted users pronounce Parisian the
l.est hair ton!<\ Get a l*>ttle from J*s. O'Donnell
today-he will returm the money If ycn are ?ot
6*Us&ed. ?
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Bawiftt Moore, who, wltk kfr ftiftter. eater
lalned a party to meet bouse truest.
mediate class entertained the seniors at a
banquet and dance. Th?> parlors and
banquet hall were decorated with hearts
and valentine favors, carrying out the
class color scheme, red ami gold. The
seniors present were the Misses Lucile
Gott. Nora Melton. Katherine Harring
ton. Margaret Reidy. Frances Doyle.
Magdalene Cullen, Mrs. Florence Kapp
and Mrs. Mary Healy.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Pearson are guests
at the Hotel Eastman, Hot Springs. Ark.,
for the month of February.
Mrs. W. W. White and her daughter.
Mrs. II. L. Irwin, will be at home to
morrow afternoon. 4
Mrs. Montgomery E. Danforth will be
at home tomorrow for tiie last time.
Mrs. Stephen L. Mills, wife of Col.
Mills, will be a guest this week of
Maj. and Mrs. Walter H. Gordon at their
residence on 17th street.
The Southern Dance Club was enter
tained by Mrs. F. T. Ohamberlin Sat
urday evening last. Mrs. Crawford W.
Marsh will entertain the club Friday
evening of this week instead of Satur
day at her home on Kalorama road.
Secretary of Commerce Kedtield enter
tained at luncheon yesterday at the Ho
tel Powhatan. His quests were Capt.
Carl E. Sherman. Mr. Ralph H. Goddard.
Joseph T. Yates, Thomas J. Rout, R. C.
Ruland. Harold D. King. William W.
Demeritt, Benjamin B. Derry, C. A. Umy,
Roscoe House. T-Id ward L. Woodruff.
Lewis M. Stoddard. W. C. Dibrell, H. L.
Beck, H. W. Rhodes. A. E. Arledge, Maj.
G. M. Hoffman. Col. 'C. McD. Townsend
and Lieut. Col. II. Jervey.
Mrs. Frederick A. Fernaid of Shepherd
street northwest entertained the National
Genealogical Society for its February
meeting Saturday evening. Mr. Daniel
Smith Gordon gave an address on
the "Cavalier Colonists of Virginia."
Among those present were Mr. A. B.
Dent. Miss Dent, Miss Minnie Micklev.
Mr. and Mrs. George Marsh* Mr. and
Mrs. Robert A. Smith, Dr. and Mrs.
Francis A. St. < lair. Miss L. A. Norton.
Miss Cora *C. Curry, Miss Mary C. Ours
Icr, Mrs. Ruth M. G. Pealer, Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Frauk S.
Parks. Dr. Joseph G. B. Bullock, Mr.
Daniel Smith Gordon and Dr. and Mrs.
Gaius Brumbaugh.
Mrs. John A. Logan and Mrs. Tucker
have invitations out for a tea Thursday,
February 10. from 4 to 7. to meet Mrs.
Patterson and the Misses Grunbrecht at
Eagle Lodge. Kith street.
The Congressional Club will entertain
Mrs. John A. Logan as the guest of honor
Friday afternoon. February i::. when she
will talk on "Experiences in Washing
ton." Mrs. McLallen will contribute
musical numbers to the program. Tea
will follow at o o'clock.
Miss Leavitt will not be at home this
evening, but will see her friends informal
ly succeeding Tuesday evenings.
Mrs. Charles J- Williamson of -t5W
Connecticut avenue will not he at home
tomorrow, but will receive Wednesday,
February IS.
A tea dance will be given for the bene
fit of the Episcopal Eye, Ear and Throat
Hospital Thursday. February 10. from 4
to 7 p.m., at Studio Hall. l*J1l? Connecticut
avenue. Mrs. Henry B. Munn. Mrs. C.
W. Huske, Mrs. L. W. Estes, Mrs. R. J.
Earnshaw. Mrs. Sprigg Poole, Mrs. Sam
uel G. Parker. Mrs. L. H. Thompson. Miss
J. E. Prather and Mrs. Wainwright are
in charge of the arrangements.
The board of lady managers of Bruen
Home will be at the home, .TDO Q street,
from v to ?'?, February 1?J, when they will
hold a linen shower. They ask the friends
of the home to bring or send blankets, bed
linen or towels.
