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Gen. Crozirr Defends the Taylor
System Before House Commit
tee on Labor.
"If I were work in*-: in ;i shop T would
belong: to a labor union. I think the
Unions have dom- a great work, hut the
\ in their attirMe toward th"
Taylor system."
So spok" Gen. ' ;?>?/..< r. chief of r?rd
nantv. 1'. S. A h.fore the Hon,-.- com
mitter on hi 1 ???r to.hi > . ii: opposition to
th" l>ietri< I-: t<? prevent t he us?* of th?
stop watch or oth.r time-measuring -
vi ?" on i ? i !? ! t work and the pa' -
merit of !?:?? t m ? ..r ho;ius to frovrnment
employ rs. t ?en. ?'m ?<' pea r*-< 1 a: t* r
Rep :???>?" r: t; 11 i v? ? !"???? rick of Massachusetts,
author <?f the h 1! hail spoken, and also
Mac rice f-Iow.-n. an employe of th
Watertown. Mass.. arsenal: Representa
tive c:>de Ta\etin.'i and X P. Alifas or'
Washington. who represents a union com
prising a a: a y -a?? "rn:nent machinists.
<;??. . < "ro/i? r said that th> Taylor sys
tem. which has I.reti strongl\ opposed
hv the American Federation of l.ahor. is
a radical departure from old methods
and that I In time and money spent > i
planning work under that system u
worth. all it costs.
M a uric. I'.owcn. the arsenal employe,
said tea t non in the shops weiv ali op
piist-! i'? the stop-watch system. Rey.rc
seritat:\" Tavemi'T said there is no n**
cess:I v for it. as govt rnmetit machinists
a 1 read ?" do hette- and rror- economic.,i
work tha'i private arms N. P. Aliia.
spoke briefly. setting himself on record!
as opposed to the Taylor s>stcm.
One Hundred Armed Men Surround i
Alleged Railway Station Robbers
Near Escanaba. Mich.
Ksr \.\ vi;a. Mich.. \prl 17.?Fearing I
? ar:n"d r-s^tanc,- horn Joseph Parent and !
Cl.Mh- Smith, .-usp.-. ted of numerous rail- |
w a s:arion ? oi.h. ries. w ho late yester- j
clay took r? f a-- m a swamp mar here j
aft :? a runuuig ;ighi with the police.
Sheriff Cm :mi. a:. i Chief of Police Per
son. who. with a hundred armed me::.
c!o.--. i v gurded tr.i' swamp th:ouu . :
nijht planned to mow cautiously I ? -
d;. :n theii efforts to capture the a.hu.-d
ba? flits.
Wh'U Chi. f lv.>rson attempted to .
re?it tie- men th* fired at rem and t!on
fh . ("hief Iverson pursued, ex.-haiiui.r-:
sh-u- with t . e ' wo as h?- ran. < ?t ? ? ?
{ nan .o.ncd tin- pursuit, which ! ?<?
t'.i . thro*:-!; a hotel, where more than \
tif* shots \vcj>- tired and a paah fe
at"-:. to a lumber yard, where a brief
pi*. d battie ensued, arid finally to the
sw.? -a .? the -hooting continued un
til !!:?? men disappeared. No one v.as in
jur* h
rt-h!,. . ,.s ,,f which the rn- ri nr.
Si s; -eted -red a p? , io ' of S'-v. rnl
W- th" most r?*"c;;t b.-i:: - thai at
Glaus tone, ica:- her.-, iast Friday, win:
.?7ua tall' ?
Mohawk. Rebuilt. Goes to New
York?Itasca Prepares for Cruise.
To transfer her u ew to the r. . nu
cutter Mo'aaw-k. the cutter Itasca has a
rived at rh" Arundel Cove depot. tea.
Baltimore *'ro:n t'u. New York statu.n
The transfer of Capi. F. S. Van Bos
kerck and his officers and men wu'.I tak
place at once, an 1 the Mohavk .s * x
pectcd to .? .? ave .Arundel Co-e for New
York tomorrow. The Mohawk has be- i.
at Arundel Cove for the past live months
beinu made into practically a new ship,
and during tic* winter-cruising period th
Itas* a did duty in her place. The Itasca
is the vessel used for the training of the
young men preparing for duty as officers
in the service, in the practical pari or
their future work, and each summer sh?
takes the classes of cadets i 10:11 the
school of the service, at New London.
