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Steps or
Yon won't find any other cleanser
that has the cleansing properties
that * i!l clean stone steps and the
fineness needed for cleaning silver
ware. Spotless ivrll do either
without harm to the finest piece
of plate.
No Acids No Caustic
is good for rough work or fine. It
makes dirt get off of tinware,
aluminum ware, iron
pots or agate kettles.
Cleans, scrubs.scours?
anything and every
thing. and it won't hurt
your hands, (iet it at
your grocer's in the big
economy sifting can.
Thr 1'oung ff'omatt
H ho iried Ronbons
"Really, I never knew what
bonbons tevre until a little while
ago when I had some of
Of course, 1 must have had bon
bons of a kind sometime, but all 1 *
remember is that I decided I liked
chocolates better.
"So I've been having choco
lates? always naturally ?
until a while ago someone brought
me a two-pound box of
Bonbons and Chocolates. Well, f
wanted to he polite?a; d besides
they looked so dainty and tempting
that I just had to try a bonbon.
"It was simply a revelation. I
never tasted anything so delicate
and melting?reaily, I can only
compare them with flowers and
snowflakes. Then the flavors are
perfectly exquisite and such a
variety !
"I've since found out that one
reason for their delicacy is that they
are not crystallized. They say bon
bons a_e sometimes crystallized to
make them keep longer.
never are."
? or. 111th .Hid F Street*.
Kiaiicn lliiilriins. f.'th anil <? >t?.
In Perfect 4 A PA
Condition *p||J.OU
and Fully ^ J
You get all the complete at
tachment with thi- machine
ami a ten-year guarantee.
Drop-'eaf Sewing CC
Cor. 8th and E Sts. N.VV.
'1 3
* ?tastes a neap g
'S better than it ?
'i. looks, and it's s
*? * ?
a good-looking |
lout. too. Get 1
} acquainted to
" dav.
Order at Grocers'.
Sc I.OAl . -J
-5 5?
saaaesss; vxaam-'
No seams to stretch or split
Wear defying 4-ply cable-twisl heel*
?ad toe?. For all the family.
Headquarters for Wagons
You --ito l*u; t!i?* liig.'i'.-J gpadt
bul'i at I?.inr?i privet line.
A ? E* ? r_ mi. u w.
onvaivs ,
l ewpoirvl
Yil. JLi
a pi.kasjm; ?
While many rather extreme styles are
favored for milady's, dress when she
graces some notable reception or "gives a
dinner, the best dressed woman prefers
more simple modes when slxe sallies
i forth from her home. Many, of the
most becoming dresses for street wear
are developed in lustrous taffeta, and
while black meets the approval ,gf. those
who realize its value as a background
j for emphasizing the beautiful color of
| their hair or to bring out the delicate
tints of their complexion, many of the
j younger women favor navy blue. This
I shade seems to continue its popularity,
I although at the present rirne there are
| some very beautiful greens and rich
j browns.
| It is the color chosen for the gown
illustrate** 'i his model, while inspired
by the creations of a long-ago period, is
so restrained in design that it will un
doubtedly meet the approval of the most
critical dresser.
j Tne bodice is developed hi folds of
silk that are drawn toward the fropt
I and loosely knotted at the waist. This
is raised upward so that ;i triangular
piece of the white corded silk v"<2St is ap
parent. and on this segment a solitary
pink rose is embroidered in silken
thitads. A soft frill of tulle circling
the neck rather high in the rear* finishes
the vest, while small turn-back cuffs,
with touches of embroidery, complete
the sleeves. ?
The skirt is designed with three shap
ed tun es adorned with fine pJaitings of
silk that suggest the charming modes
of long ago. However. " beneath these
simple draperies the skirt narrows to
ward tlie ankle in very different style
from the fashions of an earlier age.
A simple chaptau accompanies the
gown. Fashioned from milan: it is
trimmed with a narrow band of lac
quered ribbon that marks the junction
of the brim and the crown, and at the
I center back it is tied in a quaint little
i bow. Two clusters of burnt o>ftrich
' feathers that art designed to Imitate
I aigrettes lend a dashing appearance to
I the hat.
i (Gabardine is another fabric much
> favored for the smart street dress.