Mrs. F. G. Corn well will not be at
ljome tomorrow.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brewster of
Rochester, N. Y., are spending a few
days at the New Willard.
Mrs. Fitzgerald, wife of Representative
Fitzgerald, will be at home, informal
ly. Wednesday. Thursday and Friday, at
1M1 I street, from 4 to 0.
Mrs. Me- herson and Miss Clarey will
be at home today and not Friday as
inadvertently stilted yesterday.
Mrs. George Pullman of New York
city is visiting her sister, Mrs. Richard
Anderson of Capitol Hill.
Gen. Joseph S. Smith of Bangor, Me., j
who is passing the winter in this city,
entertained at dinner Sunday night at
the New Richmond Hotel in honor of the
Maine delegation in Congress?Senators
Johnson and Burleigh. Representatives |
Hinds. Guernsey, McGillicuddv and Pe
ters: also Messrs. F. II. Appleton and Jo- i
seph Williamson of Maine and ?'ol. M. j
M. Parker of this city.
Mrs. Redwood Vandergrift will be at!
home Saturday. February 14. from 4 to
t? p.m.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Youn^r are leaving
today to spend the remainder of the win
ter in Florida.
Mr. and Mrs. Larcombe have gone to
Pass a Grille, Fla., for a month.
Mrs. Charles Ray Dean and Mrs. S. H
Greene, jr.. will be at home tomorrow at
their apartment in the Burlington.
Miss Richard E. Thornton, wife of State j
Senator Thornton of Virginia, is here on j
a visit to Mrs. William Florence Sicard, !
214'.* Florida avenue, and will remain j
until the spring.
Mrs. W. B. Cochran, wife of Capt. j
Cochran. U. S. A., entertained at a lunch- i
eon today at the Chevy Chase Club, in
compliment to Mrs. Lambert of St. Louis
and the Misses Taylor of Massachusetts, <
who are staying with Mrs. T. A. Bald- J
win. The other, guests were Mrs. Ale- j
shire. Mrs. Andrews. Mrs. Sowers. Mrs. !
Charles Hagirer. Mrs. Benjamin Pilson,
Mrs. Wotherspoon, Mrs. Young. Mrs.
Faison, Mrs. Oglesby. Mrs. Cortiss of
New York. Mrs. Charles C. Cochran and
Miss Judge.
Mrs. Samuel Jordan Graham, wife of
Assistant Attorney General Graham, will
>e at home informally tomorrow from i j
lo ?? at 1312 Connecticut avenue.
She will have assisting her Mrs. Bagley.
Mrs. Marye. Mrs. William G. Neal of
Richmond, Va.: Mrs. Lee S. Overman,
Mrs. Miles Poindexter. Mrs. A. Mitchell
Palmer, Mrs. Willard Saulsbury. Mrs.
Sutherland, Mrs. Thomas O. Walsh, M'*s
i McChortl. M&s Calderon. Miss Sallie Wil
liams. Mibs Callie Hoke Smith and Miss
; Carrie Lee Chamberlain.
Mrs. George "W. Kairchilu. \vit?- of Rep
resentative I'airchild. nave u tea dance at
the Xev. Willard yesterdav. -when several
; hundred friends enjoye.i her hospitality.
.Mrs. Claude A. Swanson. Mrs. Robert L.
! Owen. Mrs. Ira C. Copley, Mrs. William
I B. [Lamar. Mrs. Folic, wife of the former
; governor of Missouri; Mrs. L>avenport, '
j Mrs. IJlmer Iliaek. Mrs. Charles C. Me- ;
I Chord and Miss Flora Wilson vet- her
i assistants for the afternoon.
? Mrs E. G. Davis entertained at a tea j
l dance at her home. 22U H street north- j
, west, yesterday afternoon, m honor of
her daughter, Mrs. J. K. I pton, who is
I visiting from Montelair. X. J. The house
i was decorated in southern srnilax ana
I roses. Those assisting were Miss Davis
land Miss Madaline Davis. Mrs. Snyder.
Mrs. Caldwell. Mrs. Welter. Mrs. O'Laugh- ,
' lin. Mrs. "Reeves. Miss Libby. Miss Fisher t
i and Miss Hoopes.
! Miss Phyllis Moore and Mias Anne.
! Moore left today for out-of-town visits. ?