Conn.. 011 a cruise of about two months.
She will receive a general cleaning u;
and overhauling at Arundel Cove, and
the latter part of this month or early 11
Alay will }^o tv? New I,ondon to take ' h??
cadets aboard and ?tart on her trip, th*
Itinerary for which will be arranges
siiortly ;n i!.e '.?:*< ? of the captain om
ma aiant oi t.he se ^ ice, in 'he Treasu:\
i>eparr nient.
Vv.-iK >u th.- vutter Apache, which
,i.> . :: u. cove ia>;- gem-rai rej ai:.
.a ' a i and it is expected sr..
: ">aa;e duty on hesa
... ... - utaries :n the com- ;
tdi.ie and Be'iie Iaken to Baltimoie
and Wiii P.et'aiu to Service.
ha v U - !a 11. . psi/.cd on the bay
?ao.itn of ire Pat JX"l.t
V . :. * seve.'.'.j moi:*h>, the o.d
...? ? .-ch-.^oiicr 1 arrle and Belie has been
i-oat* ?. i:i ?a *o Baltimore to be
r?-pa.: . aiai -stored to s.-rviee. In a
l.ea ? -a!* a', m :iie fail of last year
the and Belb. while on h- r wa>
Iron, i bay pour, to Baltimore, capsized
and v.as ac.:udoned by her crew, who
mad* t:.--. ?. a . to the shore m a small
boat. Th" '? "ssei drifted about in the
bay for a short time and was picked
up by one of the lighthouse service
steamers: and carried in behind Point!
No Point. A ai^h *ah- came and tne
waterioitged : . * hutted out :n the bay
and again : ? u.t ?d ti." safety of ves
sels. Tii" itter Apache picked
her up this t u:e a.id, carrying h-r to
the mouth <f 'he 1'atuxent, placed her
w here s.u* : em-oje d until Ih.ated early
m the v.eek b;. a v. re i.mg company Iron:
The Maryland-owned schooner William
Thomas M?? >!? \ ? stranded on L.itth
J liver bar. on North Carolina coas;,
and wiiici: aft.-, having b? ?-n g:v*-r. up
as a totai is. v.u*s last week floated 1-;.
the r* v.-.u . < uit? r > minole and ta
into port, is :>; ort'-d to be but lithe dam
ag*-d. Kepairs v. 1 . be made at once and
sue will resume service.
Memorial Pulpit Also Installed in
Church?Mail Pouch Recovered.
>!????.a < V?r . .??" T!a- s*a- .
VIKNNA. Va . April 17. 1911.
At the Kast"r ? ' 'u-n of the vestrv
of V.mn P. ! ?" 1 . : airfax. the fol
lowing v? ;r\ ..-u ui ? .. t'-d: 11. Wa -
ton Mo..!. .1 : .. .d. ho\. . i>r. \v. p.
11. ??:. l..-e. jr.. 1*. S. M"Cand
J"hn W llust. R. h. Thornton,
Thorr.as K K ; h. < Verrion Ford. H. i?.
Pur'ows. I <r. Howard A. Fletcher and
W. Wool hull was passed
:. .-ognizii.^ ti ser\i.-es for thirty
? ar;> of L>r. VV. i\ .Mora u?- in the
A handsome pulpit wa> installed ir,
Zion t hur.-h last week in memory of
ihe.i .:" Josejdi aial Susan V. Coop, r
and their i.laug:: :? r. Jennie Cooper.
Tiie ir i'.l pou?? ? h taken Iron; the Vienna
post orb'm so 1;.? ? time January 21 was
it una hy !>o>.v .n an old ruivert
n-ar ? '.urru< u station, on the old
} ?otnini?,n *.?? :1 -ad, and returned to
.''oslii.asii r Bou: m. It contained som>
?i!" lh?* private rs stolen from !'? s;
niaw'er Bouton a.cd several pieces ..!
jewc ry. . ac 1 ? jdi r< the I'olly Mailiso.i
penc.ii. belonging to Miss Keaekai.
1 law lings.
Stat#* Senator I.oui^ ?). V.'i-ndenburg ..f
Henrico county. Va., has announced his
candidacy for Congress from th" third
district. Il#? will oppose Representative
Andrew J. Montague.
