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Refusal of Alleged Recal
citrant Witnesses Called
to Its Attention.
Threat to Take Criminal Action
Causes Two to Recede and
Consent to Testify.
v .? the four aliased recalcitrant
v tufrefused to testfy before
;he interstate commerce commitf-ion at
?he investigation of the affairs of the
\Vw Haven railroad having remained
obdurate. Joseph W Folk, chief counsel
for the commission, with Assistant
United States Attorney Harvey Given,
called the matter to the attention of the
grand Jury today.
Witnesses told tho grand jurors of the
refusal of Samuel Hemmtngway and
Samuel Morehousn to answer questions
pertinent to the inquiry which had been
propound*; d to them at the hearing.
Before the grand jury probe began Gov.
Folk r? reived a letter from Attorney
Henry Stannard assuring him that the
other two witnesses v ho declined to
give requir* d testimony. Harvey V. Whip
ple and Kdward Field. had determined
to recede from the position formerly
taken and would testify.
The letter does not make plain whether
the proffer to testify includes also a
willingness to present desired hooks and
documents. On this phase of the matter
Mr. Folk will get into communication
with the attorney. He will insist on a
complete surrender, he says.
Witnesses Before Grand Jury.
The witnesses before tiie grand jury to
day were Charles C. McChord. a member
of the interstate commerce commission;
1 ieorge B. McGinty, its secretary; A. E.
'"lark, secretary of the New Haven road,
and A. 3. May, the treasurer of the
company. A stenographer named Fer
guson also testified.
The law which the commission claims
has beeA violated is a special act of
1 'ongress passed February 1.1. 1St*o, which
ts said never to have been invoked before.
It is known as the "compulsory testi
monv act." and provides a punishment
for refusal to testify of not less than
*100 nor more than f ne and im
prisonment of not more than one jear
or both tino and imprisonment.
The threat to take criminal action
seems to have been sufficient to have
two of the witnesses change their minds.
Tn Attorney Stoddard's letter to Gov.
Folk >?e makes it plain that he thought
orne civil procedure was to be invoked
??i which some judge would decide the
? iuestion of the necessity to answer. He
did not contemplate a criminal action.
In the course of the letter the attorney
sa ys:
Abandon Alleged Rights.
"I suppose that means a criminal pro
ceeding In the District of Columbia
against citisens and residents of the
state of Connecticut with the inevitable
annoyance, trouble and expense connect
ed with a criminal proceeding in a juris
diction far removed from defendant's
Place of residence. Therefore, to relieve
themselves from the burden of such an
noyance, trouble and expense, while they
feel that your threatened action is un-'
just, arbitrary and tyrannical, my
clients. Messrs. Whipple and Field, are
constrained to submit and to abandon
Their claimed rights and liberty, and this
wholly because of the threat of such
criminal prosecution.
' They, therefore, say to you that under
protest and without conceding that either
of them has r?:fused to answer any law
ful questions, they will, upon due no
tice, attend and answer the questions
?w hich they have hitherto declined to an
swer. This statement is made in reply
to your suggestion that 'If the witnesses
m the meanwhile indicate a willingness
to answer the lawful questions which
they refused to answer last Friday, you
might communicate that fact to me.'
I hope, liowev.-r, that upon mature re
flection you will invoke the practice
? civil) which hitherto has been found
adequate to determine the same and sim
ilar questions as raised in this matter,
particularly in the Baird, Brimson and
Marriman cases, and on which in part I
reiied in advising my clients."
Storm Curtails Fish Beceipts.
The northeasterlv storm of yesterday
ause J a heavy falling of? in the receipts
of herring on the local market and the
'rskt.-raien expect it will be a few days
uefore business returns to normal after
the heavy blow. Receipts yesterday of
-had and herring in the local market
from all sources amounted to about 4.000
shad and 74.000 herring. As yet but ftw
are being caught in the upper river nets.
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Show Negotiators of Treaty
Believed All Ships Should
Be Treated Alike.
Extract of Speech Delivered Last
January Read to Senate Inter
oceanic Canals Committee.
The letters written by Joseph II.
