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Pension Board Believed to Have
Made Recommendation in -
Its Report.
Retirement with pay at the rate of
?".0 a month, the maximum amount to
which lie is entitled, probably will bo
ecommendtil for William A. Schwerdt
f^ger, one of the five firemen hurt In
he collapse of the American. Five and
Ten Cent Store building December 21
This Is understood to be the recom
mendation of the pension board, con
sisting of Third Battalion Chief
Charles Proctor, Capt. T. O. O'Connor
of engine company No. 1 and Capt. P.
R Davis of engine company No. 11.
which y^terday summoned Schwerdt
fe^'er before it to show cause why he
should not be retired without pension,
'lie board's conclusions have been for
warded to Prank J. Wagner, chief of the
Are department, and will be submitted
to the Commissioners tomorrow.
Vttorney Frank .1. Hog an appeared
for the fireman, who was slated to be
dropped from the service because sur
geons of the department declared that
he was phxsically unfit for duty. It
was claimed that his ailment had been
? ontracted before he entered the de
partment. and that for this reason he
was not entitled to a pension.
Doctors Testify for Fireman.
Among the witnesses who took the
stand in behalf of Schwerdtfeger was
f">r. Smith Ely Jelliffe- of New York,
who appeared in the Thaw case. As an
? xpert on nervous diseases, Dr. Jel
'iffe testified that such experiences as
Schwerdtfeger had encountered during
his four years' service in the depart
ment would tend to aggravate the mal
.?dy from which he is suffering.
Similar testimony was given by Dr.
J. Kdward Gunning of Washington and
Dr. Wilfred M. Barton of the faculty of
Georgetown medical school. All of the
nembers of the. board of police and
fire surgeons testified, the position
taken by the board beinur that
Sehwcrdtfeger's condition is such as to
render dangerotrs to himself and his
companions his continuance in active!
Attorney Hogan contended that his
lient felt that he was well enough to j
ontinue in service, but that if it was j
necessary that he should be retired he
?ught to be given the benefit of a pen- i
Funeral Services for Admiral Brad
ford at St. Margaret's Church.
Funeral services for Rear Admiral
Royal B. Bradford. United States Navy,
retired, who died In Boston yesterday,
will be held at Stf. Margaret's Church
tomorow morning at 10 o'clock. Burial
will be In the ^Arlington national
Admiral Bradford was stationed in
rhis city for many years as chief of
the bureau of equipment. Navy Depart
ment. and on other duty.
Since his retirement ^ight years ago
he made his home In this city at 1522
P street. His wife and three daugh
ters are in the city to attend the
The county commissioners have appoint
ed J. P Gischel of Curtis bay. clerk,
and \V. Theodore Revell, supervising as
sessor for Anne Arundel county, Md.
ATgues for Civil Service and Nation- j
Wide Selection of Local
Two reports reached the House today
from the District committee of the Houst
on Representative Caraway's two bills, af
fecting the appointment to places under
the District government, and the bill to
wipe out the law which makes it neces
sary that a civilian Commissioner of the
I District must be a resident of the Dis
Although ostensibly given a favorable
report by the committee, the Caraway
bills were reported on by Representative
Caraway himself, following a meeting at
which merely a handful of members were
Concerning the bill to allow District
Commissioners to come from any locality
in the United States and island territories.
Representative Caraway says:
"The government of the District of Co
lumbia is not local, but national. The
fathers in fixing the seat of government
in a federal district, under the control of
the federal government, desired that the
capital should be national, and should ap
peal to all the people, and should be a
model in government.
Choice of Commissioners.