1 the former going over to Baltimore for I
| the day and the latter to New York, cx
I pecting to return on the 22<J.
| Mrs. Edward W. Donn and Miss Eliza- !
1 beth Donn will be at home Wednesday s
j February 11 and 18. I
Master Edward Stephen Myers, son of!
Mr. ami Mrs. J. C. Myers, celebrated his
fourth birthday anniversary at his home, j
Warder street. Saturday afternoon.
I The decorations were for ?St. Valentine.
! Master Walter Claude Myers and Miss
i Lillian E. Walters gave a piano duet. ;
i Miss Marie Hayes won first prize and
1 Miss Carol Jane Wilson second in the
\ games played. Numerous presents were
j received, and refreshments were served,
i The other guests were Misses Claire
! Hayes. Orrei Belle Claflin. Margaret
| Lamp-ton. Louise Duckett. Dorothy Dar
J by, Marjorie Ellen Wilson. Master Al.vin
i Walters. Master John Warren Hayes,
j Master Donald Lampton. Master W ilbur
t Gibbs t?r.d Marion Elliot Myers, and Mrs.
|C. E. Wilson. Mrs. C. D. Walters. Mrs.
j William Lampton, Mrs. John Benson .
I Hayes and Mrs. E. J. Cowefc
j Senator Shively has been joined at the
' Cochran Hotel by Mrs. and Miss Shively.
' Mrs. Charles X. Russell and Miss Rus
i sell will be at home Thursday, the 12th.
i from 4 to *'?. They expect to leave Satur
I dav for Richmond, to be present at the
| governor's reception on the 30th.
Mrs. F. E. P. T'berroth is the guest of ;
! Capt. and Mrs. Uberroth at the Grafton.
I Chief Justice Campbell of thfc TTnited ;
States Court of Claims and Mrs. Camp- |
i bell have as their guests their daughter, I
! Mrs. Lewis Underwood. and their sister, j
| Sirs. Conrad Ohme, both of Birmingham. <
i Ala.
Marriage Licenses.
Marriage licenses have been issued*to]
I the following:
| Joseph E. Shaw and Martha Cooper. j
Archie Burrell of Williamsburg. Va.. j
? and Julia So well of Barnes villc. M?J.
i William J. Patterson of Albany. X. Y.. J
and Gladis V. Martin of New Glatz. Md. ,
I?uis Ross of this city and livelin (
i Cummings of New Yorlt city.
! Kenzie K. Archibald of Philadelphia, j
J Pa., and Leellan Marsh of Indianapolis. ,
i Ind. , !
John K. Harris and Mary K. Mumford.
i William N. Yager of Culpeper, Va.. and j
i Frances U. Boldridee of Stevensburg. Va.
William I.. Shimmers of this city and J
j Itena C. Livezey of Norristowu. l*a.
T'omenico Caput-) and Maria Hucci.
j Walter M. Ifitzmaurlce and Hazel
t Gempp.
William Blake and Viola M. Adams
Albert Damioo and Ruth Demsy.
Jesse Kecd of Huntersville, W. Va..
and Nettie H. Waugh of Harter, W. Va.
i Harry D. Turner and Marie S. Perk.ns.
Andrew J. Krizzell and lSleanora War
' n Merle Freeman and Dorris T. Hill,
i William G. Donley of Toronto. Canada,
and Mamie H. I.yon of Petersburg. Va
Kugene G. Maupin and Maud R. Uu
Fuueral of Lieut. Goodwin.
Simple military ceremonies marked the
burial in tlie Arlington national ceine- j
ter> this morning of the body of First.
Lieut. Robert D. Goodwin of the 4tli
United States Infantry, who died at his
station in Galveston. Tex., a tew days
ago. The funeral party arrived at the
1'nion station this morning and was es
corted to Arlington by a troop of the
5th Cavalry. Lieut. Goodwin was a native
of Texas and served as a volunteer in the
Spanish war. In February. l'JOl. he was
appointed second lieutenant. 4th Infan
try. and was promoted to lirst lieutenant
in March.
B Members of Mount Vernon Council. No. 10.
jr. O. V. A. M-. will assemble ?t 1:30 p.m.
Wednesday for the purpose of attending the
funeral of Brother W. H. BELL, from his late
residence. 213 5th street southeast.
By order of council.
JOHN E. SMALLWOOD. Recording Sec.
