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that ke i? do lower ?'? **? , '
? irtffltb. hut i? dow tie-".-"! <?' . n-Tii-rT
kimself, under tho nam?* of I- k. %v ?11 *.
OOAt COMPANY. Wboleaale ?nd
and wood tr*?tle. Peima. R- K ; I?J?
ud main ?l?ce. No. 4 I >t. ' r -. cor',.SVm,,,
Capitol and 1 ??. Tel. Main ?221. "
he worth jour while to get bis P"??*?*?
placing toot ordera. Katharine anthracite in
all itaes a SPr.i r.U.TY ?"
gh? nbould be a part of toot outfit.
JOHN 1. ODEN'WALD. Electrical Contra<rtor
1204 II st- n.w. Phone Main i3<0.
m overhaul It: make It look and ran ?? well
aa aver and ron ran command the limit or
price for It. HKRRIMAN A HO>~.
Fort Mtot. Va.. which waf to baTe been held
OB Monday and Tneaday ieit. Is Indefinitely
postponed. .
ed of Mary Tully-Mortimore, formerly of
Itaspklns avenue. Brooklyn, N. Y.. entitled to
share of mother's estate. Oomrannicate with
CBAS. H. MR RIM. AT. Bond bid*.. 14th and
Now York are., who can give information as
to ootate 1*
WALL PAPERS?When you order me to paper 3
? 4 rooms I give you enough paper for an
?ztra room free. Arthur J. Houghton. 114i
Conn, avo. Ph. N. 2388.
kepr bright and cheerful. A little PAINTING
at. the pmper tlm* doo? wonders. Send for
Cr. H. W ARK WARD, the paint man of ideas.:
2210 14th. Ph. X. 221 <?. |
April 25. Reduced freight. greater security.
SECURITY STORAGE CO.. 1140 15th. Packers.
Foreign Forwarders. Transit Insurance.
Photoplay writing; made EASY-CON
tafns all necessary information; a model sce
nario technical terms and list manufacturers;
complete. $1. postpaid (not stumps). THE
ELY OP Pt'B. CO.. P. O. Bo* 483. Wssh . D. C.
boxes and gas stoves before seeln? me; I re
pair them like new; estimates given. J. H.
SIMMS. 1S40 7th st. Ph. N. S8M?.
house with all modern Improvements and 4
acres. Address Bo\ :\2. Rlverdale. 26*
kort. 120? H st. n.e.. or phone Lin. 4128.
Holland or opaque shades, mounted on Harts
l<orn rollers. Rftc. Hung free.
your vacant property in the hands of an agent
who will rent it Sc mak?- prompt retnrna. Joa. A.
Herbert. .Tr Jk Co.. 302 E. Oip st. Ph. Lin. 1?.
When you buy Paint you might a? well get the
best. Tt costs no more than the ordinary kind.
W. W. LAWRENCE Ready-to-Use Paint
has no superior.
Business-Building Printing
You can count on petting -he most at
tractive?most effective?printing here.
NOX digest IT.
The Shade Shop,
Right now Is the time t.. guard your
ro??f against decay and leaks. Don't
take chances with the big storms that
are coming. Let us look things over.
"ROOFING Phone Main 14.
Electrical Repairing.
H. D. MOYER. formerly electrical expert for
National Electric ?iHy ?'o.. 1883 3rd st. n.'
Phones, dav. V 3884: night. Ro?ss 173-D.
A Good Negative
Maj' Win You $b
Daily prizes of $1 to tie Amateur
Photographer furnishing th<? best nega
tive developed and printed in our
P'uoto Department.
Antl-Tnist Photo Dealer.
?14 f?rh st.
Oonsolt us on new method to save money.
Our proposition is sure to interest you. You
forniah the material and we will install it.
Beat reference. Address Box 23S. Star office.
? p.m. .harp: a message to e?.-h: dall ran}
lar>- Mr. 1. E. MALTPY. 807 Mt. Vernon pL
H.W.. back of Carnegie Library. Phone M. 37W.
Committee Receives Suggestions for
Independence Day Celebration.