"This being true, it was neither wise
nor patriotic to limit the choice of Com
missioners of the District to people re
siding within its bounds, for it frequently
happens that one is not able to view dis
passionately and in a broad and states
man like manner issues that are purely
"The fight now being waged by certain
interests against one of the present Com
missioners because he advocated a fair
readjustment of the proportional tax to be
borne by the federal government is suffi
cient evidence of this statement, and
makes imperative the demand that this,,
condition be remedied." e
The other bill, to distribute half the
positions under the District government
to the country at large, is commented on
by Representative Caraway in his report
as follows:
?'It is manifestly unfair that all the
people should be required to pay so large
a proportion of the expenses ol the Dis
trict government, approximating
<HN> annually, and indirectly many mil
lions more, and yet all the benefits de
rived from the expenditure of these vari
ous sums be enjoyed by the comparative
ly few people who reside within the Dis
t rict.
All Share in Benefits.
'The contention Is constantly put forth
by Interests shirking the burdens of tax
ation that the District of Columbia is the j
seat of the national government; that all j
the people have a just pride in its mainte
nance, and that all should be taxed for >
that purpose If this is true, it necessari
ly follows that all should share in what- I
ever benefits that flow therefrom.
"Again, it is asserted that places of em
ployment in the District of Columbia have
been given to politicians, evidently with
the understanding, expressed or implied,
that influences would be brought to bear
to increase the amount of appropriations
by the federal government for the bene
fit of the people residing in the District.
"In other words, that favoritism has
beer, the rule In appointments to places
under the District government. Under the
provisions of the bill proposed these
places of employment will be filled
through civil service examinations, and
only those qualified for the special work
to be done will be appointed, and these
employes will be selected from the states
in proportion to their population, and
necessarily in proportion to the amounts
these states have to contribute to the ex
penses of the District government^"
Meritorious Members Will Be Em
ployed First by Men of
Trade Body.
A list of the most efficient boy scouts
in the District is to be kept on file in
the rooms of the Chamber of Commerce,
so that members of that organization
may choose from it boys whom they
wish to employ. This was decided upon
at a meeting of the board of directors of
the chamber last meeting, following a
recommendation made by a committee
authorized to take up the proposition.
This committee consisted of John F.
Slaven. chairman; A. H. Rogers and
William M. Dove.
Scouts are to be urged to design a
badge which will be used as "merit
badges" for the boys who possess the
qualifications necessary. In order to ap
pear before the examining board of the
Chamber of Commerce, which will de
cide whether or not the boys are up to
the required standard, a boy will have
to be a "first-class scout," must have
passed for the merit badge in civics, bus
iness and personal health, and must have
been awarded the merit badge in one of
the following subjects: Architecture,
electricity, interpreting, machinery, prlnt
inging: or have passed for two of the
following badges: Pathfinding, public
health, first aii and scholarship.
Not more than twenty of the badges are
to be awarded by the Chamber of'Com
merce each year. In addition to the pre
scribed qualifications a scout must satis
fy the examining board that he has a
general knowledge of the civic organi
zations of Washington, their purposes
and the general aims and work of the
city's trade bodies.
W. Wallace Wilson Drowned.
Word was received here today of the
drowning of W. Wallace Wilson of 1441
Girard street northwest last night at
Wheeling, W. Va., where he was em
ployed as a stenographer by the United
States government. The body was re
covered, and will be brought here for
burial. Mr. Wilson was a son of Mrs. J.
H. Wilson, and was a graduate of the
Central liigh School three years ago.
No details of the drowning were received
If you want work, read the want col
umns of The Star.
The Women's Store, 1109 G Street
Store Closes at i O'Clock Saturday.
Your Dollar Will Have the
Greatest Buying Power Here
Every department of the Women's Store is teeming
with interest. The most fashionable apparel for women
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Hundreds of Summer Dresses
Values up to $12.50 Values up to $19.95
The pick of the season's smartest models in Dresses.
In all the fabrics that are new and desirable.
Big Values in Silk Dresses
A fine lot of Taffeta, Satin and
Crepe de Chine Dresses. Regularly sold t\f\
up to $39.50 %plO,UU
Tempting Specials in Waists
We have the largest Waist Department in Washing
ton, and offer the greatest values. The women appre
ciate this fact, and they patronize us liberally.