BELL. Departed this life Monday. February 9.
1914. :it his residence, rear of 71U 20th
yireot northwest, JAMES BELL, the son of
Anna Bell and the brother of Eta and Hunter
Bell. . ,
Funeral Thursday. February 12. at 1 o clock
from Wise's uadertakerlng chapel. Friends
are Invited.
BRISCOE. On Monday. February ft. 1W4. at
lo-?vt a.m.. at. her residence, 218 I street
soutbtve-', MARY BRISCOE, the I elovrd
iuother of Mary TTjomas.
Funeral from St. Paul * A. M. L. Cbur.-h.
stii street between D and E streets southwest,
on Thursday. February 12. at 1 o'clock p.m.
Friends and relatives are invited to attend. ?
BROMLEY. Entered into rest on Monday. Feb
ruary o. 1014. ALEXANDER C.. beloved bus
band of Anna C. Bromley.
Funeral from his late residence. 21 5th street
buutheast. on Thursday. February 12. at 10
a in. Relative* and friends Invited to at
terni. Interment private.
CHISWELL. On Monday. Febrnary 9. 1914. at
h<?r residence. 2921 25th street northeast.
Funeral service private. Interment at Bca's
vflle. Md. ?
DADE. On Sunday. February 8. 1914. at 9:20
p.m., At Uia residence 1251 Wjiie utreet
? ortb?*a>' r?: \\ If ARRINUTON. th?*
Ix'lin'Pi) |mi?I>h:mI ..f n:i?J . \ 1'.id" mid 'hr
'ntt-.er ot Walter, ChW*. M;.r1e J ante? an-l
I'u.) ton Dgjr.
Tunera! 1 ebruary 11 Ill o'clock,
front Israel R*ptl?' rhiwli. tlth Mtvet 1*^
I" *ud ?? -troets m>rtb^<Kt. The body
Till l?o In state ?t wild .htir.-h fro'-i 0
to 12. Relatives atnl friends incited
Dl MAR7A Or Monday February 0 It'll *?
1 ?:4a.m., 1'A.SQI \IJ , t?e loved htltibaod ?>f
^ev^rla Di
Fon***a1 from hN la'e resld<-'e*. * ?r*'*
-otHh'vas: Wedti^sd** ?f!TT'-?->:i a' ??'?* leek.
Friends and iu>! ?M
I>OV\LDSOV v'j<S?l'*r'v <?i M -J.? ?? 1 ? hruarv
!?. 1 f* 14. it; 7: . WILLIAM * . -.>t ?
ht>baud of V.: -. ??. I???. lids >r in h.i> >? i
rnl.v> rcn'li v?*ir .
Foaeral .n Wedneniay. February *1.
p.m. from '..itr re*id? ;????. ."V'mji ^ *tr? i
nortnwe*,t. lJrluttV'v- i .1 frl- -.!*]** Irvitcd.
Interment at M-'th >div' burying ground In
POWNH. Ou 1 ebruat \ !f?14 *'
7:4.1 a m . WILLIAM 1 . !."!??v.-d husband ?
Mary J. I)oui;pt nice llerlihy*.
Kun-rwl from his late resid^r-*: . M13 17?*.i s'reo
north??#?<?. SciTioos .-it St. Matthew's Ov.tr>- '
Thursday. February ll*. a* :? .i m. U- 'nt;v -
an-! friends Invited. 11
HARRIS. Departed t..:? i.f- su.l.JenJr >n???
? la.i February s 11*14 u. r.tlladeiphia. I'm .
in ?s \ r Harris ?.< WusuIur:. .1 i> ?
Noth * funeral late; ?
JA' KSO.N. On Moi.<la> . I ? .? t v l'.1' ? .. t
!? ,ta.. ::t In-: resid* i?i"J4 Fb?rS;*
::*. emie >.ortht\e.?:. Mr-. S I i'lil >> \ J.V i>
SON. beloved wife <-f r,i.- !:*?.? Horj.-o 1'
.'aikNHi. jr.. of Urtinda n ?
>^?Jounier l;?'S?>or. ::?d tl?-\??i??d dauirin^r
>u*?an ni.d * at* .:j' Wi. 4 . Was"! .n ? ?
and lf?vlnjr ???' Mr~. Mary 1
and Wllilaru Jr. and t.ic ?.?