Soscrestions from the citizens of Wash
ington on the best way to celebrate
Independence day in the district were
considered yesterday afternoon by a sub
committee of the citizens' committee on
!he celebration.
Secretary F. W. McKenzie of the com
mittee stated last night that he was
unable to Indicate the suggestions most
favored by the committee, but com
mented on the variety and value of the
Ideas offered. The subcommittee is to
report to the full committee at the office
of Commissioner Newman, its chairman,
tomorrow morning.
Board of Education Meeting.
The board of education of the District
of Columbia is to have its next meeting
tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock at the
Franklin School building.
Due Recognition.
From London Tit-Bits.
An amusing scene was witnessed in
a machine shop recently on the oc
casion of the retirement after a serv
ice of thirty years, of a valued and
faithful employe. In consideration of
his long and faithful service the com
pany had arranged to give him a mone
tary recognition, and it fell to the lot
of the superintendent, a German, to
make the presentation speech. This is
bow he did it:
"Gustave, you haf vorked for dis com
pany over thirty years, yes?'
A bow from the expectant recipient
Of the purse.
-Und now you are going to quit,
Another and lower bow.
"Well. Gustave. der company is so
glad of it dot I had been asked to
hand you dese twenty pounds."
Why Not?
g^rom Judge.
Zoology Teacher?Edgar. wha? is the
highest form of animal life?
Edgar?The giraffe.
Reasoning a Priori.
from the New York Weekly.
Teacher?Did Columbus know that he
had discovered a new continent?
Class?No; he thought it was Iridia.
Teacher?Correct. Why did he think he
had found India?
Bright Hoy?I s'pose it was cause the
Inhabitants were Indians.
Young Lady?Doctor, I'm going on
a trip; can you toll mo how to avoid
Wise Doc?Tako a traim.
Light Infantry Ordered to Re
cruit Full Strength.
Expects to Get Call to War?Rail
way Yard Men Form an
Special Correspondence of The Star.
ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 25,1914.
Orders directing him to recruit his
company up to seventy, or full strength,
were received this afternoon by Capt. F.
L. Slaymaker of the Alexandria Light
The orders came from Charles M. East, j
adjutant, captain of 1st Infantry, Vir
ginia Volunteers, headquarters Staunton, j
Va., by direction of Col. Perry.
The members of the Alexandria Light j
Infantry will hold a practice drill Monday
night. At this drill it is expected there
will be a number of recruits- During
the week a number have been added to
the list.
Members of the local company are very
enthusiastic over the prospects of being
called into service, and from now on jlrills
will be held Ave nights a week, in com
pliance with the orders just received.
Paper Storehouse Burned.
Fire at 3:20 o'clock this afternoon de
stroyed the paper storehouse and stables
at the plant of the Virginia glass works.
Duke street extended. The origin of the
fire is not known. An alarm was sounded
in this city and the Reliance engine went
to the fire, although the place is beyond
the corporate limits of the city. The
loss, it is thought, will be about $400,
covered by insurance.
About forty employes of the Potomac
railroad yards at a meeting held tonight
at the Hotel Rammel. this city, organized
what is known as the Relief Association
of Railway Employes at the Potomac
An organization was effected with the
election of the following officers: Harry
Chambers, president; E. C. Crump, vice
president, and H. B. Struder, secretary
and treasurer.
May Select Commissioner.
It is expected that a joint session of
both branches of the city council will be
held Tuesday night for the purpose of
electing a police commissioner from the
third ward to fill the vacancy caused by
the death of Commissioner August H.
It is expected that the finance commit
tee will make a favorable report on an
appropriation of $4,015.34 to continue the
public schools of the city until July 1
The tax ordinance, already passed by
the aldermen, will come up for final pas
sage at this meeting.
The body of a colored man, apparently
about forty years old, was found float
ing in the river near the acid plant this
afternoon. It was badly decomposed and
had been in the river about two months,
it is thought. It was removed to De
maine's undertaking establishment. The
man had $1.83 in his pockets, and there
was a memorandum written on a pay en
velope to either I. or J. Baker, showing a
balance due of $4.15. The man wore tan
shoes, apparently new.
Undergoes Operation.