Tomorrow, Another of Kann's Original Sales of
Open Saturdays From 8:30 A.M. to ? 6 P.M.
Pleating, a Yard, 14c ?> $Utltlt ill til & 0tn <>W-Fashioned Black Walnut Taffy, a Lb., 29c
^^ % ? Made from the walnut merits. You know iust li<>u delicious
Kinds That Are Sold Usually at 25c and 35c a Yard.
Among them many imported pleatings. Qualities not equaled elsewhere
at the price. Bargain Table?Street Floor.
We have bee..me the r<-<"trnized headquarters i'??r iho best qualities in
Imported and l>omesti<- Plea tin ers in this city. We believe tais because our
patrons have told us so r-T""ftedly. Everything new and in most wanted
kinds at. a yard.
25c. 30c and 50c
NK\Y FI.AT F?dJ? 1; I* i" M' TS in exquisite
'?ream. Kelly given and itf.nn, ' N-!!" rose arid
???niii. i i ? ? i | ' i ? . I i i I. ? ? i i i ? ? ' 'ci in. ^ ' i
and white and plain wi.it' in both chiffon and net, a yard
?ornbina t i??ii~ of taisso and
earn, uold and white, green
l)o Von <?et the Very Ilest Quality for Your Money? Or l)o You Tiikc What the Salespeople Offer
Yon Without liit|iitriuK?
25c to 59c
flea ting: Store?St reet Floor.
Arii! '.on will be sure that yon ;lrc getting the very best value, style and make as well as the
Only Pure. I'nadul^era t ed Silk Hosiery on the market at the price which we offer them.
Just in?'*>?'! t:< w spring s'.ades, also biafk and white. Made with spliced soles, heels
and toes and wide garter liem. Sold exclusively by us at the Special price, per pair.
Hosiery Store?Street Floor.
Made from the walnut meats. You know iust how delicious
it tasjes. and cannot step into the .-tore without wishing to buy
Old-fashioned Stick Candy in a jar. Price, a O
"Social \\ hirl." a new and delicious chewing caramel.
A pound, tomorrow
KANN'S K.M'ITAI. KANDV, in all the many varieties in
which we make tlii- unsurpassable candv. Pon t pav i\k or Soc
a pound for candv 110 better or not so good when you can Af\*'
get it here, a pound, for
Candv Store?Street Floor. Special Booth?Street Floor.
The Latest?and Unde
niably Smart Are the
New Golf Hats of Felt
New York s Latest Craze Is the
A 4. <feO <n White Lingerie Blouse Trimmed With Deep Cream Lace
, , \\*;iist Store, alvvavs readv with the advance ideas as soon as the New York stores, is sliowine n<
Spanish or .Mexican ori
brims with - 'ft crown-, and
orange or tango shades ;md
pinks, trimmed with plain
shapes have a hint of
some in round sailor
the colors are the new
soft old blues and dull
colored silk or satin
-triped silk, some
folds, or folded scarfs of Roman
finished with bands of the felt.
Advanced Summer Styles in Trimmed Hats
Are here in full assortments, no two alike, and
showing all tlie new shapes and trimmings. Two
lines you will declare unmatchable values at the
prices are those we show at
$7.00 and $9.50
M ore New Models m Our Untrimmed Hats at $3.50
The new toques, new sailor, trieorne and "police bonnet" shapes, for which we have had many calls,
' >tir Waist Store, always ready with the advance ideas as soon as the N'ew York stores, is showing 110
than ten different stvlcs of Lingerie Blouses in combination of white fabrics trimmed with cream laces
The materials are chieflv tine quality
embroidered voiles, and the lace- are
shadow lace or point Venice lace.
This combination of cream and white
is decidedly French, and extremelv popu
lar. You must surely have one of these
new blouses in your wardrobe if von would
be strictlv an fait.
At $2 an d $2.50
Another Supply of Onr All-Over <J*0 CA
Embroidered China Silk Blouses
Fine quality china silk, embroidered in lit
tle spray designs, in colors on white. Made
j up in the latest Hat-collar shirt styles.
Bargain Table?Street Floor.
Have now arrived. All the wanted colors are here,
?based in our I ntrimmed Hat Store?Second Floor.