Mrs. iiattu> !?:
Fuii?"r:<l Thui?lav. F?>|?rnary U. fr?>n'. t! ?? Mo;
r>?]Mdllait \. M. 1. i iiurolr. M
lAfen 16t!i and ITtli >?tr?v?fK Tiortliwc>t.
l'rlfxida and r^lati**-- inrltod to ntt^nd. 11*
JACOIt>. <?n I'.'liruary ?>. 1 ? 44. h* the rraldfin*
nf his dauirhtcr. ?1K ^ud ntro?-?
<"IIAKI.KS 11. .TA<t>RS. lat.- in?*mh?T Com
T?any B. S2d OU* lnTan'ry. ?n?! KMaplM
i'??sT, N??. 41!.".. H. A It . I?? i?artn)orr ?>f
Fungal fr?nn his la!?i wl<lt,n>'<' W??4nm.Jay.
1 Vbruary 11. ar 4 |vai. Memb^m of fi A.
II. and Woman's K"!W ln?lt?*d to attend. ?
LOW\l|n N.tr Y-rk rfty. I^ATTIA WOT
OiT'l. da abater of thf !at? I n<in> Turk**:
iiiuii and ?idou of th Iat?- Jaino* nd?
?-f Wn^lilneton and < 'ti?r:^Ht<>n. S. ?
l-*unoraI private. Int.-rmont at \<*|H?rt. I'rb-sd-.
ar?- rvquost^d n^t to s- i.d 11?>wts.
MAIN. Oii Siitiday. I-Vbruarj v 19! t. a 1
a.ill . SAltAll A. W, n idrtw of lh-- la1 -
?if?.r<jf J. Main.
Fucora! sorvio-.s a: ho:- ro*!d?T-'
17th str?-et northwojtt. Tim?!uv 1 ?"?
rr.ary l??. ai 7 ?!;. I nr-rtnont ?
Middlrtowa. Md.. Wo?Jn**sda> at 1 :'?o o'?*lo ?
iFrodorlck. Md., papers p'.oa^ f*?:>y 1"*
MERRILL. On Sunday. February s 1?14.
OHARLES M.. be!o*oJ husband of lu^ K
Funeral from hi* late resid?-n. ??. Huoc
laland avenue northwest, or T'lfsduy, l'^brn
ary 10. ai ii p.m. Friends lnvit.-d to a
Tsnii. Iutertnest piivat?*. 10"
NKAIvON. On Tuesday. Februarj- 10 1014. a
a.m.. rillUP II. NKAIjON. I^lorod
husband of Margaret E Nealon iu"e LyT<~h
Funeral from his late ro*ideu?v, ^'5 7th ?-tnop
northeast. Friday. February I.':. .i? *.? o'clock
a.m.. thonoe to Holy Name <*huroh. ?ho>
requiem matis will t>o said. R?laiivo> and
friends invited. Intermeut Mount OIlv?t
SCHFRFR. On Tu.-day. 1 : ?-.ary lo. i:*l4 a
10::*? a.m.. at hU ;-,-siden?**?. HUtt *tt? stivec
m?rtbeast, CHARLES II.. l.olor^i ht:si?ard
Anna K. S^-htTfr. ajrod ti:*tfight years.
Notice of funeral Uer-after. *
SCHFTT. On Tuesday morning. February 1"
1914. at o'.'liN'k. FRANCIS GRANt.KR. tu
IniimI 4?f Fltzabetu TLoiuas Wall is Sohut,
aged eighty year-, three mouths and ten
Funeral from the home ?>f his daughter. Kilo .
Isham Sv-hutt. <'h?*rrydale. Va.. Thursdar
February 12. at. ?; p.m. Iutorment Hill
i cemetery. 11*
VO?;KL. tin Monday. 1 ebiiniry 1*. 11*14. a: 7:4 ?
| p.m.. ANNTF. brlnved w'.fe of the 1mi?? John
Yogel and loving daughter of Mk-bael M.
May she rest in j?eace. Amen,
i Funeral will take pla<-e from h'*r late residei..-?.
FlTl B street southeast. T!iur<day morning
at !? o'--1ook. thenoe to Holy Comforter
j Chureh. nb?-re re?julem mass ?ili said
for tiiie repose of her jjoul. 1!*
In Memoiiam.
