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' District automobile licenses have been
toned since The Star's last report as
S101S?Eugene C. Hubbard, 618 E,
* Street northwest. Overland.
83066?Noble W. May. 14th and W
Streets northwest, Oldsmobile.
23067?Daniel C. Roper, 7059 Alaska |
avenue northwest, Palmer-Singer. j
23068?P. L. Pay lor, 2121 14th street
northwest, demonstrating.
23069?P. L. Paylor, 2121 14th street,
23070?P. Li. Paylor, 2121 14th street
northwest, demonstrating.
23071?A. J. Bachracb. 1912 Calvert
street northwest. Peraot.
23072?E. H. Bnerll, 411% G street
nerthwest. Franklin.
23073?S. A. Gatti & Bro., Center Market.
23074?A. G. Hermann, 750 10th street
southeast. Cadillac.
23076?W. C. Gatewood, 2309 P street
northwest. Mora.
23076?R. P. Andrews Paper Company,
727 I3th street northwest, Little
Giant truck.
23077?William R. Rauhenstein, 707
G street southeast, Overland.
13078?E. W. Skinner, Munsey building,
23079?Minta G. Howe, 434 Park road
northwest, Reo.
23080?I>r. Mark F. Finley, 1928 1
street northwest. Overland.
23081?C. O. Marburg, 1015 16th street
northwest. Ford.
For Sale
Rauch & Lang
Electric Coupe
L Just out of paint shop.
Batteries overhauled this
week. Car looks like new.
I Great bargain at
Telephone North 196
Wm. P. Barnhart & Co.
1707 14th St. N.W.
I New 1915 Model g
I $695
17 New Features
turn of the age ? the
New 1915 Maxwell.
We want to ihow yon .
this car which hat every
virtue oi the highest
priced American or
foreign car* and a number
of improvements
not found in any other
ear at any price.
This "WoaSsr Car" with Elw.
trit Sslf-Stsrtsr sag Usstria.
Lights only SSS sxtra.
i 1321-23 14th St. N.W.
Oldsmobile & Oakland
Waverley Electric
Pollock Car Corporation
TmL M. THST-a. Hl? Cm. A-rm.
C40T B Stmt. Phone Main TSM.
^Th a. Gearlesa LHre, stm.
I^VfMVVO* pltefty I. ..tan*.
hdviCtCw. biles. Display room.
IfiSl 14th St. a.w. W.
Invite yoir Inapee*
ties. Phone W. ISM.
Tkt Lnttwll Ofc. 1H Wart MS.
Service Station, 1214 N. H. Ave. N.W.
H. B. LEAPT, JR? Asnt.
Tel. M. ?4H 1SS1-23 14th St K.W.
The Cook & Stoddard Co.
11?M? ro... Aw. Plio?. 1?. WHl
inrncni watioh,
" ? MU MOM .? I
f <
23082?F. J. Dekowski, 1317 14th
street northwest, Studebaker.
23083?William H. Oury, 1789 Lanier
place northwest, Paige.
23084?W. C. Fowler, 1812 1st street
northwest. Ford.
23085?Bo. Sweeney, jr., Falkstone
Courts, Chalmers.
23086?John H.v West, 1700 Florida
avenue northwest, Chalmers.
230S7?Lieut. A. Staton, Navy Department,
23088?S. M. Tucker, 818 14th street
northwest, Overland.
23089?Hiram T. Deskins, 407 3d
street northwest, Saxon.
23090?Henry Lassiter, 1215 17th
street northwest. Ford.
23091?W. P. Reeves, 100 East Capitol
street. Overland.
23092?S. B. Fawcett, Tenleytown, D.
C-, Ford.
23093?J. E. Phillips, 1211 23d street
northwest, E. M. F.
23094?W. F. Hummer, 511 A street
northeast, Wilcox-Trux.
23095?Carl Hartley, 1326 Euclid
street northwest, Maxwell.
23096?R. J. Clagett, 821 North
Carolina avenue southeast. Ford.
23097?John Snure, 1331 Emerson
street nortnwest. Ford.
23098?Arthur G. Bradley, 1300 Otis
street northwest. Ford.
23099?Raymond W. Charlton, 1213
K street northwest, Washington.
23100?Harry C. Talbert. 1219 11th
street southeast, Wilcox-Trux.