Hats trimmed FRFF ii trimmings and shapes
are pur- jj
MEW CRF.PE DF CHIME WAISTS, with vests of china silk, in all the new shades; also QC
with the new pleated half collars; finished with silk i_ord and tassel, included in our lines at *
Waist Store?Second Floor.
When a corset is so constructed a? tn con
trol the figure with a full degree o: pliability
vet with firmness, the effect of the uncorseted
figure i- produced in its most charming form, 1
as in
Thomson s
Which have always been constructed on these
glove-fitting principles, thev tnold the form
softlv and cmfortabK like a tine kid glove.
A SP ring Coat Sensation Tomorrow
2,127 Coats for Women?Each One An Advanced Style
Corsets. made
has hooks and
? low the groin
Medium and Low Bust
b-ss hip. finished with two
Medium and Low Rust
t:st-\ trimmed with ribbon;
hieers in tlie skirt part l>
seetion; 'J sets of garters.
Another style, made similar to the aim
double-skirt part, boned with double wire
tor stout figures; guaranteed rustproof;
sets of garters. At
Better quality at
VENTILATING' CORSKT. < an be worn as comfort
ably as a kimono. Made of English net, with 2 or :
sets of garters.
Sizes 10 to SO at $1.00
Extra sizes, 31 to .*>?. at $ 1J2Z*
Corset Store?Second Floor.
Lot 1
18 Strong R easons
Why You Should Be at
Kann s for Toilet
Lot 2 Lot 3 Lot 4 || Goods Tomorrow
$5.95 $9.95 $11.95 $16.95
. n. 4 r n Cri r ri 17/.r r trl cn 17r\r 5anfl Cn Pfir tn C
For $io and $12.50
Each reason is a feature and the price is
the lowest ever quoted.
For $15 and $17.50
For $20 and $22.50
For $25 to $45
These Coats From the King of Coat Makers, who c^sed from a bl- ,
53 . i_ porter the entire sample and
surpiu- stock which this importer had of spring fabrics, lie bought the materials at 50c 011 the
dollar, then offered to make them up at an attractive price, into all our best selling styles. We
accepted the offer at once, because we knew YOU would want such coats at the prices we could
READY TOMORROW. The greatest aggregation of coats you ever selected from at one
Everv material, silk or wool, used in coats this season is represented. Every color you could
ask for is here. Every style in demand is to be seen.
Be here SURF tomorrow, while such an opportunity is to be had. Extra salespeople ready
to serve you promptlv. Garment Store?Second Floor.
Java Rice Face Pow
der. all tints; one
box to customer,
Calox Tooth
Powder, per box..
Cuticura Soap,
per cake
regularly 50c
Newbro's Herpi
cide Hair Tonic;
$1.00 size
Stillman's Freckle
Cream; 50c
"Woodbury's Fa
cial Soap, per
cake .
Frostilla; regu
lar 25c size; per
"0-m u 1 e-t earn
Borax. 1-lb. size.
ck it
Cosmo Buttermilk C
Soap, per cake
Massathe Talcum
Ponder, per box..
Cokes Dandruff
Cure. ."Oc size.
Jergen's Benzoin
A 1 m o;d Lotion ;
per bottle
l>ora Face Pow
der. with face
Amolin Powder.
large box
Woodbury's Fa
cial Cream........
Box Elite Tooth
der and Good Qual
ity Toothbrush.
Jetum Jet Black.
Toilet Goods Store
Street Floor.
Po W -
Around the World
Cook Book
By Mary Louise Barroil, the wife
of a naval officer.
The best kins re.-ipes <-f tli<* world,
and every ?>!:?? lia* been tesled by in. .
six in ni?i:kd spk<ial i:k? ii-ks,
i;atiik5:ki> i kum many i.a.nhs.
l-'r-.m Japan. India. t::?? Sandwich
Idai:ds. S' eland. England. Fra:;--.-. ?;?-r
i:;a; y, Italy. Austria. Spain. ?"iirci and
in;::iv -itt.-T iands. A ?? through T.s
pages nil! make a b? ? :~? k? ? ? ???-r wiiulv
V'i:1''k ' ?<!' <fcl s;0
'I ITK HOOK * ? V-J X-/
? k Store -Kas'-nu-nt.