J. E. Peterson of this city, who fell
from a scaffold while painting yesterday
at Fort Royal, Va., was brought to the
Alexandria Hospital for treatment, and
today was operated on by Dr. M. D.
Delaney for a fracture of the spinal
column. His condition is reported satis
Mrs. Phillips, wife of Rev. P. p.
Phillips, who was operated on yesterday
at the Alexandria Hospital by Dr. M.
D. Delaney, is reported to be rapidly
Plans are being made by the members
of Post F, Travelers' Protective Asso
ciation, for attending the annual state
convention of that organization, which
will be held in Norfolk. Va., May .8-**.
Harry Hempler, arrested Thursday
night on a charge of firing a pistol from
an automobile and exceeding the speed
limit, was released on furnishing a bail
bond in the sum of $1,000. The two
others arrested at the same time were
released yesterday.
William Larner, national secretary of
the Glass and Bottle Blowers' Associa
tion of the United States and Canada,
tonight delivered an address before the
members of branch No. 08 of this city.
The Boy Scouts announce that they
will hold a Tag day celebration next
month for the benefit of the hospital
building fund.
Didn't Bother Her.
From Lippineott's.
The mother of a family that had just
moved to a small Oklahoma town was
being sympathized with by a visitor
because of the distance of the house
i from the creek which furnished the
water for household purposes.
"It must be quite a tax upon your
strength to carry water for the Satur
day night bath for your large family?"
the visitor suggested.
"Oh, no, I don't mind," was the cheer
ful reply. "Besides, I give 'em all a
good wash before we left Texas."
Showers Today; Monday Fair and
Wanner: Moderate Winds.
For the District of Columbia and
Maryland, showers today. Monday,
fair, warmer; moderate shifting: winds.
The western disturbance of the last
few days has reached Oeorgian bay
with diminishing intensity, and show
ers continued in the upper lake region
and the Ohio valley and extended east
ward through the middle Atlantic
states. There were also showers in
Tennessee and locally in the west gulf
states, while in the Missouri and upper
Mississippi valleys and the southwest j
the weather was fair.
Another southwestern disturbance
has moved to southeastern Colorado
and with a moderate high area to the
northward has caused showers in Utah,
Wyoming and the western portions of
Nebraska, and South Dakota. Else
where in" the west the weather was
generally fair.
It is considerably colder in New Eng- I
j land and the middle Atlantic states j
and over the rain area in the extreme j
west, and somewhat colder in the Ohio I
valley and the west gulf states. Else- |
where temperatures have risen, but i
over very irregular areas.
There will be showers Sunday in the
1 eastern lower lake region. New Eng
land. the middle Atlantic and the j
nortnern portion of the south Atlantic
states, and probably the east gulf
states, followed by generally fair
weather Monday with somewhat higher
temperatures. B In the south Atlantic
and the west gulf states the weather
will be fair Sunday and Monday, while
in. the upper lake and western lower
lake region and the central valleys
generally fair weather Sunday will be
followed by showers Monday with low
er temperatures in the central valleys
In the plains states and the Rocky
mountain region showers and cooler
weather Sunday or Sunday night will
be followed by fair weather Monday,
while west of the Rocky mountains th'e
weather will be fair Sunday and Mon
day, except in the north Pacific states,
where there will be rains.
There will be along the north Atlan
tic fresh south winds; over the middle
Atlantic fresh south to southwest
winds; over the south Atlantic moder
ate south winds, except east of the
Florida coast; over the east gulf
moderate winds, mostly south; over
the west gulf moderate to fresh east
to southeast winds; over the lower
lakes fresh southwest to northwest
winds, except strong Sunday over
Ontario and eastern Erie; over the
upper lakes moderate northwest to
north winds.
Records for Twenty-two Hours.
The following were the readings of the
thermometer at the weather bureau for
the past twenty-two hours, beginning at
12 midnight yesterday; Midnight, 54; 2
a.m., 54; 4 a.m., 53; 6 a.m.. 53; 8 a.m., 53;
10 a.m., 53; 12 noon, 51; 2 p.m., 51; 4 p.m.,
50; t> p.m., 51; 8 p.m., 51; 10 p.m., 51.