Frocks made from this material are
frequently trimmed with black satin or
ecossais plaids, while the dainty collar
of organdie, tassel trimmed or deco
rated with small pipings of colored mus
lin is usually in evidence with such
The sash, however, need not gird the
waist, lor in some of the smartest
; motleys it appears beneath the knee,
where it holds the draperies in position.
Sometimes a narrow band of plaid or
Roman!, stripe silk is wound around the
waist two or three times and then the
long ends fall straightly at the side or
baMk;' indeed, there is unending variety
in the fashioning of this adornment.
Street'shoes, pumps and walking shoes
are made of dark red leather, edged with
black and mounted with Jet buckles. Also
there are blue and green leather slippers
The smart combination of checked and
pl^in materials has crept into children's
fashions in the form of the smocklike
bodice and the little skirt of plain ma
Mental and moral training is. of course,
of the highest importance. hut so is
physical training, and tho one reacts on
j the other. Often when a child is ? dif
ficult. peevish, ill-tempered, the primary
cause is purely physical, and a judicious
diet or dose of some simple remedy will
work wonders in restoring the mental
j balance.
Tf normal children are properly fed and
trained To regular habits from infancy
the;, seldom require any medicine.
It is far easier to prevent than to cure
habitual constipation, which is a most
serious condition, that will give :-jse to
all sorts of evils, and pe-'naps lead to
| Permanent ili-hcalth. The simplest l-.ieth.
od is always to include some digestible
| frtiit in the breakfast fate, an apple,
either raw or baked, an orange or ba
nana. or stewed prunes or rhubarb, anv
of which a re preferable at this meal to
marmalade, jam or jelly. Abo,? all th?
1 child should be trained to observe a regu
! lar retiring rule, till it is established
! as a natural and unconscious habit. The
fore of constipation demands much care
, and patience. and it is useless to give oc
casional doses of more or less nauseous
I medicine.
-Ml children hate being dosed, and the
process often upsets them, so tjiat th*
medicine does far more harm than good
| Rut it is quite easy to administer the
necessary dose without the patient lcnow
i ing anything about it. Even castor oi!
I is nor, obtainable in tasteless capsules,
and p most excellent medicine, which
j most children like, is prunes stewed with
half an ounce of senna leaves to half a
! pound of fruit. Two or three of these
with a little of the sirup given before
breakfast every morning will often work
a complete cure if persevered with. Th?
number of prunes given should be in
i creased or diminished as required.
I Children's love of sweets is a natural
instinct, lor sugar supplies both heat and
nourishment to the system. The sweets
I can be plain chocolate or sugar, given
in moderation, and at a proper time, afte:
dinner preferably, never in large quanti
ties or before meals. Children who are
wc'l nourished seldom exhibit an in
ordinate craving fey- sweets, which is a
sign of internal trouble. All little folk
require a certain amount of fat food, but
nearly all dislike fat meat.
Thin and delicate children should have
a little cream added to their morning
bread and milk, or porridge, and cod live"
oil is most valuable for them. (Jood fresh
beef dripping from a large joint is excel
lent for little folk, who generallv like it
and consider it a "treat."
The Shoppers Notebook.
New sequined fruits for hats are not
expensive and quite smart. A beautiful
: os;. apple, with stalk and leaves glisten
ing with ^sequins, should have a moss
green hat. as a background to show it
in most charming aspect.
Glass and metallic flowers fo.- hat deco
rations are lovely, a'so. and they have
c??or values that make them combine
most effectively with fabrics of harmon
izing hues.
Corsage flowers are larger, particular- I
ly some of the velvet begonias. Futurist
blossoms are often pleasing?a fact that i
tells of improvement in this form of art.
Paper serviettes, in pretty designs and
delicate colors, are now considered quite
the thing for informal supper parties, I
particularly when the affair takes place j
at one's summer cottage. The paper '
doilv of today is something far removed I
from its predecessor. It is generally |
delicate and lacy, with your initial in I
one corner, looking as if it were workeo. i
Some New Veils.