Four Extra Specials Qualify
Hair Goods
-I- ire !i S win-he-- ..f fine, wavy or ,
i.a'.r; t >u:<?rrow ??11'\ OOC
24-lneh s:.-n.l.? 75
t;;.<-. tvaty hair; ; .;i"r; ? ? \ ??iiIv / u
IIS and i:.. Stt-iuh-^s
Swirchos. of fi:
1 Prepare for the Summer Porch
and Canoe Needs.
Stenciled Linen
I j
Cras h Pillow Slips
at 50c Each
Th< se are good quality linf-n
crash; are ideal for general use;
easily laundered: many pretty
designs: in variety of colors.
SCA RFS TO MATCII . . . ."Oo eneii.
OTHERS AT 7!lc encb.
XE;JIvTIES, made of white bas
ket weave material; in neat,
simple designs; easily p?
c mbr(?:d<-rec ; dtcidediy /. i C.
Shoe Sale Extraordinary sL?dayD6Vnly 3 !| Your Choice Any Piece of This Genuine
Women's High-Grade Shoes, Pumps, Oxfords
Choice, $2.85
"a::y.ha:!-.. $5.85
I l!
A :-around Transformations "f ;j
fin<\ wavy hair, only..
Hair ilM'd, Store-- Third Floor.
ST A M P EI? *' UK f?E GO \\ XS,
made of very line m?i
terial: .??tamped in man;
pretty styles. At
SAC! 1ETS at l"e each /J>C
or 2 for
Art Frnbruidery Store -Third Floor.
ROGERS Nickel-Sil
Tableware 10c Each
We closed, at our own
2.00u pairs of this season ?
l.OW SHOES PI. \t\
price, a factory surplus of nearly
best models in
In patent colt, patent kid and gun metal cali, with celluloid
heels, bright or self-covered buckles; hand turned or sewed
welts. Some are made with combination of leather vamp
and ' loth or suede quarters. You receive the benefit of this
unusual purchase, right at the height of the season, by
choosing from regular "?0 and $4 footwear at pair.
< oionial Tongue and Huekle
\ t Inehiuents put on.
i-our pumps while
<ui wait. The 50c
Slipper Sprlng.H, an ideal con
trivance for keeping
low shoes in shape.
Special, pair
Shoe Ore.HMiuK,
all 10c kinds.
Every piece made of solid brass, highly nickel plated.
Choice, 47c Each
You Simply CANNOT Miss a Chance LikeThis If You Have Any Neckwear Needs
A Sample Line of 39c to 98c Neckwear, Choice... 24c
The sample line includes .iust the articles you are buying at regular prices now. and to this lot we
have added a great many pieces from our own stock, of which there are only a very few of a kind.
I iiu-iicck Open-iront <Jiii?wpe?. . . Hound Collars .... Medici Collars. . . . Haunts . . ..Inhotn . . . Vestees. ? .
Ami many ether style*. Bargain Table?Street Floor.
The Best and Biggest Assortment in the City of Neckwear
<?!' <al:!i i-r
t'awy leads.
with i: it;
mad'- "f a ei:!iihinatl??n
r?i!.inir. rombinrd with
>in"" r"f50c
in all tin- jMvtty new
i'it-s, of i
11 - - -;?1: i o ? piping <>r tuh'i
;ii ih- waut'-d tan,
. iM-w i.i'it--; and
: : $1 valllt3
Arjeent i n>
shad'.s. tin* :n-\v u
othi-r uf tii'- new
Sleeveless Ouimpes, in high and low neck
styles, in either plain, or crushed stock
styles or made with low neck and little
\ cslee of pleated net. at
Xc-k W. a !? Store Street Floor.
Th<* New Butterfly Tie, mad-- of a very flue
quality of <-n?pe do i-hine, in the mo^t sOr*
exquisite onihre shadings. Choice OUC
Crepe de Chine Bows, many combined with
b?ad ends, silk tass-d>, rt<-., in all
roloi-s; a tinir assortment from which Cflr*
to stdect. Choice OUC
JN.,w Soft Itoll Collars, made of fine
orpindv; ran be worn on waist or CA/
coat; at
The New Gladstone Ties, which are intended
to be worn "with the Gladstone, Medici
and rolling collars, are also in our lines
$ 1 .'JTowel Bars, fitted
with In or 111 irieh ? ? .-tai
glass bars. Sale priee...