23101?Frederick O. Cowsill, 4121 9th
street northwest. Ford.
23102?Frank Hurley, 927 20th street
northwest, Flanders.
23103?Charles W. Smith, Center Market,
23104?C. R. Railey, 1001 E street
southwest, Ford.
23105?Dr. Benjamin Newhouse, 1136 1
6th street northwest. Maxwell.
23106?Lester R. Strasburgher, 1214
New York avenue northwest. Ford.
23107?A. W. Dorsch, 1206 G street
northwest. Warren.
22108?Elzey & Elzey, 1115 Fairmont
street northwest, Chevrolet.
23109?William A. Hall, 603 Pennsylvania
avenue northwest, Ford.
23110?J. S. Cameron, jr., 3456 Macomb
street northwest. Ford.
23111?Retha Dillard, 74 G street
southwest. Ford.
23112?Edw. E. Swan, 17 Rhode
Island avenue northwest. Overland.
23113?George P. Plummer, 910 19th
street northwest. Ford.
23114?Robert Barber, 115 11th street
northeast. Ford.
23115?Merchants Transfer and Storage
Company, 916 E street northwest,
23116?Cornelia P. Grady, 617 Rock
Creek Church road northwest. Ford.
23117?Samuel R, Henry, 909 Law
rence street northeast, Ford.
23118?Charles G. Callan, 8t. James
Hotel, Pullman
23119?Wllmot W. Tew, 807 15th
street northwest, Reo.
23120?Robert J. Laleger, 1742 Columbia
road northwest. Overland.
23121?Samuel G. Taylor, 62 U street
northwest;- Ford.
23122?Harry C. Hayne, 603 K street
northeast. Ford.
23123?Charles G. Mettler, "War Department,
23124?George C. Wells, 58 M street
northwest, Chalmers.
23125?John E. Monk, 1488 Monroe
street northwest, Chevrolet.
23126?F. F. Hutchinson, 3202 Ontario
road northwest. Dragon.
23127?Thomas R. Bell, 1629 Columbia
road northwest. Ford.
23128?Frank M. Hobson, 1411 Perry
street northwest, Little.
23129?Mrs. Edwin E. Hunter, 3840 Q
street northwest, Chevrolet.
23130?N. B. Wolcott, 13th and Holmead
streets northwest. Rambler.
23131?Louisa C. Lippitt, the Woodward,
23132?Esther Grossberg, 521 K street
northwest, demonstrating.
23133?John W. Holmes, No. 1 engine
company. District of Columbia fire department,
23134?S. T. Hickman, 1370 Irving
street northwest. Ford.
23135?Charles E. Talbert, 804 H
street northeast, Oldsmobile.
23136?8. G. Loellier. jr., Nichols avenue
northwest, Reo.
23137?Henry A. Jaffe, 512 G street
northwest, Buick.
23138?Samuel Palkln, 1215 I street
northwest, Paige.
23139?Edward McLean, the Washington
Post, Isotta.
23140?Ralph A. Judd, 524 7th street
southwest, Buick.
23141?C. A. Crim, 610 C street southeast,
23142?W. R. Simpson, 1483 Meridian
street northwest. Overland.
23143?Holmes ft Son, Inc., 107 F
street northwest. Capital.
23144?Bird McGuire, House of Representatives
of the United 8tates, Cadillac.
23146?Austin M. Cooper, 816 21st
street northwest, Buick.
23146?Hoover ft Denham, 929 I> stredt
northwest, Bessemer.
23147?Mrs. John Sharp Williams,
1607 16th street northwest, 8tudebaker.
23148?A. Levy, 413 K street northwest,
23149?George M. Oyster, Jr., 1116
Connecticut avenue northwest, WilcoxTrux.
23150?Chr. Heurich Brewing Company,
25th and Water streets northwest,
23151?James D. Shelton, 467 F street
southwest, Mets.
23162?W. H. Coulter, 812 D street
northeast. Elmore.
23153?Nathaniel H. Herman, 605 P
Bireei nonnwrai, orusn.
23154?C. A. F. Flagler, Army War
College, Studebaker.
23155?N. G. Gllclc. New Varnum.
23158?Samuel E. 8tonebraker, 1413
H street northwest, Hupmoblle.