DJSWICY. In loving remfmbran*-e - i . d? ar
merher. danghter and sister. MAMIK 'I
, DEWEY, who depart*this life four y?ais
cg<? yesterday, February ?.?. lPlO.
Loved in life. In death ivtnembered.
? B% THE 1 AMIL\
HOWARD. In f>ad but loving r*?m??!llbranoc
our dear mother and grandcnorlirr, MART1I\
HOWARD, ?ho .l.M?arf*d tliis !?!"?? sev?-u
years ago to?Jay. IVhruary ID, KHi7.
? VOn that sad Sunday momlug
? (iod called her horu-% to r?i?t.
Bur the memory of that dear one
In our mind shall ev-r tdeasfd."
| LEOFFLER. In loring r< nn-tubraijoi- ?-f my dear
mother. MAODAI4NF IA> ?FI"LFR. m Ih> dh d
i thirty-four* yeu;? aj;o t<*liiy, l'chruary 10.
? MILLEIL In ^ud and loving renhmhratirc of
; dur dear father. FFRPINANP MlLLKlt. 'vho
i departed this life ail years ag->, February P.
Gone, but not forgotten.
May his toul re^t in jmnicc.
iA'i L/>R. In >ad hot loving reoiembrane.- of our
d'-ar mother. MARCARET A. >AYLmR. uh-.
died one year aeo t-niay. l'ebruary lo. 1013.
Rest In peace, dear mother, your work is o'er.
Your willing hands will work uo inor*-,
A loving mother. Kith niee attd kind:
A nicer moth- r yon ? ould i??t tyid.
? BY HER liDYINti 4'lllLDRCN.
STEIN. Sa?-red To m--m-?ry >A ?Mir s.-uute<I
mother. CAROLINA STEIN, who pu?e?i away
eleven years ago today. February 1?J. lt?V:.
TAl'I*. Iti .-ad but loving meuiorv ??! :r.\ .. >? ?
huMtaud and our devot* ?i fatl.? r. JAMK> I:
TAl'I*. who departed tliis life or- y<-a.
today, February Jo, l&i:t.
The depth of oar *orr?w we i-antiot t
At the of one we l-?ved so well;
And while he lies in tH'aecful sl?-ep
His* memory we shall always keep.
WELCH. It was the lot',, day of 1'el.ruury,
liai7. when Cod pea--efuly took my dear hu?
hand. FRANK M. WfX<"II. tlrsl lleutomtxit.
."4tli Masaaelitisetts Volunteers.
My dear husband Is sleeping, so free lroui u 11
Wake h!m not. aeet Njiirit. to suffer again,
lie is sleeping ??? sw?*etly. oh. let bini >b*ep on.
His suffering Ih ended, his trouble is over.
funekal directors..
D. J. itJREABY CO. "
14^7 9th at. i'hon- N. 37W7
Klntl+rn ehawel. Telephone oal'. No-f|i 58?.
(Lieorge f. ^urftorsi,
K?tahll?hod 1WT- ''HAS. S. 21 RHORST. Vfgr.
940 F Street N.W.
Phones Main y
Frank A. Speare Mpr.
1^37 lotb St. N.W Phone V aj.
J. WILLIAM LEE. Funeral Director
and Embalmer. LI very la connection. Coaa?>
dlons ctiapel and modern cremator lam Mo4m>
prteM. 3:12 Pa. ave. o.w. Telephone ea'-I 13S&.
Qulok, Dlgotfled and EfticieDt Service.
CJotnplete funeralp as low as $75.Oo.
<v. W. OEAL & co
Telepaone Lincoln ri4?4. Chapel.
WM. rs- SAROG & CO^"
I0H H at. n.e. Modern ohapej Ph?ne l.inon. 'ik
' ~ Eatabllfbed 1K.>0. '
1730-3'J Pennnylvanla aveuue nor:hue?t.
Ckapel. Phonea-Mam .V>12-?313.
Crema11 ona. Aiitoinohl'e Service.
Joseph F. Birch's Sons,
tou m st. N.w. p,r^wr.r??K
J. H. SMALL & SONS. Florists,
Corner I5tb and II ata.. WASHINGTON.
Waldorf Aatorla and 1123 Broadway. New l?rL
Fiowera for Fnnarala a Specialty.
Appropriate Floral Tokens
Artistic ?expreaal *e?lo ex penal ve.
Prompt auto delivery service.
Gude Bros. Co., ^ntfE St,

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