08c Soap I ?ishes, for
tub or wash basin. Sab
0 8c Tumbler Holder,
new design. Sale price..
98c Combination Tum
bler llol.ler and Soap
I *ish. Sab- price
!?8e Toilet Paper H??l?.i
er, with patent holder.
Sale price
7!?e Towel Backs, with
two prongs; siiort or
long. Sab- price
Bargain T:.'t>h -Street Floor.
$1.10 sponge Holder,
for t he t ub. Sale price . .
.. Comb and Brush 4^7
?r. square ?h-ape J C
Sl.iT* Comb
Sale price.
f:8c Towel Bars, s t r a i g h t
or bent shape; 18, l!-I A
an ! otf inches. Sal< 4 J ^
Bathroom Shelves, sub
stantial brackets with
18 and -4 inch glass J ^
shelves. Sale price
08c Bath Tub Seats, rubber cov
eted hangers with solid a
oak or white enameled J C
seat. Sale price
Happy Day in
And We Want to Make It the Very Best Ever
Nurse Miller will b?* here to demonstrate n> you just how you can make
baby comfortable in undergarments WlTlMM'T PINS Oil BCTTONS. These are
the well known Yauta Vestments; if y<m have not seen this demonstration be
sure I" come tomorrow. Also if you would like to ask Nurse .Miller questions
eo!ieerniii!? baby's health, food, etc., you will find a very satisfactory reply.
An offer sure to create a sensation, because we do not remember a time
when the genuine ROGERS NICKEL-SILVER TABLEWARE was "fTererl at
so low a price. This is the ware that is not just plated, but a solid nickel
silver metal that always looks well and does not tarnish.
few pieces as you wish.
Buy as many or
Table Knives
Table Forks
T easpoons
Soup X-ftdles
Berry Spoons
Cream Ladles
Cold Meat Forks
Pie Knives
Bargain Table
-Street Floor.
Gravy Kadles
Fruit Knives
Butter Spreaders
Orantre Spoons
Pie Forks
Sugar Shells
Soup Spoons
Dessert Forks
L>essert Spoons
Children's Hats
Panama Hats, roil
Tyrolean Hals of Milan straw, with
siiU :-i:.i'on trimming, white A _
?.:? mixed straws; val- 1/1 If*
lies. Special Saturday....
?"hildren's Sailor Hats, bound and
tr:'tuned with irr..< grain -g A rv
?11,1 ?rl ?P 1 .4"
<' iildren's Press llats <.f tine Milan.
I. ii???? 11. h'-inp^. peanut straws, faur.v
i.l?, lac.-s. embroiiTeries and other
? , t; ? stvlcs, soiiie trimmed with
. .'d ribbons, \eivet ribbons, tiny
tlowe;- buds "f silk, satin <>! straw;
?lien; varietv of style, shape, color.
IS to
Girls' Dresses
Children's Dresses, made of Canton
crepe, long waist or Itussian styles,
some with combination trimmings,
others with embroidered
collars; sizes 2 to 0 years.
Girls* Granite Crepe Dresses, made
in the tier skirt effect, broad velvet
sash and velvet 1k>w at neck, collar and
cuffs of white rb-c ebfUi edged with
pretty lace; choice of
many dainty floral pat
terns: in sizes t> to 14
years. Special
Girls* Dresses, made of embroidered
plumetis doth, Itussian styles,
and cuffs of pretty all-over
ery. handsome crochet
buttons, wide black vel
vet belt. Price
This Coupon and 15c
Wiil Buy One Pack Gold
Edge Playing Cards
Each in a telescope box; manu
factured by the celebrated \~. S.
Playing Card Co.
1 None sold without coupon.
i 1
Stationery Store?Street Floor.
Oddsand Ends From Stationery Store, Choice, 16c
Fine Writing Papers, Gold-edge Correspondence Cards; some with the
! cork-lined envelopes. You will find many good values here. ^ I ne lot is a
j splendid one, and contains values up to 75c. Bargain Table Street r loor.
This Coupon and 39c
Will Buy 500 Sheets
Typewriter Paper
Good quality; size 8%xll; white
wove; 75c value.
None sold without coupon.

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