23157?J. K.. Abbott, Donald Hotel,
21158?E. P. Taylor Company <4).
709 G street northwest, Little Giant
23159?William L. Tlgnor, 921 8
street northwest. Maxwell.
23180?John H. Mills, 213 11th street
southeast. Overland.
23181?Mrs. Henry Wassung, 1518 Btl_
chanan place northwest, Cartercar.
23182?L. G. Pratt, bureau of engraving
and printing. Ford.
23163?Theodore Sengstak. 2615
Woodley place northwest, Ohio electric.
231,64?Alfred H. Venable, 316 H
street northwest. Franklin.
23185?Mabel M. Proby, 4128 Garrison
sireet nortnweat, B. J. Q.
2*168?William H. Fttshugh. 726 8th
street northeast. Maxwell.
23167?Frank E. Day, HlUbroolt. D.
C.. Washington.
23168?A. H. Stephens, room 606,
Post Office Department. Ford.
23169?W. W. Smith, room 610, Posa
Office Department, Ford.
23170?Edwin H. Walker. *17 F street
northwest. Ford.
23171?Don B. Clarke, Interior Department,
2117*?D. W. Wurlibaugh, bureau of
navigation. Ford.
>., ..,?w jrx-' .r. . jr**-** * .* ?
V; ' T "
; . : I ' ' > v - . W
, -\ :'V> v ' . ' : * V . ic> V:> r'.'
^ "
It s IT m/ -
k $gSiigSnBI^^^^Hk; -^KKtHRBKtBtim$&&tKM
23173?Charles G. Treat, War Department,
2 .'5174?William Tx Tydings, 2152 F
street northwest, Hupmobile.
23175?H. P. Butler, 15th and W
streets southeast. Maxwell.
23176?Cudahy Packing Company. 203
7th street northwest. Autocar truck.
23177?Frank F. Chadwick, 1208 Monticello
avenue northwest. J, S. C.
23178?Rosslyn Supply Company,
Rosslyn, Va.. Matheson.
23170?Number dead.
23180?Catholic University of America.
23181?William C. Duvall, 1000 Park
road northwest. Ford.
23182?Milo C. Burbage. 614 10th
street northeast. Mercer.
23183?Theophilus G. Wrenn, 3207 M
street northwest. Ford.
23184?John M. Ticer, 2105 K street
northwest. Ford.
23185?W. H. Marr, 1234 I street
northwest. King.
23186?Henry H. Monkman, 1817 K
street northwest. Pullman.
23187?A. W. Brewster, 2304 Massachusetts
avenue northwest. Ford.
23188?James L*. Niell. 006 T street
northwest, Ohio Electric.
23180?Ij. L?. Durfee. 1864 Park road >
northwest. Oakland.
23190?Estelle Bayne, 41 W street
northwest. Ford.
23191?James H. Ruth. 427 4th street
northwest. Autocar truck.
23192?William J. Showalter. the
Olympia, Chevrolet.
23193?Eileen C. O'Donnell. 1243 New
Jersey avenue northwest. Ford.
23194?David H. Sipple, 733 11th
street northwest, ChalmeTs.
23193?Joel Miller. 3 C street southeast.
23196?George G. Whitney. 1217 B
street northeast, King:.
23197?Bruce S. Branson. 326 13th
street northwest. Chevrolet.
23198?E. Voigt, jr., 1238 Harvard
street northwest. Cole.
23199?George Robertson, 612 17th
street northwest. Ford.
23200?E. B. Smith. 3627 New Hampshire
avenue northwest. Ford.
23201?Wilber M. Miller. 749 7th
street southeast. Sidecar.
Out-of-Town Licenses.
21554?Edgar Fulks, Galthersburg,
Md., Case.
21555?Harry A. Maloney, Dayton,
Md., Flanders.
21556?George H. Richardson, Endor,
Md., Stevens-Duryea.
21557?James L. Hudson, Baltimore,
Md., Hudson.
21558?R. L. Mitchell, La Plata, Md.,
21559?William J. Russell, Athens, _
Ga., Ford.
51560?Jacob Hughes, Jr., Baltimore,
Md, Chandler.
21561?A. Maud Thomas, Pomonkey,
Md., Ford.
21562?,?J. B. Fitzgerald, Alexandria,
Va., Michigan.