NEW 1915 Models in Vest Waists,
$1.00 and $1.98
Free Reupholstering and Drapery Making
No Charge for the Labor
Pay only for the materials, gimp and necesary findings,
and we will make the Draperies from any material in our
mo?t comprehensive stock and in any manner you desire.
The furniture will be done over in the most satisfac
tory way. Should the pieces be so out of repair as to need
rebuilding from the frames, we must charge for this work.
II ~ . J f?r ^is complete
T Brass Bed, Spring
and Moses Layer
Felt Mattress.
The Bed Alone Sells Rcgu
The Bed has two-inch continuous posts, five one-inch fillers
u ith ball joints at top and bottom of fillers, and large caster cups,
Beautiful Lace Curtains In the August Sale.
Our importations fortunately arrived before the war in
Europe stopped shipments.
We are, therefore, in a position to offer you the
Newest Fall Styles, Fresh From Switzerland, at Very Low
Lower, we believe, than are being asked for similar quali
ties elsewhere.
Fine Irish Point Lace Curtains
Your Choice of Twenty-five Patterns for, Pair .$4.95
Your Choice of Seventeen Patterns for, Pair $6.95
$1.25 and $1.50 Figured Cream Scotch Madras Curtains, Pr. .95c
$2.25 and $2.75 Colored Scotch Madras Curtains, Pr $1.75
All other Brass Beds
greatly reduced.
This $240.50 Solid Ma
ll; hogany Bedroom Suite
with Brass Bed
$400.00 Fine Inlaid Mahogany Sheraton
Suite, $325.00
This Suite comprises Buffet, Serving Table, China Case,
Extension Table, Five Diners and One Armchair. A beautiful
Sheraton design, correct to the least detail.
W. Mioses 3? Soits
7 and UtbSts*
August Furniture Sale
Wonderfully successful returns mark each day of this August Sale. Opportunities for new goods at very
attractive prices have led many to BUY. when they "just came to look."
. "Moses Quality" at Savings of One-Tenth to One-Third
Trade Event Sale
25c to 75c 1 *7 _
Wash Goods, yard. '
Beautiful Quality Wash Goods
that off the piece would cost 25c
to 75c a yd. to be closed out to
morrow at 17c a yd.
' Dress and waist lengths, 2 to 6
yds. Choose from Ratines and
Linens in good colors, Crepes.
Voiles and other high-class wash
fabrics; all at the one low price,
17c a yd.
See these tomorrow sure.
Main Floor?8th St. Rotunda?
Wash Goods.
Store Hours Now
8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Oldest Department I Trade Event Sale
Store in Washington
b ^ ?oTB4W^yw?r.
417 Ta42SI?II
New models in Net Corsets, low
and medium bust : long and medium
hips; finished with 4 hose sup
porters ; strongly made and very
durable; sizes li? to SO.
A. very low pries for a vsry su
perior corset.
Main Floor?Bargain Tablss.
Friday's Su
preme Econ
omies in Our
Save From
33% to 60% on
$100,000T rade Event
Summer Merchandise and Children
j The Wildest Enthnslasm Marked the Selling Today of the Surplus Stock
and "Samples'* from M. Haber & Co., Philadelphia* of
Silk & Wash Waists,
Sale 99
Price, '
" in
Think of the opportunity offered to buy
Wash and Silk Waists worth up to $3 at
the low price of 99c! Almost too good to
be true. Every woman bought several tor
day?and you will do the same after see
ing the Waists.
Materials Include colored satin-stripe
voiles...white embroidered front voiles...
striped crepes... .white linen with vestee
effect... .colored silk mull with white em
broidered designs figured crepe de
All sizes, 34 to 44, in the lot, but not
in any one style. Some of the Sample
Waists show signs of having been han
This Is the "BEST EVER
Wash Dresses
1,000 Wash Dresses,
Worth up to $5.00.
Choice, $ J .33
Just the Dresses you want most right now
to finish up the season. Fourteen styles to
choose from in the summer's most fashionable
? fabrics, such as crepes, voiles, ginghams, black
lawns and linens.