Choate, ambassador to Great Britain at
the time of the negotiations of Hie JTclv
Pauneefote treaty, t<? the late Jolm Hay,
then secretary ot' State, were laid before
the Senate intcroceanlc canals committee
today at the hearing: on the Panama
canal tolls repeal bill. These letters,
which were cent to Chairman O'Gorman
of the committee by Mr. Choate, bear out
the contention of Mr. Choate that it was
the belief of the negotiators that under
the treaty all vessels of all nations pass
ing through the. canal were to be treated
An extract from a speech delivered by
former President Taft in Ottawa, Can
ada. last January, in which lie said that
in his opinion, the tolls matter would
either have to lie arbitrated or tin- tolls
exemption would have to be repealed by
''oni:ress. was read to the committee by
Senator Simmons of North Carolina, one
ot" the advocates of repeal. In his ad
dress ITesident Taft ridiculed the sug
gestion that the United States would
ever go to war over the matter.
Urges Justice of Repeal.
Dr. Krnest Richard of New York, pro
fessor of the history of German civiliza
tion at Columbia University, and presi
dent of the German-American Peace So
ciety, today urged upon the Senate in
teroceanic canals committee the need and
justice of repealing the Panama canal
tolls exemption of American coastwise
! vessels. He appeared before the i:om
| mittee as a representative of the North
I American Gymnastic Union.
Dr. Richard told the committee that
| Theodore Stuempfel of Indianapolis.
| president of the organization Dr. Richard
represented, had stated it as his opinion
| that the "repeal is peremptory as a mat
1 t^r of honor, justice and fair dealing
| toward all other nations." Dr. Richard
spoke of the devotion of the German
American citizens to this country. He
said that the German-American gym
nastic organization he stood for had 40.
0*> members scattered all over the
United States, who form the backbone
of American citizenship of German de
scent. lie insisted that they were over
whelmingly in favor of the tolls exemp
tion repeal.
Dr. Richard insisted that there could
be no controversy over the interpreta
tion of the Hay-Pauncefote treaty, while
Joseph Choate and Henry White, the
negotiators of the treaty 011 the part of
the T'nited States, were stiil alive and
testified that their understanding of the
treaty was that American ships should
be treated like all others.
No True American "Afraid.'*
"Tt Is not gentlemanlike to insinuate
that President Wilson and those who
share his view of repeal do so from cow
ardice," said Dr. Richard. "Nor is this a
good chance to make the eagle scream
and g-et some Irish votes and a few (icr
man ones in their wake. Thore is no true ;
American who is afraid 01' any nation.
Senator O'Gorman, chairman of the
committee, asked Dr. Richard if ho did
not think the fact that former President
Koosevelt, former President Taft and
other influential Americans believed that
it was right to exempt from tolls Ameri
can coastwise vessels, should bear some
"I do not think that President Roose
velt and the others are Infallible," was
the reply of Dr. Richard.
Senator Simmons interrupted and read
to tho commission an extract from a
speech by former President Taft, de
livered in Ottawa, Canada, last January,
in which he said the tolls exemption
would cither have to be arbitrated or re
pealed. Dr. Kichard, however, said, he
understood Mr. Taft had insisted that
the United States, in his opinion, had
the right to make the exemption ill
favor of American coastwise ships.
In the address in Ottawa Mr. Taft said
he regarder the exemption as a subsidy
to American coastwise vessels. He de
clared war talk' 011 the part of pro
ponents of the exemption was ridiculous.
Presents Letter From. Choate.
Chairman O'Gorman presented to the
committee a letter from Joseph II.
Choate, American ambassador to Great
Britain at the time of the negotiation of
the Hay-Pauncefote treaty, expressing
regret that the condition of his health
prevented his appearing before the com
He sent to the committee, however, the
correspondence which had passed bet wen
himself and the. late John Hay. Secretary
of State, regarding the negotiation*. Mr.
Choate said he believed that the United
States has no right under the treaty to
exempt any'of its vessels from payment
of tolls.
This correspondence was read to the
committer, as was a letter frotn Mr.
Choate to Henry White, who was tirst
secretary of embassy at Dondon during
the treaty negotiations. Mr. Choate* s
letter to Mr. White was dated April 14.
In it Mr. Choate said: "T wrote to
Senator O'Gorman yesterday, inclosing to
him, with permission of the Secretary of
State, a eopy of my letter to Secretary
flav between August and October J2,
l'.fOT. To my mind they establish beyond
question the intent of the parties en
gaged in the negotiation; that the treaty
should mean exactly what it says, and
excludes the possibility of any exemp
tion of any kind of vessels of the United
Equality Is Constant Theme.