21563?Noble Lamer, Hyattsville, Md.,
21564?Mrs. L. 8. Van Dyke, Baltimore,
Md., Cadillac.
21565?Alfred G. Trlplett, Baltimore,
Md.. Krtt.
21566?R. R. Gillingham, Alexandria,
Va., Ford.
Reo th<
A Supi
$1,175 with Electric Equ
<to nn<
Spent Yearly 1
the Long-*
On Reo the Fifth we spend
$2,000,000 yearly more than
we need to spend. That is,
more than it would cost if
built by lesser standards.
This extra cost goes into
finer parts, into margins of
safety, into costly materials.
It goes into exactness, into
slow, careful building. We
I spend six weeks on each car.
It goes into fitting every
part of the car to meet our
| most radical tests.
For Your Safety
and Saving
The result is vast overcapacity
? averaging 50 per
cent. It means safety and
comfort, and the saving of
trouble and upkeep. It means
a car that stays new.
In this model plant, by
special machinery and by efficiency,
we have brought the
price below many lesser cars.
, The price, with full equipI
ment, is $220 less than it used
829 14th St. N.W.
' "*v: vV.^A' . ?Wi*Ko4fv ** > twwyfawg?^
491 : ? :::
" * fyjL ^ ^ ?o > I '
|[ rrtV.-s/? |gg
J ; ?1 >.* ?*<?<$#>' *
\\ r <* <- 5
: | y. ' | ^ '
21567?W. Harry Johnson, Rosslyn,
Va.t Overland.
21568?Jacob Haas, Baltimore, Md.,
21669?William H. Fulks, Gaithersburgr,
Md.. Stanley.
21570?W. A. Korb, Baltimore, Md.,
21571?Li. Li. Lloyd, Baltimore, Md.,
21572?G. W. Maddox, Maddox, Md.,
21573?Mrs. Thomas H. Roberts, Baltimnra
M H Pndillac.
21574?E. B. Evans, Chevy Chase,
Md., Buick.
21575?Dr. R. J. Yates. Alexandria,
Va., King.
21676?J. Edwin Hood, Alpha, Md.,
21577?Oscar E. Webb, Baltimore, Md.,
21678?Susan M. Brashears, Burtonsville,
Md., Ford.
21579?I^eon S. Herbert, Baltimore,
Md., Packard.
21580?W. H. Douglas, Kensington,
Md., Ford.
21581?Frank H. Franie, Govans, Md.,
21582?Llovd F. Orrison, Herndon,
Va.. Ford.
21583?John Roesser, Baltimore, Md.,
21584?James F. Hughes Company,
Baltimore, M0., Krlt.
21585?Roy D. Clagett, Upper Marl>oro,
Md.. Ford.
21586?J. M. Kingsbury, Boyds, Md.,
21587?Thomas A. Fisher, Alexandria,
/a., Ford.
21588?Edward Hanlon, Baltimore, Md.,
21589?Mrs. M. K. Cary,, Baltimore,
dd., Pierce-Arrow.
21590?Philip I. Heuisler, Catonsville,
dd.. Buick.
21591?Walter S. Young, Aquasco, Md.,
21592?Evelyn A.?Harrison, Baltimore,
dd., Overland.
21593?Thomas Simons, Pisgah, P. O..
dd., Ford.
21594?Anna S. Chantland. Virginia
HKii imiuo, t a,, i' v?? va.
21595?S. Butler Grimes, Roland Park,
21596?E. A. Marshall, Baltimore, Md?
21597?E. F. Snyder, Cooksvllle, P. O..
kid.. Bulck.
21698?John T. Cecil, Great Mills, Md.,
21599?B. A. Leavell, Chevy Chase, Md.,
21600?Vernon M. Dorsey, Fairfax, Va.,
21601?Arnold S> . Osblet. Gam brills,
ad., Overland.
21602?Esther G. Aman, Mount Ranier,
ad? Ford.
21603?Fillmore Cook. Baltimore, Md.,
21604?Patrick J. Cush?n. Baltimore,
kid., Bulck.
21605?Edward Queries, Bel Air, Md.,
21606?Aaron Maass, Baltimore, Md.,
21607?G. W. Waters, Jr., Laurel, Md.,
21608?Oscar G. Murray, Baltimore,
HO.. Packard.