This purchase represents the surplus stock
of the famous Marlborough-make Dresses, which
is a guarantee of perfect fit, full cut and
painstaking care in the making.
Choice of popular black-and-white striped
lawns; some with tunic skirts, finished with
white collar-and-cuff sets and black velvet belt:
plain-color gingham, with white embroidery
trimming, checked gingham, figured crepes and
white rice cloth trimmed with laces and finished
with girdles.
All sizes?from misses' 14 to size 44 for
women. See these Dresses on special racks?
Second Floor?Garment Section.
Boys' Wool Suits,
Values Up $"^ QA
to $6.00.
Sizes 6 to 17 Years.
These Boys' Suits represent salesman's fall
samples from the Excelsior Manufacturing Com
pany, makers of high-grade boys' apparel.
Choice of Balkan and Norfolk models of excel
lent quality cassimere.
Just the Suit for wear NOW and for EARLY
Boys' Pajamas, of splendid quality,
in 4 different colors, also stripe effects a q
with silk frogs. Regular 75c kind.
Trade Event Sale price, only
Boys' Blue Denim Overalls, of heavy -g
quality; sizes 3 to 16 years. Trade Zj \ C.
Event Sale price, only
Third Floor?Boys' Clothing.
Trade Event Sale
Makers' Samples of Women's
and Children's
Vests, Pants&Union Suits
The entire purchase divided into
three lots. Choice of white lisle or cotton
at following prices:
Women's Vests and Pants.
Values, 19c to 50c. Each.,
Children's Vests and Pants,
Values, i2l/ic to 25c. Each....
Women's Combination Suits.
Values, 35c to $1.00. Each
Main Floor?Knit Underwear.
Trade Event Offerings in
Silk Lengths
Worth up
to $1.50 yard.
Waist and dress lengths In this lot, black and
36-in. Colored Messaline, 36-ln. Cheney Bros.*
Shower-proof Foulards, 36-ln. White and Black
Habutals, 40-in. Black Bilk Net.
Worth tip
to$i yard.... ^3C
Choose from these weaves in dress and waist
lengths. * .
32 and 36 in. Tub Silks. 20-in. Colored Satin,
24-in. Persian Tinsel Cloth, 40-in. Dewdrop Net,
27-in. Printed Pongee.
Main Floor?8th St. Rotunda?Special Tables.
Trade Event Sale of
Undermuslins at 99c
Look over these Undermuslins and you
will buy several garments, for they are such
rare finds that you will not be able to resist
purchasing. Included are Nightgowns, Combi
nations, Hand-embroidered Chemise, Princess
Slips, Crepe de Chine Camisoles; only a few
of each garment, and to bo sold tomorrow
at 09c.
Ufldcrmailin*, including Nightgowns in
high and "Ve" yoke, slip-over style,
embroidery trimmed Petticoats,
Combinations and such. Special to- tJvfC
morrow, at. choice
Fancy Camisoles, Corset Covers w
and Drawers, all sizes, nicely trimmed.
Special value, at choice.,..
Corset Covers, lace or embroidery 4 q
trimmed. Special tomorrow, at only ? ?C
Main Floor and Third Floor?Undermuslins.
wear, Garment
All sizes; short-sleeve shirts and
ankle-length pants.
Jean Drawers, TO
Nearly All Sizes
Made with elastic seams and bot
Balbriggan Union lZtZr
Short sleeves and knee or ankle
length; aall sizes. 79c value.
2ST Men sWear
None Sent G O. D. No Mail Orders.
Men's Shirts at 59c
A special display and sale of Classy Patterned Neg
lige Shirts, arranged for easy selection; one size on
each table in our Men's Wear Shop. Look them over
tomorrow. You'll be agreeably surprised.
Odd Lots of Fonr-in-Hands, 12\c
About 25 dozen Open-end Four-in-hands, made In a
big flowing-end shape. 25c value.
Men's Shirts,
Worth up to 89c.
Sizes 14, M. 16% and 17. Soiled
and mussed from handling.