Colored veils are worn again, those in
net with designs like curving stems being
preferred to small dots or sprigs. With
an entirely black toilet a mauve or
saxe-biue veil adds a note of color and I
may. be more becoming than a black one. j
The unkind wind that. d:?appointed ot I
blowing off one's hat. revenges itself by i
pushing it crooked, may be circumvented '
by the skillful arrangement or the veil, i
worn long enough to'be full beneath the
chin and tightly secured at the bae.i of 1
the neck, as we.i as on the top of the |
toque. !
llace in large patterns is popular for
veiis and net witn very line weu, horde*-j
ing on the impalpable. The . yashma t.
which veils the lower part of the face,
but leaves the eyes uncovered, has been
seen, but it is a question if this oriental
style will ever become general here. One
of the uses of a veil is to shelter the
eyes "from dust. The yashmak-does not
do this. And it is t hi civ over the mouih.
always a disagreeable feature in a veh.
These reasons would not wci^h w th fash
ion, however.
Dou't dose ihe little stomachs mill iujur.ous
VHCK'S ^ru'mua;,t SALVE
is' applied externally to the throat. and chest;
the body heat releases sooihiug antiseptic
vapors which are inhaled direetiv to tb? affected
parts. Relief Is almost Immediate. Th? worst
cold fs cured overnight?croup in !.'? minutes. At
all druggists', 25c. 50c and $1.00. Libera! sam
nle mailed op request. Vick Chemical Co..
Greensboro, N. C.
Our Fine Pastries Arc Served
in Our Luncheon Department
[email protected]@dl for Yma
They are the cleanest and
purest as well as the'most de
licious confections to be had.
Made by experts in our own
factory on the premises. Al
ways tresh and tempting.
When downtown
shopping stop and get
a box of Reeves
C M. Caramels
- f
s>p??. lal Correspondof Tur Si?r.
VENICE. Italy. April V2. 1!?M.
Quite the newest revival in the fash
lion world i.s the cape. Pa Is has -ei the
! style. 01 rather resurrected it. nml it is
bound to meet with approval, not on!>
because it makes a good, serviceable sort
of wrap, but because ;t seems dee'.dedi?
new. due. no doubt, to the fa t that it
has remained so long in the background
There is a saying:, apropos of recurrent
styles: "Keep a tbrng seven years and
you will find it useful again." Personally
; I have never tested th:3. though it seems
j within the hounds of reason, but in this
. case I'm sure it mus* be a good twelve
J or fifteen years since ?ojn?n wore rapes,
j They w?-:e ugly things, too. according
to present-day standards, and unless the.
had been greatly improved on and ex
tensively remodeled, as they have been,
more than likely we would not have
shown any interest in them for another
fifteen year?.
At any rate, the new ??n^s are altogeth
er charming, and 1 have seen several
exceptionally good models along the Ri
alto. There is ihe "Alilltaire." usually
developed in black velours or satin and
cut with the right side longer in front
I than the left, that it mav jp Thrown over
I !
the left shoulder in true military fash
ion. Others are of charmeuse and taffeta,
with shirred or fluted headings as trim
mings and cut with a sloping line to the
back. Some are held in place by means
of straps crossed over the bust and hook
ed about the waist, while others, usually
of the more tailored variety, have little
vest sections attached to the sides, which
fasten with smart crystal buttons. Still
another style shows a brief set of eye
lets arranged over the bust, through
which a silken lie with tasseled ends is
The one 1 have sketched is of purple
souffle de soie. one of the new silken
materials. Its edges describe rounded
cutaway lines to the back, where they
extend to the knees, and by way of
trimming there is the outlining ruffle
of seif-inaterial cut with a saw-tooth
The hat is made to match and may
be of thp same mater:3l or of chiffon
over maline. as is often the case. It
consists merely of a round, gathered
cap crown, with an encircling upstand
ing frill that towers in back and runs
off to nothirtg in front.
' The dress here shown is of cream
colored voile and heavy fllet lace. The
lace forms the upper part of a kimono
sleeved blouse and the second flounce
of the skirt. The lower part of the
blouse and the first tunic flounce are oi
voile laid in small pleats. The lower por
tion of the skirt is plain. Purple chiffon
is used for the girdle and a pink corsage
rose is thrust in the front, making a
pretty contrast.
Dandelion Salad.