21609?Joseph L. Donovan, Woodjtnck.
Va., Bulck.
21610?Jack C. Lueby, Woodside, Md.,
e titth
ipment, f. o. b. Lansing
to Make This
rime Car
to be. That results from confining
our whole attention to
this single model.
Many Betterments
TL ? T> ^ J?!
l lie ivcu ucsigncrs give
their whole attention to keeping1
this car up-to-date. New
features are added as fast as
developed. There have been
many added in the past few
You will find here the newest
ideas in equipment. You
will find the latest lines in the
body, and all the new vogues
in finish and design. You will
find some features?including
one-rod control?found in no
other car as yet.
Come see the latest model.
Go over with us the many
ways in which this car excels.
Over 35,000 men have
chosen Reo the Fifth when
they bought a car to keep.
The facts which won them
are bound to win you.
See what they are.
rtPANY, Lansing, Mich.
Washington, D. C
It is estimated that the German arms
is using more than 10,000 motor trucks
while the allies are using about 14,000
Check nuts are used to preven
threaded connections from working
loose on account of vibration.
The tightening of set screws is on<
of the hardest uses to which a wrencl
is put, and the average wrench is noi
strong enough for this duty, therefor*
the reason for a line of single ant
double end set screw wrenches espe
cially designed for this work.
A New York court has helH that whet
a motorist has an unobstructed vie^
along: a street containing car tracki
for 200 feet and he starts across with'
out again looking for a trolley, he it
not negligent as a matter of law, sinc<
no car could then be in a dangeroui
proximity unless it was being run a
an unlawful speed.
European factories in the majorit:
of instances are already so disruptet
that it will take six months or a yeai
to get well reorganized. Much nev
help will have to be taken on to fll
the places of those who went to th<
front but never returned. Americai
makers have a fighting chance, bu
they must be ready with the goodi
and with the business arrangements.
When a car has been in service fo:
some time it generally develops an
noying little squeaks here and then
about the springs and body. The own
er or driver will find it well wortl
while to get rid of these, as the laboi
involved is slight, and a quiet, smooth
1 running car is always desirable
Squeaks can generally be remedied b:
tightening the car parts affected, o
by the application of a little adhesive
Preliminary steps have been takei
for the organization of a new auto
mobile club in New York city. Promi
nent members and officers of auto
mobile clubs situated in the vicinit:
of New York city are interested ii
the project. It is proposed to call th<
new organization the Automobile Clul
of New York City. Its members wil
automatically become members of th<
State Association and of the Americai
Automobile Association.
While the sand blast had its origii
in the foundry for the cleaning o
castings, its many advantages foi
cleaning or surfacing in all branchei
of metal working have given it a mucl
wider use, especially in the motor cai
line. Uncle Sam even demanded tha
the gates of the Gatun locks of th<
Panama canal be sand-blasted befor<
painting. Makers of automobile bodies
in steel and aluminum are surfacing
them before painting.
During the one year that {he Lincolr
Highway Association has been in ex
istence it has placed 150,000 posters
along the way pointing out the highway,
many miles have been completed
and in. several states the work ol
building the transcontinental route it
|"| > OB near a scoi
ri hare been d
the ear that
all the desin
am, developed thron
road teata, and com]
Throngh sevent?
verley factory has c<
production of lnxnr
and electrical eqni]
fjWj Make a tn
BSi with this *
gg? Four Separate Sooii
?*? Lowest Hung Be
BB1 Highest Rood
|B1 Five-quart*
pM Easiest!
pSl Large
fig 8a
pf| mr
IflH 1018 Connect!
Hif The New Model
mM Chair Waverley
Pa last word in el
e|H car design, the
HU expression in
|fl and furnishings
1 ^
pa mm*
* .
progressing rapidly. More than 2.500
miles have been marked for the guidance
of the tourist, while roads conr
necting with the highway have also
been marked and are being improved.
One of the advantages claimed for
the full-floating type of rear axle is
\ that in the event of trouble in the
? transmission it is an easy matter to
remove the driving shafts and tow the
car home on the idle wheels. It is not
" generally appreciated, however, that
! the same applies to the ordinary semi[
floating system. With this arrange:
ment, it is possible to clear one or
both of the rear wheels of the driving
relation merely by removing the wheel
and taking out the driving key so that
j it will turn on the shaft.
g In a sort of fatherly manner, the State
Department has advised manufacturers
" of motor cars, especially armored
4 motor cars, to do a little less shouting
jj about the orders received by them from
t foreign governments at this time.