Maximum temperature past twenty-two
hours, 54; minimum, 30. Temperature
same date last year?Maximum, 83; mini
mum, 55. Relative humidity?Eight a.m..
Tide Tables.
Today?Low tide, 2:44 a.m. and 3:20
p.m.; high tide, 8:31 a.m. and 0:03 p.m.
Tomorrow?Low tide, 3:15 a.m. and 3:58
p.m.; high tide, 9:08 a.m. and 9:40 p.m.
The Sun and Moon.
Today?Sun rose, 5:10 a.m.; sun sets,
6:47 p.m.
Tomorrow?Sun rises, 5:09 a.m.; sun
sets, 6:48 p.m.
Moon sets 8:22 p.m.
Temperatures in Various Cities.
Max. Min. itation.
Sat- Fri. Sat., 8 p.m.to
in-day. nisht. 8 p.m. 8 p.m.
Ashevllle. X. C 74 58 70
Atlanta, <ia 80 60 74
Atlantic City, X. J 48 46 46 0.12
Bismarck, X. D 70 ? 4S 64 0.01
Boston, Mass 46 38 42
Buffalo, X. Y 6<> 48 5tt 0.22
Chicago, HI 74 62 70 O.OS
Cincinnati, Ohio ...... 74 64 62 0.82
Cheyenne. Wyo 62 34 56
Davenport, Iowa 76 54 72
Denver. Col 68 42 66
Des Moines, Iowa 78 52 76 O.Oi
Dulnth, Minn 50 38 42 0.02
Galveston. Tex 74 70 68 ....
Helena, Mont 56 38 52 0.48
Indianapolis, Ind 76 64 66 0.02
Jacksonville, Fla 82 62 70
Kansas City, Mo 84 62 80
Little Rock, Ark 82 64 76
Los Angeles. Cal 64 50 62 ....
Marquette. Mich 44 36 38 0.64
Memphis. Tenn 76 6S 72 0.46
Xew Orleans. La 82 64 74 ....
Xew York. X. Y 50 46 42 0.22
X'orth Platte, Xeb 78 44 70 0.01
Omaha. Xeb 80 50 78 ....
Philadelphia. Pa 52 46 44 0.30
Pittsburgh. Pa 6s 52 64 0.82
Portland. Me 44 32 38
Portland. Ore 64 48 62
Salt Lake City, Utah.. 54 42 52 0.40
St. Louis. Mo 7H 66 72
St. Paul. Minn 66 44 66 0.02
San Francisco, Cal.... 60 48 56 ....
Sprinsrtield. Ill 80 66 76 ....
Tampa, Fla 86 66 74
Toledo. Ohio 74 50 68 1.66
Vlcksbunr. Miss S2 66 78
WASHIXGTOX, D. C.. 54 52 51 0.07
A Simple Sum
A man bought a lot of chairs
at 56 each, and at the end of
a week he had sold ten of
them at $10 apiece, making a
profit of $40.
The second week he spent
$20 to advertise them in the
newspaper and sold twice as
many at the same price as be
fore. His profit this week
was $60. The customer paid
no more, yet the dealer made
50 per cent greater profit.
Advertising decreases tlie
cost of selling things by in
creasing the demand. Try it.
The Packard control board on the
steering column places ignition,
lighting, fuel mixture and electric
horn all within easy reach of the
driver's hand. Every switch is at
the finger tips and the dash is
completely cleared of littering
control devices.
The Packard standard of con
venience and safety can be
obtained by no other arrangement.
Salesroom: Dupont Circle. Washington, D. C.
Telephone North 1619
Service Station: 1214 N. H. Ave., N. V.
Telephone We* 9*5
oAsk the man who owns one/
Variety of Events Arranged for An
nual Shadbake at Chesapeake
Opportunity to indulge all varieties and
subvarities of athletic and near-ath*
letic prowess is to be offered the mem
bers of the Board of Trade at their ap
proaching: annual shadbake, judging from
the list of events submitted last night
by Chairman Otney W. Stratton of the
athletic committee to the full commit
tee of arrangements, and approved by
the latter.