"'Equality between Great Britain and
the I riited States is the constant theme,
and especially In my last letter of Octo
ber 'j, 1001. when I speak of Dord T^tns
downe's part in the matter, and say:
'He has shown an earnest desiro to
bring to an amicable settlement, honor
able alike to both parties, ti is long and
important controversy between the two
nations. In substance he abrogates the
<'layton-Bulwer treaty, gives us an Amer
ican canal, ours to build as and when
we like, to own. control and govern, on
the sole condition of its being always
neutral and free for the passage of the
Fhlps of all nations on equal terms, ex,
cept that if we get Into a war with any
nation we can shut Its ships out and
take care of ourselves.' '*
German Steamer From Tampico Puts!
Into Quarantine at Tampa.
TAMPA. Fla., April Hi. ? With two
wounded sailors on board, the German
tank steamer Osage from Tampico put
into quarantine here yesterday. Stray bul
lets fired in the fighting between Mexi
can federals and rebels ?U Tampico
struck the sai'ors who were on the ship.
One of them may die.
The Osage had a number of bullet holes
in her superstructure. Capt. De Rees?
reported that the lighting bad been
heavy ten days ago in the oil dis
trict, where his ship was docked. The
British steamer Trinldadiaii. with sev
eral bullet marks on her hull, arrived
yesterday from Tampico.
Baks Sc (Umttpmuj
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Alarm at National About 2 A.M.
Starts Parade in Pajamas
and Nightgowns.
A parade in pajamas and nightgowns
through the corridors of the National
Hotel about 2 o'clock this morning, it
is stated, followed the sounding of the
hotel s fire gongs. The noise of the
gongs awakened persons on the several
floors, and soon many of them were in
the corridors, trying to learn if there
was a tire in the building.
Included In the list of guests of the
hotel this morning were a number of
school teachers and students from towns
in New York, it is stated, and It is
thought that one of the visitors, acci
dentally or purposely, started the auto
matic fire-alarm gongs ringing.
"It may have been caused by some of
the. students skylarking in the corridor
on the third floor," suggested one of the
guests, "and if we could have caught
him we would have shown him a lively |
time for a few minutes."
One lady fainted, it is stated, and one |
young man. whose only suit iad been
sent to a tailor to be pressed, was al
most hysterical.
Only Suit at the Tailor's.
"Where's the tailoring establishment?"
asked the young man, who did not tare
to have to leave the building in l is pa
jamas. "I sent my only suit to be
pressed, and I'm in a. fix."
"Don't worry." he was advised by an
other guest. "There's no lire."
One of the guests appeared at the door
of his room and asked what all the ex
citement was about. lit: had heard the
bells, he stated, but in the absence of
smoke or the odor of something burning
he saw no reason lor alarm."
"I've been in this position before," he
said, "and have also been in burning
buildings, and it's time to worry when
there's something doing."
Several men seated about a table in one
of the rooms were discussing toll repeal
and the Mexican situation when they
were alarmed by the sound of the gongs.
They were fully dressed, and were able,
to make a quick investigation and quiet
the more excited ones.
Fortunately for all concerned, the lire
call did not reach the city tire department
and summon tire companies to the vicin
ity of the hotel.
Convention to Open Sunday, April
26, on Lawn of St. Mary's
The annual convention of the Holy
Name Societies of Washington, Baltimore
and western Maryland Is to be held in
Baltimore Sunday. April -??. The cere
monies will open with a solemn high
mass, celebrated on the lawn of St.
Mary's Seminary, T'aca street near l Yank
lin, at 11 o'clock a.m., the musfc for the
service to be rendered by the seminarians.
The business session of the convention
will be held at the L?vric Theater, oppo
site Mount Royal station, at 3:?50 o'clock
in the afternoon, and at this meeting a
feature of the exercises will be an ad
dress by a prominent layman. The busi
ness of tho new year will be taken up
and the vork of the past year reviewed.