While it is good business policy on the
part of the manufacturers to tell the
American people about the way in
J which the foreign military advisers ap1
preciate the American motor truck,
^ such publicity places the State Depart1*
ment in an extremely embarrassing
1 position. "What we don't know won't
5 worry us!" is possibly the attitude of
J the State Department. But if the alleged
orders for this "contraband" are
8 heralded in all the papers, how can
the department be expected to remain
- A Visitor From York, Pa.
i H. W. Hayden, general manager of
r the Pullman Motor Company and
formerly connected with the EdwardsP
Knight and Stoddard-Dayton factories,
r was a visitor in Washington for a brief
e period last week. During his stay
here he was the guest of William P.
Barnhart, local Pullman representai
Studebaker Cars Delivered.
y 1915 six-cylinder Studebaker touring
? cars were delivered during the past
a week to Dr. G. Wythe Cook, H. D.
1 Lofland and F. C. Gideon and a delivs
ery car to the Capital City Laundry
1 Company.
i Motor Tracks to Aid Farmers.
r Predicting a revolution in farming
s methods by the introduction of motor
i trucks, and claiming that the use of
I" motor trucks by farmers will aid largel
ly in the solution of the good roads
? problem, the highway commission ap3
pointed to investigate the public roads
? of the Province of Ontario, Canada, has
J issued its report. Among the principal
j recommenaanoiiB ul tutj (/-uumiiooivu
. are the creation of a central highway
5 department, with an advisory board,
and bond issue aggregating $30,000,000
, to be expended in the next fifteen
f years for permanent road construction
J and improvement work.
"he Ultimo
oof years designers of eleetriooars
breaming of the Ultimate Electric,
* n X? ?? _ ?I 1 _ ? ?
glioma com Dine in a smgie iuuuoi
ible features of an electric broughigh
seventeen years of experiments,
jetitive merchandising,
en years of manufacturing the "Wajmbined
skill with experience in the
ions coach and efficient mechanical
)ment with this single purpose in
ental picture of all the desirable j
\ew car, point by point. Ton will f
ibis Chairs
>dy with Easiest Entrance
Clearance of Mechanical Parts
ir Elliptic Spring Suspension
Riding Oar Yet Designed.
?t Window Openings
shless Windows
Pull View Ahead and All Around
Boudoir Boating Arrangement
le Waver ley Coi
A gents, for WaoetUy Elect
cat Ave.
Illinois Coroner Says Accidents by
Auto Are Fewer.
As a part of street traffic, the automobile
is safer for the pedestrian than
the horse. Peter M. Hoffman, coroner
of Cook county, HL, sets forth this fact
in his biennial report on the deaths due
to accidental causes in the city of Chicago
and its environs for the year 1913.
For each 5,000,000 miles traveled by
motor vehicles there were 12.6 accidents,
as against 26.55 for horse-drawn vehicles.
In the city of Chicago and its environs,
according to the report, there are 37,406
power vehicles and 65,1 IS horse-drawn
vwuiv^o. me uiui> niuiviuuHi mneage
of these is 42 and 12, respectively. Kach
day fhe total mileage of these vehicles
collectively is 1,571,502 miles for motor
cars, as against 781,416 miles for horsedrawn
conveyances, or about twice as
many miles for the automobile. Yet for
the past four j'ears accidents due to
horse-drawn vehicles have averaged 4.15
daily, while those due to motor cars
have been 3.96.
Purchases Standard Electric.
A Standard electric coupe was delivered
last week to Sherburne Hopkins,
jr., of this city. The car is finished in
dark blue and upholstered in blue
Now Driving Eeo Cars.
Reo purchasers during the week ending
yesterday included Francis Blundon,
Ira Downey. R. C. Schlosser and
Mrs. J. B. Hotchkiss, touring cars, and
a roadster to F. W. King.