Terry Bath f ?TQ
Robes s* * *37
Only about 10 at this price, so bo
here early if you want one. Worth
Porosknit Under
wear, Garment....
Short-sleeve shirts and knee pants;
white only, in all sizes; 60c value.
Trade Event Offerings
All Must Hustle Out
Two prices to hustle these Parasols out
AU-sllk Parasols, fancy and plain colors,
black-and-white stripes and white
linen embroidered; some bell shapes ^ | A A
included. Values up to *2.50. | .U"
AU-sllk Parasols, in all colors and black,
also black-and-white stripes; 10-gilt ribs; India,
Lii Belle and Regulation shapes. ? f
Values up to $3.50. CHOICE FRI- ^
DAT, at
Main Floor?Parasojs.
r Trade Event Offering
2y2 to 6 Yard Lengths QQ_
DRESS GOODS, at, a yd... ?W
Good chance for YOU. Choice of
such weaves as STORM SERGES,
of others. Lengths that can be used for
any apparel purpose, and the price is only
29c a yard.
Main Floor?8th St. Rotunda?Dress Goods.
Trade Event Offerings
Floor Coverings
Good chance for economical women to buy
tomorrow new Floor Coverings:
Stenciled Jap Matting Rugs, size 9x12 ft.;
oriental and floral designs, in green, ? f pa
pink, blue and red combinations. ^ I .Jy
$3.00 value. Friday, only
Small Matting Ruga?-stenciled; Jap designs:
Size 27x54 inches, 19c value, for............. is?
Size 36x63 inches, 39c value, for. ...???????? .29c
Size 36x72 inches. 49c value, for. ...???????? .30c
Linoleum, best grade, printed Scotch make;
light and dark colorings; 2 yards
wide; 59c quality. Any quantity de
sired tomorrow at the low sale price
of, a square yard
Door Mata, with striped lengthwise
border; vestibule size; 49c value. Fri
day only, at..
Fourth Floor?Floor Coverings.
Trade Event Sale
Trade Event Sale
I to 3 Yards
For 10c iS?I?"25c
Trade Event Sale
Untrimmed Hats j *Iem1T
A lot of Ribbon I.engths. ranging 1
to 3 yds., to be closed out Friday at
10c a length. Choose from 1 to 3 yd.
lengths, in satins and taffetas;
widths 3Vz to 5 In.; in good colors.
Main Floor?Bargain Tables.
Trade Event Sale
Laces & Embroideries
Length* of f?a?*r* and Mnibroiil
rrieM. ranging to - yds., includ
ing edgings. insertings. _ ?ll-over_s
and flouncings. Values, 15c to $1.25.
to be closed out at
5c to 50c length
Main Floor?Laces and Embroid
Going to dispose of these
splendid Hemp Shapes tomor
row at the unheard-of low
price of 25c for choice. All
good shapes, mostly black, al
though a few colors are in
34 to VA
Yards*, for
Children** Trimmed Hats. 20 in
the lot. in blue, green, red and nat
ural, finished with ribbon band and
bunch of fruit at side.
$1.50 values. To close to
Second Floor?Millinery Section.
Milan and Leghorn Untrimmed
HatM, In sailor, flare at side, tri
corne an?l other shaped, in white,
black and natural. Values
up to $2.95. To close Fri
day at
values a. tm IK to aleM at
Odds and ends of Pleatings, in net
or lace; in white, cream and black;
lengths \ yd. to l\i yds. To be
plosed out at lOo a length Friday.
Also some Ecru Net Guimpes, with
high collar, at 10c Friday.
Main Floor?Bargain Tables.
Trade Event Sale
50c to 98c
Beads for 19c
Choice of Pearl-and-G u n-metal
Beads, or gun metal combined with
colored crystal stones; n?ck length.
Tomorrow at 10c.
Also Opera-length Beads, in amber,
pink, bjue. green, tango ami com
bination at itc Friday.
Main Floor?Jewelry Section

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