It has been the aim, it is pointed out,
to keep the events of such a nature that
the average out-of-training "tired busi
ness man" will not be at the mercy of a
few young and lissome spirits who can
run. jump and hurl weights as easily as
most men board street cars. Besides the
j usual ball game, and, probably, a reg
ular sprint or two. there will be a cen
tipede race, a backward race, a wheel
barrow race, pigback race, "duck walk,*'
three-legged race, lead frog race, a
bymkhana race, and that grand old
standby, the fat men's race, for those
scaling 200 pounds and more.
One Prize Per Man, the Rule.
A further event for the guests of the
occasion is to be decided upon at a meet
ing to be held some day next week. One
prize per man is to be the rule; when a
man has won one prize he is not eligible
to receive a second. There will be, it is
announced, a number of consolation
prizes offered in conjunction with the
regular prizes.
The committee on arrangements has
decided to have the band not only go
down to Chesapeake Beach with the
first contingent, but to furnish music
even while the train is being boarded.
Inspects Colored Industrial Home
School at Bine Plains.
The Colored Industrial Home School
at Blue Plains, D. C., was inspected by
Judge Wilmer J. Latimer of the Juve
nile Court yesterday afternoon.
Accompanied by Chief Probation
Officer Clark and Mrs. Clark, with Mrs.
Edna Bushee, assistant probation
officer, Judge Latimer was escorted
through the buildings and about the
grounds by Supt. O. S. N. Madden.
Following the inspection the visitors
congratulated Mr. Madden on the ex
cellent condition of the school.
Deaths Reported.
The following deaths have been re
ported to the health department during:
the past twenty-four hours:
Adalaide Davidson, 78 years, 1842 Cali
fornia street northwest.
Charles W. Metzgar, 51 years, 1826 CW
vert street northwest.
Frank McCleary, V6 day, 610 E street
James Burnett, 32 years, 924% 1st street
Erma Pryer, 55 years, 33? G street
Pauline Warren, 16 years, 627 Spring
man's court southwest.
Samuel Brown, 70 years, Washington
Asylum Hospital.
Joseph Hooks, 25 years, Washington
Asylum Hospital.
Hattie Owens, 24 years, 905 Delancy
court southwest.
Mary A. Green, 68 years, 2563 Nichols
avenue southeast.
Births Reported.
The following births have been reported
to the health department during the past
twenty-four hours:.
Sane J. and Sarah Tepper, boy.
Armor and Mary A. McClay, boy.
Frank B. and Florence M. McCleary,
John and Veronica B. Monroe, boy.
James A. and Martha N. Lusby, boy.
Phillip M. and Ethel B. Kemon, boy.
George B. and Josepltfine F'arquhar,
Gustave and Susie A. Finetty, boy.
George H. and Mary H. Dunnington,
James and Mabel E. Barr, boy.
Freeman E. and Frances E. Ballard,
Frank and Etta Acres, boy.
Louis and Minnie Page, boy.
Edmond and Laura Geary, boy.
Eugene and Lillian Arnold, boy.
The Cynical Widow.
From the Boston Transcript.
Kitty?The fortune teller said that
the man I marry would be rich, hand
some, intellectual and good.
Widow Wyse?Ah! so she told you
you would have four husbands, did she?
Didn't Hurt a Bit
That's what they all way?when we
treat, fill, crown and extract their
teeth?and, beat of all, onr prices
won't hart yoar parse. See us today.
910 F St. N.W. Main 1577
Catholic Sisters' Institution Will
Teach Many Courses.
The Catholic Sisters* College has
been incorporated by Cardinal Gibbons,
other dignitaries of the Catholic
Church and two laymen. The branches
of science to be taught, according to
the certificate filed with the recorder
of deeds, are religious and moral in
struction, pedagogy, philosophy, mathe
matics, ancient and modern languages,
history, letters, arts and music. A
professorship is to be established in
each branch.
The incorporators and trustees are
James Cardinal Gibbons. Henry Moel
ler, James J. Keane, Charles J. Bona
parte, Walter George Smith, Thomas
J. Shahan, Michael J. Lavelle, Regis
Canevin and James H. Blenk.