Returned From Long Trip.
willlam P. Barnhart returned Friday
morning from an extended territory
trip in the interest of the King car,
which he represents. He opened agencies
in Charles Town, Parkersburg,
Clarksburg. Martinsburg, Huntington,
West Va., and Dillinville and Marietta,
Ohio, securing a large number of orders
for the 1915 line.
Automobiles in War Zone.
Automobiles were never so closely
watched and never so highly appreciated
in Europe as at present. With railroad
communication cut, with people fleeing in
terror, with fierce fighting on every hand,
the possession of a car is considered a
valuable asset. The few old-school army
officer* who swore by horses and plenty
of men have Anally had to admit that
their methods are out of date. The automobile
is as valuable, if not more valuable,
at this present moment, than the
railroad. Because they recognize their
value for good or for evil, the authorities
in France have imposed hard restrictions
on the use of cars. "No man can
use a car unless he has a special permit
ite Electri
In Its seventeen years of lead
factory has enjoyed many trfu
building, producing the first ele
American show; the first electric
first electric with successful shafi
, trie coupe; the first electric limo
electric with forward drive; the c
separate chairs; the only eleotri
gravity, Ac.
Today it announces the Ulti
Waverley Fonr-Chair Brougham,
' eatures in an electric brougham an
\nd them all embraced in the oar
Shoulder and Elbow Boom Witha
No Limit to Knee and Toot f
Space for Golf Sticks and
Special Hffl-Climbing II
Battery Sufficient far
Shaft Drive of Big
Controller tha
mpany IndianaI
from the military authorities; that permit
must be shown every few miles. Nonk
but military cars can be on the road
after dusk."
Six Timet in Ormond-Daytona
Beach Races.
Overland cars won a sweeping Tlotory
by capturing: Ave firsts In al*
starts in the bis September racing: meet
on the famous course at Ormond-Dayv
tona Beach, Fla. Largre fields contested
for honors in each of the events'
before a crowd of 15.000 spectators. Of
the eigrht cups offered by the racing:
committee, six were won by Overlands.
In the five-mile race for cars measuring:
more than 2S0 cubic Inches piston
displacement, an Overland 1914 speedster
ran away from its competitor*.
completing the course In four minutes
flat. As the cars were sent away from
a standing start, the average of more
than seventy miles per hour Is extraordinarily
fast for a stock car. The
Overland chassis was equipped with a
special racing body and wire wheels.
The same car had no difficulty in repeating
the victory in the ten-mil*
race, which was won in the fast time of
8.30. An accident, in which several of
the cars were permanently disabled,
prevented the completion of the
twenty-mile event.
An Overland roadster, which had been
in continuous service for two years,
won all three events for cars of less
than 230 inches displacement, completing
the five-mile event in 4.28, the tenmile
event in 11.20 and the twenty-mil#
event In 21.40.
6. M. C. Representative Here. W.
H. Clegg of the General Motor*
Truck Company spent several da?4
here Jast week, making his headquarters
with Emerson & Orme, local representatives
for G. M. C. gas and electric
Will Motor to Staunton.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller expect
! to leave todav for Staunton. Vn In
their ^ord car to visit their son Ralph,
who is a student at the Staunton Military
Purchasers of Premier Cars.
Among those who purchased 1?.?l
Premier cars during the past wet ;<
were H. W. Van Senden, a ft . "-p ?>senger
6-49 touring car, and <'har!e?
B. Cugle, a seven-passenger 6-49 touring
ca \
Pennsylvania celebrates two arhor
days each year?one for spring planting
and one for the fall?in April and
October, respectively.
tenhiiv the "Waverley
rnpha in competitive
ctric exhibited at an p.' ; j
with direct drive; the Lggji
t drive; the first eleeosine:
the first closed rr"Fi
inly electric 'with four gggj .
o with low oenter of PgM
mate Electric, Silent jjlil
1918 ModeL ljr5l
d compare it f 1
before you. ||
?ut Stint , j
Parcels H
otor of AmpieSpeed g j
Two Full Days l *
heat Efficiency '
A HHaw<?i? ?-~j
it Absolutely- Controls Bjfl
m* Hem-Pail _ PI1M|
folis H
TtLM.7837 jjj
j New Model Four- jigj
lir Waverley is the p5S
hest achievement p3
mAr?fo?ni/yi1 effi- . -
JKJ ? M DOVO wig pirn w
ndard for 3915. ^
- * K

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