Procure a quart of very fresh white
dandelions: pare the roots and stale
leaves, if any: then wash thoroughly
in two different waters, drain nicely on
a cloth and place in a salad bowl. Di
lute ? p'nch of salt and half a pinch
of pepper in a salad-spoonful of vinegar,
adding one and one-half spoonfujs sweet
oil: mix thoroughly together and gar
nish with siics of hard-boiled eggs.
Grapefruit Cereal
Shirred Eggs on Toast ?
Graham Gems Coffe? .
Pried Oysters
Raked Potatoes Cole Slaw
Vanilla Cornstarch Tea
Cream of l^ettuce Soup
Planked Shad
Asparagus with Cream Sane?
Mashed Potatoes N>* Peas
Dandelion Salad
Strawberry Shortcake CoflTe*
It is modish to wear a bracelet with th?
! evening frock It should tit the wnf
I closoly and he put on just above
! hand.
A merican Lady Corset Co.
Heme Office*, Detroit
New York Sab Francwe*
Chicago Paris
Three Essentials
CThe straight back, the unconfined
waist, and the newest feature in vogue,
the slightly curved front, all three essen
tials, emphatically demanded by the
latest edict from Paris, go to make the
figure of fashion, and are perfectly
attained in the carefully modelled
American Lady Corsets, designed to
produce just these modish effects.
CWouId you attain lines, correct in
every detail, affording the perfect foun
dation for the season's gowns, wear
American Lady Corsets, just the
right model for your individual require
ments, there is that model. $^50
Prices range,
American Lady Corsets have a world-wide
reputation for "faultless fashion, fabric, finish
and fit". Moreover, A merican Lady Corsets arc
warranted to wear and not to rust. Why not
buy corsets which have been proven the best?
" Your" model at dealers
When you ask for American Lady Corsets, insist upon getting
them. The name, "American Lady", is on every pair.
Look for it, when you purchase.
fhe Best of the Refrigerators
\laska and McKee?tlie two makes we can unqualifiedly
guarantee. M-ist practical iti arrangement: most hygienic in
construction : most attractive in appearance.
Refrigerators, S5.85 to ?140
Ice Chests, $4.25 to SI6.50
The sides are high: the top %
rail perfectly smooth. The <?
-ides let down easily and noise- ?>
lessly : the tilling rods are close ?
together, so there is no dan- ?
-er of baby slipping through. <.
Heavily enameled in white. ?
Regular Price is $10. |
Our Special Price,
Baby's Record
Book Free.
A substantially hound Book?in
which may be recorded all the de
tails of baby's development. What
it says: what it does?all about its
interesting little life. Free with the
Toster Ideal Crib.
Attractive hardwood case, with
rustless galvanized lining; spacious
provision chamber with removable
shelves and ample ice capacity to in
sure perfect refrigeration. This model
in many grades.
isb... $5.85
X T,,t: Refrigerator illustrated is a
I very popular size and model. .Side
| ???? icer type; galvanized lining; sanitary
I shelves; hardwood rase; nicely rtn
J ?> ished.
! $16.50
Note the construction and
-ee just how impossible it is
tjfmtL tor them to sag. Each cable
hn r,. njftvptv^Kt\
consists of six strands, wound
Nj ? : * ?3 around a steel pin?when the
pin is removed the cable is run through-a friction roller which
takes out- all the slack?reducing the length 4 inches in every
6 feet. Each cable is capable of sustaining 150 pounds weight
?and you lay on about twenty of these cables. So you see
how impossible-to sag. \ ou have read .
about the Way Sagless Spring in the
magazines. Come in and see it. J7 J J
Our Special Price
Ice Chests
Ice Chests of all sizes?in the makes we've
selected because of their m^rit. Especially is
this Chest a popular one because of its dimen
sions and thorough make. Hardwood case?
rustless lining.
Seventh and!
Eve Streets. 1
House & Herrmann
He use & Herrmann J Seventh and Eye Streets j House & Herrmann ?
Two Big Lots of Matting Rugs.
Real Japanese?in Green, Blue and Red Colorings?size 9x12?New |
| patterns and this season's make. |
M Stenciled fi* "I O f| $3.?0 Woven r[? sy -| ??
patterns- X I X M patterns? \ / I ^
150 warp . . . *K ^ ' 180 warp . . . ** ? -1 %

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