Punishment Most Dreaded by Shifty
Members of English Bar.
From London Tit-Bits.
When a solicitor passes his examina
tions his name is entered on the "rolls"
of the legal profession. Should he ever
become guilty of professional misconduct
his name is "struck off the rolls."
It is a grave matter. Any ^person hav
ing a complaint against a solicitor In
I Library,
Club Rooms,
Hand Ball,
Reading Room.
Running Track.
4 Months, $5.00
Y. M. C. A.
1736 G St. N.W.
Randle Highlands
reference to his professional conduct Is
supposed to forward It to the Incorpor
ated Law Society, the body which rules
the legal profession. His private life
doesn't trouble the society unless he is
convicted of a criminal offense.
Having received the complaint and evi
dence in support of it. the society brings
the matter before a divisional court com
posed of two or three of the most dis
tinguished judges on the bench. The so
licitor is given every chance of defend
ing himself, but if. after hearing the evi
dence, the judges decide that he Is guilty
his name Is "struck from the rolls."
Should the offense be a minor one, caused
more by misunderstanding than fraud,
tho solicitor may be suspended for a pe
riod. and allowed*to practice again at the
expiration of it.
The most common form of professional
misconduct is the misappropriation of
money lodged for investment. T'nis abuse
of a client's trust has been the downfall
of many a solicitor.
A solicitor cannot be "struck off the
rolls" for negligence or bankruptcy. A
client's remedy In the first case la to
bring an action against him for dam*
ages. Bankruptcy is adjudged to be a
misfortune, and therefore Is not "pro*
fesslonal misconduct."
Inspect Today
No. 1820 Kilbourne St. N.W.
To inspect?Take any F street car marked Mount Pleas- J
ant, get off at ?Kilbourne street, walk west two squares. *
Terms, $500 Cash. Balance Monthly \
Lots 22x105 to 20-ft. Paved Alley ?
y. Room for garage; 8 big rooms: tile bath ; attic, with stair- ?
'% way; servant's room; hot-water heat; built-in refrigerator: >
pantry. Positively no other houses like these in Mount Pleas- ?
* ant at the price?$6,000. *
All sold but two. Inspect today. ?
Built, Owned and For Sale Exclusively by ?
1 XJLttowmstmGa:]
1314 F St. N.W. or 7th and H Sts. N.E. ?
FREE, "NARCISSUS" PATTERN French Gray Silver-plated Teaspoon. Extra heavy floral
French Gray Silver-plated Teaspoon,
handle, with burnished bowl.
MONDAY ONLY, with every can Barnard's Cap
tive Violet Talcum you get one of these attractive
French Gray Silver Spoons free. This talcum has the
odor of the flowers themselves.
25c Barnard's Captive Violet Talcum OAr
and 25c Spoon, Both for
People's Drug Stores
_ f Seventh and K
Two Stores i Seventh and E
M. G.
Tomorrow We Give to the Public Another One of
Those Wonderful One-Day Bargain Events!
2 for 26c
Tomorrow we again have the unique ONE-CENT SALE, fair
ly bristling with extraordinary economies in seasonable merchan
dise. Read every item in
this list of great bargains
and be on hand tomorrow
to get your share.
Here's the proposition in a
nutshell: Pay one cent more
than the list price of anj' ad
vertised article and get two.
Full price for the first?one cent
for the second. No matter what
the first article costs?the second
Jj costs but one cent.
25c 1-lb.
T a I e a m
2 for 26c
A r b u t us
and Violet
Odors; in
shaker - top
2 for 26c
"phone Orders Filled for Goods Advertised In This Wonderful Sale.