The theater is commodious and will offer
ample accommodation to the relatives and
friends of th? ? regular delegates to the
Kach pari.-h in the arehdiocese of
Baltimore is allowed seven delegates to
the convention from the respective
branches of the society, and the fees
delegates from all parishes of this cit
are to hold an important meeting in 'St
Matthew's T1 all next Monday evening
when final arrangements will he made In
connection with the trip to Baltimore
Hooper Benominated in Tennessee.
XASHVILLE. Tcnn., April 16.?Gov. F
\V. Hooper was unanimously renominated
for a third term as Governor of Tennes
see by the state republican conwatlen
yesterday and Judge Sam C. Wilhara*.
an independent, was nominated for the
supreme court. The convention ratified
the action of the national republican
committee in its plan to reapportion th?
south's representation in th~ national r?
publican convention.
Crowd Cheers Jailed Strikers.
PORTSMOUTH. Ohio. April HI.-Ker-*
ing to sign a blanket bond for their a; -
pearance before the grand Jury, to which
they had been held on charges of violat
ing the mayor's proclamation again*!
congregating In the local shoe factory
district, thirty-five young man and won
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P o u n d bottles.
Cut to
Aromatic Spirits of
Ammonia. For sick
headaches: three fi fl /-?
ounces OC
Chocolate T ablets
Iron, Quinine and
Strychnine. 10<>
in bottle
Roach Knocker
Use Roach Knocker for
roaches, water bugs and
ants. Large boxes
19c I
Our Big Bug Killer is
sure death to bugs. A
pint bottle
Don't use any other kind.
Peterman's Roach Food..8c, 17c,
Peterman's Discovery Sc and
Rough on Rats. 10c and
Rat Biscuits
Insect Powder Guns
Steam's Electric Rat and Roach
Black Flag Insect Powder, Sc, 17c
Life Buoy Soap
Ivory Soap A; Feis-Naptha Soap,
3 for
Fairy Soap
. 4c
your clothes and
with Rogers'
? ii'i ikMnf i o
Cleansitall: large bottle
G ARC I AS TRIANGULARES, just from the factor
Tampa, manufactured in bond of the finest Havana tob;
Our price, 2 for 25c: box of 25, S2.75.
\ 111
Mf ISABELLA, clear Havana?
Our Special Five
'I he 5c Cigar in America; Havana filled and guaranteed
by irie to equal any rev cigar. Box of S50. $2.85.
Perfectos Superios
Regular pric
... -for 25c
... 2 for 25c
10. ?
1 Box
Cut to
for 25
i for 2."
: for 2.j
4 for
,f 100.
4 for
of 25,
of 30
FACTORY SMOKERS?This is the Little Bobby 5c Cigar, laid aside at the
factory only because not of uniform color. 'I for 5c. box of 50, 7.5c.
Tobaccos Reduced
FREE. with a 1-lb. Humidor oi STAG, a
French briar pib?for SATURDAY only.
1-lb. humidor 1-lb. tin
enuine silver-mounted
J.-lb. tin
^^;==E:.E 75c 69c 35cl
25c; BOX OF 50, $1.50?
LEANDBR, can of 12, 35c. EL AMADOR, ? an of 12. 25c.
SANS SOUCI, Puritanos, box of 50, $2.25.
ZIKURA. all-Havana filler, box of 50, $2.25.
PORTUONDO'S SUBLIMES, box of 50, $2.50.
HELIOS, the popular Manila?
Invincibles, cut to 7 for 25c; box of 25, SSc.
Americanos. 3 for 25c size, cut to 5c. 6 for 25c; box of 25. 05c.
OWLS, everywhere 5c, cut to 3 for 10c; box of 50, $1.65.
EL BALTO, to close out, bundle of 5, 15c; box of 50, $1.40.
AERO CLUB 09c 05c
PALMER'S LUXURY. 00c ! ?lb. can?"The Aristocrat of the Pipe A pri
vate blending of the finest tobacco for the more critical smoker
All 10c tin.s of the popular brands. 3 for 25c.
All 5c packages, 6 for 25c.
OASIS, the new cigarette, with -'i whole coupons, cut to 9c; 3 for 25c
BULL MOOSE, cut to 9c; 3 for 25c.
POLOS, regularly 5c; cut to 2 for 5c while they last
Little Cigars
STAPLETTES, usually 10c. cut to 5c. SOUSA, a. 15c package, cut to 11c ??

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