Toilet Needs Drug Specials Every-Day Needs
15c bottles Glycerine and Roue
Water 2 for 16c
25c Japalmo Almond OH Cold
Cream 2 for 26e
50c Derma Viva, "whitens the
skin at once,".2 hots. for Sic
35c Zlm Perspiration Cream,
2 for 36c
35c Liquid Cucumber Cream,
2 for 36c
50c Stlllman's Cream.2 for Sic
25c Witch Hazel Vanishing
Cream 2 for 26c
50c Pompelan Massage Cream,
2 for 51c
35c Cleopatra Massage Cream,
the new massage cream
that does not pet dry and
hard, 2 large Mealed jar*. .36c
25c Violet Toilet Ammonia,
2 for 26c
25c Cucumber Cold Cream,
for the skin 2 for 26c
5c Orangewood Manicure
Stick* 2 for 6c
20c Lustrlte Hand Velvet,
2 for 21c
25c tubes Superlative Cold
Cream 2 for 26c
25c Wyeth's Velvol Cold
Cream 2 for 26c
Peroxide Cream. The dainty,
greaseless, mild skin bleach.
In airtight, sanjtary 25c
jars 2 for 26c
10c Styptic Pencils, for cuts,
after shaving 2 for 11c
15c Erwln's Arbutus Rice
Powder, flesh or white,
2 for 16c
15c Glycerine Soap, rose or
violet. ^-lb bar.. .2 for 16c
15c Peroxide Soap.. 2 for 16c
10c Fuller*!* Earth. . .2 for 11c
10c Eye Shades 2 for 11c
50c Poudrc Madeline,'choicest
product of France. 2 for Sic
25c Swansdown Face Powder,
2 for 26c
15c Sosodont Vidlet Talcum,
/ 2 for 16c
Palm Olive Toilet Articles
50c Palm' Olive Shampoo,
2 for Sic
50c Palm Olive Cream,
2 for Sic
10c Palm Olive Soap, 2 for 11c
25c boxes Strong:, Fresh, Seld
lits Powder* 2 for 26c
50c Y2 pint Essence of Pepsin,
2 for Sic
10c Orangelne Headache Pow
ders 2 for 11c
25c 1-lb packages Phosphate
Soda 2 for 26c
25c Lithla Tablets, 40 in a
bottle 2 for 26c
25c Glycerine Suppositories,
1 dozen in a bottle.2 for 26c
25c N. B. Bichloride Tablets,
2 for 26c
25c Blaud's Iron Pills,
2 for 26c
35c Cascara Tablets, 100 tab
lets, 6-grain 2 for 36c
25c Calomel and Soda Tablets,
100 in a bottle 2 for 26c
10c lb. Powdered Sulphur,
2 for lie
15c Belladonna Plasters,
2 for 16c
35c Kidney Plasters.2 for 36c
25c Dobell's Solution, pint
size 2 for 26c
25c Soda Mint, pint size,
2 for 26c
10c Cream Tartar and Sulphur
Lozenges 2 for 11c
15c lb. Pure Bicarbonate Soda,
2 lbs for 16c
Patent Medicines
25c Carter's Pills 2 for 26c
75c Wampole's Sage and Sul
phur Hair Tonic, 2 for...76c
85c Graham's Glycerine Tonic,
2 for 86c
60c Walnutta Hair Stain, 2
for 61c
10c Haarlem Oil, 2 for 11c
85c Graham's Emulsion, 2
for 86c
98c G. H. Syrup of Hypophos
phites, 2 for 00c
25c Mentholatum, 2 for....26c
25c Pierce's Pills, 2 for 26c
15c Wrash Cloths. .. .2 for 16c
15c Glass Nasal Douches,
2 for 16c
5c Crepe Toilet Paper.2 for 6c
10c Red Cross Toilet Paper,
2 for 11c
15c Beats All Toilet Paper,
1,500 sheets 2 rolls, 16c
25c Petroleum Jelly* 1-lb cans,
2 for 26c
15c Sea Foam Shoe Cream, for
white shoes 2 for 16c
10c Absorbent Cotton, 2 for 11c
10c Straw Hat Cleaner,
2 for lie
5c Packages Best
Moth Balls
2 for 6c
Dr. Charles'
Toilet Preparations
Included in This Wonderf ul Sale
29c Dr. Charles' Face Powder 2 for 30c
50c Dr. Charles' Flesh Food 2 for 51c
75c Dr. Charles' Re vivo Hair Tonic 2 for 76c
50c Dr. Charles' Crane Ozonola, t"he greaseless van
ishing massage cream 2 for Sic
House-Cleaning Specials
75c Robber Gloves,
2 pairs for 76c.
10c Cleaning Pads,
for taking out
spots.. .2 for 11c
15c Chloride Lime,
2 lbs. for 16c.
35c M. D. (Municipal Disinfectant)?the safe and strong
household disinfectant 2 for
10c Household Anunon'n 2 for 11c
50c O. K. Solution Chlorides, full quart size 2 for Sic
20c bottle Spirits of Turpentine, pint size 2 for 21c
35c Formaldehyde, pints 2 for 36c
50c Gardner's Neuway Carpet Cleaner 2 for 51c
15c Peter man's
2 for 16c
SOAP. ..2 FOR 6c
10c Dutch Cleanser,
2 for 11c
Rubber Goods
75c White Rubber Fountain
Svringe, with 5 feet tubing.
2 for 7K?*
35c Syringe Tubing, rapid
flow, red rubber: extra
value * ...2 for 3<?c
5c Black Nipples .... .2 for 6c
10c Rubber Pacifiers. .2 for 11c
60c Rubber Combs, imported,
hand finished 2 for 70c
$1.00 Fountain Syringe, 2-qt.
size, and $1.00 White Water
Bottle, 2-qt. size.
Both for 91 Ol
15c Crutch Tips 2 for 16c
60c Pepco Atomizers, complete
and guaranteed perfect,
2 for 61c
10c Munyon's Witch Hazel
Soap 2 for 11c
20c Schaeffer*s Medicated Skin
Soap 2 for 21c
10c Genuine Cosmo Butter
milk Soap 2 for 11c
10c Oatmeal Soap...2 for 11c
10c Physicians, Surgeons and
Dentists' Soap.. ..2 for 11c
25c Derma Tone Skin Soap,
the wonderful medicated
soap for the baby, 2 for 26c
25c x-lb. bottle Peroxide
Hydrogen... 2 for 26c
25c High-grade Shaving
Brush ? 2 for 26c
75 c Badger Hair Shaving
Brushes 2 for 76c
25c Amber Handle Tooth
brushes, prophylactic
style, each in a box, 2 for 26c
Extra Special
75c Manicure Scissors.
2 for 76c
25c Peroxide Tooth Paste,
N 2 for 26c
25c Euthymol Tooth Paste,
2 for 26c
S5c Glycerated Thymol,
2 for 86c
25c Professional Tooth
Paste 2 for 26c
50c Seven Sisters' Hair
Tonic 2 for 51c
36c Sugar Milk,
2 one-lb. boxes, 36c
98c Genuine Turkish Bath
Towel; extra large and ab
sorbent. This sale only,
2 Towels for 99c.
Blood Purifier
$1.00 bottles \uera Sars
parllla, with iodide of
potash, the great blood
medicine 2 for 91.01
Bath Sprays
$1.50 Red Rubber Bath
Sprays, 5 feet best red rub
ber tubing; large sprinkler
2 for $1.51.
Abdominal Belts and
Elastic Stockings.
$3.98 Silk Abdominal Belt*,
2 for
$1.98 Summer Obesity Belts,
2 for 91.09
$3.98 Thread Elastic Stock
ings 2 for $3.00
$5.98 Silk Garter Stockings,
2 for $5.00
15c Insectine 2 cans for 16c
15c Peterman's Roach Food. .2 for 16c
15c Dead Stuck 2 for 16c
15c Red Signal Bug Dust 2 for 16c
ioc Insect Guns 2 for 11c
P. D. Q. is the sur
est, safest bedbug
killer that you ever
used, 25c bottles.
2 for 26c
Grape Juice
40c bottle Pure Unfermented Grape
Juice, 25-02. size,
2 for 41c
ioc Requa Charcoal Tablets.
2 for 11c
These little wonder
kidney tablets lift the
burden of backache.
50c boxes.
2 for 51c
oOc Beef, Iron and Wine 2 for 51 e
-5c Compound Cathartic Pills, 100 s .2 for 26c
YlttttTITt*"1 ittiiin

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